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Susie gets a new experience, and turns the tables on Dr. Stone
Susie slept, uneventful, devoid of dreams or nightmares, just a blearing haze that separated her from the reality of her waking hours. When Dr. Stone shook her awake, she was still bleary-eyed and groggy. She allowed herself to be led to the bathroom, and into the shower, where she dutifully scrubbed the previous days' filth from her body. No matter how hard she rubbed the washcloth over herself, she could not seem to get the memories and the feeling off of her, the hot wads of cum that would run down her legs after the zebra left. She wanted to remain in the warm, steamy shower forever, but eventually the zoologist stepped in and turned off the water. Susie stepped out, silent, defiant and submissive at the same time, getting ready for whatever was to happen to her today.

"We have a new client for you to help," was all she would say. Dr. Stone led Susie through the maze of tunnels under the zoo, until she ascended a stair to another vet room, similar to her normal haunt near the great ape exhibit. Dr. Stone opened the door and led her into a small enclosure, forested, with several boulders to one side, and a trickle of a stream. At the far corner of the enclosure, three wolves watched them. "Anuk and Yukon are our two alpha males, but since we have only a single female they fight all the time. You're here to help ease the tension. One will get you, the other will get the female wolf, until we can settle out which one is going to stay and which will be leaving for the San Diego Zoo."

The wolves prowled around, and Susie felt that familiar fear creep up inside her, the anxiety of being in a closed space with wild animals and what her role was to be. She shrugged off her jeans, her white legs bare, and moved over to the boulders. Yukon came over, sniffing at her. Considering all the animals she had been forced to fuck so far, a wolf was probably one of the more normal ones, she reasoned, like a big dog. The wolf padded around, nearly silent on his big paws, testing the air for her scent. Grimacing, Susie bend against the rock, pushing her ass out like she knew the doctor would want, and was rewarded by a quiet, "good girl" from the zoologist. Yukon moved in, and in a single jump his front paws were on her back, pushing her down further as his growing cock poked at her ass cheeks. Dr. Stone guided it lower, under to her pussy, and as the dog felt the lips touch the tip of his dick, he pushed in hard.

Susie bit her lip as the wolf penetrated her, feeling the now-familiar sensation of an animal cock spreading her lips, plunging deep into her. His furry hips started to work back and forth quickly, fucking her furiously, slamming her against the rock time and time again, her own hips trying to keep her stable. The cock repeatedly poked in and out of her slit, the wolf making grunting and panting sounds as he fucked her. She closed her eyes, trying to pretend it would be over soon.

As the wolf shoved himself inside, she felt a large bulge push against her pussy. Panicking, not knowing what it was, she looked under her, only to see a large baseball-sized knot of muscle attempting to insert itself into her. She looked up at the zoologist, who looked at her amusedly. "It is his knot. Dogs and wolves have them so that, when they climax, their semen cannot escape, and is forced into the bitch better. The two animals tie, staying together, until it softens, and he knows his sperm have had the best chance at reaching the egg." Her sentence ended with a renewed thrust by the wolf, nudging the tip of the knot into her, but her tight pussy resisted, refusing to take it inside. The wolf growled, thrusting harder, and Susie felt her pussy tear, her lips ripping to accommodate the monster knot pushing into her. She screamed, howling loudly as the wolf tied with his newest bitch. The wolf shortened his thrusts now that his knot was in her, careful not to pull out prematurely, but the intensity didn't abate. Susie tried to pull away and pull it out of her, easing forward, but it was already too late – she was securely knotted! Even pulling forward hurt like hell, and the wolf growled and nipped at the base of her neck in warning.

