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An illegitimate son discovers his fathers secret.
I take zero credit for this story, it was written by Franco. I'm posting here on his approval.


Chapter 13: Phoenix, Arizona - Part 3

I slipped off my shoes and stretched out on the bed on top of the spread, thinking about everything that had happened recently, my dad's accident and death, Candace, the ninjas, and now the funeral in a couple of days. At least, Louise seemed to be coping better. I hoped she would be able to handle the crowd that would be coming the next couple of days.

I couldn't help my thoughts wandering to Alison, she was so beautiful. As I thought about her, I found myself entering her consciousness. She was drying the twins with big, fluffy towels, thinking about how much she loved them, that they were all she had left from Eric. She missed him and mourned for him, and wondered what the future might hold for her and her daughters.

I delved deeper, seeking her opinion of me. She liked me, saw me as a handsome young man whom she respected, both because of my aura and because I was now head of the family.

When she finished drying the girls, she wrapped a towel around each. When she straightened up, taking the twins' hands, for an instant she saw her face reflected in the mirror. God, she was so beautiful. She tidied herself, brought the girls downstairs where she opened a bag, dressed them in their pajamas, telling them they could play in the sitting room while we adults had our dinner.

I went downstairs to the sitting room. The twins were on a blanket spread on the carpet, playing with their dolls and other toys. Alison and Irma were sitting on the sofa, drinking white wine.

"Do you want wine... or a beer?" Irma asked, starting to get up.

"No thanks," I said, heading for the bar. "Just some lemonade," pouring a glass from the pitcher Josie had placed there.

I sat down in an easy chair across from the sofa. One of the twins came over to me carrying her doll. "Hi," she said.

"Hi, I'll bet you're Cathy."

She gave me a big smile. "How d'ja know?" she asked. Then without pausing she pushed the doll at me saying, "This is Dolly."

Her sister moved to stand beside my chair. "This is Dolly too," she said pushing her doll at me.

"Hello Dolly," I said, smiling. "You're Linda, aren't you?"

"Yesss," she said, then plopped down on the floor and began pulling the doll's hair.

Alison stood up. "Come, you two, you need to stay on the blanket so you don't get too dirty before bedtime." She took their hands, leading them to the blanket where they began playing together.

When Alison returned to the couch, glancing back at her daughters to check they were staying where she wanted, Irma looked back too, then turning said, "They're just adorable, you're so lucky to have them."

"They're a bundle, but they're a part of Eric that I can keep with me, at least until they grow up."

Reena came down and had a glass of white wine. Then, Louise with her two children, Paul and Jean, and Carol and Jimmy came down. I gathered they had been getting the children cleaned up for dinner.

Josie came in from the kitchen. "Everything's ready Miz Mannheim, if you'd like to eat now."

When we went into the dining room, "You sit at the head of the table, Rob," Louise said.

I did as she said. Louise was opposite, to my right was Alison, Irma to my left, then Reena, and Carol with Jimmy next to her. Next to Alison was Jean, and then Paul seated by his mother.

It was another light meal - a broiled chicken dish, flavored with herbs and spices, baby potatoes, asparagus, salad and crusty french bread. The ladies had wine. I stuck to water. I wanted to keep a clear head.

I was quiet for most of the meal while they talked among themselves, about their time with Eric, their children, the others - women, children - who would be coming for the funeral. These were intelligent, educated women, the type my father favored as companions.

While they talked, I scanned their psyches. They were all completely transparent, except Reena, who had some hidden areas, some blocked memories. Only my father could have done that, but strangely, the blocks were for more recent happenings, from after my father divorced her. I guessed my father had modified Reena to help her deal with the death of their son, but I couldn't understand why some even more recent events were hidden.

To my father's women, I was the young prince, the heir to the kingdom. And I saw in them something of what I had seen in Candace, a recognition that they might become part of my inheritance, a willingness to belong to me, as they had belonged to my father, if I desired. Of course, it was Alison I wanted, and as I looked into her psyche, I saw the beginnings of desire in her, due to my obvious interest and the power of my aura.

"Rob's seeing Dr. Meisner tomorrow," Irma said. "To find out about... uhh... to discuss..."

"His findings," I said. "And I need to get some new clothes, a suit for the funeral. Can you drive me?"

"Of course," Irma smiled.

"You can try some of Eric's clothes," Louise said. "He had some lovely suits."

