I chose to restart the story

I was possibly an average 15 year old boy, I played football (soccer) with friends, played video games and chased after girls. However there is always something that makes a person unique to those around them and mine was definitely……. Different.
“Sean” my mother called up to me, I stood up and opened my door.
“What?” I returned
“I’m going out for lunch with Jess. I’ll be gone for a few hours, there’s a pizza in the fridge and Anthony will be home soon”
“OK, have a nice time” I shouted half-heartedly.
My family was made up of six people: Me, the self-proclaimed sex god (which was an achievement since I was a virgin). My older brother Ant, the football star, the genius, the first born. My 9 year old brother James, playful, forever joyful and completely oblivious to the world outside of his easy life. My sister Kelly the 18 year old slut who wore clothes so small they would fit James and still be to small (not that I was complaining) her breasts around a large C cup and a body that demands to be gawked at.
Then the heads of my family: My father, the illogical “king” who believes that his word is law. An ex-pro rugby player turned surgeon who would try the patience of Ghandi. Then my mother the 41 year old ex-model (out of choice, as she could still easily strut up the cat-walk and still have half the audience thinking about her on the drive home. With large D cup breasts and slim figure it no wonder my class mates harass me about wanting her lodged on them dicks, I can’t disagree though I would never tell them.
We live in a large house were my room is my sanctuary with an en-suite bathroom, a fridge stacked with snacks and cola, and a 57 inch TV with surround sound. I rarely needed to leave.
As I sat at my computer I logged onto a porn site and found my favourite. See I have odd choices sexually for example I am into incest and gay, though everyone believes I am straight. But my biggest thing was that I fantasised about being fucked by a monster. The strangeness of this made me lust for it more, I wanted to be penetrated by unknown creatures.
I moved my hand down to my jeans and played with the zip. As I did this I heard a sound, a quiet bang coming from my bathroom. I suggested plumbing to myself and thought nothing more. I turned back to the computer to find the screen black, I pushed the on button but the screen remained lifeless. I bent over to see the plug, it was in and switched on
“The fuck?” I asked out loud. I left my room in search of my mum’s laptop. To my delight I found it with full charge and opened Bing. I took of my jeans and about to do the same to my boxers when the lights went out.
I stood up and walked out of my parent’s room, as I passed my room I heard the same noise coming from within my bathroom. Louder and more demanding I tried to fight the urge to treat my curiosity but failed. I moved cautiously through my bedroom and into the bathroom. The noise repeated once again originating from my walk-in shower and as the name says, I walked in.
I found nothing but an orange substance near the plug, I continued over to it and examined it. Learning nothing using my eyes I wiped my finger onto it. The substance was sticky. As I was about to smell it, something wrapped around my ankle and ripped me of balance. My head hit the floor. I lay there for a second the world spinning around me. I Blinked twice and attempted to turn around but my head was thrust downwards.
Something wrapped around my arms and legs it was slimy and hard. I was lifted into the air. I could feel it slithering around my torso over my shirt. It moved up my body and my neck. Then I saw it a long, thick, black tentacle bulging with veins like an erect penis about 7 inches thick. The tip felt my face and touched my lips. It tasted sweet like nectar, I tried to keep my mouth closed but it forced its way in the pleasure I got was incredible, almost unbearable.
I just sucked it, like the girls I had seen on porn do to cocks and I used my tongue to lick it. I wished it could go on forever. The monster of a penis continued into my mouth towards the back. I thought that I would choke but it never came. It headed down my throat filling it completely as I moaned and moaned. It stopped suddenly with about 2 feet of it bulging tentacle already inside of me.
I saw a bulge in the tentacle moving towards my mouth like water through a pipe. It entered my mouth and down my throat pushing at the sides. Then when it reached the head of the tentacle it exploded inside my body. Torrents of the incredible juice lining my insides.
While I was in pure ecstasy other tentacles crawled around my exterior I felt around five separate snakes exploring my body. One of which was investigating the back of my boxers. My asshole was very tight as I had never been fucked in it. The tentacles pulled back and rammed at my ass ripping the boxers to shreds and into my pink hole.
The feeling was originally pain but it subsided and turned to complete pleasure as the penis like monster kept stretching me wider and wider until I was screaming into the tentacle in my throat. Then it pulled out and so did the one in my mouth. I panted heavily, when a tentacle over a foot wide streamed into my asshole. I screamed in both pain and pleasure.
The scream turned to moan after moan as I continued to be penetrated by the thing I had always wanted to be fucked by. The thrusts got more rapid as did the moans and suddenly the monster in my ass went all the way in. I don’t know where it was in my body but it felt like it may come out of my mouth.
Then I blacked out.
I awoke some time later on the shower floor, drenched in the orange cum.
“Sean” a voice called to me from a distance yet inside my head
“I have given you a gift” it continued “you are now irresistible to whoever makes contact with your saliva to do anything of your heart’s desire. In addition to this you have a larger penis.” I looked downwards and to my amazement, my penis was over a foot long.” all I ask in return is to consume the cum of other humans through any hole or your penis. I will return”
The voice left me and I tried to sort everything out in my head. This concentration was broken by the sound of a door slamming and my brother calling up “I’m home.” I was hit with a thought. I slowly made my way downstairs completely nude with orange cum on every part of me. My new dick sticking out in front of me.
I heard the home TV come alive and made my way to the lounge. I strolled in and Anthony turned to me.
“Hel… why the fuck are you nak…” I forced myself at him are lips meeting. He tried to push me off. I thrusted my tongue into his mouth and met his. He slowly stopped fighting me and started to kiss me back enjoying my tongue.
“It worked!” I exclaimed. “Uhh … Ant lick me dry” I ordered. He obeyed immediately, licking my chest and abs. then down to my legs, up and down each one. I turned around and he licked up my spine taking all the cum in his mouth. He then forcefully pushed me to a wall and I assumed the position. He rammed his tongue in to my hole and moved it around, licking the walls.
He moved out with a “plop” and turned me around and started on my penis, starting by using his tongue up and down my shaft and around the head. He suddenly engulfed it all I could barely stop myself from ejaculating down his throat. He stopped and stood up to face me.
“Catch me” I told him and jumped up. He caught me with incredible strength, I wrapped my legs around his body touching is butt cheeks and lowered myself onto his penis that ripped a hole in his underwear. As the head popped inside of me I realised that my ass had returned to being tight. Without the slime that the tentacle had, this was hard, more rough and more sexy. He began to fuck me raw.

To be continued.

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2014-09-21 03:40:19
Bing? Seriously?

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2014-04-10 04:21:26
You need to give more parts of the story of the moster fucking the boy.its fucking sexy


2013-08-28 21:26:57
Not bad, I like it. You should have the monster return sometime though. Keep it in the family too.

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good story please keep it up this has a good premise with the whole family possibly being victims

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