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I walked into Judith’s courtroom at 11:30 sharp. She saw me, waited for an opportune time to suspend the day’s hearing, and announced a recess until the following morning. The bailiff summoned me to her chambers. I walked in to find her changing out of her robes. She took my hand and led me away. Up two floors in the elevator, we exited to find a crowded license bureau. Judith walked around to an unmarked door, knocked once and entered, pulling me with her. “George, this is Frank Martinson my fiancé.” He rose, shook my hand, and gave me a form to sign. It was already completed. I paid the fee while Judith signed and we walked out the door. She led me further down the hall where she knocked on another door and entered, this time into Judge Walker Rogers’ chambers. I recognized Rogers from the Bar Association dinner. He was the arrogant bastard who had asked how Judith was in bed. I greeted him warmly, shaking his hand and thanking him for his consideration.

Normally, there would be a seventy-two hour waiting period, presumably to stop stupid kids from jumping into something that would require a judge like Judith to undo. The period was waived as a favor to Judith. It pays to know people in high places. Judge Rogers read the vows, we said, “I do,” and it was done—we were officially married. Judith and I thanked the judge and she led me out of the building. “Let’s have lunch. Then we can go home and celebrate.” She leaned forward to kiss me.

“Perhaps we should get some rings,” I suggested. She reflected for a moment and agreed. We went to the jeweler’s first, then to a fine restaurant for lunch; we were home before 2:30.

“Okay, Frank here are some basics. I want you to move in now. Tomorrow you can move your clothes into our bedroom. You can have the small closet and I’ve emptied the armoire for you. That should give you plenty of room for everything since you’ll still be naked here at home. You will serve my pussy first thing in the morning and again when I get home, and again when we go to bed. I’ll also take care of you at least three times a week, probably more in the beginning. For professional and political reasons I will change my name to Jutner-Martinson. That way I will retain my current name which most voters recognize and everyone will also know that I am now married. I expect to pick up at least two thousand votes that way. It’s important that I remain employed. Otherwise, I wouldn’t care. Oh God…just listen to me. I’m babbling like an idiot. I’m so nervous I can’t begin to tell you. I don’t know why, but I am. Come here and hold me…please.”

“Perhaps it would help if I read the vows I wrote for you.” I pulled a piece of paper from the inside pocket of my jacket. I kneeled at her feet and read, “I, Frank Joseph Martinson do take you, Judith Lynn Jutner, to be my lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, to love and to cherish, to respect , to follow and obey in all things, through sickness and in health for the rest of my days…so help me God.”

Judith was silent for several minutes. “Obey…that’s a strong statement…for all your days. I accept your pledge Frank, but I need to give you mine. I won’t make it as formal as yours, but I do swear with God as my witness that I will cherish you and love you until the day I die. I also promise you before God that I will protect, respect, and support you in everything you do, never either harming you or placing you in harm’s way.”

“I also accept your pledge, Judith. I love you very much, but you already know that. Now, if I may be so bold to suggest…you did say something about me being tied up all day.” I looked at Mistress Judith and smiled. She just laughed and pointed me to the bedroom.

“And explain to me why you are not naked. I’m giving you two minutes to lose those clothes. If not…expect to be punished…over my knee for a spanking.” I ran like hell for the bedroom, shedding my clothes as I went. I was dutifully kneeling, totally naked except for my chain when she arrived. I helped her to undress and when she was also naked I moved between her legs and sealed my lips to her cunt. My eyes locked on hers as I encouraged her to pee. There were two totally submissive acts I could do and I planned for both of them this afternoon to prove once again my submissiveness and devotion to her. I was there for almost a minute when I felt her hot urine trickle into my mouth. It tasted just as bad as it had before, but we both knew it was something I just had to do. I cleaned her pussy when she was done. She brought me a glass of cold clean water to rinse away the taste.

“Lie on the bed while I get ready. Next time Rogers asks how I am in bed, be sure to tell him.” She walked into her closet, returning a few seconds later with the strap-on. Mercifully, she had the smaller dildo. I helped her into it, pushed the twin vibrators into her tight pussy and even tighter ass and tightened the buckles on the straps. I lay back at the edge of the bed, pulling my pillow beneath my hips. I pulled my legs up exposing my shaved asshole for my mistress. She rubbed some lube into her gloved finger as she pushed it into me. She was patient, waiting about five minutes before inserting a second and another five minutes before the third.

Judith had lubed up her cock when she slowly forced it into me. I tried to relax, but it was tough. Finally, she pushed through my sphincter. I breathed easier knowing the hardest part was over. Now Judith leaned forward, pushing my legs up and my straining erection closer and closer to my mouth. She pounded that vibrator into me as she stroked my cock faster and faster. At one point she mouthed, “Oh, Frank!” I knew what she was feeling was special. I felt special knowing that I had given her something extraordinary.

She threw her head back in ecstasy as the first wave of her orgasm hit her. It continued for several seconds as she stroked me wildly. I opened my mouth without being told. Seconds later I swallowed my first thick rope of semen. Again and again she aimed into my mouth. Again and again she hit her target. I consumed my entire load, and the little that found its way to her hand I licked off willingly. Judith collapsed onto my thighs, her breathing heavy, her eyes glassy. I reached up and caressed her face.

“Oh, Frank let me get off you. You must be very uncomfortable with your legs up there.” I opened my legs and she slipped between them onto my chest. Her dildo remained in my ass. Eventually, she lifted her head and spoke, “Did I really see you eat all of it? What a good boy you are. Maybe I’ll let you clean my cock. Isn’t that those dominant women you wrote about would do? Don’t worry, I have no desire to see you lick and eat your own shit. I may want to kiss you.” She pushed herself up and pulled the dildo from me. She dropped it into the sink in the bathroom and returned to me with a hot wash cloth. Judith, my loving mistress, washed my ass, removing the stray lube, and my cock, cleaning any residual semen. She even licked a final few drops from the tip before lying on top of me.

“You’ve proved your devotion to me once again, Frank. I know very well the depth of your submission. Now, let me tell you about Friday. We’ll see my OB/GYN about the in vitro. She thinks it can be done in a couple of months. I know she will want to test your semen for sperm population and motility, although I don’t really think the motility is a big issue this way. We’ll find out then, won’t we?”

We spent the rest of the afternoon in bed. It was our honeymoon. The wedding hadn’t been planned in advance so Judith had to work her schedule. It wasn’t a big deal for either of us. We knew she’d need the time off once she became pregnant. I was thrilled with the idea of becoming a father. Jennifer had never wanted children. She was afraid having a child would destroy her body. It was a selfish motive, but then she had shown herself to be selfish when she tried to enslave me. I often wondered what she would think if she saw me now—the voluntary slave of her judge. The operative word here was “voluntary.” Judith had never forced me to do anything. I was sure she knew that would destroy what we had.

Judith set her alarm an hour earlier than normal so I would be able to service her properly, but she never again peed into my mouth. She knew how deep my submission could be. There was no reason to prove it again. She went to work and I went to clean out my house. My clothes were easy—dump them into my car and drive them to Judith’s house. The TV’s were a bit trickier. Two of them were in the 38-inch class and one was 55 inches. I could never fit that into the car. I rented a truck for a day, using it for the sectional as well at the TV’s. I also used it late in the afternoon to take Jennifer’s possessions to the storage locker. Everything else was given to Goodwill. I finished the clean-up in two weeks, but we enjoyed watching the new TV’s almost immediately.

We met with her doctor Friday morning and I gave a sample, masturbating into a sterile cup for testing purposes. She returned fifteen minutes later with a smile on her face. The sample was excellent, she told us. We were to return next week for the procedure.

I had told Judith that I wanted to wear the cock cage so I would be reminded of her dominance over me. That hadn’t worked out so well, but Judith had some other ideas. Once she was pregnant she told me she wanted me to have some extra responsibilities. “I hate those pacifiers, Frank. I think they’re dirty, always falling on the floor. You’ll be home with the baby more than I will so what will we do when she has to suckle?” I had no answer, but obviously Judith did. “I will want her to suckle at your nipples, Frank. That’s why I bought this nipple enlargement pump. We’ll do it at least five times every day until your nipples are at least a half-inch long. I’ll also be able to play with them while we make love, just like you do with mine. I love the way it feels and I’m sure you’ll feel the same way. Sit up here on the bed with me while I show you what to do.”

