Sry for the delay, this part however is much longer than the previous ones :). And better written ^^.
When I arrived home I thought everything over again. What could Lily have in mind for miss Lucy?
I wanted to fuck her, sure, but I didn't want her to fuck me, if it would cause lily to be angry at her. Or perhaps I wouldn't mind? Dammit, I was not an evil person, but she was driving me crazy. I just went to bed and waited to what was to come.

The next morning I almost came too late for the appointment with miss Lucy. I am just not used to getting up early on thursday. It was already six past eleven, but miss Lucy hadn't said a specific time. With that in my mind I drove to school. After a five minute ride I stepped out the car and walked towards school. Lily was already waiting for me. It looked like as if she had been waiting for a long time. Though, when she saw me again, she was happy and hugged me. 'Come on Daniel, we're late already!' she said with a smile. I just stood there and looked at her. She looked so young and full of life. Happily smiling at me wearing a short skirt and some uniform like shirt. I could not help, but to stare at those enormous breasts. She blushed after noticing how I was just staring at her. 'Don't stare at me like that,' she said shyly, 'let's go.' Together we went to miss Lucy. We knocked at the door of the office of miss Lucy and we were told to come in. I opened the door and I saw her sitting in her big office. She wore a white t-shirt, which gave a good view of her cleavages. Beside this, you could almost see her belly. I noticed that she didn't wear a bra because I could see her nipples through her t-shirt. A bit inappropriate for a teacher, but well, who I am to judge? As it was a summer day, she only wore a short blue skirt. At that time, she was working on a report. She told us that she was expecting us and told us to sit down. We nervously sat down and waited for her to continue. Before she continued, she quickly glanced over her computer screen. Suddenly she seemed struck by lightning. Her whole face became red and she whispered: 'Fuck.'
I looked at her, quite interested by what had triggered her reaction, but she recovered herself very quickly and became angry. 'You are too late, now come back in again and apologize before you enter my office, ok?' 'I recall it was you, miss Lucy, who asked us to come in, I am right?' I asked to annoy her. Now furious, she stood up, but she slipped and felt, knocking over her desk. Everything felt on the floor including her. I could not help to notice she was not wearing any panties and felt myself blushing. I tried to look at something else, and looked away, only to see what was on here computer screen. The computer screen had a few cracks in it, but it was very clear to both me and Lily what it showed. Miss Lucy had been masturbating.

I immediately thought why she had called us in in the first place, perhaps it turned her on we were so close by?
Miss Lucy spoke softly: Please, please, shut the door.' Lily did not seem able to move just yet so I walked to the door and closed it. Miss Lucy was sitting down and was blushing heavily. 'Please, don't tell anyone, please,' she begged. She looked down at the floor. 'Please...' she whispered. 'We won't tell anyone,' I assured her. After all, I liked having her nice body around. She wasn't a bad teacher either. 'Thanks, I guess...' She looked at me with a tear in her eye. Damn she looked cute, I noticed myself getting hard. Lily noticed it as well, and gave me an angry look. I cursed within myself. However, her angry look turned into a smile and she turned to Miss Lucy and said: 'Perhaps you can show us your gratitude.' She walked to me and whispered in my ear: 'Consider this as a present, because I like you.' Her breathe in against my ear made me even more turned on. I looked at her full of questions. She gave me a smile and turned to Miss Lucy. 'Why don't we have some fun?' She then walked to the office door and locked it. Immediately I knew what she was planning to do and I cannot say I disliked it.

