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Childhood friends fall in love, and now Brittney reveals a very sexy fantasy. This chapter doesn't have much if any sex in it, but it is a great interlude for chapter 3
After we dressed in the cloths we wore the night before, I leaned down
and kissed her. Our tongues working together like they were meant too. She was an unbelievable kisser and my cock started to harden as a result. As we kissed I opened the door. We broke the kiss, "God you're an amazing kisser." She said as she walked out the door. I then got dressed in clean cloths as I thought of what had just happened. My
cock grew so hard that it was difficult to get my boxer briefs on.
Once we dressed we went to the living room. "Sorry, we ran to the
store earlier, so we didn't know if you two were awake yet or not. Her
father tried to wake you two up before, but we had to go get some
stuff to help make Brittneys move easier." Her mom said.

"That's fine." I said.

For some reason I felt nervous as I sat there near her parents. I had
no reason to be, but I had just finished doing very dirty things to
their daughter.

"Oh before I forget, here I have the key to my house for you. I
reached into my pocket and pulled the key out. Her father reached out
and I gave the key to him.

"Are you ready to have her living with you?" He asked.

"Actually I am, actually, I'm pretty excited about it to be honest
with you." I replied.

"Yeah, she is very excited about it too." Her dad said. "Look, just so
you know, I think it's pretty obvious that you two are going to be,
let's just say, having sex. I don't want you two to have kids before
you or her are ready for it. So we have placed her on the pill, just
till you are both ready for it."

He was right, what he obviously didn't know, was that I had already
eaten her sweet pussy, and she had sucked my cock. I was still a
little surprised with how forward he was being.

"Uhhhhh...well, uh, I have no idea what to say to that, so I guess, ok
and thank you, I guess." I replied.

He just nodded his head. I heard Brittney come out of her room. I
looked up and watcher her walk down the hall, pulling her hair up into
a pony tail. I looked her up and down and was just floored by how
absolutely gorgeous she was. She had on a small sundress, that had
bright colors on it. It had a low cut front that dipped down to just
above her little titts. It had really thin shoulder straps, and it was
very short. It hung just below her little ass. She turned around and I
noticed that it bared a good portion of her back.

She didn't realize I was watching her. I had to adjust myself because
of how much my cock was growing. She stepped out of her room and all but bounced into the living room. She had a huge smile on her face.
She came and sat up against me. She noticed me just looking at her.

"Hi baby." She said as she kissed me.

I whispered in her ear, "My god you're so beautiful."

She smiled at me and kissed me softly. "Thanks, you look really hot
too." She said.

"Get a room...Jesus." Her mom said. Her dad just laughed at her.

We looked at each other, stood up and she took my hand. We started to walk off towards the room looking at her mom the entire time, smiling really big.

"Now look..." Her mom said.

Her dad just looked at her and said, "Hey! You told them to get a
room! They're just doing what you told them to do!"

Me Britt and her dad all started to laugh. "Fuck you all." Her mom
said while laughing. "You're all a bunch of smart asses."

We then went to a nice restaurant for lunch. While we were sitting
there in our booth, Britt had moved to where she was sitting almost in
my lap. We were holding hands at first. We were both so happy to be
together that our fingers just squeezed together.

As her parents were looking at the menu, she reached up and whispered in my ear. "I'm not wearing panties."

I then looked in her eye. I kissed her as she smiled at me. I leaned
down and kissed her. I then whispered in her ear, "That isn't fair."

She giggled as she let go of my hand and slid her hand onto my thigh.
My cock started to swell as she started run my inner thigh with her
finger tips, and finger nails. My cock swelled more and more, the
further towards my crotch. I reached down and adjusted my cock so that it would swell down into my right pant leg. When I looked over,
Brittney had sat back and looked down to watch me adjust myself. She looked up and smiled.

Again she whispered in my ear. "Am I making you hard?" She asked.

In answer to her question I kissed her. "Good" she giggled quietly.

As my cock grew harder. I felt her finger tips getting closer and
closer to my cock. She started to rub the same spot over and over
again on my thigh. She didn't have to wait too long for my cock to
reach the spot she was rubbing. I spread my legs as far as I could as
she gently caressed my throbbing jean covered cock. Chills shot
through me and I was having an extremely hard time reading the menu.

I went to reach for her leg wanting to tease her too, but she stopped
me. We ordered and waited. I had the worst time concentrating while
she stroked and squeezed my hard cock. Just as I would start getting
close, she would stop, wait a few minutes, then start again.

