The third installment of Transfer Student
The first part of this story is part of the plot, so if you want to just read the sex parts, skip down to the first set of stars (*******). There are also some references to some events which happened in the first to segments of this story, so please read them first so you know what’s going on.

Adrian was still sprawled across the bed, with Steve now laying next to her when a knock came on the door. Steve, surprised, went to the door and looked through the peephole. It took him a moment to realize it was James, standing patiently outside, hands behind his back, though distorted by the lens. Steve didn’t know what to do, and turned to Adrian, asking her what she thought he should do. She replied, saying, “Well, he is your friend, after all. It’s up to you.”

“True enough. Get dressed. We’ll see what he wants.” She flashed him a grin, and quickly got dressed. He pulled on his pants, and put on his undershirt. He let his dress shirt hang open, and kept the collar up. When he was sure Adrian was decent, he opened the lock, and greeted James. “So what brings you here?”

“Well,” replied James, “my father was wondering when he could have his room back.” After seeing the shocked look on Steve’s face, James chuckled, and said, “Just kidding…I actually wanted you to see who came crawling into the club.” Steve put his arm around Adrian, after she had gathered the few things still lying around, and went out to the dance floor. Standing at the edge, James lifted his arm and pointed towards the middle. It took Adrian and Steve a moment to see who exactly it was. It was Tom. Steve grimaced, and Adrian looked away. James asked them, “Is that the fucker whose been giving you guys so much trouble?”

“Yeah,” Steve replied, “but you have to take into account his five or six cronies he always has with him. Heh, look, he even brought them here.”

“Well, I think he looks kinda scrawny. He shouldn’t be too much trouble. Besides, if worse comes to worse, I could always call the bouncers over” James said with a wink. “Say, D’ya wanna have a little fun with him?” Adrian’s head whipped around, as she looked at James appraisingly. She had dreamed of getting revenge on Tom since he had raped and humiliated her in front of all his friends.

“What exactly did you have in mind?” Adrian asked with a sly grin stealing across her face.

“Well, I was thinking I could get a couple of the bouncers to bring him outside the bar. And then Steve could beat the shit outa him, with the bouncers watching over, of course. You could lure him out, if you’d like.” After a brief conference, James went to Jason and Egan, and asked a favor of them. Soon afterwards, they approached Tom, who was dancing on the dance floor.

“Excuse me sir, but we have been asked to take you out back. Someone wishes to see you.” Baffled, Tom followed them out the back door, telling his friends that he’d be back shortly. Jason and Egan led Tom outside, and the light from the doorway into the dark alleyway silhouetted a shapely female figure. Unable to make out exactly who it was, Tom got excited. His eyes adjusted. It was Adrian.

“Hi Adrian. Why exactly did you have these bouncers bring me out here? Couldn’t get over me?”

“Oh, I got over you Tom, but I haven’t gotten over what you did to me. Neither has he.” Adrian lifted her arm and pointed to a shadow that was slowly moving closer. Tom shrunk back. Half of a face was illuminated, but because of the poor lighting, it took Tom a moment to realize who it was.

“Steve? Is that you? Well, it’s good to see you again. You know, it was just business last time. I really don’t bear you any ill will. Really.” Tom started backing up, until he hit what felt like a brick wall. Turning his head, he realized that it was the bouncers. They pushed him forward, towards the menacing figure of Steve.

“Well Tom, it seems like you’ve got yourself into quite a predicament. Seems without your little buddies, you ain’t that tough. I’ve asked the bouncers not to touch you, unless you attempt to run away, that way we’ll see who’s the better fighter, who’s the better man.” Tom’s eyes seemed to be set ablaze, as he understood, finally, that it was going to be a ‘fair’ fight.

Tom cracked his knuckles, and then his neck. He wanted to be loose when he fought this bastard. He was confident that he could handle Steve, considering how many fights he had gotten into in hockey. Steve was too ignorant to realize that he had a reputation for fighting in hockey. Steve didn’t stand a chance. He moved forward, and started bouncing on his toes.