Judith applied Vaseline to each of my nipples and areolas, explaining that it was necessary to have a good seal. A small cylinder was pressed into place and a hand operated vacuum pump was used to remove the air. I watched as my nipple grew to fill the space in the tube. Judith held the vacuum for five minutes before switching to my other nipple. I was assigned a schedule for nipple enlargement. Judith would do it after I serviced her cunt. I would do it at 10:00 in the morning, again at 1:00 and 4:00 in the afternoon. Judith would do it again in the evening. I could have cheated, but why? I had sworn to obey her in everything and I would. I watched as my nipples grew week by week.

“There’s one other thing I want to do with you, Frank. I want to work on orgasm control with you. When I masturbate you I will want you to hold back your orgasm as much as possible. I have a reason for this, but I’m not telling you now. It will be a surprise and a good one when it happens.” So the first time she used her hands on me she had me aim for thirty seconds once I knew I was ready to cum. I couldn’t make it—it was agonizing--but I did make eighteen seconds with the greatest difficulty. She pronounced that a good start. It took me almost two weeks to reach that simple objective. The next goal was a minute. I reached that one with considerable difficulty after another three weeks.

My next goal was two minutes. Once I reached that milestone it became easier. I reached five minutes when Judith was in her fifth month. The real breakthrough came when I was able to hold it back for ten minutes. Unfortunately, I found that I could no longer cum without her permission. No matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t do it, but as soon as Judith told me, “Cum for your Mistress,” I was ready. When she told me, “Cum now!” I would explode, semen flying all over the bed. It was further evidence of my submission to her. One time I was lying naked in the bed, hands behind my head as ordered. She didn’t even touch me. I hardened when she told me, “Cum for your Mistress” and squirted violently when told to “Cum now!” I was now completely conditioned, wearing the most effective cock cage of all--one in my mind--yet throughout all of this I still had absolutely no idea why she wanted me to do it. She wanted it, so I gave it to her.
In her sixth month she had another idea. “I want you to learn to suck cock.”

“Mistress Judith,” I began, “you know that I am not gay. I am not attracted to men at all. I would find the whole idea repugnant. May I ask why you think it is important?”

“I know it will be repugnant to you. That’s why I want it—to take you even deeper into submission. Will you do it for me?”

“You know I will. I’ll hate every second, but my dedication to you is more important than anything else I may feel.”

“Very well, Frank. You know I will love you even more for doing this. Now we have to find a subject.” That actually proved to be easier than either of us could imagine. Judith had some baby clothes delivered by UPS the following morning. He was a good-looking young man in his late twenties. Judith asked him in to the house and offered him a tip.

He was somewhat startled to see me standing naked in the living room with only my collar around my neck, my hands clasped behind my back. “This is my husband. As you might imagine we have an alternative lifestyle. Essentially, he is my slave and will do whatever I tell him to do. Right now I would like him to give you a blowjob. I want him to learn to suck cock. He has done several dildos, but there is no substitute for the real thing. What do you say? Are you game? Frank, ask him if you can do it.”

I was mortified, but this was clearly a test. I knelt in front of the shocked UPS guy. “Sir, I would be most appreciative if I could suck your cock. May I please?” I reached for his belt and dropped his shorts to the floor. I reached into his briefs and removed his cock. I was surprised to see that it was already hard. It pulsed and throbbed in my hand. Steeling myself, I leaned forward and kissed the head. The taste wasn’t at all offensive so I took it into my mouth. Soon I was fucking my own mouth with his hard tool.  
He came in a torrent; I could barely keep up with his flow. I managed to get it all and licked his cock clean before replacing it into his underwear.

“Why don’t you come back tomorrow morning for an encore,” Judith asked. “You don’t need to deliver anything other than your semen. I want him trained to do a great job.” He agreed and left.

“Well, Frank…how was it? It looked great from here.”

“Truthfully, Judith it was horrible…worse than horrible. I hated every second. I wish I could understand why you think it is necessary for me to do this. Are you planning something for me? You know I hate the idea of being forced to do things…even for you.”

“Oh, Frank do you hate me for making you do this?”

“No, Judith, but I do hate myself for not being strong enough to say no. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to use the toilet.” I rose from the living room floor and ran to the bathroom. I leaned over the bowl and retched. I vomited forcefully for almost twenty minutes, eliminating everything from my stomach. Every time I felt like I could stop I started in again. Finally, completely drained and physically ill, I flushed the toilet and staggered to my feet. I was surprised to see Judith standing behind me.

“Frank…oh, Frank…I didn’t realize. You are really so upset over this, but not as upset as I am. You may have promised to obey me, but I also made a promise—never to place you into harm’s way. I’ve done that, haven’t I? I am so sorry. I didn’t think you’d react this way. You won’t have to do it again. I’m sorry…very, very sorry.” I fell to my knees and pressed my face to her thighs as I cried like the baby she was expecting. She pulled me up and put me back to bed. She spent the rest of the morning caressing and soothing me.


Judith’s pregnancy was mostly uneventful which, because of her age was a real blessing. She did put on some weight, but not enough to become a problem. However, by the end of her ninth month she was impatient to give birth—to end all the difficulties associated with her pregnancy. I could not understand the delay; I assumed she would have a C-section because of her tightness. I was shocked when Judith told me she was doing it the old-fashioned way. I begged her to reconsider, but she wouldn’t.

I was with her the entire time once the birth had begun—holding her hand, wiping her face and head, giving her sips of water—anything I could do to soothe her. I was in tears, worrying about her health and safety--what might happen to her. Her extreme pain was obvious and I begged the doctor to knock her out. My pleas were ignored. After more than twelve hours of strenuous labor we had a beautiful daughter—Rebecca. By then my nipples were even bigger than Judith’s.

We took our daughter home the following day. I could never remember driving so carefully. I helped Judith and our new daughter into our home where she sat on the couch. She summoned me to her when Rebecca began to cry. “You know what to do, Frank.” I took her and led her mouth to my nipple. It seemed weird at first, but I knew I was helping my daughter and, truthfully, it did feel great. Judith was beaming as she looked at me. “You’ll make a great mother. All we need is a way to get some milk in those things and we’ll be all set.” I didn’t know how to take that until I saw her smiling. She pulled me over for a long deep kiss.

“I love you, Judith and I love you, Rebecca. I feel so silly doing this, but I’ll get used to it.” Judith kissed me again; Rebecca never moved her mouth from my teat. I almost wished I had milk to give her.

There was a period of adjustment, of course. Rebecca rarely slept more than two hours at a time initially. I was up around the clock changing diapers, bringing her to Judith to dine, bathing her, and allowing her to suckle in contentment. I did all this because I had promised, but also because I knew how hard the birth had been on Judith. I could not understand why she had a natural birth when a C-section would have been so much easier and safer for her.

Time flew much faster than I could have imagined. It had been months since I was called to service my Mistress, and even longer since I’d had relief. One evening after I’d cleaned the kitchen and bathed my baby girl I set her into the crib and walked tiredly into our bedroom. “Frank, I’d like you to bathe me tonight. C’mon…into the tub with me…just like we used to do.” She took my hand and led me into the bathroom.
I filled the tub and handed her into the hot water before climbing in behind her. I washed her hair and rinsed it then reached around her to wash her swollen breasts and her abdomen. “Clean my pussy, Frank; do a good job. I think I’ll need it tonight.” She turned and kneeled in front of me. She handed me the shaving cream and razor. I shaved her clean, rubbing the soapy residue from her body with my fingers. She sat down again and snapped her fingers. I knew what to do; I stood before her, my hands clasped behind my head while she removed even the slightest trace of a hair from my abdomen, scrotum and ass. I exited the tub and dried Judith then myself.

Judith sat on the bed; I was behind her, brushing her hair. I had already blown it dry. I thought Judith was beautiful before giving birth. Now she was ravishing—motherhood clearly agreed with her. “Enough, slave…put the brush on the dresser and join me in bed.” I was shocked—she never called me “slave,” hadn’t since before we were married. I lay next to her, not sure what to do next. I was sure she’d tell me and soon enough she did. “Get up here between my legs, Frank.” I moved quickly, positioning my mouth onto her cunt. I noticed that she was wet—very, very wet—her thighs were covered with nectar. I started to lick, but she stopped me.

“Up here, Frank…I want you to kiss me.” I moved up and we kissed like we hadn’t in months. Sure, we’d kissed, but mostly it was just chaste little pecks—good morning and good night—with no promise of anything more. Now we kissed--kisses of lovers with lots of active tongue. Hers probed my mouth actively and ardently, demanding that I return her attentions. I did so eagerly. I hadn’t realized how starved for her love I was.

Judith broke the kiss, grabbed my chin and looked up at me, her eyes locking on mine. “Who’s in charge here, Frank?”

