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I take zero credit for this story, it was written by Franco. I'm posting here on his approval.


Chapter 14: Los Angeles, California - Part 1

It was Tuesday, the day after my father's funeral. I was at Sky Harbor airport outside the boarding gate for the one o'clock flight to Los Angeles on my way to be with my girls there, Bobbi, Claudia, and now Kim and Kristen too. They wanted, no needed, me to spend time with them, as I promised. And after everything that had happened, I felt I needed to be with them too, and I would use the opportunity to ensure their safety from the enemy...

With me were Alison and Irma, and we were attracting a lot of attention saying our goodbyes. The two beautiful girls - one tall and blonde, the other darker and a little shorter - couldn't help draw glances, especially when each in turn kissed me deeply. Irma was one of my girls now. It began the second night I spent with Alison, Irma came into Aliison's bedroom and begged to join us, and me being the kind of guy I was, I couldn't say no. So now Irma was a member of my harem.

"I'll see you in a few weeks," I told Alison. "As soon as I get things taken care of in New York, I'll be able to spend time with you and the twins at the farm."

Alison stared at my face with those beautiful blue-gray eyes. "That will be so good, Rob. I'm beginning to miss you already, and I know the girls will be happy to see you."

Tightening my arms around her, "You know, you could stay. Once we get the ranch ready, there'll be plenty of room for you and the twins."

She rested her blonde head against my chest before looking up again. "Rob, I have to think of the girls first, no matter how much I want that. The farm is their home. I can't make them move so soon after they've lost their father."

"You're right they need to stay in the home they're used to. But you know how much I want you with me."

"I know," Alison said. Then curling her arms around my neck, she gave me another deep kiss. As we parted, "Now kiss Irma goodbye, they're calling your flight."

I let go of Alison to wind my arms around the beautiful Mexican girl, feeling her large breasts soft against my chest. "I'll be at the ranch tomorrow," she said, turning her head up. "I'll let you know as soon as I find out what needs to be done."

Again, they called my flight, I pulled Irma tight, she rising up on her toes as I bent to press my mouth to hers, our lips and tongues melding together. When I pulled away, "I love you," Irma said, Alison echoing, "I love you too, Rob."

I picked up my bag, turned and waved, before walking up the ramp to take my seat on the plane. I was the last passenger to board.

I felt like everyone on the plane was staring at me. Guess I gotta expect it, kissing two girls goodbye like that, I told myself as I took off my jacket (I was wearing the new suit I got for my dad's funeral), and sat down. Luckily, our take-off wasn't delayed, and soon we were banking over Tempe and on our way to LA. I laid my head back and closed my eyes, thinking about everything that happened in Phoenix.

On Sunday, I was able to meet with Doctor Meisner at the hospital, but he didn't have any real information about the cause of my father's death. They could tell from their monitors that he was sleeping comfortably when his heart suddenly started racing and his breathing grew labored until his breaths were coming in quick gasps.

When the monitors started screaming, Carol, who was dozing in a chair by my dad's bed, woke up, but she couldn't do anything. The doctors and nurses rushed in, but it was too late. My dad's arms and legs went rigid, and he was gone. "We still don't know why it happened," Doctor Meisner said. "The autopsy didn't provide any answers, no indication of drug overdose or poison, or any other foreign substance, except for an elevated adrenaline level. It was as though your father had an extreme panic attack, and in his weakened state he just couldn't handle it."

The funeral went well, I guess as well as a funeral can go. More than a hundred guests showed up, mostly Dad's women and children. He led a good life, as evidenced by all the people who cared for him. And now I was left to carry on his work, and make sure I did what was needed to protect myself and those I loved. Then I would find the enemy and eliminate them, all of them. But first, I wanted to be with my girls in LA.

After takeoff, the cabin staff gave their safety talk then began pushing the drink cart up the aisle. I couldn't keep my eyes off one of the hostesses. When she asked what I wanted, I noticed her name-tag, Suzanne. When I said I'd have a Coke, she gave me a bright smile, her green eyes sparkling, as she placed the drink and bag of peanuts on my tray saying, "Everyone saw those girls kissing you."

"Uh ... we're very close," I answered, not knowing what else to say.

"Everyone could see that," she laughed before moving the cart up the aisle.

