Hunter remembers it like it was yeasterday, He's sitting in court quietly listening to his soon to be ex wife telling the judge and the jury how Hunter was an abusive alchoholic who cheated, beat and raped her several times during their marriage. Despite all these false accusations Hunter knew he would win because he didn't do any of the things his wife was claiming and that when their son Leon would testify everyone in the court room would know that his wife Laura was the alchoholic who cheated several times and would physically attack Hunter everytime she was drunk.
Hunter watches his son Leon walk towards the seat next to the judge to testify and he smiles knowing that in a few moments he could legally get that drunk, cheating bitch out of his life forever. He looks at his wife Laura hoping to see her squirm but is suprised to see her smiling, Hunters smile is replaced with a frown as he listens to his son Leon tell the judge and jury that his mother was telling the truth, and that he witnessed his father beat his mother Laura several times in a drunken rage.
Hunter stands and says " What are you doing? you know what she's like, you were there " the judge orders Hunter to sit down and be silent or he would spend the night in prison. Hunter knows he's in trouble but he can't figure out why Leon would betray him like this, obviously his mother bribed him. Not long after Leon tesifies the jury returns from deliberation and finds Hunter guilty on all counts, Hunter is ordered to pay child support, alimony and $10,000 to his wife for all the pain he caused her.
Hunter remembers all this like it was yesterday but the truth is all this happened 4 years ago, Leon is now 17 { he was 13 when he tesified } and for 4 years Hunter has been planning the ultimate revenge on the 2 people who betrayed him so badly, finally after 4 years of planning Hunter sets his master plan into motion.
Laura and her son Leon are at home sitting on the couch watching their favorite show Game Of Thrones when Leon says " did you hear that mom? " Laura says " No, what did you hear? " Leon says " It sounded like glass shattering ". Before Leon could get up to investigate the cause of the sound he see's a large can roll past him, the can starts spinning releasing an orange gas. Leon is very sleepy he can barely keep his eyes open, he looks at his mother who is passed out and Leon falls in front of mother and passes out.
Leon awakes and at first he can't see clearly after a few moments his vision clears and he sees that he is completely naked, his wrists are hand cuffed together and the chain binding his cuffs together is attached to a long thick chain, he looks at the long thick chain to see what it's attached to and that's when he see's his mother, Leon is shocked when he sees that his mother is completely naked laying on a bed.
The bed is parralel to the north wall of the room their in, the bed has 4 large black metal pillars that are bolted to the celing and the floor. Two pillars at the head of the bed and two pillars at the end of the bed, Leon sees that his mothers left wrist is hand cuffed to one of the pillars at the head of the bed against the north wall, her wright wrist is hand cuffed to one of the pillars at the end of the bed against the north wall.
Her left ankle is hand cuffed to the other pillar at the head of the bed and her wright ankle is hand cuffed to the other pillar at the end of the bed. Her legs are spread wide open exposing her labia and asshole, Leon notices a small hole in the north wall above his mothers head and that the chain attached to his hand cuffs is comming out of that hole. Leon avoids looking at his mothers naked body and that's when he notices that his ankles are also hand cuffed together and that the chain binding his ankle cuffs together is attached to a large thick chain that goes under the bed but is obviously comming out of a hole in the north wall.
Leon scans the room to see if he can find anything he can use to cover his mother up but theres nothing he can use, even the bed his mother is on is just a matress with no sheet. There's a toilet against the south wall but no toilet paper, there's a shower next to the toilet but no towels. There's a black metal door on the the left wall but no knobs or handles, Leon tries to push it but it won't move.
The right wall has a very big flat screen tv that's playing porn, there's no sound but the porn being played is a small blond white woman getting gangbanged by several huge African American males. The flat screen is covered by a shatter proof glass attached to the wall so Leon can't turn off the television, he watches the porn and starts to get an erection but remebers that his naked mother is sleeping on the bed so he looks away and after a while his erection goes away.
He hears his mother makes some sounds and he knows that she's about to wake up, he knows she's going to freak out when she realizes the situation and position she's in. She awakes and says " Leon, Leon where are you? I can't see " Leon says " It's ok mom, just wait a few seconds your vision will clear, the same thing happened to me " She struggles and says " Leon I can't move my arms and legs, what's going on? " Leon says " It's ok mom, calm down your wrists and ankles are hand cuffed to the pillars of the bed your on but there's no one else in this room besides us so were safe ".
She lifts her head and see her son completely naked using his hands to cover his cock and that's when she realizes that she is also completely naked and that her legs are spread wide open, she panicks and says " My god what's happening? Leon don't look at me I don't want you to see me like this " Leon says " It's ok mom I'm not looking at you, I'm starring at the wall above your head. She checks the room trying to find something to cover herself up and a way out but Leon says " I know mom I tried to find something to cover you up too but there's nothing in this room we can use and the door won't open ".
