A jerk doctor learns his lesson after cheating on his girlfriend
For so long, Jared had calculated his self worth in all the wrong ways. He went to medical school and became a doctor, not because he wanted to help heal people, but because he wanted the money. He needed the money so he could buy the loft apartment in his city's premier apartment building. The money had to be there so he could buy his Cadillac, stock his apartment with the finest spirits, wear the best suits, and hit on the hottest women. He did it all with the vague notion that he wanted to "win" his high school reunion. 

In high school, Jared wasn't unpopular, but he wasn't one of the cool kids either. He was intelligent, but he was never going to be the valedictorian. In his teens,  Jared wanted to be one of the best, but really was just part of the herd. After graduation, every single one of his thoughts was bent on being the most successful member of his class at the ten year reunion. 

He was certain that he had succeeded. He had a high paying job, a great home, fancy car, and a trophy girlfriend. He had met Tiffany at a bar across the street from the hospital one night after his shift in the ER. Her father had been in the hospital with heart problems, and she was drinking away some of the stress, and looking for a little company. Jared saw how attractive she was. 5-10'' with long blonde hair and blue eyes, she was skinny and had the kind of curves that scream "super model" to any passing man. Her attractiveness made up for her  lack of other interesting qualities. She was a receptionist at a local law firm. She lived in a two bedroom apartment in a more run down part of town with her room mate, an old college friend named Mandi. She drove a Camry, listened to country music, rarely drank, and never did drugs. 

In short, Jared had everything he needed to win his high school reunion. But he wasn't satisfied. There was still something missing, some important piece of the puzzle that Jared had failed to identify. 

Jared thought that it must be confidence. He had everything he needed but the confidence to walk into a room and simply own it. For a long while, Jared pondered how a man like himself, a man who had everything, could find that missing confidence. He didn't figure out the answer to the question until he reduced the problem to its most basic denominator. How does a man get confidence in himself. The answer was simple. Sex. Lots of it.

Jared knew from medical school that sex is a kind of drug. The release of chemicals in the brain during an orgasm were meant to encourage people to have sex more, and it had the same effect that some drugs have. The immediate high is one thing, but Jared wanted the confidence that comes from getting laid. 

Jared already got plenty from Tiffany, who was so happy to be dating a rich doctor that she put out, seemingly whenever Jared wanted. If Jared was going to get the confidence he needed, he was going to need more sex than she could give. He also knew that the high he could get from the sex he was looking for would only last a short while. So he planned for weeks until the day before his high school reunion, his target date. 
It was a friday. His plan had actually begun the night before when he invited Tiffany over for dinner. He made pasta, just the way she liked it, with red wine and dark chocolate for desert. After dinner, they had a few more drinks on the balcony overlooking the downtown skyline, and then one last drink inside. By the time the bottle was gone, so was Tiffany, who was too drunk to drive home. Jared gave her some of his clothes to wear to bed, and she slept it off. On friday morning, she woke up at seven with Jared, only to find him not wearing any clothes underneath the blankets. "You like the idea of a fun start to your friday?" he whispered to her.

She smiled and pulled the covers up to her neck.the next thing Jared saw was Tiffany's shirt and shorts being thrown out of the bed. She reached down with one hand to his already stiffening dick. She gave him a squeeze as she continued to wake up, tugging him into full erectness. Once he was hard, she swung herself up so that she was on top of him. Jared licked his lips as he stared over her body. She had c-cup breasts, with small nipples about the size of quarters. She never shaved her pussy completely clean, instead opting for  a small patch of short blonde hair right above her clit. Jared ran his hands over her body as she rubbed his dick against her pussy. Tiffany knew that Jared hated that, it drove him nuts. She leaned in to kiss him, but he pulled away, frustrated that he wasn't already inside her.

She smirked at his frustration, and then guided his cock into her. Jared's dick was about 8 inches long and 6 inches around. It was impressive to most girls, big enough to satisfy, but not so big as to hurt. It took Tiffany some time to get used to his girth, but after a couple of months, she was able to ride him the way he deserved. She would grind her hips against his, pumping harder and harder, urging him to cum. 

