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Meeting susan on the last bus home

It was the last bus of the night, and I was on my way home from a fancy dress party dressed as a school girl, and now I wished that I had of used the little girl’s room Before I left But I was afraid I would miss the bus. I just hope it will be a quick ride home.

I boarded the bus, and took one of the last few seats, one which faced others across from me, I saw this woman now wished I had of boarded with a different situation. but things were the way it was. I didn’t have much problem, I could tell that she was watching me, and I couldn’t help move more than I wanted, I really needed to piss.

The sexy mature woman introduced herself as susan she was my age, around 50.We made small talk; I thought it was a good way to get my mind off the bladder problem, which was becoming more of a concern with each passing mile.

susan noticed, she leaned forward, and asked, Everything ok I whispered that I had too much to drink, and wished I had of relieved myself before I left the party.

Soon, I was feeling desperate, and susan Knew it, and suddenly I felt a spurt of piss jet out of my pee hole, and wet my panties, but felt it wouldn’t show, if I could just hold on.

My stop was just a head I knew I would make it, and since it was dark, I felt like this situation would settle itself without a public display of embarrassment to me. the bus slowed, and as I stood to exit, I felt another shot of piss wet again my panties, thank heaven I didn’t choose to wear a thong.

But to my horror, susan also got off. What was I going to do now, I love to piss myself, and frankly that was my plan, but now I wasn’t even sure what I was going to do.

We were in the middle of a residential area of the city, but late and dark enough that I could have had a accident and no one would of known, susan pointed in the direction of where she was headed and said if it was the same as mine, could she join me, I didn’t want to be rude.

As we walked, I started to bend over in pain from the full bladder, and I knew susan knew it.

Things changed suddenly, and I was shocked, susan said, Listen, I know you need relief, and since we don’t know each other, it’s a delicate situation. but I have a answer to help you” she stood in front of me, and without saying anything else, she pissed himself I just dropped my jaw, “what are you doing I said, she just smiled and said, I know you can’t make it, its dark and quiet, and we probably won’t be seen, and you will feel so much better.”

And with that, I let my bladder release too, Oh did it feel so good, and now I was horny, I wanted so much to rub, myself, but didn’t feel it would be good with susan here. But, I looked down and saw that she too was rubbing her puss though are pantys, I said,” you get turned on by all of this”

she looked into my eyes and pulled me close, and said, To fucking right I do she kissed me good and hard, She said why don’t you come back to mine for a coffee. I said I need to go home and change don’t worry about that you will soon dry off. I said ok then susan just the one coffee. we picked up our pace, and made it To susans home, piss soaked pantys and all, When we got in susans house she told me to make my self comfortable in the front room while she made the coffee.

susan was gone a while when she came back in with the coffee I was shocked to see her wearing a schoolgirl uniform like me. I did not say anything just tried to act as if things were normal. After we had been talking over coffee for a while susan asked me when I last had sex. Buy this time I was comfortable talking with susan and said the last time I had sex was about two years ago not since my husband left me for a younger woman.

With that susan stood up and lifted her skirt up to reveal a big pink strap on She said this is your lucky night if you are up for it iam going to fuck you in all holes with this strap on And if I think you have been a good girl you will get to do what you want with me tomorrow. What do you say. I said iam not sure. susan said I will tell what we can do then. I will give you a safe word lets say apples. And if it gets to much for you just say apples and I will stop. Ok then I said.

susan came over to me with strap on in hand grabbed my head then forced the strap on in to my mouth. I started gagging and tried to full off. susan said go on suck it you cock sucking whore. She kept forcing it in and out of for about another minute then all of a sudden I felt my school blouse getting very wet.. susan was pissing her self again The hot piss soaking though my blouse and bra and on to my tits It felt so good I pulled my knickers to one side and started to play with my self sticking two fingers up my pussy. I did not think it would take long before I was orgasming.

susan pulled the stapon out of my mouth lent in and kissed me passionately sticking her tongue down my throat all this was new to me but I was really enjoying it. I wondered to my self what susan was going two do next to me. I did not have to wait long. susan pulled away from me and said right fucking turn over. Iam going to fuck you up the arse. No I said I have never done that before and it will hurt. susan said it might to begin with but trust me you will start to enjoy it. I turned over and let susan stick that strap on up my arse. It did hurt to begin with but then it gave me the most intense pleasure..As susan was ramming the strap on in and out of my arse she put are hands round to my chest ripped my blouse open pulled my tits out of my bra and started to play with them she was tweaking my nipples while all this was going on I was rubbing my pussy ferociously. Sticking my fingers up there. I had never felt this good during sex it was not long before I was orgasming. It gushed out of me. I surprised my self by pulling my hand up to my mouth and sucking on my fingers it tasted so good.

susan pulled the strap on out of my arse. Right turn round and spread your fucking legs she said. I did as I was told. Then susan put the strap on to the edge of pussy and started to rub it up and down. Then all of a sudden she was in. pumping in and out quite fast. She lent in again and started to kiss me passionately again. All the time pumping in and out of my pussy.

When she had stopped fucking my pussy she went over to the cabanet opened the draw and pulled out some surgical gloves. I wondered what she could possibly need those for. susan put them on and came over and knelt between my legs. susan parted my pussy lips and started licking. susans tongue licking my pussy was pure heaven It was not long before I was orgasming again. susan looked up at me while still licking my juices. I could tell she was loving it and so was I.

susan started to shove to fingers up my pussy And then two fingers from the other and at the same time. Then all of a sudden she pulled her fingers out made a fist with her right hand and before I could protest she had shoved her fist in to my pussy. I was surprised she had been able to get it in. And even more so that it did not hurt and I was enjoying it. susan reached up and started playing with my tits again All the time still fisting my pussy. When she had finished she said right its time for the icing on the cake so to speak. With that she stood up tuck off the strap on turned around and stuck her arse and pussy into my face. Lick it bitch come on get your fucking tongue right in there. I was licking away when all of a sudden susan shit right into my face. I was just about to say my safe word when susan said I want my arse licking clean and if you don’t do a good job you will have not pleased me. And you definitely will not get to have your way with me tomorrow. So I carried on licking knowing susan would get her just deserts tomorrow

After basicly I had licked susans arse clean she said I want you to rub what is left of my lovely shit into your tits and pussy. Iam going to sit down in this chair and when I get up if there is any shit on the chair because you did not lick my arse clean like I fucking told you to do you will be for it. susan went over and sat in the chair spread her legs and started to play with her self. All the time telling me to keep rubbing her shit into my tits and pussy. I have to say I would never of dreamed of doing any thing like this. But being used this way was a real turn on. Iam so glad I bumped into susan on the bus I thought to my self. susan said lick your fingers clean then you can go and take a shower I did as I was told then susan led me up to the shower.

While I was showing susan sat on a wooden towel bin and masturbated to orgasm. When I had finish showering susan took me into her bed room and got me some clothes to put. We were both about size 16. when I was dressed susan kissed me and said I will let you get home to bed now. And be back here tonight 7pm And you can do what ever you want with me. Surprise me she said. With that I said I will do gave susan a kiss and went home to get some much needed sleep.

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Husbands wife

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Good story. For the second part i agree with most of the others brutal rape. That would be a good surprise.

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