A nineteen-year old student's life is shattered when soldiers invade her home, gang rape and enslave her.
Megan knelt before the gathering of soldiers, her body shivering and her face covered in cum. She sobbed and gasped as she awaited her next ordeal. She had no idea why these men were ganging up on her. Were there no other women around to brutalize? The unfortunate girl severely miscalculated the ratio of horny soldiers to innocent civilians in her area. Most of them were just passing through, but a few would linger to ensure the smooth assimilation of the local populace. Megan would assist them in their tasks willingly or unwillingly.
She gasped in astonishment each time the men produced a new sexual apparatus or contrivance. Did they really need to bring so many toys? She gradually became aware that she wasn't dealing with an ordinary detachment of infantry. These men had a special assignment. Each one had earned their privilege of responsibility through special service or superior ability. They were in the neighborhood for no purpose but to abuse and humiliate Megan Warner.
The innocent student was unaware that thirty miles up the road from her house one hundred and sixty women were languishing in a schoolyard hastily converted into a detainment camp. Encased in sadistically-designed wooden pillories they would not even enjoy the dignity of seeing their rapists face to face. They would undergo a cold, impersonal and mechanical indoctrination before being sold to private bidders or shipped off to faraway work camps. Megan was lucky that the training squads stumbled upon her before the supply corps or contractors could find her and drag her away to camp. If she proved adequate to the challenges of her special role, she could look forward to a life of bearable torture and occasional comfort. Most of the prisoners in the camps would experience no such luck.
It all came down to improvisation. After Pfc Fleming removed her ring gag she stared straight ahead her mouth gaping, her being jaw too weary at this particular moment for any adjustment. The men stared back at her in silence. She realized that they were waiting for her to say something. This time there was no script and she would have to degrade herself using her own words.
"Umm... I... uh... thank you for letting me suck your cocks! I... um... I really enjoy sucking cock. And... I mean... because it makes me horny! Because I'm a fucking slut and I want to suck dicks and lick balls all of the time... and... and it makes me wet!" She struggled to find the right words. Some of the men seemed pleased, but others glared disapprovingly. Suddenly she realized what she was forgetting.
"And thank you for coming all over my face! I love having jizz all over me! I love sucking cock and getting... uh... covered in your... um... sperm." She heaved an exhausted sigh as the men nodded to each other approvingly. She began to weep softly while the men chattered to each other about what they could do to her next.
Megan gulped as Barrington reached into his backpack and produced a set of restraints unlike anything she had ever seen. Fleming stooped over her and released her hands from their cuffs. She continued to kneel on her bruised, aching knees. Her arms were asleep and her hands fell limply to her sides. Barrington approached with the restraints in hand. They consisted of a steel bar with four attached chains, each one ending in a metal hoop. Megan didn't like the look of those rings. They barely seemed big enough to accommodate a girl's wrists, let alone her ankles.
Barrington gripped her ankles and spread her feet apart. Sensing his motive, she shuffled her knees and spread her legs wide in response to his motions. He placed the bar between her legs and clasped the rings around her wrists and ankles. The cold metal clamped tightly around her joints, biting into her flesh. The pressure on her ankles would quickly become difficult to bear. With her ankles cuffed to opposite ends of the bar she had no hope of rising, lying down or closing her legs. Her knees would have to support her weight for quite a bit longer.
The collar around her neck itched and chafed. The nasty accessory had impaired her ability to breathe throughout the evening, but only now after hours of abuse did she begin to focus on its presence. It felt like it was becoming tighter and tighter. As Barrington applied the restraints Fleming noticed that her neck was slender enough that she could still breathe were it a notch tighter, albeit with significant difficulty. She gagged, sputtered and coughed as he adjusted the clasp.
Barrington had more implements to display to the captive young lady. He returned from another trip to the backpack with an intimidating Malay rattan cane. In his other hand he carried some objects which Megan could hardly fathom at a glance. As he drew closer she observed that he was carrying a wrapped, lubricated condom and what appeared to be a vegetable with its skin removed.
The condom's presence immediately struck Megan as absurd. Surely after gang-raping an unwilling stranger in the mouth these men weren't going to suddenly display an interest in safe sex.