“You are Mistress Judith. Was there ever a doubt?”

“No, Frank; I just want to be sure you remember. Now…FUCK ME!” I drew back startled, unable to respond until she grabbed my cock and stroked me to hardness. It didn’t take much. “This is why I trained you, Frank. My doctor told me that a natural birth would loosen up my canal. I know how difficult it can be for a woman to have an orgasm vaginally so I trained you to hold back. I never anticipated that you wouldn’t be able to cum without my permission so I promise you lots and lots of sex. I never want to hurt you. You’re too good to me, but right now you need to follow directions. Stick that big hard cock into me and fuck me like I need it.” She reached up and kissed me as she guided me into her cunt. It was hot and wet and wonderful. It had stretched, for sure, but I thought it was just right--perfect.

I drove into her over and over for more than an hour. She wrapped her legs around mine then around my waist then over my shoulders and then back to all those other positions again. All told I think I brought her to four orgasms, or maybe five, before she gave me the commands that made me cum, and cum I did. I bucked into her as I drowned her pussy in millions or possibly billions of sperm. I collapsed onto her chest. She kissed my head and hair and neck.

“If I’ve timed this right you’ll be a father again soon. If I haven’t we’ll have to try again and again, but we’re going to do that regardless. Oh Frank! I can fuck at last! I love you my dear sweet submissive husband. I can do anything I want with you and this is what I want to do most. Now kiss me. We’ll rest and then we can do it again after Rebecca wakes up.” I kissed her, exactly as requested then slid to her side and held her as we fell asleep.

When Rebecca woke crying I jumped up to get her. I changed her diaper and gave her my nipple as I brought her to her mother for her meal. Afterwards, I burped her and held her, allowing her to suckle again until she fell back asleep. Judith was waiting for me when I got back. I dove into her cum-laden pussy, slurping up all the semen and pussy juice that had leaked out onto her legs and labia. Once she was clean I did my best to make her dirty again. I don’t know how I did it, but I managed to fuck her for more than 45 minutes. I couldn’t keep track of her orgasms. At one point I thought she was having one after another, a new one beginning even before the previous had expired. We were coated in sweat and pussy juice and cum by the time we finished. We walked to the shower hand in hand, washing each other tenderly—it was four a.m.

We got a little sleep before Rebecca began to cry again. I repeated my earlier actions--made sure she had a delicious meal courtesy of her mother, and laid her back into her crib sound asleep. I was pretty much spent, but one look at my wife/mistress told me that my best efforts were needed yet again. I lay on my back while Judith mounted me. She took me first into her mouth. That always made me hard in mere seconds and this morning was no exception. She coated my organ with saliva, climbed up and sank down my shaft, her face glowing with new-found ecstasy. She ground her clit into me. I couldn’t believe how hard she was rubbing it. “You know, Frank…I’ve seen plenty of porn so I know what to do. I just can’t believe I actually am. How many orgasms have I had so far?”

“I don’t know, Judith…I can’t count that high without using my toes.”

She slapped me, but I knew she was just kidding. “Wise guy…some slave you are! If you don’t behave I may not let you cum. You’re going to be good, aren’t you?”

“I’m always on my best behavior for you, Mistress.” I had to wipe the sweat out of my eyes and when I opened them I saw she was having another big one. I put my hands on her ass cheeks and pulled her to me, forcing my cock even deeper. I was pounding her, driving into her cervix with every thrust. She shuddered again and fell onto my chest. I knew she was exhausted.

“Why don’t we stop now and rest. I think you need it, even more than I do.”

“Not quite yet, Frank. I still owe you one” She gave the commands and I came. I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t cum on my own, but she could force me to just with a few words. I held Judith on top of me, caressing and kissing her until we both fell asleep. Unfortunately, Rebecca woke up again an hour later.


Judith was obviously a good planner. She became pregnant again, probably that first night together when I deposited months and months of semen into her. We planned together for our second child. I assumed she was moving quickly because of her age, but I learned otherwise when she gave birth. It was by C-section this time almost three weeks early so I had to wait anxiously in the hospital lobby, pacing because I was too nervous to sit.

I eagerly awaited word from the doctor, but I could tell from her expression that there was a problem. “Sit down, Frank. I need to speak with you. First of all you have a beautiful new daughter. She seems to be healthy and is doing well. However…Judith….”

“What’s wrong? Is she going to be okay?”

“I’m sorry, Frank. When I opened her up I could see her uterus was cancerous. I tried to remove it, but the cancer’s spread. She has tumors on most of her organs. It doesn’t look good. Did you know that everyone in her family has died from cancer?”

“No…she never mentioned anything. Oh my God, I can’t believe this. How long does she have?”

“I can’t say for sure…a month, maybe more…maybe less.” I stood there like a zombie. What would I do? The doctor continued, “She wants to see you. Don’t be long…not more than a few minutes. Then you can see your daughter.”

I was subdued when I walked into her room. She was lying in the bed, eyes closed. I didn’t speak, thinking she might be asleep. “Come here, Frank. I need to come clean with you. I’ve known for some time about the cancer…since before we conceived Rachel. That’s what I’d like to name her, okay?” I nodded—I wasn’t able to speak.

“I know I’m dying, that’s why I’ve made arrangements for you. You’ll have a new mistress. I think she’ll be here soon.” I was really confused and my confusion got much worse when my ex-wife Jennifer walked into the room. I remembered what had happened when she was released from the county jail.

I was home one afternoon when Judith received a phone call. It was from one of the bailiffs in her court. She called to me once she had ended the call. “Frank that was Sgt. Miller on the phone. I asked him to keep track of Jennifer. She’s getting out on Tuesday. I think you should go and help take care of her. It’s the humane thing to do.” I couldn’t argue so I agreed.

I was there in the parking lot when she walked through the heavy steel door. She looked haggard and drawn. Uncharacteristically, her hair was a mess. “Frank, have you come to take me home?”

“No, Jennifer…we don’t have a home. We’re divorced, remember? I sold the house and remember that all your assets were transferred to me?”


“I’m taking you to a half-way house. I’m married now and I have a child…a daughter named Rebecca.” I explained everything—how I met Judge Jutner, how I finally realized we knew each other from the gym, how we dated—okay, that part was a lie—and eventually married. I told her I had decided to give her half the proceeds from the house and return her big investment account. “Between the two you should have about $425,000. We don’t need the money, so we want you to have it. It will help you get back onto your feet. With a part-time job you could easily have a little place of your own. I’ll be glad to help you. All you have to do is ask.”

She hadn’t asked for anything, but now I learned that she and Judith had met numerous times and that they had discussed me…my relationship with Judith…almost everything I thought was secret and sacred. I felt betrayed until Mistress Judith spoke, “I know you two still love each other. You just hit a big bump in the road and wound up going in different directions. Frank, I contacted Jennifer once I learned my cancer was terminal. I was about three months along at the time. We talked about you…about us…and what I wanted for you once I was gone. I know you need the attention of a strong woman. You might deny it, but you need direction. Jennifer is the perfect new mistress for you.” I couldn’t believe my ears, but Judith continued, “I have set some limits for you, Frank. Jennifer knows there is to be no bondage and that she is not to hurt you. More than that, you are not to permit yourself to be harmed in any way. Other than that you will obey Jennifer as you would me. She is strong enough that I think, in time, you will be able to cum. Of course, you’ll take care of her as you would me. Now, please go…I need to rest.” I stood, kissed Mistress Judith and walked out. Jennifer followed a minute later.

“I’ll drive, Frank. You can pick up your car later.”

“Please, Jennifer I will need my car. I have orange juice in the refrigerator. I will dump it as soon as we get home, but I will need to go out and get something else—apple, maybe. I don’t want you hurt and I know about you and Vitamin C.”

“Very well, Frank, but I’ll follow you. You can park in the street. I’ll use the driveway, and you can call me ‘Mistress.’”

“Yes, Mistress Jennifer…can we please go now. I’m in shock.” I got into my car and drove on automatic pilot. I had no idea what happened en route. Twenty minutes later I pulled up in front of Judith’s house. Jennifer pulled into the driveway. We walked together to the front door. Mrs. Harkins, our next-door neighbor opened it before we were there.

“I know, Frank. Judith just phoned me. Oh, you poor man! You must be Jennifer. I’m Virginia. I live next door. C’mon in, Rebecca’s just about due to get up from her nap. I’ll go now, Frank, but I’ll come back tomorrow so you can go and visit Judith.” She said her good-byes and left. I walked quietly to the kitchen and threw the orange juice down the drain. I rinsed the bottle and the sink so there was no trace of the juice. Jennifer had an unusual and extremely severe allergy to Vitamin C. Just a minor exposure early in our marriage had landed her in the hospital. She was unconscious for almost a week. Any kind of serious exposure could put her into a coma permanently.

