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Okay, so I'm a first time writer at this website.... Actually I'm a first time writer at all, but I've read these stories on here for years! I hope you enjoy this story about a personal experience of mine, (don't worry I didn't put my real name on there. :) And leave me comments<3 Part two will come out if you guys liked this one... the story only gets better:D

When Toni O’riely walked into the living room of her two story house, she never expected to see her father, Davis O’riely, pumping his cock in his large fist.
Toni was a sheltered child who’d grown into a sheltered teenager, and seeing her father masturbating definitely had her asking questions. She knew what a penis was from her JR. High Health class. But she’d never heard of a male doing anything like this. What was he doing with it? Did all boys do this? Was this normal? Why was he being so rough with it? She was so interested in watching his hand move up and down the straining shaft that she didn’t notice the picture of her in a bathing suit was held in his other fist. He was whispering things under his breath, and she was just closely hidden enough to catch snippits.
“Yea, daddy’s baby girl likes it when daddy’s nasty? Huh? You like it when you make daddy’s big dick cum for you?” He was straining, his body going into spasms; she saw the big thing in his hand twitching.
She then noticed the picture of her on their trip to Miami Beach. She was wearing a green bikini top with shorts, her long red hair blowing in the coastal wind, her bright green eyes hidden from the sun behind her RayBands. Dad was holding the picture and whispering to it. Toni started feeling heat spread down into her stomach, an ache she didn’t understand. She felt hot and wet down there. Toni had never felt anything so alien and strange…she kind of liked it.
All of the sudden her father started convulsing. His big shoulders hunching and strained, his dark hair flopping into his face. She looked down at his straining penis and saw that it was oozing white stuff. She knew that it was semen. The stuff that makes babies. She’d just never seen it in action before, and when she did she wanted to see it again…and again. Toni noticed the ache grew hotter, spreading up to her C sized breast and creeping into her neck and cheeks. Being a fair Ginger made her blush obvious.
Her father had caught most of the semen in a dish towel she used and with that he wiped up, stood and zipped his pants. She noticed that he gently tucked the once hard penis in with care. Maybe it was sensitive? She thought.
At that moment she realized with horror that he was walking her way, where she’d been watching him from the hallway. Hurriedly she crept into the dining room which was just the next room and got busy pretending to study a book when Davis walked in he looked disheveled but relived and when he saw her sitting there studying he felt a blush creep up his neck; she bent her head so that her curtain to red locks spilled over her heated face also. She didn’t want her father knowing he’d been spied on.
Act normal, she thought to herself.
“Hi dad.”
“Hey, hon. What’s doin’?” he pretended to take interest in her book and try not to let her see the growing bulge in his pants at the sight of her. She was just so beautiful with all that hair and her ample bosom; with her long lithe body, round perky ass and legs that went on forever.
Like her mother.
God rest Emily’s soul. She’d died when Toni was 9.
“Oh just some homework and stuff. What have you been up to? I thought you were working late again.” Her bright green eyes reminded him of a cat’s. he bypassed the thought.
“Chief said I was working too hard. Gave me some vacation time. Two weeks.” He answered.
“Really, I’ll get to see you more often?” Toni exclaimed. She only saw him eight hours out of the week. And that was if she was lucky.
Davis was as happy as she was about the off time. He was so tired of finding dead body after dead body. His detective work left him not time to spend with Toni.
And now he had it.

