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Michael’s life seemed fine after Zoë got back. He didn’t quite know how to deal with his nightly visits from Dana, but he figured it would work itself out as everything else had. He and Zoë had been dating for a week when she finally invited him over to her house for dinner.

“My parents decided that they’ve given us enough space,” Zoë rolled her eyes as she told Michael. They were sitting on the steps of the school after the last bell, cuddled up as close as they could be. The teachers passed them with scowls at their position, Zoë sitting in Michael’s lap as they waited for their respective rides with his arms around her and her hands in his. “They want to meet you for dinner at our house. Tonight.” Michael started at that news.

“Tonight? Without any warning or anything at all?” Zoë nodded.

“They want to make sure that you have no aversions to their little… plans I guess.” She sighed and leaned back against him a little more. He could tell how exasperated she was about her parents. “They think that having a last minute dinner plan that they might catch you doing something you aren’t supposed to.” Mike laughed out loud at that. He had told Zoë about his business with Candy and had even conquered his aversion to talking about Rose. Zoë had blindsided him on those. He remembered being dragged into the bathroom and finding both Candy and Rose standing there, which looking a little embarrassed. Especially since they hadn’t known about each other. Still, Mike had to thank Zoë for that. It had cleared the air, and now she and Candy were friends. Rose still had nothing to say on the subject of Mike and he didn’t know why. She wouldn’t even look at him.

“You know all of my business. Still I guess I get it. Lana’s going to give me hell for it but I’ll definitely be there. When?” Zoë titled her head back and looked into his eyes. He smiled at the sparkle in them.

“Six thirty. And… try and wear something nice please? Just this once I swear. They have this thing about first impressions. I need this to be perfect.” She looked almost sad. “Oh and my cousin is staying with us for the school year, her parents got sent on an emergency archeology thing so she’s there. She’s like sixteen or something close to that…”

“How do you not know how old your own cousin is?”

“We didn’t used to even know each other. I told you we moved here a few years ago, before that I didn’t even know that she was my cousin. She just kind of showed up in my life… But she’s really cool. We’re good friends, even if we do have to share a room.” Michael chuckled. The hole in his wall had made he and Dana very good friends. Lack of barriers didn’t seem to do more than make people better acquainted.

“Wait… if you two share a room, where are we going to sleep?” Zoë spun on his lap and slapped him playfully on the chest.

“Ow! That hurt!”

“Here let me fix it then!” Mike’s laughter was silenced as Zoë kissed him.

Ok, he’d been summoned not invited.

By the time five o clock rolled around, Mike was ready to scream. Lana had made his life hell since their little yelling session over the wall: She had made food he was allergic to one night and hadn’t told anyone, she had accidentally spilled a glass of wine on him not five minutes later, and the next morning his alarm hadn’t gone off. He had five minutes to get ready, and he knew that Lana had turned off the alarm. Numerous arguments had made the Mike’s father and Dana avoid the two of them constantly. Then Mike came home that night.
When he arrived he felt his gut drop. Lana’s car was in the drive. She wasn’t supposed to be home this early. But there it was. He walked in the front door and caught a glimpse through the kitchen window of something familiar out in the back yard. He stepped over to get a better look as he put his cell phone on the counter and stopped in his tracks. She had put all of his stuff, his entire bedroom, in the backyard. He sprinted up stairs and found his door was locked and covered in plastic. Just as he reached his door Lana came up the stairs.

“Oh, we found a termite and figured we’d rather be safe than sorry!”

“BITCH! You stupid, dumb slut! How the fuck did you find a termite in my room only? They live in the floor, you stupid…” Lana’s eyes narrowed at him.

“WHAT did you call me young man?”

“You FUCKING heard me, bitch!” Lana crossed the hall and slapped him across the face, a stinging open palm slap. One of her nails cut his cheek. She tried to slap him again and he caught her arm, gripping it for all he was worth. “You are doing this because I talked back to you, huh? All this? You’re just a little cunt. You aren’t even worth my time. I’ve got to put my bedroom back together.” He pushed her back away from him and tore the plastic from his door.

“Good luck, punk! I took some measures…” before she had finished her sentence he was in his room. He simply stood there. The hole had been repaired a few days ago, but now it was everything. His bed was in pieces, not broken but dissembled. His nightstands were the same. Everything he had was in boxes, everything that wasn’t out in the backyard. He heard the front door open and heard Dana’s voice.

