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I found out that my cousin was hooking out of a cheap hotel and go down to confront her about it.
I found out my cousin was hooking out of some cheap, seedy motel room in a really bad part of town and decided to go down and confront her about it. We weren't close but she was my Aunt's daughter and I couldn't believe this was happening within our family! It was actually scandalous!

The room she was pushing out of was located above a sex shop, the red neon lights blinking triple xxx's across my face as I crossed the street and the closer I got, the more
I could feel my cock getting harder in my pants! It was unexpected but I couldn't help it!

My cousin was a plump 5'6" with big natural d's and a really cute face. I always found her attractive but she was my cousin! It's impossible not to see those big tits but I had always tried to be a gentleman. But when I start imagining her sweet face in this filthy hotel, sucking off the kind of guys who would pay her to spread her thighs... I just get hard!

Down the hall I see a man leaving one of the rooms. He's in his forties, overweight and balding and is sweating profusely as he passes me. I wonder how much he had paid her, what did she let him do to her?

I knock.

"Just a sec!" I recognize her voice.

"Hold up the money to the peephole!"

I do, making sure she couldn't see my face. The door unlocks and I let myself in.


She still hadn't gotten a good look at me yet as we entered her room. There were no sheets on the stained mattress she led me to. I forget for a moment why I came here and all I can see is my cousin's ass in front of me.

She was wearing a cheap neon pink, spandex mini halter and it barely even covered her big fat asscheeks, both of which hang out the bottom. I had never seen anything so slutty and cheap before in person. Not even any past girlfriends I'd had would degrade themselves for me in that kind of get up in private, let alone in a cheap hotel for strangers.

The floor was littered with bits of clothing, other outfits, panties, some dirty toys, a bottle of lube and a frightening number of used condoms! Beside the bare mattress was a TV table with a mirror, razor, a glass pipe and several small plastic baggies that were sure to have drugs in them. She poured out a small amount of white powder onto the mirror, dipped a finger in and rubbed it onto her gums. I couldn't believe she was doing drugs in front of someone she hadn't even seen the face of, but it also afforded me the chance to rearrange my rapidly growing hard on in my pants before it was too obvious.

My imagination was rampant as I watched a gob of cum run down the inside of her shiny inner thigh when she said, "Put the money on the table and come over here and tell me what you want me to do..."

She turned and saw it was me. I tried to close my mouth and stop thinking about her sticky twat and taking it for a ride.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" she was almost laughing at me.

"You're asking ME?" I replied.

She thrust her strong chin into the air. "I'm making some money, so what?"

I didn't hold back my disgust. "You're a hooker! A whore! How much cock do you fuck in a day? I just saw your last John leaving! Why are doing this to our family?"

Trying some brutal honesty for shock value she hit me with, "Money and drugs. And I'm really, really good at it." She was almost proud.

I slapped her hard across the face.

She smiled defiantly as she had provoked the reaction out of me that she wanted and then turned around and snorted a bump. Now that she had turned around, all I could see were her big melons pushing that spandex halter to its breaking point! It was low cut, I was hard and she could see me glaring at her obvious whore cleavage.

"Don't get all judgmental on me!" She must have seen me staring like an idiot but she continued, "Just be real, I'm young and my body gets men hard and I wanna use what I got while I still got it. So what? Wanna line?"

She offered me the straw, but wasn't discouraged when I dismissed her with a wave. Instead she shoveled more into her nose, giving me another chance to stare at her bent over.

"So you don't care that you're a whore?" I asked.

"You're just another guy who can't stop staring at my tits! And I'm your fucking cousin, dirty boy!"

She cocked a smile on her face and pushed her tits out brazenly, tempting me.

"You want to fuck me, right? You want to fuck your hot cousin? I won't tell anyone, promise. It'll feel so good too, you won't regret it. I promise. It can be our dirty little secret!" She was such an amazing tease, she juggled her teets in her hands for me, rubbing them against each other and at each peak they threatened to spill out of her cheap spandex hooker top.

Angrily, I threw my money at her and it flies everywhere. "Yeah, well I paid my money, whore! Show me your tits!"

Rising to meet my challenge, she pulled the halter over her head and unleashed her two big teets. They're magnificent!

"What are you gonna do with me now?" She asked, tugging on her nipples to make them stand up like pink pencil erasers.

