Master takes his slave to Las Vegas for new experiencies
Saturday Evening

By 7:30 they had finished their room service dinner. Brenda was sitting at the table naked. At her Master's direction, she had taken a bath, put on her makeup and fixed her hair. Brenda didn't eat much. She couldn't stop thinking about what might happen tonight.

They were going home tomorrow so she knew that she whatever happened tonight she would be wearing the white dress. Now she knew they weren't going out to dinner. She thought Master was probably going to take her into the casino for more gambling. It was fun showing off in the casino last night but the white dress was so much more revealing. Even after the afternoon at the pool, the white dress still intimidated her. Could she really wear it in public?

Master finally broke the silence. “We’re doing something special tonight slave. You’re going to wear the white dress. We have to be downstairs at 8:00 so you had better get ready.”

“Yes sir.”

Brenda got up and walking to the closet. She took out the white dress and went into the bathroom. She put on the Pearl Panties and then the dress. When she looked at herself in the mirror she felt shaken. At the pool today she was more exposed than in this dress but for some reason this seemed more daring.

Other women at the pool wore revealing swimsuits. None of the other women were as daring as her, but somehow being exposed there didn’t seem as bad as going out into the casino in this dress.

She turned and looked in the mirror. Her back and sides were completely exposed. Lifting her arms she was glad to see that the sides of her tits were covered. The bottom of the dress covered her about an inch above and below her ass.

Brenda faced the mirror and tried to adjust the front of the dress to cover more of her tits. She pinched the material closer together but every time she released the material it returned to its natural drape threatening to reveal her nipples. The round globes of her tits were on display in the wide, V front opening.

The open bottom of the V front went a couple of inches below her navel. She pulled up the front of the dress to cover her navel but that exposed her cunt. She pulled the dress back down.

I look like a whore, she thought. Brenda closed her eyes and lowered her head in shame.

While she was standing there she realized she could feel the pearls on either side of her clit. Still barefoot, she walked back and forth in the bathroom feeling the little pearls massaging her. She lifted up the front of the dress and adjusted the panties, then adjusted them again.

The movement was stimulating her clit. She could feel her little bud getting harder. She started to adjust the panties again but had to stop herself. Finally she pulled her skirt down and walked out of the bathroom.

Master was waiting. He looked at her and smiled.

“Beautiful,” was all he said.

“Master, I’m wearing the panties that Madam Claudette recommended. She said they would be perfect with this dress. May I show them to you?”

“Yes slave, show them to me.”

Brenda pulled her dress up around her waist exposing the white lace panties. The two strings of pearls disappearing into her slit.

“They’re called Pearl Panties, Sir. May I please wear them tonight?”

Master looked at the panties for a moment and then walked behind Brenda. She felt his hand touch the lacy material around her waist. He walked in front of her and ran his fingers down the pearls touching her cunt lips. Slipping his fingers between the pearls and the skin above Brenda’s cunt he gave a little tug. Brenda breathed in deeply and then sighed.

“How does it feel to wear these panties slave?”

“It feels really good Master.”

“Yes, you can wear the panties slave.”

“Thank you sir.”

“Come over here slave.” He gestured toward the couch. “I have the shoes you will be wearing tonight.”

Brenda walked toward the couch and saw a pair of white stilettos on the floor in front of the couch. The first thing she noticed was the extremely high heels, at least 5 inches. The shoes had ankle straps that were about one inch wide.

Brenda sat down and put on the shoes. She looked for buckles on the ankle straps but there were none. There were small metal rings on each strap and holes in the leather for the rings to pass through, but no way to attach them. Brenda looked up at her Master confused.

“Turn around and kneel on the couch slave.”

Brenda did as she was told, kneeling on the couch with her feet hanging over the edge. She felt her Master fastening the straps around her ankles but didn’t look to see how he did it. Brenda's dress was still pulled up to her waist. Master ran his fingers over her bare ass and touched the pearls disappearing into her slit from the rear.

“Stand up slave.”

Brenda stood up and looked down at her shoes. On the outside of each ankle there were small silver padlocks that went through the metal rings and held the straps closed. Brenda looked up at her Master to see him holding up a small key. He had a wry smile on his face.