The wolf started to whimper, a sign he was close to cumming. His cock was growing in thickness and length and his knot kept growing as well, stretching her cunt more than anything had ever done in the past, making her squirm and scream further in pain. Then he stopped thrusting and simply laid on Susie's back, his massive cock jerking and throbbing strongly inside her pussy as the wolf started spurting powerful jets of cum deep inside her. The waves of cum continued until her pussy was completely filled up, and the hot cum was being forced past his tightly fitting knot and running down both of her thighs and onto the lab floor. The wolf wouldn't stop, his cock still spasming and leaving Susie kneeling in a large pool of his cum. Finally, he thrust forward once more to push his knot beyond Susie's entrance, forward to where she could expand a bit to accommodate it's massive size. They stood like that, his cum warm inside her, his knot slowly softening as the arousal wore off, until he slipped out of her with a very wet plopping sound, the excess cum running down her legs anew. As Susie knelt on all fours, she looked up with renewed hatred to her captor, Dr. Stone. And then she saw it happen.

While she was being fucked, Dr. Stone had removed her khaki pants, rubbing her pussy as she watched her prisoner fucked by the furry beast. The smell of sex was in the air, and in her zeal to see Susie bent over she forgot all about Anuk. Now, as the one wolf watched his brother fuck Susie, his own mind turned to mating, and smelling this other female in front of him, lunged at Dr. Stone from behind. She fell quickly, landing on all 4s, and in a heartbeat Anuk was on top of her, his warm breath on the nape of her neck, his paws scrambling to find a hold on her safari shirt as his cock rapidly grew. She screamed, trying to squirm out from under the big wolf, but Anuk wouldn't let her go.

Dr. Stone howled in pain and surprise as the animal fucked her. "Susie, get over here and get this beast off of me." The panic in her eyes was evident, she had never attempted this before, and was uneasy being out of control. Susie stood up, looking down at her captor, and smiled. "I think you should be a good girl and accept being his bitch for a while." The zoologist glared at her, but was unable to stop. Anuk's cock, big and red, slipped from its sheath, and poked at her, trying to find the right position, until it connected with her already wet pussy and slammed inside her.

Susie stood up, enjoying the sight of the tables turned. As the doctor thrashed on the ground, the wolf biting at her to get her to stay still, He was filling her with that dick as he humped her faster, slamming his cock deeper with each thrust he made. Then Susie watched as his huge knot slammed it inside the doctor's wet cunt, really locking him to her as his knot slid inside her pussy. His cock swelled up as his knot entered her, and Dr. Stone screamed ever louder. Susie bent over, and the doctor looked hopeful, but then Susie had another thought cross her mind. She knealed, then sat down on the rough ground in front of the zoologist. Dr. Stone looked up to see holding her cunt-lips open and heard her straining herself, the muscles of her flat stomach standing out as she tightened them and forced the wolf's cum from her cunt to drip down across her engorged and swollen pussy lips.

Susie cooed at the zoologist, "Drink it. Let me watch you drinking that beast's cum while your own cunt gets filled up." Dr. Stone gasped, unwilling to believe the assertiveness of Susie. Holding her breath and grunting with the exertion of forcing it from her, Susie commanded, "now, lick me clean." The doctor did as she said, licking the sticky load from Susie's abused pussy while the second wolf pounded her from behind. She felt the animal's cock jump, growing larger as it got closer to cumming, and still she licked Susie's lips, even finding her clit tucked under its hood. She licked and sucked the lust swollen inner lips and hard clit, feeling Susie get wetter and wetter with excitement. The girl's breath came in ragged gasps, and she grabbed the zoologist's head as she erupted, flooding her captor's face with hot juices, squirting into the older woman's mouth. At the same time, Anuk howled as he orgasmed, spewing wave after wave of cum deep into the doctor's pussy. As the three of them laid there, Susie still panting from the orgasm, Anuk waiting patiently until his knot shrunk, and the doctor caught in the middle, Dr. Stone looked up at her. "You know, you're going to pay for this, bitch." Susie knew she would, and shuddered to think how the evil and cruel zoologist would make her suffer. But, at least for a moment, she had gotten a bit of revenge, and it felt good.

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