Jennifer was sitting on the couch when I returned. I went to join her, but she stopped me. “I’m not going to waste any time, Frank. You’re going to submit to me and the sooner the better. I know that Judith made you go naked in the house so lose those clothes. Also, I want you crawling unless you’re occupied with some chore or one of the children. I think you already know how I feel about brats, so expect to do everything. Get going and when you come back you can start on my feet. Then if you’re a good boy I’ll let you do my pussy. Don’t think I will let you cum until you’re into deep submission.” I turned around without saying a word and crawled quickly to the bedroom. I returned naked to rub, kiss, and lick her feet. After almost a half hour she allowed me to lick her pussy. I stopped after her third orgasm.

“Oh, Frank you’re even better than I remember. I can hardly believe that you’ve fallen into my hands again. It was so simple. All I had to do was agree with Judith and here we are.”

“Yes,” I thought, “Here we are, but for how long before you try something stupid and dangerous?” Just then I heard Rebecca crying, “Dada…Dada.”

“I’ll take care of her and then we’ll go the market. Do you want to come?”

“You’ve got to be kidding. Why would I want to when I have you to do all the work? No…I’ll be happy to sit here and relax in the glow of my wonderful orgasms. Get moving, slave; I hate listening to crying kids.”
I jumped up and trotted to Rebecca’s room. I had her cleaned up and dressed in two minutes. Then I dressed and carried her out to the car. I didn’t bother to introduce Jennifer. She wasn’t going to be around very long if I had any say in the matter. I bought the juice and a few more things, returning home roughly an hour later. I suggested we order Chinese. It was late and, truthfully, I was in no mood to cook after the day I’d had. I put Rebecca into bed for the night around eight then crawled to Jennifer in the bedroom.

“I hear you’re good at bathing Judith. You can do it with me now and then we’ll fuck. I want a boatload of orgasms from you.” I helped her up and drew the bath, handing her down into the hot water. I sat behind her and washed her back and neck before addressing her chest and abdomen. I used a washcloth on her pussy and legs before getting out. She noticed my bald abdomen and commented, “You look like a little kid and you act like one, too. Let’s go. Lie on your back so I can ride you. I think that will be best for me. You can clean me once I’ve decided I’ve had enough. Then you can sleep on the floor.”

As expected we fucked for more than an hour. She had at least five orgasms by my count; I had none and my cock throbbed painfully when we were done. She pushed me onto the floor with a laugh. “Get a pillow from the closet, but no blanket. You’ll have to earn that and you haven’t yet. You can serve me coffee here in bed. You’d better wake up before I do or there will be trouble…promises to Judith or not.” She laughed again and fell asleep.

I walked quietly to the kitchen once I knew she was sound asleep. I would never argue with Mistress Judith, especially after the day she’d had, but I no longer loved Jennifer. In fact, I hated her and it was now my duty to get rid of her. Fortunately, I knew exactly what to do.

I had purchased a bottle of Vitamin C tablets, 1000 mg each, at the supermarket. I pulled my mortar and pestle from the cabinet. I occasionally used it to grind up medications for Rebecca. Originally, I had used it to grind samples of concrete way back when I was a junior grade engineer. That was a long time ago. I placed six 1000 mg tablets into the pestle and ground them into an ultrafine powder. I poured the powder into a small bowl and added the contents of Jennifer’s jar of skin cream. She had it imported from Europe and would use it every morning and every evening whenever possible. Tomorrow I’d volunteer to do her entire body, rubbing the dangerous vitamin C directly into her skin. Patiently I mixed the cream and Vitamin C powder. Over and over I folded the cream onto itself until I was sure the powder could not be detected. Then I carefully returned the mixture to the jar. I closed it and returned to the bathroom. It was cold, but I was extremely tired.

By now Rebecca usually slept through the night, but she was an early riser. I heard her calling for me and checked the clock—6:37. I jumped up, noticing that Jennifer was still asleep. I changed Rebecca and brought her to the kitchen for her breakfast. Once she was done I put her into her playpen and turned on PBS. I kept the sound low and made Jennifer’s coffee. I made sure she was awake before bringing it in to her.

I massaged her feet and ate her pussy, cleaning it first and then giving her another three orgasms. Once she had finished the coffee I asked if she would like me to apply her body cream. “Yes, that would be good. See, Frank I do remember.”

“Yes, Mistress Jennifer I’d be surprised if you didn’t. Do you want me to do your front or back first?” I walked into the bathroom to retrieve the jar.

“I think my front, but don’t think you’re taking any liberties. This is for my skin and nothing else. When I roll over you can give me one of those massages you’re so proud of.” I unscrewed the cap and warmed the cream with my hands before applying it to her neck and chest. I rubbed it into her breasts, but not into her nipples or areolas. I moved down to her abdomen and continued to her thighs and calves. I finished with a thorough application to her feet. I finished by sucking each big toe into my mouth. It wouldn’t hurt for her to think I was actually becoming submissive to her.

She rolled over and I went to town on her back, butt and legs. I used the cream as a lubricant for my massage. She was back asleep when I finished. I covered her body with the blanket and returned the jar to the bathroom. I walked naked to the kitchen to prepare her favorite breakfast—Eggs Benedict. She walked out almost an hour later and I served her, sitting on the floor between her legs as I had done when I had been her slave the first time.

She fed me little scraps—not enough for a real meal—but that was okay with me. I didn’t really like Eggs Benedict and I had already eaten a bowl of shredded wheat. She dismissed me with an admonition to do a good job straightening the bedroom and bathroom. An hour later I was done. Both rooms were perfect, but, of course, she had to inspect. I expected her to find fault even where none existed and she didn’t disappoint. I had to strip the bed and change the sheets even though I had just done that yesterday before Judith had gone to the hospital. She also made me clean the shower stall again even though it hadn’t been used.

I dressed and took Rebecca for a walk in her stroller. I met Virginia on the sidewalk and she joined me. “I was a bit surprised to see your ex-wife moving in, Frank.”

“You were surprised? I was floored. I probably agree that I would benefit from having a strong woman with me, but definitely not Jennifer. I despise her for what she tried to do to me.” Virginia knew all about me and Judith and even about Jennifer. She had wandered over one morning and found me naked, cleaning the house. Irate, she challenged me and I stumbled over something about “required” and “Mistress.” She figured out the rest by herself. She told me how she had dominated her husband, a Marine Sergeant who had perished in the Gulf War. After that she came over every day to boss me around. I didn’t mind at all, in fact I kind of liked it. “I had no idea Judith was dying. If I did I would have chosen someone else.”

“Oh? Anyone I know?” She smiled and looked up at me. She looked around and, seeing no one, took my arm and pulled herself close to me.

“You know very well I would have chosen you, Mistress Virginia. I really like you and you like Rebecca. Jennifer despises children. I don’t know what she told Judith, but I’d bet it was nothing but lies. Fortunately, she won’t be here long.”

“How are you going to get rid of her? She seemed pretty determined when I saw her yesterday. Expect to drink her piss before nightfall.”

“How long would it be before I had to drink yours?”

“Probably the same, but I’d be nicer about it. I have a feeling she can be a real bitch.”

“You’re right, but as I said, she won’t be here long. I can’t just kick her out so I’ll have to do something dramatic.”

“Don’t do anything that will get you arrested, Frank. Rebecca is going to have a hard enough time without her mother. She doesn’t need to lose her father, too.” I nodded my agreement and we continued our long walk. We usually met like this several times a week, often walking three or four miles before returning home. Today we returned by 10:30. “I’ll be over in a few minutes to watch Rebecca, Frank. I’d prefer to have you clean my pussy, but I guess I’ll have to make do with a washcloth.” I chuckled and walked the strolled up the driveway.

Jennifer was standing in the doorway when I walked in. “What were you dong with that woman?”

“Just walking; we sometimes meet for a stroll. She’s a nice woman and she’s alone. Rebecca likes her, too.”

“Do I look like I care what a one-year old brat thinks? No more walks with her…understand? I swear I’ll….”

“You have sworn not to hurt me and I have been sworn not to allow it, yet within a single day you’re threatening me. She’s a neighbor…nothing more…Mistress Jennifer…just a neighbor.”

