This story includes mature female. And middle aged man. There is also uniform fetish. a little caneing and pissing.
The stories you will find on my profile will cover various fetishe's on this site from soft to extreme. The extreme stories i post for example rape stories. I do not condone these in anyway. All my stories are just fantasy. I do not concider myself a writer but the stories i have written for others. Or edited for them they have enjoyed them. So hope you do to. The stories will be different writing styles as some of my stories have been edited by others. And i have edited for othes to make them more to what they like.

Strict Masturbation Instructions edit one

I met Jane on Facebook playing some poker, after a few rounds of poker, she added me as a friend so we could talk privately. In private she asked me how old I was, I replied that I was 40 and she told me she was 59 . After about thirty minutes things started to get dirty. She asked me what kind of fantasies I was having; I replied with one which was that I would be to have strict masturbation instructions, but in person and not over the phone. She asked me where I lived and I told her I live in Normanton. Then said told me to give her my email and phone number if wanted my fantasy to come true. How could I not. The idea of some lady-stranger telling me how to jack myself off was hot and all I could think about now, it consumed my whole thoughts. Well, and better over the phone than not at all. That was when she told me that she only lived about 4 miles away. My heart almost stopped thinking that why she would tell me that; either she wanted to be with me in person or she was just yanking my chain. “Expect a call from me anytime Then do as I say” Jane posted in a message, and then she signed off. We had only just spoken that day and not even on the phone, only on Facebook, so I did not want to get my hopes up.

I checked my email and sure enough there was an email from Jane with her address and saying expect my call. She also added that I must do what she says If I want this fantasy to come true. There is nothing to lose, so I decided that I would follow her order. After reading her message, I went to look at Jane's profile on Facebook and then realized I did not really know what Jane looked like. As I had only seen the small picture you see while we were playing poker. Jane's photos where only head shots so they did not give me a lot to go on, but I would guess she was a size 16 with a nice build since her facial features told me that she was a little on the larger side, but had that look that she was well proportioned.
The phone rang while I drank a cup of tea and it startled me, when I answered I didn’t recognize the voice until the voice said, “Meet me at my place tonight at eight o’clock sharp, not early, not later...” “Simon,” she added, “Bring me a bottle of Jacobs Creek Chardonnay and 20 cigarettes of Marlboro Light. And do not be fucking late!” I stood there in awe with the phone next to my ear, thinking that this would be the night my fantasy would come true. I liked how Jane swore; it gave me a sweet little taste of things to come later on tonight.

I went and started the water in the bath tub with a slight erection poking out of my shorts. I wanted to take care of it now, but I decided that it would be better to wait until later tonight. I was lying there trying to imagine what was going to happen tonight at her place, but I had no idea, I didn’t even know where to begin. I was more nervous not knowing but was getting a bigger buzz, so I decided that I would try anything new tonight. I got out of the bath, shaved, and put clean boxers, socks, shirt and trousers . After I had got my myself ready, i had a cup of tea and drowned myself in thoughts of Lust and nerviousness.
I Visited the local liquor store to get the things that Jane has requested and made my way to the bus stop. The bus got there faster than I had expected because I had arrived at 7:20pm. I did not want to go inside since she told me not be early or late, but it was very cold outside so I knocked at the door. When Jane answered she was wearing a silk dressing gown, with her hair flowing over her shoulders. Before I got chance to say anything, Jane shouted “I told you to come at fucking eight o’clock, not earlier and not later... but as it is your first time and it is cold outside you can come in. If I decide there is to be a next time, and you come early i will will make you wait outside even if it is fucking 40 below. And if you are fucking late”, Jane added, “there will be severe punishment!”

Once I was though the door, Jane said go put my wine in the fridge and make yourself a cup of tea if want while i get ready. I went into the kitchen, and put the wine in the fridge and made a cup of tea making sure I did not spill any milk or sugar. Because After that encounter in the doorway, I did not want to make a mess. and be punished.
I took my cup of tea and went into the living room and sat on of the sofas and placed the tea on the table. While I was waiting for Jane to come down I saw some black DVD cases on the book shelf so I got up to see what was in them, hoping they were homemade porn. Not that I would get to watch them since that wasn’t part of the deal.