Alison looked at Louise, then at me. "I don't think Eric's suits will fit. Rob's a little bigger and taller than Eric."

"It won't hurt to see if they fit, I'll try one on tonight," I said, taking a sip of water.

After dessert, home-made fruit sherbet, we moved to the sitting room. The twins were asleep on the big blanket spread on the carpet. Alison got two smaller blankets from her bag and covered each of the girls, then sat on the sofa next to Reena. The older kids were in the den where from the electronic sounds, shouts and laughter it was clear they were playing video games.

Irma served brandy to all of us except Reena and Alison, who had white wine. We talked more about the funeral. "I know you didn't want it as early as Monday," Louise said.

"It'll work out," I replied. "Now that I'm here and able to meet with Doctor Meisner."

She gave a little shiver as she looked back at me. "I just don't like to think about that." Then smiling, "At least we have you, Rob, to help us through this. And... and, as you wanted, I requested the White House and UN not to send any representatives. I think it's all right that we're not having it in a church or any religious services, don't you? That's how Eric would want it."

Nodding my agreement, "Yes, that's the way he'd want it. You know, Louise, he wasn't very religious; more of a skeptic."

She smiled at my approval while I sipped my brandy. The ladies continued discussing the funeral and my father's various families. I leaned back in the easy chair, relaxing with my eyes half-closed, while I again scanned their psyches. I had already adjusted Louise, Carol and Irma to help them deal with my father's death.

Reena was quiet, looking sleepy. Like me, and Alison and the twins, she had come west across several time zones (though by now, I was used to it). I looked again at Reena's blocked memories, but soon realized it would take time and energy to discover what was hidden there. And it was Alison I wanted to focus on.

Still with my eyes half closed, I delved deeper into Alison's psyche. My scan revealed she hadn't yet completely realized the impact of my father's death, busy as she was with the twins and traveling. I made some minor changes to help her cope with her loss when she came to acknowledge it. In addition, I implanted in her sexual desire for me, for her to see me as the one who would replace my father in her heart.

When I sat up, taking a sip of brandy, I saw Alison's blue-gray eyes focused on me. As she saw me looking back, her eyes opened wide for an instant before, with a smile, she lowered her eyes and picked up her glass.

Reena shook herself. "Louise, I need to go to bed, if you don't mind."

"I'll see you up to your room," Louise said. I stood, bidding Reena goodnight as she and Louise left the room.

While Louise led Reena upstairs, Carol called Jimmy out of the den saying it was time to leave for their home, which I gathered was close by.

At his mother's urging Jimmy said a polite goodnight. Then Louise came down and made her two children say their goodnights before leading them upstairs to get ready for bed. When Louise came down again, alone, "I better get the girls to bed," Alison said, turning to glance at her twin daughters, sleeping on the floor.

"Let me help," I said, moving behind the sofa, picking up one of the twins, I didn't know which one, and cradling her in my arms. Alison placed a small blanket over the girl I was holding, then picked up the other twin and covered her with a blanket.

Irma picked up Alison's bag, then led us down the lighted path to the guest house. It was pretty small, with just two bedrooms, though there were two baths, a small kitchen/dining area, and a small sitting room, where two cribs had been set up side by side.

Alison laid her twin in the first crib. I laid mine in the second and stepped away while she tucked the blankets around them, then kissed their foreheads. "You don't have them in your room?" I asked quietly.

"No, they make noise, just little noises, during the night. With them here, and the door of my room open a little," inclining her head toward the smaller bedroom, "I can hear if there's a problem."

"Do you want this here?" Irma asked about the bag with the twins' things.

"Yes, thanks, I forgot about these," Alison answered, taking out two small, identical teddy bears and placing one with each of the twins.

"Well, time for my shower," Irma said, heading for her bedroom.

I took Alison's hand, she didn't resist, and pulled her toward the kitchen. She looked up at me, her blue-gray eyes open wide, the pupils dilated. I looked into her psyche to judge if I needed to influence her more, and saw how much she already wanted me.

Pulling her close, I bent down as she raised her head, watching her eyes slowly closing as we kissed. I closed my eyes too, relishing the kiss, our lips and tongues melding together. When we parted, her eyes opened again, and she smiled slightly as she looked into my face.

I tightened my arms around her, her breasts soft against my chest. I could feel Alison press her thigh against my hardening penis. "Come to my room," I whispered.