“Mom? What are you doing home so… Why is Michael’s stuff out in the yard?” Footsteps on the stairs, then Dana and her mother embracing.

“Oh we found a termite in Michael’s room, so we decided…”

“Mom that doesn’t even make sense, termites would be in the base boards not the second story. You can’t just seal off Michael’s room for something like termites, it would have to be the whole house!” Michael stormed out of his room and faced the two women, Dana looking as confused with her mother as Michael was and Lana looking smug.

“This was what the man recommended…”

“Lying bitch.” Dana looked at Michael in shock. Lana did the same.

“You don’t get to call me…”

“Fuck yeah I do, when you pull shit like this! Don’t tell me that I can’t call you a liar! You’re too stupid to make up a good excuse to tear apart my room!” Michael stormed past her and down the stairs, grabbing his cell phone off of the counter. He punched the speed dial for his father and held the phone up to his ear. It rang twice before he got an answer.

“Mikey? Everything all right? You know not to call me unless it’s an emergency…”

“She took my room apart and threw it into the backyard! Everything, even my bed! She claims that there’s termites in my room and she was taking precautions!”

“Who, Lana? Oh god… why can’t you two get along? I’ll be home as early as I can. Don’t start anything else Mikey, alright?” Mike agreed and heard the click as his father hung up the phone. He looked at Lana, standing at the base of the stairs expectantly.


“He’ll be home early. And I’m going over to my girlfriend’s house for dinner, so I’ll let you two deal with this mess. If my room isn’t back together when I get back…”

“You can’t threaten me!”

“Oh yeah? You don’t even want to know where you’re taking this war. I swear to God you will wish you’d never done this.”

“What’ll you do?”

“I’ll give my dad the photos.” Instantly Lana paled. Mike smirked. Dana just looked confused.

“Mom… did you cheat on…”

“No! The little creep is lying!” Mike laughed.

“Want me to show her too? I’ve got you now. I don’t really want to rip anything apart, but I knew it would come in handy. I got some good ones too, faces and everything else. You should be a little more careful.” Lana looked sick. Michael didn’t blame her.

“Show me then!”

“Alright, come on.” Mike walked into the backyard and found the bags of clothes from his closet. He tore open a few until he found the one he wanted and pulled out a grey hoodie that was much too small. He looked over at Lana and Dana, watching him with fear and curiosity. “I’m surprised you didn’t find them. I didn’t hide them very well… Ah, here they are.” He unzipped the hoodie and dug around until he found the rip in the stitching. He reached up into the fabric and pulled out several photos, each more graphic then the next. He handed one of the more graphic ones to Dana and another, with her face and her suitor’s face together.

“That incriminating enough?” Lana tore the photo into pieces, frantic to destroy the evidence. Mike held up a second copy and smiled. Dana just looked appalled. “You really think I didn’t plan all this out at the time? I was young, but I’ve never been as stupid as you! There are two copies of everything. Dana, mind if I have that one back?” She handed him the photo and looked at her mother in disgust.

“You really did this? You really cheated on him, when he does everything you ask and gives you everything you want? Mom… Why? I thought this was done after what happened with Dad!”

Mike was startled by that news.

“She’s done this before?” Dana got angrier and angrier by the minute.

“Yeah. Before he moved to Europe for his job, they separated because he and I caught her…” Lana turned around and covered her eyes.

“This is better than I thought.” Mike looked at Lana’s shaking form and laughed brutally. Dana just looked at him.

“You aren’t going to show him anything tonight… right?”

“Nope. But she better be really fucking careful. I don’t like being treated like shit in my own house.” Dana looked at the ground at that comment. Mike cursed himself. “No, Dana, I didn’t mean it like that. You and I have never gotten along, but this… this is over the top.” Dana nodded and looked at Michael’s things, piled in the grass without care for their safety.

“You’re right. This is too much. You should just give your dad the photos… it’d be better for him and you.”

“I don’t plan on it.” Dana gave him a questioning look. He turned away from Lana and leaned in close.