Miss Lucy looked up with an embarrassing look on her face. 'Wha..what do you mean?' she murmured. 'I think you know exactly what I mean,' Lily said with a vicious smile. Miss Lucy was stunned. 'Well, we haven't got all day,' Lily remarked. She looked at me for back up, but I could not say a word. I felt horrible for taking advantage of her, but my sexual desires had taken over and so I also did not attempt to stop this. 'Who?' Miss Lucy asked. Lily moved her head at my direction showing she meant me. Miss lucy then crawled towards me on her hands and knees. I felt myself taking off my pants and freeing my cock. 'Are you sure you want it to happen right here?' she asked before grabbing my cock. 'This place is as good as any, there is no one in the school but us,' Lily replied. Miss Lucy nodded and turned slowly towards my cock. I felt a bit guilty towards Lily, but it had been her idea. I groaned, Miss Lucy had started to lick my dick. I looked at Lily; perhaps this was a test. She saw me looking and made a go on gesture. Now more relaxed, I let her suck my dick. She was better than Lily, probably because she has had more experience. She was trying her hardest to make me cum and I wondered why. 'You must be very grateful,' I said to her as joke. She looked up, stopped sucking and smiled. 'Yes, yes I am.' And suddenly I knew, she was trying to finish before she had to use more extreme measures, like her ass or tits. I did not dare to say something about it so I just let her suck me. She eagerly moved her tongue in circles around my dick, causing my balls to tighten. She tried to get my cock as deep in her throat as she could. I was in heaven. It wasn't long after that I felt myself getting pushed over the edge. I grabbed her head to hold her in place while I came in her mouth. I pulled my dick out of her mouth and she swallowed. I asked her to clean of my dick and she did, although a bit hesitated. I started to dress myself again. ' Ho ho, we are not done yet,' Lily said mocking. Being satisfied, I said to her: 'But I am all done!' She walked towards me while taking off her shirt. 'But I'm not.' She then proceeded to strip me down again. I just stood and stared, unable to say anything. 'You know I can get you turned on again,' she smiled. I looked confused at her. She got rid of her bra and squeezed her big tits in front of me. 'Do you like it, Daniel?' She said playfully. Miss Lucy stood up and asked what she was to do now. 'Make sure he gets hard again,' Lily responded, 'for example by showing your boobs.' Lucy's face turned red immediately. 'But I...' she started. 'I thought you were grateful to us,' Lily said with an angry lower tone. 'Yes, you're right,' she sighed. She took of her shirt and bra as well. By seeing my favorite teacher half-naked, I became hard again. 'That's my boy,' Lily said while she stripped down totally naked. 'Go and lie down, Daniel.' I did as she told me. She walked towards me and pushed her ass against my face. 'Get a taste of me,' Lily said. 'Oh, and you Lucy, give him a nice titty fuck.' Lucy reacted slowly, she again got on her knees and came towards me. I sticked out my tongue and licked Lily's pussy, resulting in a pleasure moan. With the thought of Lucy having to tit fuck me, I became excited. I wanted to pleasure Lily as much as I could for giving me Lucy. I circles my tongue around her clitoris and pushed my finger inside her. 'Yes!' she groaned, 'awh yes.' I felt that Lucy had reached my cock and was now trying to place it between her breasts. She was fooling around and I knew she was not used to use her breasts like this. I put my thumb in Lily's ass and started to thrust my hips so that my cock moved between Lucy's tits. Lily changed position and gave me a passionate kiss. She then continued by pushing her breasts against my face. My body felt covered with tits, and it felt incredible. Then suddenly Lily told me to stand up. I stood up, disappointed I hadn't come yet. Lily walked in front of me and started to grind her ass against me. I felt like she was playing with me, as I really wanted to cum. 'Go and fuck Lucy doggy style,' Lily said to me. 'But be sure to not cum inside her, cum on top of her or on my ass.' I nodded. Lucy was trembling. I tried to calm her down by giving her a long kiss. She kissed me back, a good sign. 'Are you willing to do this?' I said softly in her ear. She nodded while whispering: 'It could have been worse.' I smiled, though not sure if it was a compliment or not. I turned her around and grabbed her beautiful ass, as I had done a million times in my dreams. I slowly put down her skirt, hoping it wouldn't make her angry. She allowed it and I went further down and took it off. 'I'm going to put it in,' I said to her. 'Just be gentle.' I grabbed my cock and made it wet with spit. She put her desk back up and leaned on it, sticking her ass out. I grabbed her cheeks and slapped one.
She squeaked, but did not show any resistance. I slapped her ass once more and the put the tip of my cock inside her pussy. I let it slide in bit by bit until my cock was no longer visible. Lucy was breathing heavily, and began to move her ass. I adjusted my rhythm to hers, while I felt how wet she was. She could be even wetter than Lily, I thought surprisingly. I started to thrust harder and harder as I was getting closer to the edge. I took one of her tits in my hand and one of Lily's in the other and squeezed them. Lily saw I was about to come and bent over, ready to take the cum on her ass, if I decided to cum on her. I let out a loud groan and pulled my cock out of her, just as she suddenly had her orgasm. I stood behind both Lily and Lucy now and started to jerk off, until I came. I cummed a bit on both of them, not wanting to let them feel underrated. Lucy was still breathing heavy and was still under the after effects of her orgasm. I also was feeling a bit exhausted and satisfied. I sat myself on the ground. 'Well that was nice,' I said with a tiny smile. 'Let's do this again.' I meant it as a joke, but Lucy took it serious, she looked at me stunned. 'I, I, if you want me to,' she murmured. I realized that moment that Lucy was not much older than we were. Perhaps a year or two. 'Listen,' I said, 'I was just kidding okay? I want us to get along together. Lucy, if I may call you that, I think you are a lovely woman and you've always been my favorite teacher and I say this not, because of your looks, but also your age and personality. I am sure Lily thinks the same way.' Lily nodded. Lucy looked at me with a shy smile and a tear in the corner of her eye. 'I would very much like that, but you cannot expect me to give you privileges above other students,' she said. I looked a bit offended. 'That was not what I intended, so no worries,' I replied.

