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When Zoë woke up, the clock read twelve forty. She could feel Michael’s arm and leg on her, his flaccid dick sticking to her leg. She groaned and tried to stretch, then winced at the pain in her hips. She started to wonder why then remembered the blur that had their reunion and smiled. Then winced at the pain in her ass. She got up and stretched despite the pain. Then she walked, carefully, toward the door. She turned back and looked at Michael, stretched out in all his glory on the bed and twitching animatedly. For a moment she just looked at him and remembered it all from that weird moment at lunch last Friday to the crazed session they’d had just this morning. She found herself blushing at the thought. Then she spun around and walked toward the shower. In her leisure she didn’t notice the guest she entertained, watching from just on the other side of the window.

As Zoë turned on the water and placed the curtain, she felt the mirror calling to her. But even as it called she heard Michael, echoing through her head.

You know you look beautiful… why do you have to check?

But in the end the mirror won and she stepped in front of it, gazing at her body and finding all of the little things she always found, a birthmark here and there, a scar or two; nothing to large. Nothing like the blemish in her loins… Zoë felt her chest get a bit tight at that thought. Then she shook her head and walked away from the mirror, toward the shower. Her defect was the reason Michael was still with her. If she wasn’t barren they would have been torn apart after their first fuck. She carefully pulled the curtain back and hopped into the shower. She sat under the warm flow, letting it wash the sticky combination of cum, both hers and his, from her hips and thighs. She grabbed the soap…


When Mike woke up he was up to his elbow in a wall. He felt blood flow freely down his fingers, now limp on the other side as he tried to calm his breathing, his heartbeat. That nightmare… the old nightmare, but this time Zoë had been there. And it had been cold. Even now, Michael could feel his bones, his soul, rattle and crack under that freezing cold feeling. He felt it everywhere but his ear, where Zoë had whispered to him. Across the hall, the sound of the shower ran on in its usual rasp and scream. He sighed, trying to calm down. He needed to calm down. He braced and pulled his arm back through the wall, slowly. The plaster scraped against his arm, against the cuts that he had gained in his fear. The shower curtain rattled loudly as it was thrown back and footsteps thumped over the linoleum then out the door and onto the carpet. Michael could still feel his chest heaving. He hadn’t had that dream… that nightmare… in a long time. Zoë ran in from the hall, looking at him in fear and shock as he stared at his shaking, bloodied arm.

“Michael… what the fuck did you do?” He didn’t try to answer. Zoë could tell he was in shock, reeling from the fact he had just punched a wall. What she didn’t know is that he was more shocked he had made it THROUGH the wall. He had never been the strongest person. Then he felt Zoë’s hand cross his cheek violently and gasped. He stopped himself from reeling on her, screaming at her; she had brought him back to reality.

“Michael… I’m sorry, are you all right? You weren’t moving… I got scared, what the fuck were you thinking punching through a wall?!?” He blinked a few times before he looked at her.

“I’m sorry Zoë… I just woke up...” Now it was her turn to stare.

“You did it in your sleep?” Michael nodded. Zoë’s hand went to her forehead, rubbing in anticipation of the headache. “How did you smash through a wall in your sleep? Was it a nightmare?”

“Yeah; A really, really bad nightmare. The worst one I’ve had since I was a kid.” Zoë looked at Michael, shaking and bleeding in the middle of his room. Finally she sighed and grabbed him by his bleeding arm.

“Come on, let’s clean that up. You already have to explain that hole to your dad, you don’t want to bleed on the carpet too.” He managed a shaky laugh and Zoë smiled. He would be okay, once he had time to wake up and calm down. She dragged him across the hall into the bathroom, where the shower was till running. Once she was out of Michael’s room she felt her spine stop tingling. She pushed it out of her mind. Who could be watching them on the second story, in a bathroom? She washed Mike’s hand, finding only a few scratches on his arm from pulling it out of the hole, along with the bloodied knuckles; but the knuckles were opened up pretty badly. Zoë looked at the cut and didn’t find anything to worry about. The skin was split, sure, but it would heal quickly.

“You look alright, but you should shower so that I can wrap that hand up. It’ll help it to heal.” He still looked a little dazed, but Michael nodded and grinned.

“You don’t think the water would be bad for it?” She just looked at him, wondering what he was getting at. “I mean, you know more about this stuff than I do. Maybe you should just, I don’t know, join me… so that it doesn’t get any worse, of course.” Now he was grinning like a madman, like he’d made a great joke. Zoë just smiled.

