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Jimmy and Timmy were conjoined twins, stuck side-by-side with each other since birth. Jimmy on the right, Timmy on the left. They were attached from the shoulder down to the elbow and again from the hip to the knee. Although their arm separated from the elbow down and their leg separated from the knee down, they still referred to them as “the middle leg” and “the middle arm.” Over the years they've become very adept at living this way, having to cooperate to accomplish everyday tasks and running a perpetual three-legged race.
Ever since turning 13, Jimmy and Timmy had considered themselves officially “teenagers.” They had insisted that they be called James and Timothy and be trusted with more responsibility. Their mother was resistant to give them this trust however, due to the trouble they'd been getting in whenever she gave them the chance. They'd already gotten a reputation for being unreliable in their lawn mowing business after not showing up for two of their jobs and giving up halfway through another When she gave them permission to walk to school by themselves, she ended up receiving a call at work from the principal asking why they'd been arriving late and leaving early all week.

During the summer, their mother always takes Jimmy and Timmy on a road trip to visit her parents and this year's journey was complicated by the presence of their newborn sister, Clara. While stopped for the night at a motel, the boys managed to convince their mother, who was too busy with Clara to argue with her two sons, to let them have dinner by themselves at the fast food restaurant across the street. “Be careful crossing the road,” she called as they walked out the door, “Look both ways!”
When they got there, the twins found the place to be nearly deserted and stood behind a couple of gorgeous ladies as the single, pimply-faced guy on the cash register took their order, trying his hardest not to stare at the magnificent bodies before him. The jeans that the boys' mother had sewn together herself started to feel tight as Jimmy and Timmy checked out the girls' asses.

Nikki and Vikki were twins also, although not conjoined or even identical and 18 years old. Nikki was 3 minutes older, with honey blond hair tied in a long braid, skin like porcelain, a big set of D-cup tits, a nice big butt that shakes just right when she walks, and long legs that can hypnotize. She was wearing a v-neck top that showed her ample cleavage and a pair of cut-off jean shorts with a bit of ass hanging out the bottom.
Vikki was 2 inches shorter than Nikki, with light red hair hanging straight down below her shoulders, a pair of extremely perky C-cups that never required a bra, a perfectly flat stomach, a very tight posterior, and freckles all over. She wore a sleeveless gray shirt that showed off her belly and a blue pleated skirt that didn't cover her knees.
The girls had grown up doing everything together, including discovering their sexuality. At first, they thought they might be lesbians, having only had sex with each other, until they had their first cock, that of their 45 year old neighbor, whom they shared. As they always had their father wrapped around their fingers and being the hottest girls at school, they came to think as men as playthings. Real affection, they saved only for each other. They had even come up with a little game they liked to play. When they wanted to fuck a certain boy from their school, one of them would start dating his best friend or brother but insist the relationship be kept secret. Then, the other would start seeing the friend/brother too, also in secret, letting him think that neither of them knew about the other. When the time came, the girls would pretend to find out, stage an angry confrontation with lots of witnesses, and later have a revenge threesome with the guy they wanted originally. Naturally, they could only do this a few times without the pattern being noticed, but they really enjoyed manipulating people and planned on doing it some more at college.
When they got accepted into college, their father had insisted on driving them there, much to their disappointment. They saw living on campus (they were roommates, of course) as an opportunity to share their love for each other openly at last and were eager to start before their arrival. That's why, when their father finally fell asleep in their motel room, they went to the restaurant across the street to have a romantic dinner together.