Still with the hint of a smile, she whispered, "Rob, I know you want me now, but are you sure you'll want me later?" She lowered her eyes, then looked up. "I'm not a promiscuous woman, there was only one other before... before Eric. I desire you, I can't help that, but I won't allow myself to be controlled by that... that desire. I need someone for more than just one night. And my girls need a father, not for financial reasons, Eric left us well provided for, but they need someone to care for them, not always, but from time to time, and when they need him, as Eric did. As head of the family and their half-brother, maybe you..."

I closed my eyes for a moment peering again into her psyche, seeing how her desire for me was matched by her love for her daughters. "I understand," I said softly. "I don't want you just for one night. I'll be there, always, for you and your girls. But you need to understand there are others."

She smiled, her eyes bright. "I understand, Rob. I know how remarkable a man you are, just as remarkable as Eric was. I was willing to accept that with him, and I'll accept it with you."

Her lashes fluttered for a moment before she lowered her eyes. "But I can't go to your room. The girls... I can't leave them alone."

"Irma can watch them, they'll be alright."

Looking up at me. "I can't, they don't know this place. If they should awaken, should need me, I'd feel terrible if I wasn't here for them." Her eyes growing brighter as she smiled again. "But you can come here... if you want."

"Of course I want to. Now, or... ?"

Her fingers tightening their grip on my biceps. "Come back in about an hour. That will give me time to get ready and I'll be sure the girls are sound asleep."

We kissed again, not quite as deeply this time, before I went back to the main house.

Louise and Josie were just finishing straightening up the sitting room when I came in. "Would you like a drink, Rob?" Louise asked, looking up at me as she replaced a pillow. "It's still early. Won't you sit and talk with me for a while?"

I checked my watch, realizing it wasn't even nine o'clock yet. I sat in the easy chair. "Okay, I'd like more of that brandy."

She went to the bar, pouring two brandies. She gave me one, then took a seat on the sofa. She looked at me, her eyes wide. "Do you like it here, in Arizona?"

"As long as it's not too hot," I laughed.

"Rob, you know that in Eric's, your father's, will this house was left to me, and Carol's home was left to her. But you are to consider them your homes too, and consider yourself welcome any time you want to come. We'll always be happy to have you." She paused, looking at me intensely, "I... we, Carol and Irma and me, we'll... we'll always be happy to have you visit, or stay, and we'll gladly help any way we can."

I knew what she was getting at, and I wasn't going to shy away from the idea, as I had before, with Candace. Louise was an attractive woman, and Carol and Irma even more so. And there were those memories I had glimpsed of the three of them with my father. And that was something I had already decided on, with Alison. I knew that from now on I would take what I wanted of my father's, whether his possessions or his women. "Thanks, Louise," I said. "I appreciate what you're saying, and believe me, when I want your help, I'll let you know."

Smiling, her eyes bright. "Just so you understand, we're all willing to do anything we can for you. After all, you're the head of the family."

"I understand, and I appreciate it," I said, swallowing the remainder of my brandy. "Now I need to try on my dad's suits. Goodnight Louise."

She said goodnight as I rose from my chair and went upstairs. I took a quick shower, brushed my teeth, and put on clean underwear before trying on one of my dad's jackets. It was wearable, if a little tight across the shoulders, but when I tried on the pants, it was clear they were too short, by a couple of inches. I would need to get a new suit tomorrow.

I dressed in my own clothes, slipping on my shoes without socks. I still had a few minutes to wait before the hour was up. I looked over my dad's bookshelf, picking up the latest issue of 'Foreign Affairs' and tried to continue reading an article I started before I left Cambridge, but couldn't help thinking about what I had said to Alison.

It wasn't like I hadn't made similar commitments before, although I had never stated it so explicitly. I knew Bobbi and Claudia, and Kim and Kristen understood that I would always be there for them, that I would care for them and protect them. I was sure they knew I belonged to them, just as they belonged to me. And I think Candace knew it too - but I failed her. I closed my eyes remembering what had happened to Candace, determining never to let that happen again.

Finally, it was time to return to the guest house and Alison.

It was quiet in the main house now, with low lights illuminating the corridor and stairway. The lights along the path to the guest house were still lit. I knocked softly on the door, which was immediately opened by Alison. She was waiting for me.

She took my hand, pulling me inside. Then she was in my arms, pressing her lush body to me, her hands on my shoulders, my arms holding her. We kissed again, deeply, our tongues meeting, merging. I could smell her fresh scent - shampoo and baby powder and body lotion. As we parted she looked up at me, her eyes full of passion. "Come, here's my bedroom," she said, her voice breathy, as she took my hand.