Laura keeps struggling trying to break the cuffs around her wrists, Leon says " Stop mom their too thick your going to hurt yourself " she says " then come here and help me maybe working together we can break the cuffs. The pillars at the head and end of the bed are both 1 inch away from the left and right wall, Leon realizes this and says " Mom I can't, the only way for me to reach the cuffs around your wrists is to get between your legs ". Laura says " It's ok Leon I realized that too just stand in front of my knee".
Leon slowly walks towards the bed, it's hard for him to move because of his ankle cuffs but he finally makes it to the bed. He notices that because of the height of the bed if he had been between her legs his cock would have been right in front of her pussy, he reaches for the cuff around her left wrist and together they start to pull. Laura is using all of her strength and her body starts to shake and as it does her knee keeps rubbing against Leons cock, he let's go of the cuff and backs away using his hand to cover his erection.
Laura says " What's wrong why did you stop? " she lifts her head and sees him trying to cover his erection. He says " Sorry mom but I can't, I,,, I just can't but like I said there's no one else in the room so were safe ". Suddenly the chains attached to Leons hand cuffs and ankles cuffs start retracting forcing Leon to get inbetween his mothers legs, Leon tries as hard as he can to stop moving but he can't and in seconds he's inbetween her legs.
this forces Leon to bend over a little, his hands are touching the north wall and he's looking at his mothers face, his legs are against the bed, since it's a matress it doesn't hurt but he can't move his legs. Leon was still erect when the chains started retracting and because of the height of the bed his cock should have easily slid into his mother pussy but just before his ankle chains stopped retracting he stood on his toes so his rock hard cock is 1 inch above his mother hairy pussy but his balls are touching her labia.
Starring at his mother he thinks to himself [ If I didn't stand on my toes at the last second I would be inside her right now ] she lifts her head and looks at her sons rock hard cock wich is now laying on her hairy pussy, she can feel his balls against her vagina. There's an akward silence between them for a few seconds and finally he says " I, I, umm, I stood on my toes at the last second ". She looks at his face and smiles a little then lifts her head and looks at his rock hard pulsing cock and she says " Why are you still so hard? " Leon blushes and says " It's the contact, I don't want to be hard, believe me but our genitals are touching so my body is reacting ".
He bends over more so he can move his rock hard pulsing cock and balls away from his mothers pussy, she says " What are you doing? " he says " If there's no contact I won't stay hard ". As he tries to pull his cock and balls away from her he notices that the chains comming from the north wall aren't locked in place anymore. He smiles and says " Mom I can move again " the head of his still rock hard cock is right in front of her pussy.
She smiles and is about to say something when the chains quickly retract again catching Leon by suprise and because of how close they are to eachother he has no time to react. His rock hard pulsing cock easily slides inside his mothers pussy as the chains lock in place, His mother screams " MY GOD LEON PULL IT OUT PLEASE PULL IT OUT " Leon screams " I'M SO SORRY MOM I DON'T WANT THIS ".
He bends over as much as he can and his cock does start to pull out of his mothers pussy but Leon has a huge cock, a little over 8 inches, he can't bend over anymore and the head of his cock is still inside his mothers vagina. His back starts hurting so he stands straight slidding all of his cock back into her pussy, despite the situation he's in he thinks to himself [ That felt so good ].
She's screaming " PULL IT OUT OF ME PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PULL IT OUT OF ME " Leon says " Mom I have an idea so calm down and listen to me " she stops screaming and listens. Leon says " If I finish then my erection will deflate and it will slide out of you " with tears rolling down her face she says " If you finish? you,, you want to fuck me? ", Leon says " It's the only way, I don't want to do this but it's the only way I can pull it out of you ".
She closes her eyes and says " Do what you have to do ", Leon starts to slide his rock hard pulsing cock in and out of his mothers pussy slowly at first but then going faster. He should have cum already but his mind is torn between knowing that his cock is inside his own mothers pussy and the pleasure he's getting from fucking her. She's his mother but she's also a woman, so she moans as her sons huge fat cock keeps fuckking her, Leon can see her toes curling and her legs start to shake.
She's moaning more and more, she opens her eyes and looks into Leons eyes as she let's out a huge moan as she orgasms all over Leons cock. He can't see it since the chains force him to look at his mother but he felt it. They stare into eachothers eyes as he fucks her, the battle in his mind between fucking his mother and fucking a woman rages on but the second one is winning. He starts moaning and he knows he's going to cum soon so he starts fucking her faster, deeper and harder, she moans again and again, her toes curling, her legs start shaking again.