“You see my Dad’s family is kind of… relaxed on things like this. One aunt and her kids are nudists and she and her husband have affairs all the time. They don’t think exclusivity is the best option for either, and while Dad believes in it he knows that some people don’t. He would be upset but he wouldn’t kick her out. Of course, these people also don’t visit. They live way out in the country so no one can bother them.” Dana thought about it for a moment.

“So then Aunt Michele… the one your dad is always getting letters and post cards from…”

“No, I’m talking about my Aunt Bethany. Aunt Michele, my namesake, is the nicest person in the world. She’s like my dad… Which makes sense considering they’re twins. You’ve met Michele and uncle Aaron and Aunt Marlow. You haven’t met Bethany. Trust me, you don’t want to.”

Dana seemed to accept this. Then Lana turned around.

“Dana! Get away from that little…”

“Mom, shut up!” Lana did just that. She looked betrayed but she let Dana keep talking. “You don’t get to cheat on every man you marry! You remember what happened the first time? I’m not just going to follow you because I’m your daughter. I’d rather live here until I can move over to Europe with Dad than follow you after this! I hate you!” Michael saw tears flowing down her face and decided it was time to step in. He grabbed her and hugged her, something rare. But she accepted it all the same as she sobbed into his chest.

“Hey, hey… shhhh, stop crying Dana. You know if that happened you could stay here. No one would stop you. Just… go up to your room all right? I’ll deal with her.” Dana nodded and walked past her mother, who stood alone in the world in front of Michael. He didn’t look smug. He didn’t look like anything. His face was now blank after watching the toughest girl he knew sob on the person she hated the most. This had gone far enough. He looked at Lana, who simply looked defeated and abandoned.

“Well… I expected her to side with you. But I guess it’s three against one. You’re alone. Let that sink in for a second.” Her eyes welled up as he spoke to her. “This is it. You be nice, put everything back or have someone else do it since that’s more you’re style. I don’t care. Just put it back. And next time you’ll be alone for good, your daughter ready to leave the country to get away from you and without a husband, again. And I can make sure that the whole world knows what you’ve done. Don’t screw with me anymore.” Michael finished his rant and walked past her and into the house.

“Dana?” Mike knocked on her door and heard her yell for him to enter. He walked in and found her looking at a picture of her father, her eyes red from crying, on the edge of her bed. She tried to smile and couldn’t mange it.

“Yeah Michael? Did she say anything else?” He shook his head and stepped into her room. She patted the bed next to her and he sat down.

“Nope. She didn’t say a word. But I wanted to make sure you were okay, and apologize. I wouldn’t have done it in front of you if I’d known about…” He looked at the picture in her hands. It showed a man in his late thirties, square chinned with a fair amount of stubble and a broad grin. His hair was a fair brown and his eyes were the same, but he seemed to create an aura of trust and comfort. The picture did the same. Dana smiled down at it and sniffed.

“Yeah… I guess I’m not really all right. The first time was tough. It was supposed to be a moment of weakness, she told us. But I never expected this. Michael,” She looked at him, even turned on the bed and faced him, the picture limp in her hands. “Don’t hold those photos from you’re dad on my behalf. I wouldn’t be sad if she just left and I got to go live with my father. I… I’d rather make up for what I’ve done to you than have you just be that nice suddenly.” Michael chuckled.

“You say the same things you say to me to your friends when you insult them. I just don’t appreciate getting me in trouble for no reason. That was a bit much.” She gave a sad little laugh and looked at the bed.

“Yeah… I guess that was mean. I just… I guess I got off on it a little bit, to be honest. You were always so… secure. Just lonely and solid, instead of fighting back and getting yourself some friends or running away. I thought you were spineless, and so I didn’t like you. But that night you stood up to my mom about the hole in the wall, and the way you were honest with me after, made me realize you weren’t. And I knew how you felt with me walking in on you after you saw me in the hallway… that wasn’t pleasant at all.” She smiled sheepishly at him and he returned it. “Of course seeing you in the shower wasn’t at all a negative thing for me. You’re really something bro.” Now the smile was devilish. Michael shrugged.