Tiffany had used to make him use condoms, but he hated using rubbers. After a couple of months, he successfully persuaded her into taking the pill, a prescription that he himself was more than happy to write out. As Tiffany fucked him, Jared could feel himself coming close to climax. He said to her "I'm gonna cum...I'm gonna cum now..." 

She leaned forward, still pushing her hips into his, and wrapped her arms around his. "Do it." she whispered. "Fuck me and fill me up." Talking dirty was another thing he persuaded her to do more often. She usually refrained until he was already about to cum, egging him on, urging him to cum more. Hearing her talk so dirty pushed him over the edge. Jared pulled his dick out of her so that only his head was still inside. Then he released inside her pussy, shooting his jizz into her.

 He closed his eyes and when he opened them, Tiffany was staring back at him. He knew what she wanted him to say. She wanted to hear him say that he loved her. But he didn't. Tiffany was beautiful, and having her on his arm would shame his old friends and their much uglier wives. But he didn't have much feeling for her beyond that. But she was expecting him to say something, so he came up with something complimentary at least. "That was amazing," he said. "Morning sex is fun." 

Tiffany was clearly disappointed, but didn't let it show for long. "Yeah," she agreed. "It is. I need to take a shower, is it ok if I go first?" 

As Tiffany stood up, Jared saw his jizz dripping from her pussy, she noticed too, and realized for the first time why he had pulled so far out of her just before cumming. She covered her pussy with her hand, trying to hold it in, but as she walked to the bathroom, more and more cum dripped out of her. When the bathroom door closed, Jared gave a short "Ha" of laughter and rolled out of bed. Usually, Jared wasn't the kind of person to walk around his apartment naked, especially since one whole side of the apartment was basically a window, but today he didn't care. Today was about being a man, and saying "fuck everything else." 

So he walked out of the bedroom and down the spiral staircase from the loft and into the kitchen, which was directly below the bedroom. The bedroom itself overlooked the living area, and beyond that to the balcony. As Jared went down the stairs, his cock dangled between his legs, and some of Tiffany's pussy juice dripped down onto the wood floor. Jared didn't care to clean it up, at least not today. 

He made a hot pot of coffee and took his cup out onto the balcony. The day had started off warm enough that he didnt mind being outside and naked. His balcony was separated from the balconies of neighboring apartments by walls, so his neighbors could not see him. A glass railing was all that separated him from the twenty five story plunge in front of him. Any person walking on the street below who looked up would see his dick twisting in the wind, but even if they did, Jared knew nothing would come of it. It was kind of liberating. 

Tiffany came back downstairs in the same clothes she had worn the night before, and was surprised to find Jared still walking around naked. She was not impressed. "Put some clothes on, jeez" she said, taking a mug of coffee for herself for the road. Jared ignored her. He had much more planned today.
Jared showered, dressed, and left for work. The hospital was only about a ten minute drive from his apartment, and so his work day began without much delay. In the morning he had two surgeries, including one on a hot brunette that he thought of trying to take pictures of while she was naked and under anesthetic, but never got the opportunity. He was sure to schedule a long lunch for today so that he could execute the second part of his plan.

Rachel was one of the nurses at the hospital. Fresh out of school herself, she was trying to get in with all the doctors so that that they would keep her on past her introductory period. The market for nurses was highly competitive in the city, so getting a job at a hospital was tough, and keeping it after the 180 day review was even tougher. But Jared was one of the doctors assigned to review her performance, and Jared had begun dropping hints weeks ago that his appraisal could be bought.

At first, it was just flirting, but as Rachel got more and more desperate to keep her job, she became more and more attracted to Jared. He wondered sometimes if she even realized that he was manipulating her. On thursday, just before he left at the end of his shift, he asked if she would like to get lunch the next day. Rachel eagerly accepted. Jared knew the signals he was sending her. Asking someone to lunch on the same day was casual. making plans for it ahead of time was something more. 

