It was a sparklingly chilly morning one of those days when frost has painted lacy fronds against the window pane. The sun had barely risen to chase away the ice when daddy threw back the bed clothes. His icy blue eyes perusing her half naked body as he dragged the warmth from her. Her dreams had moistened her little pouting cunt and her fingers were still wrapped in the soft damp lips. Sleepily she stirred and winced at the cold.

One thing Charlie was dreadful at doing was getting up out of the snug safety of her little bed. her bed was just too warm and comfortable on such mornings to want to leave it. It was there that her dreams of daddy most often stirred her to a whimpering orgasm. But this morning the day was beginning painfully early. Charlie groaned and tried sleepily to snuggle deeper into bed. Only to feel daddy’s large hands yank out of bed. His fingers capturing the mused strands of her hair and lifting her up at arms length to stand wobbly with sleep before him.

Her little baby doll night gown, a thin cotton protection from the chill was quickly falling to the floor as he pushed the straps off her tiny narrow shoulder. Teasingly running his finger tips across her small collar bones sending shivers of aching desire through her fragile little body. He looked so big to her so tall and dominating as he elicited a strangled moan and a spasm from her little cunt. Her eyes lifting to him full of pleading that her tender years barely understood yet. Childlike adoration and a burning belief that daddy was a god. He was her god and each moment near him caused the aching in her pussy that would just not go away.

He smirked down at her as her watched the turmoil in her growing. Part good little girl like any other kid you might see playing but part of her a hungry little slut for his pleasure. His little whore. He scratched at his beard. Studying her through narrowed eyes, knowing the less he spoke the more desperately uncomfortable she was.

Of all the things Charlie dreaded most it was daddy being cross. She had nightmares about him being disappointed in her. Strangely she was more afraid of him being disappointed than plain old cross. Often she was not quite sure what he was thinking and not knowing sent her into a fevered panic, she found she was even afraid to hold his gaze. So tiny did it make her feel so terribly lacking in anything he might want.

His large hand slapped at the white mounds of her buttocks. A sharp sting that came from nowhere and held in it no intention but to chivvy her from her frozen state of panic.

Her soft curls shook as she shivered in the cold early light the sudden slap on her ass not only nearly knocking her off her feet but waking her fully.

“ get dressed Charlie, daddy is taking you out”

“yes daddy” her eyes shot up to look at him excitedly.

her replies came so quick and obediently now. Her heart raced at every chance to obey him she was given.

Her tiny body raced to find clothes to put on ..a short skirt with a red tartan pattern pleated like a kilt that wrapped about her narrow waist fastened with two small pearl buttons. A little lace edged cotton vest and a pink blouse over soft cotton knickers.. quickly she pulled on a big warm fluffy jumper and her knee high white socks. Daddy sat calmly on the edge of the bed and watched her dress quietly, his eyes betraying nothing of his thoughts. As if he knew that the silence caused her a racing anxiety.

“Charlie’s ready daddy.”

“good, come little slut, shift your self. Time we were somewhere else. daddy has places to go”

Daddy took her by the hand and dragged her out of her room her feet scampering and skittering to keep up with his large purposeful stride. Charlie knew better than to ask where they were going and so followed behind him quietly both hands holding tight to his one large one. Her small fingers pressed as tightly as she dared to him. In the wide entry hall Daddy halted grabbing a warm coat for himself and picking up a bag before he dragged her out of the front door and into his waiting car.

Out side the world was icy and bitterly cold. The grass was white with frost as the car pulled into a parking lot on the edge of a park. Here and there were early morning joggers and people walking their dogs. Charlie’s breath misted the car window as she watched daddy drive .

“out little one we have arrived”

His voice was sharp and brisk.. and as always just being near daddy was sending a wild pulse through her pussy. Dampening her clean white cotton knickers. He reached across to her and fastened a band around one wrist. Attached a long chain to it from the pet shop and with a tug pulled her out of the car.

In no time at all they had walked through the more commonly used parts of the parkland and were in a small stand of trees. Her breath was a mist in the air as daddy stopped and turned to look at her. Anxiously Charlie watched him. Waiting for him to speak a small dribble of juices seeping from her pussy just because he was looking at her.