“Your first pair of slave shoes.”

Brenda swallowed hard and looked back at the shoes locked to her ankles.

“Walk to the door and back slave.”

Brenda walked carefully to the door. The heels were impossibly high. She felt like she was on her tip toes. The shoes forced her to walk with short jerky steps swinging her hips in an exaggerated movement that made her ass wiggle seductively. Every jerky step made her tits bounce enticingly under the loose dress. Brenda turned around at the door and walked back to her Master.

“Very nice slave, but one thing is missing.”

He directed her to stand in front of the mirror and pull down the hem of her dress. Looking into the mirror she saw him hold up a jewelry box. He opened the box showed her the silver necklace inside. He took the necklace out of the box. Reaching over her head he held the necklace in front of her.

The necklace was very long. Master held two ends with the fingers of both hands. There were two other ends that hung down to her waist. He fastened the necklace around her neck. It fit snugly like a choker. He reached down and picked up the other two ends and held them up. Each had a little noose and a short bobble. Brenda was confused, she had never seen a necklace like it.

“Open the front of your dress slave.”

Brenda pulled back the material exposing her tits. Only then did she realized the little nooses were going on her nipples.

He ran his fingers over her nipples enjoying how hard and erect they were. Master put a noose on each nipple, one after the other. A small ring slid up each noose making them snug. Brenda expected the nooses on her nipples would be uncomfortable. She was surprised how sensuous it felt when Master was done.

Each nipple had a little chain that hung down about two inches with a silver bead attached to the end. The beads were about the size of a pea. After he attached the necklace he stroked the underside Brenda’s tits lightly. Then he flicked the beads on the end of the chains causing them to swing back and forth.

Master put his hands on Brenda's bare shoulders while she stared at the necklace in the mirror. From the choker at her neck the chains went straight down between her tits and then made gentle curves up to her hard nipples. The noose on the end of each chain attached securely to her erect nipples. The beads hanging down swung side to side responding to Brenda's every move.

“You can close your dress now slave.”

Brenda covered her tits. The necklace hanging down from her choker was in plain view. The chains gently curved up disappeared under her dress. It was obvious they were attached to her nipples. Brenda thought it was one of the most erotic things she had ever seen.

“Time to go slave, we don’t want to be late.”

By the time Brenda had walked down the hall to the elevator she began to get adjusted to the high heels. She couldn’t help looking at herself in the mirrors next the elevators while they waited. The site of herself in the dress, the choker and chains obviously going to her nipples, the locks on her incredibly high heeled shoes made her tremble.

Not a whore, Brenda thought. A slave.

Brenda was breathing hard on the ride downstairs. She had never been publicly displayed like this before. Anyone that looked at her would know that she as a slave. She wasn’t sure how she would feel, how she would react. The elevator doors opened to the noisy casino. Master put his hand on Brenda’s ass. With a little nudge he guided her foreword into the Saturday night crowd.

Brenda walked in her jerky steps trying to keep up with her Master. Her ass wiggled under the tight skirt. Her tits bounced under loose top of the dress. The slinky material rubbed against her nipples making them even harder. She could feel the little beads hanging from her nipples bouncing off the bottom of her tits.

The small locks on the ankles of her shoes were swinging to and fro with each step. Everywhere they went heads were turning. Even in a town known for excess and exhibition, people don’t see a slave on display every day.

Brenda kept her eyes straight ahead but couldn’t help noticing the attention she was getting. It excited her being watched. It excited her knowing her Master had planned this all along. Brenda remembered what Madam Claudette told her.

“Don’t you understand that your master wants to show off his beautiful slave?”

You were right about that, Brenda thought.

The Pearl Panties were rubbing on Brenda’s clit. This was something else Madam was right about. It did feel divine. Between the excitement of being exhibited and the pearls stimulating her clit, Brenda thought she might cum.

Brenda hardly noticed where they were going until she realized they were outside the front entrance of the casino.

Master stopped and looked around, then started walking toward a parked black Mercedes-Benz sedan. As they approached the car, Brenda saw an Asian man standing next to the car holding a sign with the name ‘Master’ printed on it.