In the morning, Jared came up with an idea for a restaurant. He pitched it to her and she liked it. He took an order for her so they could pick it up instead of waiting to be served. Of course, Jared picked a busy cafe to pick up food from, so eating there was not an option on a busy lunch hour on a friday. So Jared offered an alternative to the cafeteria at the hospital. "My apartment is just around the corner. We could eat there if thats ok?"

On the elevator ride up to the apartment, Jared took a closer look at the nurse. She was shorter than Tiffany, only 5-6" or so, with long, wavy brunnette hair. She had big brown eyes and wore glasses. She also  had large breasts for her frame, and a perky ass that all of the male doctors and nurses couldn't help but stare at as she walked away. She had changed back into her regular clothes before leaving the hospital, so her jeans hugged her ass in the most flattering way. 

As they approached his apartment, she asked him about Tiffany. He told her that they were going to break up because he had caught her cheating on him. Rachel gasped at that. "You poor man! You deserve so much better than that." 

"I know," he replied. "I think I do too. But it just feels so crappy sometimes, you know." 

The breakup story played perfectly. After they ate, Jared complained about a pain in his neck, and Rachel, ever the aspiring nurse, offered to give him a neck rub. He accepted, and as she rubbed his neck, he complained of further pains in his back. She tried to massage his back, but Jared told her he couldnt feel her hands so well through his shirt, so he removed it.  After a few minutes, he told her that the massage had worked wonders for him. He stood up, but didnt immediately put his shirt back on.

Rachel was able to avoid looking at Jared's chest for a breif moment, but as soon as she glanced down, he knew that he had her. She stepped forward, and ran her hand over his chest. He leaned in and passionately kissed her. Slowly at first, then more aggressively. The two moved towards his couch, removing each other's clothes as they went. By the time he was sitting down on his couch, he was down to his boxers. 

Rachel stood in front of him, wearing a seethrough black bra and matching thong. Jared smirked. She wore her sexy lingere to work today on the off chance that she might get to sleep with Dr. Jared. Now she had her chance. Rachel stradled him, and kissed him. He began kissing her neck and then kissing down her chest to her breasts. He didnt even need to remove her bra, she did it for him so he could suck on her puffy nipples. Soon, his cock was point out the front of his boxers. She slid down him so that she was on her knees infront of the couch. She pulled his boxers off him, and his cock sprang up, nearly hitting her in the face.

"Wow," she said, staring at it. "It's so big. I wanna suck it." 

"Do it baby," he urged. "Suck my cock."

She wrapped one hand around the base of his dick, and the other gently tugged at his balls. Her mouth envoloped the head of his cock, her tongue washing around it. She pushed her head down on his shaft, and began bobbing up and down. It was exhilerating. Here he was, in his own apartment where he had just had sex with his girlfriend five hours ago, fucking another woman. Just as he completed the thought, he began to feel himself climaxing. 

He looked down at her and whispered, "I'm gonna cum now. Are you gonna swallow me like a good nurse?" Jared had expected a quick yes, but she actually shook her head no. It was too late for Jared to stop at any rate. Just as the first throbbing of his dick indicated the approaching cum, Rachel pulled his dick out of her mouth and began jerking him off roughly. His first rope of cum went accross her forehead. The second found its way to the right lens of her glasses. The third plasterd her mouth, and the rest of his cum landed on her tits. She looked up at him, her face a cum covered smile. 

Jared took in the sight of her. He had never given a girl a facial before, and her smiling face thrilled him. It felt like power, like he had some kind of power over her. She wasn't done yet. She reached into his jeans pocket and found his phone. She handed it to him, and said, "Take a picture. Send it to your cheating bitch of a girlfriend. Let her know you're rebounding just fine."

Jared's eyes nearly rolled into the back of his head. He took the picture, timing it just right so that the cum on her glasses was just beginning to drip off her face. He didn't text the picture to Tiffany, instead he saved it to his picture folder on his phone, no reason for Tiffany to see the picture at all. 

