Fun continues as Josh's victim come to him
My watch alarm had not gone off yet when I woke up the next morning with a raging hard on. My cock was in a warm wet place and as I opened my eyes I say my daughter's pussy in front of me. I was lying on my side so I shift myself into the pussy and began to enjoy the eating there of. My cock was released as my daughter said,"Good Morning Daddy. That feels real good" Then she grabbed my organ and licked up each side of it and the bottom of it before putting it back in her mouth and going up and down my stick.

I knew I must be close but I wanted to her to get her rocks off before I came. So I slipped a couple fingers into her pussy and found her G-spot and concentrated my internal efforts on that with my free hand pressing in from outside to insure firm contact.

She was giving me a hell of a blow job so I had to pull up my abdominal muscles to hold off my approaching orgasm. I did not have to do it very long as my fingers working her G-spot and my tongue going up and down her slit and circling her clit when I came to finally had the desired effect as she came off my cock to say,"Daddy you are making me cummmmmmm!" As her hips swung toward me and her vagina squeezed my fingers.

As she gave herself over to the orgasm I released my lower muscles and pumped my semen on to her face. As she came out of it she put it in her mouth and swallowed what I had left. AS I returned to my senses I reached for the Kleenex box on the side table and used the tissue to wipe the jism off my loving daughter's face. Then I got up and went to the bathroom to take a leak. My watch alarm when off as I was putting my now flaccid organ back in my briefs. As I turned to leave the bathroom my daughter entered and we kissed before she sat down to release her urine as I washed my hands.

I went out to the kitchen and started to make coffee. I took the first cup out of the filter housing because it would be strong and I like it that way. When my daughter came out she pulled out a skillet and started to fry bacon on a griddle. She cracked a half dozen eggs and beat the whites and yolks together to scramble them.

I took my coffee and sat down in the living room. When I looked up I noticed a couple of DVD's that had been slid under my door after I had taken my daughter to tuck her into bed. I went and picked them up and they had come for editing approval. One was labeled 1 man 5 girls, Gang Bang. The other was labeled "The Doctor plays Doctor. I knew the later was the Doctor's production and the former was my work with Rita's daughters. I put the Doctor's disk in the computer and brought up the media player and Watched it.

Beatrice came out rubbing her eyes. She came out to the living room and ask me what I was watching. I said,"It is what the doctor, his wife and daughters and Josh did in studio two yesterday." She asked permission,"Mind if I watch with you?" I nodded and she sat on my right and watched the computer screen as the action unfolded.

As the video opened the doctor's daughters were eating eat other in a sixty nine with the 6 year old on top. The young one came first and then the fourteen year old at which point the Doctor and Josh entered the room. They are both nude. The Doctor says,"I'll be damned if any of my daughters are going to be lesbians" He swatted the younger girl on her ass and she rolled off her sister and gave her Dad a dirty look. You could see Josh coming around behind her as the Doctor says,"What you girls need is a good fuck." He laid down on her older daughter and drives his cock home in her prelubricated pussy. Josh grabs the younger one and lays her on her back and slowly pushes his cock into the youngster until his balls hit her ass. The penetration shot from behind him shows no blood. The six year old was not a virgin! The camera people had kept the faces of men out of the frame but I knew who the men were.

As the video continued little Charlene came out. She climbs up on my left as Sabrina is bringing bowls full of bacon and eggs on the table. She asks,"What are you watching?" As the video switches between the two girls faces Charlene says "I know the younger one. That is Hilda!" She looks up at me and asks "Did she bleed like a virgin?" I tell her the truth. "No" Well then she is the youngest one ever fucked on camera except for short fucks. A shot of Josh's cock going in and out of her with full strokes told us it was for real. Josh's Hilda was starting to rock right and left as her body stiffened and she screamed "I'm cumming right now!" That was all it took as Josh drove himself in deep and you could see the pulsing at the base of his cock as his sperm was pumped directly into the girl's uterus. Then we had a vertical shot of her face as she said,"Thank you fucking you is better than just being eaten." Then she came up and it was from Josh's viewpoint as she kissed him.