“I’m Master,” he said to the driver.

“Yes sir,” was all the driver said as he opened the rear door.
Master guided Brenda in the car, she sat down and slid across the seat to make room for her Master getting in behind her. Her skirt rode up her thighs. Brenda felt the buttery soft leather seat against her bare ass and thighs. Still aroused from her walk through the casino she wiggled in seat trying to get the pearls to continue moving on her clit.

“Sit still slave.”

The driver got into the front seat. He started the car and while driving away from the casino picked up a cell phone. He opened the phone, pressed one button and then held it up to his ear.

A moment later he said, “I have picked up your guests, we are on our way.” The driver closed the phone and put it away.

Brenda badly wanted to ask where they were going. It only took her a second to realize that the name on the sign meant that whatever their destination, the person the driver called was expecting a Master and his slave.

As they drove away from the strip and approached the freeway Brenda became more apprehensive. She assumed her Master was going to show her off in the casino tonight. Now they were going somewhere away from the crowds. She was going to be someone’s guest tonight. A shiver went down Brenda’s spine.

The driver did not look in his mirror once. He didn’t seem the least bit interested in the slut in the back seat with her dress hiked up.

Master looked straight ahead. He put his hand on Brenda’s bare leg and ran his fingers up to the top of her thigh. He lightly brushed his fingers over her cunt lips and felt her wetness. Brenda spread her legs in response to his touch. He turned and looked at the pearls disappearing into her cunt, then looked at her face. He smiled but said nothing and looked straight ahead.

He kept his fingers on Brenda’s cunt, gently touching the two strands of pearls where the disappeared into her slit. His fingers slowly bumped over the pearls, up an inch, then back down, stopping when his fingers separated her cunt lips slightly.

As he repeated the movement with his fingers, Brenda laid her head back and closed her eyes. The vibrations from his fingers bumping over the pearls traveled down the strands to her clit. It wasn’t enough stimulation to make her cum but suddenly she didn’t care where they were going as long as Master was with her.

After pulling off the freeway they drove on surface streets until entering a subdivision of large houses. The driver pulled into the driveway of a very large home.

Everything about the home displayed the wealth of the owner. The extensive landscaping was highlighted by subdued lighting. The home itself was a two story with a modern design and a grand front entry. Brenda decided it wasn’t a mansion but it was close.

The driver stopped with the right side of the car facing the front entry. He got out and walked quickly to open the right rear door. Master got out first, Brenda followed taking his outstretched hand. The driver did not look at Brenda’s legs and exposed cunt, he looked straight ahead.

Saying nothing, the driver gestured toward the front door. When Master thanked him he said nothing, just dipped his head slightly. The movement could have been interpreted as a slight bow or a nod.

Master held Brenda’s hand and guided her to the front door. Brenda’s heart was racing. It was as if she had tunnel vision looking at the front door. It felt like she was moving in slow motion, watching herself in a movie. Master rang the door bell then turned to Brenda.

“Pull your skirt down slave, you’ll want to make a good first impression.”

Brenda pulled down and straightened her dress, running her hands across her ass to make sure it was covered. The front door opened.

Time seemed to stand still for Brenda. A tall blond woman with striking good looks stood in the doorway. She looked to be in her early 40’s. Her shapely figure was accented by a black under-bust corset with red trim. She was wearing a black lace, long sleeve blouse tucked under the corset. The front of the blouse was cut very low and somewhat sheer.

The lacy blouse was sheer enough that Brenda could see the woman was wearing a half cup bra. The bra enhanced the cleavage of her huge tits. The outline of her large aureoles and nipples were barely visible beneath the lacy fabric of her blouse. Over the bottom of the corset she was wearing a long, black leather skit that was slit up the front to the top of her thighs. Brenda could see the welts of her black stockings at the top of the slit.

In her red high heels, the woman was almost as tall as Master. Brenda felt dazed looking at the beautiful woman. She had never seen a woman with such a commanding presence.

“Master William, so glad to meet you.”

“Mistress Juliana, it’s my pleasure,” Master replied as they shook hands.

Brenda felt stunned. MISTRESS JULIANA! An electric shock went through Brenda as she suddenly recognized the Domme in the photo with slavesuzi.

