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this is a COMPLETE work of fiction. it also is about a child so of ur not into that stuff, DOO NOOT READ!!!!!
Wendy is technically my cousin however she is a couple of generations removed. (her great-great grandmother and my great grandmother were sisters). She was a bouncy, energetic redhead that, for some reason, attached herself to my hip at a three day long family reunion up in the mountains. I was 19 at the time and bored as hell. None of my male cousins my age could make it and I really did not want to go, but I got dragged along to “help look after the young ones” as my mother put it. Well I looked at them, but not in the way that was intended. I was literally surrounded by a dozen kids (aged 5 to 12) that I was suppose to entertain and keep off the parents nerves. I was just one out of six “new adults” that had this duty but the others were all girls.

As for the entertainment, I took them on hikes, played tag, got into tickle fights (did a little groping on that one), wading in the local stream and other assorted games. But my favorite personal game was watching all the young tiny bodies of the cute girls in my group. I was get a stiff, and sometimes painful, boner watching them and I’d have to walk off a couple of times a day to rub one out.

I would always keep the kids insight while hiding behind a boulder or a bush, to keep a watch on them but mostly to look and the round asses of the girls as I stroked my hard dick. I’d only unzip my fly and pull out my dick to keep my pants on and for a quick put away incase one or more of the kids came looking for me, which Wendy did frequently. I don’t know why she was always following me around. She was popular enough with the other kids. No one overly teased her and she was pretty. To be forthright, she was the main reason I had to keep masturbating all the time when out watching the kids. On this particular occasion I had snuck off to jerk one off after having a tickle fight with the kids. The contact with so many sweet young bodies got me hard, especially when I was tickling Wendy’s inner thighs under her skirt. I got so hard that I said I had to “go”, as the kids call it, and ran off into the trees. I found a thick enough bush nearby to be able to watch the kids but not have them see me rubbing one out. In my absence one of the boys (there were only 4 in my group) had gotten a little rowdy and stole one of the girls’ shoes and commenced a game of keep away. It amused me and and I started to chuckle and my stroking slowed down a bit. This is where I made a mistake.

I was so caught up in the boys’ shenanigans that I didn’t hear someone approaching. In my own defense, I was close to cummming and, for me that means my “world” narrows and I lose track of my surroundings. Luckily, I heard a twig snap and turned to the side right as I orgasmed. My Eyes closed and I felt the familiar rush and tightness in my loins as my cock twitched in my hand and erupted cum like a fire hose. When I opened my eyes after I calmed down I found Wendy standing just a few yards behind me with her mouth hung open as she stared at my hard dick profiled from her perspective.

I quickly tucked my dick way and, blushing from being caught, asked, “Wendy, what are you doing here?"

“I came to find you silly”, she answered, recovering from her shock, “is that how boys go pee ?”

My mind was racing. What was I going to do? this adorable little eleven year old had just caught me ejactulating while literally watching the kids. But she did not seem scared or nervous, just curious about my “peeing”. That gave my perverted mind an idea.

“Not exactly,” I replied, turning to her and smiling.

“Then what was that?” Wendy asked walking over to the tree that my cum had landed on and looking at it closely.

“Well that is something that that big kids do to make themselves feel good, I responded.

Wendy perked up, “I've been a girl girl.for years but I have never seen that.”

“Yes you are a big girl so you can do it too. I can teach you if you like,” I offered, sinking my proverbial hook into her.

“Okay!” she announced, sounding excited, “What do I do?”

I chuckled at her innocent enthusiasm. “Slow down there girl. I have to get back to the others but if you want I can show you tonight after dinner when everyone is watching the evening movie,” I offered.

“Okay!” she said again and gave me a hug. That was unexpected and my semi soft pinis became rock hard and stayed that way for the rest of the day. I walked her back to the others and told her that this was our little secret and didn’t want only of the other kids to spoil our fun. I didn’t masturbate for the rest of the day to save up my cum for tonight and i formulated a plan.

After dinner I took Wendy out into the woods to a spot I had found about a mile away. It was a long walk but since it was summer time, there was plenty of light and the place had a nice, semi flat boulder about the size of a two seater couch. As we walked Wendy talked me a bunch of questions about what we were going to do and where we were going. I told her it was a surprise and she would just have to wait and see.

