Sorry It tooks so long, family problems. Would you guys rather read it in the Boys perspective or in third person? Comment please!
Mamono - Chap. 1 Monsters, Harems and Gods?! Pt. 2 I can literally see the demonic energy and lust ooze out of her like a soft jelly, but it floated a bit. It was enticing watching the power flow and dance around my beautiful mother. The ooze like substance started flowing and forming into a solid body above her. A beautiful, young figure descended the floor from the demonic energy. It happened so suddenly, the beauty made from the demonic energy was almost bodiless but it pounced on me nonetheless for even if bodiless it's pussy was still present and useable. I couldn't remember anything after. (Ha ha. No sex just yet )
I woke up to the voices of my parents speaking, "What was that..?!" My mother asked, her voice high and a bit mad. "That is his ability dear, he has the ability to overpower mamono, maybe even God. Tis is why he was chosen my love." She listened, stunned a bit and what I could do, but what could I do? I had finally gotten up, my naked body was sore and my cock felt like it just ran a marathon that went back and forth. I surveyed the area and found that there was another body on the bed with me, a woman. She had a chest just as big as my mom, big enough to put my dick in between...I tried to concentrate my blurry eyes. She had blonde hair and a pair of ears of same color as her hair or some reason I could sense the demonic energy in her, it was so much it made my body tremble. If I remember correctly they feed off of semen...or as they call it spirit energy. If she has that much in her... "Did I give her all of that?!" I accidentally blurted out, alerting my parents that I was awake now which gave them reason to walk in on me naked. "Yes you did give her all that spirit energy. You were the dominant one during" Mom giggled. "Due the high amounts of aphrodisiac she was pushing into your body your rampant powers get loose and you ravaged her until she finally fainted from the high amounts of spirit energy, this has never happened before, they always take charge. This is your ability." I just listened, my face red with embarrassment. "Aww~ My son is so cute~" Even my mom? So many people call me cute for some reason. Dad smiled and walked up to me, handing me a box. "Open it once you've found more partners." Was his only comment. On the box "Hope" Was carved into the top. The O in hope had been not been inverted carved like the rest of the word, it looked like a button instead. "Press that to go to your home dimension but you won't be going until the end of those month. It's the second of July." Dad spoke and I nodded when he finished and it was at this time that the beautiful figure woke up and looked up, rubbing her eyes. She looked up at my parents then at my face, her eyes averted and looked down at my cock and her whole body shivered. She licked her lips and smiled up at me, still sitting on he knees next to me on the bed. "Morning..." He said softly. She smiled and hugged onto me, kissing my cheek. "Morning honey~" I blushed and smiled down at her, feeling the spirit energy connection between us. "We should go now. we have other business to take care of, she will train you without us having to do anything. Just make sure to read the book! Remember every page every word every picture!" Dad stated and I just nodded and smiled at mom. "On the 31st of July, press the button on that box." "Alright." I replied and they left seemingly in a hurry but I didn't let it bother me. My new life was incoming. I slipped away from my female friend and opened my large closet, looking for something home suitable. "You don't need to wear clothes ya know~" She used the tip of her tongue to lick straight up my back and neck, nibbling on my neck as her hands slid around my back and sides to hug my chest her own chest rubbing on my back. I shivered and groaned a low groan, turning my head to talk but her lips blocked me off, smooching her tongue into my mouth, twirling and dancing with my own. I was in a daze at this point as the kiss was amazing and the feel of another roaming in my mouth was driving my mind crazy, it was like pleasure was bouncing around my head. She finally let go of my mouth, I just watched her as drool fell from my mouth and my man hood was fully erect and my blank mind was on a low drive for all the blood had flowed down to my nether regions. Her look was one of satisfaction for she had just made me, the one who had ravaged her 2 nights ago, drool and look like a cute little puppy that was begging for pleasure. I was given enough time to regain my consciousness and I didn't enjoy losing that feeling of pleasure but I ignored it for the moment. "What...the fuck...was all that..." I asked her, she just smiled and licked her lips. "N-now wait here...Calm yourself..." She nodded and sat back, giving me breathing space, enough, to go into the kitchen and make something to eat, sandwich perhaps. I chose to make a cheese sandwich and put it in the