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I in no way, shape or form condone beastiality in any form, this is just a work of fiction. That being said I hope you enjoy! If any of you would like to chat you can message me at tgrlkaylie69 on yahoo messenger!
I was 18 the summer I met my first K9 lover. Young, naive and perhaps to full of hormones for my own good. I had been cross dressing for years prior to this encounter, stealing clothes from my mom and sister, stashing them away to dress at night when noone was up. This was different though, I was spending the summer at my Uncle's babysitting my two young cousins while we were out of school. I bravely took the first hundred bucks he paid me straight to the mall and bought my first lingerie and a cute pair of heels to go with it.

I went straight to my travel bag and tucked my new things in the bottom where noone was likely to find them, then I bided my time till I could dress. The anticipation ate away at me, knowing that in that bag were lingerie and shoes that belonged to me, not stolen from someone else, but mine. I finally got my moment about a week later, my uncle came up to me and said they were all going out to eat and then to a movie. Naturally I was invited to go, but seeing my opportunity, I made up and excuse about being tired and my stomach upset.

I watched the car pull out of the driveway, my stomach in knots with excitement. As soon as their tail lights disappeared I ran for my bag, digging to the bottom and pulling out my things. A few minutes later I was standing in front of the bathroom mirror admiring the new me. The nightie was a babydoll, it parted open down the front and revealed my smooth, flat tummy perfectly, but only when I moved. It was sheer black, with pink lace around the edges, the cups hugged my tiny pecks perfectly, creating the illusion that I actually had small A cup breasts. The matching thong split my cute, little round cheeks, complimenting my bubble butt. I was most amazed by what the heels did for my legs, I couldn't believe how they made my calves look.

I was practically giddy with excitement, I threw open the bathroom door and sauntered down the hallway with the smooth, practiced movements of a woman who knows shes sexy. My heels clicked on the hardwood floor as I entered the living room. I took no notice of the family dog lying on his old ratty blanket, but apparently he took notice of me as I entered the room.

I turned on some music and pretended to dance with people like I was at a club, going so far as to even make small talk and thank cute boys, that weren't there, for their comments on how sexy I was tonight. I don't know if it was the music or how engrossed I was in my role play, but I never heard the click of Samson's toenails as he crossed the floor to where I was. My first indication that he had moved at all was when I felt his cold, wet nose between the cheeks of my smooth ass. I jumped in surprise, immediately fearing that someone had come home and I hadn't heard. Much to my relief I looked down and there was Samson happily wagging his tail looking up at me.

"Dammit Sammy, don't do that to me, you almost gave me a heart attack!" I said to him followed by a half nervous, half relieved giggle. My heels clicked and scuffed along the floor as I turned around to look at him. "Now go on boy, go lie down...I'm busy."

He didn't budge, just looked up at me, tongue hanging out of his mouth and tail wagging excitedly. He must just want some attention I thought to myself as I knelt down to his level, making sure to keep my legs closed. My nightie fell open revealing my flat tummy and I began to rub behind his ears as he laid his head flat on my bare thighs.

"You're a good boy aren't you Sammy?" I asked smiling down at him, "You just wanted some attention didn't you, noone ever loves on Sammy anymore do they?" That wasn't a lie, as the boys grew older they had less and less to do with him, I'd always been an animal lover and had always felt a bit sorry for old Samson, so I didn't mind taking a few minutes out of my limited time to love on him a bit.

He gingerly licked at my thighs while I scratched his ears for him, innocently I mistook his action for a simple show of affection, evern after he nipped my inner thigh, I played it off as nothing. I stood up and situated my nightie. "Ok Sammy, mommy needs to finish playing!" I said to him, giving him the slightest of pushes. It was in that moment that he made his move, his muzzle found its way between my legs, straight to the tiny triangle of fabric that covered my semi hard erection. He had stolen two or three licks before I coudl even react. I jumped at his sudden interest and tried to push him away some more, but he persisted.

I backed away from him until I ran out of living room, finally tripping over my own two feet and falling flat on my bottom, luckily on the couch. Unfortunately because of the way I had tripped my legs were wide open and Sammy pressed his advantage. I tried pushing him, I tried kicking, yelling, threatening, but nothing would sway him...he was engrossed in what was between my legs and he was not going to stop. I couldn't have manhandled him if I had wanted to, I was 110 soaking wet and we was 100 pounds of muscle and fur and he had found somethng that he liked.

He had completely soaked the fabric of my thong, each stroke of his tongue caressed my semi hard cock, causing it to grow a bit more until it was fully erect and poking up out of the top of my thong. My mind was screaming at me, you can't do this, he's a dog it's not right, but my body was already subconciously humping his face and I hadn't ever realized that I was no longer pushing him away, but holding onto his ears for dear life.

