A cute young redhead learns to lose her sense of shame with some gentle assistance from her new master
Ch 3
Megan lay kneeling with the ginger root still embedded painfully in her backside. She shuffled and shifted restlessly in her restraints She longed to close her legs if only for a moment. Her exposed, awkward helplessness bothered her more than the spice that tortured her bottom. Facing away from the hallway, she didn't see the men drag their second victim into the room.
A short but powerfully built sergeant by the name of Delgado approached Megan and slapped her ass playfully. Her buttocks were covered in bruises and welts and even a gentle touch could cause her excruciating pain. She shuddered and sobbed as he struck her other buttock.
"The boys in Charlie squad say you need a break, little girl. I don't know what they're worried about. Looks like you haven't had a hard day."
Megan couldn't see behind her but she felt another person's presence in the room. She knew that someone else was approaching her rear.
"Not very talkative... are you, cunt?" Delgado smugly took note of her exhaustion. "We'll fix that soon enough. For now, I think it's time you had some fun."
His companion was a short, thin, waifish redheaded girl with freckles on her face, neck and shoulders. She was pale and unathletic but not out of shape. Her hair was long and curly and she had an adorable smile. She hadn't done much smiling on this particular day.
She was shorter than Megan but her size D breasts outweighed Megan's tits by a fair margin. She wore a pink leather collar with a leash attached that rested in Delgado's left hand. Beyond that she was wearing exactly what she had been wearing when they picked her up: A scandalously short pair of black Adidas running shorts, white knee socks, pink converse sneakers and a white tank top.
Delgado had her personal items in his other hand. All she had been carrying was her driver's license, a debit card and a mobile phone. The sergeant examined her license.
"Megan Warner, I'd like to introduce you to... Jamie... Davis." He tossed the ID card aside casually. "The two of you might know each other already. You both seem pretty dykey to me, so you should have no trouble putting on a little show to entertain the boys."
Megan barely took notice of his words. She knew they were going to force her to do lewd things to this other woman as soon as she heard her enter the house. For an instant she wondered what the other girl had already been through today. Her mind didn't dwell on the subject for long, for she realized that she was intensely curious and that thought terrified her.
After a moment of contemplation she remembered who Jamie Davis was. She remembered meeting her during her last year of high school. Jamie was somewhat younger than Megan, and not particularly active sexually though not a virgin. She had dated five boys in her lifetime and had intercourse five times, two with one partner and three with another. She had only given two blowjobs thus far, neither of which had proved particularly enjoyable for her. In Megan's mind, Jamie was something of a prude with excessively high standards. Megan's preconception made Jamie's subsequent actions seem particularly strange and confusing.
Jamie stooped over in front of the table, lowering her face to the level of Megan's cunt as she drew nearer to the older girl's backside. Megan began to turn her head in an attempt to see what was happening.
"Eyes forward!" Delgado barked. Megan reluctantly obeyed, suppressing the urge to look around herself.
"I gave you an order, slut! Don't you have something to say?"
"Yes, master sir!"
He let go of Jamie's leash and slapped Megan's battered ass yet again.
"Yes, what?"
"Yes, master sir! I will keep my eyes forward, master sir!"
Megan felt intensely frustrated, especially as she began to feel warm breath blowing against her crotch. She began to squirm and struggle but she wasn't fast enough to avoid Jamie's tongue as it darted from the redhead's mouth to Megan's ravaged pussy. Suddenly Jamie was tonguing Megan's clit, her head thrust between the older girl's legs from behind. Jamie caressed Megan's nethers with great sweeping licks, dampening the bound college student's clit and labia while burying her nose in the crack of her ass. Megan barely knew this girl but she immediately understood that they had done horrible things to her. Megan was prepared to do a lot of things to amuse her captors, but even she wouldn't have shoved her face into another girl's bottom without some sort of hesitation at this juncture. She presumed that whatever had happened to Jamie would probably happen to her next, and the terror that gripped her intensified.
Megan stopped moving as she realized that the only way to escape this situation in her restraints would be to roll off of the table, an action that would certainly get her into trouble with her new masters. Men began to file into the room to watch the two young girls play.
