Rachel was always a very nosy girl, she always had to know everything and if she didn't she would dig and dig until she found out, her family and friends would always say " Curiosity killed the cat " but she didn't care so it only made sense that she grew up to became a journalist. She became a very good journalist, winning many awards for her stories, she even helped the Poilice catch a serial rapist.

At 32 Rachel is gorgeous with long blond hair, a very, very pretty face, huge breasts, a nice round ass, long legs and tiny feet however her career and curiosity always scare away potential husbands. Her friends and co-workers remind her that curiosity killed the cat but after all her success she just laughs it off, little does she know that her curiosity will cost her a fate worse than death.

Rachel wants the big one, the one story that every journalist wants, the one that has successful retirement written all over it. Nothing major has happened recently so she starts researching cold cases, the ones that the Police and other agencies couldn't solve. A few catch her attention but either the leeds dried up or she knew it wouldn't lead to the big one, that was until she looks at the case of Jeffery Brenger.

According to all the reports Jeffery Brenger worked at a crime lab preforming autopsies for the Police and other agencies, he was married to Lisa, a former highschool teacher who quit her job to become a stay at home mother and private tutor to their son Julian. They were not a rich family but were considered upper middle class, living in a big house in a nice neighberhood. His friends and co worker all said that Jeffery was an excellent employee, a faithful husband and a loving father, that was until rumors started popping up.

Although there was no proof, the rumors were that Jeffery was a Necrophile, he would have sex with the corpses of dead females in his lab, the other rumor was that he was also a Cannibal, that he would steal body parts of dead females from his lab and feed his family with them. Jeffery insisted that all these rumors were false and an invesitagtion had begun but that's when Jeffery, Lisa and Julian repotedly all died in a house fire.

Their bodies couldn't be properly identified because of the intensity of the fire but their bank accounts, credit cards and $10,000 found in their fire proof safe hasn't been touched wich killed the idea that they faked their deaths and ran away. This should have been the end of her investigation but Rachels curiosity would not allow her to let go, a few months had passed and all the case leeds had dried up and she was about to give up.

That's when she read a report about someone who was selling Human organs to the black market right after the death of the Brenger family. After researching the black market case it didn't take Rachel long to put 2 and 2 together, although the Brengers reportedly died 10 years ago she was determined to find them. After a few more months of intense research she tracked the Brenger family to a huge house close to the Mexican border.

Not wanting to share the glory and the money she goes after them alone, brave but not stupid she always carries a tazzer, Bear Mace and has a permit to carry a gun. After landing in Mexico she purchases a Dessert Eagle, a gun she was told is the most powerful hand gun in the world, putting her investigation on hold while waiting to complete the legal purchase of her gun she enjoys a micro vacation at a beautiful resort in Mexico.

After receiving her gun she ressumes her investigation and heads towards the Brenger house although the owner of the home is named Jimmy Smith. After entering the house she tells Jimmy, his wife Lois and their son Jack that she's a reporter covering stories of Caucasian Americans being targeted and attack by Mexican drug cartels. Jimmy, Lois and Jack tell her that while there have been attacks like that in the past nothing like has ever happened to them in the 10 years they have been living in Mexico.

Although she remains silent the fact that they said they have been living in Mexico for 10 years reinforces her theory that the Smiths are really the Brengers. Jimmy offers Rachel a tour of their home and asks her to join them for dinner, wanting to discover more she agrees. Their home is beautiful, akin to the homes of rich people, Rachel asks Jimmy what he does for a living that allows him to afford such a beautiful home, Jimmy says " I'll answer all your questions over dinner ".

Although their home is beautiful the tour doesn't reveal anything suspicious, nearing the end of the tour Rachel keeps her purse close, ready to grab her tazzer, Mace or gun just in case. Their 16 year old son Jack walks up to Rachel and says " Your are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life " and he offers her a ring, Rachel says " Why thank you young man, your very sweet ". She smiles, then looks at Jimmy and says " Your son is going to be a real lady killer " Jimmy laughs and says " You have no idea ".

Rachel looks at the ring that Jack gave to her, it's a beautiful, expensive looking wedding ring, Rachel looks at Jack and says " Wow this is a gorgeous, did this belong to a member of your family? " Jimmy says " Yes it does belong to a family member but not our family ". Suddenly Jimmy wraps a cloth laced with a sedative that begins to make Rachel very sleepy, she manages to reach for her purse but Jack pulls it away.

Rachel wakes up some time later in what can only be described as a dungeon underneath the house. What she sees terrifies her, Large hooks attached to the celing and on each hook are parts of womens bodies, a leg, a torso with no head, the bottom half of a woman cut just above the vagina. She sees Lois removing all the jewelery off a dead womans body and dumping it into a bowl full of jewelery, Lois then strips the body completely naked and using a large butcher knife she cuts off the womans arm and throws it into a small pool of boiling hot water.