Suzanne was in her twenties, I guessed, blonde and with a fabulous figure. I couldn't help being attracted to her, despite the nights I had just spent with Alison and Irma and that in just a couple hours I was going to be met by four beautiful girls in LA.

It must have been from my aura, because I didn't consciously do anything to attract Suzanne, except look, but when she came back to pick up the empty Coke can, she stopped to talk for a few moments, and when she left she handed me her card. Written on the back was her Scottsdale address and phone number with the message "any time." When I turned my head toward the rear of the plane, I saw her smiling back at me.

I knew what my weakness was, my biggest weakness, sex. Not that it wasn't normal for a guy my age, I was still eighteen, even though I looked older. With my power, I could have more sex with more girls than any other guy my age, than any guy on earth. But sometimes it was hard to control my urges, or maybe it was because I didn't want to control them.

Soon, we were on the ground at LAX. As we left the aircraft, the crew bid us goodbye at the door. "It was a pleasure to have you flying with us, Mr. Mannheim," Suzanne said, her green eyes laughing. "We hope to have you as our guest again soon."

I limited my response to a thank you and a smile, and then I was in the walkway following the small crowd from the plane, luckily the flight wasn't crowded. As I stepped into the terminal, I was overwhelmed by my girls.

If I thought I was attracting attention at the Phoenix airport, it was nothing compared to the looks I got as I was hugged and kissed by four beauties. Two, Bobbi and Claudia, were former playmates. I doubted anyone would recognize them, but the way they were dressed and made-up made them even more beautiful and sexy. The same was true for Kim. She easily could have been a playmate, and she looked just as good as Bobbi and Claudia. And though Kristen wasn't quite their equal yet, she was still very pretty, and some day would be just as beautiful and sexy.

"Oh Rob, you're here!" Bobbi squealed as she threw herself at me, mashing her breasts against my chest, pressing her mouth to mine for a deep kiss. After kissing her for several seconds, I turned from Bobbi, my right arm still around her waist, to pull Claudia closer with my left arm, kissing her as long and hard as I had Bobbi.

I let my arms drop from Bobbi and Claudia so Kim and Kristen could greet me with their kisses and hugs. "We feel safer, now you're here, Rob," Kristen said, her arms around me.

And then Bobbi was grabbing my arm, pulling me up the corridor, saying, "Come on, Rob, we gotta get you to our place so we can give you a real welcome."

"We're parked in the short-term lot," Claudia said grabbing hold of my left arm. "Rob, you're gonna love our condo."

With Bobbi adding, "It's really cute." Hugging my arm closer, "We were so worried about you. Kim and Kristen told us what happened and how you rescued them. It was so dangerous," saying the latter with a little shiver.

"Rob, we're doing what you told us," Claudia interrupted from my left. "All four of us stay together, and we carry our MACE."

I was about to say something when Kristen said from behind, "We got here Sunday."

"Kris, Rob knows that, remember, we called him," Kim told her.

"Oh, yeah, sorry Rob," Kris giggled.

I told her it wasn't a problem. By now, we had walked out of the terminal and reached the parking area. We stopped beside an enormous vehicle. "It's a Suburban," Bobbi said proudly, "plenty of room for all of us."

As Bobbi pulled the key out of her jeans, "It's so big, where'd you get it?" I asked.

"It's our neighbor's. We borrowed it. It wasn't hard," Bobbi laughed. "All we had to do was bat our eyes a little and say please." She unlocked the doors. "Rob, you sit here," indicating the second seat.

I threw my bag and jacket in back and climbed in. I waited while the girls had an animated discussion about seating arrangements, finally agreeing that Claudia would drive, with Kristen next to her in front. Bobbi and Kim joined me in the second seat, one on either side.

"Why can't I sit with Rob?" Kristen whined as we started moving. "You're picking on me just because I'm the youngest."

Claudia glanced at Kristen before looking back at the road. "Either Bobbi or I need to drive cause we know the way. So, Rob can sit up here with me, or in back with two of us girls. And he's known those two longer than you."

"It's just not fair," Kristen complained, "and see what they're doing," turning toward us, her lips forming a pout.

What she was referring to was both girls were kissing me at the same time. Kim, on my right, was kissing my neck, licking my ear while stroking my thigh. On my left, Bobbi was kissing the line of my jaw, the corner of my mouth, her hand rubbing my chest.

