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An enchantress breaks the rules for lust
If you're just here for the sexy bits, do a ctrl-f for “cock.” That'll save you a couple pages of exposition and boring crap like that.

Some people would call me an illusionist, but the title I prefer is enchantress. Mostly I can make people see what I want them to see: glamours are my specialty, after all. A glamour is a simple spell, but I take mine to devilish perfection. See, once an object has been glamoured its really no different than it was before, but anyone seeing that object, feeling it, smelling it, whatever-ing it, will experience more or less acutely what the glamour's caster desires them to experience. Invisibility is as simple as ensuring that people always look near you, but never at you. Being silent is easy when people notice sounds other than your footsteps. And so forth. Anyone can be deceived by a glamour, but it takes a very clever mind to spot the oddities. I've yet to meet someone clever enough to figure out one of mine.

On my honor, I've spent almost my entire life using my magic purely academically, with the sole tiny exception of minor things to preserve my own dignity. Never once did I consider truly transgressing and abusing my powers. Until recently. See was so cute, I've never seen a woman like her. She had the body and face of an angel. I wanted her, I'm not afraid to admit. And I'm not a lesbian of any sort! Well, I wasn't before that night, at least. I'm not usually the one to hit on people at nightclubs, but I approached her that night... and she rejected me. Apparently she's not into “my type” and much preferred ogling the waiter's firm derriere. I sulked away when I realized that I could be any “type” I pleased. Not without practice, of course. I couldn't maintain a glamour to appear to be a member of the opposite gender all night long, and if I had my way with her true then I'd need to maintain it under very very... hard... circumstances. I needed a trial run.

During the day I worked in an office, doing some make-work that was hardly ever checked. The pay wasn't great but I had plenty of free time in the day to design new glamours. And the other perk of the job were the bosses. I know most people hate their bosses but my little corner of the office had fantastic morale, and it was thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Hilden, our co-managers. I don't know who they had to bribe or blackmail to keep the same corporate assignment, and keep their proclivities off the radar, but their marriage was extremely open. Which is a nice little way of saying that literally everyone in the office had banged one of them, and new hires usually didn't go a week before their bones got jumped by a boss. I'd had a good number of rounds with Mr. Hilden myself – enough to know that he really liked being called “sir” in bed. It wasn't even uncommon to find one or the other of them having sex during work hours, although they usually made a half-hearted effort to keep things quiet. In fact, the only real rule was apparently that they were both completely straight and never experimented with their respective genders.

The next morning I called into work, pleading sickness. Mr. Hilden was very understanding, and when I said “I'll be sure to be in tomorrow morning bright and early, sir!” I heard a slight slapping sound and a groan. As I hung up I briefly wondered who had their lips around Mr. Hilden's cock this early in the day. I stood in front of the wide, full-length mirror I used for testing glamours and stripped naked before starting to weave enchantments around myself. I started with visual changes, leaving tactile and auditory until I'd had the basic body fleshed out. My breasts (appeared to) shrink into my chest, starting at a C cup and ending with male-appearing pecs. My stance widened somewhat, my waist filling out a bit and my hips becoming less pronounced. My hair shortened from shoulder-length and straight to a long yet conservative cut and wavy. New hair grew from my arms and legs, not too much but some. My skin and features roughened, lost their beauty, and were replaced by moderately handsome male features. It wasn't too hard to make myself look like a man. Oh! And the finishing touch: the illusion of a male penis with matching testicles grew from my crotch. I decided to leave it at seven inches, but nice and fat, which is the way I liked them. Hopefully Mrs. Hilden would like it too. When I was done, I was a strange crossway between handsome, cute, and beautiful, but I think I pulled it off well. In order to conceal my feminine presence, I had to distort people's perceptions of the space around me. If anyone went near my chest they'd have a slight sense of disorientation and end up convincing themselves they were a couple inches closer to me than they realized, rather than guess the truth that they were feeling breasts. I made my footsteps sound a touch heavier, as if I'd gained thirty pounds, and I modified how people would smell me from a feminine scent to a masculine musk. A unisex set of clothes were easily glamoured to appear to fit my new body (although I did keep a tight sports bra on underneath to minimize the chances of that glamour being tested), and the illusion was complete. A man looked at me from the mirror. He moved like a man, walked like a man, talked like a – oops, I forgot to change my voice the first time – and talked like a man. It was my single most complex glamour to date, and I couldn't find any more flaws in it.

