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This is a true story and it is kinda lengthy, please forgive me and give time to read it, I'm sure you would enjoy reading it. Have fun!
This happened about 4 years ago.

I’m Andre. I am a teacher for 7 years now. I’ve been teaching Math since then. Math, practically the most difficult subject you’ll ever encounter if you’re not really into numbers and into solving. Anyway, I’m about 6 feet tall. Has a moderate body build and has six pack abs, dark brown hair and eyes. But I cannot really be proud of something aside from my six buns in my abdomen and my you know what. And also, my looks, I’m quite the cute guy but not the very handsome one. A few girls and “boys” found me attractive, but not so many.

One day on the first half of the semester, we had a meeting with all the parents of the students, PTA meeting as we call it. After the meeting was done, as the parents are going out of the room, one mother was still sitting there comfortably and she looks like she’s not ready to leave just yet. Then after all the parents left the room, she stood up and asked me a question. I was right, she’s not really leaving yet because she asked for a favour.

“Excuse me Sir, but could we talk for a while? If I won’t be taking so much of your time.” she asked.
I said “of course Ma’am, sure, what do you want to talk to me about?”
“It’s about my son Kyle, I know he’s a very slow learner, even his previous teachers said so to me.”
“Don’t worry ma’am, I’ll take care of Kyle here in school if that’s what you’re asking me to do.”
Then she said “actually, I’m gonna have to ask you something more than that.”
“And what would that be?” I asked
“As I’ve said, my son is a slow learner and I know this is not allowed, but could you please tutor him on weekends? Just one day, either Saturday or Sunday, it will be up to you. And I would be willing to pay you, we could talk about your rate.”
Sensing an extra income, I said yes. “Where would I tutor your son then?” I asked.
“At our house if it’s ok with you” she said.
And before I could say anything, she said immediately “Actually sir, I know where you live, you’re just about five to six blocks away from our house, you’re the nearest there is so you’re the one I asked.”
“Sure Ma’am, shall we begin when?” I asked again.
“this coming Saturday if it’s ok with you.”
“this coming Saturday it is then, I’ll see you.”
Then she thanked me and after just around five minutes of talking and other things like that, she left.

I was really going to take this seriously because it’s an extra income for me and it won’t be hard to tutor someone at around five to six blocks away from your house. Kyle actually has two names. It was Stephen Kyle. And for very odd reason, I really liked calling him Stephen instead of Kyle. Kyle was a very handsome kid, 14 years old, has very white skin, one deep dimple on his right cheek appear whenever he smiles, light brown wavy hair and blue eyes. He’s the type of person that whenever he looks at you, you tend be nervous because you can feel the weight of his stare at you. It seems so heavy, his stares. But the trade off of his very good looks are his height and body build. He’s short at about 5’2 and wasn’t very muscular because he’s not into sports. He’s just like a kid that stays at home and faces his laptop all day long.

Then the day finally came and I knocked at their door. Stephen (I’m not used to Kyle) immediately opened the door, looking at me directly. Oh God, his stare feels really heavy. Anyway, my concentration on his stare was broken when his mom yelled “just a sec! Kyle, assist your teacher inside the living room! I’m almost done cooking!” Then I entered their house. It was pretty much a big house because it has 3 floors. It was clean wherever I look.

Then his mom came while I was just about to ask Stephen how he was. “How are you sir, please sit down, feel at home!” she sounds like she was running for about 2 days. She asked Stephen to do the dishes on the kitchen and we talked about the rates. (of course that’s a secret). After that, she immediately went upstairs and to start the tutor with Stephen. Of course, it’s Math. Roughly about ten minutes, his mom came down and dressed neatly as if going somewhere. And I was right, he was going to a friend’s house. She just said that “Sir, please take care of Kyle while I’m away, anyway, it’s just 2-3 hours of tutoring and you’re done, you can leave after that and I’ll just send the payment to Kyle on Monday.” She just said that and stormed out the door as if there was no tomorrow. She slammed it and it gave me a shock. There was no one in the house aside from Stephen and I. His father is working out of town and only visits home twice every three months.