After the picture was taken, Rachel stood up and pulled her thong off, revealing her shaved pussy and perfect camel toe. Jared's cock began to harden again as he saw her glistening cunt. But before he could grab her to fuck her brains out, she asked him to get a towel for her face. Jared ran into the kitchen and found one of Tiffany's handkerchiefs that  she would wear to work in her pocket. As Rachel cleaned Jared's cum off her face and glasses, she told him "the only way you are getting that monster cock in my pussy is with a condom. I'm not on the pill."

Jared still didn't want to wear a condom, but he was willing to compromise with his dick as hard as it was. when he returned from his bedroom, he had already rolled the rubber onto his dick. She took one look at it and was satisfied. Jared led her over to the couch, and had an idea. He put her on the couch so that her ass was facing his dick. As she bent over the back of the couch, sticking her ass up in the air for him, he silently pulled the rubber off his cock. He rubbed the head of his dick against her pussy carefully, seeing if she would notice. She did not, and she didn't look back at him either. Instead she simply said, "come on and fuck me already."

Jared shoved his cock deep into her pussy. He wrapped her hands around her hips and forced himself into her. He could tell that she was exaggerating earlier when she spoke about how big his cock was. She wasn't the tightest cunt he had fucked, and she clearly had some big dick before, maybe even recently. It didn't bother him though, he placed the rubber on his shoulder so that he could grab it after he came. 

Even if his wasn't the first big dick she had ever fucked, it certainly was driving her up the wall.  "OhmygawdOhmygawd" she repeated over and over. Finally she said the thing that was sure to send him over the edge. "Oh Doctor...You fucking stud... My gawd... its like getting fucked by a horse."

Jared came inside her without warning. She didn't object, clearly because she thought he was still wearing a rubber. He pushed his dick deep inside her so that she wouldn't have the same problem that Tiffany had in the morning where his cum would drip down her leg. A moment later, he pulled out of her, not caring if she was satisfied or not. He quickly picked the condom off his shoulder and put it in his hand. As Rachel gingerly turned around to sit on his couch, he made it look like he was pulling it off. She bought it, and watched him walk naked across the room to the kitchen to trash it. When he came back to put his clothes on, he found her fingering herself, as she watched his dick swing between his legs. Jared didn't want her to accidentally finger herself into realizing that he had cum inside her, so he quickly urged her to put her clothes back on so they could get back to work.  She obeyed, albeit reluctantly, to dress without taking a shower first. 

The elevator ride back downstairs was silent. As they got in his car, he assured her that she had his endorsement for a permanent nursing position. "Good." she said simply.
The rest of the day moved along fairly quickly. In fact, Jared had nothing to do after three o'clock, so he left the hospital early. Thats when phase three of his plan kicked into gear. Tiffany's room mate, Mandi, gave him a phone call.

Mandi and Tiffany got along, but they were completely different with their attitudes towards relationships. Where Tiffany would want to be exclusive with a guy, Mandi was all about open relationships. Tiffany was fairly conservative in bed, where Mandi was much more open about exploring her sexuality. Jared discovered this when, a few months earlier, he had dropped by Tiffany and Mandi's place to feed their cat while they were both out of town. He couldn't resist the urge to search the place. Tiffany's room was fairly boring, but Mandi's room had all kinds of hidden treasures.

There were fuzzy handcuffs in the nightstand, along with a purple dildo. In the closet were many kinds of skimpy lingerie, and even something which looked curiously like a dominatrix suit. Jared's dick was rock hard by the time he searched her underwear drawer, only to find that there was no underwear in it.   There were a few pairs of granny panties, probably for whenever she had a period, Jared figured. But the rest of the time, Mandi wore no underwear at all.

Jared thought of all the times he had seen Mandi wearing a skirt or dress in front of him. He wondered then if she were egging him on, encouraging him to cheat on Tiffany with her. But Jared got different signals from her when he started laying the groundwork for this afternoon. Sometimes she would be flirty with him, other times she would flat out ask about Tiffany. Finally, yesterday when Jared picked Tiffany up from her apartment, he got Mandi alone and asked her point blank. "Do you want to fuck sometime?"