The older girl keeled forward, resting her face on the wooden surface of the dining room table. The female tongue lapping at her sex wasn't exactly a welcome sensation, but it wasn't a rattan cane or a dildo the width of a soda can. Compared to the day's prior assaults the forced cunnilingus was a blessed relief. Her battered, stretched vagina started to moisten once more. She silently prayed that she wouldn't become too excited. She had no sexual interest in females but her vagina was a sensitive instrument that happened to be incapable of distinguishing a girl's tongue from that of a man.
The bound college girl moaned for several seconds before she became aware that sound was escaping her lips. She pressed her mouth into the table to muffle her involuntary vocalizations of pleasure.
Jamie had been out running when the soldiers picked her up. Bravo squad was using light vehicles for their suburban repression exercise so as not to provoke alarm locally. Jamie had been unable to distinguish the trucks from civilian vehicles until it was too late. They simply tackled her, threw her in the back of a truck and tied her up. They fastened a ring gag inside her mouth, stretched her arms upward and outward, spread her legs apart and lubricated her anus and vagina with KY Jelly.
The soldiers raped her in all three of her holes while she remained bound in a standing position. They forced her to bend forward at the waist so they could reach her mouth with their cocks while their comrades fucked her doggystyle. They didnt even bother to strip her, simply yanking her shorts and panties down to her knees to obtain access to her holes.
They initially considered taking her to the nearest detention camp, but it was fifty miles away from their position. So they contacted Charlie squad and agreed to bivouac at Megan's residence. Her parents had both gone to work in the city that day and they would never make it through the military roadblocks. They never bothered to ask about Jamie's family. As far as her life was concerned those people no longer existed. She was alone, and she was a sheep surrounded by a pack of wolves.
Bravo squad spent the next hour and thirty minutes driving around ransacking local shops for supplies while two men at a time took shifts assaulting poor young Jamie. She screamed and sobbed hysterically, wailing into their cocks as they filled her mouth one after the other. The vibration of her mouth and vocal chords only rendered the fellatio more pleasant on their end. She began to choke and gag as her own saliva filled the back of her throat, forced back ever further by dicks that reached deeper inside her throat with each thrust.
One particularly well-endowed soldier crammed all seven and a half inches of his penis through the back of her mouth into her esophagus. She tried her best to hold her breath but after several minutes it became obvious to the soldiers that she was passing out. He pulled out and lashed her tits with a leather strap to rouse her. Then he allowed her a ten second break to catch her breath before forcing her to hold it again for two more minutes while he plowed her oral cavity a second time. His endurance confounded and frustrated her as he allowed her another short break before choking her again with his cock. They repeated this process three more times before she finally made him come. Most of her new lovers forced her to swallow, but he decided he would much prefer to come on her face as she gasped desperately for breath and the purple tint of oxygen deprivation began to fade from her skin. Eight minutes later he felt horny again and thrust his oversized penis into her ass. As another soldier occupied her mouth she screamed in agony and despair.
After the six men in the truck satisfied themselves fucking their new prisoner raw, they pulled over to usher Jamie to the Jeep. She sat on one trooper's lap in the back seat, taking his cock into her pussy while bending over and sucking off the man in the seat on the other side. They passed her around thusly, forcing her into a variety of awkward and degrading sexual positions for another hour before finally setting out in the direction of Megan's home.
As the sun disappeared below the horizon the two vehicles passed another military truck by the side of the road. They pulled over to determine if anything was wrong and provide assistance if necessary. They fastened a collar around Jamie's neck and attached a leash to it in order to prevent her from attempting to escape.
The truck had two blown tires and the drivers had already put in a call for help. One driver took an interest in Jamie and offered the stopping soldiers a taste of his cargo in exchange for a round with her. He pushed her up against the cab of his truck and fucked her in the ass right there next to the road while she pouted and moaned helplessly. She was very lucky they had decided to lube her up, as the males took a very keen interest in her round little backside.
After several minutes of pounding he withdrew his penis, turned the girl around and shoved her onto her knees in the dirt. His cock was glistening from the lube. He slipped his cock through the ring in her mouth and began to thrust in and out. Soon he was pumping so hard that he began to slam the back of her head against the cab of the truck repeatedly.
The soldiers entered the back of his truck to sample his cargo. They emerged with eight sobbing young women wearing nothing but their shoes, socks and steel collars around their necks. They were chained together by their collars.