This can’t be happening, she thought, Is this a dream?

Mistress Juliana faced Brenda. “And your pretty little slave I've heard so much about. What a darling dress, it suits you perfectly.”

Brenda stood motionless, unable to reply.

After an uncomfortable moment, Mistress J turned to Master and said, “Does she speak?”

Master touched Brenda’s bare back lightly. “Say hello to Mistress Juliana, slave,” he said tersely.

Brenda’s mouth moved for a second before any words came out. Finally she stammered, “How… …you do Mistress”.

Mistress J looked from Brenda back to Master. Tilting her head slightly and raised her eyebrows.

“Yes…well won’t you come in”.

Mistress J stepped out of the doorway. Master put his hand on Brenda’s back, guiding her forward.

As she entered, Brenda saw the impressive home. The entry led into a Great Room that was impeccably decorated. She could see all the way through the Great Room to the glass wall on the back of the house. Beyond the glass was a large private patio and pool. The light coming from under the water in the pool shimmered on the palm trees in the yard. The home was immaculate.

Mistress J closed the front door and stepped to a coat closet in the entry way. She opened the door and took out coat hanger.

Looking past Brenda to Master, Mistress J said, “My slaves are not allowed street clothes in my home. Of course this is your slave, but my guests usually respect my house rules.”

“Of course,” Master said. Turning to Brenda, “Take off your dress slave, hang it in the closet.”

“Yes Sir”

Brenda slipped out of her dress. She took the hanger from Mistress J, put her dress on it, and hung it in the closet. Brenda turned around facing Master and Mistress J with her eyes cast down.

Mistress J said, “It is customary for a visiting slave to kiss the Mistress of the house on arrival.”

“Kiss Mistress Juliana slave,” Master said.

Brenda stepped forward raising her head toward Mistress J’s face. She felt Mistress J's firm hand on her shoulder stopping her.

“That is not where a slave kisses a Mistress,” she said impatiently.

Brenda felt the hand on her shoulder pressing her down. She knelt down and Mistress J took her hand off Brenda’s shoulder. Taking a step forward, Mistress J used the fingers of both hands to lift the top of the slit in her dress.

Brenda couldn’t believe her face was only inches away from another woman’s genitals. Brenda leaned forward and tilted her head back so she could get her lips between her legs and up on the shaved skin. She caught the scent of an expensive perfume. Brenda closed her eyes and put her lips between another woman’s legs for the first time.

Brenda started kissing the smooth inner thighs, then worked her way to the top of her slit and then down. Brenda could feel something very hard under her vulva where she expected to find Mistress J’s clit. It did not feel natural, at least not in Brenda’s limited experience.

Mistress J stepped back and looked at Master. “Would you like to come in and sit down?”

Master took Brenda’s hand helping her up off the floor When Brenda was standing, he turned his back to her. Mistress J took Master's arm and they walked together into the home. Brenda followed a few steps behind. Mistress J gestured to a spot on an overstuffed couch where Master sat. Mistress J sat next to Master. Brenda remained standing.

Picking up a glass of wine from the end table Mistress J looked at Master and said, “I was just having a glass of wine. Would you join me?”

“Yes, thank you,” Master Replied.

“The bottle is on the bar, perhaps your slave will bring it to you,” she said as she gestured to Brenda’s right.

“Bring me a glass of wine slave.”

Brenda turned and saw the bar. Mistress J watched Brenda’s every movement as she walked to the bar. She found the glasses under the bar, took the wine bottle from the chiller and poured a glass. Brenda walked back slowly so that she wouldn’t make a spill.

Brenda still felt as though she was walking on her tip toes. Her tits bounced causing the silver beads attached to her nipples to bob about chaotically. Brenda handed the wine glass to her Master. Without looking at her, he pointed to a spot on the rug directly in front of him.

Brenda knelt down three feet in front of her Master and Mistress J. She spread her knees shoulder width apart and put her hands behind her back grasping her wrists.

Brenda knelt there while Master and Mistress J talked, completely ignoring her. Master complimented Mistress J on her home and commented on a painting on the wall. Mistress J started a conversion about the artist who painted it.