“Charlie take off your clothes.” She whimpered not just at the thought of the cold. But that here on the park anyone might see her.

Swallowing hard she did as she was told pulling off the jumper and blouse till they slid down the length of chain to daddy’s feet. She shivered desperately as off in the distance a dog barked and the sound of a male voice called to it. Somewhere she could hear the yells and cry’s of boys playing soccer, or chasing some poor animal.

Charlie pulled off her panties and looked at daddy ..did he really mean everything…the look in his eyes left no doubt as she whimpered and dropped her skirt kicking off her small red shoes and socks..

Shivering she tried to cover her body but a low growl from daddy soon had her hands back to her sides. Naked and in the open she felt ten times as helpless. Her eyes filling with tears as daddy walked round her slowly.

He stopped in front of her and ran a lone finger deep between the lips of her small cunt.

“you little slut... what’s this?” his finger pushed against her tiny nose and coated it with her own wet slick juices.

“sluts smell. They smell of sex Charlie. You smell of a cunt that wants the boys”

His eyes bore into her. Menacingly, her heart raced franticly as she tried to work out if he required an answer or not. She never quite knew.

“ little girls who are their daddy’s cunts had better not be trying to get the boys to smell them. Do you think the boys can smell you my little slut?”

Charlie whimpered. She didn’t know if they could she was afraid to even think of it.

“Daddy thinks it’s time we found out”

From the bag he drew out a dark length of cloth and fastened it round her eyes.. shutting out the daylight as he tied it snugly round her head. Then gripping the nape of her neck in one hand marched her stumbling and scared blinded , her hearing more acutely aware of the noise of distant voices. Her skin painfully cold as daddy marched her forward. She felt something rough and hard in front of her and the cold rough bark of a tree as daddy pushed her against it.. she felt the chain pull her wrist up and then a second band strap about her other wrist. Whimpering as the bark grazed her nipples she could only shake with fear. The worst thing was not seeing. Not knowing if the tree was deeper into the wood or if some passing stranger could see her tied to it.

“How many eyes are watching you now Charlie? How many boys are sniffing your cunt on the wind?”

His voice growled low against her ear.

“my little girl . my little whore.”

His fingers pressed with full force against the small of her back. Pushing her roughly against the tree as the chain tightened stretching her arms up and lifting her to her tip toes. His hands stroking her bottom slowly prying her ass cheeks apart. Something steely cold pressed against her wet cunt. Hard metal like ice invading her turning roughly against the wet lips.

“wet this my little slut. You will soon be glad you did”

whimpering she felt her bodies slick oils coat the alien metal. Its tapering shape unfamiliar and foreign.

He growled against her ear as the object slid past her cunt and back towards her bottom. Slowly driving in to the tight ring of muscle. Behind the blindfold Charlie wept, her scream muffled more by her fear at drawing strangers to the copse, attracting with her crys the very boys that daddy said could smell her sexuality. Were they watching her from the edge of the woods?

Carefully she listened as time seemed to stretch elastically out ahead of her. Was daddy even still there? She strained to hear his voice to hear his breathing bit nothing came back to her.

After an age she felt something kick her feet. Instantly she knew to part her legs. She felt them being spread wider and wider as the press of what she guessed was daddys boot pushed relentlessly demandingly further. Cold air teasing the wet folds of her cunt .biting and nipping at her naked flesh. She whimpered afraid her body might push the strange plug from it. Her senses were teetering on the precipice of humiliated fear and low feral longing.

“Charlie, Daddy is going for a walk. You stay just as you are little cunt or daddy will be very angry and not come back for you”

Then all was silent again. Her fear and humiliation growing as she pictured her small body pressed to the rough trunk of the tree.

She could move her feet they were not tethered but she dare not. Somewhere daddy could be watching and the fear of daddy not coming back was more than she could bare. Slowly she wept daddy was gone he’d left her he’d abandoned her because she was nothing. Her panic and fear grew and grew then something soft and furry brushed her skin. She gave a cry of terror as the animal.. she could only guess it was an animal sniffed at her. What if it was the dog that was lost? The one she’d heard the man shout? The animals wet nose pushed against her. She could hear it snuffling and sniffing the soft fur agonisingly kissing her calves and thighs.