Jared knew it was risky. If she said no, then told Tiffany, then Jared would lose his trophy girlfriend for the reunion. He decided to risk it anyway, trusting Mandi's nature, and she didn't disappoint. "Fuck yeah, I've heard all about your cock from Tiff. Be here tomorrow by  four."

Now Jered was standing in front of Tiffany and Mandi's door. He knocked twice, and Mandi opened the door. Mandi was about the same height as Rachel, but with short red hair and freckles which fooled every guy she went with that she was a girl next door. Her slender body gave way to two medium sized breasts and a perky ass. She had long legs for someone so short, Jared thought that it must have something to do with her always wearing heels. Today was no different. She was wearing tall heels, and some of the sexy lingerie that Jared had tested a few months earlier. It was all red, like her hair, and kept her covered in all of the important places, but still managed to leave little to the imagination. 

Jared didn't even have the chance to say hello before Mandi reached out and grabbed him by the bulge in his pants to pull him inside. Before he could even realize it, they were in Mandi's room and his clothes were off. Jared had fantasized about fucking Mandi on Tiffany's bed, but he couldn't suggest the idea to Mandi, who was far too focused on her work. With surprising force, she threw him onto her bed, and handcuffed him to the bed frame so that he could not release himself. 

Finally she spoke. "I didn't think you would ever have the balls to try this," she said, attempting to conceal a smile at the corners of her mouth. "Your dick doesn't look like its going to disappoint." 

It was true, Jared's cock was standing at full attention, just as stiff as it was earlier when he fucked Rachel. He had been concerned about his stamina, but apparently the idea of fucking two different women on the same day as his girlfriend was inflating his cock.

Mandi reached across the bed and grabbed his cock, giving it a tight squeeze. "ooo, this is gonna be fun. You might impale me with this fucking cock." Jared wasn't used to hearing girls talk so dirty during foreplay. His dick began to twitch eagerly in her hand. 

"Suck my cock," Jared urged her. "I want to feel your tongue on my dick."

But Jared wasn't in charge here. "I don't think so," Mandi said, just barely whispering. "I want to feel your tongue first." Mandi stripped from her lingerie, and completely exposed herself. Her nipples were large for her breasts, but were skin colored so as to appear almost as if they weren't there at all. Her pussy was shaved except for a thin landing strip above her clit. She climbed up on Jared's chest and then straddled his face so that her pussy was rubbing up against his mouth. Eating women out wasn't Jared's favorite thing in the world to do in bed, but for Mandi, he decided he could be a little different.

He stuck his tongue out into her pussy, running it up and down the length of her pussy lips before settling on her clit. He ran his tongue around her button, and she began to shake with pleasure. She grabbed the hair on his head with both hands, squeezing as she received wave upon wave of pleasure. After the first time she came, she stayed on his face, but reached back with one hand to his cock to give it a few strokes. Jared was thankful for the attention.

Finally, after what seemed like hours, she climbed off his head, and gave him a long kiss on his mouth. "Oh, my pussy tastes good on your lips, doesn't it?" Jared offered no reply.

She began kissing down his neck, then his chest, to his stomach, and soon was face to face with his cock. Mandi gave it several long licks, up and down the shaft, almost as if it were an icy pop. But she had no intention of giving him real head. Instead, she stood up on the bed so that she was directly above his cock, and then settled down on top of him so that she was facing him while she rode him.

She wasn't content to just grind against him. Mandi bounced up and down on his cock like it was a pogo stick. Her pussy wasn't nearly as tight as Tiffany's has been when they first fucked. It wasn't even as tight as Rachel's cunt. Mandi had certainly been around. But Jared enjoyed her pussy all the same as she fucked him like a pornstar. 

