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Tony has prepared a special day for his wife Rose, but his plans are not at all what Rose had in mind. Full of lust and pleasure, Tony takes Rose on a day driving trip. A driving trip Rose will never forget.
— THIS STORY CONTAINS EXPLICIT CONTENT. It is fictional and does not depict real people or events. All characters are above the legal age of consent. —

Rose woke with a moan. She could feel Tony pumping in and out of her, starting to climax. Tony had rolled Rose to her stomach and pushed his morning wood deep inside her, using her sleeping body for his own pleasure. His balls twitched as he gave Rose one last deep penetrating thrust as he released his seed deep into her.

It was a typical morning for the two.

They went through their morning routine, brushing hair and teeth, showering, and then breakfast. Tony would dress, and Rose would stay naked. She would eat her breakfast from a plate on the floor while Tony would read the paper and fondle her and shove his fingers in her holes.

“Get dressed today, Rose. I want you in a tank top and short skirt. No bra or panties” Tony said, not looking up from his paper as Rose finished her breakfast.

Rose stood. She put her plate in the sink to clean later, then went to their room to dress.

When she returned, she wore a short jeans mini skirt, and a white tank top. Her nipples were erect and very noticeable through the top. Tony smiled when he saw her, letting out a soft “mmm” of lust and desire.

“We are going out today. I have a surprise for you.”

Rose smile, noticeably excited for what was in store.

Tony stood, putting his plate in the sink and then took Rose’s hand. He led her to the front door. When she tried to reach for her purse, he stopped her “you won’t need it.”

She obeyed, following him outside.

Tony’s black Sonata was parked in the driveway. He led her to the passenger’s side and opened the door.

Rose gasped. The passenger’s seat had a cover over it, and in the seat of the cover were two large, long, black dildos. They sat one in front of the other. The front one was much thicker than the back one, but the back one stood a few inches longer than the front. Both were shaped like two humungous cocks.

“We are going for a drive today.”

Tony moved behind Rose. He pulled a bit of rope from his pocket and bound her wrists tightly behind her back. Then he hiked her skirt and helped her into the car. He licked his fingers, then reached under Rose and spread her ass cheeks, lubing her hole with his wet fingers. He used his other hand to slowly push Rose down the longer dildo. When it was time for the second dildo to be entered, he spread her lips and again lowered her down on it.

Rose had to spread her legs a bit more as the dildos filled and stretched her holes. By the time Rose’s bottom felt the soft seat cover, she felt extremely full. She relaxed, adjusting herself around the dildos that impaled her. She could feel the large one pressing hard against her cervix, trying to push through it to her womb on the other side. The other was lodged deep in her intestines.

Tony opened the glove box and removed three clamps, connected by a wire to a remote control. He pulled her breasts up and out of the neck of her tank top, the fabric stretched down and below her firm C-cup breasts. Tony leaned down and drew a nipple into his mouth, sucking and flicking his tongue teasingly over it. When he withdrew himself from her breast, he attached a clamp to her nipple, then proceeded to do the same with her other breast. The third clamp hung low, and Tony hiked Rose’s skirt a bit higher before gently rubbing her clit, which rested on the large black dildo. Rose moaned, her hips began to grid on the dildos as Tony rubbed her clit until she shivered. He then attached the third clamp to her clit. Then Tony pulled a red and black ball gag out of the glove box. Rose opened her mouth immediately and Tony pushed the ball into her mouth then buckled it in place behind her head. He then clicked her seatbelt across her.

Smiling, Tony pulled himself out of the car and shut the door. Rose’s bare and clamped breasts were easily still visible from outside the car. And it was quite clear that she was also gagged and bound.

He walked around the car and got into the driver’s side. He clicked his seatbelt into place and started the engine. He backed out of the driveway and down the street and out of their neighborhood. He picked up the remote to the clamps and pressed a button. The clamps began to vibrate, making Rose moan loudly around the gag.