After we ate we sat for a few minutes. Brittney had stopped rubbing my cock and let it deflate so I could stand up and walk out, without
anyone noticing a large hard rod going down my leg.

We left the restaurant, and Brittney and I spent the rest of the day
running around and going to as many places we could just to spend time together. Any chance we had, I would push her up against a wall
somewhere and kiss her hard. We would make out until we had a feeling
someone was coming.

It sucked that I had to leave that night. I had to drive home and go
to work the next day, so we were making the most of what little time we had left. When we got back to her house, we sat in the living room and started to plan her move into my house.

When my parents were murdered, I got my settlement, and I gave my
dads truck to her dad, among many things I did to help them. We all
agreed that she would have to wait for a month or so, so she could get
her trans, since she was going to be attending college in the
same city I worked in. Yes, we ran all 911 calls on that campus,
except for anything to do with law enforcement since we aren't cops.

We made the necessary plans, and set them in stone. Me and Brittney
were really excited to live together. I was surprised since she was
only 18. Instead of partying and having her fun, she wanted to be with
me. I was more excited because she had no idea she was moving into her own house. She thought it was going to be an appartment.

As soon as we finished, myself and Britt went to my room and I started to pack my things. We started talking about us. About how happy we were to be together finally. As far as getting to know each other, we didn't need to. We knew almost everything there was to know. As we were talking I decided to try to find out the one thing I didn't know. Before I could she said to hold on and left the room. She came back and was wearing that read flannel type shirt she wore when I told her how I felt about her. Again she had three buttons undone and my mouth watered. She had sweat pants on too.

"I like the way you wear that shirt." I said.

"Why, cause you can see my boobs?" She asked.

"I'm not going to lie to you...yes because I can see you very nice
boobs." I said as I looked down her shirt. She just smiled.

"Ok there is just one thing I am curious about, and its the only thing
that I don't know about you." I said.

"Ooh kay." She replied.

"Now you don't have to answer this question if you don't want too. I
hope this doesn't freak you out. " I said.

"Baby, I promise you that there is noting you can do or say that will
freak me out." She replied.

I walked over and shut the bedroom door. She had the sexiest look on her face.

"So hit me with it babe." She said.

"Ok, what is the one thing about you, that your parents nor I
know? Before you answer, it has to be sexual, because I already know you very well." I said.

"That's true." She replied. "So, the one thing about me that you don't
know...well, I'm a, I'm like a really big pervert."

"Really?!" I asked "That does suprise me." I said.

"What about you?" She asked.

"I'm a huge pervert too." I said.

"I absolutely love porn. I love watching it, and some day I wouldn't
mind making a porn movie with you." She said. "In fact, every time I
watch a porn video, all I can imaging is you and me on the screen
where everybody can see us fuck."

"I love porn too." I replied. "In fact I would love to do a porn with you."

She had the yummiest look on her face after I told her that.

"Ok, so what is your deepest, darkest, sexiest fantasy?" I asked.

"I'm not sure I want to answer that." She replied.

"You don't have to, but can I ask why?" I asked.

"Ok, we'll do you remember Tony, the last boyfriend I had when I was
17?" She asked.

I nodded my head.

"I told him once and he went crazy. He called me a whore and said I
was the most disgusting person he had ever met and that I was severely disturbed if it was true. I had to play it off and act like I was just kidding." She replied.

"And why would you think I would think the same?" I asked.

"I don't know." She said.

"That's fine I'm ok with you not telling me." I replied. I leaned down
and kissed her on her mouth."

She then looked up at me and said, "Ok I know you, so I know you won't
judge me. Besides I really want to tell you. In fact I have been
wanting to tell you about it for a long time. I've been needing to
tell some one about it for like, ever."

I sat on the bed next to her. "Ok, now I'm excited, so what the big
secret fantasy."

"Uummm". She said as she put both of her hands on her legs and pushed her legs together. She looked very nervous, but extremely turned on, and I mean, extremely turned on.

"I'm like a huge pervert, and I found a certain type of thing that really makes me, like, extremely wet. In fact I'm getting really super wet just thinking about it." She said.

My cock began to swell and get really hard.

"I really, really, really like, uuummmm...I really like Incest." She
said as her eyes closed a little as she bit her lower lip. My cock hardened really fast, and it started to throb instantly.