She moans loudly as she orgasms again all over her sons cock, Leon moans loudly and his cock shoots loads of cum deep into his mothers vagaina. Starring into eachothers eyes they both moan as the same time as he cums inside her, his cock is still inside her but it's starting to deflate and after a few seconds it slides out of her. Leon notices that the chains are loose again so he backs away from his mother and he watches his cum leaking out of his mothers pussy, he stares at her body, her large tits, her long legs and her hairy pussy wich actually makes his cock start to get a little hard again.
He says " You see, it worked I told you my plan would work I pulled it out of you " breathing heavily she smiles and stares and his semi hard cock. Leon goes to the toilet to piss, then turning on the shower he washes his cock and hands, while in the shower he keeps starring at her huge tits and hairy pussy, the pussy he was just inside a few moments ago. His looks at the porn playing on the t.v and see's a Chinese woman getting gangbanged by the same several African American Males.
His cock get's rock hard again { ah the gift of youth } and he stares at his mothers pussy. She lifts her head and sees his rock hard pulsing cock and says " Your hard again? that was fast " Leon panicks and says " It's only because of the porno playing on the flat screen t.v " but he thinks to himself [ I would love to fuck her again ]. She looks at the porn for a few seconds and says " Oh ok but I was thinking, if the chains start moving again grab and hold onto the toilet " He says " That's a good idea mom " he tries to avoid looking at her tits and pussy while she's looking at him but his cock is aiming right at her.
The chains start retracting quickly and Leon reaches for the toilet but misses { a small part of him is glad he missed } and he falls to the ground as the chains pull him towards the bed. Laura knows what's about to happen and she says " go on your toes like last time " Leon is forced into position with his rock hard cock burried deep inside his mothers pussy. She let's out a moan and says " what happened? why didn't you go on your toes? " and moans again, Leon says " The last time I was balanced but this time I was on the floor " and he starts to fuck his mother hard, fast and deep.
She looks him in the eye and says " I'm starting to think your enjoying this " and she moans as he fucks her hard. He really is enjoying this but he says " No I hate this but if I can finish then I can pull it out of you " and he grunts as fucks her as hard as he can. Her nipples are so hard, her toes are curling and her legs start shaking as she moans louder and louder, he fucks hard, fast and deep and she screams as she orgasms all over his big fat cock, this makes Leon fuck her even harder.
looking eachother in the eye she moans again and again, he's grunting and he says " Are you ok mom, do you want me to slow down? " she says " No, fuck me harder, deeper " she keeps moaning as he does indeed fuck her harder and deeper. She thinks to herself [ I can't believe I just said that, but his huge cock feel so good inside me ], hearing his mother say " Fuck me harder, deeper proves too much for Leon and he moans loudly as he cums mutliple times inside his mothers pussy. They both moan as he cums inside her and even though he creampied her he keeps fucking her.
He keeps fucking her for a while until he finally stops and his cock deflates and slides out of her, the chains loosen and he backs away and watches as his cum leaks out of her pussy. She's still moaning but calms down and says " Leon grab onto the toilet now " Leon grabs the toilet rim and sits down besides it. He keeps starring at her hairy pussy wich is still leaking his cum, she says " We had sex twice, if anyone ever found out we had sex twice,, I don't even want to think about then she says " You came inside me twice, I'm probably pregnant with your child ".
Knowing he's fucked his mother twice and probably got her pregnant actually makes his cock start to stiffen but he says " It wasn't by choice mom, we are being forced to do this by some sicko with an incest fetish but like I said there's no one else in this room besides us so no one will ever know, plus we didn't have sex twice we made love twice ". She lifts her head and stares at her son, smiles and says " You smooth talker you " then she says " Are you watching that porn again? ".
Leon smiles and says " No why do you ask? " she says " Your hard again ", Leon looks at her and says " I can't help it, your so sexy, your huge breasts and your hairy vagina, you know how rare it is to find a woman with a hairy vagina these days? " he smiles and grabs his now rock hard cock in his hand and he says " You can't tell me you didn't enjoy the two times we made love ". He let's go of the toilet rim and starts walking towards the bed, he get's close to her and starts fingering her pussy, she moans and says " What do you think your doing? ".
Leon looks her in the eye and says " I'm about to make love to a hot sexy woman " he fingures her a bit more then moves his hands to her large breasts sucking on one of her nipples while pinching the other. She moaning loudly and says " Your such a bad boy, you want to make love to your mommy " he get's between her legs and slides his rock hard cock deep into her wet pussy and he starts to fuck her hard, fast and deep. He grunts and pinches her nipples as he fucks her, she moans and says " That's right baby fuck me, fuck your mommy hard ".