Rose wondered where they were going, subconsciously aware that every passing car and person could see her.

At a red light, Rose glanced over to see the man in the car next to them staring at her breasts. When he realized Rose was watching him, he made a kissing face at her before the light turned green and Tony sped off.

Tony took the nearest entrance ramp to the city’s outer belt. It was about a forty-five minute drive to go completely around the outer belt, which circled the city. Tony chose the middle of the three lanes, and held the car right at the speed limit. It was fast enough to pass the slower drivers, but slow enough to be passed by everyone else. It allowed virtually everyone to see Rose as they drove.

Rose felt herself getting wet as people gawked at her. It was still before noon, and there were quite a few semi truck drivers on the road at this hour. From their higher seats in their cabs, they could see straight down at Rose. They had full view not only of her bare breasts, but also of her hiked skirt, and the clamp on her clit sticking out in full view.

Every once in a while, people would honk their horns at Rose and Tony. Rose could see people in their cars smiling and kissing at her. A car full of college aged men tailed them for a while, pulling right up next to them, honking and motioning things to Rose. It was clear they wanted Tony to pull over and let them have a go at her.

Tony ended up circling the outer belt three times. They had been in the care for close to two and a half hours before Tony pulled off the outer belt at a nearby rest stop.

Rose looked around as Tony parked. There was a small building with restrooms off to the left. There were vending machines right outside the restroom building. There were numerous outdoor picnic tables scattered about, including one directly in front of the car, a few yards away. Rose turned to look around the parking lot. There were a few cars, and a handful of semi trucks. Off to the left, a family was eating at one of the tables. There were people going in and out of the restrooms, and a group of trucker men were conversing just to the right of the car.

Tony turned off the car’s engine and unclicked his seatbelt. He reached down and pulled the lever to open the trunk before getting out and shutting his door. Rose could hear him rummaging through the trunk as she glanced over at the group of men, who by now had clearly noticed her.

Tony shut the trunk moments later and then opened Rose’s door. He unclicked her seatbelt and removed the clamps from her clit and nipples, but left her skirt hiked and her shirt down, her breasts still hanging bare. He helped lift her from the two dildos which were shiny, coated with Rose’s juices. He left her hands bound behind her, and the gag in her mouth as he led her to the picnic table directly in front of the car.

He bent her over the table, giving her ass a hard smack. He had some rope that he had gotten from the trunk. He lifted Rose onto the table and tied her legs spread wide, to the legs of the table. Her pussy opened, still stretched from the large dildo. Tony moaned in lust as he looked at her open holes.

Rose felt suddenly empty, and the need to be filled again was rising inside her. Her pussy muscles twitched, visibly throbbing. It was almost like her holes were telling Tony to “come hither.”

Tony gave Rose’s ass another hard smack before inserting a finger into each hole. He fingered her roughly, and Rose moaned loudly, wanting more and more. She glanced up, the family eating at the far table were packing up quickly, eager to get away from the scene. People were watching from the restrooms and vending machines. Rose couldn’t see the group of truckers but she was sure they were watching too.

Tony was unable to hold back anymore, and he unzipped his pants and pulled Rose’s body back towards him. He pushed himself lustfully into Rose’s pussy, moaning loudly and began thrusting hard and fast. Rose moaned, her pussy tightened around her husband’s cock as he pounded away at her.

He continued thrusting, every once in a while giving Rose a hard smack on her ass. She was sure her ass cheeks were red. He continued for quite a while before he climaxed and pushed his cum deep in her pussy. He pulled out and quickly shoved himself into her waiting ass; he pumped into her ass a bit before finally going soft.

Rose was drooling and moaning with pleasure and lust as Tony pulled out of her. “Wait here he whispered to her, I need to run back to the car.”

She turned and watched him walk back to the car. He opened the driver’s door and got in. She wondered what he needed from the car. Then she heard voices behind her. She felt a poke at her asshole, and she squeaked in surprise. She strained her neck, but she couldn’t see who it was. But the voices of the group of truck drivers were unmistakable.