Somehow we managed to clean up the mess in not more than five minutes. After that, it seemed like nothing had happened. 'So, what did you have to discuss with us?' Lily asked while grinning. 'Well, ehm... You seemed to have broken the school's rules,' she began. 'How ironic,' I said almost breaking out in laughter. She ignored me. 'I will let you of the hook for now, but you will have to do something for me in return.' Lily and I exchanged looks, what was she up to? 'You will have to invite me in that big mansion of yours,' she smiled. Lily let go of her breath and replied positively. 'Well then, I think we are all done here. You may leave.' I stood up and walked with Lily outside. 'I will give you something nice when we get home, to thank you for what you did for me,' I said to her. 'Don't mention it, we're lovers aren't we? And aren't you talking about my house?' she said with a charming voice. I laughed: 'Don't you mean your parents house?' With that her moor changed to sadness. She looked to the ground and said nothing. 'And yes, we are lovers. I like you Lily and that is not likely to change. She looked at me with a blush on her face. 'Thank you.' I smiled at her. 'Now let's go home ay?'
'Aye,' she was happy again.

As I had promised, I gave her a surprise when we came home. 'Me,' I said to her. She was lying on her enormous bed as she raised an eyebrow. 'What?' she asked confused. 'Me,' I repeated. 'I know what you said, but what do you mean by "me"?' She replied. 'You can do with me what you want for one night,' I said with a slight sense of amusement in my voice. 'You sure are arrogant,' she laughed. I felt a blush coming up so I turned my head away. 'If you don't want it, I wouldn't mind at all,' I said a bit angry. 'No no no, I most certainly would want that,' she gave me an evil smile. Perhaps this wasn't a very good idea, I thought to myself. 'So when does this rule count?' she asked. '12 AM,' I responded. 'Very well, but what to do in the meantime?' she asked. 'We still have that bloody report to finish. She cursed. 'Well let's get on with it then,' she said. We started working on our report at about 4 PM and finished our laughing and working at around 7 pm. 'I think we are finally done,' she said. 'We? You were the one working, I was just kissing you, whispering words of love in your ear and teasing you,' She had always been a very smart girl, I was lucky I got paired up with her, very lucky. I looked at her beautiful body once more and I couldn't force myself to look away. I knew Lily would become shy if I looked at her, but I did it anyway. Once she noticed me, she turned her head away, but I saw her blushing. 'Why do you get shy when I look at you? There is nothing to be ashamed of,' I said to her. She looked at me and said: 'It are your eyes, they shatter me, they are the most beautiful I've ever seen,' she said softly, while she became even more red. Now shy myself, I thanked her. Never I had heard someone complimenting my brown eyes, it made me love her even more. 'I guess it looks good with my blond hair,' I joked. She looked at me and started to undress. I was astonished. 'What are you doing?' I asked. 'Daniel, I cannot and will not wait till tonight before I can have you, so come on and fuck me.' my mouth went open. 'Now, would you like to fuck me doggy style or on my back?' she asked. If my mouth could drop any further it would have laid on the floor. 'Let's do 69 first, I have never done it before, and it looks fun,' she said deadly serious. Are all girls like this? I asked myself. 'Now, come on, lay down on the bed,' she said. 'Are you sure you want to do this right before diner? What about your parents?' She gave me an evil look. 'Forget about them,' she said, 'Oh, and do you want me to wear a skirt, but without panties?' That moment, I could swear I was dreaming. 'Keep your skirt on, it's looks sexy on you,' I told her. My dick hardened under my pant as I saw her ass and tits appear. I saw her eyes going in the direction of my cock. 'That's fast, I see you are ready to begin.' Now I blushed for a change. I laid myself on the bed and she laid herself down on top of me. 'We've got to get rid of your pants first,' she said bursting out in laughter. How could I forget to put off my pants? I cursed myself and stepped of the bed. I took of my clothes and laid myself down again.