“I don’t care. I’ll decide who you see and when. That’s my job…remember? What did Judith always say to you? Oh, yeah…who’s in charge here?”

“You are Mistress Jennifer.”

“Don’t ever forget it. Now get ready to go to the hospital. We’re supposed to be there by eleven. I think I’ll have you eat my pussy in the hospital room. That way Judith can see how well we’re getting along. When we come home you can do my feet and pussy again and after dinner we’ll fuck and I’ll want you to rub my cream into my body again. Then you can clean my pussy and off to sleep, me in the comfortable bed and you…ha…ha…ha…ha…ha.”

We arrived at Judith’s room just after eleven. I kissed her cheek, noticing that she looked even worse than she did yesterday. She whispered rather than spoke, “How’s it going with you two?”

“Very well,” Jennifer replied, “just take a look.” She sat and opened her legs, directing me to her pussy. I could have objected, but why? It would only stress my Mistress Judith. I dove into Jennifer’s pussy, praying as I did that she would cum quickly.

“I see you’re good at humiliating him, Jennifer. I never found that terribly useful with Frank.”

“I have to use my own judgment, Judith. You did give him to me…do my clit now, slave…YES!” I retreated after cleaning her. I looked down, unable to face Judith in my shame. We stayed for most of the day and while Judith slept I went to see my new daughter. I couldn’t believe how small she was. She was in an incubator and the nurse was monitoring her vital signs when she noticed me. I used some primitive sign language to show that I was the father. She came out for a brief chat. I learned that Rachel was doing well, better than expected and that she could probably go home in another two weeks. I thanked her and returned. Jennifer wanted to know where I was and why I took so long; one day on the job as my Mistress and already I was sick of her.

I rubbed her body with the cream that night and again the following morning. The following night she told me she was not feeling well. I laid her on the bed and massaged her aching body using lots of cream and tucked her in for the night. The following morning I was unable to rouse her. I opened the jar and scooped in almost half the contents of another jar, making it seem that I had used the jar with the unadulterated cream. I took the contaminated jar and the remaining Vitamin C tablets over to Virginia’s house and dropped them into her garbage pail. After I returned home I took care of Rebecca and started Jennifer’s coffee. I carried it to her and pretended to learn for the first time that she was unresponsive. That was the story I’d tell the authorities—it was always better to tell something even partially truthful. I dropped the coffee and called 911. The EMT’s responded in less than five minutes. I dressed hurriedly and opened the door, holding it while they rushed in. I held Rebecca, seemingly distraught. Jennifer was wheeled out and I was asked a lot of questions.

I told them she was my ex and a friend of my wife. She was staying here to help with Rebecca while my wife was in the hospital after giving birth and dying from cancer. A real tear came to my eye; I could barely say the words. I knew she had this weird Vitamin C allergy, but I was sure she hadn’t consumed anything with it. I described destroying the orange juice when she had moved in. No, I had no idea how she could have consumed any. In fact, I had no idea if that was even the problem. Almost all of that was the truth.
Jennifer had told me that her body couldn’t metabolize Vitamin C, or something like that, and that if any was in her body there was no way to get rid of it. It would be a permanent poison for her. “Let’s hope so,” I thought as I bundled Rebecca into her traveling clothes. Mistress Virginia met me at the door.

“I saw you earlier. I’m glad the trash will be picked up today. Would you please carry my cans to the curb for me?” I carried ours and then hers, noting the truck was already at the end of the street. We waited patiently for the collection and I returned the cans to their places, relieved that the incriminating evidence was gone—good luck finding it at the dump, especially since they recycled all the glass. We drove to the hospital. I went first to the ER to check on Jennifer, feigning concern the entire time. Nothing the doctors did was of any value; Jennifer was totally unresponsive—comatose.

I met again with Virginia and we went to see Judith. She was surprised when I walked in alone. “Where’s Jennifer,” she asked, her voice just above a whisper.

“She’s down in the ER…in a coma. Mistress, I know you meant well, but she fed you nothing but lies. She planned to ignore everything she agreed to and she was terrible with Rebecca, bordering on abusive. However, I have an excellent replacement and someone who wants to see you badly.” Virginia walked in with Rebecca in her arms. She lit up at the sight of her mommy. Judith hugged her and kissed her repeatedly, tears running down her cheeks.

I took Rebecca so Virginia and Judith could speak. Virginia told how she had caught me naked and how she figured out about our relationship. She also explained how she had dominated her Marine husband for years until his death in Iraq. She told Judith how she would dominate me. First, she’d use a cock cage on me just to remind me who was the boss. She would require me to be naked and to service her daily, but not until Judith had passed. “I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing anything with your husband and I don’t think Frank would want it either. You know how I feel about Rebecca. I’m sure I’ll feel the same way about Rachel. I will help raise them as though they were my own and I’ll make sure they know about their wonderful mother.”

Judith turned toward me. “Good job, slave…better than the one I did, obviously. Okay, I’m giving you the same speech I gave you with Jennifer. You are to obey Virginia as you would me. I expect she’ll want you to take her piss and fuck you, too. You will accept anything she does to you, except anything that might harm you. Knowing Virginia, I doubt she’ll go that far. She might restrict your orgasms, but you won’t be able to do anything without her direction anyway, so you’ll have plenty of motivation there. He’s really good with his tongue, Virginia. Get it into your ass if you want. It’s not my thing, but don’t let that stop you. I don’t know how much longer I have. It’s good to know you’ll be taken care of, Frank.” She closed her eyes and fell asleep. The nurse told me it was the morphine. She needed it for the pain, but it knocked her out for hours at a time. There was no way to know how long before she’d awaken.

Virginia and I took Rebecca home, but we stopped to introduce her to her new sister first. I had to explain why she was in that “box” and when she would come home to live with us.

We went out for lunch and while there Virginia outlined her plans. “I’ll lock you up when we get home. I have a good quality stainless cage that I’m sure will fit you. It’s heavy so it will be a constant reminder of me. I will keep it on you for a while. I don’t know how long yet, but I want you to be conscious of your need to submit to me. I’ll also start to move in today, but we’re not moving Judith’s clothes out until she’s gone. It’ll still be her house and you’ll still be her husband until then. I’ll put my place on the market after you have a chance to fix it up a bit. It can use some paint and wallpaper and the bathroom can use some new tile on the walls and floor. I’ll expect you to do the work. I’m not rich, you know. I’ll be glad to help with the babies while you’re working. I’ll want you naked at home, but not for too long. Rebecca is getting old enough to notice and when she begins to meet other kids she’ll tell about her naked daddy. That will be nothing but trouble for you…and for me, too. Other than that, we’ll play it by ear. We have a good relationship and I see no reason why that should change. You can speak to me if you have concerns, but I will expect you to be respectful, of course. Oh yeah, you need to call me ‘Virginia.’ No more of that ‘Mistress’ stuff; if there’s one thing I learned in my years as a teacher it’s that kids hear and understand more than we give them credit for.” I agreed and we enjoyed our lunch.


Judith passed in her sleep on a beautiful autumn day. I was holding her hand and stroking her hair when the monitor began its long constant wail. She had signed a “Do Not Resuscitate” order that the nurse and her doctor had witnessed. It was the saddest day of my life. I went home to find the police waiting for me.
“I see you stand to gain over $400,000 if your ex-wife dies.” It was the bigger detective who was pushing me aggressively.

“If you’ll accompany me to our home office I’ll show you why you’re wrong. Please excuse me if I appear terse, but my wife just died an hour ago and I have to plan for her funeral and for bringing my newborn daughter home, too.” I led them to the room and found my file box. It took me about two minutes to locate the copy of the bank check I had used to open the account. “I was given all my wife’s assets in the divorce. I’m sure you already know that. However, Judith and I didn’t need the money so I gave Jennifer half the proceeds from our house and returned an account that was given to me. Ah, here it is.” I made them a copy of the receipt that showed Jennifer as the payee and me as the payor. The amount was for $424,664.79. “I set up the accounts with me as partner in case she became ill and couldn’t access the money. If I wanted it I could have just kept it instead of giving it to her and what…hoping she’d go into a coma or die? That’s insane. I may use it if she needs some special care, but otherwise no--it’s her money.” They asked a few more questions and left.