I held back for a moment to lock the door before letting her lead me through the sitting room. There was a small light on above the stove in the kitchen, a nightlight for the twins. As we passed their cribs, "They're sound asleep," Alison whispered. I looked at the sleeping girls cuddling their teddy bears, like angels, I thought. They were my half-sisters, but I felt more like their father, maybe because of the relationship I was about to enter into with their mother. I noticed Irma's door was closed, Alison's open, with only one lamp turned on, casting a soft light over the room.

When we entered her bedroom, she guided me to the bed, and with her hands on my chest pushed me to sit on the side. Then she turned and closed the door, leaving it open a crack. Turning to me, smiling. "So I can hear if they cry," she said. "But we need to try not to be too loud."

Alison was wearing a white silk chemise, almost straight except where it was shaped by her bosom and hips. She moved closer, standing before me, bending to kiss me again. When we parted, I touched with my fingertips the silky soft skin of her upper arms. Her beautiful blue-gray eyes staring into mine, "So, you want me," she said softly.

"You know I do," I answered, my voice low.

Pressing her cheek to mine. "I want you too," she whispered in my ear. "I'm going to make it so good for you."

Alison moved back a step. A half smile on her lips, she crossed her arms, lowering the straps of her chemise while keeping her bosom covered. Still smiling, she moved her hands and with a little wiggle of her hips her chemise dropped, pooling at her feet, leaving her naked.

Alison was beautiful, her complexion very fair, flawless, except for a few light freckles across the top of her bosom matching those on her face, which I didn't consider a flaw. Her breasts were large, firm, with surprisingly tiny pink nipples. Her waist was slim flowing out to womanly hips. Boldly, I directed my eyes to where her legs joined, seeing her smooth labia outlined by fine, blonde hair.

When I looked at her face, my expression must have signaled the effect she was having on me. Smiling more broadly, "So you approve," she said softly.

My voice low, "I approve. You're so beautiful."

"I'm yours... all yours," she whispered. Then she was kneeling before me, her arms around my neck, her lips on mine, her tongue meeting mine, retreating, advancing with mine. My hands went to her breasts. Alison moaned into my mouth as I cradled the full, firm flesh, her tiny nipples growing hard against my palms.

She moved her mouth to my cheek, my neck, her fingers working on the buttons of my polo shirt. With my help, she pulled the shirt up, over my head, then tossed it aside. She inhaled deeply as my bare chest came into view. "Oh, Rob, you're so... so well built," she said softly, her bright eyes looking into my face.

I watched her lower her eyes to look again at my chest. With a deep sigh, she pressed her mouth to me, tracing with her lips and tongue the hills and valleys defined by my pecs. Her mouth moved to my left nipple, sucking, licking, soaking the wiry hairs. She moved to my right nipple, then her lips and tongue were sliding down my torso, into my navel, finally halting at the waistband of my pants.

Before moving to open my belt, her fingers paused for a second to stroke the bulge my cock was making in my pants leg while she looked into my face, smiling. Again I helped, opening the button on my pants, letting Alison drag down the zipper. I lifted my bottom so she could pull down my pants and shorts together. "Oh, Rob," she gasped as my huge cock popped up.

"So you approve?" I laughed.

With the slim fingers of both her hands touching, stroking my shaft, she turned her head up, a look of awe on her face. "Oh Rob, you're so big, even bigger than... well, you know. I'm not sure I can..."

I smiled at another beautiful woman showing some fear of my cock. "Yeah, I know what you mean. I'm younger than my father, and like you said at dinner, taller and bigger, so this (shaking my erect penis) is bigger. I know you can take it, and believe me, I'll make sure you love it."

Alison smiled before bending her head to stare at the broad crown, thick precum bubbling out of the urethra. "I... I want to taste you," she whispered, moving lower, her tongue flicking out, laving my cockhead. Then her mouth opening wide, with a soft sigh she took me inside her warm oral embrace. Her tongue writhed over my taut skin as she sucked, her head moving lower, taking more and more of me inside her. And then, with a gasping gulping sound, she slid her lips down, forcing my cockhead into her throat.

After a few quick up and down movements, her nose was buried in my pubic hair, with my shaft in her throat. Only Candace had been able to do that, and that was before the aliens made me bigger. Alison was only able to hold me like that for a few seconds, massaging, caressing my hard length with her lips and tongue and throat, inhaling deeply through her nose, until she slid her head up and kissed deeply my broad crown.

