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Dad takes his realtionship with daughter to next level
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Prior: Kelsey – “No Dad Stop.”
Prior: Kelsey - “Dad that cannot happen Again”
Prior: Kelsey - “Paying The Rent”
Prior: Kelsey – “Dad, how could you let that man do THAT to me.”
Prior: Kelsey – “Dad – this is like really SICK.”
Prior: Kelsey – “This Crazy. We can’t do it here.”
Prior: Kelsey – “Dad. Please, NOT the Belt.”
Prior: Kelsey - “DAD, Don’t make me go inside that creepy Video store.”
Prior: Kelsey – “Dad, what’s a GLORY HOLE?”

(Dad has fallen in love with teen store clerk Ali, even while his treatment of daughter
Kelsey reaches new lows. Dad has taken Kelsey to a porno store. She is in the glory hole booth paying for the sex toys her Dad has bought for her.)

“Rub my dick in my cum, let me swirl it around your face. Lick my fucking cock clean.”
“Come on you little cock sucking, cum eating whore. Kelsey ran the cum coated dick
around her teen face. She took the head in her pouty mouth and sucked it clean.
Dad was taking photos on his phone. “Smile for the camera.” “Let me see the
Gizz in you mouth.” “Swallow!” “Show daddy your empty mouth.”

Quickly another hard-on appeared through the hole Kelsey was going
to get quite a workout. These guys were ready to go and sharing the booth token.
I looked down watching my girl taking on her third man.
Just then I got a call from Ali.
“Hey, I got the photos of Kelsey at the Glory Hole.” Laughed Ali.
“Yea, and its only started, she has almost a full hour to go.”
“HA HA, be sure get more photos when that face is dripping with cum.”

“Ali, did you get to the hardware store.”
“Yea, got the dog cage, cloth pins, mouse traps.”
“Sounds good, can’t wait to get them to good use.”
“Opps, gotta go, fuck, that was big load.” “Send me a photo!! Love You” Laughed Ali.
“Love you Ali!”

Kelsey sat on the chair in the disgusting glory hole room. Her face had been pushed against the wall and mouth used as a cum hole for the perverted lowlifes. Men were buying 5 minutes in the adjoining room
with tokens but a group was entering in each session. The mess was on her face and dripping down her top from three men of only the first session and yet she faced almost an hour more.
She could hear loud voice is the hallway laughing and joking. How many more men?

How could this be happening? She had done everything her Dad asked, why …………
OMG, he is on the phone again with Ali. “AGGHHHH”. Kelsey’s head was pulled back by the
hair. Barely able to see because of the cum hanging over her eyes she looked up at her
Dad, taking a picture of her with his phone.

Ali was with him on the speaker phone. “Excellent view, what a slut. She looks good in goo.”
“Hey Bitch, lookin good.” Ali laughed at Kelsey over the speaker. Kelsey could hear new men coming into the room next to the glory hole.

I looked down at my little bitch daughter, Little fucking whore, just like her mother.
The resentment had built over the years as I had to raise her after her mother left.
She was a constant reminder of her cunt mother.

Tears were running down her red cheeks mixing with the cum. I had a firm grasp her hair.
“Tell your Dad, you like sucking cock for money.”
“Dad, please stop this. No more. I don’t want……”
I pulled her head by the hair. “Say it Bitch.”
It was lovely, crying, quivering Kelsey got it out. “Dad, I like sucking cock for money.”

“Open your mouth. Open it, here is a little extra treat for you.” I put my mouth over hers
and drooled a load of spit in her mouth while I took photos with my other hand.”
I watched as my spit trickled slowly into her open mouth. I coughed up another load
and slowly let it drip in her mouth. “Swallow it ALL.”
“Show me your mouth.”

“PUSSY PUSSY.” The voice shouted from the other room. Two 20’s were shoved through the
Glory hole. Now we’re talking, I thought, time to start making some money.
I pulled Kelsey up from the chair. “Pull those shorts and panties off. HURRY UP.”
A hard black cock was already in the glory hole. I gave a double look. It was
big as I had seen. “Where is that sweet young white pussy.” “Git that shit over here.”

I twisted Kelsey around so her ass was up against the wall. I positioned her pussy over the
Glory hole. “Grab that fucking chair and hold on. Get ready for one hard fuck.”
All I heard was more whimpering and sniveling. I grabbed her ass cheeks and pushed her
hard against the wall.

Kelsey was trembling. She had seen the black dick. It looked so big coming through the wall.
Plastered against the wall held by her Dad she couldn’t move. She felt the dick head probing her.
“NO DAD, I don’t want that Black Cock.”
“You are going to love it, take it all the way.”
“Fuck that MF pussy, we can’t wait.” Men waiting were getting impatient.
NO NO Kelsey thought, this not happening.

The cock was entering her at an awkward angle.
“NONONONO it hurts, NO Stop.” There was little she could do, pinned against the wall.
Kelsey tried to pull away but dad pushed hard against the wall.
She could feel he was already throbbing, hard. He pushed deep inside her.
“AHHHH” “It is too much, stop it. I hurts. Stop.”
“Yea Yea Yea, now that’s what I am talking bout.”
He thumped against her so hard it felt the wall was going to give way.
“That little white cunt is sucking in my dick.” Yelled the man in the other room.
The more Kelsey screamed the harder he fucked her.
Her dad held her tight. Kelsey could hear the slurping and feel the cock veins bulging.

Kelsey felt the surging, throbbing, quivering inside her.
“Dam this feels good, fuckin tightest cunt I had.”
The cum shot inside her as he kept pumping until he was drained.

Kelsey’s dad pulled her away from the glory hole so he could take a photo of the cum running
down her leg and the cum coated cock. He pulled her around so she lick the cock.
“Look up at me.” “Lick underneath.” “Let me see the cum on your tongue.”

More money and another black dick pushed through the hole. Her dad slapped
her ass. “Ready for another.” Kelsey started to crumble.
“I can’t take more of this. Please NO MORE.”
“Stay up or I’ll let them in this room for some real fucking.” Terrified, Kelsey pushed her ass against the wall and braced for more.

As the hour ended Kelsey dropped to her knees. She didn’t think she could take another round.
“Wait, what is that.” She cried.
The store attendant had entered. He dropped a dog lash around her neck. There was no collar,
the leash was strung through the collar clasp forming a choke loop.

“Get up. Lets go back to the counter.” YElled the attendant.
“No. I have to clean up. I have to put on my shorts. “
“No just the way you are. That is part of the deal.”
“NO DAD, don’t make go out there like this.” "Not past all those Men."
“Get the fuck up.” The attendant barked.
“NO NO Please.”
Kelsey knelt on the floor, dressed only in a t-shirt top wet with cum.
Her face and hair were coated with jizz. He ass and pussy red from her
hour long ordeal dripped with even more.

To Be Continued

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2016-06-07 16:03:28
The subject matter aside... The grammar and punctuation is atrocious. I only read the first two paragraphs and was lost between quote and narrative. Learn to write!

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2013-08-10 17:07:58
I only read this in hopes that Kelsey and Ali turn on the dad and make him their bitch.

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2013-08-10 16:01:01
I love this series. Please keep em coming bob, and don't mind the goofballs that rag you... They obviously still read every episode... Lmao!!! ;)

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2013-08-10 02:56:31
I no rite. Good story

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2013-08-09 19:44:25
perfect slut training for a yung bitch

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