Looking up, I said, "Kristen, calm down. You know I love you, all of you. You're all my girls, but I can't be with all of you at the same time. Once we get to the condo..." I turned to Bobbi, "How long will it take to get there?"

"About forty minutes."

"Quicker than that," Claudia added, "traffic isn't bad."

"Okay," I continued, "when we get there we'll talk about our relationship and work out how we'll ... uh ... uh."

"What you mean is who gets to have sex with you and when, isn't that it, darling?" Kim asked.

I laughed. "I didn't want to be that blunt, but basically that's it. Now, Kristen, you need to calm down. I'll be uh ... making love with you, with all of you. But it's gonna take some effort to work this out if we, all of us, are gonna have a relationship together." As I said this, I used my power on the girls to eliminate some of their jealousy, and (directed especially at Kristen) cut down on their competitiveness.

I could see Kristen's eyes filling with tears. She sniffled a little as she said, "I'm sorry, Rob, it's just I love you and want to be with you."

"Kris, don't you know that's how we all feel?" Kim told her. "But like Rob said, we have to wait till we get to the condo and decide how this is going to work."

While we were talking, Bobbi had been untying the leather vest she was wearing over a long-sleeve tee-shirt. When I first saw how she was dressed, I thought the cowboy look was a little unusual for her, but when she got the vest untied and slid it off, I understood - she wasn't wearing a bra.

Bobbi unbuttoned and pulled open her shirt, baring her huge breasts. "Rob, please, play with my titties, you know how sensitive they are," then taking my hand she pressed it to her naked bosom.

I was already half hard, and at the sight and sensation of Bobbi's breasts my cock immediately filled with blood, the erect organ pressing against my pants leg. "I love it when you're hard," Kim whispered into my ear, her long fingers stroking my cock through the fabric of my pants.

While I fondled Bobbi's breasts, she wound her arms around my neck, pulling me to her. We kissed long and deep, our tongues meeting, parting, then meeting to entwine again. Bobbi moaned softly into my mouth while I squeezed her tits, pinched and pulled her hardening nipples.

As we parted from the kiss, breathing hard, I half turned so I could put both my hands on Bobbi's breasts. "Oh Rob, that's so good," she gasped, moving her hands over mine, pressing them even tighter to her. "Yes, that's it," she cried as I kneaded her breasts, pinched the erect nipples.

Bobbi rested her head against my shoulder while I mashed her huge breasts. Suddenly raising her head, "Harder, do it harder ... Please, Rob," she breathed. I began squeezing even more forcefully, my fingers digging into Bobbi's firm flesh, her erect nipples pressing into my palms as she cried, "Oh ... OH ... GOD, YES." And then she was coming, her thighs scissoring, her bottom squirming on the seat. After several moments, her gasps and cries fading, her orgasm passing, she collapsed against me.

When her breathing had calmed, Bobbi raised her head. She pressed her mouth to mine, kissing me deeply. Then, pulling back, she stared into my eyes. "Rob, you're the only one who ever made me climax that way." She kissed me again, more briefly this time. "Guess it's cause I love you so much."

All this time, Kim had been kissing my neck, licking my ear while stroking my dick, now painfully hard inside my pants leg. All at once, she reached for my fly and began opening my pants laughing, "Now it's your turn, Rob," as she began pulling out my dick, bending toward my crotch.

"Yeah, we need to help you too," Bobbi said, she too reaching for my dick.

I leaned forward as the Suburban slowed and turned. I saw Kristen looking back at us from the front seat, her big eyes staring into my face. I turned to look out the window, seeing we were exiting the freeway. "Are we almost there?" I asked Claudia.

"Almost, just a few minutes. You might want to wait, or I can drive around until you finish."

"I'll wait," I answered, gently pushing the girls' hands away.

"Rob, please," Kim begged.

I turned to her. "We'll be there soon. We can do everything once we get to the condo."

"Okay, that's a promise," Kim answered, smiling, then giving me a quick kiss on the cheek.

I turned to Bobbi, seeing her buttoning her shirt. "That's a promise to you too."

She kissed my other cheek. "I know, Rob."

I leaned forward. "That's my promise to all of you. And don't forget, you're gonna have me for at least a week."

Kristen stared into my face. "That means you'll do everything with me, right?"