She then continued, "I really don't like the whole daddy daughter thing cause, I'm just not into that, those that do fuck their daddies more power to them, it's just not my thing.

"What's your favorite?" I asked, extremely hard from what she just told me.

"I don't know if its because I have never had any other family members
except my parents but, the kind that makes me by far the wettest is the ones about brothers and sisters, and ones about sisters and sisters. There is this story I read once, where this girl who was the little sister, she got like, really curious and like, really horny. So she teased and seduced her brother, and like, did everything she could to make him hard and want to fuck her. Well she got what she wanted, a good fuck from her older brother. Not only that, they had an even younger sister that they both wanted and so they both teased and seduced her. They finally got their other sister so horny that she couldn't stand it anymore. They had like this really awesome threesome. That story was like, thee hottest story I have ever read in my life." She said.

She had her arms crossed, and her tits were squeezed together. She was biting her lower lip. I was so floored by her confession that I didn't know what to say. I was also so turned on that I couldn't see straight. It was quiet for a minute or so, and she started to look a little worried.

"Wow. That's really interesting. Actually that is pretty fucking hot." I said.

Very surprised by my response, her mouth dropped open and she
shivered. Then her look turned to confusion.

"You mean, that whole thing, doesn't make you sick? Does it, like turn you on too?" She asked.

I stood up and let her see my large bulge. I sat back down. I looked
at her and said, "Over the last month or so, I discovered Incest porn.
At first I couldn't stop watching it because it was interesting to me,
and then it started to turn me on more than anything else I had ever
seen. Seeing a brother and sister sucking, licking, and actually
fucking made me crazy hard."

"Wow hhhhhhhh... Have you seen the role play videos, where like this girl and guy, like, pretend, like, they are brother and sister?" She asked.

"Yes I have, and those are just as good." I replied. "Which one have you seen?" I asked.

"There is this girl who has like, blonde hair, she is kind of like, really hot. She has big boobs and blue eyes. She was like teaching her little brother how to make a girl cum. There was one with her and her brothers girlfriend that gave him a blow job. He had a nice dick, unfortunately, it's not as nice as your dick. I have seen all of the ones they have done. I fucking love those!" She said.

"I've seen them all too, I know which ones you're talking about. I've been hoping to role play like that, and by like that, I mean brother sister role plays with some one as well." I said.

She must have creamed her panties when I said that cause she just shivered and couldn't say anything. "So have you ever been with a girl?" I asked.

"Yes, once, you remember Allie right?" She asked.

"The little brunette with blue eyes?" I asked.

"Yeah, she was the first girl I had ever been with and it's only been one time. She ate me out and made me cum, but oh my fucking god, you are so much better! Anyway, she has like, been trying to get me to do it with her again." She said.

"So what if I told you that I would love to role play as your older brother?" I asked.

"Oh god, really?!" She asked in excitement.

I just nodded my head yes.

"I would fucking love that!" She whispered as she reached down and started to rub her pussy. "I really want to role play that story I read." She said.

"Ummm, you do know that if I role play that, it would mean another girl would be with us right?" I asked, a little concerned.

"Yeah, I know." She said. "I still want to role play that. I just think it would be amazingly hot to watch! Like I said, I'm like a huge pervert! My pussy would be drenched watching my older brother fuck another girl."

"I stood up and was looking at her in amazement! I could not believe the conversation that I was having with her. She was so horny and wet that she just took her shirt off.

"I have an idea." I said. If we do this, we can't do anything right now. How about we wait until my sexy little sister moves in with me, then it's game on." I said.

Her mouth opened wide. "Oh god, so we are actually going to do this?" She asked in amazement and excitement.

I looked at her and said, "Yes, and we are going all out."

"Mmmmmmmhhhhh, ok big brother, and don't you worry about the other girl, I have that planned out already. She is a huge pervert too. We have made videos of each other masturbating. Any by that, I mean she video taped me, and I video taped her. That's when we actually had sex." She said. "She wants to watch us have sex."

"Are you talking about Allie?" I asked.

"Mmhmmm," she replied as she nodded her head. "She is a sexy little thing, don't you think? "I think she would be a perfect little sister for us. She is almost 18." She said.

"Only if you're ok with it, and yes I do think she is a sexy little thing. You two could easily pass as twins if your hair was brown." I said.

"Oh god!" She whispered. "I'm so damn horny right now!"

