my name's Tika and these are my stories, they are all make believe and if they bear any resemblence to actual events it's entirely accedental
The last line of my favorite song came softly out of the radio, the only sound in the darkness of the lonely stretch of road I found myself broke down on. I had turned the lights off earlier to conserve battery strength since I didn’t know how long I would be stuck here. Just then I saw headlights coming up the road from behind my car and I got out to flag down some help or perhaps a ride home. The engine shut off leaving quiet, into which two doors opened.
“My car broke down, do you think you could give me a hand?” I asked, raising a hand to shield my eyes from the brightness of the headlights shining directly at me. I could see three silhouettes moving behind the lights, one spoke “sure we can give you a ride.” The other two chuckled and muttered quietly, it sounded something like “a ride you’ll never forget” but I couldn’t be sure. The shadows moved to the back of their truck and came towards me with something in their hands, I thought maybe they were carrying jumper cables so I turned around to open the hood of my car. While my back was turned one of them reached around and held a piece of cloth over my mouth and nose, as I tried to move away his arm wrapped around my waist as he pulled my head back to rest on his shoulder the cloth securely over my airways.
I came to with someone patting my face, I startled and jerked by reflex, only to find that my hands wouldn’t obey me, I opened my eyes to total darkness, I could feel something around my head. I realized they had blindfolded me, and my hands were bound to something. All at once I started to tune into my surroundings: I was lying on something that had a rough texture, the same texture pressed against my right side, I figured I was on the backseat of their truck. That probably meant my hands were tied to the door handle. I could feel the night air whisper over my skin, so they had undressed me while I was out. I could feel someone above me, I didn’t feel their bulk but their presence all the same I know I’m not alone. Sure enough I heard him say “awake are ya sweets”. His friends came over when they heard him speak. One voice spoke “it’s about dang time, let’s get this party started.” The other responded with a laugh “if the trucks rockin don’t come knockin and this truck is gonna be rockin till morning.” The one that was in the truck with me leaned down and licked my shoulder, slowly moving his tongue along my collarbone and down the swell of my breast, I took a chance and asked “I don’t suppose you would consider just letting me go and forget this happened?” He laughed in response and I felt his breathe against my left nipple. “Not a chance darling, you’re gonna give us a hellava night and we sure need it. Now it will be easier if you do it quiet like, but hell we’re out in the country and no one gonna hear you if you carry on. Makes no never mind to us.” I felt his wet tongue lick around my nipple leaving it moist, then he blew a stream of cold air over it till it hardened, once he got it where he wanted it I felt his teeth scraping over it, pulling on it, nibbling it, then sucking my flesh into his mouth at the same time I feel his body come down on top of mine. His chest hair tickles my belly and makes me itch so I squirm a little and he reaches up and grabs ahold of my chin, pushing my head back so that my body arches slightly. He really starts sucking my tits now and grinding his erection into my leg. He lets my breast go, sliding out of his hot wet mouth until it’s caught by the hard bud at its tips, hanging from his teeth, he bites down less gently then before and lets go as he maneuvers back some. I feel his hands on my knees and he pulls them up, putting the right leg on the back of the seat top and the left leg he pushes over the top of the front seat, opening access to crevice between my thighs. With his hands holding his weight on the small seat he can’t position himself so he rubs his hard cock against my opening until we both feel the bulbous head catch and he surges forward, pushing into my pussy. I’m certainly not a virgin but neither am I promiscuous and he isn’t a small man and since I’m not aroused penetration isn’t easy and it causes me to cry out. He pull back a little and lunges forward again and once more and his balls hit softly against my ass. Now that he’s gotten the way open he raises up to his knees on the seat pushes my left leg farther up and uses it to brace himself as he fucks me with precision, pulling out till just the barest sliver of his prick is inside me and then slamming hilt deep causing his balls to thump rhythmically. He moves slowly making each thrust reach deep while a hum comes from his throat, over and over his hard shaft pulls and stretches my dry channel causing pain with every motion. I cry, tears leaking from my eyes in a steady streams soaking into the blindfold at my temples, and repeat “it hurts, please stop, don’t it hurts”.

He leans his weight onto his elbow and snakes his hand under my right shoulder tangling his fingers in my shoulder length hair and pulls until I arch my back trying to relieve the sting in my scalp, this tilts my hips so that now every slide in and out his hard dick rubs against the inner walls of my fuck hole. He leans close and tells me “I don’t care that it hurts, I care that your pussy is hot and tight and feels good on my cock.” He leans down and bites my neck where my shoulder meets, the pain of his teeth cause me to shudder, he sucks on the bite deliberately marking my skin. I groan trying to bear the pain, I knew when I woke in the back of the truck that the three men were going to rape me but I thought it would be quick, but it doesn’t look like this was going to end soon, not with him holding me into position so that he can enjoy my body at his leisure and whispering in my ear “your pussy is so soft, so hot, feels so good. I like fuckin you, you’re gonna make me feel so good.” His cock, which had been moving steadily now picks up a little force and I can hear his skin slapping against mine. The motion of his thick cock slamming home deep between my spread legs starts to rock my whole body as he says “that’s it, take it take it like a whore, you’re going to be my whore you’re going to take my cock, I can feel your pussy getting wet you dirty little slut.” Just then his body bows backward and I feel his cock pulse against the inner skin of my womb. He slumps forward for a sec then the truck moves as weight shifts and a new smell flows into the cab on the night air.

This man doesn’t touch me first, he crawls between my spread thighs and pushes his hardness into me, only I feel the slight chill that tells me this man is wearing a condom. This man is all about the finish and starts to rock the whole truck as he pounds furiously against and into me. He grunts and moans but doesn’t touch me except to fuck my hole, not caring that I’m hurting. He bucks and thrusts ramming his cock as hard as he possibly can into my now cum lubed cunt. He works quick and finishes with a loud groan and goes stiff as a board as his dick shoots his cum, filling the condom before he pulls out and climbs down from the truck. I feel the third man climb in and loom over me, his hand brushes the skin of my inner thigh briefly before I feel his stiff member push its way into my sore pussy. He surges balls deep but then just stays there unmoving. I wonder if he is unsure of what to do from here, but then his hand reaches up and grabs one of my tits and squeezes hard, it moves from one to the other and back again squeezing and fondling with bruising strength. He closes his fingers around my nipple twists and pulls causing me to cry out again and my shoulders come up off the seat, at my cry he starts pistoning his hips, sawing his cock into my swollen folds. Suddenly he stops and moves aside and rolls me onto my stomach and says “on your knees bitch.” I pull my legs under me and feel him position himself at my entrance again and grabs one hip and reaches for a tight grip on one hanging globe using these handholds to pull his hard cock into my abused tunnel. He pushes my legs together and since my hands are still tied to the door I can’t hold my top half up so I end up bowing before him and he rabidly fucks me with his long hard cock to the rhythm of my pleading cry’s. He tells me “this is what you’re good for, it’s all your good for so take my cock, you’ll take whatever we give you.” Then he starts spanking my ass cheek, the sharp crack loud in the night. “yeah cry for me baby, cry for it, cry.” He hits me harder and I start to plead with him to not hit me “please…” he laughs as my voice trails off “yeah beg for it beg for me to fuck you. Come on tramhim happy and a few minutes later he comes. After he gets out of the truck, I slide down to lay on the seat, crying quietly from the severe spanking and the throbbing pain of my bruised pussy. I feel the tension in my bonds lesson and pull my aching arms into my body, they are done I think now they will let me go. I don’t resist when they pull me by the ankles, my legs buckle when my feet hit the ground but someone reaches out and steadies me.

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