“I guess I could do that… I did have to jump out of my shower just to come and help you, you know. I never did finish.” They walked toward the shower and jumped in, giggling and caressing one another as they washed.

When finally they were both clean and Mike’s hand had been wrapped up, the two stepped downstairs for some lunch. It was one o’ clock, and they had worked off their breakfasts during their little bout of reunion sex. Zoë watched as Mike went around the kitchen pulling things out of the cabinets and the refrigerator. They talked the entire time, as though he was just letting his hands work. In five minutes he had two sandwiches begun, ham and turkey with provolone cheese, freshly sliced onion, tomato and lettuce leaf. Zoe watched him set the table with the same robotic accuracy, perfectly correct and still casual. Mike sat down across from her at the table when he set the sandwiches, ketchup mustard and may all out on the table. Each had a glass of water already set, in Michael’s plastic cups, and a bag of potato chips was open on the edge of the table.

“Damn, Mike! Where di you learn all that? I didn’t think any guy knew how cook and set the table that fast. I don’t even think my mom can do it that fast!”

“Just something I picked up, I guess.” Zoë saw him look down and to the right before he finished. He was lying.

“Just picked it up, huh? Did someone teach you?” There it was again, so blatant and innocent, but he was trying to lie to her. “You’re trying to lie to me.” Michael started violently. She smiled a little at her own intuition. Now she knew his tell to go along with it.

“What? Why would I lie?” Zoë thought on that for a second. Then she remembered the story that she had found, the one that had given her Michael’s address that night.

“Your mom taught you, didn’t she?” Zoë felt bad immediately. Michael’s face grew pale, his eyes became liquid water and he welled up a bit, His hands started to shake and his shoulders fell. The fork brushed against the paper plate until finally it fell from his limp hand. His entire body had gone limp and trembled. She watched him break down from the solid, quiet boy she had asked to help her with her homework into a nervous wreck who couldn’t even think straight or hold a fork. His eyes were not only watering but had the look of a frightened animal, ready to run or fight for its survival. She reached across the table and grabbed his hand, the one wrapped in bandages. She could feel him trying to stop shaking but could tell he wasn’t going to win. They were both naked and she could see his chest rising and falling in heaves, not breaths.

“Y… yes... Yeah, she did. But why would I lie about… about my…” Zoë felt her heart crack. This was… frightening. He couldn’t even say the word mom.

“Because of what happened to her…” The shaking stopped so fast Zoë didn’t realize it at first. When she did she felt her own eyes get wide. What was he? What had really happened to young Michael that had led to this… this breakdown at the mention of the word? He didn’t move for at all. His arms slumped, except for the one in her hand. He stared at her, unmoving, eyes wide and so far gone Zoë felt scared. What if he had a condition? If Michael was unstable and she had triggered a breakdown, she had to call someone for help. Then he started moving his lips, trying to talk without his voice. He wasn’t at the dinner table anymore, Zoë knew that much. He was off in some unwanted memory, reliving that day. She thought back to the story she had found. It had been the worst accident the town had had in years, apparently. A mother and her son had been playing in the yard when somehow the mother had ended up out in the street. A car had come barreling down the road, with the driver not paying attention to the speed limit or the road. When the driver looked up, the woman was screaming. The car had been going fast enough that that woman was run over, not sent flying over the hood. The child had been watching from the lawn, unable to yell because of the speed of the accident. Due to the car’s speed and the reaction of the driver hitting the brake, the car had rolled down the street and crashed into tow other vehicles before it had been stopped. The driver was killed the moment the car had begun rolling. Due to the death fo the mother, the absence of the father, and the coincidental sound of a jet roaring overhead on its way to a nearby airstrip, no one had reported the accident until Michael’s father had arrived home to find Mike sitting with his mother’s dead body. Apparently it had been several hours. The boy had found covered in his mother’s blood, and had tried to drag her out of the street.

Zoë passed three minutes with no movement from Michael. Then he shook his head and looked at her, his eyes full of tears that hadn’t fallen. She looked at him wit ha mixture of relief, sympathy and horror. He tried to smile and failed so miserably that Zoë felt appalled with herself. Hwy had she brought his mother up at all? Curiosity? No, it hadn’t been innocent curiosity; it hadn’t been innocent at all. It had been to satisfy the question she had been asking herself since Friday. He hadn’t said a word about his mother, had seemed almost happy despite that incident. She wondered if he just didn’t care or if he had managed to come to terms with it but now she knew. She got up out of her chair and felt her own tears begin to fall. How could she have been so heartless is the only question she asks herself.