Unfortunately for Tom, fighting in pads and in skates on the ice is very different from a street fight. As he threw his first punch, he heard the loud *smack* of his fist against skin. He let out a triumphant shout. Then he felt something grip his fist. Steve had calmly caught Tom’s hand in his own. Tom felt his whole arm being pulled aside, before the world before him blossomed into pain. Steve unleashed his anger and frustration, not necessarily caused by the man in front of him, on a poor, impotent Tom. With no pads to soften the blows, Tom was unprepared for the force from the blows he was receiving. He took a heavy blow to the gut which doubled him over. A knee to the face bloodied his nose. Steve threw a hard punch to the side of Tom’s face, connecting hard with his jaw. Tom had no defenses. He took the beating, and did his best to stay on his feet. It was an innovative combination of a knee to the gut followed quickly by an uppercut to the face that finally sent Tom sprawling. He groaned through bloody and broken teeth. There would be no dispute about who was the top dog now.

Adrian looked at the bloodied mess, shook her head, and placed her arms around Steve’s. Gripping him closely, she looked away from Tom, as they headed back into the club. The bouncers turn and follow them inside, shutting the doors behind them.

James greeted them with a grin. “How’d it go?”

“Well, he’s a bloody mess, lying out in that alley. Thanks for setting this up,” Steve replied.

“Anything for a friend.” Adrian gave James a mischievous grin.

“You know, why don’t we all retire to that room we were at earlier?” she said. “I feel like celebrating the fall of a jackass.”


Hot lusty lips anchored themselves to Steve’s. Clamping onto his mouth, Adrian began to undress. She slipped out of her dress, skillfully keeping her lips locked with Steve’s. She broke off her kiss, and motioned James forward with one finger. He slowly approached, a little cautiously. Breaking the silence in the room, he said, “Are you sure about this? I mean, having us both. And, uh, Steve, are you ok with it?”

Steve replied first with a shrug, “well, as long as she’s ok with it, I guess I am.”

Adrian nodded her consent, adding “And its not like I haven’t had two people before, although I was raped last time.” A shocked look crossed across his face. He had known she had been raped, but hadn’t known it was by more than one person…at the same time.

“Hmm…is that why you wanted revenge on Tom?” Adrian nodded.

She undid her bra, and whispered lustily in James’ ear, “and this is your reward.” She reached and undid the shirt buttons, slowly, and ran her hands over his broad, muscular chests. Steve had taken off his shirt, and was in the process of removing his pants. Watching Adrian feel James was making quite a bulge in them. Adrian continued to undress James, working at his pants with one hand. They finally fell in a heap on the floor.

Steve finished undressing first. Adrian, who was lying on the bed, motioned him over with one finger. Steve sauntered over, and hopped onto the bed. Adrian took his partially erect cock in her hand, and began to stroke it. She took the head of his cock into her mouth, and sucked while her hand worked his lower shaft. She pulled her head away for a moment, to look over at James, who had just finished undressing, and motioned him over. She rolled onto her hands and knees, and continued to suck Steve, but she raised her hips, so James could lick her snatch.

James couldn’t believe this was happening. His best friend’s girlfriend, a hot one at that, was letting him have sex with her. And Steve didn’t mind! In awe, he kneeled on the bed, and began to lick Adrian’s pussy. At first, he used longer strokes of his tongue, going from her clitoris and up along her labia. As he felt her respond against his mouth, he shortened the length and began to focus on her clit. Adrian became more and more excited, and began to push back against his mouth. After circling her clit with his tongue, he felt her start to shiver against him, on the verge of a climax. James stuck his tongue into her pussy as far as he could, and began to fuck, using his tongue like it was a little penis.

Adrian still used her hand to keep Steve hard as she climaxed. She felt the slow burn of pleasure start in her loins, and slowly work its way through out her body. Lifting her head from Steve’s cock, she let out a great moan, her body stiffening with release. The little tongue fucking her, wiggling around inside of her, stimulating her, captivated every fiber of her body. She arched her back, tensing her muscles, letting the burn work throughout them as well. Finally, she relaxed, and let out a sigh. “That was great, but let me pleasure you too,” Adrian said, before pulling her ass away from James. She motioned for Steve to slide down the bed, and she straddled him. Adrian then motioned for James to move up to her head so she could suck him off while she fucked Steve. She reached over to her bag and un-rolled a condom over Steve’s penis, before surrounding it with her pussy. She let out a gasp as it penetrated her fully, and she rested on his hips. Then, leaning forward, she gripped James’ slightly stiff dick and began to suck.