I sat on the chair and turned to Virginia, “Is it okay if I sit here, or do you want me on the floor?” I couldn’t hold back any longer. I cried like a baby…so hard I couldn’t stop. She came to me, placed her arm around me and comforted me. In time I fell to the floor. I kissed her feet until she opened her legs. I dove into her hairy pussy. It had been more than two months since I had serviced Judith and I needed this as much as my new Mistress did. I began by licking her engorged labia. They were soft and puffy. I ventured into her tunnel. Her taste was different from Judith’s, but she was just as wet. I wasn’t sure what she wanted, but there was only one way to find out—experiment, so that’s what I did. I sucked her canal and tickled her G-spot for almost twenty minutes before moving up to her clit. I licked it first, circling around it, barely even touching its hard surface. Virginia was actively moaning the entire time and when I sucked her hard button between my teeth she arched her back and shook wildly as a massive spasm ran rampant through her body. As trained, I continued until directed to stop.

“Judith was certainly right about your skill. That was absolutely incredible.”

“Thank you, Virginia. I will always do my best for you, but you must tell me what you liked and what you didn’t. That way I will be able to adjust to your needs. If you will excuse me I will remove my clothes. I will not be long.”

I crawled away and a few minutes later I crawled back, naked except for the stainless cage surrounding my cock and balls. I sat between Virginia’s legs. I was there when the mortician phoned. We discussed the arrangements. Judith had decided what she wanted—one day of wakes and a non-denominational funeral after which her remains would be cremated. She had also given directions for their disposal. I was not to mourn longer than a week. Then I was to move on with Virginia as my new mistress. I doubted I’d have the time to mourn. Rachel was scheduled to come home the day after the funeral. Thank God I had Virginia instead of Jennifer here with me.

Judith was waked in the afternoon and again in the evening. They were very difficult times for me. Fortunately, Virginia was there by my side. Another neighbor had volunteered to watch Rebecca. If I thought the wakes were bad, the funeral was worse. There was such an air of finality. I cried uncontrollably the entire time. Once it was over we returned home to host those who wanted to stop by to pay their respects. We had sandwiches from a nearby deli and some of the neighborhood women had brought hot dishes. I had a ton of beer and liquor for the guests, but I only had ginger ale. I held tightly onto Rebecca who, of course, was clueless. Soon she’d ask for her mommy and I still had no idea what I would tell her.

Finally, everyone left and I was alone with Rebecca and Virginia. She bathed Rebecca and got her ready for bed while I cleaned up the house. I was tired when I eventually found my way to the bedroom. Virginia rose from the bed and held me. Her body was so different from Judith’s. She was taller at five feet nine, and thinner at about 120 pounds. Her body was shapely with rounded hips and a narrow waist. Her breasts were smaller, probably a B-cup, but nicely firm even at the age of 57 which made her ten years younger than me.

She pulled the silver chain from her neck and unlocked my cage. Virginia massaged my cock to hardness in spite of all my negative feelings. “How long, Frank since you had any relief?”

“I’m not sure…at least a couple of weeks before Judith went into the hospital.”

“More than a month, then, almost two--I think I’ll have to do something about that. I doubt you’ll be able to have an orgasm—your submission to me isn’t deep enough yet, but it will be, I assure you. In time I’ll replace Judith in your heart and in your soul. I don’t want you to forget her, but she’ll be second behind me. Here’s the agenda for tonight. First, I need to pee. Will you take it from me? Good. Then you’ll bathe me. We’ll work out how when we get there. Then we’re going to fuck until I climax three or four times. I’ll try to give you an orgasm, too, but if I can’t I’ll milk you. Okay, let’s go…seal your mouth to my cunt.”

I did and no sooner had I been in place than her foul-tasting liquid trickled into my mouth. I took it for at least two minutes straight then I licked her pussy clean. “Good boy, Frank—you didn’t spill a drop. I’m sure you hated that, but it is necessary. Now—the bath…how did you do it with Judith?” I explained everything to her and she agreed to it. I filled the tub and helped her into it, climbing in behind her. “Mmmm, Frank…I can understand why she liked this. It’s very nice. I even enjoy this thing poking me in the back.” She stroked me gently as I began to wash her back and shoulders. I reached around to do her neck, chest and breasts. When she spread her legs I ran my soapy fingers over her cunt and into her ass crack. Virginia responded by lying back into my chest. She continued to stroke me and hefted my heavy balls several times. “Up,” she commanded. In a second I was helping her out and drying her from head to toe. “Dry yourself, Frank and clean up in here. I’ll want you in bed with me in five minutes.” Virginia walked out naked to the bed while I hurriedly dried myself and set about tidying up the bathroom. There were about ten seconds left when I joined her.

I was on the floor kneeling, unsure of what she wanted from me, when she waved me up with her. She pointed between her legs so I jumped there, my mouth only inches from her moist hot pussy. I was just about to lick her when she laughed, “You really are well trained, Frank. I’m going to enjoy being with you. C’mon up here with me…I want to kiss you.”

I crawled up, but lay at her side. Taking her head in my hand I leaned in for a kiss. Her tongue was strong and demanding as it probed my mouth. Tentative at first, I responded strongly in time. The past weeks had been hell for me, but now I moved forward with Judith’s blessing. In minutes I had Virginia in my arms as we kissed passionately. She pushed me onto my back and climbed onto my body. “Nice to see you like me so much, Frank. This thing is more like a rock than flesh and blood. I’m going to enjoy having it in my pussy. You know, Frank I promised my husband Matthew that I would never fuck another man. I’ve kept that promise until now, but you’re not an ordinary man, are you? No…you’re my slave—a man in body, but much less mentally. Of course, Matthew was much the same, wasn’t he? Now, let’s see what you can do with this thing.” Virginia straddled my hips and rose, placing my cock at the entrance of her pussy. “Once I slide down, Frank there will be no going back.” I looked up and nodded my agreement; we moved forward together—she slid down my pole, seating herself on my abdomen.

You never really know a woman until you make love with her; I remember a friend telling me that back in college. Some are selfish, some are giving, some are demanding, some are ruthless. In some respects Virginia was all of those. She rode my cock for more than two hours, grinding herself to six intense orgasms before lifting her exhausted body from mine and collapsing onto my chest. My poor organ was sore to the touch. I could see how raw it was, but I was thrilled for Virginia. She was making up for more than twenty years of deprivation. She moved up and kissed me passionately.

In an act of kindness she declined to stroke my cock. “I’m sorry, Frank. I got carried away; it’s been so long since I last fucked. I can see that you’re hurting. We’ll hold trying to get you to cum for another time, but I do think you’re going to need a good milking. Otherwise I think your balls are going to ache terribly. Can you get on all fours? Good boy…now put your head down on the pillow and spread your legs.” She walked to the bathroom, returning with a latex glove, a tube of lube and a big coffee mug. She placed the mug under my cock and her lubed fingers into my ass. Rubbing my prostate for several minutes produced a dribble of semen from my tip. I felt relief, but, obviously, no orgasmic pleasure. After roughly ten minutes the mug was almost half full. Virginia stopped and pulled her fingers from my ass.

“Have you ever eaten your own cum, Frank?”

“Yes, Mistress.” I explained how Judith had fucked me, shooting semen straight into my mouth and how I had licked her fingers clean after masturbating me.

“Okay, let’s do this the fun way,” she whispered into my ear. Virginia dipped three fingers into the mug and brought them to my mouth. I opened and licked them clean. She repeated until the mug was virtually empty. She kissed my cheek. “Good boy, Frank…you followed every one of my commands perfectly. You’re off to a great start with me. Now I think we should sleep. I’ll want you to spoon with me, but first I think we need some lotion on that cock. I’ll want to use it again tomorrow.” She opened a bottle on her night table and rubbed it into my sore organ. “Tomorrow morning I’ll want you to take my piss again and lick me to at least one orgasm. The only thing that might stop that is Rebecca, so we’ll have to wait and see. You can make breakfast…I’ll decide what tomorrow. Okay, turn off the light.” She spooned in front of me, pulling my cock between her legs and placing my hand on her breast. She turned her head and gave me a quick peck. “Good night, slave.”

“Good night, Mistress.” Our first day together was over. It was much better than my first day with Jennifer.


My friends the detectives were back the following morning and they didn’t miss a beat, “Didn’t take you long to move on, did it?”

“Actually, I’m just following my wife’s orders. We had a female-dominated marriage. She was much better at running things than I was. She gave me this letter the day before she died. You’ll notice that it’s witnessed by her doctor and one of the nurses.

“Dear Frank, I’ve asked one of the nurses to write this for me. I’m sorry I can’t do it myself. I know you have been mourning me ever since you learned about the cancer. That’s why I didn’t tell you about it sooner. I don’t want you to mourn for me once I’m gone. Life is for living. Live it to the fullest. Virginia has agreed to move in and help you with the girls. They will be a handful, even for you. I know we only have three bedrooms so you will share with Virginia. Take her and love her as you would me. People will talk, but who cares? Just tell them you are doing as I have requested. You know what to do with my ashes so I will always be a part of your life. Remember always that I have loved you. We haven’t had much time here on earth. Hopefully, if there is an afterlife we will have eternity together. Love, Judith.” I was crying when the detective looked up from the paper.