The first test was straightforward. I shopped. I watched the other male shoppers, copied their mannerisms. I started to act more curt with the employees, not being mean to them but not making any conversation. I walked in, bought a real set of male clothes, and walked out. Purchasing cologne went similarly. I changed clothes in a bathroom stall (having made absolutely sure to enter the men's room and not the women's by habit) and applied the cologne before dropping my old clothes off in the car, letting that glamour lapse. Keeping this many glamours up at once was tiring, to say the least. Acquiring actual male clothing and some regular cologne was considerably easier than maintaining even more magic. Plus it was a convenient opportunity to learn how to act, and to test my glamours and acting. Nobody looked at me askance – in fact, I seemed to be getting less attention than I got when I looked normal.

I knew the building I worked in, inside and out, and I knew my bosses well. So when a delivery boy showed up with a letter for Mrs. Hilden and Mrs. Hilden only, nobody questioned it. I'd spent enough time with her to know exactly how to act to turn her on. Her work persona was domineering, but she was actually quite submissive and liked for men to practically take her. I talked my way into the office and she stood to greet me. I told her that she had to sign for the letter. Sorry I didn't bring a clipboard, just fill out this form on your desk. She could have sat down in the chair but she chose to turn her back to me and bend over, giving a random delivery boy a fantastic chance to check out her ass through her suit's skirt. Of course, I didn't do all this to check out my female boss' ass. I closed the door to her office – in violation of about a dozen official regulations we all ignored anyway – and she pretended not to notice. I knew her well enough to realize she actually wanted this, wanted to be taken by this delivery boy. I must have done a really good job. Or she really was just that slutty, hard to tell. I placed a hand on her shoulder and leaned over her, ostensibly checking where she was on the paperwork but honestly to pull her back into me, pushing our hips together. She spoke and I could hear the smile in her voice. “Are you always this frisky with your bosses, Mr... I didn't catch your name, actually.”

She wanted confidence, I knew it. “Only the ones hot enough for me to bang. Like you, for example.” I ground my hips into hers and she thought she felt an erection growing between my legs. Judging by the was she tried to rub against it, I'd say my illusions were completely convincing her and – was that a moan? She was actually moaning under me. I bodily twisted her around underneath me, pushing her back onto the desk. The paper she was filling out got completely torn, which would have been a problem if it were an actual form for anything. I spread her legs and pressed my crotch to hers, letting her feel the illusory cock. I started to unbutton her blouse from the bottom up, letting it slide off of her heaving tits. Her breasts were bigger than my real ones, the DD-cups were a subject of much office pride. She had a black and purple lacy bra on underneath, the kind you only wear when you intend to get fucked. Thinking sexual thoughts about a woman was hard for me at first, but I was a good actress: I knew the things she liked, I knew the things I liked, and I put them together as best as I could. So I didn't bother undoing her bra, just shoving it up and letting her big tits pop free. My left hand started to rub and tweak at once while I sucked on the other, stroking her cheek with my right hand. Her tits were very pleasurable for her, but she always complained about men forgetting to do something, so I took the initiative to fulfill her fantasies. I knelt down while pulling her panties off, She was already wet when I began licking up and down her slit, paying careful attention to her clitoris. Soft moans started and quickly became groans, only to be muffled again by her biting down hard on a pencil. She had a look of disbelief, and I briefly worried that I was losing control of a glamour, but realized she was having trouble coming to terms with the fact that this random delivery boy was quickly becoming the best lover she'd ever had. One of my fingers pushing into her pussy was enough to push her over the edge and start to cum, the pencil rolling from her mouth forgotten as she screamed out an orgasm. I could hear laughter from outside the office and knew our exploits were clearly audible, so I decided to give them more to listen to. I stood up and placed the head of my illusion-cock on her pussy and pushed in, a true test of my glamours. Her head rolled back and she exhaled a groan that indicated deep satisfaction, yet an unquenchable thirst for more. So I gave her more, pulling back and slamming into her, fucking her until she cried aloud again, screaming for the whole office to hear. Our hips slapped together until my legs began to tire. I acted like I was beginning to cum and she sensed it, her legs closing behind me, encouraging me to stay inside of her. I stroked in three more times, and could practically feel the male orgasm, my cum seeming to shoot inside of her. She passed out right there for a little bit, and I took a break in her big leather chair, looking at the beautiful woman lying on the desk in front of me.