“You aren’t so bad yourself sis.” They shared a laugh and a hug before Michael left Dana’s room and went into his own. He began to put what was on the floor back together and found it relatively easy. Or it would have been easy, if the parts to each piece of furniture hadn’t been scattered around on the floor. He spent an hour and half, the only time he had and managed to get the bed and one nightstand put together. Then he sighed, stood up to cracking joints and a pain in his neck. He went out into the back yard, where Lana was nowhere to be seen, and grabbed a black collared t-shirt and a pair of khaki pants. Then he hit the shower.

He neglected to lock the bathroom door as he started the shower. He heard it open as he was taking off his pants and nearly fell over.

“Someone’s in here!”

“Shit, Michael I’m sorry I didn’t hear the shower!” Dana. He sighed and opened the door, despite his near nudity.

“It’s fine. I’m about to hop in if you need to use the toilet. It’s not like there’s anything left to see or wonder about for either of us.” She smiled in embarrassment.

“Actually I was about to take a shower myself, but I can wait. Unless,” She looked at him almost hopefully, “You wouldn’t mind if I joined you?”

Michael rubbed the back of his neck on instinct as the butterflies churned up his stomach. He had just said there was nothing to see between them and thrown all ideas of privacy out the window. He sighed and through all plans to get off in the shower out the window too.

“Why not. There’s nothing left to see anyway…” Dana chuckled nervously and pulled her shirt up over her head. Michael slid his underwear down and his now hardening cock popped out into the open as Dana tossed her t-shirt into the hamper. She gave him that little devil may care look and pooped the button on her pants. Michael had to admire her. He had never done so in such close quarters, or really at all before she had started using him to get herself off. Even then he had avoided her eyes s that they could continue that. But now, in the same bathroom undressing, there was only her. And, as with every woman Mike looked at, thoughts of Zoë. Dana had her mother’s black hair that fell to her shoulders and a little more down her back. Her eyes were blue, like Zoë’s right eye, but not as silvery. They were more like water, clear blue water. Her face was feminine, a slight chin and a small dainty nose. Her make up was a bit smeared and her eyes were still a bit puffy but it was nothing extreme. Her body was proportioned well if a bit oddly, a long torso and a long set of legs that put her around five foot six Michael guessed. It looked somewhat awkward but very sexy all the same, which seemed a bit off. But then Michael wasn’t about to complain. She was lightly, barely Michael realized, tanned; it did her body justice and took some of the strange look out of it. Her bust was smaller than Zoë’s, which he was somewhat grateful for. He hadn’t seen a set between the C cup and A cup that were Candy and Rose. He felt her jeans hit him in the face and sputtered as Dana laughed.

“God, quit staring you have a girlfriend!” He tossed the jeans into the hamper and laughed. Zoë had twice now asked what he thought of other women. And she had genuinely, he hoped, wanted his opinion. He had given it honestly and she had smiled when he was embarrassed by it.

“She doesn’t mind if I look. It’s the touching that bothers her.” Dana made a funny face back at him and unclasped her bra. As it fell Michael tried to keep his eyes hers. He turned and checked the water, feeling the perfect temperature.

“It’s ready when you are.” He valiantly kept his eyes off of her tits as she slid her panties down her thighs. She looked up at him and said something but Mike was already jumping into the shower. When the water hit him he sighed and relaxed, letting the tensions from his war with Lana fall off with the water. Then the curtain was pulled back behind him and Dana stepped into the shower. Mike again kept himself from looking at her.

I’m faithful, I’m faithful, I’m…

“Michael you’re taking up all of the water.” His eyes opened and he stepped to one side. It was a fairly big shower; hell it was a fairly big bathroom. Big enough that there was a separate bath and shower. Still it was only one shower stall, and he was close to the cold stone of the wall.

“We didn’t really think this through… There isn’t enough of a flow for both of us to shower.” Mike looked down at Dana now and his cock got even harder. He couldn’t be bashful about it, she was attractive and in the shower with him. He saw Zoë in her, the Zoë that had showered with him a few times. She just turned and looked at him so innocently that he knew sarcasm was coming.

“Well than we’ll just have to snuggle up, won’t we big brother?” He shook his head ruefully. He walked right into that one. She was engineering this perfectly to her own advantage. He decided it was about time to take control of the situation. He slipped in behind her and grabbed the shampoo.