"Everything, and maybe more than you want," I laughed.

"That's not possible," she answered with a grin before turning to the front.

I watched as we exited the freeway and headed east. The area was pretty heavily built up, with stores, and gas stations, and strip malls along the main roads. We turned, then made a few more turns until we came to a gate barring entrance to a walled compound. Claudia reached out her window to slide a card into a slot and punch in some numbers. As the gate swung open and we drove through, "It's pretty secure here," she said, waving at the guard.

"It's really safe," Bobbi added. "And it's only a few minutes to the beach."

The development was a complex of two and three story luxury condos. We made our way along winding roads, climbing higher and higher. I estimated we were about half-way up the small mountain when we turned into a cul-de-sac and pulled into a driveway. "This is it," Claudia said putting the transmission into Park and setting the brake. "We've gotta park in the driveway, our cars are in the garage," she continued as she opened her door and climbed down from the Suburban.

"I know you're gonna love it," Bobbi said, taking my arm as we began walking to the front door.

Claudia unlocked and opened the door and turning as we approached said, "The condos on top have the best view," pointing up the mountain, "but they were almost two million, and we like ours, and we're really happy here."

"Even happier now we've got you here," Bobbi added leading me inside.

I knew my dad had bought down the mortgage on their condo to make the payments more affordable. I'm sure he would gladly have paid more for them to have one of the expensive condos. I felt proud Bobbi and Claudia didn't take more advantage of my dad when it would have been so easy to let him give them a larger subsidy.

Glowing with pride, they showed me their condo. It had three bedrooms, two upstairs and one down, plus three baths. "This is the master bedroom," Claudia said opening the double doors. "This will be your room, that way you can have any of us you want with you, but we'll have our own rooms too."

It was clearly a feminine room, but not so much I felt uncomfortable. I looked at Bobbi and Claudia standing proudly in the center of the big room. "Whose room is this?" I asked.

"Mine," Bobbi answered, "but usually Claudia sleeps here too. Especially when we're really missing you," she giggled.

I hung up my jacket in the closet, half full of Bobbi's clothes, and set my bag on the floor. The girls wanted to unpack for me, but I told them I didn't have enough clothes to bother with. I would need to go shopping while in LA.

Downstairs, I took a seat on the sofa. "Do you want lunch, or anything?" Bobbi asked. When I told her I had lunch in Phoenix, "Well, would you like a beer, light beer? We got some just for you."

"How did you get beer, you're underage aren't you?" I asked, smiling to let her know I wasn't serious.

"Oh, you know we have our ways, just like we convinced our neighbor to let us borrow his Suburban," Claudia laughed.

"Rob, don't forget I'm over twenty-one," Kim added, "but they already had the beer when we got here."

"Do you want one ... a beer?" Bobbi asked again.

I told her I'd have a beer, and while Bobbi went into the kitchen, Claudia, sitting next to me said, "Rob, you understand we just flirt with guys sometimes to get what we want."

"All girls do it, it doesn't mean anything," Kim added.

Bobbi returning with my beer said, "You know we'd never do anything with another man. We belong to you."

I popped open the can and took a swallow. "I know, you're my girls."

"What are we gonna do now?" Kristen asked as she took her seat next to me and began to stroke the back of my neck. Bobbi joined Kim kneeling on the floor and started rubbing my thigh, while Claudia, sitting on my right, was kissing my neck.

All four of the girls were completely focused on me, staring at my face, awaiting my word. I took another swallow while I scanned them. They loved and desired me, that was clear. In Las Vegas, I had influenced Kim and Kristen to reduce their feelings of possessiveness, to accept that I had other girls, but it seemed it hadn't quite worked with Kristen.

I turned to look into Kristen's big, dark eyes, as I took hold of her hand. "You know I care for you," I said softly. She nodded her head then looked down as I continued speaking, simultaneously using my power to reinforce what I was saying. "You know I also care for Kim and Bobbi and Claudia, and other girls you haven't met yet. You're my girl, and they're my girls too, and soon we'll all be together at the ranch." She looked up and smiled. "But for us to be together all my girls need to be able share."

Kristen's eyes were filling with tears as she threw her arms around my neck. "Oh Rob," she snuffled, "I'm sorry I acted like that. I didn't want to, but I couldn't help it. And ... and it's because I love you and missed you so much. After you saved us from those terrible men, I ... we never had a chance to really thank you, to ... to be with you."