It only took her a few minutes to stir and waken, smiling up at me before noticing the still-hard cock between my legs. She told me to stay perfectly still, and I did, as she crawled across the desk to a drawer, which only contained a bottle of lube. She took my hand in hers and folded my ring finger in and my pinky, pointer, and middle fingers out, before lubing the three stuck-out fingers. She rested my arm on the desk and reminded me to hold still. She stood up on the desk and gave me a little striptease – of course she only had a couple garments left to remove, but the motions were still sensuous. She squatted over my arm which I'd been obediently holding still, and she slowly, slowly lowered her ass onto my pinky, the finger pushing into her rosebud and popping in, making her squeal a little. She bounced on that finger for a moment before doing the same to my pointer and middle fingers, shoving both into her ass at the same time, lubing her up. She popped her ass off my fingers and crawled onto me in the chair, her back to my chest. I could feel her against my tits and she felt good there. I briefly wondered what she'd do if she knew the truth but that question got answered by her lowering herself onto my cock. This time, I definitely felt it. I should have known something was up, but I was stuck in the moment and the feel of her ass around my cock was so blissful I couldn't think straight. Gravity pulled her down eventually, and her asscheeks rested on my lap. She cooed in quiet pleasure before starting to grind in my lap, letting my cock stretch her wide open. By the time she started bouncing, there was a funny rising feeling in my groin. It felt kind of like an orgasm but I couldn't quite place it, although I was sure it felt wonderful. Eventually I couldn't take her slow pace and I grabbed her hips and slammed her ass down onto my cock, lifting her up before pulling down again. I found my feet and rose, lifting her with me and bending her over that desk, fucking her ass with wild abandon. The feeling in my crotch rose further and I felt I couldn't stop fucking if I wanted too, and before long it reached a crescendo and I felt a male's orgasm wash over me. I twitched and spasmed as I felt my cock shoot inside her. This time, I lost consciousness and slumped back into her chair.

There was a moment of panic when I awoke. I wasn't sure if all my glamours had held while I was unconscious, but that fear went away when I felt something new. Mrs. Hilden was on her knees under the desk, my hard cock inside her mouth as she sucked. My cock touched the back of her throat and she smiled around it when she saw I was awake. I started as the door opened and Mr. Hilden came in with Bernice in tow. Bernice was a cute little blonde and everyone knew she was Mr. Hilden's favorite lay. He seemed surprised to see a stranger in his wife's chair but I gestured to the space beneath the desk and he nodded, kneeling down to check on his wife. “You sounded like you were having fun, babe. I got a little jealous and brought Bernice in. You don't mind, do you?” She made a muffled noise and shook her head around my cock, and Mr. Hilden grinned and turned to Bernice, pulling her skirt up to reveal a large sliver butt plug which he yanked out to a squeal of Bernice's pleasure. He undid his fly and pushed into Bernice's ass, while I returned my attention to Mrs. Hilden, putting one hand on each side of her head. I rolled the chair back and dragged Mrs. Hilden by her head into the light, letting her watch her husband fuck a secretary's ass while this delivery boy started to pull her head down onto his cock. I hit the back of her throat and kept pushing, the the crown of my cock making its way into her throat and nestling there as her nose reached my groin. Mr. Hilden and I grinned at each other, raised our hands, and gave a slap to our respective fuck partners. Bernice squeaked but Mrs. Hilden practically came from the slap. She eventually had to pull back out to breathe a little bit, but she pushed back in as soon as she could, letting me lean over her to spank her dirty ass. I realized that Bernice's butt plug was in reach and pushed it into Mrs. Hilden's ass, and that did make her cum, the now-familiar rising sensation in my groin too. I grabbed a hold of her hair and roughly started fucking her face, I was seeking my orgasm this time, and it didn't take long for me to yank her head back. She was a little dizzy from the facefucking, but she was present enough to jerk my cock off into her face, making me groan and reach that peak again, cum shooting out of my cock and spattering her face. I was surprised at the quality of the illusion, I expected worse results. My tastes and hers finally sated, although her husband continued to fuck the secretary, I finally left her with the paper, with promises to make many more deliveries in the future.

There was one final surprise in store for me that day. I made it home, stripped, and released the magic. My hair regrew, my build shifted, my tits reappeared, my natural beauty returned, but the cock and balls stayed. I studied the streams of magic, but I was unglamoured, yet the cock remained. I touched it and could feel my fingers on it, the shaft instinctively hardening. I started to stroke it, jerking myself off, one hand palming my breast as the other played with the cock, and another orgasm eventually took me. This was real. No enchanter or enchantress could copy those feeling so perfectly, with a hand so deft that I couldn't sense the magic. I don't know what happened, but I was enjoying it so far. My mind returned to that woman in that club, and I knew I'd be returning to her soon enough...

End of Part 1. Additional parts to come?

P.S. Special thank-you to my bf for doing his best to describe male orgasms! He's a big help. Not just in my writing, too. ;)

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