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I was invited to a party, it was a friend of a friend, it turned out it was just a few blocks away from me. The Hostess is tall, blond, great shape, and tan, all the qualities I hate in a woman. I introduce myself to her, she has this huge dog at her feet, it was a rotweiller, he never left her side. We got to talking, seems our children go to the same school, she has a seventeen year old son, I told her I would ask my daughter is she knows him. She mentioned that they were going away for a day and none of the usual guys that watch her dog are around this summer and she needed someone to come over feed him, take him out just once later in the afternoon, maybe once that night. She said she never leaves him for very long " he's such a good dog " she says. He stood up, almost sensing she was talking about him, she pets him. "Whats his name" I ask, "Zeus" she replies, he circled her, noticing no one else at the party and laid back down at her feet. "He does seem so quiet and gentle. I don't see any reason that I could't do that for you, when, are you going out of town?". " Really? that would be amazing, but its tomorrow actually would that be a problem?" she says. " Not at all" I say, and she gave me all the details and she gives me the key.

I turned the key in the lock. Zeus just laid there like he was expecting me. I went into kitchen, gave him fresh water and food in his bowl. I let him out back, he just walked around, went to the bathroom. He really is a good dog, I thought, no trouble at all . He followed me back inside. I was making sure everything was locked up and decided to use the bathroom before I left. I peed and as i stood up he entered the bathroom. I watched him as he slowly moved towards me. I wondered what he was doing and thinking. I turned to shut the lid and turned back around, bent over to grab my shorts and he was right there. His head was blocking me from pulling up my shorts. I just laughed and and pushed on his head to move. I tried to reach around him but I couldn't, I pushed him harder, but nothing he just stood there panting. He was so close to me, I couldn't figure out what he was doing, I was laughing, trying to get him to move. So I'm there with my shorts around my ankles and no idea how to get this big lug out of the bathroom. It is comical, he won't let me out. I'm completly exposed.

One minute I'm laughing then suddenly I felt him move, against my pussy, he licked me. Im thinking, Really? No way he just did that. Then as though he realized he liked what he tasted, He did it again, he pushed against me harder. I had my hands on the top of his head. I felt his tongue, his rough tongue, lapping and probing. I tried to push his head away again, but he wouldnt budge. " Zeus !" I said out load " What do you think your doing" I can't seem to get away, he is so big and strong, I'm pinned against the toilet. I felt his tongue again, he had found his mark, and was lapping faster, I felt my juices flowing in my pussy, his rough tongue went all the way around, licked my ass and dragged his tongue up between my lips to my clit. Already off balance, his head pushed me again, I let out a scream and I fell back against the toilet. My legs flailed, I tried to push him off me, his tongue never left my pussy, i tried kick him but that only made my shorts and underwear fall off completely. I'm fully exposed, and my position gave him an even better access. He pushed his nose in and his tongue disappeared into my pussy. I couldn't believe this is happening, I couldn't stop him. I looked down at my tank top, my nipples are beaded, so hard, I couldn't believe how this felt, his tongue was huge, so thick and long. I gave up trying to push him away, I was trying to keep my balance, spread out on the toilet. His tongue was deep inside me now, my breathing is fast, my heart is pounding. I hated to admit it but it felt so good, my body had betrayed me. It was no longer, me fighting the urge to cum, it became where I needed to cum. His tongue was magic, it found my Gspot, and as though he knew exactly where, that big rough tongue massaged that spot. I couldnt keep it from happening, I wanted it. I head myself calling his name as I have the most intense orgasm that i could remember. It lasted forever, and this only encouraged Zeus to keep licking. It was so intense, I got dizzy, i was holding his head against me like I did a lover licking me. I moaned and bucked against him, not wanting it to stop, waves of cum washed over me repeatedly.

His licking had slowed as my orgasm finally began to slow, he took a couple more licks and backed away, looked up at me and licked his cum covered nose and walked away. I'm exhausted, still sitting on the toilet trying to figure out what the fuck just happened, as I tried to catch my breath.

As I walked out, Zeus was laying on the floor and just watched me as I walked by, I thought, Jesus I have to come let him out later tonight.
Now that was was a good dog.

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