Brenda stole glances at Mistress J. With her legs crossed, the slit of her skirt draped open exposing her stocking clad legs. Brenda could see the a small area of exposed skin above her stocking tops but to Brenda's disappointment, Mistress J's crossed legs concealed her crotch.

Brenda noticed the shade of red of Mistress J's shoes, corset trim, lipstick and fingernails were all the same.

This is a woman that pays attention to detail, Brenda thought. She felt completely intimidated by her.

Mistress J and Master continued to talk, all the while ignoring Brenda. The conversation even got around to the Oriental rug Brenda was kneeling on. Mistress J told a long story about finding and buying the rug. Even when they were looking at the rug they both looked past Brenda as if she wasn’t there.

Brenda had never experienced this sort of indifference. Through their actions, Master and Mistress J were demonstrating their dominance over her. Brenda was on display as a sexual object. She had a necklace attached to her tits, pearls running through her shaved cunt lips, and still she was ignored.

She hated this. She wanted so much for her Master and Mistress J to pay attention to her, even thought she knew what that might mean. She wished she were back in the casino with everyone gawking at her.

“I would like to have a conversion with your slave now, Master William.”

That caught Brenda’s attention immediately.

“Please do.”

Mistress J looked at Brenda. “Slave, has your Master told you why he brought you here tonight?”

“No Mistress.”

“Your Master has offered you to me for my entertainment this evening. I don't keep a slave of my own now. I train slaves from time to time and entertain others when it interests me. I haven’t decided if I’m going to accept your Master’s offer yet. I will base my decision on this interview. If I decide to accept your Master’s offer are you willing to submit to me fully?”
“I will do anything my Master tells me to do Mistress.”

“I’ve seen the photo you took of yourself masturbating. Your Master said a photo of me fucking a slave with a strap-on prompted you to fantasize about me. Is that true?

Brenda swallowed hard. “Yes Mistress”

“And yet he tells me you have never had sex with another woman. Is that also true?”

“Yes Mistress”


“Never Mistress”

“You’ve never eaten out another woman’s pussy?”

“No Mistress”

“And no woman has ever eaten out your pussy?”

“I….I don’t have a pussy Mistress”

“Then what do you call the wet spot between your legs?”

“That’s my cunt Mistress”

Mistress J glanced at Master and smiled. Looking back at Brenda she said, “Has a woman ever eaten out your cunt?”

“No Mistress”

“Did you fantasize about eating me out slave?

“Yes Mistress”

“If you are aroused at the idea of having sex with another woman, why have you never done it?”

“I…always thought it was wrong Mistress”

“Are you a closet lesbian?”

“Oh No Mistress!”

“You don’t like to think of yourself as a lesbian?

“No Mistress.”

“I spoke to your Master on the phone earlier today. He tells me that last night you practically undressed a cocktail waitress with your eyes.”

Brenda felt herself blush all over.

“What were you thinking about while you were so enamored with the cocktail waitress?”

“I…she had such smooth skin, so beautiful. I wondered what it would be like to touch her.”

“Where did you want to touch her?”

“I…I wanted to touch her everywhere. I wanted to feel her body against mine.”

Brenda was shaking with humiliation. She had never told anyone, even her Master, how attracted she was to women.

“You fantasize about having sex with women, about eating pussy and being fucked by another woman, but you don’t think you’re a lesbian? How can that be?”

“I like men Mistress. I couldn’t live without, a man. In my fantasies with women, I'm...I'm forced to do those things.”

“Oh I see. You fantasize about being fucked by a women but still hold on to your inhibitions. How convenient,” Mistress J said slowly. “And there is no mention of your lesbian fantasies on your blog is there?”

Until that moment it hadn't occurred to Brenda that Mistress J had read her blog. That meant she knew a lot more about Brenda than she had guessed.

“No Mistress.”

“Hmm. Your Master tells me that you are horny all the time, you have excellent cock sucking skills, the rougher he treats you and the harder he fucks you the more you cum. He tells me he thinks of you as his perfect little slave slut. Do you think you’re a perfect slave?”