Steve felt the familiar sensation of being inside Adrian. From the gasp, he knew that he had filled her, and began thrusting his hips. He watched her as she sucked off James, getting his member stiff. The thought that Adrian did the same thing to him was pretty exciting.

James’ cock was fully hard now, and Adrian removed her hand from his shaft. Relaxing her throat, she began to slowly move down his penis, until she had encapsulated most of his cock down her throat. She pulled off quickly, took a deep breath, then plunged it back down her throat, feeling it press against the inside of her throat, feeling it slide up and down inside of her, fucking her throat. At the same time, she rocked her hips on the cock already in her pussy, letting it go deeper and deeper inside of her. She motioned for Steve to stop.

“Well James, now that your cock has been in my throat, why don’t you stick it in my ass. There’s some KY jelly in the bag over there. Take it out, and put a little around my rosebud.” James obliged, still in a state of wonder. Applying it around her tight little button was like a dream. Finally finished, he looked at her, and she nodded to him. He gripped his stiff cock in one hand, and grabbed Adrian’s ass with the other. Steve had stopped thrusting, so it was an easy target. Slowly, he pushed the tip of his cock against her, feeling the resistance. Suddenly, the resistance gave way, and the tip of his cock penetrated her ass. Adrian let out a groan. Slowly, he pushed it in, pausing a couple times to look over at Adrian to make sure she was ok. Finally, he thrust the last inch of his cock into her.

Adrian had never felt so full in her life. Steve’s cock easily filled her pussy, maybe even stretched it some. James’ cock was pretty big too, and with it all up inside of her, she felt stretched more than she had when she was raped. She gave a great groan, as Steve and James started rocking their hips, fucking both holes at the same time. It was incredible. She came pretty soon after they started, shivering against the orgasm, because she knew that a lot more were coming. It was a gentle climax really. It slowly rippled through her body, spreading from her core out to her extremities. She arched her back and felt her stomach muscles stretch (and in the process, impaled herself deeper onto Steve).

Neither Steve nor James had done double penetration before. The responses from Adrian were exciting. They could feel the slightest movement, the slightest response to their fucking. Each of them tried to thrust deeper and deeper into her, filling her more and more. Both of them started with longer piercing strokes, but soon, they were thrusting faster and faster, with shorter but very quick strokes. Each of them could feel the other’s strokes on the other side of the thin membrane, each stroke stimulating Adrian more and more.

A second time, Adrian felt that burning sensation of pleasure slowly sweeping across her body. She fought it the best she could, but wound up tensing her muscles, feeling the burn through her entire body. Her pussy clenched against Steve, her ass constricted against James, as she came. Grunting harder with every thrust, she soon felt herself again slowly building to a climax. Her body responded to every movement within her, every thrust increasing the burn starting in her hips, slowly spreading across her body. “GOD THIS IS INCREDIBLE” she shouted, gasping for breath. The gasps grew louder and louder as she felt the burning sensation on the climax spreading throughout her entire body. Fingers stiffened. Toes curled. Once again her back arched, almost involuntarily. There was no escape from this pleasure, nor was there anything like it. This climax was much stronger, and she felt every fiber of her being sensing only one feeling: the pleasure racing through her body. She went limp on top of Steve, the two of them still fucking away.

James felt Adrian stiffen the second time, heard her shout and her gasps, and still he fucked away. He pounded her ass, his lubed dick moving like a piston, scraping the organ surrounding it. It produced another gasp as Adrian slowly pushed herself up with her hands.

Steve felt the slickness even through the condom he was wearing. Her pussy was secreting the love juice at a ridiculous rate, and it poured out of her pussy all over his loins. He could feel its warmth. Gasping for breath himself, he began to take shorter faster strokes into Adrian, no longer stretching her pussy, just creating much more friction.