"I understand," I said, gently taking her head in my hands. I kissed her softly, then pulled back to stare into her eyes while looking into her mind. Now, I understood how the gratitude and hero worship Kristen felt overrode my earlier attempt to influence her.

I decided if I was going to have a harem I needed to make sure they would do what I wanted. After all, it was my harem, they were my girls, and they were here for me. I remembered what I had seen in Alison and my dad's other girls, how he altered them so they were totally committed to him without any jealousy or competition. That's what I needed to do to these girls, but I didn't have time now to make that big a change.

Still staring into her eyes, I quickly modified Kristen so she understood I was in charge of our relationship and that her desires would take second place to what I wanted. Kristen looked down before again raising her eyes to me. "Rob, I won't be like that any more, believe me, please. I'll be so good, I won't be selfish. I'll do everything you want, anything you want. Please, Rob, please forgive me."

"I forgive you," I said with a smile before kissing her again, this time long and deep. Kristen wasn't wearing a bra, she didn't really need one. When I slid my hand under her shirt, I was able to squeeze her bare tits, pinch her pointy nipples while she moaned into my mouth. Now, Claudia was kissing my neck, stroking my chest, while Bobbi and Kim, at my feet were caressing me, squeezing my hardening dick through my pants.

Pulling back from the kiss, I looked into Kristen's face, then turned to look at my other girls, first down at the two at my feet, then turning to Claudia, before looking at them all again as I said, "Let's go upstairs, to the bedroom."

"Who... ?" Kim asked, her eyes on my face.

"I don't know how I'm gonna do it, but all of you," I laughed. "Now come on, let's go," standing up from the sofa.

While we went upstairs, I wondered how I could handle four girls. I'd never been that many at the same time. Then decided I would do the best I could, and use the power when needed to make sure everyone was satisfied, including me.

The girls followed me into the master bedroom, my bedroom as long as I was here, and while we were undressing, "Here's how we'll do it," I said. "I can take care of two girls an once. I'll lay on my back and one girl can fuck herself on my cock while I eat the other girl's pussy. Like we did before," I looked at Bobbi and Claudia, seeing them nod. "Then, after everyone has their orgasm, we'll switch."

I was sitting on the bed, having just finished taking off my shoes and socks. I stood up to remove my pants, when Bobbi, naked now, her big breasts swaying, knelt before me and reached for my fly saying, "Let me, Rob." With that she unzipped my pants. I opened my belt and she pulled my pants and shorts down, my erect cock popping out, nearly hitting her face.

As I sat down again, Bobbi reached out to stroke my cock, the head shiny with precum from all the excitement today. Claudia knelt beside Bobbi and began licking the base. Looking up Claudia said, "Oh Rob, we've missed you so much," touching, licking my thick organ, "missed this so much."

Kim and Kristen sat down on either side of me and began caressing me while they kissed my neck, licked my ears. Bobbi bent forward, taking my cockhead between her lips, kissing, licking. Pulling her mouth up, she gasped, "God, Rob, you're so big, even bigger than before."

"I'm still a growing boy," I laughed, then turned to Kim, cradling her dusky breast in my palm, our tongues writhing together as we kissed.

When we parted, "We missed you too, and we feel so much safer with you here," Kim said softly, her dark eyes on my face.

"Rob, you know how much I missed you," Kristen said from my right, kissing my neck, rubbing her naked body against me.

I had four very ready, very aroused women. I could smell the musky scent of their arousal, and I too, was ready, ready to make love to them, to take them, take all four of them for my pleasure and theirs. Bobbi was moving her mouth faster now, forcing my rigid organ deeper and deeper into the warm wetness of her mouth, while Claudia was licking my balls, her soft fingers caressing the base of my cock.

I reached for Bobbi's blonde head, gently moving her mouth from my cock. Reluctantly, she pulled off, her lips making a sucking sound as they slid off my cockhead. "Please, can't we finish?" she begged.

Seeing Claudia, too, staring up at my face, I said. "Not like this, I want you two like I said. Now!" At my words, Kristen started to say something, but then quickly closed her mouth.