I didn't know if I could go through with it. I was like a deer caught in headlights looking at her naked seventeen year old breasts swaying back and forth. She seemed so comfortable being naked in front of me.

"Come here. Suck on my titties. She smiled. I know you want to so badly."

She pinched her nipples to make them hard and then took my head and guided me gently to put my mouth on them and suck on them as if she were feeding me like a baby.

"There you go! Oh yeah, suck'em hard! Suck my big whore titties!"

Her hand made its way down to my pants and pulled out my cock, stroking it firmly but slowly, squeezing it hard. I couldn't believe how expertly she handled me, like she had done this a hundred times before!

She whispered in my ear, "Don't let the rubbers on the floor fool you. So many men fucked me bareback today that I can't remember how many came inside me! That's probably not a good sign, is it?"

She giggled, continuing to tease me as she felt me strain in her hands. My cousin had big tits but tiny hands and my cock looked like a god damn python in them as it pulsed and flexed and she pulled back the foreskin to unveil the giant purple head.

As she stroked it she asked, "Now where do you want to put this, you sick fucking pervert?"

She leaned back onto the stained mattress and spread her thighs wide apart tempting me.

"You want to fuck your cousins pussy? Is that it? Can you imagine how good it would feel as you slid inside my hot pussy? It's so soft! Do you want me to pull my panties aside so you can fuck your cousin? Tell me!" She waggled her legs open and closed, high as a kite and chewed on her bottom lip as she taunted me, smiling.

"Yes," I mumbled ashamed of myself. Even so, I was so raging hard, it was impossible to deny.

Pulling aside her thong she revealed her shaved pussy still glistening with the last man's cum leaking out. Her fat, plump pussy lips were red and raw. My cock was aching now!

"I know you want to put it my well used pussy, and I'm sure you've been dreaming about it for a while now, and even though I would let complete strangers blow their loads in me for fifty bucks, you hurt my feelings by calling me a whore." She stroked my full length slowly but in steady rhythm skillfully.

Was she going to deny me now? All I could whimper out was, "But I gave you money..."

She was blunt and speaking to me like a child now, "Oh, I want to let you get off in me like you want to, but you made me feel dirty and now you're going to make it up to me by cleaning my cum hole with your tongue."

"What? No fucking way!" She stopped jerking me but I stayed hard. Sloppy seconds was one thing, but I wasn't putting my face down there! That was fucked up!

Of course she wasn't going to let me off the hook that easy. "Show me you love me, cousin. We're related and you want to fuck me but eating another man's cum out of my pussy is too fucked up? Fuck you! What are you afraid of, your reputation?"

I just stood there staring, not knowing what to say. I just wanted to fuck her. And I was so close! And who would ever know what I did to make it happen...

She caught me, saying, "That's right... You're thinking about it!"

She pulled me down to my knees and pushed my face into her sticky crotch. I immediately got to work wanting to get through this as quickly as possible. I tried not to think about what I was doing, but she made that difficult.

"Come on baby, show me I'm worth it. Is it salty? Huh? Do you like the taste? Filthy boy!" She loved it!

I couldn't help it! I wanted to fuck her so badly and the filthier she became, the more I wanted her and I was so hard I was afraid I might just cum before I even got inside her baby maker!

"Yes! Push your tongue into your cousin's pussy, ugh, yes, you like men's cum all over your face? Huh? Who's the whore now?" Her mouth hung open in a big, stoned, lustful gape and she played with her tongue almost mimicking my work below.

She was right. I was servicing her every fold and had her sex juices and who knows how many loads of cum running down my face and in my mouth and all so I could fuck her... my own cousin. God I wanted it so bad!

Eventually she relented. "Alright, pervert. Now you can have the customer experience and be just another trick I turn tonight. Climb aboard and can you test drive me."

"I can't believe you made me eat some old man's cum out of your pussy!" I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand.

She sneered, "Yeah, well I'll apologize when you lose your hard on. Come on, don't you want to know what keeps them coming back every week? You're not afraid to get your dick wet, are you stud?"

"God you're such a dirty fucking slut, aren't you? I can't believe you're just going to spread your legs for me. Even after all the cum that's been pumped into you tonight, I still can't wait to be next in line!"

She waggled her legs open shut in front of me. "Well then hurry up and get your money's worth."

I pushed the fat head of my cock against my cousin's swollen pussy lips and slid into her juicy wetness.