“This is unbelievable,” Adrian murmured, most likely to herself as the two boys continued to pound away, filling her beyond belief. She was already weak from the second climax, and she felt another slowly building. Her mouth gaped as she sucked in breath, trying to keep up with her body’s need for oxygen. She shook her head, trying to clear it up from the last climax, to prepare herself for the next. Her hands clutched at the cover to the bed. Squeezing with all her might, she felt the familiar ache in her forearms start building and she relished that added pain. The muscles in her arms were almost completely tense, and she used the leverage she got from holding the blankets to slam herself backward with as much force as possible, forcing the two cocks buried deep within the bowels of her body even deeper. The inner beast within her took over, her primal instincts finally taking control. She let out a deep-throated grunt, and felt her third climax blossom inside her. The organs getting fucked burst with pleasure. Both of them constricted on the dicks shoved inside, causing more friction.

Steve could see Adrian’s pupils widen as she climaxed yet again. “What are we doing to this poor girl,” he thought. He felt the constriction and the now familiar rush of cum shooting around his cock to splatter his already soaked loins. With a grunt of his own, he felt that familiar feeling of his own climax starting to build.

James felt Adrian’s ass constrict over his penis, almost milking it. It was wonderful. Thrusting a bit harder and faster into the climaxing Adrian, he groaned as he got ready to release his load.

Adrian felt the change in the way both Steve and James fucked her, and she knew they were close to climaxing. Letting out a great groan from her belly, she redoubled her efforts, moving herself at a breakneck pace. James and Steve were fucking her in unison, both cocks going in and out at the same time. She slammed herself into them with bruising force. She held nothing back, expending any energy leftover from the day, and she built herself to a stupendous fourth climax. This was unlike anything she’d ever felt before. In comparison, the first three were like torture in comparison to the pleasure she felt now. She let go of everything other than the carnal pleasure racing through her body. The pain which was there in the beginning was now completely gone. Adrian’s eyes rolled up into her head, searching her mind for anything but the pleasure throughout the rest of her body. That fourth and final climax made her entire body shudder and stiffen. The knuckles encircling the cover to the bed were white, showing how hard she was gripping them.

Steve saw her eyes roll upward before her eyelids closed, and felt an incredible constriction on his cock. The climax which had slowly been building in his own body burst into fruition. He yelled and his furious hips seemed to have a mind of their own, as they bucked. He gave a great roar from deep within his chest, and emptied his load, burst after burst. He inhaled, head swimming, his eyes glazing over, as he lay underneath it all.

James felt a similar sensation. His dick pounding away like a piston, in and out of Adrian at a furious pace. He felt the clenching of Adrian’s ass as she too climaxed, and unloaded.

James’ cum felt like a jet inside of Adrian. She felt it splash against her insides, which were still churning. Her final climax still hadn’t finished, thanks to the newly re-doubled efforts of Steve and James. She numbly felt her body’s responses, her ass and pussy clenching around the two mammoth objects stuck inside her. She felt like she was somewhere else, although she could still feel the pleasure.

James withdrew first, his cock dripping with cum. Adrian’s stretched anus leaked a little bit of fluid. She was careful not to spill much. It was weird not having the two cocks inside of her. It was almost like something was missing. She got up of Steve carefully, then headed to the bathroom to sit on the toilet and drain out the fluids left inside her. Steve removed his condom and tossed it negligently in with the cum in the toilet, before flushing it all away. As he did, Adrian gave him a grin. James collected their stuff in the meantime, and handed the clothes out. The three of them dressed, and left the room, feeling quite satisfied.

Steve and James went their separate ways, Steve taking Adrian home, and James going to his. Sitting in the car outside Adrian’s house, Steve leaned over and gingerly kissed Adrian. Pulling back he looked her in the eyes. “I hope you were ok with that Steve.” Adrian said softly. “I kinda rushed you into agreeing. Was it really ok with you?”

“As long as it was ok with you and you weren’t hurt, it’s fine.” He reached out with his right hand and softly touched her cheek. “Here, let me walk you in.” Steve got out of the car, and went around to open the door for Adrian. She took the hand which was offered to her, and stepped onto the sidewalk.

Steve led her to the doorway, and gave her one last, lingering kiss. Adrian closed her eyes, head angled upwards, and found herself thoroughly enjoying. As they pulled away from each other, they bid their farewells. Adrian unlocked the door to her house, as Steve walked back to his car. Before he reached it, she called out to him from behind the partially open door “I’ll see you at basketball practice tomorrow.” And with a wink, she closed it gently, then fled into her room to think about what had transpired.