A moan escaped my lips, I covered my mouth with my hand, surprised at myself. Noone had ever touched me between my legs before, with the exception of me, let alone put their mouth on me. I guess I could just let him lick me, just once. I rationalized to myself, finally giving in to the gentle caresses of his soft tongue. I leaned back and made myself a bit more comfortable, gently petting his head as I pulled aside the small triangle of fabric that separated his tongue from my throbbing cock. That first lick sent shock waves down my body, his wet, soft tongue flicked across my shaft, I dug my hands into the fur of his neck as his tongue wrapped loving around me. Moan after moan escaped my mouth, soft at first but rapidly becoming pants of pleasure as he eagerly lapped at my cock with his silky tongue.

I could feel the cum welling up from my swollen balls, they had been sorely neglected since my coming here a month ago, but now I could see the pre-cum oozing out of my head as Sammy licked at me faster.

"Oh god Sammy!" I moaned, my heavy breathing and his wet lapping the only sounds in the house. "Oh fuck baby, you're gonna make me cum!" I practically screamed that last line as a white streak erupted from my cock, spattering all along my naked belly, its trail finally ending with a few drops on the cups of my nightie. I was wracked by a second and then third stream of my cum, thoroughly soaking the lower part of my nightie and Sammy's muzzle.

I looked down at him with this goofy smile on my face, partly shame but mostly satisfaction. He looked back at me, tail still wagging eagerly as he lapped my cum from his muzzle. It was in that moment I found an unexpected connection. I loved him, in the way a man loves a woman. I couldn't find words for it but deep down something opened up in me and I knew I loved him. I resituated the fabric of my panties to cover my softening erection and stood up to walk to the kitchen for a towel. Samson obediently followed me and then sat down next to me as I grabbed the paper towels.

It was then I noticed his huge, veiny, bright red erection poking out of his hairy sheath. All I could do was stare at it in amazement, a full 8 inches in all of its glory. I had no idea up until this point that a dog could find a human attractive, but his massive hard on proved otherwise. I looked at the clock and worked out about how much time I had left before they all came home, I had about 30 safe minutes, after that I couldn't predict when they would walk in.

I dropped to my knees in front of him, he stood up immediately as I stoked his fur, "You've been a good boy haven't you Sammy, you helped me out so good, it would just be mean of me if I didn't help you wouldn't it?" I asked him as I slid a hand up his belly until it reached the slick cock between his legs. I flinched at first, it was very sticky and felt like rubber in my hand, but I pushed that to the back of my mind as I saw his reaction. He literally began humping my hand, before I could even start stroking him, he furiously humped away until I gained my senses. I stroked him slowly, working all the way up and down the length of his shaft, my thumb playfully caressing the big knot at the base of his cock. I put my other and up to my forehead, laughing to myself, I couldn't believe I was giving a dog a hand job.

I picked up speed moving up and down his shaft in a steady rythym, with him humping away at the same time. His pace became more frantic, he buried his face into my little cleavage, licking away as I stroked his cock as fast as I could, my forearm began to burn from the effort and just as I felt I couldn't stroke anymore, he seized up and the first of multiple spurts shot out of his cock. The first shot fell straight across my thighs, leaving a glistening trail up to my tummy, the second landed short, falling on my toes and shoes, I must have angled his cock up by accident cause his third and final shot landed cleanly across my tummy, his warm liquid spraying the softness of my belly as he finally stopped twitching.

I sank down to the floor, Sammy sitting less than a foot from me panting heavily. I looked down at myself covered in his cum, I looked back up at him and leaned in to kiss him on his nose, he quickly licked my face and even darted his tongue in my mouth a few times, which I was surprised to find that I liked. "You're such a good boy!" I whispered into his ear as I patted his head one last time, then finally picked myself up off the floor to get cleaned up.

20 minutes later the family arrived home. I asked how the movie was, made small talk. My uncle asked me how I was feeling, I just smiled at him, cast a sideways glance at Samson and said, much better now thank you! I went to sleep that night with visions of Sammy between my legs, eating me out like he did before, I came hard before I finally drifted off and slept the sleep of the dead, the last words on my lips...Sammy.

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2013-08-19 03:55:26
No it has the tag transvestite instead which is a huge give away

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2013-08-17 01:45:23
it dose not have a gay tag yet it is a storie of a gay teen

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2013-08-13 11:17:16
I rarely positively comment on here anymore but I must say you have a brilliant and as far as I'm aware unique plot which I really hope you continue ~ Kabilach

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2013-08-12 14:17:55
it was really good, got me hard


2013-08-11 20:47:20
This is my first attempt at writing down my dirty fantasies, I plan on re-writing this one and fixing the flow and being much more deive. Just wanted to see what people thought of the rough version...thanks all!

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