As Barrington removed the condom from its packaging Megan began to comprehend her new predicament, and an unprecedented new wave of shame and horror siezed her mind and body. She shuddered uncontrollably and wailed a pitiful, choked moan through the collar pressing into her windpipe.
"No.... p-please... don't do this to me... Why?? What do you want from me? I'll do anything *sob*.... anything you want."
Barrington turned to Fleming. "Looks like the dumb cunt's already forgotten how to say 'master' and 'sir'!" He laughed sadistically as he brought the cane down hard onto her shoulders. He gave her five more strokes about the upper back while she shrieked in uncomprehending pain and shock. The cane cut her flesh almost immediately, leaving heavy blue and purple streaks.
"YEAAAAAGHHH OWWW OHHH OH HO UGGHHHHHH! THAN- TH- OW! THANK YOU for disciplining me master! Sir! Thank you! Ohh! Oooohhh...."
Barrington relented for the moment and returned to the task that had precipitated her screaming fit. The vegetable was a peeled and carved ginger root. The prisoner training and disciplinary units always carried a few bags of them wherever they raided. Barrington wrapped the lubed condom around the thick, phallic vegetable. Megan's eyes continued to widen in horror.
"As I instructed you before..." began Fleming, "nature provides us with a vast assortment of possibilites for fulfilling the need to pleasure our bodies. Now, a lot of guys tend to believe that making a woman come is a complex and challenging task that requires a lot of skill and subtlety. I think that maybe there's a certain element of precision to it, but ultimately it's just a question of providing sufficient stimulation. I can't even begin to guess what kind of nasty things you do to yourself in private, but I'm willing to bet you aren't prepared for the type of stimulation you're about to experience."
As Fleming spoke Barrington tapped gently on her ass with the cane. She correctly interpreted the gesture as a signal to raise her buttocks into the air. Barrington helpfully pushed down on the back of her head with his hand as she raised her ass up high, and she lowered her face sheepishly to the ground in helpless, tearful resignation.
Fleming took the condom-wrapped ginger root in hand and pressed the tip of it gently against Megan's anus. She shuddered but remained kneeling with her face on the carpet, her ass gently swaying in the air. The lubed condom penetrated her sphincter with just the slightest pressure. He fucked her ass gently with the tip of the root for a minute and a half before drawing it back and then swiftly plunging half of the entire shaft into her rectum. Her squeals of shock and indignation rapidly declined into moans of submissive approval as she observed that her pussy was becoming wet again.
Having thoroughly spackled her ass with the condom's lube, Fleming decided that Megan was ready to experience the ginger's effects without protection. He popped the vegetable out of her anus as a look of bemused disappointment crossed her face. She lifted her head from the ground for a moment before Barrington placed his boot on her neck, forcing her face back to the floor. Suddenly she felt the ginger root penetrate her bottom once more. This time there was no condom, though enough lube remained to render the insertion relatively painless. She found the hard, bulky presence inside her butt almost comforting in some indescribable way. Then she began to experience the effects of the ginger.
Her moaning took on the character of pained wailing once again as her anus began to itch and burn. Fleming continued to press on the vegetable until it very nearly disappeared inside her. Her muscles began to contract and tighten around the intruder, squeezing the spicy root with her flesh and rendering the burning more painful with each twitch and spasm. She felt as if a jet of fire were shooting up her rear end and slowly searing its way up her insides. Failing to comprehend even the manner in which she was being tortured, she began to scream and plead maniacally.
"AHHHHHHHHGGGH! UHHGHHH! AIIEIEEEEE! Please, master! Take it out! Please please please I'll do anything you -MMMUUUGGGH AGHHHH!" Barrington had rudely cut off her pleas by placing the ring gag back inside her mouth. He gripped a fistful of her hair and dragged her to an upright kneeling position. It was time for them to move the party to the dining room.