toaster oven to toast then I remembered, and made another to put in there for my guest. "Who was that person...." I thought. It was two weeks before Mom and dad had come, I was confronted by a hooded figure that informed me of there arrival, it was bizarre and took her a while to convince me but I decided to just agree with it for now for I was sure I'd meet them again besides, where's the harm in having a harem? My friendly lover walked in at this time and took out her grill cheese from the toaster and sat down to eat and it was then she began to speak. "Where gonna start training today so be prepared, basic swordplay is a good place to start off, where we are going there are no guns, no cars, no technology so you must learn other ways to defend yourself." I nodded and leaned on the kitchen countertop, taking a bite out of my own grill cheese. "One hundred laps." She said in between bites making me almost cough up my food. "Ugh...." Is all. I know I'm not a nerd or anything but I damn sure was no athlete. I did play my sports at times though. "I also went through your computer. No Porn? or Every time you think about it you say "One More Night without it...." She started laughing at my face, already knowing she went through my itunes. "Anyway training starts now and your reward, is me." She smiled at him warmly but with a ferocious fury that told me if I didn't finish this soon I was gonna get hell. The weeks felt long and hard, we practiced Alchemy, Scroll spells, Sword play, Archery, Enchanting and many other aspects for fighting and daily life there.. I even took classes learning about many cultures and language. Due to my powers and parents history It didn't take me long to learn languages. I wasn't perfect but I would do just fine. It was the day before we departed and I was packing a backpack with essentials alone when I noticed I haven't properly named her yet so I called her in. "Your name will be Zoe." She watched me and blinked for a second, confused, before smiling widely and hugging me. "I thought you forgot..." She whispered into my chest. A sad side to her...something she'll almost never show. She finally let go after awhile and helped me pack. We were finally finished after a while giving well, her breathing space. She immediately slid on my lap and kissed me deeply just as before, making my mind go haywire kept it up for awhile, slipping her hand into my pants and stroking my already hard cock as she swirled her tongue around mine. My mind was blank and filled with only one thought. Pleasure. She got on her knees and took out my cock, sucking on it roughly causing me to arc my head back and moan loudly into the empty air, her tongue swirling around my cock her big eyes looking up at me. I averted my own eyes, at the corner of my eyes I saw her giggling at me. She seemingly enjoyed me being embarrassed. I glanced at the clock, lip bit down on and my mind racing and trying to stay intact, this skill was insane. It's around 5 o'clock. "Gah.... I'm not gonna cum with that amateur technique." I regretted every single word, she same to take quite an offence to this and pushed me onto the bed, pressing her thumb against the tip of my leaking cock. "What was that my virgin lover~?" Her eyes seemed to glow purple a purple that seamed to bore into my soul for I was shivering intensely. She took off her pants and swung her legs over and into my face. "Lick me." She ordered. I hesitated for a second before complying and lapping at her pussy, spreading it with my tongue getting a good look inside as she moaned on top of me and pushed her ass down causing my tongue to penetrate her mound. She moaned and rubbed my head like I was her pet dog and she was using me for relief. "Good boy...." She purred. I twitched and pushed her off of me and to the side jumping on top of her and fingering her cunt until it was wet and pulsing. "Ah~ Moooreee~" I walked away and causing her to pout but came back in with a small stool. I sat down and stretched my legs, putting the stool right on top of my legs and placed her on the stool. "What did you call me dear?" I said in a tone that exerted my power and slapped her ass. "Eep!" She squealed and looked back at me. "V-VIRGIN~!" I narrowed my eyes and spanked both her eyes three more times but then an Idea came to me as she was crying out. I started rubbing her perky ass hole and this is when things changed. She looked back at me her eyes widened begging, "Oh Please no!" I grinned and rubbed it faster this time and at this point she was gonna break. "Master please~!" I shivered and watched her. "Mhmmm....What was that?" With a wide grin on my face and pushed the tip of my finger in causing her to arc her head and moan into the empty air. "Please Master! if your gonna put something in put in your cock please master!" Smiles were on my face now but I Shook my head. "Hold it." I carefully picked her up and put her on the bed, heading for a bath before putting back on my clothes. She didn't like that. not at all.
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