Steve drove in, and parked his car next to James’. “Well, he’s here early” Steve muttered to himself. He got out, grabbed his bag from the back and headed into the gym. After changing and stuffing his stuff into his locker, he headed out onto the basketball. Adrian had just come in through the side door and was heading towards the bleachers. She gave him a friendly wave. She was with someone else. It took Steve a moment to recognize her as Amy, the cheerleader. She too gave Steve a wave and winked at him. Steve breifly wondered what was going to happen after practice.

Since practice hadn’t started yet, James and some of the other bigger players were having fun dunking the ball. Steve decided to head over to Adrian to see what was going on. Before he got there, however, James shouted for him to come over. “Hey man, where you goin? You got some people to impress with that fancy dunk you got.” He looked at Adrian with a trapped expression on his face. She gave him a small nod and flashed an arch smile at him. He turned and headed over towards James, who threw him the ball. He ran smoothly, and jumped, turning in the air to dunk the ball one-handed. Adrian and Amy spontaneously applauded, as they did to rest of the dunks which followed.

The rest of practice was uneventful. It was mostly just running plays, although the coach did divide the team into two groups and let them skirmish. James and Steve were on opposing teams, and when Steve was caught guarding the much bigger James, James took advantage of the situation to drive and dunk the ball. He was showing off, and he chanced a quick look over at the two girls in the bleachers. He saw Amy smiling at him. Then she leaned over to Adrian and whispered something, something he couldn’t hear over the noise on the court.

“So that is James. Nice specimen huh?” Amy asked Adrian, who replied with a little nod. Both girls then proceeded to giggle in an artfully contrived innocent way that set James on edge.

The rest of the practice went without much else happening. James and Steve went to go shower up and change since they were all sweaty from their physical exertion during practice. Unlike last time, they didn’t have time to go home to wash up, so they just took care of it in the school showers. Amy and Adrian waited around for them, chatting with the coach for a little.

“So, Coach,” Amy said, “do you think that with Steve and James we’ll have a shot at making the playoffs?”

“Well, the way those two have been playing in practice, it will sure help. We’ll have to win the rest of the games in the season if we hope to win home court advantage, but barring injury or suspensions we should do just fine. I think we might even have a serious bid at winning the whole thing.” He broke off as his cell phone rang, and he muttered “excuse me” and spoke very briefly. “I have to go. The vet is finished with my dog and I must go to pick her up. I hope to see you two ladies next practice.” With that he strode off towards the exit.

“So Amy, are you going to break off your relationship with him? With the look that James gave you after he showed off, he definitely seems to be interested in you.”

Amy slowly began nodding in assent. “I’ll miss my little flings, but still, I think it’s about time that I started looking for people in my age group…” She trailed off as James and Steve came out of the locker room.

Amy and Adrian sauntered over to them, and each of them burst into small talk about what the coach had said about them. Amy conversed with James, and Adrian with Steve. They headed out towards the cars waiting to take them to the movie they had planned on seeing.

Seeing how James and Steve weren’t really in the mood to see a chick flick, and Amy and Adrian weren’t really into gory movies, they decided to see one of the new comedies that had just been released.

After working up an appetite during practice, Steve had finished the meager amount of food they had bought for the movie. He whispered it to three he was sitting with and asked them if they wanted anything. Adrian proclaimed that she had to use the restroom, so Steve and Adrian headed out into the lobby. When they got out there, after moving past some annoyed movie watchers, Steve gave Adrian a look that let her know that he was wondering what was going on. She moved closer to hug him and whispered in his ear “I’m so horny from watching your practice. I really don’t want to wait until the movie is over.” He smiled at her and patted her on the shoulder.

“Unless you know of a safe place…” He trailed off, waiting for her answer.

“Well…Uh…Dammit! I don’t know. There really isn’t any place that I know of in the movie theatre. I guess I’ll have to wait.” She looked back up into his smiling face.

“As long as it happens today.”