Barrington dragged Megan down the hall by the hair. With her hands and feet chained to the metal spreader bar behind her back, she couldn't rise from her knees. By the time they reached the dining room table her knees and shins were bleeding from rug burns. The men unceremoniously hoisted her on top of the table, leaving her tortured knees resting on the hard wooden surface. Her head hung over one edge of the table, her ass over the other. Pvt. Nickels strode around the table to face her, unzipped his trousers and placed his cock through the ring wedging her mouth open. Her tongue lolled about as she made her best effort to lick him. His limp cock began to grow and stiffen inside her mouth. Suddenly her backside exploded in a surge of agony. She swore that a full second passed between her mind registering the pain and her ears registering the accompanying crack of the cane against her skin. He had struck her two more times before she could begin to comprehend whence the pain was coming. Barrington and Fleming were taking turns, each striking three or four times before passing the cane to his partner. More men began to line up for a chance to cane her.
A couple of the soldiers actually winced when they heard the sound. It echoed through the house, a reverberating crack like a distant gunshot accompanied by pained whimpering.
The sound rang out again and again. Nickels counted seventeen strokes, then eighteen and nineteen. Megan was no longer aware of the pain in her knees and shins or the massive, itching root crudely lodged inside her anus. With her legs spread apart by her restraining bar, she could do nothing to shield her crotch from the assault. While the majority of the blows landed on her buttocks, the men were careful not to spare her thighs nor her cunt from the vicious wooden instrument. They left deep, heavy stripes on her ass and legs and a few bruises right across labia and her rapidly swelling mons.
The cane cracked against her soft, delicate skin again and again. Nickels checked his count against that of a fellow private. Thirty seven strokes seemed like a good guess. Then another crack rang through the modest two-story abode. That was stroke thirty eight, they guessed. The marks on her buttocks were turning black and purple as the base of the ginger root poked out timidly from her anus. Then came another thwack. Megan had endured thirty nine strokes. In the same span of time she had brought three men to orgasm with her mouth. They forced her to swallow every drop of their ejaculate. One of the soldiers took up the cane and struck her three more times across the crotch between her splayed legs. She sobbed and moaned softly.
They gave Megan a break from the caning while two more soldiers raped her mouth. She sucked them off like a whore, bobbing her head on their hard dicks with the verve and professionalism of a porn star and licking every drop of cum off the heads of their cocks when they finished. She made every effort to demonstrate her willingness to do whatever it might take to satisfy her masters and avoid another blow from the cane.
Her extremities were numb from hours of bondage in various excruciating positions. Every part of her body that still had proper circulation was in agony. Yet a part of her wondered why none of the men had actually attempted to fuck her yet. So far this evening she had done nothing but suck cock, occasionally experiencing the thrill of having foreign objects inserted into her lower orifices. She knew that at some point sex was coming, and as the evening's tortures wore on she began to regard the possibility with diminishing dread and mounting excitement. She even subconsciously acknowledged that fucking these men would be a welcome alternative to further caning and forced oral sex.
As she sucked off a young redheaded private by the name of McAllister he took a moment to gaze into her eyes. Some of the men wanted her to make eye contact while she sucked them, gently tilting her head upward with a hand under her chin. Others insisted that she refrain from looking at them. The majority simply jerked her head up and down on their shafts, gripping her hair at the scalp and nearly spraining her neck with the stiff, forceful and repetetive movements of their arms. She particularly hated this form of treatment, and she actually found herself able to deep-throat the mens' cocks more easily when she was allowed to move her head freely.
McAllister on the other hand was relatively gentle when his dick was in a girl's mouth. He stroked her face affectionately as they shared their passing glance. He was just about finished with Megan but their fleeting moment of eye contact communicated a powerful and urgent message to him. He came inside her mouth and she slurped down his cum without batting an eyelash. He zipped up his trousers and whispered something into Fleming's ear.
Fleming bore an expression of bemused skepticism. "You think she wants it? I mean, it's been a couple of hours since the machine. She might not be the tightest fit."
"Look at her, Fleming. She's in fucking heat."
Goosebumps stood out all over Megan's skin. They were standing right behind her and talking about fucking her as if she weren't there at all. It was turning her on. She shivered and blushed as another rush of adrenaline overtook her. Her pelvic muscles contracted and her sphincter clenched tightly around the burning ginger root inside her. It was like a burning hot coal inside her ass. She moaned a ragged, heavy song of torment yet she could no longer make a sound without conveying just a hint of whorish ecstasy.