Most of them seemed to be around Jamie's age, but a couple of older women were present. The drivers explained that they were enroute to one of the major detention camps from their assignments at the smaller military brothels in secured territory to the southwest. Most of them had been serving as slaves for the past six months. Through some mistake or malfeasance they had each been fired from their work assignment and shipped back to training camp to restart their careers as slaves from scratch. The present interruption in their journey meant a significant reduction in their sexual workload for the day. The soldiers agreed that this was unacceptable and that the girls would have to undergo a training exercise while they waited.
First they forced Jamie and the others to line up alongside the road and do jumping jacks for around fifteen minutes. The exhausted, harried women quickly began to falter. Luckily Sergeant Delgado carried a cattle prod at all times for motivational purposes.
The forked prongs of the diabolical electric instrument pressed into Jamie's cunt lips as she exercised. She shrieked when the zap finally came. Delgado jabbed toward her crotch once more and she began to jump more quickly, spreading her legs further apart with each jump. He nodded and walked over to the next girl in the line. He looked her up and down as a couple of military trucks passed by. Some pebbles knocked loose from the road and battered Jamie's eyes. She stopped jumping in order to wipe them clean, earning herself another shock from the prod. Five zaps later and she was jumping properly again.
None of the girls made it through the exercise without at least a few zaps to the vagina, clitoris and anus. Delgado had plenty of opportunities to correct their faulty behavior.
One of the older women appeared to be in her early forties. She became severely winded and ceased jumping as she struggled to catch her breath.
"You! Down on the ground! On your back! Now!" Delgado barked at the woman as her chest heaved violently. A quick zap to the cunt encouraged her to comply swiftly. She lay on the ground on her back, opening her legs as wide as she could without even being asked. Delgado could tell that these sluts had already endured a fair amount of training.
Sgt Delgado dragged Jamie and a skinny young Asian girl to the position where the older woman lay, and ordered them both to hold onto her legs and prevent her from closing them.
Then he jabbed the prongs of his cattle prod into her crotch so that one tine rested against her anus and the other pressed into her vagina. Then he shocked her. Not just once, but twice and then three times. He began prodding her cunt and ass in various places, zapping each spot repeatedly before teasing her by poking a few times without activating the electricity.
Tears streamed down the woman's face but she didn't cry or shout. Jamie stared at her face in shock and horror while the Asian girl holding the other leg wore a completely blank expression.
"Th... thank you for shocking my cunt, master! I love it when you pump electricity into my cunt, master... sir! It makes me so fucking wet and horny!"
She was reciting a tired old line that some drill instructor had forced her to memorize under threat of torture in the detention camp. But innocent young Jamie felt as if she had just stumbled onto an alien planet. Her eyes widened in terror and began to dart around as if she were looking for a way out of her situation for the first time. She glanced back at Delgado, realizing immediately that she had committed a grave error in making eye contact with him even momentarily.
"Oh, she's telling the truth. Stick your fingers in there and see how wet she is. Fucking hurry it up before I put the toy away and break out the whips."
Jamie hesitated and took an electric shock to the right nipple as a reward. As he pressed the painful electric prod into her other breast her arm shot toward the older woman's crotch. The prod pushed deeper into her tit as she gingerly extended her index finger into the lady's vagina. It was loose and sopping wet. She could have fit her whole hand in there without too much effort. She shuddered as a wave of horrified nausea washed over her.
"Keep it in there. Wiggle around a little and fuck her with your fingers. You can tell she enjoys it. Don't you, miss?"
The woman's tear-stricken expression suddenly shifted into an utterly fake and unconvincing grin. "Yes, master! Please, please let this girl fingerfuck me! I feel so hot... so horny! I haven't had a fuck since this morning and I can't stand it anymore!"
Jamie's hand slowed as she gaped in horror. The lines were hollow and empty. Did these soldiers force every woman they met to spout filthy porn-inspired nonsense on a constant basis?
Suddenly pain surged through her tits once more. The sergeant wasn't pleased. She began to work her index finger in and out of the woman's pussy at a steadily increasing pace. Delgado nodded approvingly. What the woman said next shook Jamie to the core.
"Oh! Yes! Please fuck my pussy, you beautiful little dyke slut! I love it! Mmm! Finger my pussy and fuck me in my asshole you little cunt! I'm getting so wet! You're making me so goddamn horny! Mmmm! Yeah!"