The rest of the movie went pretty quickly and was mostly a blur. Adrian found that she couldn’t keep her mind off what was going to happen afterwards, nor could she wait. She felt her body pleading with her mind for more. She realized that she was totally addicted, no devoted to Steve. The thing was, it wasn’t just a physical attraction anymore, it was something more. She settled down and wondered what her future with him would hold…

“Adrian, the movie’s over. C’mon, lets get going.” Steve nudged her gently from her thoughts, shocking her back into reality. She got up numbly and followed her three friends out to their cars. She got into Steve’s car, and watched Amy get into James’.

Steve and Adrian decided to make a side trip on the way home. “I know this beautiful place that’s pretty close by,” Steve told Adrian.

She smiled at him, and asked, “I might like it depending on how secluded it is.”

“Only James and I know about it, as far as we know. We’ve never seen anybody else there.” Adrian turned and gave him the biggest grin he’d ever seen.

“Let’s go!”

As Steve had said, it was a short drive. Steve parked the car and grabbed a blanket that he had stowed in his trunk, for ‘emergencies.’ They hiked up a short path to find themselves at a cliff edge overlooking the luscious forest below them, with no houses or power-lines in their sight. A small clearing could be seen where there was a pond, which, while it looked like it had crystal clear waters and a sandy beach, was actually pretty nasty.

“Wow,” Adrian said as she clung to Steve’s chest, “it is beautiful. And spare me the corny lines, like ‘But not as beautiful as you.’ I couldn’t stand hearing one of those.”

Steve smiled down on her, replying, “I wasn’t going to say a word.”

They spread the blanket out on the ground and watched the sun set over the trees. They could see the reflection off the pond sparkling up at them and on the rocks above them. The light seemed to dance there, shimmering as it played across the sandstone. Steve had his arm around Adrian, and she turned her face upwards to him, kissing him gently on the cheek. Her face stared up at him, as he turned his head, and their lips met. At first, their kisses were quick, but their lips became locked together. Adrian felt Steve’s hands on her belly and breast. She had one hand behind his head, keeping their lips locked together, her other rubbed the crotch of his pants, where she could feel the growing erection.

Adrian tried to undress Steve, but she was finding it quite difficult with her lips locked on his. When they broke apart to get rid of their shirts, she told him so. He let out a short guffaw, before they returned their attention once again to each other.

Adrian felt Steve’s hardening cock in her hand, felt it jump at her touch. She moaned her pleasure into his mouth, lips still locked in a passionately savage kiss.

Steve slowly worked his hands in little circles along her thighs, moving closer and closer to her snatch. He felt her response, a tantalizing shiver running through her entire body, passing through her lips into him. They were one in the same. Their emotions seemed to mimic each other, melding into lust and pleasure. As his hands finally reached their eventual destination, he felt her wetness on the lips of her pussy. Her juices seeped onto his fingertips, lubing up his fingers for their plunge into the slickness within his grasp. She gasped into his mouth, feeling the pleasure in her hips.

Her response to Steve’s fingers set him off as well. It jerked involuntarily in her hands again, and a small amount of pre-cum coated the tip. Slowly and reluctantly, she broke off the kiss. It was time for a taste. She bent over his tall, stiff member, and enveloped the head into her mouth. She tasted Steve, gripping him tightly with both hands. Then, she ever so slowly started taking more and more of him into her mouth and throat, feeling him fill her, stretch her in the tightest place in her body.

Steve let out a great moan of pleasure, lay back, and he began working his fingers faster. In and out and in and out they went, causing more juices to flow making it even easier to thrust into her slick depths. He slowly eased her body by means of his thrusting fingers, closer and closer, until she lifted her leg to straddle his face. He pulled his fingers out, and gripped her firm ass in his hands, giving her a friendly pat, before dipping his tough into her, tasting her as she was tasting him. He stroked her labia with his tongue, then caressed the opening ever so gently. Then he moved his tongue around her pussy until he came to the clitoris.

His tongue felt wonderful, it was as if they were sampling each other, as she thoroughly returned the favors that he had started bestowing upon him. She expertly enveloped him repeatedly, fucking him with her throat. She felt his hips give short thrusts as he sought to explore her deeper.

As Steve’s tongue found her clitoris, he began to circle it, teasing her. He was careful not to touch it, thoroughly licking every spot around it. Finally, as Adrian thrust her hips back, did he lick her clit, fondling it with his tongue at first, then with longer much more powerful strokes. He felt her groan onto his cock, and felt the vibrations run up through his hips. He groaned from the extra stimulation into her, and then seized the little pleasure button under his tongue gently in his teeth, licking the little bit of flesh in between his teeth with his tongue.