She yelped softly and demurely when Barrington mounted her. She was still kneeling on the table with her ass in the air, her head and backside elevated roughly to the level of the mens' waists. In this position they could fuck her from both sides, one cock in her mouth and another in her bruised and battered pussy. She entertained the boys in this fashion for another hour, barely noticing the penetration thanks to her preoccupation with the large, painful object embedded in her anus. The men tortured her with the root as they fucked her pussy, carefully wiggling the root in and out of her. The lubricant in her ass had begun to dry up and the root no longer slid back and forth without effort. Even expelling it would have been a challenge for Megan without assistance.
Meg shrieked like a cat and nearly leapt from the table when Fleming mounted her and started jerking the root back and forth roughly, fucking her ass raw with the dry, gnarled vegetable. As she tried her best to move her hips appropriately in response to the thrusts of his cock inside her pussy, he developed a rhythm of alternating thrusts with his dick and the root. He couldn't wait for a chance to thrust his shaft into her derriere. Unfortunately the residual ginger would have rendered the act more than a bit uncomfortable for him at this juncture. He had to bide his time until they could get her to an outpost and clean her out.
As Megan squirmed and squealed in response to the motion of her irritating ginger buttplug, yet another sadistic idea crossed his mind. It was nearly time to let Megan have a break.
After all nine of the men had reached orgasm with the assistance of Megan's mouth and cunt, four of them went back for seconds. The boys were beginning to tire and their cocks weren't as sensitive as they were a few hours earlier. It took another thirty minutes for them to get their rocks off. The men left Megan kneeling on the table, cum oozing from her pussy and mouth. They were gone for what seemed like hours to Megan, only twenty minutes in reality. She could tell that they were engaged in a heated and enthusiastic debate. Finally all nine men poured back into the dining room.
"Flip." spoke Cpl Barrington with a sly grin.
Pvt Nickels tossed a coin in the air and caught it on the back of his hand. The toss came up heads.
"Heads!" chuckled Barrington. "We were trying to decide whether you'd get another caning before your break. Looks like your tits are in luck, they're going to get some new stripes to match the ones on your ass!"
Megan had no strength remaining for words. She simply continued sobbing while Fleming removed her ring gag yet again.
"Don't worry, slut. We're not going to make you beg for this one. We can already tell how badly you want it."
With her legs and wrists chained to the spreader bar, she couldn't make much of an effort to protect her breasts. She just grimaced and wept, shouting weakly when the cane slashed across her chest. Her tits began to swell as blue and purple bruises formed.
She counted twelve blows. The rattan cane landed with another loud crack. Thirteen blows. Then came the fourteenth. Megan began to feel detached from her own body, like an alien observer staring down upon her life from outer space. She could no longer believe that any of the things that were happening were real.
The fifteenth stroke landed on her right breast, grazing her nipple. She ground her teeth in anticipation for the following stroke, but it never arrived.
Fleming stood in front of her, waving the cane impatiently. "How's that? What do you say, slut?"
Megan sat in dazed silence for twenty or thirty seconds. Fleming sighed and drew back his arm to deliver another blow. Megan's eyes shot wide open and she panicked.
"Th... Thankyoufordiscipliningmemastersir! I love it when you whip my tits, master! The pain makes me horny, it does... I mean... it makes my pussy wet because I 'm a filthy little pain slut! Please discipline me again master, sir!"
The soldiers laughed in unison while Megan's face turned crimson. Her first day wasn't over yet and the slut was already a professional. The boys knew they had done well in choosing their newest sex slave.
Megan drifted out of consciousness as the soldiers exited the room, leaving the bound, naked, battered, cum drenched girl to enjoy a rare moment of privacy. Suddenly she heard a knock at the front door so loud that it frightened her back to an alert, wakeful state.
She heard somewhere around a dozen men's voices as another squad poured into her house. Now there were twenty men in the house, and every single one of them was there for no purpose other than to fuck and torture Megan. She continued to weep softly through her sore, dry eyes. Suddenly she heard a high-pitched moan from the direction of the kitchen. The soldiers had another woman with them.

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