Charlie had to keep still she had to keep quite. If she moved daddy would never come back if she screamed the stranger might find her and know what she was. Daddy’s little slut. whimpering the tears ran in rivers down her cheeks. The warm breath of what ever it was now and then caressing her skin.

“oh God where was daddy? When would he come back?” her cunt ached and the cold was stinging the wet skin of her inner thighs. Her ass throbbed as the object stretched it she was so so so sure it would soon be pushed out of her. The horror that daddy would think she had deliberately forced it out tung her with fresh tears.

She desperately longed to rub her thighs together to pinch her ass cheeks tighter together. Rub her cunt lips together to ease the ache in them. But daddy wouldn’t come back if she did. Anguish and turmoil pulled at her. Her breasts pressed mercilessly against the tree. Teasing and scratching them, sending shots of electric sensations down into her cunt.

Then suddenly her hair was pulled . forcing her head back. Was it daddy? Oh god let it be daddy ..she sobbed the blindfold soaked with her tears as something cold and hard pressed to her lips. whimpering she opened her mouth as she tried to detect the faintest trace of daddy’s cigar. Sucking what ever it was with ardent relief that it might be him. that it might be something he held. That the hand in her hair pulling her head back as daddy did might be him. Relief sent a spasm through her cunt and she suckled weepingly grateful that it might be her daddy come back for her.

“Daddy?” her voice was timid strained with fear that a strange voice might answer.. No answer came.

Steadily the new hard object pushed into her throat. Filling her eyes with tears Her mouth stretched round the hard length that fucked it.

A hand smacked against the plug that filled her ass. sending her up further onto her toes. Over and over it stung against the soft round plump cheeks . heating them viciously. Bright red prints glowing against the icy cold of her trembling body, now almost on the verge of collapse.

Whimpering she felt her body near orgasm and just as she reached the precipice the object was snatched from her lips. “oh daddy your fuck toy begs to cum ..ohh daddy daddy your little girl slut begs to cum , daddy Charlie loves you” each sobbing plea wrenched a new spasm from her but she dare not cum. There was no deep daddy’s voice giving permission. Whimpering she felt something wet and warm spray against her ass. It dribbled down over the soft round curves and ran down her legs. Then just as suddenly the plug was ripped from her small ass a cry wrenched from her lips. And the silence again surrounded her again. The hand that had wound it’s self in her hair left her and her skin was briefly brushed by the soft unrecognisable fur. She heard footsteps scuff at the leaf litter unable to tell where or how many feet made the rasping noise of stirring leaves.

It seemed like forever before she heard the familiar sound of daddy lighting a cigar the smell of them sending her into a flood of grateful spasms, the blindfold was taken from her eyes and he released her wrists.

“Charlie, I hope you stayed nice and still while daddy was gone?”

his eyes travelled her small body. The globules of cum dried now on her pale skin her eyes blinking in the sunlight as she tried to readjust.

Daddy handed her her clothes, only her white cotton panties had vanished she dressed silently afraid to even speak. He lifted her into his arms and tasted the saltiness of tear stained cheeks.

Daddy led her back to the car and settled her under a warm blanket before sitting back to study her face.

“Charlie, next time daddy will stay with you” and he smiled.

“ Daddy. Did you really go for a walk?” she held her breath afraid of the answer.

He turned to look out the window. Absently saying “ yes Charlie Daddy went for a walk just like that man over there with the dog” with that he lifted his hand to the man who was passing with his dog, the animal carrying something white in its jaws the stranger looked up and waved back.

“Home now Charlie”

“yes daddy”

she never questioned him again. Had it been him? Had it been the man with the dog? She didn’t even want to know. Daddy had come back for her and that was all that she cared.

“daddy…. Charlie loves you daddy”

“yes Charlie Daddy knows”

softly he stroked his finger across her lips filling her senses with familiar scent then he chuckled and started for home.


2005-09-03 06:02:33
this is the best series I've ever read on this site. period.


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I enjoyed it. Keep them cumming.


2005-08-14 02:29:22
what an odd story, i didnt even get it, but it got me off that sall that matters i guess =P


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