She looked up at me, her blue-gray eyes clouded with lust. "Umm... you taste so good," she breathed before moving her head down, my cockhead again enclosed inside her soft lips.

My hands on her head, tangled in her fine, blonde hair, I pulled her mouth from me. "Not like that. Now I want to make love to you," I whispered.

"Oh yes," she said softly. Her arms coming around my neck as we kissed again.

With a giggle, she helped slip my shoes off, then pulled off my pants and shorts from my ankles. As I stretched out on the bed, Alison came to lie beside me. She pressed herself to me, kissing my ear, my neck, rolling her breasts against my chest. I turned my head to kiss her mouth, deeply, our tongues writhing together. My arms tight around her, I maneuvered our bodies so she was beneath me.

"Now, I'm gonna worship your beautiful body," I whispered, looking into her eyes before kissing her ear, her neck. I gently squeezed her full breasts while kissing the deep valley between. Alison whimpered softly, guiding my head so I could suckle on her nipples.

I sucked and gently nipped at her left nipple while my fingers caressed, pinched the other. Alison's breathing was becoming more ragged, her deep breaths interspersed with soft cries of pleasure. Suddenly, writhing beneath me, her body shuddering, she began orgasming. "Oh... OH... OHH..." she cried softly as I continued, sucking, squeezing, caressing her breasts.

After a few seconds, when her breathing grew calmer, I raised my head. Looking into her eyes, "You came." I said.

"Yes," giving me a weak smile. "My breasts are very sensitive."

"And your pussy?" I asked, slowly sliding down Alison's beautiful body. Kissing, caressing her soft skin, I pressed my tongue into her navel, before kissing my way over her belly to where her legs joined. I kissed and licked her thighs, slowly moving up. With my hands, I spread her legs, opening her feminine parts to my eyes and mouth.

When I began licking the soft hairs surrounding her labia, Alison's breathing became deeper, rougher. She had one of her hands on my head, the other at her breasts, pulling, pinching her nipples. As I placed my mouth on her labia, licking from bottom to top, "Please... no, Rob," she whispered. "You don't need to do that. I'm ready... I want you in me, Rob... please."

"But I want to, I want to taste you," I said between licks, savoring her exquisite flavor. I fastened my lips on the tiny bud of her clitoris, sucking, licking gently, soon giving her another orgasm.

After she grew calmer, I moved up Alison's body, positioning myself above her. Again we kissed deeply. As we parted, "I can taste myself on your lips," she said softly, smiling.

I smiled. "Yeah, you're delicious." I looked into her eyes while I moved my hand down and lowered my hips, holding my erect cock as I speared toward her center. Alison gasped at the sensation of my cockhead sliding into her slick, swollen lower lips.

"Rob, don't worry about me, take me hard, that's what I need now," she whispered in my ear, raising her knees to ease my entry.

I said nothing, seeing her eyes staring into mine. With a grunt, I did as she asked, driving myself as deeply into her as I could. Her eyes closing tightly, she inhaled loudly as she felt me penetrating her. Though I hadn't reached bottom yet, I felt Alison's silky vaginal walls clenching me tightly, then undulating along the three-quarters of my shaft lodged inside her.

Her blue-gray eyes opening, looking up at me, "Oh... god, Rob, you feel so big inside me," she breathed.

I kissed her cheek, her ear. "Are you okay," I managed to gasp despite the sensation of her pussy rippling over my shaft.

"I'm okay... I'm good. Now give it to me, give it to me hard," she gasped, shifting her bottom, raising her knees, relaxing the grip on my cock so I could penetrate her fully.

I pulled back for a second, then drove my full length into her, hard, fast as deep as I could, only halting when my cockhead butted her cervix. Alison's eyes closed as she pulled my head down, moaning, whimpering into my ear. Her pussy was convulsing over my shaft, each contraction so tight, so strong that I could only give her quick, short strokes with each momentary relaxation of her vagina.

Alison breathing loudly in my ear, whimpering, moaning in the back of her throat gasped, "Oh... OH... OHH, Rob... I'm Coming," turning toward me. "Kiss me... Kiss me Hard!" she breathed pulling my head to her, mashing my face into hers. Our mouths met, her lips opening to my tongue. As we kissed the convulsions rolling through her vagina grew stronger and stronger while she moaned into my mouth.