A finger pumped in and out of her ass as they mumbled to one another. Rose looked back at Tony, who was watching from the car. She whimpered, but there was nothing she could do. She was still tied, spread wide to the table.

Another finger pushed into her ass, then she felt a hand slap at her pussy. She squeaked and tensed as the men slapped her pussy and ass and fingered her holes. “Let me lick it” she heard one of them say. The fingers were removed and then she felt a tongue dragging up and down her pussy and then prod at her asshole. As much as Rose tried not to, she let out a soft moan. “She likes it,” another voice said.

The tongue was removed and a few hard slaps to her ass and pussy followed before hands grabbed at her pussy lips and spread them as far as they would go. “Stick your fist in there Sam!” A voice exclaimed. Rose quickly tried to remember how many men she had seen earlier, she guessed about five, but she honestly hadn’t the slightest clue. There were fingers being pushed into her spread pussy, knuckles racked at her pelvic bone as they shoved in and out of her. A hard shove and a yelp from Rose later, a large fist was deep inside Rose’s pussy. “She’s so tight!” she guessed it was Sam “she’s sucking my fist into her!”

Rose felt him open and close his hand inside her. “One in her ass next!”

Fingers prodded Rose’s ass and another shove, and a muffled scream from Rose, the fist was in her ass. Together, the fists moved in and out of her. Catching a rhythm, the fists took turns moving in and out. One would move in when one would pull out. They continued, the men made comments about her body and crude remarks about the things they wanted to do to her. Rose’s body relaxed and her juices began to flow, making it easier for the men to fist her holes. The hand in her pussy found her g-spot and soon Rose was shaking and grinding back onto the men. She could feel her body climaxing and cumming around the hands inside her. She looked up to see Tony in front of her. She was unsure of when he came back, but he was there. He handed the men the two dildos that he had removed from the car seat. He instructed them “plug her up when you are done.”

The men gave a few more shoves into her with their fists before the one in her ass pulled free with an audible pop. Her cheeks were spread, and someone spat directly into her asshole, then she felt the familiar dildo as it was shoved quickly into her ass. The hand in her pussy then pulled out and was replaced with the other, thicker, dildo.

Tony then untied Rose’s legs from the table and had her straddle the bench. The bench pushed the dildos as deep as they would go. “Lift your feet.” Rose obeyed, balancing on the bench. Tony groped her breasts a bit. Tugging at her nipples. Rose moaned happily as Tony kneaded her breasts and pinched and twisted her nipples. “You need milked girl. Before bed tonight.”

Rose knew that once they returned home, Tony would put her on all fours and put a milking machine on her breasts. He would mostly likely fondle her holes, maybe fuck her, or stretch her open with either dildos or speculums. Rose wasn’t lactating, but the pure action of being milked sent Rose into orgasms.

Tony talked to the men a bit before standing Rose up and taking her back to the car. He sat her down and buckled her in before getting in the driver’s side and driving home.

What an outing it was! Rose always enjoyed the special trips Tony planned for them. This driving trip was such an amazing trip. Rose was so happy Tony had planned this trip for them to enjoy.

Back on the outer belt, headed home, the vibrations of the road and the bumps from the uneven parts of the road jostled the dildos and made Rose’s still bare breasts bounce. The sensations sent her into more orgasms the entire ride home.

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2015-03-03 18:37:39
Nooooo, this story is getting funnier! One isn't supposed to laugh, but it's so deranged. Imagine a movie made from this. The perpetual smile on Tony's face! And poor Rose always happily expecting a new adventure, painting her as even more insane than her hubby! The moment she got strapped to the table would have been my favourite.
Shot for the giggle

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2013-08-08 21:56:03
I love this story! Really like the seat cover idea. Keep writing! I came pretty hard when you described the milking machine.

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