Toni was very exited that her dad got to spend more time with her, she thought as she sat on her bed in her neon colored room. After her mother died from cancer, he’d been so put out and stressed that he never saw her. He used his job for an escape from the death of her mom, and wasn’t there for her when she’d needed him. But she was forgiving and gave him room. So he was still grieving over her dead mom seven years later. And now that Toni was 16 she had a job of her own and was distracted also. Her waitress job at the local diner didn’t pay as good as she’d like, but it was okay.
She suddenly remembered a couple from her school had come into the Diner today and had been all touchy-feely on each other.
How badly she’d like to be touched at this moment, she thought oddly. She’d never had such a thought. And it brought back the ache.
She decided that she needed to get rid of the heated ache…but she didn’t know how.
Toni wore to bed skimpy shorts and a tank top. It was breezy and cute. But not she was hot. The less, the better, she thought.
Toni stood and took off everything. Standing in her room naked she felt a sense of freedom. This was her room and she could come and go as she pleased, if she wanted to be buck naked she could.
But what she forgot was that her neighbor’s son’s window was directly across from hers and he watched her often, because she left her window open and curtains drawn back to catch a rare summer breeze.
At this moment in Nathan Hall’s bedroom he was watching his sexy neighbor get naked at prance around her room. It was the best night of his life. He was spending the summer with his parents since he didn’t want to stay in the dorm at his college. He was 20 with light blonde hair, athletes body that he kept in shape, and a fuckload of sexual experience from the last two years in college. He’d had a little before that but college was the real deal. And during those two years, he’s never seen anything as hot as the O’riely girl. She was fucking perfect now that he could see all her body. She’d been hot before with cloths on, but her being naked had just made him fall in love. Her tits looked like the perfect handful, topped by sexy coral pink nipples and the tiniest areolas, (he had his binoculars too see it all); when she turned he caught a glimpse of that perfect little ass he wanted to lick from top to bottom; her curves were supple but sweet, she wasn’t so boney that her hips protruded through the skin, and wasn’t even close to mildly fat. Just enough padding on her that he could grip and thrust without stabbing himself on bones. Her pussy mound was all he could see of that area, but he swore one day he’d see more. It was topped by soft red fluff that was a shade darker than her hair and not so huge that you could call in a bush. She had perfect legs that would wrap around a man and take him for a ride. And he bet she was flexible.
An image of her beneath him with both her knees to her ears held there by his shoulders as he pounded her cunt meat. His dick got harder than it’d been in a while at the thought. He had to sample some of that pussy before he went back to college. He made a vow that he’d go over there tomorrow and talk with her. But right now he was going to jack off to her naked body.
He took his 8’ cock in hand and rubbed for a moment, decided he needed lube. He got some lotion and went back to work rubbing the thing. He watched her without the binoculars and saw the she was inspecting her body in a mirror. Looking at herself as if she just realized how sexy she was.
“That’s it baby, look how beautiful you are,” he hissed in a breath as she ran a hand down her slim creamy neck over her equally slim creamy shoulders, and over her beast. She looked shocked at the sensation and ran a finger over her nipple again. “Yea, discover yourself, you naughty innocent.” He spoke out loud, still jerking his exposed cock, “I cant wait to get my hands on that body. I’m gonna’ fuck every hole you have. I’ll do things to you that aren’t even legal.” He jerked faster as she pinched her nipple and brought up the other hand to do the same to her neglected nipple in a “Tune In Tokyo” manner, which he found the single most hottest thing ever. He felt his cum boiling in his balls as the O’riely girl ran a hand down her stomach. “This is it,” he said, “she’s gonna discover her little pussy.”
Toni ran her hand down her stomach, reviling in the sensation. Moaning softly since her dad was in the room across the hall. It was awesome how sensitized her young body was. She felt the sting in her nipples that were rubbed raw from her fingers, the cool air hitting them. She ran a hand over her pubic hair, feeling the sensitized curls, moaning a little louder. And when she spread her thighs and ran her hand up her slit, she found bliss. Her moan was louder than she’d intended, but they were just happening. She did it again feeling closer and closer to completion. On her third trip through she felt juices running out of her like a womanly rain. The juices spread when Toni ran her hand up her slit again and it slipped over her clit, sending her into a convulsion, where she didn’t care about anything but the frenzying need built up in her little clit. Her body shook in orgasm.
Across the way Nathan had cum twice already in the last seven minutes. Is covered his curtains and he didn’t care as he watched the O’riely girl cum. It was most undoubtedly her first orgasm because the look on her face was one as if she’d discovered a gold mind. His dick and balls were drained but it looked like the O’riely girl was just getting started.