It was so fucking good to feel her soft wet pussy slide onto me, hot and creamy. With all the cum already in there and after making me slobber tongue fuck it earlier, I couldn't say she was super turned on or if was all the spit and semen that was making her so wet. Not that it mattered much to me. Between her attempt to look disinterested and her glassy drugged eyes with their big black pupils, I was tantalized by our unholy union and it felt so good to be so deviant!

I was pounding my cock into her desperately trying to make her feel something, but the only things that seemed to help her get off were the drugs she kept rubbing on her teeth and shoveling up her nose and humiliating me.

"When you jerk off, do you think about me?" She knew just what to say.

"Yes." I confessed.

"How many times?" She was like

"A few."

"So many times you can't count?"


She seemed to like that and moaned appreciatively.

"I bet you're glad I'm a hooker now, aren't ya?" She laughed.


"Say it! "

"I'm so happy that you're a hooker and you're letting me fuck you..."

"You like fucking your nasty cousin?" She had a way of saying that word that made what we were doing even more wrong. She drove me crazy!

We were interrupted by a knock at her door. I was about to pull out but she gripped my arm and whispered, "Wait a sec..."

She raised her voice to tell the guy in the hall, "I'll be free in a few minutes, just wait in the hall."

A man's voice said, "I got money this time. But hurry up or I'm gonna spend it down the hall."

"Alright! Just gimme a sec!" She returned.

I couldn't believe she was so casual or how many customers she entertained a night, but it was hard to believe that there was a guy waiting in the hall to pay for my sloppy seconds. She laughed, "It's time for you to blow your wad. I have other customers waiting..."

I knew I wouldn't last very long, but she knew just what to say to make me cum almost instantly. My cock was sliding in and out of heaven and she looked me in the eyes and casually started telling me, "You don't have to worry about using a condom because I'm pretty sure I'm already pregnant. My baby's daddy could be on the other side of that door, right now, cousin! Or maybe my black pimp knocked me up. He always says it’s his dream to make a baby in a white girl and he loves to fuck me too! Of course it could be anybody... you know a few of these guys are homeless? I don't know where they get the money, but I'm not picky and they keep coming back."

And that's all it took for me to drain my sack and shoot every drop into my cousin's dirty pussy.

It felt like more cum than I had ever shot before but I never pulled out to see it. Instead I tried to get it as deep inside her as I could before collapsing on top of her.

She was nice enough to wait a minute, but the moment I felt my softened member to slip out of her well used pussy she was quick to say, "Alright, you had your turn. Now it's time to go. Unless you want to pay for another go around? But even then, you'll have to wait for this guy to finish in me first and then you know I'll want you to clean it all up... and you still have to pay too, of course!"

I stood and pulled up my pants up, disgusted with myself and disgusted with my cousin. She just lay spread out on the cum stained mattress like what she was; a stupid junkie whore presently amused at how the power her voluptuous teenage body had over men.

"I knew you wouldn't want to..." Even from the floor with cum running out of her and adding itself to the other stains on the mattress she mocked me. "It's not like you enjoyed it... eating another man's cum, I mean, I'm the whore, right? You weren't mopping up my jizz filled cunt with your tongue for a chance to get inside your cousin, right?" She was right too, even though she was a filthy, cheap hooker, she was a queen compared to how pathetic I was.

I zipped up and rushed out of the door. In the hallway I passed her next John, who stubbed out his cigarette on the wall and spit into the stairwell before brushing past me with a slight shoulder check. He was unshaven and dirty looking. If he didn't live in the street, he definitely lived in a poor area of town. His eyes were red and weary and he looked tough and stupid, possibly strung out.

He just walked through the door without knocking and closed it behind him leaving me in the hall, not moving, just standing there listening to this mongoloid work over my cousin and counting my money... and he was taking his time. Her screams and moans seemed to indicate that she was more receptive to whatever he was doing to her. She must have cum four times before he was done and it sounded like he was smacking the hell out of her and she was vocal and responsive, swearing and begging for more!

Money in hand, I stood eagerly in the dimly lit hall, hard in my pants and waited for my turn. No matter how ashamed I was, how disgusting I thought this all was, I knew deep in my heart that when I got inside I would eat her sore pussy and lick up any cum that oozed out at her command just for another shot at fucking her. She was right too, I couldn't have been happier that my cousin was a cheap junkie whore!

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