This went on for a time before there was a sound of movement out in the apartment. Mandi stopped moving quite suddenly. Just in time to hear a set of keys hit the counter in the kitchen, and to hear Tiffany call out, "Mandi, are you home?"

Jared began to panic. "Uncuff me! now!" he whispered hurriedly. But Mandi was on top of it. She moved to the door and locked it, and quickly accounted for his clothes to make sure nothing had been left out in the rest of the apartment.  Then she calmly climbed back onto his dick, this time reverse cowboy style so that she was facing the door. "Yeah," Mandi answered, "I'm in my room."

Tiffany came to the door, knocked, and tried to open it. When the door didn't open, she asked through the door, "What are you doing in there?"

Mandi was as candid as the situation allowed. "A guy," she answered simply.

Tiffany scoffed. "If Todd is in there, you can just say 'my boyfriend and I want some privacy' and that would be sufficient." 

Jared didn't know that Mandi had a boyfriend. But Mandi played it cool, and replied, "I'd let him say hello, but I have him gagged right now."

"TMI, Mandi," Tiffany said, her voice fading as she retreated from the door, "Too much information."

Jared was about ready to pop, and so he let her know it by whispering, "I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum soon."

Mandi nodded, and replied, "Its my safe week, so go ahead and fill me up. Spray your seed all over the inside of my pussy."

Jared's cock began to throb as it released his jizz into Mandi's cunt. He could tell that he was cumming more than he had earlier with either Tiffany or Rachel.  After he was finished, she climbed off of him to lay down, resting her head on his restrained arm. "You fucked Tiffany this morning didn't you?"

Jared was emboldened enough to tell the truth. "Yes. Also, a girl from the hospital."

Mandi looked at him, incredulousness filling her eyes. "You mean, I'm not even the first girl you cheated on Tiffany with today?" Jared shook his head no. Mandi whispered "I have half a mind to tell Tiffany, you know. She deserves better than you."

Something about what Mandi said there took the wind out of his sails a little. Earlier, he had told Rachel that he had been cheating on, and deserved better. That was pretend, but now it was actually true of Tiffany. His thought process came to a halt when he heard Tiffany's voice outside the door again.

"I'm going down to the gym," she said. "Try to be out of the shower before I get back, I have to meet Jared at his place tonight."

"Sure thing," Mandi replied without taking her eyes off Jared. "By the way, did Jared give you the big three words today?"

There was a pause at the door, and then Tiffany lied. "Yeah, he did. It was so romantic last night, and then this morning, it was the first thing he said. He still doesn't want to say it in front of everyone though, so you know..." Tiffany's voice trailed off as the lie finished.

Mandi's head tilted slightly to the side, as if to say "Really?" Jared shook his head, telling her that he had never said "I love you," to Tiffany. Mandi's lips pursed in disapproval, then called out to Tiffany, "Well thats great hon. Go do your workout, Todd will be gone by the time you get back. 

After they both heard Tiffany leave the apartment, Mandi uncuffed Jared and said, "You two obviously aren't going anywhere. You should break up with her and just be done with it."

Jared was putting his clothes back on defensively. "What about you? You were just cheating on Todd, weren't you?"

"Oh baby," Mandi said. "There is no Todd. Any guy that I bring in here to screw, I call Todd so that Tiff won't think I'm a total slut. She has never actually met any of my 'boyfriends' named Todd. She's quite the girl to live up to, you know."

Jared left the apartment, careful to avoid the lower level where the gym was. For some reason, he wasn't feeling as good about himself as he was earlier.
Jared got home and took a long hot shower to get the smell of sex off him. When he got out of the shower, he again didn't dress right away. He walked down to his kitchen and poured himself a neat whiskey for sipping on. Jared sat in the tall leather chair by his balcony and waited for Tiffany to arrive. He still couldn't shake the feeling. It didn't feel like he had done anything wrong. No, it felt more like an emptyness. 