Brenda was shocked to think of her Master describing her to someone this way. There was a time that she would have been offended and angry at being called a slut. Then she felt a flush of pride at the things her Master said. She almost forgot to answer.

“Oh, no Mistress.”

“Good thing you don’t. I understand you can be disobedient. Last night you questioned an order to take off your dress and you called your Master by an inappropriate name yesterday afternoon. Isn't that true?”

Brenda had trouble answering, “Ye….Yes Mistress.”

“That doesn’t sound like a perfect slave to me. Perhaps you would benefit from a woman's touch in your training”

Brenda said nothing.

“I've seen the photos on your blog of you sucking your Master. I must admit I was impressed.”

Mistress J was referring to a series of four photos that Master ordered her to post. They were taken with a camera on a tripod. Brenda was wearing a blindfold which concealed most of her face. She was on her knees with her elbows and wrists tied behind her back. Master was standing in front of her holding her hair. In the photos Master was seen only from the waist down.

In the first photo Master's fully erect cock was directly in front of Brenda's face. Brenda's mouth was open and her tongue was sticking out touching the bottom of the big purple head. In the second photo, Masters cock head was in Brenda's mouth. Her cheeks were indented and it was obvious she was sucking hard. In the third photo Master's cock was halfway in Brenda's mouth. Her lips tight around the shaft. In the last photo Master's cock was all the way down Brenda's throat. Her lips were at the bottom of his shaft. Her nose pressed against his abdomen, her chin against his balls. The strain of taking his big cock down her throat evident on her face.

“Do you enjoy sucking cock slave?”

“Yes Mistress”

“And you think you’ll enjoy eating my pussy?”

“I don’t know Mistress, I think so.”

“Do you think your excellent cock sucking skills will translate into excellent pussy eating skills?”

“I, I don’t know Mistress. Master trained me to suck cock the way he likes it. I've never eaten pussy. I’ll try.”

“You understand that whether or not you enjoy it, you will eat my pussy and do anything I tell you to do until I am satisfied?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“It's obvious from the from your blog that your Master uses a firm hand with you. The photo after your flogging last month particularly so. That must have been extremely painful, wasn't it slave?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“How long did it take for your ass to heal?”

“Almost two weeks Mistress.”

“Do you enjoy pain slave?”

“No Mistress.”

“And yet you obviously get sexual arousal from it. Can you explain that slave?”

Brenda paused before saying, “No Mistress. I hurt when Master does those things to me. But...when he's doing it, hurting me, I'm under his control. He can do anything he want's to me, and somehow that's so exciting that the pain doesn't matter. And then after, when he...fucks me, it's so incredible. It's hard to explain, Mistress.”

Mistress J stared at Brenda for a long time, saying nothing. Finally she turned to Master.

“I accept your offer Master William. As we discussed, you are welcome to watch me with your slave but I may or may not invite you to participate?”

“Yes, that is acceptable.” He looked at Brenda. “Slave, you will submit to Mistress Juliana tonight. Anything she tells you to do you will consider a directed order from me. Do you understand?”

“Yes Master.”

“Don’t disappoint me, slave.”

Brenda's heart was racing as the reality was set in. This was really going to happen. There was no turning back now.

Mistress J said, “Stand up slave, bring more wine for my guest.”

Brenda stood up, walked to the bar and returned with the wine bottle. Her hands trembled as she poured. She looked at her Master and saw him smile at her.

“Put the wine back in the chiller and come back here.” Mistress J said.

When Brenda returned, Mistress J she said, “Get my crop from the fireplace mantle.”

Brenda walked to the fireplace and saw the black riding crop there. She picked it up and carried it back to the couch.

“Kneel in front of me. Hand the crop to me with both hands.”

Brenda knelt and cast her eyes down towards Mistress J’s feet. Mistress took the crop and Brenda put her hands behind her back.

Mistress J held the crop and traced Brenda’s necklace with the leather tongue on the striking end. She started at her neck and slowly ran the tab down her chest to her tits one at a time. She tapped her nipples causing the beads to swing. She ran the crop over and around her tits, then slowly tapped the bottoms of her tits causing the beads to bounce up and down.