“You can take it if you want, but I’ll want it back. It’s the last thing I have from her.”

“What’s this thing about her ashes?”

“We agreed to plant a tree in the back yard—a Bradford Pear, her favorite. I’ll spread her ashes in the hole with some peat moss and the tree. The tree will have her in it and I’ll think of her every time I see it.”

“That’s nice…sorry to have bothered you. I don’t think we’ll be back. Good luck to you.” I shook their hands and returned to my daughter. Virginia was dressed and she had taken care of Rebecca. It was time to get Rachel. I cried again when I realized that she would never get to know her mother.

Virginia stood by me and wrapped her one free arm around me then tiptoed up to kiss my cheek. “It will get better, Frank. It will take time, but it will get better. That’s why I’m here…to help you get better.”

I smiled suddenly, “Oh, I thought it was for my tongue.”

“Well, that, too; I’m already in love with that. C’mon, kiss me and let’s go.” An hour later we were ready for the ride home. I was reminded of when I had driven Judith and Rebecca, that’s how carefully I drove. The next few weeks were hectic at best. Rebecca cried when she learned that her mommy wasn’t coming home; Rachel cried every two hours around the clock just as Rebecca had done when an infant. I jumped out of bed every time to care for her. She suckled on my nipple just as Rebecca had done and still did on occasion. Late one afternoon during a thunderstorm I had one of my daughters on each nipple. A sudden flash told me that Virginia had taken our picture.

“If that ever sees the light of day….”

“You worry too much. That’s for my private album. You know I’m not into embarrassing you, besides allowing your daughters to suck your nipples is nothing to be embarrassed about. I may give it a try later.” I knew she was only joking, but she did find the time every evening to move me deeper into submission to her. I had taken her piss every day, usually several times daily, but never when Rebecca was around. Tonight, she planned to fuck me. Telling me in advance had made me think about it, something I’d done all day, and probably a far greater torment than the actual act. Finally, the storm passed and I was able to put my daughters down, Rebecca on the floor with her toys and Rachel in her playpen.

I was at the stove stirring the stew I had made during the day when I felt Virginia’s arms around my waist. I turned to kiss her. It was just a brief one, but it said volumes about our relationship. She opened her hand once she broke the kiss. I looked back questioningly after seeing the two yellow tablets.

“Muscle relaxers…for later; I’m going to fuck you, but I don’t want it to hurt.”

“I’ve never needed anything in the past.” She gave me “the look,” the one that said she was serious about it. I took the pills, swallowing them with some water from the tap. I took care of the clean-up after dinner while Virginia bathed the girls. I prepared them for bed and went to join her in what was now “our” bedroom. She led me to the bathroom and had me down on all fours for an enema. I didn’t understand why all this was necessary, but my job was to obey orders as I had with Judith. Virginia left me once I was on the toilet. I took a quick shower and returned to the bedroom, finding Virginia lying on the bed naked, her legs splayed wide in invitation. As I kneeled naked in front of her, I was reminded of an earlier event. Rebecca had asked one day why I didn’t wear clothes. Virginia put an end to it at once—no more nudity except in the privacy of our bedroom. I moved to her cunt. I looked up to ask, “What do you need?”

“Take my piss then clean me. Once you’re done I’ll make you ready to be fucked.”
“Yes, Virginia…thank you.” I sealed my mouth to her, pressing my tongue into her canal. I’d learned that keeping my tongue there made the taste more bearable. Seconds later it flowed into my mouth, fortunately slower than in the morning when it was more a torrent than a stream. I licked her clean once she was finished and climbed onto the bed. I knew she planned to tie me to the headboard and I had agreed. I trusted Virginia.

Things couldn’t have gone better between us. We’d had a positive relationship before Judith’s illness—I still couldn’t say the word cancer—and it had only gotten better. It was as though we were an old married couple. We knew each other’s thoughts without having them expressed and she was a godsend with the children. I tried to take the lion’s share of the work, but I could only do so much. Virginia knew Rebecca very well and enjoyed spending time with her. Often she would play with Rebecca, freeing me to deal with Rachel’s needs. In the evenings we came together for raw unbridled sex. Yes, it was femdom sex with me providing her with orgasm after orgasm. To date I had yet to cum, but I wasn’t worried. Virginia had milked me several times and I’d consumed my semen every time. She always found a new and different way for me to drink it. Last time she poured it over her breasts and I licked them clean. I wondered what she would do tonight.

She had tied my wrists to the headboard when I decided to speak, “You know, I don’t really have to be tied up for this. I’ve done it before.”

“No, Frank…you haven’t. Trust me, you’ll be much better off if you’re restrained.” She secured a loop around my ankle and pulled it up, tying it tightly to the top of the headboard. A minute later the other was also tied tightly. Virginia hopped off the bed and went into the bathroom. She returned with a long vinyl glove on her left hand and arm, the glove coming past her elbow. “You see, Frank I’ll be fucking you with my hand and arm. I’m going to fist you. It’s why you needed the muscle relaxers. Oh my, I just love this smooth hairless ass of yours. It looks like a woman’s with a nice tight pussy right here in the middle just waiting to be plundered.” She poured lube onto her glove and rubbed it into my anus. Seconds later her first finger had penetrated me.

It wasn’t any big deal—I’d had my ass fingered probably dozens and dozens of times. My body didn’t rebel when a second was introduced. Again, she’d used two fingers on me whenever she had milked me. Her fingers fucked me, spreading the lube throughout my anus and rectum and setting my nerve endings on fire. I could feel my cock harden even though she hadn’t even touched it.

Virginia had been at it for twenty minutes when she added her third and fourth fingers. Now I felt the pressure of her digits as my anus really stretched. Before I knew it her wrist was pressing against my ring, stretching it farther than I’d ever believed possible. My mind was a mess with conflicting thoughts of submission, pain, and pleasure. In an instant her small hand slipped into my rectum. Virginia pumped her arm into my asshole. Oh—it was so humiliating…and so exciting. Her hand reached around my leg and gripped my cock. It was slippery with pre-cum as she stroked me harder and harder…faster and faster. Each stroke of my hard prick was matched with a pumping of her arm in my ass.

“Who’s in charge here, Frank?

“You are Mistress Virginia.”

“Don’t you ever forget it. Your job is to follow orders, damn it! Now follow these—cum for your Mistress. CUM NOW!” At first there was nothing then a minor rumbling in my groin. All of a sudden it happened—I could feel it, an explosion deep within my core. I opened my mouth an instant before a huge jet of semen erupted from my cock onto my chin and into my mouth. Again and again semen was ejected from my cock. Much of it found my mouth, but most of it missed, drenching the sheets and pillow and soaking my chest. I was left gasping, my breathing was labored as I slowly recovered. It was an ordeal—a wonderful fulfilling experience made all the better when Virginia leaned forward to kiss my cum-laden mouth.

“I’m so glad for you, slave. Yes…you are now really my slave and you will be for the rest of your life. Now, I want to get you up and we can both shower then I think you will need to change the bed. I think we might actually get all that done before we hear from Rachel again. C’mon!” she kissed me again and released my bonds. She was right—we had just showered and I had changed the bed when Rachel cried. I went for her while Virginia warmed her bottle. I sat naked in the rocker while I fed her; Virginia stood behind me rubbing her hands through my hair. Looking up I realized for the first time that I was in love with her. Judith had been right again. I had taken Virginia to my heart exactly as she had said I would.


It was almost a month later to the day that I received the phone call. ”Great news, Mr. Martinson, your wife is coming out of her coma.”

“Who is this?”

“Oh, I’m sorry…I’m so excited I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Dr. Maxwell, the neurologist who’s been treating your wife.”

“I think you’re referring to my ex-wife. My beloved wife died there a few months ago. Now, explain what is happening with Jennifer.”

“She’s coming out of it. If you get down here in a hurry you might be able to be here when she regains consciousness.”

“No. I plan to have as little to do with her as possible, Doctor. You’d feel the same way if your wife tried to put something on your penis that could give it 50,000 volts. If I come at all it’ll be at my convenience. I have two young girls under 18-months here to take care of.” I hung up and returned to my chores. I was almost finished painting Virginia’s house. Now I was getting ready to tile the bathroom floor. However, when I told Virginia about the call I put the tiles aside, showered, and drove to the hospital.