'You like me better this way?' I joked. She laughed and placed her pussy above my head. She positioned herself in a comfortable way and started to jerk me off, in order to make me even harder. I grabbed her ass and pulled it closer towards me, so that I could easily move my tongue around her ass and pussy. Just before I sticked my tongue inside of her, she had put my dick in her mouth. 'Awh, baby, keep at it, suck it good,' I moaned. She reacted by taking my whole length down her throat. The feeling was so intense that I almost forgot my role in this piece. I sticked my thumb in her ass, while I also started to pleasure her pussy with my finger and tongue. She was dripping wet and her juices tasted delicious. I sped up my pace as she was bringing me closer to cumming. As her head was going up and down her tits bounced against me. I embraced her as and pulled her even closer to me. She had trouble keeping my dick in her mouth while I did this, but the moan of pleasure she gave was worth it. My tongue and fingers were now so deep in her ass that I could not see them anymore. I knew if we kept this up, I wouldn't last very much longer. 'Alright,' she said when she noticed how close I was to cumming, 'let's move on to the real deal.' She got off me and went on her hands and knees. She then made a curved back, so that her ass was in the air. 'Doggy style it is then,' I said. I moved myself behind her and slapped her ass. 'Ready? Here I come.' My cock was already wet because of her mouth, so I gaped her ass and sticked it in her pussy. She moaned and pushed her ass against me. I let my dick slide out and rammed it's full length back in. Then we matched our rhythms. After a thrust or ten I pulled my cock out, grabbed her shoulders and turned her on her back. She looked at me with her eyes full of hunger, sexual hunger. With both my hands I grabbed her tits and kissed her. She answered my kiss eagerly until I broke the kiss and went down her neck. I kept going down until I reached her nipple. I circled my tongue around her nipples and felt them stiffen. 'You like that? You want me to continue?' I asked teasing. 'Yes,' she said softly. I went even further down and ended up eating her pussy, while I also stimulated her with my fingers. This was one of the moments I was glad she shaved. 'And how do you like this?' I asked taking a short break. She did not answer. 'Well?' I took my fingers out of her. 'Aaaah, yes, yes I like it, I love it,' she brought out, 'please continue, please.' I loved to hear her beg for me. I could at least play with her a bit before surrendering myself tonight. I put one of my fingers back into her with a slam. She groaned loudly. 'One more,' I asked. 'Ye... Yes,' she finally said. 'Yes what?' I asked. 'Yes master,' she responded. I turned to stone. That was not what I had expected to hear. I just wanted to hear "please". What a favorable turn of events. However, I decided ignore for now and prepared myself to penetrate her once more. I pushed my shaft in first, but the rest followed soon. As I began to speed up, her breasts were bouncing up and down. I grabbed one of them for a bit more grip and satisfaction. I heard her breath going faster and felt myself getting to cumming. As we both came I collapsed next to her and pulled my dick out of her. 'That was some good sex,' she said. 'Yes, it was,' I replied. 'I didn't wear a condom!' I noticed. 'Leave that stuff to me, I will make sure I don't get pregnant,' she reassured me. A big breath escaped my lungs. 'I go clean myself up and take a shower,' she said and stood up. 'You do that. Is there any chance that you got a second bathroom in one of your hundred of chambers?' I asked. 'Yes, just keep walking to the right as you leave this room. It's the first door you will stumble on.' She responded as she left the room. 'Thanks!' I shouted after her, not sure if she heard me.

