I introduce my now wife of 6 years whom I will refer to as Katie.

After our camping trip we didn't really talk much. Steve called me non-stop, but I had no real desire to talk to him. Something in me died after he raped me in the tent. I realized he was fucked up legs. She pulled my shorts and boxers right down to my ankles. She kissed the tip of my 4 inch rock hard boner. She circled her tongue around it and slowly sucked my throbbing teen-aged head into her sucking lips. I almost couldn't breathe as she swallowed me whole and sucked me slow but kept the pressure I needed on my shaft. My balls rose up and down as her mouth did the same. I slowly bucked in and out of her hungry mouth. Feeding her all of the meat I could give her. My balls were ready to squirt and she always knew when I was ready to cum. She took her hot mouth off of me and stood up.

"Baby...please." I begged her to keep sucking me.

"Not yet. I've been needing your penis all night." She lifted up her shirt and pulled it over her head. Exposing those soft c cup breasts. Her curvy body and perfect legs. Soft skin and a hot face to go with it. God was I the luckiest 14 almost 15 year old in the world. About to stick my teenage wiener into this beautiful woman.

She laid on her bed and got under her covers. I kicked my pants away from my ankles and now I was just left with a shirt on and my hard penis in front of me. I joined Katie under her covers and she spread her legs, breathing hard. I positioned myself and slid my wiener inside of my girlfriends vagina. She gasped and slowly humped her body at my strokes.

"Fuck me, Jake." She whispered this into my ear.

I lost it from that point and started humping fast. She was really wet and I couldn't hold it anymore. After about 5 amazing minutes I started shaking and she grabbed my butt and pulled me deep inside and held me there. Usually she made me pull my penis out first, but lately she has been doing this so this was odd to me, but I loved how it felt cumming inside of a girl so of course I didn't object to it. I tried to pull out, but she was holding me inside so I just shot my usual two small ropes of spunk deep inside her. She moaned and groaned as did I. She kissed me as my orgasm subsided and my humping decreased. She finally let my butt go and I just collapsed on top of her. My penis slowly got limp and shriveled up and slipped right out of her. We fell asleep together.

She woke me up at like midnight telling me to get dressed her dad might come into her room. Her mom loved me but her dad wasn't fond of boys around his house. Even if I were younger than her. I jumped out of bed and ran over to my shorts and boxers. She laughed at my dangling soft boy cock as it flopped when I ran.

I got embarrassed because I kne w it's only a few inches while soft. I covered it up quickly with my boxers turned redder than ever.

"Don't hide it. I love it. It's adorable. And trust feels amazing inside me." She said as I put my shoes on.

I smiled and we said our I love you's. One last kiss and I snuck out.

When I was a little bit up the road from her house I found a tree to pee on. I whipped out my wiener and had a nice long piss.

Steve gave me a ring the next week a bit upset that I hadn't made it out to his place.

Look. Let's go see a movie up at the theater I work at and I'll pay. I get a discount on all candy and drinks too. Then maybe we will come my place and talk? Please Jake. I know.I don't deserve this, but I'd like a chance to explain myself. It would.mean so much to me little brother." He said with a shockingly soft tone.

"Ok Steve. Pick me up at my buddy Kyle's tomorrow at 2:00pm. It's 24047 rolling wood drive." I said.

"I'll be there at 1:59, bub." He replied with a chuckle.

"Later, Steve."

I thought to myself "holy shit. How would this turn out?

Then I got a call from Katie.

"Jake, we need to talk."

"Oh you want me to come rock your world huh?" I said gripping my wiener through my shorts.

"Umm actually...I'm...pregnant. and we need to"

To be continued...

Time flew by and the phone calls lessened and then stopped all together. I was growing up and starting my sophomore year in high school the coming September. Summer was about to pass. I was 14 going on 15. Still kinda short, but more muscle tone and my body had leaned out quite a bit. I was active and I also lifted weights from time to time. And my mustache was getting a bit darker, but still peach-fuzzy.

This particular day I was at my buddy Kyle's house who was only 13 and a freshman. He had a nice house and I was there most of my time. He was my bestfriend. We were skating on our boards up and down his neighborhood and then we'd take a break and shoot hoops. As I was defending him I get a call on my cellphone from a old familiar number "Steve Calling".

I kind of wondered what he had been up had been at least 2 and some odd years since I had a conversation with him.

"Hello?" I waited for his response. My heart raced...

"Hey Jakey. I know this is random, but you've been on my mind. I...I really need to see you."

"I would but I have a paper route in bout an hour and then I'm going over to Katie 's later." I replied.

Truth was, I was scared to even be around this guy.

"Is Katie your old lady? Hah that rhymes."

I kinda chuckled and smiled over the other end of the phone, hoping he wouldn't notice. He was so goofy I had to laugh.

"Yeah she's a junior. Well coming this new school year She's...amazing."

"Squashing junior pussy? I don't buy it." He said following a scoff.

"I'm hanging up dude!" I yelled.

"No. Jake, I'm sorry. I'm a jerk. Just please let me see you. I'm your brother, after all."

I finally gave in and agreed. I had a paper route that I took five days a week over the summer. I had been saving most of it in a jar for my own car. Katie, my 17 year old girlfriend called me over to her house.

She let me in the front door with no underwear on. I was in heaven, but I knew she wouldn't just give in easy. She probably wanted to talk first and I was ok with that, but my 4 inch hard on wasn't.

She was a little taller than me, very cute and caring hearted. She always put my feelings before her own. She was very school focused, did I mention really cute?

"I missed you so much, I just wanted to see you." She said as we both sat on her bed.

We kissed but she pulled away.

"I'm going to hang with Steve at his house soon I think. But I don't know."

She immediately got quiet. After all, she knew about Steve. So I don't blame her. She was the girl I loved and trusted and she never betrayed my trust. It was my biggest secret.

"I don't like that idea, Jacob." She said looking away and tearing.

She always called me that when she was upset.

"I just want to talk to him." I assured her.

"He messed you up so badly Jake. You're such a good guy, and you could have been better had he not...done what he did for years."

I found myself getting a little ashamed and angry all at once. I didn't want her talking about him like that, and I didn't want to hear her talking about my pasteither.
"Well my dad did it to him, and he's fucked up too."

"So he had to do it to you? You have cried to me and tried to kill yourself over this Jake. Why backtrack to someone that just wants something sexual from you? He's a pervert! Go ahead and let him hold you down and fuck you again and maybe you'll understand then!" She screamed while tears rolled down her eyes.

I got up to leave and she stood in front of the door.

"I'm sorry. Jake...look at me. I'm sorry." She forced me to kiss her and I finally gave in. Our tongues wrestled and she pushed me onto her computer roll around chair while still kissing me. She finally broke the kiss and dropped to her knees and got in between my

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