Rachel can see other female body parts floating around in that pool of boiling hot water, she then sees Jimmy having sex with the bottom half of a dead woman. The top part of that dead womans body is gone except for a small piece of spinal cord sticking out, Jimmy let's out a huge moan as he ejaculates deep into the dead womans vagina. Jack is standing next to Rachel and he very gently puts the same ring he offered her earlier onto her finger.

Jimmy put his pants back on and walks towards Rachel, he says " I told you I would answer all your questions over dinner but considering you are going to be dinner I'll tell you everything you want to know now ". He explains to Rachel that he used the large sums of money he got from selling organs he obtained from his lab to people he knew from the black market. Then he used their connections to sneak into Mexico and purchase this home, ever since then he started a secret buisness helping Mexican women sneak into America.

In truth he and his family have been killing, rapping, robbing and eating these women. They pawn the jewelery they steal from these women plus he continues to send their organs to the black market which guarantees a healthy income and his family's protection. Lois stands next to Jimmy and says " I'm not sure, should we barbeque her or make a stew out of her? " Jimmy laughs and says " It's up to you, either way I'm sure she's going to be delicious but don't do anything to her body until I'm finished with it ".

Jack interupts his parents conversation and says " No, don't I'm in love with her, I fell in love with her the moment she walked into our house, don't kill her, please don't hurt her ". Jimmy says " You can't be in love with your food " Jack says " Please dad if you let her live I'll never ask for anything ever again ", Lois says " Ok come on Jimmy let the boy have a pet ". Jimmy thinks about it for a while and says " Ok son you can keep her as a pet but she's your responsibility " then he says " And you say I never give you anything ".

Jimmy places a cloth with a sedative over Rachels mouth which knocks her out again, she wakes up some time later sitting on a chair at the dinner table with the Smiths. The second sedative must have been a lot stronger because she's very drowsy, she can barely see and really doesn't feel anything. Her vision clears and she see the Smiths eating a womans arms and legs that have been barbequed, Jimmy looks at Rachel and says " Your delicious ".

To Rachels horror she realizes that she now has no arms and legs, she tries to scream but no sound comes out, with tears rolling down her face she can feel with her toungue that all her teeth have been removed. Lois takes a huge bite out of Rachels leg and after chewing and swallowing she smiles and says " We didn't want you to try and to do something stupid like kill yourself so we removed all your teeth so you can't bit off your tongue ".

Jimmy then says " Yeah and we didn't want you ruinning our dinner with all your screaming so I cut out your voice box, the stiches should fall out in about 3 weeks ". Jack then says " Hi beautiful, I noticed that while you were passed out your hair kept falling infront of your face so I did you a favor and shaved you completely bald ". After eating Jack says " Can I play with my pet in my room? " Lois smiles and says " Yes but wash her first ", Jack easily picks Rachel up and takes her to the bathroom.

In the bathroom Jack strips her completely naked, he's seen hundreds of dead Mexican women naked but something about Rachels naked body makes him stop and smile as he examines what's left of her body. He fills the tub with warm water, then stripping naked himself he carries her into the tub, he very gently scrubs her body with a soapy spunge. As he washes her he keeps kissing her cheeks wiping away her tears, their facing eachother and she can see that he is very erect.

He says " Your really, really lucky, dad never lets the women he brings to the house live, your the first one " then he says " I'm so happy he let me keep you as a pet, I promise to look after you for the rest of your life " and he starts to rub her bald head with one hand while his other hand is holding her side so she doesn't fall forward or backward into the tub, his hand is just under her large breast, he's fully erect now and starring at Rachels mouth and vagina.

He stops rubbing her head and grabs her other side just under her other large breast and he lifts her slightly out of the water. He lowers her and slides his cock into her mouth, she cries and tries to bite his cock but without any teeth it actually feels pretty good and he lets out a moan and says " So this is what a blow Job feels like ". Having total control over whats left of her body he fucks her face for a while until he starts to feel something strange.

He pulls his cock out of her mouth and holds her in the air trying to figure out what that strange but good feeling is. That feeling is gone but he's still hard so lifting her higher in the air he stares at her labia for a few seconds before he starts to lick it. He licks it for a while before he sticks his tongue in it, after a while he easily positions her just above his rock hard, pulsing cock and he slowly lowers her.

His cock easily slides into her pussy and that strange feeling comes back and he cums deep inside her pussy, at first he panicks but as he continues to cum inside her it feels so good and he lets out a series of moans. It feels so good that he didn't realise his mother and father were standing there watching, his father claps and says " My boy has finally become a man " and his mother says " I'm so proud of you son ". Jack smiles and says " I finally had sex and I liked it, I'm so happy you let me keep her, thank you mom and dad ".

Lois grabs Rachels and washes her body again washing Jacks cum out of her vagina, then she hands Rachel to Jimmy and she says " Jack, your father is going to take your pet into the next room to check on her neck stiches ok but I have to talk to you about what just happened ". Jack takes Rachel to one of their many spare bedrooms and closes the door, Lois tells Jack that she's very proud that her little boy is now a man but that in the future he should avoid cumming inside his new pet because when a man cums inside a woman she will almost always get pregnant and that he's way too young to be a father.