About an hour tutoring Stephen, I gave him the paper and pen activity. Whenever he asks a question, I just answer it and he will be back to answering. It was a good thing that he’s not looking at me because like I said, his stares were heavy. While Stephen is answering the problems that I gave him, I noticed that he’s losing focus and tends just to face down. After observing very carefully, I noticed that he’s looking in between my legs and I would just snap to get his attention. I tried not to think about it. I tried to think that he’s looking at something else, somewhere else just to get those dirty thought out of my mind. Stephen was just like that the whole time, from 9am-12noon.

At last, tutoring came to an end and it was lunch time. As I was about to leave, Stephen asked me a question. “Sir, can you eat lunch with me? I’m not really used to eating alone.”
I said “sure, but are you really ok with that?” He said yes and we sat on the dining table.

After eating, Stephen asked me another question. “Sir can you stay a little while longer? I’m afraid when I’m alone and mom won’t be here for around 2 hours more.” Kind as I am, I said “Yes, but just an hour ok?” He said yes and we went to the living room, just talking about random things about his family.

As we were talking, my mind came to think again of what I saw earlier, Stephen looking in between my legs. Then I had the brightest idea of all time, it popped just there and then. I said “Stephen, can I sleep in your room for just a while, because I have a terrible headache.” He said “sure, follow me.” We went upstairs and to his room, and I acted as if what I said was true and immediately laid down on his bed. Before pretending to doze off, I said “Stephen, just wake me up if you need me for anything.” He said yes and went out the door.

Then, I waited while pretending to be asleep. Thinking like “is he really looking at my dick?” At about 5 minutes, the door opened and I immediately closed my eyes. He called me on a weak voice “Sir”, three more times before he sat on my bedside. Then he touched me on my chest, and made a weak shudder as if waking me up. I didn’t react of course. They say “the hardest one to wake up is the one pretending to be asleep”, it was me at that time.

Then, his next move made me nervous. He slid his hands from my chest through my abs, as if feeling the curves on it. Then his next move, aside from making me nervous, made me jump a little. His hand went over to my dick and touched it softly, as if avoiding to wake me up. This time, I was thinking that I will be regretting that I have thought of my brilliant plan and I was gonna be raped by my Grade 8 student.

But slowly but surely, Stephen’s massaging on my dick felt good. I’m not into boys but a boy doing me right now felt so damn good. My dick began to stir up, from semi-erect it became hard. I was just wearing a tight shorts back then and a black polo shirt. Now, my rock hard 8” dick was peeking over my shorts but is still covered by my shirt. It didn’t take long for Stephen to realize that the sensitive head of my penis was now peeking over my shorts. He then pulled up my shirt which was covering the head of my dick, and my dick immediately made its appearance in front of Stephen’s handsome face. My eyes were slightly open so I could see Stephen’s amazement in seeing my cock. His mouth fell open and eyes wide as the freeway. But his amazement didn’t prevent him from getting to my dick. He then first smelled it and he shuddered a little, and it was like he’s smelling tonight’s main dish. I can feel his body heat on my sides and also his breath on my dick which made me moan a little, but he didn’t seem to care (or maybe he didn’t hear?). After that, he licked the sensitive head of my dick, my legs tensed a little, but I was able to hold it off from there.

Surely, he continued his tongue job on the head of my dick. I was moaning very softly and I’m already biting my lower lip to prevent my moaning from getting louder. But when I realized it, I wanted to move. It was difficult there, lying down, unable to do much of anything. This was the surprise, like a jack-in-a-box. Stephen was in for a surprise. My hands moved quickly to his armpit and I carried him and immediately laid him down, with me above him.

He was shocked as if seeing the sky was falling. I pretended to be mad, angry, irritated and all that. He was on the verge of crying when I asked: “What are you doing with me and my?” He couldn’t answer. Maybe he strongly believed that I couldn’t wake up from the headache that I just made up. But he was wrong. “I-I-I-I’m sorry, I-I didn’t mean to --- “. Before he could finish his statement, I put my index finger on my right hand on his lips to shut him up. I moved my head to his ears whispering, “It’s okay, it felt good”. After saying that, I licked his ear down to his cheek and our lips met. I kissed him with passion but still, he was shocked from disbelief and couldn’t move. It was like he was dead. He wasn’t moving even an inch. But he soon quickly regained consciousness from that shock and started to return my kisses. We sucked each other’s lips and tongue crossed like swords. While we were kissing, his hands went over the button of my shorts and unbuttoned it.

