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Home from school but not done yet as he was waiting for me and it wasn't to give me cookies again
At 10 years old you don’t expect to have been used for sex as I had been recently. Jerry, the older boy up the street was first, and then he made me the “feature attraction” as the Saturday movie matinee by have me expose my round little white ass to the world while sucking his dick in the movie theater. I didn’t know he had invited several of his friends to watch me give him a blow job with my pants and briefs pulled down to my ankles and that they had congregated around us while I was busy doing what Jerry wanted. Next was the “assembly line” of his friends who all wanted me to do for them what they had watched me do for Jerry. Finally, coming home from school on the very next Monday old Mr. Cartwell, the man who lived in the apartment upstairs from ours, exposed himself to me and when I kept staring at his exposed genitals he finally took me upstairs and made me suck his big old dick under threat that he would tell the world what he had seen me doing with Jerry in the alley behind our garage.

I suppose it didn’t help that I was small for my age, had long honey-colored hair that my mother refused to cut, was blue-eyed with full lips and was more often mistaken for a girl than a boy. I didn’t know that my feminine physic and girlish looks entitled boys and men to use me for sex but that is what was happening.

After these events my week was uneventful, though several of my classmates were giving me strange looks and seemed to be discussing me behind my back. Maybe someone knew what happened at the movie theater or maybe I just had this invisible sign on my back that said “take me, I’m yours.” I say uneventful until Friday when I opened the front door and there was Mr. Cartwell sitting on the steps leading up to his apartment waiting for me. He was wearing a dingy grey bathrobe and slippers and the robe was mostly open in the front showing that he was naked underneath. I call him “old man Cartwell” but he isn’t all that old, maybe in his late 50’s or early 60’s. In any case, there he was waiting for me.

“About damn time, Billie-boy. Come on.” He turned and began walking up the stairs to his apartment without looking back knowing that I would follow him because he knew that he owned me now as well as Jerry. I can’t say that I did so reluctantly because all week I had been thinking about his large cock, his hairy balls, the intoxicating smell from between his legs, and his large growth of pubic hair. I was also remembering the strong taste of his large load of cum that I had swallowed and that it had left a lasting taste in my mouth even after I had eaten dinner. The more I thought about what he had me do for him the more excited I became but now that I was following him up the steps to his apartment I felt scared and embarrassed. I followed him just the same.

Once inside his apartment he shut and locked the door behind us and turned around to me letting his bathrobe fall open exposing his full body to me. He stood in front of me with his hands on his hips looking at me with a sinister smile on his face.

“With your clothes on I can’t tell if you’re a boy or a girl so why don’t you show me you’re a boy an’ take off your clothes for me?”

“Please, don’t make me do that, sir.” I pleaded with him.

“Sumthin’ wrong with your hearing? Take your damn clothes off and do it nice an’ slow.”

I really wasn’t in any position to argue the point or plead for mercy with him standing in front of me with his robe open and his hands on his hips with the silent threat in the air that if I disobeyed him he would go tell my mother and maybe even worse so reluctantly and slowly I pulled my school shirt over my head and dropped it on his sofa.

“Okay, boy, that’s a start. Keep goin’”

I was feeling embarrassed and humiliated to have to strip in front of this older man but, again, I didn’t have much choice so I unbuttoned my khakis, slid down my zipper and began to peel my pants off.

“Nice an’ slow” he said. “First your pants then your undies and turn sideways when you do it.”

I did it just as he instructed. I turned sideways and pulled my pants down slowly to my ankles. I bent over and untied my shoes and slipped them off so I could step out of my pants. I stood there as let him see me in just my briefs and my socks and then I slipped my thumbs into my briefs and slowly slid them down my bare legs all the way down to the floor and I stepped out of them and stood there.

“Well, glory be, you are a boy, aren’t you? Wasn’t sure but now I see what you are even if what I’m seein’ isn’t much.”

He was right. At 10 years old my dick was small and my little ball sack was tight up against my scrotum. I didn’t have even a hint of pubic hair or any hair other than on my head for that matter.

“Oh, sweet little boy.” He said as he came forward to me and held me to him running his hands up and down my back stopping to part my ass cheeks and run a finger over my little virgin butt hole. Every time he ran his finger over my butt hole I gave a little shiver I guess because he was probing my anus subtly. My “friend” Jerry hadn’t ever fucked my ass but he had stuck his finger in me and had shoved a few things up my ass. I’m embarrassed to admit that when Jerry stuck something up my ass I enjoyed the feeling even though the things Jerry used were small in line with our playing “doctor.” Still they were big enough for me to get a good feeling as he moved whatever he used in and out of my little anus.