“Michael, I’m sorry! Please say something, don’t look like that! I didn’t know that it would be like this!” She sat in his lap and hugged hi head to her, trying to stop her sobs of fear. He hadn’t cried yet, why was she? But then he hadn’t cried because he had fought it, tried so hard to fight back those tears. He hugged her back after a moment.

“Shhhhh, Zoë… please stop crying… don’t cry…” She looked at him, eyes now back to the Michael she knew. He was still shaking but she knew she had him back.
“Mike, I’m so sorry, I didn’t know that you would… that you… I’m sorry! God, I’m so sorry!” He didn’t say anything, just held her close and tried to stop shaking. God if I don’t stop shaking… Mike took a deep breath and hugged Zoë a little tighter. He could feel her tears on his neck, her head pressed tightly to the side of his as she cried and held his head to her chest. He pulled out of her grip and wiped her tears, looking at her steadily.

“Zoë… I didn’t mean to scare you. I really didn’t. It’s not easy to explain… what just happened. I don’t know what happened, honestly. I can’t remember what happened. I… black out if I think of it. I’m sorry I can’t explain it better but…” She looked at him, her eyes red from crying. Then she wrapped him in grip that threatened to suffocate him.
“Zoë… breath… can’t…” She let him go and kissed him. Michael didn’t quite know what to do beside kiss her back. When she pulled away she had gotten control of herself.

“I won’t ask anymore. I promise. Michael I’m sorry, I swear I didn’t think that anything like… that… would happen if I asked.” He smiled a bit ruefully, sadly, and looked at the floor. She grabbed his head in her hands and forced him to look at her. He was back; her Michael was back. She kissed him again, to which he gladly reciprocated. He held her close, the warm feeling of her skin against his helping to ease the terror he still felt. When they stopped for breath he smiled at her, a genuine smile.

“Let’s watch a movie or something. Please, I need to relax…”

Zoë left just as school got out. They had left it off with a kiss and a caress, but she said she had to unpack. She’d see him at school, she said with a little smile. Mike barely had time to shut the door to his room and text Zoë about her forgotten over shirt before he heard Dana and one of her girlfriends enter the house. He looked up at the hole in the wall and ran down stairs, finding Dana and… Monica?... standing in the kitchen make hushed talk. Dana looked at Michael and for a fleeting second he swore he saw… emotion in her face. Not her usual sneer. Then the sneer was back and he wondered if he had ever seen that look of… attraction? Care?

What the fuck was that?

“Did you need something, jackass?” Michael grimaced at her word. Was she unusually mad at him? He didn’t care if she was.

“There was an accident earlier and… long story short there’s a hole in the wall between our rooms. At best we’ll have to cover it with a bag for the next few days while dad calls someone.” Her eyes widened, as did her friend’s, at his words. Then they both ran past him and up the stairs. He waited a minute and heard a whisper or two. Then…


Michael’s father and Lana, Dana’s mother, each took the news differently. Michael’s father, on hearing of a nightmare, brushed it off and went to call the repairmen… or so Michael thought. Lana began screaming at him. After a ridiculously unnecessary lecture over caring for the house he lived in and taking care of his mental health, she finally hit Michael’s breaking point.

“You know, I bet you weren’t even having a nightmare, I bet you were just trying to spy on my little baby!” Michael heard those words and something in his head snapped. Michael’s father heard those words and spun on his heel to try and stop what was about to happen. But then he didn’t really know what was about to happen; Michael laughed. Lana stopped her lecture mid speak and gaped. Michael’s father continued his conversation normally. Dana… Dana looked uncomfortable and plugged in her headphones, ignoring the ensuing argument. “What IS SO FUNNY ABOUT THAT???”

Michael finally finished his gut wrenching laughter by wiping the tears from his eyes. Lana was seething. He looked at her with a smile on his face, which didn’t help the situation much at all.

“You think that I, the underdog of the household, wanted to spy on Dana and that while I’m one of the top students in our class, I thought the best way to do it was by punching a hole in the wall? That’s your final theory? You think I wanted to spy on that?” Dana looked up at that point, almost as mad as her mother. She stormed upstairs, where black plastic sheets now covered the hole on both sides of the wall. The vein on Lana’s forehead nearly popped.

“How. Dare. You. Insult. My. Angel.” She peered at Mike, which only made him smile even more.