“You’re really excited about my man meat, aren’t you?” He was shy but managed to answer “Yeah, I was longing for it from the moment you entered our classroom, I was, I was, attracted to you.” “You’re the reason why I jerk off most of the time” he added. “So I’m your fantasy aren’t I?” I immediately took off my shirt, revealing my six pack abs, and I stood on the bedside. Confused, Stephen didn’t do anything. I said to myself “he’s really slow isn’t he?” I said, “What are you waiting for Stephen? Open your present now.” He realized I was going for it when he sat on the bedside and did what I said. He pulled down my shorts and my boxers at the same time and my 8” long dick sprang up to his face. He stared in amazement again, seeing the full length of my dick. His stares aren’t very heavy now, aren’t they? I had my dick shaved every fucking day. I do it myself. So my dick was smooth from my balls to the top, and also to my ass. Now, he’s face to face my raging, throbbing dick. He didn’t seem to know where to start. His right hand went to my balls and I moaned loud. His left hand went to my shaft and his mouth started sucking my dick. His lips were wet with overflowing saliva, maybe in amazement from my sausage. His mouth was warm, it felt really great that I thought I can die after this. Then my hands, as if it has a mind of its own, moved to Stephen’s head and grabbed him in the hair and started the pull-push. All I could say was “Aaahhh, oooohhh, ahhhh, ohhhh”. While playing with my dick with his tongue and mouth, and his hand in my balls, I still managed to pull it off his mouth. I can’t believe I just pulled off from that ecstasy. Normal guys won’t bother pulling it off when they’re already there. But I just did it to tease him. I made my cock jump and his eyes followed, still, wide from amazement. And I said, “Naughty little Stephen, fantasizing me every fucking night”. He said nothing but his actions said what he wanted. He pulled me on the bed, laying me down and he went in between my legs and sucked me up again. “Oooohhh” was all I could say.

Sometimes, he would also pull his mouth away from my dick and just look at it. Maybe from amazement or disbelief that this was really happening. And then, he ate my balls. That made my moans louder, maybe I can be heard outside because the windows were open, but I didn’t really care.

Then, he stopped. I’m the one confused now and he was smiling at me. I realized it quickly that he was trying to tease me. I said “I won’t waste my time teasing if I were you, seize the moment. Also, you’re also being teased by what you are doing.” This time, he was a fast learner. He quickly understood what I said and he ingested my full 8”. He was now doing a deep throat. Oh God it felt amazing! It felt that I would cum easily after he did that. My dick, inside his mouth, he sucked like a vacuum cleaner and played with my dick with his tongue. Soon after, my legs stiffened and he felt that I shivered and pulled his mouth off my dick. It was a shame, but I came. I shot 9 shots of hot sperm from my 8”. My cumshots went everywhere , to my abs, to his face and also to mine, to his shirt and to the bedsides. After that, he licked my cum everywhere where it fell. He also licked me in my cheek up my nose because my cum also went there. I was breathing heavily but still managed to say “Bitch, why did you pull your mouth off my dick when I was about to cum? Now look, we made a mess on your room.” He replied, “I wanted to see your cum fly, Sir” his tone filled with sarcasm. “Also, I wanted your cum to be my air freshener in my room tonight.” He’s really good when he’s teasing. I laid my back down. This time, I sure felt a headache but not that much. I said, “let me sleep in peace this time, my headache is getting worse.” He smiled and touched my dick again, now just semi hard and pressed it making me jump a little more. He then said, “ok, if my horns won’t grow back”. We laughed at what he said and I was about to grab my shorts and boxers at that time when we both heard the door downstairs opened and shut aloud. And a familiar voice yelled “Kyle! Where are you? Help me with these groceries!”

Both shocked, our eyes widened and we acted fast. I just said in a soft voice “go on! I’ll pretend to be asleep, tell her I had a headache and decided to stay with you because you requested me to!”

He then touched my dick again and started jerking me off a little. I slapped his hands and said “damn it little naughty Stephen! We have time for that! And now’s not the right time for that! Quickly, go down now!” He smiled and asked me, “really? we could do this again?” His smiles looked clever as if he was successful in tricking me into another episode of cock sucking. I just gestured a yes and asked him to go downstairs now when his mom yelled again “Kyle! Is your teacher still here? His things and shoes are still here!”

With that, Stephen returned to reality and stormed his way out of his room and then went downstairs.


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