Davis sat in his bed trying to read. Reading used to be his favorite hobby before Emily died. And since then he hadn’t had time to read, what with his job and all. Excuses, excuses, he thought. But with a little vacay time, he wanted to relax for the first time in 7 years. He got to thinking about sex right about the same time he heard a feminine moan from across the hall…Toni? No it couldn’t be? Maybe she was hurt? He threw back the covers and was racing into the hallway when he heard another feminine moan. It was muffled and one of pleasure. And it came from Toni’s room….
Oh fuck. What if she was touching that little pussy? What if her fingers were burried knuckle deep into her twat? Maybe she was leaking and thinking of him? What? No, she wouldn’t think of him. That was wrong.
But you thought of her, said the little voice in his head.
Yea, he’d jacked off to her picture when she’d been in the dining room. But no way would he ever act on it.
You lie, said the voice he supposed was his conscious, if she flaunted that ass in your face one time, willingly, you’d be all over that.
Fuck, conscious was right. The fucker.
Davis crept silently across the hall and listened closely. The walls were thin and he could hear the muffled sexy cries of a female enjoying something sexual. He had to see what was going on, he silently opened the door and looked inside. To his shock and his utter joy, he saw his sweet, innocent baby girl naked and in the floor in front of her full length mirror, with her never-ending legs spread wide and her fingers exploring her little pussy. He could see his baby’s whole body. Her perfectly proportioned ass, tits, and hips. But his focus was on the puffy pink pussy in between her legs. She was leaking, it looked like someone had sprayed her with shiny liquid. And she had a pussy unlike no other. The lips parted to reveal her mons and labia, her tiny clit and the puffiest folds he’d ever seen. They weren’t unearthly huge, just swollen with pressure.
Pressure he wanted to relieve.
With his mouth.
But he couldn’t think like that. So he pulled himself away and silently closed the door, went back to his room, pulled out his large cock and jerked off a total of 6 times. Which he thought was impossible for a 34 year old man.

When Toni woke the next morning she was the most relaxed she’d been in forever. Her muscles were lax and surprisingly sore. Especially her arms and hands. Her vagina was wore out too. She rubbed the poor girl raw, but it was worth it, they were both satisfied. She wanted to sleep longer, but when she looked at her clock she realized she had to go to work. And then she realized again with relief that it was Sunday and she didn’t work today. She could sleep in. Toni burrowed deeper into the covers.
She was awoke when a loud sound came from downstairs in the kitchen, a string of curses followed behind it.
Dad was awake.
He didn’t knock when he stormed into her room, tying a tie real crappy like. “I cant get this shit. Will you help me? I have an important meeting with the DEA about some smuggling in Mexico.”
Toni rolled her eyes. She knew he wouldn’t last a day without work. He had to be busy. “Why are you in with the DEA, aren’t you a homicide detective?” She sat up with the duvet covering her bare breasts.
“They tie into this one case I’m working on. No one else wanted to do this one, its pretty nasty, but I volunteered. I’m going to take my vacation in three weeks.” His face was grave as he sat down where she’d scooted over from so she could tie the tie.
She was halfway done tying the tie when her breasts fell out. Davis looked down at her cherry topped tits and his dick got hard in about a millisecond. Toni didn’t realize her nudity until she was done with the tie. Davis was in too much shock to tell her and she squeaked in humiliation. “Get out, dad!”
Awkwardly fast he was closing the door behind him as he said, “I’ll be home late, don’t wait up.”