Steve then felt his cock withdraw from Adrian’s throat, although she worked it with her hands. Breathlessly, she mananged to say “I want to fuck now” in between short breaths.

Steve gave her another couple good licks before he got up to get the condoms from his back, but he felt a restraining hand on his shoulder. “I know one place where you don’t need a condom to fuck me,” Adrian said with a mischievous grin.

“You’re a naughty, naughty girl,” He replied, returning the smile. “And the best part is,” he continued, “that you’re all mine.” He knelt behind her, as she got on all four. Dipping his fingers in her cunt once again, he lubricated his fingers enough to slowly insert them into her ass, which had been pulverized just the other day. They slid in very easily. “After the pounding I got yesterday, I learned how to relax it.” Adrian smiled back at him, flipping her hair over her shoulder. He then pulled his fingers out and put his dick up to the hole staring up at him. Slowly, he pushed, feeling the resistance. Then, it gave way, and he plunged in almost all the way in. Surprised, he almost fell over, but managed to catch himself by extending his arms on either side of her, much like a dog would do. His face was right next to hers, and almost unconsciously their lips locked.

She was surprised when he nearly fell on her, but made the most of the situation. She felt his huge cock move inside her, thrusting in a little bit more. She felt the perverted thrill that she never got from normal sex. This was something she felt she could fall in love with.

He felt her, so absolutely tight around his cock. He thrusted a few times, slowly, although was greatly impeded by the position he was in. Breaking off the kiss, he knelt upright, once more, and slowly began long sensuous strokes.

Adrian, a little reluctant to break off the kiss, turned her head forwards to look out over the forest, as her as was pounded. Steve and the huge cock inside of her stimulated her in ways she had never felt before, at least, not until she had met Steve. She slowly started rocking her own hips to the rhythm of his hips, elongating each thrust and increasing the length. Leaning on her left arm, she took her right hand, and explored herself. She felt her clitoris, rubbed it, and worked herself even more, rocking back and forth farther and farther now. She then slid one finger, her middle finger, up her pussy, and felt the cock on the other side of the wall separating her finger from his cock. Wiggling her finger around, she felt her body start to shudder. She quickly withdrew her hand from her pussy, stabilizing herself so she could begin to rock back as hard as she could. This first climax was intense, although not as intense as when she was fucked by both Steve and James. “Give it to me. Yeah just like that.” She grunted the words out. “C’mon, harder.” She felt him going farther back and thrusting deeper in her, as the pleasure built up in her. The pent up pleasure released when Steve reached down and felt her pussy, massaging it’s opening and her clitoris with his hand. She felt it flow through her body gloriously, and she arched backwards, rocking back as hard as she could now.

Steve felt the increased flow of juices in her pussy, and knew she was climaxing. He felt himself build up towards one as well. He grunted, and he gently smacked the ass at his hips. The noise seemed to echo around, as he slapped her again. Then, with a gasp of his own, he felt his own release imminent, and he gave one final huge thrust as deep as he could into her ass, going as deep as he possibly could. His whole cock was swallowed up, and then some, as he burst within her, releasing his seed.

Adrian gave a huge gasp of her own with the last thrust, as she was locked into place with Steve. She stayed motionless, and let the pleasure course through her thoroughly excited, and a little fatigued body. Her arms and legs held their position on their own accord, keeping her impaled upon the massive cock of her lover. Finally, she slowly collapsed onto the ground, Steve following her. As he withdrew, she felt like something was missing. But as he lay behind her and stroked her breasts belly and thighs with light caresses, she felt her mind drift slowly, and the darkness of sleep took over her.

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2000000/10 WRIGHT ON!!! Maybe a 4-some


2008-04-02 16:38:44
amazing stories!! more about you beating the crap out of that tom guy would be nice. maybe finishin off his friends too? :D


2008-02-15 20:43:46
That was BITCHIN 10000000000/10


2007-07-08 18:08:13
AWSOME!!!! Keep it coming!!!!!!
Rate: Over the limit

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