Jennifer was awake when I walked into her room. “You fucking bastard…I know you were responsible for this.”

“What are you talking about, Jennifer?”

“My coma, you fucking asshole. I know you did it. I don’t know how, but I know you’re responsible.”

“No, Jennifer, I had nothing to do with it…nothing, except for calling the EMT’s and making arrangements with the hospital for your treatment.”

“You’re going to pay as soon as I get home. Believe me…I’m going to beat your miserable slave ass until it bleeds. Then I’m going to take a baseball bat to your head.”

“Jennifer, that isn’t going to happen. You’ve been replaced by Virginia. When I told Judith how you reacted to Rebecca she agreed you weren’t right for the job. You need to go and move on with your life just like I’ve moved on with mine.”

“Listen to me you fucking asshole. You are my slave and that’s what you’re going to be forever. If you fight me on this you’ll be sorry. I’ll kill those two brats and that Virginia, too. I’ll step on their heads until their brains squeeze out. I’ll stab that bitch and then I’ll come after you. I won’t kill you, not immediately, anyway, but I will definitely make you suffer.”

“Jennifer, I’m sure you do realize that slavery is illegal in the United States.”

“Fuck the United States and fuck its laws. I will do whatever the hell I like. I’m not kidding, Frank. I will kill those two brats and that Virginia, too if you don’t submit to me right now.”

“I don’t think so, Jennifer. You’re still on probation. I wonder what the DA would say if he knew of your plans.”

“It will just be your word against mine.”

“Not quite. I have it all on my little recorder here. I look forward to seeing you back in jail, but this time I think they’ll send you to a real prison. I just can’t wait until the male guards find out what you tried to do to me. I’m sure they’ll be thrilled. Oh, by the way, I turned it off before those remarks. Bye, bitch!”

“Trust me on this—I will never spend another night in jail, but I will get you.”

I walked out, got into my car, and drove to the District Attorney’s office. He had been an old friend of Judith’s. Initially, I couldn’t get past his secretary, but when I told her I was Judge Jutner’s husband she relented. Five minutes later I walked into the office.

“I’m sorry for your loss…Frank, isn’t it?”

“Yes, and thank you. I’ll always miss her, but I need to speak with you about my ex-wife.”

“You mean the one who wanted to fry your penis?”

“One and the same…I just came from her in the hospital and she’s made some serious threats against me and my family. She’s out of her coma and she blames me for everything.” He turned me over to the assistant who had prosecuted her. I let her listen to the recorder; she was not pleased. She asked for the evidence and I gladly gave it to her. Later that day a warrant was requested and granted for Jennifer’s arrest—violation of probation. They went to arrest her in her hospital room, but she wasn’t there. She had disappeared.

I went home immediately and moved Virginia and my daughters out of town. I thought they’d be safe—Jennifer didn’t have a car and I’d never tell her where they had gone. I returned home and, with the help of several deputies, set up my trap. They weren’t too happy about my being there, but I was able to convince them that I would be needed—bait for the big fish. Dolls replaced my two girls; a deputy in plain clothes took the role of Virginia. During the day I moved freely about the house, taking out the trash, mowing the lawn, washing the windows. I also did a lot of the outdoor chores next door at Virginia’s. At night I made sure the blinds were drawn, but the lights on so our shadows could be seen from outside. The third night I heard someone enter the house. My deputy “wife” called it in on her radio and we moved into the closet. She drew her weapon. A few minutes later we heard the door open and saw a shadow rush the bed swinging a baseball bat over and over at the sleeping forms that were on inspection just a pile of pillows. The light went on and to no one’s surprise Jennifer was standing over the bed. She turned and tried to rush us, but several police officers hurried into the room, grabbed her arms and handcuffed her immediately. Her face was filled with hatred, her mouth with profanity directed at me and my family. They read her rights again and drove her away. Once in the jail she asked for something to drink.

“What,” replied the guard.

“If you can give me three or four OJ’s you won’t hear a peep out of me all night.”

The guard thought that was a good exchange; Jennifer received three small containers of orange juice. They found her dead on the cell floor the following morning.

I told Virginia all about it, of course. She told me to empty Jennifer’s accounts and place the money equally into college funds for Rebecca and Rachel. That was one command I was thrilled to obey. Our relationship became even stronger in the ensuing months. She was able to make me cum on command. She told me she would withhold my orgasms if I disobeyed, but I never did. Our sex life was incredible. Now that she was sure of me and my obedience to her she had stopped pissing in my mouth. “It was a way to test your submission, Frank—nothing more.” She still fucked me, but usually used the strap-on rather than fisting me. I continued giving her multiple orgasms every day.

Some three months later we stood in Judge Rogers’s chambers. I held Rachel, her head on my shoulder; Virginia held Rebecca’s hand as we exchanged vows, declaring our love to and for each other. We drove home immediately after the ceremony and changed into work clothes. Virginia had selected the site, right in the middle of the back yard. I dug the hole wide and deep and rolled the large root ball to the edge. Reverently, I held Judith’s urn and spilled the contents into the bottom of the hole before mixing in some moist peat moss and rolling the tree in and covering her remains forever. I knew that the tree would use her nutrients as it grew. The tree would hold Judith and, to me, would be Judith forever.

Virginia and I held hands as Rebecca watered the new tree. I knew she didn’t fully understand, but she would. I would explain and Virginia would tell her about her mother, too. Then it would be Rachel’s turn.
My turn would come later that evening—a promised celebration with my wonderful wife/mistress.


Rebecca watered that tree every day. I think she viewed it as taking care of her mother. I had to explain that it wasn’t necessary when it rained—God was taking care of Mommy then. The tree flourished and what I liked best was that it flowered in the spring around the same time of year that Judith had passed.

Virginia insisted that my daughters call her by her name. “Mommy” was reserved for Judith even though she fulfilled a mother’s role day in and day out. We explained the nature of our relationship when they were old enough to understand. I also explained that their mother and I had the same kind of relationship. That was why we never argued and why we would never divorce. Virginia and I had our roles and we accepted them. We both knew that Virginia was in control.

One of the things I would have argued about was showing the girls about sex. Virginia thought it important that they learn about sex at home. I had to agree with that, but I wasn’t prepared for the demonstration that Virginia insisted we give. At ages eleven and ten Rebecca and Rachel watched as I gave Virginia oral sex. She explained that I did this for her every day as a means of expressing my love and respect for her. The following day she performed oral sex on me, giving the commands that forced me to cum. Of course, she had to explain that, too. The final demo was the hardest—intercourse, during which she climaxed four times until she once again commanded me to cum. I blew like a volcano having fucked her for more than an hour. Virginia explained that most men—especially boys—would have cum much sooner. It was my submission to her that enabled me to control my orgasm. There were plenty of questions after that, but we answered every one. We both felt good knowing that they wouldn’t learn at the hands of some groping teenager.

Rebecca and Rachel loved sports from an early age. I bought them junior golf clubs when they were five and four respectively. They loved going to the range with me. I couldn’t count the number of times I heard, “Look at this, Daddy!” or “Did you see that one, Daddy?” Virginia sat by patiently enjoying sitting in the sun, never once complaining.

They loved playing baseball and soccer so it was hardly surprising that they wanted to participate in a soccer clinic when Rebecca was twelve and looking forward to making her junior high school team. That morning was one of the few times Virginia begged off, telling me she wasn’t feeling so well. We were almost half-way to the field when she called. When she mentioned “chest pains” I turned around immediately. I called 911 when we were two minutes away. We had just pulled into the driveway when the ambulance turned onto our street. I rushed to the door and opened it, but when I reached our bedroom I was sure she was gone. The EMT’s worked for more than half an hour, but to no avail. An autopsy showed she’d experienced a massive heart attack. Mercifully, she hadn’t suffered. At age seventy-nine I was alone again.

Rebecca was sympathetic, knowing how I would miss Virginia’s domination and how I would be unable to achieve orgasm without her help. She offered to fill in, but I turned her down flat, explaining that at my age it was no longer very important, besides I doubted that I could live with the idea of sex with my daughter.

At eighty-eight I’ve lived long enough to see Rebecca graduate from Brown and accepted at Georgetown, the same law school her mother attended. Rachel is at Cornell in pre-med. Me, I’m ready to go. My girls are well provided for. They’ll inherit more than two million dollars each. I spend my days praying that there is indeed an afterlife and wondering how Judith and Virginia will share me. It should be an interesting way to spend eternity.

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