Her toes already curled and her legs shaking she moans as she orgasms all over his cock, he pull his cock out to look at it then slides it all back in. He smiles and says " Say it again, say it for me ", she smiles and says " Fuck me baby, fuck your mommy hard " he pulls his cock out of her pussy and places it at her anus and starts to push. She moans and says " Your going to fuck your mommies ass, you bad boy " Leon slides his entire cock into her ass and starts to fuck her hard, her ass is so tight it isn't too long before Leon shoots loads of cum deep into her ass.
She's moaning so loudly as she orgasms again, Leon pulls his cock out of her ass and watches as his sperm leaks out of it then he slides his still hard cock into her pussy and starts to fuck her again. Leon fianlly pulls his cock out and backs away that's when he realises that theres a key on the floor in front of the black metal door. He uses the key on his wrist and ankle cuffs, after freeing himself he uses the key on on his mothers cuffs, after she's free he says " There's something I wanted to do and now I can ".
He huggs his mother and then moves his hand to back of her head and after a few seconds he moves that same hand to the top of her head and starts forcing her to get on her knees, she knows what he want's and she says " Such a bad boy ". She gets on her knees and put his semi hard cock in her mouth and starts to suck, he grabs the back of her head and starts to fuck her face hard, she sucks him for a while until he starts grunting and he says " I'm going to cum " she tries to pull away but he's holding her head in place and he cums down her throat, she swallows every drop .
They both take a shower together, she's touching his cock and he's fingering her pussy, after the shower they go back to the bed and he bends her over. Getting on his knees behind her he starts to eat her pussy, he licks her pussy clean then he stands up and she gets on her knees and starts to suck his now rock hard cock. After a while he bends her over again and slides his rock hard cock deep into her pussy and he starts to fuck her hard, fast and deep, grabbing her large tits he fucks her as hard as he can, she's moaning so loudly saying " Fuck me, fuck your mommy hard ".
After some really hard fucking he grunts and screams " I'M GOING TO CUM " she gets on her knees taking his cock into her mouth she swallows every drop of his cum. Leon hears what sounds like a door unlocking while his mother swallows his sperm, he pulls his cock out of her mouth and turns to see the black metal door open. They both go through the door and find their clothes neatly piled on a table, they get dressed and head towards the exit, once outside she looks at Leon and says " I don't regret what happened in there but you know that no one can ever find out ".
Leon says " I know mom, you don't have to tell me but to be honest I really want to continue making love to you " She smiles and says " As long as nobody ever finds out about us we can make love every day " and they hug eachother, she can feel his erection pressing against her and she calls a taxi. They get home Leon turns on the t.v and relaxes on the couch, his mother walks into the room completely naked wit 2 glasses of Iced T, Leon quickly strips completly naked and sits back on the couch.
She sits next to him holding her glass with her left hand and massaging his cock with her right hand, he's holding his glass with his left hand and fingering her pussy with the other. She finishes her iced T and starts to suck his rock hard cock, he finishes his drink and grabs the back of her head and continues flipping through the channels when he see's his father Hunter being interviewed, he says " Mom stop sucking my cock and look at the t.v " they both watch the t.v as Hunter tells the reporter that for 4 years everyone thought I was an drunk cheater who beat and raped my ex wife.
Then he says " My son Leon knew I was innocent but he helped his mother win her case anyway and I couldn't figure out why until now ". The reporter then says " warning the following footage is extremely graphic " the screen goes black then the words Greed and Incest appear, Laura and Leon look at eachother in shock and watch as the footage shows what happened between Laura and Leon in that room right after they freed eachother from their wrist and ankle cuffs.
Lauras face is clearly seen but because Leon is a minor they blocked his face they also blocked Leons cocks and Lauras tits and vagina but it's clear what their doing. The screen goes black again and the reporter asks Hunter what his thoughts are after seeing this, Hunter says " I'm in complete shock I knew she cheated on me with other men during our marriage but with our own son, she's disgusting and now everyone knows it ". Then he says " After 4 years, finally after 4 long years everyone now knows that I was innocent all along and that they were using me for my money while sleeping with eathother " he then looks into the camera, winks and says " I'll see you in court ".
Laura and Leon get dressed as the phone starts ringing, Leon can see the police heading towards their house and they both know that life as they knew it is over.


2013-08-23 15:29:00
Beautiful !! Now thats what I call Justice !! What a wonderful mind our author has. (countrycadillac)

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2013-08-12 14:36:15
Good should be longer than this though

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2013-08-09 21:47:56
Good build up, you should have extended the ending. All else it's a good read.

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2013-08-09 00:35:12
paragraphs are your friend, use them........too hard to read with it all run together like that


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I love it they got what they deserved

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