After the spotty teenager behind the register took their money and gave them their food, Nikki and Vikki ripped open the packets of dressing, poured them onto their salads, snapped the tops back on the plastic containers, and shook them vigorously. The twin boys and the cashier couldn't help but watch as these two pairs of tits bounced in front of them and the girls pretended not to notice the bulges in their pants, privately smug about the attention.
They then took their seats and the guy behind the booth stuttered out, “w-what would you like?” This snapped Jimmy and Timmy out of their trances and they took a minute to decide what to order.
They chose seats near enough to see clearly but far enough away from the hotties for their ogling to go unnoticed. They squeezed into the bench seats along the wall (they didn't like to use chairs in public because having to move them closer together draws attention to their abnormality) and kept their faces forward while slowly eating fries and watching the girls out of the corners of their eyes.
“Those twins are staring at us,” Nikki pointed out, leaning in close to whisper to her sister.
“Lets give them something to watch then,” replied Vikki, spearing some lettuce on her plastic fork and feeding it to Nikki with a wicked grin on her face.
They started out just feeding each other, but it gradually got more and more sensual. Having never done it before, neither of them realized just what a huge turn-on being watched was for them. Vikki leaned across the table to lick some salad dressing off her sister's lower lip, then they started kissing and Nikki scooted her chair closer so she could run her hand up Vikki's skirt while they made out. All of this was perfectly visible to Jimmy and Timmy and before long, they were rubbing their hard dicks through their pants.
Eventually, the girls got up and emptied their trays. As they walked out the back door, they didn't break eye contact with each other, holding hands and shaking their hips back and forth for their watchers. Nikki's ass jiggled and Vikki's skirt swayed all the way out.
Jimmy and Timmy followed the objects of their attraction out the door, leaving their trays on the table. They tried to be as quiet as possible as they pursued them into the woods behind the restaurant and hid behind a tree when the girls stopped and kicked off their shoes.
Nikki and Vikki were well aware that they were being watched and they normally wouldn't do this sort of thing in front of anyone so young. Grown men, maybe. Being watched by strangers was something they'd always wanted to try, but they would ordinarily have had more respect for the innocence of children. Tonight however, they were overcome by lust and nothing mattered more to them than their sexual high.

Meanwhile, Clara was finally asleep, the girls' father was awake, and the two parents were both wondering where their kids were.

“Don't forget to make this good for the audience,” Vikki whispered sexily into her sister's ear and unbuttoned Nikki's shorts. First, a kiss on Nikki's full lips, followed by the cheek, down the jaw, the neck, shoulder, collarbone, and each breast, back and fourth down her cleavage. All the while Vikki slowly lowered herself to her knees and pulled down Nikki's shorts while Nikki rocked her hips side to side so the shorts could come off more easily and pulled up on the bottom of Vikki's shirt. Once Nikki had stepped out of her shorts and kicked them to the side, Vikki raised her arms above her head to allow her shirt to be removed, exposing her bare breasts and pink, puffy nipples.
At this point, rubbing their stiff members through their jeans just wasn't cutting it anymore for Jimmy and Timmy. Confident that they couldn't be seen, they unbuttoned their buttons, unzipped very slowly to reduce the noise from their zippers, and dropped their trousers and underwear to the ground. An identical pair of 6” cocks stood proud and perpendicular to their bodies, quickly joined by Jimmy's right hand and Timmy's left, vigorously pumping away.
Vikki kissed her way down her sister's left leg. With her head tilted back to look Nikki in the eyes, she then slowly ran her tongue up the inside of the right leg until her nose made contact with silk. Vikki gently closed her teeth upon the waistband of the panties and stuck her ass out while she pulled them down so that her skirt rode up and her own pale, freckled cheeks could be seen.
The boys had seen porn on the internet before, (they were particularly fond of lesbian porn) but Nikki's was the first pussy they had set eyes on in person and they weren't disappointed. As soon as they saw it, they took a moment to spit in their hands in unison and then resumed their quick rhythm.
Both sisters had waxed before they left home, expecting their first night together in their dorm room to be a special one. Although they hadn't coordinated, the bit of blond hair that Nikki left behind perfectly matched with Vikki's vertical orange strip. Upon seeing her twin's muff and noticing the resemblance, Vikki straightened up and pulled her skirt up over her head. They shared a grin. Vikki then put her hands on Nikki's hips and gave her slit a little kiss before sliding her hands up her sister's sides to the hem of her blouse. Vikki gradually got to her feet, taking her time to run her tongue over Nikki's abdomen while pulling her top over her head, stopping to lick a circle around her navel before carrying on upward. Once her tongue reached the bra, Vikki stood straight and took a step back, looking pointedly at the last remaining piece of clothing between the two of them. Nikki unhooked it at the back and turned around, holding the cups to her impressive chest and looking seductively over her shoulder.