'Well, time for a shower then,' I said to no one in particular. I stood up and picked up my clothes. I went outside and kept walking right. Just as she had said, the bathroom appeared. I took a shower and washed myself clean. When I was done I felt like I was purified. As I opened the door to leave the bathroom, I remembered that I had absolutely no idea where to go next. 'In here!' I heard her shout. I went in the room I heard the shout coming from. When I walked in the room a delicious smell overwhelmed me. I saw Lily sitting in a room that was as big as four chamber in my own house. She sat at a huge table filled with uncountable amounts of food and drinks. I felt myself getting dizzy, I needed to sit down. I took place beside her and tried not to look to overwhelmed. However, it wasn't easy to hide something from Lily and was on to me in no time.
'I didn't mean to make you feel uneasy,' she said weakly, 'I just didn't know what kind of food you liked, so I had the cook made all kind of different things.' How rich is she exactly? I wondered. I looked around the table and saw that we were the only ones there. 'Where are your parents?' I asked her. She sighed, 'Well, I was going to tell you later, but since you ask. My parents have died a few years ago, they left me with nothing but bruises and physical and mental wounds. This place is all mine.' I felt as if my head was on fire. She owned this place? How? She was only 21, how could she possibly get the money for all this? 'Furthermore, as you may have noticed, I can react a bit withdrawn or hurt when someone touches me.' She noticed my guilty look. 'Sex is usually no problem and besides, I like it with you,'she blushed. Now I think back on it, I had noticed that her face sometimes showed pain when I touched her. I suddenly felt overwhelmed by sadness. Why hadn't she told me? I was supposed to know, since I was dating her. Are we even dating? Had I caused her pains that I was unaware of? It seems so. I felt sick. 'I... I...' I stopped speaking. I literally didn't know what to say. 'I will get over it, I will... For you,' she said quietly. 'Is this the reason why you can't look me in the eyes?' I said hoping she would say no. 'Partly, but what I said earlier isn't lied, your eyes shatter me,' she admitted ashamed. 'Why do they shatter you?' I asked a bit afraid for the answer.
'The reason stays the same, you have beautiful eyes,' she let her hand slide over my face, 'You are beautiful,' she whispered. I smiled, 'You are not so bad yourself,' I said lightly to make the mood go up. Her facial expression changed and she showed a smile. 'Well let us eat then, we will need to discuss this later as there is more to it,' she said and poured some soup in her bowl. I agreed and looked at the huge amount of food in front of me. 'You didn't have to prepare all this. I eat everything,' I said with a bit too much confidence. 'Sure you would,' she laughed. Feeling like she was questioning my manliness I picked a random piece of food and put it in my mouth. It had a terrible taste, but not only that, my mouth felt like it was on fire. I tried my hardest to keep the food in my mouth, nevertheless I spitted it all out. She was laughing her ass off. I realized that her laugh was giving me comfort and a good feeling, so I just let her laugh. When she was finally done laughing I started to pick out some food I actually liked and started eating. She did the same. I started making jokes and told her stories of my heroic past, which of course was only true to a certain extend.
I had just finished the part where I saved a innocent boy from detention by revealing the real brat (I didn't told her this brat was myself), when I heard some weird melodic tune. A maid came into the room and whispered something into Lily's ear. Lily nodded and said: 'Show it on the main screen.' I watched with amazement how the roof opened and a huge tv screen came down. I couldn't believe my eyes. The screen went from black to white and showed us an SMS from Lucy. It read:

"Dear Lily,

We have some trouble. Apparently my office has safety cameras I did not know about. I am not sure if they are in use, because as you know, I have done some messed up things in my office before and it didn't cause any problems. However, none of these things was as serious as what we did. I felt like I should let you know.
Let me know what to do!

P.s: I've sent this same message to Daniel.

Greetings Lucy Heartifilio."