“Well, if we’re going to cuddle than why don’t we wash each other? We’ve done it with other people anyway.” Dana stuttered a bit at that, her smile gone and fear in her eyes. “ What, you’ve never showered with another person?”

“I…Well no I never got the…” Michael spun her gently around and looked at her.

“Are you a virgin?” She nodded and bit her lip. Mike sighed. “God, if I didn’t have girlfriend I might help you with that. But I’ve got to be at dinner with Zoë’s parents in forty-five minutes. We’ll just have to settle, I guess.” Dana looked at him questioningly. He chuckled.

“We’ll wash each other, and if you’d like I’ll help you get off. But no sex and nothing too extreme, alright?” She nodded and looked at him. He could see disbelief and desire in her eyes. He kissed her once, gently and pulled away before it could get any worse. “That’s all, okay? One kiss. I shouldn’t have even done that.”

“I know. Michael, I…”

“Shhhh. Not right now. Let’s just enjoy this. We’re brother and sister anyway.” Michael smiled and she smiled back, if a little sadly. Then she consented and let Michael wash her.

Mike tried hard not to be slow about it. He really did. He washed her in maybe five minutes and by the end, she was moaning under his touch. His rock hard cock had bumped into her once or twice and she had just smiled at him for it. He knew he had taken this too far but then what was he supposed to do? Be cold and just leave her there when he knew she felt SOMETHING for him. He had paused and massaged her breasts and had carefully avoided her hips for the time being. Then he pushed her under the stream and decided that he really had to end this quickly. He dropped to his knees and prayed that she was horny enough to get off in the first few minutes. He hadn’t had a chance to do this to Zoë but then she got off easily during sex. He had fingered her once and she genuinely enjoying blowing him. He stopped making excuses and grabbed Dana’s hips, noting that her breathing grew labored and her eyes were no longer human; they were the eyes of a sinner. He grinned and placed his mouth on her lips, probing here and there with his tongue and listening to Dana’s moans and squeals. He noted the parts that made her cry out and jump. When he touched her clitoris her voice reached a pitch neither could hear and her nails dug into his scalp. Then he pushed his tongue in between her lips and she came violently, shaking and crying his name. Michael drank in the fluids that flowed from her honeypot and felt his cock throb as his tongue was squeezed much like his prick was during sex. He enjoyed the feeling immensely, especially the taste. It was sweet and yet musty. Mike stood up when she was done and held her up while she finished her orgasm.

“Shit… that’s all I get? That tiny little cum?” Michael looked at her in shock. She had cum for a minute at least and he hadn’t been able to drink in al her juices. That was what he thought was a normal cum.

“You cum more than that?”

“Yeah… I’m kind of… I’m a squirter.” Michael just looked at her obliviously. She didn’t realize he didn’t know what that meant for a minute.

“Wait… you don’t know what a squirter is?” he shook his head and she covered her mouth as she giggled. “Michael… don’t you watch porn?”

“Honestly no, but I find more and more that everyone around me does.”

“Well yeah… I don’t do it often but it’s fun. Tell you what. When you get back, I’ll show you.”

“Dana, we can’t. I have…”

“A girlfriend. I’m not asking you to fuck me, Mike. I’ not even asking you to do anything at all. I just want to show you. Because, you see, most girls can squirt, if you do it right. Or at least I’m pretty sure. So if you know what to do, then this girlfriend of yours,” Mike grimaced at using the word ‘girlfriend’ for Zoë. He didn’t want to Dana know her name. “Will be very happy with you.”

She draped her arms around his neck as she finished. She looked very much like, Mike thought, any wife in a movie, doing that to her husband. She was doing what actors did to each other; pretending to be in love to mask the reality.

“I still have to get clean, so would you mind if I cut short our little bit of fun?”