We reached the couch like boulder in about a half an hour and I sat down on it. Wendy sat down next to me, with her little feet almost touching the ground. I waited in silence to catch my breath and figure out just how to start but Wendy beat me to it.

“You said you would tell me what we are going to do when we got there Jason,” she said sweetly, “what are we going to do?”

“Well... let me teach you the basics first Wendy. You’re going to need to get naked but leave your socks and shoes on since we are outside,” I explained.

“Okay, she responded, quicker that I was expecting, “Are you going to get naked too?”

I nodded my head yes and she giggled and started to undress. I did the same, revealing my still rock hard dick from earlier. I spread out our clothes to make a semblance of a cushion on the boulder. After I done I sat back down and Wendy sat back next to me.

“Wow it is really big and straight. I have seen my baby brother’s weiner when mom changes his diaper but his is all small and saggy. Are all big boys weiners big like yours?” she asked.

“Only when they are around a cute girl,” I reply.

“Oh,” she says not quite getting it.

“So you want me to show you how to make yourself feel good like a big kid?” I ask with my right hand subconsciously wrapping around my dick.

“Yes,” is all the answers with and I smile at her.

“Okay, for a girl they make themselves feel good by rubbing their hands over their pussy. It will get all watery and feel really good.”

Wendy looks and me confused, “My what?”

“Your pussy,” I repeat. taking my left hand and placing it over her hairless vaginal lips.

“Oh, my cunny,” Wendy giggles, “that feels funny.”

I start to rotate my fingers counterclockwise over her little lips, “ Does that feel good?”

“Ah ha,” she responds and spreads her legs for me.

It takes a few minutes but I start to feel her pussy dampen in response to it’s first stimulation ever. Her breathing deepens and I know she is enjoying it. I jerk my right hand on my cock and it feels really good. I am harder than I have been in years and much more sensitive to the sensations my hand was causing. I slip a finger between her now soaked pussylips and she gasps.

“You like that?” I ask her and she nods her head vigorously.

“Ca- can- can I touch you?” she asks me sounding like she is out of breath.

“Sure I say and I remove my right hand from around my cock and place it at my side.

Wendy reaches for my shaft and her fingertips tentatively pet the skin.

“Put your hand around it like you are holding a broom,” I instruct her, “then move it up and down like you are pumping your brother’s super soaker.”

She does so and I am in blyss. I have an eleven year old masturbating me with I play with her pussy. Can life get any sweeter? Then Wendy curls over into me and latches her free arm around my shoulders. she moans and then groans as my hand gets flooded by her very first orgasm. my finger that is between her pussy lips slips into her love canal and she orgasms again, this time with a wail. All through her orgasm she squeezes my dick really tight, to the point of hurting and that, coupled with her orgasming, forces me over the edge and I cum, spraying one of my biggest loads all over the forest floor in front of me.

“Wow, what was that?” Wendy asks breathlessly.

“You came Wendy, That is why big kids make themselves feel good,” I explain.

“I liked that Jason, can we do it again?” she asks, lifting her head and looking longingly into my eyes.

“Later we can, right now we need to get back the the cabins before the movie ends and it gets dark,” I answer, hugging her.

“Oh but that was fun,” Wendy pouts.

I get up and grab my shirt and pull it over my head, “Well if you ever want to, you can play with yourself anytime.”

“Okay, but can we do it again tomorrow?” Wendy pleads with me,also getting dressed.

I laugh and say yes. We head back to the cabins and arrive just as the movie ends. For the rest of the three day weekend Wendy never left my side and we had a lot more fun at the boulder until the family reunion was over.

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2013-08-11 12:42:12
It was a good story, though you need to work on some minor grammar and structural issues. Are you planning on continuing? I would read the next chapter.



2013-08-11 02:45:00
Of course it didn't happen. Hence the disclaimer that it is COMPLETELY fictional. Your not too bright are you.

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2013-08-10 18:27:14
Pictures or it didn't happen!

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2013-08-09 03:30:56
You really need to proofread your work.

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