Slowly, Alison grew calmer, the contractions fading. I raised my head, looking into her face when she opened her eyes. Smiling, "God, that was good," she said, her voice breathy. "I really came fast." Raising up a little to kiss my lips. "See how you excite me."

"You're wonderful," I whispered, kissing her again.

Squeezing my shaft with the muscles of her vagina, "You didn't come yet?"

Kissing her again. "Not yet."

"Then let's do it some more," she giggled, at the same time her interior muscles beginning again to ripple over my rigid shaft. "But Rob, this time, try to keep it quieter. We don't want to wake the girls."

"Me?!" I laughed quietly. "It was you making the noise."

She smiled back. "Well, maybe I did, but I heard some grunts from you." Kissing me again, "Now fuck me, fuck me hard Rob," she breathed.

"Okay, but now I want you on top so I can play with your beautiful breasts. Hold on!" With that, she wrapped her legs around me, I pulled her close and raising both of us on my elbows and knees, spun us over without moving my cock from inside her.

Now, sitting on me, her pussy massaging my cock, Alison looked into my eyes and said, "Rob, you're so strong."

I didn't answer, because I was too busy with her breasts. She reached out, touching my chest, running her fingertips over the hard muscles. Her voice soft, quivering, she asked, "Did you really kill those men, as they said on the news?"

I stopped caressing her breasts, moving my hands to her waist. "Yeah, I had to. I wasn't happy about it, but it had to be done. And I'd do it again if I needed to, for you, or your girls or any of the family."

"Oh Rob," she sighed, lowering herself, hugging me. We kissed, long, deep and while we were kissing, I felt her vaginal muscles beginning to massage my cock again.

As we parted from the kiss, "Come on, fuck me," I said, my hands on her waist shifting her up.

"Oh, I'm going to do you so good," Alison gasped, moving up, then sliding down on me, squeezing her pussy so I could feel my cock spreading, forcing open, the smooth walls of her pussy. She raised herself again before pumping down once more, hard, ramming my cockhead against her cervix.

She moaned softly, deep in her throat as she rolled her butt over me, her vagina pulsing along my hard shaft. Then she was pumping herself on me, on my cock, Up... Down, driving her cunt over my hardness squeezing me tight inside her.

I reached up, pinching her nipples, hard, causing her moans to come even more loudly. Quickly, she raised her hand, putting her fist to her mouth, as her daughter had done earlier, biting her finger, using her hand to muffle her cries of pleasure as she again moved into orgasm.

The exquisite sensation of Alison's vagina convulsing again and again over my hard length was too much for me. Moving my hands to her hips, tightly grasping her sweaty flesh, I bucked up, driving my rigid organ into her, battering her cervix over and over as she pumped herself on me. Grasping tightly to her fleshy buttocks, my fingers slipping into her crack, I pressed my index finger into her tight anus, surprised at finding it slick with lubrication.

Alison, her hand at her mouth, moaned even more loudly at this double penetration. I moved my hips down before thrusting up even more deeply into her at the same time ramming the full length of my finger into her spasming asshole. Now, with her vagina and anus both convulsing, I released the control I had been exercising over myself, feeling my cock swell inside her, and then I was coming, gasping at the sensation as my seed began spurting up the length of my cock, into her spasming pussy, while Alison bit hard on her finger, smothering her cries with her hand.

After long moments of heavy breathing for us both, she collapsed against my chest, her pussy continuing to vibrate over my shaft. Still panting a little she kissed my chest, again and again, her tongue and lips wetting my skin.

Alison raised her head to whisper, "Oh Rob, That was fantastic."

"You were fantastic," I laughed quietly, pulling my finger from her ass. And I meant it. She was the most accomplished lover I'd had since Candace.

"Umm," she sighed, moving a little on top of me. "You're still hard."

"Yeah, now I want this, to take you here," I said, once more pressing my finger to her asshole.

Raising her head, those blue-gray eyes looking into my face, she whispered, "I made it ready for you, cleaned and oiled myself there. So if you wanted me like that..."

"I want," I said moving my finger from her, holding her hips. "Kneel for me, I want it... Now."

Quickly, Alison crawled off me, then knelt on the bed, her bottom raised, her head on the pillow. As I moved behind her, she wriggled her butt, turned her head, "Hurry, Rob, I want you," she whispered.