Mistress J turned to Master. “I’m going to prepare my slave. You are welcome to wait here or on the patio if it would make you more comfortable. Please help yourself to more wine if you wish.”

“Thank you.”

Mistress J stood up saying, “Come with me slave”.

She walked away prompting Brenda to jump up quickly and walk in her jerky steps to keep up.

Brenda followed Mistress J to a bedroom. She guessed it was a guest room because although it was beautifully decorated, it had no personal items on display.

Once they were both in the bedroom, Mistress Juliana turned and faced Brenda. She held the crop in front of Brenda’s face.


Brenda opened her mouth, Mistress J put the center of the crop in Brenda’s mouth, the ends of the crop sticking out evenly on both sides.


Brenda closed her mouth holding the crop with her teeth.

“If you drop my crop you will be punished.”
Mistress J ran her fingers down each chain on Brenda’s necklace. When she reached her tits she held the beads in the fingers of each hand. She tugged on the nooses stretching Brenda’s nipples.

“I love this necklace slave. Too bad it won’t work with what you’ll be wearing tonight. Take it off, and the panties, you may put them on the dresser. Then come over here.”

Mistress J turned and walked to the bed. Brenda took off the necklace and panties, then followed Mistress J. She saw a white leather harness on the bed. Standing where she was told, Mistress J began to strap the harness on her.

She started at Brenda’s neck. The harness had a two inch collar that buckled in the back and had a D ring on the front. There were two inch wide straps that came off the collar straight down front and back. The strap in front had three horizontal straps on each side, also 2 inches wide.

The top set of horizontal straps went above Brenda’s tits and under her arms. The middle horizontal straps went under Brenda’s tits. The bottom horizontal straps went around the narrowest part of Brenda's waist. All the horizontal straps attached with buckles on the rear vertical strap.

After Mistress J had buckled all the straps she pulled each one to test the tightness. Satisfied, she stepped back. Brenda was secured in her harness. From the collar a strap ran straight down the front of her body to her waist. Another strap ran straight down the back of her body. The horizontal straps divided her body just above and below her tits and around her waist.

There were two narrow straps hanging down from the lowest horizontal strap in the front. Each strap was attached about three inches off center. All of the other straps on the harness were flat. The straps hanging down in front had been folded over and the sides sewn together about five inches from each end. It resulted in straps that had one rough edge with stitches and the other rounded and smooth.

Mistress J passed the straps between Brenda’s legs and buckled them to the bottom horizontal strap in the rear. The smooth round side of each strap fit tightly under Brenda's crotch between her cunt and thigh.

The straps formed a V from the bottom front horizontal strap, went between Brenda’s legs and formed another V over Brenda’s ass to the bottom rear horizontal strap. The straps were tight against each side of Brenda’s crotch but left her cunt available for whatever Mistress J had planned.

Mistress J walked back to the bed and returned with a small object made of silver. She held the object in front of Brenda’s face so she could see. It was a tweezers clamp about two inches long. The tips of the clamp were covered with rubber. There was a small bell attached to the other end. Mistress J shook it making the bell chime.

“I like to keep track of my slaves. Spread you cunt. Show me your clit.”

Brenda did as she was told, spreading her cunt lips with her fingertips. Mistress J knelt down in front of her. She felt Mistress J touched her clit lightly with a fingernail. Brenda jumped at the stimulation.

“Be still slave,” she said harshly

Mistress J slipped the rubber tips of the clamp over the base of Brenda’s clit and squeezed it closed. She slid the locking ring up the tweezers arms securing it firmly in place. Brenda could feel her clit swelling under the pressure. She moaned and closed her eyes.

Mistress J attached leather wrist and ankle cuffs to Brenda. She snapped Brenda’s wrist cuffs behind her back on two D rings at the bottom of the rear vertical strap of Brenda’s harness, Brenda’s hands were now secured behind her back, one above the other.

Brenda was breathing heavily when Mistress J stepped back to admire her slave.

“Go stand next to the door facing the wall slave.”

Brenda did as she was told. The bell attached to her clit chimed with each step. While she waited she could hear Mistress J moving in the room behind her but couldn’t tell what she was doing. Finally Mistress J walked up behind Brenda and told her to turn around.