We scrambled up onto the bed. I lay flat on my back while Claudia stood over me, her tapered legs straddling my head, then she moved down, to kneel over my face. I reached up and grabbed her butt, positioning her so I could access her bare pussy with my lips and tongue.

Claudia's pubis was very swollen and very wet. As I began licking, "Oh ... oh, Rob," she breathed, just loud enough to be audible.

"Now me," Bobbi said, as I felt her fingers stroking my rigid organ,

I couldn't see, but I could feel. I could feel Bobbi move over my waist. I could feel her fingers on my shaft. I could feel her place the broad head at her entrance and shift her hips. I could feel myself sliding into her, hear her sigh as she shifted again, taking me deeper into her warm tightness.

I tightened my grip on Claudia's butt, moving her a little so I could capture her clitoris in my lips. "Oh ... God ... Yes, don't stop!" Claudia cried as I sucked and licked the hard little bud.

Simultaneously, with a moaning cry, Bobbi plunged down, ramming my cock against her cervix, taking my full length inside her trembling vagina. Gasping, crying out her pleasure, she pumped up and down, rolling her hips, fucking herself hard on my rigid cock.

And all this while, Kim and Kristen were pressing their naked bodies to my sides, kissing, touching where they could. I felt their fluttery kisses against my ribs, their fingers stroking my chest and belly, their smooth legs caressing mine.

Claudia, now reaching her peak, was pressing her swollen vulva even more tightly to my mouth, crying breathlessly "Oh ... oh ... oh," her body shaking with the force of the convulsions rolling through her vagina. She was pushing so hard against my face I needed to move her up a little with my hands so I could breathe comfortably. And then with a loud gasp, she collapsed into Bobbi's arms.

I pushed up at Claudia a little so she would move off me, and with a sigh she fell to my side. "God, that was so good," she said, giving my lips a surprisingly gentle kiss before cuddling to me, forcing Kim to stretch over her so she could continue her caresses.

Bobbi was still sitting on me, my cock deep inside her. Now she was grinding slowly, her blonde hair darkened with sweat, her lust filled eyes staring down at me. She slid up a little to lower herself onto me, her big breasts mashing into my chest. "I love you so much," she sighed as we kissed, long and deep, our tongues curling together.

"Now I'm gonna really fuck you," she said, her lips turning up in a crooked smile. She straightened until she was again over my crotch, then slowly moved up until just the head of my cock was inside her entrance. With a loud, "Oh ... OHH," she plunged down before again moving up, my rigid shaft sliding along her silky smooth vaginal walls, and then she plunged down again.

And now she was pumping hard on me, my thick cock stretching her pussy, the head banging into her cervix at each of her down-strokes. I reached for Bobbi's big breasts, swaying, bouncing with her movements. "Oh God, so good," she moaned as I grabbed her fleshy tits.

I began bucking up. thrusting myself even more deeply into Bobbi. With my left hand still mauling her breasts, I moved my right hand down, my fingers digging into her butt-cheek, drawing her tight to me with each of my hard thrusts deep into her spasming vagina.

Now Bobbi's movements were growing slower. Rolling, grinding her ass on me, her breathing ragged, she gasped,"Mmmmph ... Mmmmph ... God ... God, so Good Rob."

Thrusting up again and again, I slid my left hand down so I could grasp her butt tight with both hands. Surrendering to my own need, "I ... I'm gonna come," I said ramming my cock into her as deeply as I could while Bobbi, panting, rolled her bottom over me, her pussy trembling along the length of my pistoning cock.

Bobbi replaced my hands with hers on her tits and began squeezing even harder than I had. "Yeah Rob, I'm gonna come too. Please Rob, come with me Please." she gasped. Now her pussy spasming even more strongly over me, Bobbi was overcome by an intense orgasm. "Oh ... Ohh ... OHH ... Yes ... YES ... GOD ... YES ... YES," she cried, her hands mauling her magnificent breasts, her eyes rolling up into her head, as her vagina contracted again and again over my pistoning cock.

Gasping, grunting, my hands pulling her tight, I began coming too, ejaculating jets of hot semen into her convulsing pussy. As Bobbi felt my cock pulsing inside her, my thick cum flooding her vagina, her orgasm became even more intense until she could do nothing but moan and whimper, and finally collapse onto my chest.