“Excuse me, have you seen my boys? They're a pair of conjoined twins, this tall,” Jackie asked the restaurant cashier, holding her hand to indicate their heights.
“Uhh.. yeah,” he replied, “They were in here a little while ago, but I didn't see them leave.” His mind was still distracted by the dirty fantasy he was having about those two gorgeous babes that were just before them.
“Thanks,” she muttered.
She was furious about having to leave her baby alone in a motel room to go looking for her sons.
“Hey, have either of you seen my daughters?” Bill asked as he walked in, holding his hand like Jackie, “One this tall and blonde, the other this tall and a redhead.”
The cashier's eyes widened and his face paled. “Y-yes, sir. They were in here earlier too. The same time as the boys.”
“What boys?”
“My boys,” Jackie answered. “I'm looking for my kids too.”
“How old are they?” Bill asked, “my girls can be a bit boy crazy...”
“Only 13, they're a pair of conjoined twins. Do you think they might have run off somewhere together?”
“Oh no, Nikki and Vikki would never go after anyone that young.”

Upon seeing Nikki spin around and throw her bra into the trees, her glorious tits swinging free with their pink nipples turned hard in the cold air and her large, goose-pimpled areolas, Jimmy and Timmy finally came. With a very audible grunt, they shot their hot seed in large arcs several feet out in front of them. This was what the girls had been waiting for. With false surprise on their faces, Nikki and Vikki covered themselves with one of their hands, turned toward the climaxing boys, pointed with their other hands, and gasped.
The boys tried desperately to pull their pants up, but they were still cumming and only managed to fall backwards on the leaf-strewn floor. Jizz flew high into the air and landed all over them and their clothes. They had never produced this much in their lives, but it just kept coming. Quickly, they realized that they'd been caught, that there was nothing they could do, and just enjoyed the last few spurts with their eyes rolled back into their heads. They didn't dare look as they heard the girls' footsteps on crunchy dry leaves draw nearer.
“Wow, these little perverts came pretty hard, eh?” Vikki commented. It's all over the place.
“Are they siamese twins?” Nikki asked
Vikki replied, “Obviously, we have ourselves here a pair of cum-soaked, siamese, peeping-tom, freaks.”
“We're not freaks!” the brothers yelled back together.
“It's kinda hot...” Nikki added.
“You think everything's hot.”
“They're pretty big too,” Nikki observed. “Decent length, plenty of girth... Even bigger than Tommy B... Almost as big as old Jack from next door.”
“Old Jack really hurt,” Vikki complained.
Jimmy and Timmy couldn't believe their ears. Were these girls really discussing the prospect of fucking them?
“Yeah, but we were smaller back then, and virgins,” said Nikki.
Vikki lent down, scooped some cum from the tip of Jimmy's prick onto her finger, and stuck it in her mouth. “Taste pretty good.”
“I'll be the judge of that.” Nikki got down on her knees next to Timmy and licked cum off his belly. “Not bad, not bad...”

“Yeah, I just had a baby girl not long...”
“What is it Jackie?” Bill asked. They'd been sitting there on the curb chatting for a while now and both single parents were really starting to like each other.
“Shit, I left Baby Clara all alone in my room!”
Jackie jumped to her feet and ran towards the motel across the street without looking. She was nearly struck by an 18-wheeler speeding by, but Bill managed to wrap his arms around her and pull her back.
“Whoa! Thanks!”
Jackie turned her head to look her savior in the face, then turned right back to look down at the muscular arms crossed around her middle and the two big hands placed squarely on her ample bust. She turned back to see a sheepish look on his face as he pulled his hands back quickly. With his eyes on his feet, Bill didn't see it coming when she threw her arms around his neck and pressed her mouth to his. Soon, they were making out furiously, her hands gripping his hair, his hands filled with her round bottom as he lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around his chest.
Moments later Bill pulled his lips from hers long enough to say, “Clara?” and he was setting her down so they could walk across the road to check on her.