“But I haven’t thanked you yet! You said one orgasm.” Mike tried to say something then realized that she would get him either way: that night or right then. He sighed as she wrapped her hand around his cock and stroked him, the water giving her lubrication that made her hand slip over his cock and rub somewhat awkwardly. Then she basically engulfed the whole thing, driving herself down on his cock until she gagged only to pull back up and start doing the same thing over and over. Michael nearly melted. The sensations from having one moment of hot to one moment of ridiculous pleasure were excruciating. He leaned back against the wall of the shower for support as Dana continued her gagging. Finally Michael just wanted it to end, to spray his cum all over her and get it over with. He grabbed the back of her head and pushed her down further than she could go. He let her back up for air and when she took him again he did the same thing. She pulled off and gasped up at him. She was getting off on this. After a few times she could take the whole thing without gagging, though Mike still pushed her and forced it. Finally he felt himself cumming and pulled her off of him. By the time she had taken him out of her mouth he was cumming. She gasped as he sprayed all over her face and chest. The water was spraying down her back but it didn’t do anything to help the sperm sitting on her face. And as he came she did too, another small orgasm but Michael could tell she was cumming. Finally he sighed and his cock flopped down limp.

“Well shit, now I have to wash again!”

“Sorry Dana, but I’ve got to rush out of here now…”

Rush out he did. Mike was out of the house fifteen minutes after their shower, dressed nicely with teeth brushed and deodorant on. He grabbed his skate board threw it on the ground and jumped on, riding off toward Zoë’s house, six blocks away. He rode easily, quickly, and managed not to break a sweat. He hid the board to the side of the porch and knocked, trying to get his breath back quickly. He had barely gotten it back when the door flew open. Had he been facing the door it might have been okay. But he had spun around, hands on the back of his head, in an effort to let his blood settle slowly. Now the door flew open and someone cleared his, or her, throat, scaring the shit out of Michael even as he spun around.

“So, you’re Michael Jay?”

“Ummmm…” Michael wasn’t sure what to say. The man in front of him was easily six foot four or taller. He had dark eyes that much resembled coal blocks and his hair was pitch dark. His face was as normal as any other; accept for one scar running across the bridge of his nose. He was a large man. That Mike noticed first. The shirt he wore was stretched to the breaking point with the amount of muscle on him. Then as mike looked again it was a small shirt. It might have been a medium or even a small. He wasn’t huge, just buff for his size. His shoulders weren’t as broad as they could’ve been but it all worked together in a lithe, frightening form.

Even my hair isn’t that black… and those eyes…

“Yes?” The man stepped aside and Michael stepped in. He was floored instantly. Zoë and two other women were standing in the kitchen, all facing him. The first, the tallest, was Zoë’s mother. Her light brown hair was styled and her eyes sparkled and her smile was bright. Her dress was modest and her figure was an older form of Zoë down to the curves and the way they held themselves. The next girl had to have been Zoë’s cousin. She was wearing a nice button down blouse that had red flowers on a pale white that was tantalizingly see through, leaving her dark blue bra semi visible. She had on a pair of jeans that were pretty new from the way she wore them, stretching the fabric in places that would have been stretched otherwise. This girl wasn’t as attractive as Zoë or her mother. She had red hair and a pale complexion with green eyes. Her skin wasn’t white but it was close to it. Her breasts were not as small as Dana’s but not as big as Zoë’s, and her body was pretty thin anywhere that wasn’t filled with her womanhood. He looked at her arms and realized that she worked out, which meant she wasn’t thin just very tight. She looked like a shorter, redhead Candy with Rose’s breasts. Then there was the girl of the night.

Zoë had dressed in a dark blue dress that fell to her knees, holding tightly around her bust and her hips. Just above her cleavage the blue turned into red sequins. The dress had one strap, broad over her left shoulder and sparkling in the light from the setting sun. Her face was framed by her hair, done up with curls and waves that were merely accentuated; they had always been there. Here eyes, those beautiful eyes that he loved, were shadowed perfectly. As she blinked Mike noticed the subtle addition: her eyelids were colored as well. Her right, the blue, was done with iridescent green similar to her left while the same was done with the blue from the right. Her earrings were small purple studs that Michael would swear glowed. Her smile made the whole room light up, her lips shining with lip-gloss that didn’t over color or contrast her pearly white teeth. Her nails were done with black nail polish with stars of white. Michael tried to take a breath and found his chest was tight. For a second he thought fear had tied him up. Then he remembered the ways he had felt about her: the pain of asking Candy to leave and the joy of knowing Zoë was back, the feeling when they had sex, the skip in his heartbeat that first time they had laughed together, and the first time he had really looked at her with that cup in her hands and the smile on her face the vibration that had rang through his whole body. He finally got a breath and realized what it was that was tying him up. He loved this girl.

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