"So how do I let Allie know that I want to play with her again?" She asked.

"So you're thinking about having a nice lesbian session with her?" I asked.

"Mmmhhmmm." She replied.

"Now how do you know she wants to have sex with you?" I asked, trying to figure out the best way to get her with Allie.

"She keeps bringing up the one time we did it, and keeps telling me how fun it would be to do it again. She has also said that she really wants me, like, really bad. She watches the video of me masturbating all the time and can't get enough of it." She replied.

"So now that we are clear about that, what I think you should do, is the next time she brings it up, you should just lead her, without her noticing, and take her to a secluded area. Once you're in a spot you think is safe, push her up against the wall and kiss her. Like I did to you several times today." I said.

"Do you think that will work?" She asked.

"If she wants you that bad, she will melt with pure lust." I replied.

"Mmmmm like I did with you big brother?" She asked.

"Yeah, like you did baby sister." I said.

"You have no idea how bad I wanted to fuck you today." She said.

"I did actually, and I think it's obvious that I wanted to fuck you today." I said.

"Yeah, it was. I felt your cock pressing up against my stomach." She said.

"Let me know how that works for you, I'm kind of curious as to how well it works." I said.

"I'll give you every yummy detail." She replied.

I kissed her as she reached up and placed her hand onto my throbbing hard covered cock. She started to rub it as I reached down and slid my hand into her pants. I slid my hand into her panties and to her soaked pussy slit.

"God I love your little pussy!" I moaned as she gripped my covered cock. I kissed her and we started to really get into it.

"God baby one has ever turned me in like you do baby." She whispered.

She actually put a stop to our sexual contact. "I think you can agree that if this goes as far as we both want it to, then it's not going to make our plan as fun." She said.

"You are right, god I want you so bad it hurts." I whispered. She just giggled.

"You're just going to have to jerk off to tonight, and I'm just going to have to play with my pussy." She said.

I kissed her again, and then she started to help me pack. We just started to pack at a good time, since her parents opened the door and walked in. Me and Britt just looked at each other and smiled.

It was time for me to leave. Brittney walked me out to my truck, and we said our good byes. Her sobbing was hard on me, because I loved this woman. I know she loved me too.

As I got into my truck, she walked up and kissed me. "I love you baby." She said.

"I love you." I replied.

She shut my door and I left to go home. My shift started early, so I needed to get home. That month was to be the longest month of my life, however, I knew that it was all going to be worth it. I couldn't wait till she moved in and we could start our lives together. And I hoped it would be forever. That girl was a big part of me and I missed her. To make things worse, is that we made no contact because of the whole plan we had for when she moved in. I jerked off many times thinking of ways I could tease her, and make her wet. I also wondered what she had in store for me.


2015-12-01 13:54:35
Hmmmmmm, some praise, some criticism; noticed you got this "Big Dick", Incest fetish badly; spoils your stories. Also still repetative, padding that needs to be edited out. And you have been told before by another guy that cloth is used to make clothes that we wear. So c'mon, up your ante bro, you are getting good advice from a number of people, take advantage of it.

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Puppetmaster, if you read on in the brianna series the 3sum never happens she is not a slutand you're missing out big time it's a FAB series. This one is similar to that series only with an addition, possibly added here as you didnt want to spoil the brianna true love saga. I do luv your romantic slaht on your stories. Ipersonally couldn't fuck someone else if I trully loved someone, but each to their own, will read pt 3. Hope you carry on pussyeeter I like your style. Luvsalik xx

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Really! WTF? Sorry I hadn't read this series before and since I really liked the first 4 chapters of the Brianna series, I thought I would give it a try (since won't continue reading about that Brianna slut). And now I see that I was suckered again, and that Brittney is just a fucking self centered slut also. Well I've learned my lesson now. I won't be reading anymore stories by you, Pussyeeter. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. I now realise you're not actually writing about "true love", that's just your lure to screw us over. You write about sluts who lie and use the "good guys" as if they are just toys, to be used and disposed of after a few years when they find a new toy. To be honest that happens enough in the real world, I like my "fiction" to be just that "fiction". This is now 2 stories of yours I won't finish and wish I had quit a chapter early. I won't bother starting anything else you decide to write. I've been fooled enough. (PuppetMaster)

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please dont rush it but hurry to create part three i dont think i can wait to long amazing story i wish there were more stories by you that i could read to pass the time while i wait for the next part.

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