Mistress J had taken off her blouse. Her huge tits were held out in front of her by the half cup bra. She had also taken off her leather skirt. Mistress J attached a leash made of silver chain to the D ring on the front of Brenda’s collar. She turned, opened the door and tugged on Brenda’s leash leading her down the hall.

Brenda could see that Mistress J was wearing a garter belt under her corset. There were 6 garter straps holding up the stockings on each of her legs. Each garter strap split at the bottom and had two snaps attached to the tops of her stockings. The garter straps looked like upside down Y's.

The back of Mistress J's corset had a one inch gap held together by the black crisscross laces. The laces were tied in the middle of the corset in a large bow knot. The long loose ends hung down to the crack of Mistress J's ass.

Brenda couldn’t take her eyes off Mistress J as she followed her down the hall. The bottom of black corset flared out over her full hips accentuating her incredibly shapely figure. Her stockings did nothing to conceal her powerful thighs. Her round ass swayed as she walked. It was the walk of a woman in command.

When they arrived in the Great Room Mistress J saw Master seated outside on the patio. She walked Brenda out so that her Master could see her.

As they walked out the door onto the patio, Master heard their high heels clicking on the tile floor and the faint the chime of Brenda’s bell. He turned and watched the two women approaching.

What a site! Mistress J looked stunning. Master was surprised to see she had removed her blouse and skirt. Her tits were held up on display by the half cup bra. Wearing only the corset, her figure appeared even more shapely. There were more garters holding up her stockings than he had ever seen one woman wear before. She proudly showed off her shaved pussy. She looked absolutely statuesque.

Master thought the silver chain leash Mistress J used to lead Brenda was extremely erotic.

I wonder why I never thought of that, he wondered.

The white leather harness dividing off Brenda's body into three distinct parts was captivating. It showed off her body beautifully.
Master followed the sound of the chime and saw the small bell sticking out of Brenda’s cunt. The combination of the bell, the white harness and the black crop in her mouth made Brenda look totally submissive. Brenda’s eyes were as wide as saucers.

Master took his video camera out of his coat pocked and started filming the performance Mistress J was providing.

Seeing the camera, Mistress J led Brenda around in a circle several times so that she could be viewed from every angle. She stood Brenda in front of Master and made a show of checking the tightness of Brenda's harness. Brenda's body jerked slightly as Mistress J tugged on each strap.

Mistress J faced Brenda away from her Master and told her to spread her legs. She tugged down on Brenda's leash and told her to bend over. Brenda did as she was told displaying her ass and cunt to her Master.

Mistress J stood next to Brenda facing Master. She reached under Brenda’s belly and used her fingernails to flick the bell attached to her cunt. The microphone on the video picked up the sound of the bell chiming and Brenda moaning.

Mistress J pulled on the leash and Brenda stood up. She turned Brenda around to face her Master again. Mistress J stood next to Brenda. As she took the crop out of Brenda's mouth with her left hand, Mistress J gripped the leash below Brenda's chin with her right hand. She tugged on the leash pulling Brenda toward her. Still holding the leash, she gripped Brenda's chin with her index finger and thumb. Mistress J guided Brenda face to hers. Their lips met.

Mistress J started to kiss Brenda passionately. Brenda responded by opening her mouth. Mistress J's tongue penetrated Brenda's mouth. Their tongues intertwined.

Brenda's heart raced. She was not expecting such pleasurable experience. Mistress J's lips were so soft the kiss felt luxurious.

Mistress J was in complete control. She held Brenda's chin and moved her face in rhythm with her own. Their lips and mouths opened and closed like a dance. Master was treated to brief glimpses of their tongues writhing together like snakes. When Mistress J broke off the contact Brenda was breathless.

Mistress J turned her head to face Master but held onto Brenda's leash and chin. She looked at Master, smiled coyly.

“Oh, I'm going to have such a good time with my slave tonight.”

Brenda watched Mistress J and thought, She's trying to tease Master. Why would she do that?

Master revealed no reaction to Mistress J's behavior.

After a moment Mistress J said, “I’m taking my slave to the dungeon now. Would you care to join us?

“I wouldn’t miss it,” Master replied.

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