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All names have been changed for security reasons. This is a true story.
Madison was a girl that lived with her parents on a farm. She had long brown hair and large boobs for her age. Her pussy was always shaved. She had just turned 18 and was loving it. She was single and mostly hung around the farm playing with the animals. One Friday afternoon, Madison's parents had a surprise for her. They were going away for the weekend end and Madison would be alone. She was very excited to do this. she gulped down her supper and ran quickly upstairs to get a shower. As she was washing she thought of all the things she could do. She could invite boys over to the house and have wild sex parties. just the thought of a rock hard cock pounding her pussy made her wet. She poked her head out from behind the shower door and reached for a dildo she kept behind a shelf near the toilet. Its was nothing special, just a rubber toy she often liked to play with. She laid down in the shower and spread her legs. She rubbed the toys head on her pussy to get it even more wet than it was. She slowly pushed it in and felt the pleasure spread through her entire body. She moaned quietly to herself and rubbed het breasts as she pushed the dildo in and out of her pussy. She raised the lower half of her body as she came. She had felt this feeling many times before but it felt better every time she did it. She finished her shower hid her toy away and got ready for bed.
The next morning came late to Madison. She awoke to find her parents gone and a list of things to do every day while she was gone. She got her clothes on and quickly finished her chores. She believed she disserved some free time so she went to ride her horse. Madison's horse was named Shadow because he was mostly black except for a white patch on his nose. As she came to the stable she suddenly became wet. She ignored the thought and continued onward. As she came to Shadows stable she found that he was slightly erect. the looked down at his cock and her mouth began to water. She had herd about people having sex with animals all the time but never thought of actually doing it with one. She slowly opened the door and walked in. she bent down near Shadows stomach and gazed at his now hard dick. it was big think and black. Madison began to sweat. She thought that this would be a good time for an experiment so she reached out and slowly grabbed Shadow's cock. She began to stroke it and Shadow did not object. Madison soon began to wonder what it tasted like. She moved a little farther under Shadow and kissed the tip of his cock. She fit the cock in her mouth and began to suck it. She then had another idea. She took of her shirt and jeans and then came the bra and her panties. She continued to rub the horses cock and then began to rub her pussy as she did so. Her pussy began to grow extremely wet. she found a nice place, some stacked hay bails would do, and lead Shadow over to them. She stood on her hands and knees and lifted her ass into the air. Shadow began to sniff her pussy. He Began to lick it and Madison could not believe what she was doing. Soon Shadow mounted her and began to thrust his cock at the ass. It soon hit its target. Madison's pussy.
Madison could not help herself. She moaned loudly as the head of Shadows enormous cock entered her. He slid it in deeper and Madison began to feel pleasure along with pain. Shadow began to thrust it faster and faster into Madison's tight virgin pussy. She felt it grow wide as the cock entered her.
"OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH MMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYY GOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDD, FFFFFFUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKKKK YYYYYYEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!" she yelled as she came, but the horse was not done yet. He continued to fuck her until she began to feel his cock pump his hot cum into her. It felt amazing. Shadow backed away and his cock began to shrink. Madison fell flat on the ground, fresh horse cum flowing from her abused pussy. She was exhausted. Picked up her things and went back to the house to take a bath. One thing was for certain. She would have a very interesting week end. She dropped her clothes into the dirty clothes basket and went straight to the shower. She turned on the water and an slowly sunk into her hot bath. She laid back. The only thing going through her mind was what she was going to do next and Shadows cock. She was very tired and thought she was going to pass out. Fucking a horse was very demanding work and she wondered what she was going to do. After she had gotten as much horse cum out of her she got on new clothes and laid down on her favorite chair to watch t.v. in her room. she reached down into her pants and rubbed her pussy. What she thought would be pain actually turned out to be pleasure. Her pussy had taken it well. That had given her second thoughts about getting fucked by a horse. But if shed did it too much the a human cock would be nothing to her. What would she do. Stop fucking horses and go to human cock, or continue and go through the mass amount of pleasure she would feel over and over........

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2014-08-10 14:18:42
this is total bullshit, a virgin wouldn't be able to handle a horse cock so easily. try again but don't post under true story when it's clear that it's not.

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2013-10-01 14:24:11
I'm 16 and a virgin and this story dose not make sence

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2013-10-01 14:21:56
I want to have sex!!!!!

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2013-08-13 04:23:30
Go with the horse cocks with humans you cant tell if they have a big cock a small cock a fat cock or a skiny cock until you get in bed and that usualy takes a couple dates and then they might not even be good at using it but eith horses they are all huge and know how to realy ram a pussy

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2013-08-12 18:19:03
that little dildo must be pretty big to allow a VIRGIN to take a horse cock.
it takes me three (2"-2"-2.5") at once to open enough to not scream when I get my ass stretched by my morgan. -Jeff

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