“Come in, into the bedroom. Times a wastin’ an’ we got things we got to do.” He turned away grabbing my arm and dragging me into his bedroom and again he shut the door behind me. He took off his robe so that now we were both naked except I still had my socks on. He sat on the edge of his unmade bed and spread his legs open inviting me to come down to his big cock which was now partially erect. Without a word he took my hand, pulled me towards him, put his hands on my bare little shoulders and pushed me down on my knees.

“Kiss it, kiss it like you really are happy to see it and then give it a lick.”

I leaned forward and kissed his big old cock on his pee hole like before and again I tasted the faint trace of urine on the end of his dick. I licked the head of his cock a little and he told me to lick it like I meant it down the underside of his shaft. I did what he told me and tasted the saltiness of his manhood licking him down to his balls.

“Lick those balls, boy, lick ‘em good.” And I did as he told me. “Yeah, that’s it, ahhhh, nice, now lick underneath my balls, yeah, oh, yeah, that’s good, oh yeah keep licking me there.”

I licked his scrotum and he laid back on his bed, grabbed his balls and held them up so I could lick his scrotum even better for him. He continued to groan with pleasure as I tasted his salty sweat from between his legs under his balls. Again, the smell of him was strong and oddly intoxicating for me.

He leaned back further and pulled his legs up by the backs of his knees so that now his hairy smelly asshole was right in my face.

“Keep lickin’” he groaned.

“No,” I whimpered “please don’t make me do that, please.”

“Lick it or else you like faggot an’ don’t stop till I tell ya.”

From the sound of his voice I knew I’d do well to obey him so reluctantly I licked his asshole and got a funny taste in my mouth.

“Lick it more, harder, put your tongue in me, now an’ don’t stop till I tell ya’”

I had now gotten over the shock and humiliation of licking this man’s asshole as he laid back with his legs spread open and me kneeling on the floor between his hairy legs and I did as I was told, I probed his hairy asshole with my tongue and he groaned with pure pleasure. While I was sticking my tongue up his ass he took my right hand and placed on the shaft of his throbbing cock and had me stroke it while I effectively kept French kissing his asshole while he moaned in delight.

After doing this for some time he pushed me away and sat up. Then he pulled my head forward again, telling me to suck and suck it really good. I put my little mouth over the head of his now huge erection and sucked for all I was worth while stroking his shaft as his breathing got heavier and heavier until he began to gasp and I knew what was coming. A few more strokes and a really strong suck on the head of his dick and he exploded sending a huge load of cum into my mouth as his cock jerked out sperm over and over again. I swallowed as fast as I could but his cum was running out of the corners of my little mouth and down my chin. After many hard jerks his cock started to grow softer allowing me to swallow the residue that was left in my mouth. The taste was salty and gooey and strong, just like before and I couldn’t seem to swallow it all.

He pulled his cock out of my mouth with a sigh and laid there quietly for a few minutes before he said “okay, Billy-boy, good job, now get the fuck outta here.” I was still kneeling in front of him and slowly I got to my feet.

“You sure got one sweet little body on you, honeybun, but your ma will be home soon so get dressed and get the fuck outta here before she comes home. And don’t you dare tell anyone or I’ll be sure that everyone knows how much you love to suck ass. You’re just a natural born little ass licking cocksucker, aren’t cha?”

“Please don’t call me that any more. I’m not that. Please don't call me that.”

“Yeah, you are, just a sweet little boy-girl. Now say it. Say you’re just a little ass licking cocksucker, no, say that you’re MY little ass licking cocksucker. Say it now and then beat it or I’ll beat you first.”

I mumbled “I’m your little ass licking cocksucker, Mr. Cartwell.”

“Louder, say it again.”

“I’m your little ass licking cocksucker, Mr. Cartwell.”

“Okay, you sure as hell are, now get the fuck outta here an' keep yer mouth shut until I tell ya to open it again or else.”

He laid back down on his bed and I went into his messy living room and found my clothes. I pulled on my briefs and gathered up the rest of my clothes without getting dressed and ran down the stairs to our apartment. I had just gotten to my room and finished re-dressing when my mother pulled into the driveway. I felt strange to have been humiliated, dominated, and exhilarated at the same time. I quickly ran to the bathroom and washed his cum off of my mouth and chin before my mother came in the apartment. I wish I had had more time so that I could have licked his dried cum off of my lips. I was really hooked on the tasted of it and I still had the hint of the taste of his dirty asshole on my tongue, a taste that would last for several days reminding me of what I had done, to feel the shame of my behavior to but to know somewhere inside that it hadn't been all that bad.

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2013-08-17 21:37:54
I'm too old to be the young boy. But I would be the dirty ol man !

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