Nathan was on his way over to the O’riely’s at 3:30 pm to “meet” the girl of his dreams. Literally. The newest evidence of his lust for her was sprayed all over his sheets from the very explicit dreams he’d had.
He knew her old man, the detective, had left for work about four hours prior to now and he knew the guy would work late. Probably into tomorrow.
Enough time for Nathan to seduce his daughter.
Nathan walked up to her house, which was similar to his own, and knocked. No answer. He knocked again, then ringed the doorbell. No answer. He was about to walk around back and knock when he heard a soft musical voice call, “Coming, gimme a sec!”
And then the angel with the fiery red hair came to the door in a little blue tank top, a pair of workout shorts stretched across her ass and hips, her headphones were around her neck and her iPhone in her pocket. Her long red curls piled up onto her head in a green chignon. He got to look at her face closely. Her eyes were wide and sultry innocence tinted them, a small straight nose that led to generously lushes lips and a small stubborn chin. Her bright green eyes looked on at him with friendly unfamiliarity.
Toni had been in the middle of her workout when she’d heard the knocking and loud doorbell through her music. And she was glad now that she’d answered it because the guy behind it was a very handsome one. He had grey eyes, light blond hair that was chin length and styled, broad shoulders, under the navy blue shirt he wore she could see he was built well. His narrow hips where his low slung jeans hung on with a stoners belt, were also nice. His face was chiseled with a tough guy look to it, and his lips were…well, sexy. He looked about, 19 or 20.
“Hi, can I help you?” Toni asked the stranger.
“Yea, I just wanted to get acquainted. I’m staying with the fam while summer’s here. And I see you sometimes and figured we should meet.” Oh he was smooth. He held out his hand, “I’m Nathan Hall.”
She took his hand. “Toni O’riely.”
He looked thoughtful. “Toni? Cool. So whatcha up to Toni?”
“I was working out. Sorry I didn’t hear you earlier I was jamming.” She smiled and he liked it. “You wanna come in. I was about to make lunch. Want a sub sandwich?”
They got to know each other within an hour and were best friends by the end of the fourth hour they’d hung out.
“So, personal question,” Nathan asked Toni as they sat on the couch drinking coke and watching T.V, “have you ever had sex?”
Toni almost spit out her drink, blushing furiously. “Um…no.”
“Been kissed?”
“Um…no” She blushed even more.
“What have you done?” He asked, scooting closer.
“I…um…I’ve uh, touched myself.” She felt like she couldn’t lie to him about it.
“Really, interesting. That’s sexy.” He gave her a smile and said, “You wanna fix that?”
“What?” She asked.
“Never been kissed.” His eyes were hot, his body hotter… hers was too.
“I… I…,” She stuttered, her face beat red, “You wanna kiss me?”
“Of coarse. Your like the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met. Can I kiss you now?”
Toni nodded.
Nathan leaned in and brought a hand up to pull and position her head gently to kiss her. He showed her how to kiss, and how to use tongue and then they got into it. He kept pulling her closer and closer to him. Until her breasts were against his chest and their lips melded together. She was a tongue lover. Sipping and sucking his tongue, licking his lips. He started kissing down her jaw to her neck and he suckled there softly, his dick was burning with need. The need to be in a heated little pussy that would grip it and squeeze it until it exploded in it. It’s love juice spewing like a cum fountain in and on her.
“Can I touch you?“ He asked.
She cried out a mewl, “Just make the burn go away!” She was hot and needed what he needed.
“Show me, baby, show me where you burn?” He said as he kissed her cleavage. She started ripping at her cloths and he helped her get naked. Her soft tits spilling when the blue tank top and shorts were gone. All he left was her panties. She started ripping at those too. “Please, Nathan make it stop! Please it hurts! I ache!”
Nathan was close to coming in his pants. He was hot too. He stood up and while kicking off his shoes he wrapped and arm under Toni’s waste and lifter her easily to where she’d be laying down on the couch. She stretched out mewling as she watched him undressing. “You are so fuckin’ hot. I cant wait to be inside you.” He leaned down and kissed her hard, nipping her lip. He left his boxers on and came down on top of her lithe body. She had the grace of a panther. And the sleek sexiness too. He nestled between her thighs comfortably and dug his 8’ cock into her panty covered cunt, “You like that hard cock on your lil’ clit, huh?” He ground against her again, he could feel the heat coming off her pussy. She was moaning and mewling, crying, and pleading for him to make her cum. “You wanna cream, baby?” He asked kissing the shell of her ear. She nodded. He knew she didn’t know what he meant, but the words were hot and made them hot too. He sat up and looked down at Toni. He had been licking and fondling them till she screamed. Now it was time fore a yummy meal of girl cum. He got his large shoulders between her thighs. He saw where she’d soaked through her panties, he leaned down and inhaled a fresh creamy cunt. He lifted his hand and ran it over her pussy; he pinched lightly where he knew she’d like it. He then replaced his hands with his nose, nuzzling and kissing her through her panties. He started nipping playfully at her twat, and when she was crying and needy he lifted her little ass up and ripped the panties free. He took a cheek of her ass in each hand and spread them to see the tiny pink hole of her ass and the cutest pussy he’d ever wanted. Without a warning to Toni he licked up the crack of her ass and up the yummy creamy cunt, her juices ran down his chin and he ate more than his fair share if her cream. It was delicious and he got creamed on four times by just eating her.
“You wanna do me a favor baby? I’m miserable here. I ache now, look what you did!” He pulled his pants down and there was his engorged cock. Toni’s hot eyes went wide.
“What do you want me to do?” She asked nervously. Her eyes staring at the deep plum color of the head.
“Come here. Get on your knees between my legs, yep there. Good girl. Now I want you to grab it like this,” he grabbed the thick shaft and he sat on the couch and started stroking it, “And then I want you to move up and down. I want you to kiss it, take it into your mouth and suck as much as you can. Can you do that baby?” His eyes were smoldering and sexy, she wanted his dick, he knew.
Toni looked hotly at Nathan’s penis. It was awfully huge, and he wanted her to kiss and suck it? She thought about it for a moment and it became sexy to her. She wrapped her hand around it and started sliding the skin up and down. It felt like soft velvet over hard steel. And then she kissed the top. Its like a crown, she thought. She slipped her lushes lips over the head and sucked softly, hearing him moan and pull her hair, which she’d let down earlier, into a makeshift ponytail with which he controlled how deep he went into her mouth. The constant bobbing was sexy within itself but her lips were perfect fit for the large cock inhabiting it for the moment. Wanting to take it a step further, Toni cupped Nathan’s balls and sucked him completely into her mouth, gagging, but it was fuckin sexy and it made him spurt his first load of the night into her mouth. She gagged and then swallowed.
“What was that?” She asked wiping spittle from her mouth.
“I came in your mouth. Sorry I didn’t warn you. You are the hottest little thing I’ve seen. I’ve never liked redheads but you are like a fucking princess. Come here I wanna show you something.” So both naked they sat on the couch and Nathan picked up Toni by the hips and sat her on his lap.
“Do you trust me?” He asked when she looked apprehensive.
“Yes, after everything that’s happened how can you think I don’t?”
Nathan leaned back and laid her down on him with her back to his chest. He splayed out her legs, opened her pussy lips and reached around to pick up his hard cock. He rubbed his dick up and down her creamy twat. And then he eased his head into the tightest virgin pussy ever. Toni cried out at the tight fit. He eased her with kisses and whispers. He spent a good half hour getting her used to his size and then popped her cherry. With one push he felt her maidenhead give way and when he pulled out he rubbed the blood from it onto his cock. “I just took your pussy, baby. I made your pussy weep and bleed for me. Your mine.” He grabbed her whole cunt in his hand and squeezed, “This is mine. Its my tight cream hole.” He ran his hands up her stomach and over her breasts then grabbed them, “These are mine. When I want a suck, you give me it.” he grabbed her jaw a roughly yanked her face to his, he passionately kissed the fuck out of her, “This is mine, too. That tongue is my play toy, the lips are you pussy’s twin. So when I cant use her, I’ll go to her sister.” He put both his hands on the insides of her thighs, ran them down until he had a cheek of her ass in each hand, “Your ass, well I’ve yet to concur it, but it will be mine too,” He licked her neck and up her ear.
“Do you understand, my Toni?” He asked.
She wanted his dick back inside her, hard this time, she wanted crazy, wild, hot, sweaty with Nathan. If she was his, then he was hers. She hotly sat forward, she’d had yet to answer him, she grabbed his still erect cock in her hand and leaned down to kiss the head of it. Bending made her ass level with his nose and her puffy pussy level with his mouth. His intake of breath lasted a whole second before she engulfed the head of his cock in her mouth. She looked up at him from between her legs. “I’ll be yours if--,” she swiped her tongue over the head of his prick, “You’ll stay mine.” A sultry smile finish.
Faster than most people could move Nathan somehow had ripped her up and had her doggy style on the floor, her hair in his hand again and his huge dick was pounding into her tight twat.
“Your on.”