Jamie couldn't help feeling that the woman was speaking with some degree of sincerity. She hadn't come up with the things that she was saying on her own, but on some level she truly believed them. With her fingers inside the woman, she could tell exactly how wet she was getting. Her own pussy had never gushed like that. Jamie felt disgusted and ashamed. A few more moments of this and she would actually bring this woman to climax.
Suddenly Delgado felt inspired. He seized Jamie by the hair and dragged her to her feet. Then he kicked the older woman in her exposed crotch while the Asian girl holding onto her leg bolted upright. The forty-something lady shrieked as her cunt began to swell and redden.
"Here's the plan, sluts." Delgado barked instructions at the women assembled by the roadsde without so much as looking at them. "You're going to get yourselves off right here and now. Then when you're finished, you're going to get each other off. Do I make myself clear?"
The eight women from the truck replied almost in unison. "Yes master, sir. We will get ourselves off and then get each other off now master, sir."
Jamie simply stared and gaped in astonishment. The upper brass often debated whether it was advisable or not to expose new captives to fully-trained slaves. Sometimes the shock served only to delay their training and render adjustment to their new lifestyle more difficult. If nothing else, Jamie was certainly learning the differences between herself and an experienced slave.
Delgado approached the young red-haired girl as she stood pouting, her ample breasts rising and falling with each labored, excited breath. He noticed that her nipples perked up and stiffened when he stared at her. He raised his arm with his prod in hand, and she suddenly realized that her pussy was tingling. Those quick, sharp jolts to the pussy from the sergeant's prod somehow excited her, and her body was anticipating the next shock with curiosity if not eagerness.
The sergeant walked to the parked jeep and muttered something to another soldier that Jamie couldn't quite make out. She noticed a young black private place a large duffel bag on the vacant passenger's seat. Then he unzipped the back and began to rifle through it with his hands. Soon he was joined by Delgado in his search for whatever essential military equipment lay within the bag. After a moment two more soldiers began to assist them. When Jamie finally caught a glimpse of the items that they were withdrawing from the bag, her curiosity edged out her shock, agony and dread for just an instant. Delgado noticed her craning her neck.
Putting a finger to his lips, he approached Jamie with a sadistic grin while his comrades strode toward the other females with similar expressions of smug elation. They were carrying vibrators in their hands. Jamie had never played with a dildo nor held one, but she had always imagined that they were a lot of fun. Then she noticed to her dismay that the sex toy Sgt Delgado was carrying as he approached her was quite a bit longer and thicker than the others.
The soldiers handed a vibrator to each of the eight girls from the truck. They were smooth, curved just slightly and colored in a soft whitish-pink. The boys had looted them from a local adult novelty store. As much as the training and disciplinary squads loved their elaborate torture devices they often got a kick out of watching confused and frightened girls reluctantly and bashfully play with ordinary adult toys.
Each dildo was roughly six and a half inches long and an inch and a half in diameter. Jamie's was seven and a half inches long and tapered from a diameter of 1.6 inches to 1.8 inches. With no lube beyond what her body could produce on its own, Jamie had a difficult struggle ahead of her.
Delgado took ahold of her arm and forced the intimidating sex toy into her hand. He flipped a switch at the base and the shaft came humming to life. Jamie sat transfixed, failing to notice that the eight girls beside her were already cramming their vibrators into their vaginas in a panic-stricken rush. By the time Jamie began to comprehend the task Delgado had set before her he had already lit into her crotch with his cattle prod. She screamed and jumped four feet backward, nearly stumbling and falling on her ass. Delgado approached her again with the prod extended.
Fresh tears flowed from Jamie's eyes as she spaced her feet apart nervously and reached for her underside with the humming sex toy. Standing a short distance behind the line of slaves who were masturbating by the side of the road, her heart began to sink ever deeper. They looked absolutely ridiculous standing upright with their legs apart, furiously working their silicone lovers in and out of their pussies. Jamie didn't even realize how wet her little red-bushed cunt was getting.
The small but busty young girl's curly red locks swung perpendicular to the ground as she tilted her head downward slowly. Delgado had the prongs of his cattle prod pressed deep into the flesh of her genitals, but he mercifully refrained from shocking her. She gulped and carefully inserted the tip of her silicone phallus into her pussy. She was amazed at how easily it slipped inside her. Jamie had completely lost track of how aroused she was becoming.