“Well, she isn’t exactly the hottest girl in our grade. And I have a girlfriend. So I really have absolutely no reason to consciously punch a hole in my wall. Plus,” He held up the bandaged hand. “I didn’t exactly think it through if I was conscious.” Michael looked at her, gaping again, looking back and forth between him and his father.

“Eric, do you hear your little brat? Do something!” Mike nearly hugged his father as the man gave his wife the ‘one second’ finger. Lana gave up and stormed off to her bedroom. Mike looked at his father who winked and went on with the phone call. He headed upstairs to his room only to find Dana standing between their doors, blocking the way to his bedroom. Michael looked at her for a moment, wondering just what had been up with her today.

“Ummmm, can I get by? You see, my room is on the other side of you… unless you want me to just make a bigger hole in the wall, since I did the first one on purpose.” Mike couldn’t help smiling at his own flippancy right then. Dana didn’t appreciate it as much as he did.

“Do you really think I’m ugly?” Mike was floored. He had expected any number of things, insults or bribes or anything against him. To hear Dana ask him his opinion, on her beauty no less was just about as normal as finding a unicorn.

“Uhhhh… Are you ok? You don’t care about my opinion. Ever. Remember?” She kept her eyes glued to him expectantly. “Alright… no I don’t think you’re ugly. You’re cute… I guess I would say you’re very attractive. But then I never really thought about it. I was just trying to piss off your mother.” He swore he saw her eyes sparkle for a moment before she stepped aside and let him through. He shook his head in wonder as he watched her enter her room and shut the door, quietly. Finally he shut his own door and stripped, falling onto the bed and falling asleep easily.

Around midnight, Michael woke to the sound of a door shutting quietly. He wondered just how he had heard the door until he realized it was HIS door. He remained still as footsteps padded silently across his floor.

“Michael?” Dana’s voice came across the room as a hoarse whisper. Michael felt alarm bells going off in his head. He was naked in his own bed in his own room and his stepsister was in here with him in the middle of the night. His mind went to the one fantasy he had of Dana, years ago before she had become a bitch. Then He thought of Zoë and grimaced, but said nothing. He wanted to know just what Dana intended if he was asleep. Her footsteps, quiet as they were, were the only noise in the room as they approached his bed. In the near dark of his bedroom, Michael could feel the tension like a thick fog; his own sweat, fear electric on his tongue and the smell of fresh air that had been let in from the door. Then he felt a hand on his shoulder shake him slightly. He stayed still, groaned a bit and kept his eyes shut. The hand moved down and grabbed the blanket and Mike felt Dana lean over with her face close to his.

She isn’t going to actually do anything to me while I’m asleep! Mike felt her lips touch his and his thoughts turned into a sarcastic criticism. The kiss was brief, a first date kiss. Michael decided that alone meant that there was a merciful God in the universe. Then he felt the covers leave his body completely and heard Dana’s sigh as her hand found his flaccid, though rapidly growing dick. He couldn’t help but inhale sharply, but Dana didn’t seem to notice. She was too busy, he hoped, staring at him. Then he felt her breath on his penis and nearly moaned. Michael silently recanted his thoughts on a merciful God as he felt Dana’s lips wrap around the head of his now half erect cock. The feeling of her tongue made him open his mouth but he bit back the noise. Finally he just accepted the situation and laid back, letting Dana suck him off. It was just a blowjob…

Dana gradually took more and more of his cock into her mouth, constantly sliding her tongue against the sensitive spot on the head of his cock. Michael let his breathing get heavy, knowing that it would have in any sexual encounter. He mumbled something as if he was dreaming and this seemed to encourage Dana’s lips. She pulled herself off of his cock and gasped for breath for a moment, stroking his cock all the while. Michael felt her lips against his again, this time more forceful. Mike felt her tongue slip out and touch the tip of his own. Then she was gone, back on his cock. He didn’t know why but he felt that he was getting close.

I always last longer than this… what the hell?
Michael knew the answer, though he didn’t like it. Fuck… do I like having my stepsister orally rape me? No this isn’t oral rape… there isn’t any such thing. I just like having Dana suck me off in the middle of the night. He felt his balls start to burn as Dana slid down as far she could go on his cock and gagged. She came up fro air once more and Michael felt her stand his cock up straight, causing a fair bit of tension in his groin.