If you didn't like it, well I'm sorry have fun reading other stories. I'll have part two out soon. Leave me comments and please, non of those "kik me" things work. and if you do get spoken to, most of the people are PEDO bears who wanna see your little peckers. My advice, DONT KIK PEOPLE ON THIS WEBSITE.
Love y'all:)


2014-08-06 05:56:31
Very hot story! I have to confess that naughty young redheads with matching pussy hair are a weakness of mine so I had a great mental image the entire time I was reading it.


2013-09-29 09:45:41
That was incredible. I am so looking forward to the next installment.

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2013-09-13 21:20:06
oh fuck if that toni exists i'm gonna fuck her brains out


2013-09-02 00:09:24
Alrighty guys:) thanks for the awesome feedback, and im extra thankful for ways to better my stories. I would love to write part 2 ASAP since its been a while, so i'll hop to it;) i'd also like to ask you guys if you didnt mind if i changed it up and made it more kinky than it really was in real life?


2013-08-18 23:05:12
Great story for a 'newby'. So HOT! Can't wait for part 2. Two suggestions: leave another space between paragraphs to make it easier to read; and 'your' is possesive for something that is yours while 'you're' is a conjunction of 'you are'. In the story "your mine" needs to be "You're mine." Check my story "The Back Deck" under 6699 for another cop father's exploits.

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