Quickly, Claudia and Kim were there with damp cloths, wiping my face, my neck, my shoulders, my arms, still holding Bobbi. As they rubbed the damp cloths over Bobbi's back, her bottom, her legs, her only movements were from her rapid breathing. It was long minutes before her breaths grew calmer and she raised her head to look into my eyes.

"God, that was so intense," she breathed. "It's always wonderful with you, Rob darling, but this time it was so ... so intense. Must be cause it's been so long and I missed you so much."

Bobbi brushed my lips with hers. I tightened my arms around her deepening our kiss before loosening my hold and gently moving her off me. My half hard penis slid out of her slick vagina as she lay beside me. The girls pressed damp cloths to her breasts, flushed and swollen. As they pressed the cloths to Bobbi's nipples, that purplish hue they often take on during sex began slowly to return to a more normal pink,

Bobbi was on my left, my arm around her, her breathing slowly becoming regular. I saw her eyes lose focus, then close as, with a small smile on her lips, she drifted into sleep. Claudia was cuddling against my right side, stroking my chest, sighing softly as her eyes too closed.

I raised my head to see Kim and Kristen both staring at me. As I looked into Kristen's face, her big, dark eyes opened wider. "Rob, what about us. I'm so horny after watching you doing it with them. Can you do Kim and me now?" reaching out to touch my bare leg.

"I told you, he can do us, all of us, all night," Kim laughed, wiping off my sticky dick with a damp cloth, then bending to take the crown inside her lips.

Kristen moved up the bed to lie on my chest. "That's what I want," she said as she kissed my lips. "I want you to do Kim and me. You know how I want you to do me?"

"Here?" I asked, running my hand down her body, squeezing her plump ass-cheek before touching her anus with my middle finger. Kristen lowered her eyes as my finger circled her anal hole. Then, as I gently pushed my fingertip into her, she voiced a sharp squeaky cry.

Kristen looked up into my eyes as she felt my finger penetrate her, then whispered, "Yeah, I want it, but I'm afraid ... afraid it'll hurt."

Moving my hand to caress her hip, staring into her dark eyes, I said, "I'll do that to you, and I'll do my best not to hurt you, but not now. Now, we're gonna do like I said, like I did with Bobbi and Claudia, and then later I'll do what you asked, take your ass like you want, and like I want."

"Oh, Rob," Kristen cried, throwing her arms around my neck, kissing me deeply, her tongue meeting, dancing with mine. As we parted, "Will you do me with your cock?" she asked. Then turning to Kim,"If that's alright. I want him in me so much, and he only did it once with me."

Kim told her it was all right. As we repositioned ourselves on the bed, I saw Claudia's eyes opening, watching as Kris moved over my crotch and Kim knelt above my face. Then I was busy, my lips and tongue on Kim's sweet vulva, while Kris fucked herself on my rampant cock, moaning, crying through her pleasure.

I had my hands on Kim's butt-cheeks, moving her, positioning her, so I could bring her the most pleasure. But, then after a few moments, I felt someone take my right hand while a voice begged, "Please."

It was Claudia. I let her pull my arm out and bent up my fingers. Next, I felt my fingers entering the warm wetness of Claudia's pussy, hearing her soft moans as she fucked herself on my hand. And then it was Bobbi on my other side, pulling my left hand to her, then shoving the fingers into her swollen vagina.

And that's how I fucked four women at once. I made sure everyone enjoyed themselves, using my power to make everyone come simultaneously as I ejaculated again and again inside Kristen's convulsing vagina. Later, as we all drifted off to sleep, I thought that I could possibly do another girl on each of my feet and fuck six that way, but decided that might be a little too much, even for me.

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2016-12-21 08:50:36
Finish the story.
I was hoping to find out whonkilled his dad and what happens with his fathers girls.

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2016-07-20 20:35:03

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2016-06-05 01:50:01
where's the rest of the story ?


2016-01-09 00:34:12
This sux. . . I don't give a shit about the repetitive sex, I just wanted to know who killed the old man?????????????????????????????????????????????????

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2016-01-01 17:37:40
Story is incomplete on the other site as well and has the same 14 chapters.

From the other site-
Posted: ‎21‎/‎03‎/‎2002‎ ‎01‎:‎38‎:‎46 Incomplete and Inactive (Last Activity: ‎28‎/‎08‎/‎2008‎ ‎13‎:‎05‎:‎19 )

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