“Shit Michael… I always knew you were big but this is a bit much for any girl. God I wish I could just fuck you right now!” Michael felt her dive back down on him and knew he was about to cum. He squirmed and muttered again and prayed that she would get the message. She pulled off of him for a moment and he thought that she was simply going to leave him there, straining for release late at night, until he felt the heat of her sex rubbing up and down on his prick. She lowered her self down and sat on his hips and sighed. The alarm bells went off again but Michael stayed still, praying he wouldn’t have to wake up and stop her from straight fucking him. But he felt her hips touch his and knew that she wouldn’t. Why would she say she wanted to if she was going to? He felt her rub her pussy on his length a few more times and grunted as he came, only to feel her shudder against him in her own orgasm. They came together, Michael spurting onto Dana’s uncovered stomach and Dana soaking Michael’s cock in her secretions. By the end she sat on his crotch, panting after her orgasm. Michael could feel her weight on him, lighter than he expected, as she came down. Then she crawled off of him and stood, stretching by the sound of it, before approaching the head of the bed and planting one more kiss on his lips.

“Tomorrow night, same place… Love.”

The next day went by smoothly. Michael and Zoë announced their relationship, which left her with one or two frustrated and angry girlfriends. At one point Candy, rose and the other girls walked by while Mike and Zoë were together. Candy managed a weak smile and wave but Rose just looked at the ground. He waved back and Zoë didn’t say anything. Michael wasn’t sure if she noticed, but he was glad she didn’t say anything. They had lunch mostly in peace, though Michael noticed that Zoë ate quickly and told him to do the same. When they were done they excused themselves to devious and jealous looks from Zoë’s girlfriends. Michael laughed along with her as she pulled him along. He took the opportunity to look over Zoë’s body again, in her purple capris that ended just below the knee and a tight fitting blue t-shirt. Her hair has just the tiniest bit of curl at the ends, her ears pierced with small gold studs. Light eye shadow is all Michael can make out.

What the hell do I know about make up? For all I know she could be hidden under a whole coat of that shit.

“Where are we going?”

“Some place I hope you’ve never been before! Don’t worry about it!”
“Well I’m kind of worried now!”

They laughed again but Michael began to get scared when they reached the women’s restroom. Zoë ducked in for less than a second before she was out and dragging Michael in with her, still smiling a storm. She opened the large handicapped stall and locked it behind him.

“Zoë I…”

“SHHH! If we get caught in here, we’ll both be kicked out of the school! Just be as quiet as possible” At his look of disbelief, she added, “I got off three times this morning thinking about yesterday. I need this.” She said it with such animal desire in her eyes that Michael put a hand on the back of her neck and pulled her into a deep kiss. Zoë moans into the kiss, which starts off slow. They explore with their tongues, touching slowly and enjoying the kiss as it is. Then Mike slides his hand down Zoë’s sides and she moans, quietly, and pushes her fingers through his hair. He leaves one hand on her ass and grabs her, gripping hard for a second while his other hand is back on the back of her neck, pulling her as close to him as he can. She claws through his hair now, listening to his breath become ragged as the kiss becomes rough, lustful. Then Zoë drops to her knees and unbuttons Mike’s jeans, Yanking them down with his underwear only to have his full hard on jump up and smack her hard in the cheek. Mike is still breathing hard, looking down Zoë rubbing her face all over his cock. Finally he pulls her up and kisses her again as he pushes her shorts down and leaving them both naked from the waist down. Michael grunts and spins Zoë around, pushes her against the wall as she moans and tries to keep breathing. Her eyes look like an animal’s, desperate and base as she puts her palms to the wall and bites her lip in anticipation.

Michael lines up his cock and shoves in without any notice at all. Zoë grunts and moans as Michael pounds into her from behind. She can barely think as she cums after the first few thrusts. She can hear Michael grunting as he fucks her hard. Mike can feel her pussy squeezing his cock tightly, can feel Zoë cum in seconds. He grabs one of her breasts through her shirt and Zoë takes her hands off of the wall, leaning back against him. She cries out quietly as she cums again and Michael grunts as he feels his own orgasm approaching. Finally he cums and lets his cock spray its seed into Zoë’s womb. She sighs in contentment and turns her head, kissing Michael deeply once more as she feels his dick jerk inside of her already filled cunt. They can both feel his sperm and her juices inside of her snatch.

“Michael… We can’t get dressed until you take this big thing out of my pussy.” He chuckles and slips himself out of her and kisses her once more before pulling up his boxers. Zoë checks the bathroom to make sure that no one has entered before they both walk out. One more kiss, another deep, passionate lovers’ kiss before the part to go to their separate classes.

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