Meanwhile Jimmy has placed Rachel on the bed and is fucking her mouth hard and fast, Rachel can't make a sound and is crying trying to bite his cock off but it makes the oral feel better. Jimmy pulls his cock out of her mouth and starts squezzing her large breasts as he licks her asshole clean, he then places his rock hard cock at the entrance of her asshole and slides his whole cock inside. He starts to rape her asshole hard, fast and deep, Rachel is screaming in pain but no sound is comming out, Jimmy says " I almost forgot what a warm asshole feels like ".

After some real hard raping he pulls his cock out and shoves it down Rachels throat shooting his load and forcing her to swallow every drop. Meanwhile back in the bathroom Lois explains to Jack that the strange feeling he experienced is the start of what is called ejaculation. She goes into deatil saysing that it's the feeling a man gets right before he's about to cum, the conversation seems to excite Jack who is now rock hard again. Lois smiles and says " Wow your almost as big as your father, I'm so proud of you " then she says " Just remember what I told you, you can play with your pet all you want, just don't ejaculate inside her vagina ".

Jack says " but where should I cum then? on the floor?, in the tub? " Lois laughs and says " No silly, don't make a mess that I'll have to clean up later, you can place it in your pets mouth and if you put it deep enough she'll swallow all of your sperm ". Jack says " She can do that?, I mean she can drink it? ", Lois smiles and thinks to herself [ Jimmy won't be back for a while ]. Lois says " I was going to do this for you when you turned 18 but now that your a man, just sit back and relax ", she strips completely naked and gets on her knees next to the tub and grabbing her sons rock hard cock she starts to massage it.

Jack is enjoying this, his eyes are closed and he's smilling, after a while his mother takes his cock into her mouth and starts to suck him. Even though he came a short while ago it isn't long before he gets that feeling in his balls again and he moans, he mother cups his balls as she swallows his cock. Jack moans louder and grabs the back of his mothers head as he shoots loads of sperm into her mouth, his mother moans as she swallows every drop. she pulls his cock out of her mouth and says " That felt good, don't repeat this to your father but he hasn't touched me in years " she thinks to herself [ He prefers them dead ].

Meanwhile Jimmy is raping Rachels pussy hard, squezzing her nipples he says " This would be so much better if you didn't have a pulse, but my sons happiness comes first ". Pulling his cock out he shoves it back into her mouth and shoots loads of sperm into her stomach, Meanwhile back in the bathroom Jack is licking and fingering his mothers pussy. He stops and says " Mom I like this but why isn't my cock getting hard? " Lois says " That's because you came twice already, don't worry that's normal, it will get hard again just not right now ".

Lois says " Ok that's enough for now finish taking your bath and go to bed, your father will bring your pet to you soon, oh and don't tell your father what we did in here ok ". She gets dressed and goes to the dinner table to bag Rachels left overs for lunch tomorrow. Jimmy takes Rachel to another bathroom and wash all the cum that's on her and in her and he brings her to his sons room. Once in his sons room he says " There you go son she's all clean, but remember what I said, she's your resposibility until the day she dies ".

In the master bedroom Lois is soaking wet from sucking her son and having him lick and finger her pussy but as usual Jimmy says " You know I like them dead, leave me alone and go to sleep ". After Jimmy falls asleep Lois goes to her sons room and wakes him up, she says " This is going to be our little secret ok ". Rachel wakes up and to her disgust she see Lois sucking off her son, she then watches as Lois sits on Jacks face, Lois covers her mouth so she won't orgasm too loud and wake up Jimmy. Rachel watches as Lois sits on her son, his cock sliding inside her and he fucks her a few seconds before she gets off him and then taking his cock into her mouth she swallows every drop.

Rachel knows that this is her fate, a fate worst than death, unable to speak, unable to move or fight back. To be the sex toy for Jimmy and Jack, to be the silent witness to incest between a mother and her son, to possibly being an unwilling mother to Jimmy's or Jacks baby. She remembers what everyone had told her about what curiosity did to the cat and with tears in her eyes she prays for death.

The End

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2013-08-24 00:50:25
Shit spelling, shit premise and generally the product of a fucked mind. Negative vote. Just as a good thought - if your sire's cock had been cut off and eaten BEFORE he fucked you into your mothers guts, we wouldn't be contaminated by this shit.

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A little creepy. I think that cutting off her arms and legs was a bit much, but overall interesting.


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What a wild brain fuck this was. I don't belive I have ever read anything like this. If you picture the complete story IN YOUR MIND it really is very good. Nothing wrong with branching out into another mind warp. I'll have another serving, Please! (countrycadillag


2013-08-20 13:07:13
Funny for such a horrible story my positives are higher than my negatives, and I did mention in the beginning of the story that she would be facing a fate worse than death, but like I always say I appreciate both positive and negative comments...

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This was terrible! Way to get a person out of the mood.

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