Delgado gripped a fistful of her hair and dragged her forward painfully. Then he stepped back to watch the eight girls play with themselves against their will. Their last shreds of modesty began to fall away like so many heavy chains. As they desisted in their struggle to maintain a hint of dignity an alien sense of liberation began to wash over them. The boys could see it in their eyes. Most women would be bashful about masturbating while standing naked and upright in front of a crowd of men they've never met, but not a single individual present could have denied that these girls were learning to enjoy it on a certain level.
After seven minutes the men determined that two of the girls had climaxed. Jamie wasn't there yet but she was obviously working herself up. Her normally pale face was beet red and she seemed to have little trouble accommodating half of her dildo's length inside her cunt. She continued her work and she even felt a tinge of pride when the head of the toy made contact with her cervix. Moments later her self-control evaporated and she began to fuck herself with a rapidly accelerating motion, gripping her toy in both hands for leverage. Loud, wet, squishy sounds echoed from each female's vagina as their dildos became coated in glistening layers of bodily fluid.
Delgado observed that Jamie wasn't having as difficult of a time as he had hoped. He reached for the whistle at his hip, brought it to his mouth and blew. All of the girls immediately stopped in their motions except for Jamie, who continued to fuck herself vigorously while her fellow captives stood at attention, bringing their legs together in an effort to keep the toys from slipping out of their sopping wet cunts.
The sergeant addressed the attentive crowd of ladies as even excited little Jamie stopped masturbating and began to listen.
"On your back! Dildos in! Now! Now! Now! Move those legs and stuff those cunts, whores!"
Some of the women didn't hit the ground fast enough. Jamie and three others received painful kicks to the shins for encouragement. When all of them were lying on their backs, holding their vibrating toys inside their cunts the sergeant continued his instructions.
"Legs up in the air. Cycle for fifteen minutes. You slow down, we whip your tits with the buckle ends of our belts. Hands behind your heads! Let's go!"
So the women began to cycle their legs in the air above their heads, wiggling their horny little bottoms while the movement of their thighs pumped the dildos in and out of their cunts. With their hands clasped behind their heads in the grass they couldn't pick up their toys whenever they happened to slip out of their exceedingly moist vaginas. Thus when a girl's toy fell out one of the solders would bend over and thrust it back in.
After six minutes a soldier returned from the squad's truck carrying another large bag. He dumped it onto the ground a yard from where Jamie was lying. She simply stared at the sky and tried to ignore her oncoming orgasm.
The redheaded girl lay in the grass panting and gasping. Her ample breasts heaved with each labored breath while she struggled to pump her pale white legs in the air continuously. She began to dig her fingernails into her own scalp. The excitement was practically killing her.
The nine captives quickly became soaked in sweat as the daylight faded. Jamie glanced to either side and began to notice the scars and lacerations on each captive's body. She immediately understood that they had all endured intense and repeated whippings.
As Jamie approached her second orgasm she felt a cold metal sensation inside her anus. She knew Delgado was standing over her with the prod, gently working the electrodes into her sphincter. She didn't want to discover what the next shock would feel like. She began to cycle faster and faster, groaning as her body strained. Delgado pressed the button at the exact moment of her second climax, bearing into her ass with repeated jolts that sent her body into violent spasms and intensified her climax to a degree that she would never have imagined possible. She screamed a keening wail of simultaneous agony and rapture into the evening sky.
The men kept this game up for forty minutes before they decided to relieve the women of their dildos. Jamie seemed almost forlorn when she had to give hers up. The men commented on how well she had "polished" the shaft with vicious laughter.
Jamie was astonished when they ordered her to open her mouth wide. Suddenly the deactivated toy was inside her mouth, and the troopers were screaming at her to lick it clean. She wept as she sucked and licked her juices off of the toy dejectedly.
After a moment they popped the toy out of her mouth, dragged her down to the ground by her hair and forced her face toward the waiting crotch of another young woman. She hesitated until they began to lash her backside with their belts. Cuts and weals began to appear on her shapely behind as she screamed and sobbed. Delgado grabbed the back of her head and shoved her face into the other girl's cunt, dragging it back and forth so that her nose brushed against her partner's clitoris and her chin rubbed against her holes. Jamie's partner just spread her legs invitingly.