Jared played through his mind what had preceded throughout the day. He thought of being tied up with Mandi, of fucking Rachel right here in his own apartment, and of Tiffany. The more he thought of it, the more convinced that Tiffany was the best of them all. Even though Rachel and Mandi were definitely the kinkier fucks, Tiffany was the best.

When Jared looked down, he saw that his cock was hard again. He grabbed it gingerly with one hand. After the workout he had today, his dick was a little tender. He jerked it, carefully at first, and then harder.

When Tiffany entered the apartment, he didn't hear her. Jared didn't hear her gasp of surprise. He didn't see her strip herself down. He didn't know she was there at all until she leaned over him from behind, one breast pressing into the back of his head. 

She leapt onto him, and seemed not herself. She slid his cock into her pussy, and moaned loudly as her hips pushed into him. Then she grabbed him by his shoulders and pulled him out of the chair. They both fell to the ground. Tiffany got on all fours, and pressed her ass up against him, urging him to fuck her doggystyle.

After a few minutes, she again stopped him. This time she abruptly stood up and walked out onto the balcony. He followed her, and found her leaning over the railing, her ass again sticking out. "This time," she said, "I want it in my ass." 

Jared spit on his cock to lather it up, and then slid it slowly up her anus. First she gasped, then she moaned, and then she started half screaming in ecstasy. Jared couldn't help himself any more, he had to know. "Whats gotten into you?" he asked.

"You," she said at first, simply. Then she continued, "You've been naughty, haven't you?"

Jared figured she was just starting to talk dirty, trying to finish him off, but then she elaborated. "You fucked Mandi today, didn't you?"

Jared's hips stopped moving quite suddenly. He knew he was caught. But then she whispered, over the sound of the city  night life below them, "don't stop. I'm not mad." 

Jared started thrusting his cock into her ass again, a little more emboldened than before. Tiffany moaned out how she knew. "I saw your my parking lot when...when I got home," she stammered. "I thought that...that maybe you were just...waiting for me in my room...But I heard you and Mandi...I thought I might have ....might have been wrong about your car...but when I went back downstairs to the gym...I made sure it was yours....When I got were gone...I made Mandi tell me everything...She didn't want too...But I already knew...about the other guys...she isn't as clever as she thinks....oh god...please cum up my ass..."

Jared heard her full explanation, and then shot his load deep in her ass. For a break, the two sat in the patio furniture on his balcony. Tiffany gave the rest of her explanation. When she gasped upon entering the apartment, it wasn't because she saw Jared masterbating, it was because she picked up his phone, and found the picture of Rachel's cum covered face. She was hoping to find evidence of his fling with Mandi, but when she saw the picture of Rachel, she knew that he was really the one.

Jared was confused, so she explained. "I love it. When I'm in charge. I liked being with you because you liked being the alpha male in the room. With every guy I've ever fucked, they just let me run all over them. But not you. I liked submitting to you because it was different. It was a nice diversion, but when I heard you fucked other girls, thats when I knew that I was going to need to take a stiffer hand with you." 

"What do you mean?" Jared asked. Tiffany stood up, and then spread her legs wide. His cum was starting to drip out of her ass. 

"I want you to eat out my ass. Clean me with your tongue. Don't worry, the only thing you're gonna taste is your own cum."

Jared sat silently for a moment, one eyebrow raised. This was an interesting development, but he still knew that he was in charge. "No."

Then she hit him. Hard, right across the face. When he looked back at her, he was furious. But the look on her face was even more fierce. "Eat your cum out of my ass, or I'll smash your balls with my feet."

She hit him twice more before he was on his knees eating her ass out. After she was satisfied that her asshole was clean, she grabbed him by his hair and pulled him back into the apartment. She gave him several hard and fast rules. Never cheat again, without her permission. Never masterbate unless directed to. He could not cum without her permission when they were fucking, and if he ever pulled out of her cunt before she came, she would hit him across the face until he got her off. Her pleasure was now paramount. 

"You think you can treat every woman you fuck like they're complete shit," Tiffany told him as she made him cook her dinner, naked. "You have no idea how awful really feels."
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