We are fucked was the first thing that crossed my mind. I looked concerned to Lily, but she did not seem to care so much. 'Seems like we've got to fix this,' she said with no sign of worry in her voice. 'Gertrude, bring me Lamsay as soon as possible!' She shouted to the door. 'Yes madam,' Gertrude replied and I heard her leave. 'What's the plan?' I asked her. She stood up and told me she would take care of it. 'Go back to my chambers,' she continued, 'I'll be back with you soon.' After that she just left. Confused I stood up and returned to her room. I wanted to know what she had in mind, but something in her voice warned me not to interfere. I waited what seemed for hours, when she came in. 'It's almost twelve a clock,' she teased as she took a seat beside me. 'So? What have you done?' I asked her. 'Don't worry about it,' she said with a dark voice. 'It's also my problem!' I protested. 'You have to tell me what kind of measures you have taken!' If eyes could kill I would have been a very dead man. 'I said I've taken care of it, don't you trust me?'
'Of course I do! The question is, do you trust me? You are telling me nothing,' I said now angry myself. She stayed silent for about two minutes before she said: 'It's twelve a clock, you are under my command now,' she said. 'No more of these questions, that's an order!'
Wow, or she was born a leader or she had some experience with bossing people around. 'Okay.' My voice sounded quiet. 'Okay madam,' she corrected me.
I nodded as a sign that I understood. 'Good, I will give you the rules now.'
Rules? This didn't sound good. 'Rule number one; always address me as "madam" or "mistress". O, and Dominatrix, if you prefer that one over the others.
Rule number two; not obeying rule number one will result in punishment.' Punishment? She takes this too damn serious. 'Rule number three,' she continued, 'you will not complain. Rule number four; just in case, if you are hurt beyond your limits, you just say stop and I will stop.' What in the sacred heavens is she planning to do with me? I thought desperate. She laughed when she saw my reaction to rule number four. 'Just in case,' she repeated. 'The last rule; if your penis gets seriously injured, I am not responsible.' I stood up. 'Enough, I will not undergo the risk of losing my penis, damn it, woman!' I said angrily. She bursted out laughing. 'That rule was just a joke, you silly,' she said giggling. Her laughter made my anger disappear. 'I knew that,' I said trying to deny my stupidity. 'I am sure you did,' she said with sarcasm. 'Let's quit fooling around, i've already wasted ten minutes on this.'
'As you wish,' I responded. 'You can start by undressing. O, and you disobeyed me,' she said a bit scary. 'Gertrude, bring Rachel back home,' she then said. Rachel? Who the fuck is Rachel? I've never heard from her. Gertrude came in and opened a door inside Lily's room. A few minutes later she rushed a crying and seemly wounded girl outside. I caught a glimpse of her face and recognized her. She was a girl from the University. 'What is going on here?' I almost shouted. 'Owh, the rebelling one eh? Gertrude the next one,' she said and pointed to the door. Gertrude went in and Lily pushed in some buttons next to the door. A screen appeared, the same screen as I saw in the diner room. The screen flickered a bit and then showed a most disturbing sight. I saw another girl from University being stripped naked by men wearing mask. This girl had actually talked to me, back in University. Swiftly I turned my head towards Lily, asking what the fuck was going on. 'Keep looking,' she said. I returned my eyes back on the screen. The men had now finished to undress her and were spanking her tits and ass. It may not seem as hurting, but the men were putting a good proportion of force behind it. The girl started to cry. 'Damn it Lily, let them stop,' I shouted at her. I noticed how I became hard. I cursed myself and my body's sexual desires. 'Gertrude, let them stop,' she shouted through the door. The men on the screen stopped slapping her. 'Will you start calling madam now?' She asked. 'This is all because I forgot one of your stupid rules?' I asked her furiously. She looked at me as if I wasn't done speaking yet. Then I remembered. 'Madam,' I added. 'Yes, this is all because of you not obeying the rules. Want to hear something interesting?' She did not wait for my response. 'Our beloved teacher is in there as well,' she said, 'would you like to see her ass slapped and perhaps whipped?' She asked me. 'No, not at all, madam,' I responded not entirely to the truth. 'Okay, good, now I know a bit more about what you like and what you do not like,'she said seriously. 'Gertrude, get her back home, make sure she gets paid and is cared for.' Gertrude obeyed immediately. 'You did all this to find out what my interests are, madam?'
'Yes, and to punish you of course, but none of this will happen again, I thought you would like it. But it could also be used as a punishment, because you don't want people to get hurt because of you.' What is it with this girl? I asked myself.
She closed the doors and let the screen disappear back in the roof. Still a bit disturbed by what just happened I looked at her. 'Well undress,' she said. I had to obey her, I am a man of my word, so I undressed. Suddenly I was not so excited for this night anymore. I wanted to ask so much questions. 'Come on, if it does any good, these girls knew what would happen to them, they were willing to do this,' she said. I said nothing but took off my pants. She had been right, it had turned him on, but he didn't like it. Despite this he still had a hard cock and a beautiful lady who he most likely gets to fuck again. So he decided to say nothing but just undress as quickly as possible.
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