Jamie wanted to gag and vomit, but when the soldiers whipping her began to relent she quickly understood what they expected from her. Her buttocks were stinging and burning uncontrollably. The buckles had landed against her skin a few times, leaving noticeable imprints in her tender flesh.
She closed her eyes and began to lick. She simply shut the taste out of her mind. She tried to ignore the way her partner trembled and shook, the way she moaned and gasped and brought her legs together reflexively and squeezed her face between her thighs. Jamie couldn't help but feel that the other girl was taking advantage of her. Suddenly Jamie's partner seemed less like the victim of a cruel sexual game, and more like a sexual time bomb in need of release. Jamie was doing nothing more than servicing her, allowing her to kick back and blow off some steam.
Jamie began to draw louder and higher-pitched screams from her lover with just the right movements of her tongue. The woman began to grip Jamie's head between her legs with mounting fervor. This girl would break Jamie's neck if she wasn't careful.
The redhead's first performance of cunnilingus felt like it lasted an hour, but in truth she brought her slutty partner to orgasm in sixteen minutes. The troopers dragged her to a kneeling position and she looked around her. The other girls were still lying on their backs. She knew she was going to have to lick each of their pussies to orgasm one by one.
After another hour Jamie's neck was sore and nearly sprained, her curly hair was tangled and matted, her jaw ached and her knees were bruised and scraped. Her mouth was so dry she swore she was on the verge of dying from thirst. Her throat was raw and her ass still stung from the whipping. As she moved from one partner to the next the troopers watched her and busied themselves by raping the other waiting girls. Jamie was too engrossed in her task to notice the way they reciprocated whorishly to the men's every advance and every movement. Delgado even took a turn lying in the grass and allowing the women to ride him cowgirl style, an undertaking to which they applied themselves without hesitation or shame.
Before long one of the men approached Jamie from behind and began fucking her while she serviced one of her new girlfriends. She began to make noises of protest and discomfort that were essentially muffled by the female crotch in which she had buried her face. Her suppressed squeaks and yelps amused and excited the boys to no end. Experienced slaves were fun, but there was nothing quite like breaking in a shy new girl.
Jamie began to drift off as she finished off her eighth partner. All she wanted to do was lay her head in this girl's soft, warm lap and pass out. Then she heard the rumble of an engine down the road. The stranded truck's spare tires had arrived.
Before she could give another thought to her unfortunate situation the soldiers had attached a leash to her collar and roughly dragged her back to the jeep. As the soldiers' truck and jeep departed the scene they placed Jamie's ring gag back inside her mouth and forced her to suck their cocks for the remainder of their drive. She arrived at Megan's house with four fresh wads of semen in her stomach.
Megan began to move her hips back and forth, grinding into Jamie's innocent little face with her pussy. She felt as if she was no longer in control of her body and she didn't care. She knew there was a great deal of torture still in store for her, and thus she tried her best to lose herself in the moment. Suddenly she winced in confused shock and panic as she heard the sound of the rattan cane strike soft, supple flesh once again. It took several seconds for her to realize that Jamie was the one who had been struck. Suddenly Jamie was screaming uncontrollably into Megan's crotch. Megan's pussy gushed. She began to fuck Jamie's face with redoubled energy. The cane struck Jamie's already aching bottom once again. Both girls were screaming and moaning violently at a steadily increasing volume. The noise drew the remaining men in the room and suddenly Megan and Jamie were playing in front of an audience of twenty armed strangers.
One squad had finished having their way with Megan and the other had finished with Jamie, but none of the soldiers were ready to turn in yet. Megan came again and again while she kneeled in bondage atop her dining room table. Jamie wasn't coming, but she was getting wetter by the minute. Delgado waited close to half a minute between each stroke. He couldn't wait to introduce Megan to his cock, and he knew the rest of his squad was eager to meet her as well.
Cpl Barrington approached Delgado and whispered something into his ear. "Pretty tight, I'd say one and a half. Maybe one and three quarters." Barrington nodded, then left to prep the unit's piston-driven rape machine for Jamie's first ride. Delgado had informed him that she just might be able to handle a phallus up to 1.75 inches in diameter, implying that she would experience some discomfort at that girth even with plenty of lubricant. Barrington smiled slyly as he attached a silicone shaft to the piston with a girth of two inches and a length of eight inches. Jamie was a delicate young creature, lacking Megan's flexibility and stamina. Her ride would be a grueling experience.

(end ch 3)

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