"Yeah, I want you, I want your ass," I answered, holding my cock, pressing the fat head to her crinkled anus.

Slowly, I pushed into Alison. When I had the head fully inside the tight ring of muscle, "Oh... wait for a moment... Please," she moaned. I did as she asked, giving her time to become accustomed to my cock penetrating her tightest hole. After a few moments, I reached around her thigh to caress her still wet and swollen labia and tease her clit.

Turning her head, "Oh yes, that's so good, Rob," she gasped. "Now fuck me, fuck it, my ass... fuck it Hard."

She sighed as I moved my hand from her pussy, placing it on her right cheek. Now, my hands holding tight to her buttocks, I drove in, slowly, relentlessly, forcing my massive cock into Alison's tightest hole. She moaned deeply, burying her face in the pillow to muffle the sound. Slowly, I continued pushing until my legs were pressing against the back of her thighs.

Again, I reached around her leg to caress her. Still with my cock planted deep inside her, I rubbed my fingers over her labia, pressing one finger inside her to rub the top of her vagina while my thumb teased her erect clit. That's when Alison came again, moaning, gasping into her pillow as her sphincter clenched so tightly over my shaft it was almost painful.

I waited till her breathing slowed. Alison raised her head from the pillow, turning to me, "God, that was good," she gasped, "so... so lovely. Now do me more... more and hard."

She lowered her head, relaxing her asshole. I pulled back, then drove in hard, forcing my full length into her. As I rammed into her, her sphincter, spasming over my shaft, Alison groaned deeply into the pillow. I didn't know if it was from pain or passion, but I wasn't going to be deterred in my need to drive myself as deeply as I could into her excruciatingly tight ass.

With both hands gripping her butt, I rammed my massive organ into her again and again. Now, feeling a series deep orgasmic convulsions moving through her vagina, to her rectum, I knew it was sounds of pleasure she was voicing. I paused for a moment till the contractions began to fade away, then pulled back and drove into her deep, then out, then in again, Deep, and again In... Out... In... Out... IN... IN... IN. And now I was coming, thick semen moving from the root of my cock, along my shaft, spewing out of my urethra, flooding Alison's spasming rectum with my thick seed.

As she felt my seed jetting into her ass, Alison raised her head, her back arching, all the muscles of her body rigid as she shuddered in ecstasy. And all I could do was hold my position as my cock pulsed again and again, my breathing ragged while thick cum gushed out of me into the deepest parts of her asshole.

I was empty, my organ inside Alison's ass while she continued shuddering, her sphincter still convulsing over my shaft. I was breathing hard, catching my breath when I felt her ass begin to relax its grip on me.

After shuddering, trembling for a while, with a loud sighing moan, Alison collapsed beneath me. I followed her down, then carefully withdrew my cock from her, surprised at the amount of cum pouring out of her asshole. Lying beside her, I touched, kissed her forehead, but got no response. Looked like she was out for the night.

After waiting to make sure she was okay, when her breathing was calmer, I got up, grabbed my shorts from the floor, put them on, and quietly made my way out the door into the sitting room. The twins were sleeping like babies. Obviously they hadn't been disturbed by any of the noise that might have filtered out from the bedroom.

I went into the bathroom, and after cleaning my dick, grabbed two thick bath towels. Back to the bedroom, I touched Alison, she mumbled something but didn't wake up. Careful not to waken her, I turned her so I could put the towels under her hips to absorb the fluids leaking out of her pussy and ass.

I turned off the light and tried to get comfortable, but found it difficult to sleep. What was bothering me was that I was sure that Alison, like Candace and Bobbi (I suspected), had been modified by my father to make her a perfect lover.

While she slept beside me, I entered Alison's mind, probing, exploring, forcing myself to see all the ways she had been changed. I studied how my father had modified her character, her psychology, her libido, to make her the most loving, the most loyal, the most passionate, the most satisfying lover a man could desire.

Probing further, I saw how he encouraged Alison to keep up with current events, to read newspapers and books so she could discuss the subjects my father was interested in. And she studied literature, art, music, science, philosophy in the same way. She was highly motivated to maintain her figure through regular exercise, including regular kegel exercises to keep the muscles of vagina and ass tight. Plus, he made the nerve endings of her breasts, vagina and anus more sensitive to increase the sexual pleasure she and her partner experienced.

It took a while, about two hours, but I studied all the ways my father had altered Alison, and I remembered it all. It was late when I finally went to sleep.

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