I was just looking though them, when from behind, Jane shouted “what the fuck are you doing Simon? looking at them without my permission?” I turn round to see Jane stood there wearing a schoolgirl uniform. White blouse accenting her pert breasts and striped tie. Her above her knee-high black skirt accenting her hips with white knee socks and black shoes. I noticed after that she was holding a cane in her hand. I knew that the cane was either a prop or going to be used. “For disobeying me earlier for being early, and looking at the DVDs without my permission, you can drop your pants and take ten strokes of the cane.” Jane Paused for a moment and added “Or if you are a fucking pussy you can fuck off now.
You have until the time I come back from the kitchen with my wine to have you pants down and be bent over the chair or have fucked off home. The choice is yours...” I thought to myself that I have come this far and it is only ten strokes plus, who knows, I might enjoy it. So I dropped my pants and boxers and bent over the chair. When Jane came back in to the living room, she said “glad to see you have stayed.
Right we will begin...” She took the cane and made the first stoke, it made me jump since I have never experienced this before but also turned me on. They hurt a bit, but as it went on the pain on my ass was numbing and ended soon after. When she was done she told me to pull my pants up and sit in the chair and not say or do anything. If I did, I would get more strokes of the cane. At first I did not mind, but after sitting, my ass felt like it was on fire from beating a few moments earlier.

Jane went and turned on some 70s music, grabbed a cigarette from the pack I brought her, and then sat in the other chair facing me and poured herself a glass of wine and lit up the cigarette. Jane just sat there drinking her wine and smoking her cigarette not speaking or looking at me really. I just sat there admiring Jane. She did not look bad for a 59 year old, I would still guess she was about size 16 and I liked that she was wearing a schoolgirl uniform, since that was one of my role-play fantasy outfits that is very sexy. When she had smoked her cigarette she lit another one up then topped up her glass of wine then she said “Simon, Time for the part you have been waiting for.

Stand up and unzip your trousers and pull out your cock... actually, no” She smiled and added “in fact don`t just pull out your cock, take all your clothes off. I want to see you in your birthday suit. But if you think you are going to see this milf strip out of schoolgirl uniform then you have no fucking chance of seeing that today So tough fucking shit. You will just have to use your imagination till you get to see the real thing.” I looked at Jane a bit stunned, but slowly took off all my clothing and put it on the chair beside me and stood there with my cock semi-erect. “Now spit into your hands and lube your cock up, let me see how big it gets.” Jane hissed. I spat on my hand and took it to my cock and started stroking it making it hard. “It is bigger than I thought it would be she said.

I want you to fucking make a fist with one hand, squeeze it hard and use it to rub up and down slowly.” I started stroking it again making it slippery from the spit, but also hard. I wanted to come so bad, but I had to hold back. “That’s it! Rubbing up and down, slowly now. Play with your balls but keep jerking slowly up and down. Now go a little faster you little cunt but not too fast. If you come too soon you will get a severe beating from my cane, and not the soft one you got earlier.” I wanted to looked down and saw my meat swelling turning a bit red in colour. “Keep stroking up and down, that’s it, keep playing with your balls as well. Right lets slow it right down now. I will count your stokes for you. Stroke one, stroke two, stroke three, stroke four, stroke five. Spit in your hand again and lube it some more. Now go slightly faster. Keep it going now still play with your fucking balls.

I could see Jane rubbing her breasts through her white blouse and it turned me on even more. I looked down and saw Jane’s white panties under that black skirt since her legs were open enough to peer in. “Change hands now and slow it down again. Keep stoking up and down, up and down. You best be fucking ready to cum when I say. Now go a little faster... that’s it speed it up. Not too fast you fucking cunt I do not want you to shoot your load just yet. Right use both hands now going up and down slowly that’s it up and down slowly. now use just two fingers but keep going up and down slowly.. Jane kneeled down in front of me

Come on now shoot it for me let this milf schoolgirl see you fucking sperm! Come on shoot your fucking sperm shoot it all over my school blouse. I must have came a bucket. She smiled and said Now look what you have done simon you fucking little cunt you have made all my school blouse fucking messy You better clean it for me.
As I set off to the kitchen to get a cloth she said get back here cunt you can wash it off with your piss. I was shocked but thought it could be fun. As I stood there my piss streaming all over her school blouse covered breasts. She was saying this feels good.

As her blouse was getting wetter I could see she was not wearing a bra as her tits where begining show through her blouse. she started to play with her breasts again rubbing her nipples though the fabric of the school shirt. When I was finished. She told me that I had made her so happy And hoped that i had enjoyed my self. Yes i had very much. She said that she was going to clean up. That it was time for me to leave. But she would phone me soon. As i set off to leave she said wait a momet. You can take a photo of me to tide you over till i phone you. I took the photo and said thankyou and goodbye

On the way home on the bus i thought about what had just happened with jane. And was hopeing we could do something again mabe do one of janes fantasy's. I will put this to her when she phones. Which i hope will be soon. Until then i had the photo of her from tonight to to wank over.

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