As the sisters argued over what to do with their captives, the boys listened quietly and watched the two nude goddesses until they began to get hard again. When they reached around half-mast, the girls took notice and the issue seemed at last to be decided.
“Well, we need to clean them up at least,” Nikki said, as she leaned down next to Timmy again and pulled up on his side of the shirt, pressing her large breasts into his face and completing his erection. Vikki got down on the other side and together they got the huge, cum-splattered, 3-armed shirt off. It was thrown aside and the girls began lapping up cum wherever they found it, finishing by sucking the two dicks clean.
They took their time, enjoying the control of having these brothers' most sensitive parts in their mouths, to inflict pain or pleasure as they please. At first they just sucked deep and hard to get all the cum. Once their new toys were clean though, they were more careful, slowly licking from base to tip, flicking their tongue over the tip while massaging the balls, sucking the balls while jerking the shaft. Nikki never learned to deepthroat, so while Vikki took Jimmy balls-deep into her throat, Timmy got to fuck Nikki's tits.
Just when the boys were beginning to feel close to cumming again, Nikki and Vikki both stopped. They started to kiss and lied down on the ground, fondling each others breasts, tweaking each others nipples, grinding each others pelvises together. Jimmy and Timmy sat up, looking irritatedly at these two girls for getting them so close and abandoning them, their imminent orgasms backing off. Then, the sisters both stopped kissing, rolled onto their backs next to each other, and said in unison, “are you going to fuck us or what?”

This is my first story, criticism is more than welcome. If I get enough feedback, I'll write a part 2.

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2013-08-29 18:08:00
Looking to talk to girls any age. You control convo unless you give control to me. Sexual or non-sexual don't matter to me

I'm male. Luckyyy7

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2013-08-18 20:23:42
Some of us don't want farts or piss in our stories you know, enjoying it so far, keep going in the same style and I'll be happy

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2013-08-08 04:39:12
The dude giving you advice...just don't do it. Specially the farting and stuff. Too much...

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2013-08-08 04:35:38
Start slowly and let the tension build, let the boys go on a few panty searching sniffing forays. They are already enthralled to the point of obsession with the girls, logically the next step would be for them to want to smell their their panties as a way to be closer to the girls most intimate parts without experiencing it first hand. Anal is almost universally liked in stories like this and there are many who like watersports varying from just watching another pee, getting peed on and or peeing on someone else, and at the far end of the scale getting a pee enema or douche and even drinking it. Obviously it's up to author how far they choose to take things. I forgot to add when I was discussing smell that I would caution you from using cliches, for example, "Her pussy smelled like a ripe peach"that exact phrase is used more than you can imagine. We all know that vaginas don't smell that way, sweaty, musky, yes. Keep it realistic with the scents. Hope this helps and thank you!!

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2013-08-08 04:14:04
Here's another tip I give all the first timers, when you write sex scenes be very deive ie how do the girls asses and pussies smell, taste, feel...think of the five senses here and acknowledge as many as you possibly can. Even describing the sound of the sex is a great way to add realism and make the reader feel like they are in the story. Throw in an accidental fart here or there a little uncontrollable squirt of pee or vaginal ejaculation during orgasms, it emphasizes not only the human aspect but elicits the fun and humor that happens to us all at some point and we learn to associate it with truly great sex. By far the most important are smell and sight, remember a smell can often be the strongest sense when it comes to recalling past experiences. A simple smell can remind people of a memory long forgotten. So get these parents together and the boys and girls under one roof and let the fun begin. Continued...

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