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josh gets what he wants but only by inviting me to share his beautiful wife.
Josh and I had been best friends from way back in Jr. High when he moved to town. We lived close to a lake then and we spent a lot of our free time together fishing. We shared our first girl together. We were in tenth grade and she was a real slut, one grade below us. We both nailed her in Josh's garage one Saturday afternoon. We still get together for some good fishing once in a while but can't manage it as often as we did when we were kids. My name is Frank and I am twenty-three. Josh is the same age. I'm single and he married Joan about a year ago. She is twenty-one.

It was a Friday evening about an hour before sunset and we were sitting on the bank of a big slow moving stream with chicken livers soaking on the bottom waiting for some blue catfish to take our bait. I had caught two small ones and Josh had caught one that was as big as my two together. It probably weighed six pounds. We were hoping for ones over ten pounds. We were just polishing off a six pack of Coors. We had been talking about this and that as we fished. I had just finished telling him about an awful date I just had with one of the girls from work. She was boring and not interested in putting out.

Josh looked at me for a minute. "I want to talk to you about something. Ever since we got married, I have been trying to get Joan to let me fuck her in the ass and she has kept saying no." I had never heard Josh talk so frankly about his sex life with Joan. “The other night I was eating her pussy and I brought her to a hard climax. I licked and sucked her clit and slid my tongue back to her ass hole and licked it. I got her moaning pretty good. I thought it was a good time to ask her again. When I did she looked at me and told me that she would let me but only on one condition. She told me that she would let me fuck her ass but only if she could be sucking your cock while I did her ass. I've been wanting to get my cock balls deep in her ass from the first day I met her."

I looked at him in shock. "What did you say to her?" "I thought about it for a minute. I'm the only guy she has ever been with, so I was really surprised. I broke her cherry on our wedding night. Finally I told her that I would ask you. She got a big smile and went down on me till I blew my load down her throat. She gives great deepthroat blowjobs. You will really enjoy it if you say yes, and so will I. Interested?"

I thought how to say it and then I just said, "Joan is one of the most beautiful and sexy women in the whole town. If it is really OK with you, I would jump at the chance. Especially if she sucks cock like you say." Jason replied, "Come over next Friday at nine. I'll see that she has already had a couple of beers and we will go from there." "Are you going to let her know that that is why I am coming over?" "I haven't decided," Josh replied.

I rang their doorbell at one minute before nine. Josh opened the door and motioned me in. I looked at him, "Are we going to do it?" "Yes, unless she chickens out. She seems excited about it." Josh had a six pack of beer on the coffee table. "She's already had two." He had me sit on the couch and he sat on the other end. "Joan, Frank is here. Come on out." We looked at the doorway as Joan came out, dressed in a white, see-thru teddy bear nighty.

Joan had a fantastic body and it was on plain view in that see-thru outfit. She was tall and slim. Her tits were probably 34-C's and did not sag a bit. Her nipples were large and hard, just perfect for sucking on. Her waist was small and so were her hips. Her ass was small and tight and her skin was flawless and creamy white. I wondered how I had gotten so lucky.

Joan sat on the couch between us, reached the TV remote and turned on a hot porn video. She sat back and started rubbing each of our cocks thru our slacks. We each slid a hand under her teddy and found a handful of firm breast meat. At the end of the first fuck scene she paused the show, got up and did a sexy strip for us. Then she sat back between us and re-started the program, unzipped our flies and pulled our erections. She bent over and gave each one a little kiss and then stroked our shafts while we watched the next scene and played with her tits.

Next, Joan turned off the TV and said that we should go to her and Josh's bed. She lead us to the bedroom, holding our cocks like they were leashes. She stood us next to each other while she slowly stripped of our clothes. When she was down on her knees to take off our pants, she licked up and down the sides of our cocks and sucked our balls. After everyone was naked, she had me lay on my back on the bed. She got on with her face over my crotch. Josh slid between her legs and started licking at her shaved pussy. Her body jerked as his tongue first touched her clit. Joan slid her lips down over my mast.

It wasn't but a few pushes before she had me down her throat. Her head bobbed up and down along the full length of my thick seven inches. Every once in a while she would use her teeth to give my cockhead a little nip, not hard enough to hurt. Josh kept licking the insides of her slit, but now he was also rubbing her small hole with his finger. Joan was happily moaning.

Josh slid out from under Joan and reached the tube of lube that he had put on the night stand, put a glob on his finger and started at her puckered hole more seriously. When his first finger slipped in up to the second knuckle, she took her mouth off me and held still as Josh worked it in and out. After he had added more lube and worked a second finger in, up past the second knuckles, she told him to be more gentle and go slow. Soon, she had me back down her throat. I am always happy about the fact that I can last a long time before shooting my wad. Some women have even complained that their jaws were getting sore before they got me to give them my juice.

Soon Josh had three fingers in her with a lot of lube and she was starting to push back against his fingers while sucking hard on my prick. Josh removed his fingers, lubed his cock, got up on his knees behind her and pushed it against her anal opening. As his head slipped past her sphincter, she groaned and started to get up but I reached around her and held her tits tight to my groin. "Go slow. That hurts." Josh slowly worked himself into her butt a little bit at a time. When he had most of himself in her ass, he held still and let her adjust and get used to having her shit tube full of cock. She started sucking my cock again. Josh started slowly sliding in and out of her well lubed ass hole.

After a while he was holding her hips and fucking her butt as hard as he fucked her cunt. Joan was moaning with pleasure and pushing back to match his thrusts while she deepthroated my manhood. I reached my limit and exploded in her mouth without warning her, but she was fine with it and swallowed every drop. She kept sucking me till I started to go soft and took it away from her. I could hear Josh, "Damn Hon, your ass is so fuckin' tight. Your cunt is tight but your ass is clamping down on me so hard. Oh fuck yes. Oh fuck. Yesssss!" Josh cried out as he filled her bowels with his hot seed. They both collapsed. I was on the bottom of the pile.

I crawled out from under them. Josh got up and brought his cock to her face but she refused to suck it after it had been up her ass. He slid down next to her and they started kissing and touching each other all over. Josh said, "Wow, that was great. I'm looking forward to doing that again," Josh said. Joan smiled and answered, "Me too but not unless you invite Frank to join us again. I want to feel his big cock in my pussy while you fuck my ass."

I smiled.


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wow it was great love to se my wife in same situation

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Great story,,, great slut !!! Got to love how they hide what's really in there souls.. she now will be so much happier letting the dirty cock loving slut out with a man who likes it too!!!

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I enjoyed the story. I would like it better if I brought a second woman into bed with my wife and me. I could take turns fucking them while I watched them eat each other out. My wife has never been with another woman but I bet she could cum just as hard from a woman's tongue as she does from mine.

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