The Doctor was still on his older daughter and she went into a full body orgasm lifting her dad off the sleeping surface. "Daddy, you are making me cum so hard." then she stiffened and quaked and arched her back raising her body and her Dad right off the bed. Beatrice looked at her as she came out of her climax and said,"And that is Greta. I've seen her cum before in the sex education class."

Sabrina said,"Breakfast is served." I stopped the media player so it would resume where we stopped it. We all went to the Dining Room to eat. We talked a bit about the activities I had participated in last night and then Charlene piped up and said,"I've read the script for the gang bang and me, Mary and Vanessa. And I don't like it! I want to make love to you grandpa and not have you going still hard to another girl. What is more I know Mary and Vanessa feel the same way." I had to answer her,"Well, I wish I had known that before I wrote the script. I guess I'll have rewrite it as three separate events and take days to do them all. But I want to be sure the other girls feel as you do." She says,"We all sent you e-mails on the internal system last night." I tell her,"Okay I'll read them at work and write the three scripts.

The rest of the breakfast conversation would be irrelevant to the story so I will leave it out. When breakfast was over my grandchildren and I returned to the computer in the living room and watched the rest of the doctor's video. He kept humping away on her until she again stiffened and quaked, arched her back and lifted him off the bed. As she came down he pulled out of her vagina and knee walked up to her head. Gretta opened her mouth and he laid the head of his prick inside his daughter's mouth. The next shot was a close up of her head from the side as he squirted jet after jet of white cum into her mouth.

She swallowed it when he was done. Then she pushed herself up on elbows and swallowed his whole organ. She closed her lips tightly around it and laid back down to clean him off. Then she said,"Thank you Daddy for making me cum and for letting me taste your cum. The whole video ran about 32 minutes. I stuffed it into an internal distribution envelop and sent it back to editing with instructions to stretch the time out using the same climax from as many angles as they were captured.

Then I called the doctor and asked him why he did not have the cherry popping of young Hilda filmed for sale. He said,"I am working on a surgical method of restoring a girl's hymen so if they come to us already penetrated we can still film the deflowering of the girl by restoring her physical virginity." I asked him,"And you plan to experiment with this on your own child?" He answered me,"Certainly it is better to use my own than any other girl." I said,"Okay I guess. Well good bye." and hung up.

Josh came by and told me he had sex with a 6 year young child and it was great. He said he'd like to do it again if I could arrange for it. I sent Josh on his way and took the DVD of me banging Rita's daughters in my computer's drive and went to the office.

When I got there, Margaret followed me into my office and sat down. I said,"What's on your mind?" She said,"I found out all of Rita's chaste daughters are getting their vaginal expanders refilled every day and your granddaughter is getting hers refilled every day. Can I have Adrianna's refilled everyday?" I thought for a minute. Adrianna was only 9 months old. I did not want to encourage really early taking of these girl children. "It is up to you and your husband whether you want to do it or not. Also you might ask the doctor for his opinion on the safety of your planning to have her vagina expanded so your husband can fuck her while she is very young." She said,"Thank you" and leaned over the desk where I could get a real nice view of her tits and she kissed me on the mouth with tongue.

I reached into the wide collar of her sweater dress and lightly touched her right nipple before closing my hand on her breast and kneading it. She kissed me again with tongue to encourage me so I gave her left breast the same treatment. She sat back down and said,"Whew, I don't know if I ought to start something or not!"

I came around my desk and she stood back up. I took her in my arms and kissed her holding her to my body. Her breasts felt very nice against my chest. She gave me tongue and I asked her,"Are you fertile right now?" She said,"No" I asked her,"What do you want?" She replied,"To be loved." I kept an arm around her and asked,"Did you lock the office door?" She said,"Yes." Then I took her to the bedroom behind my office.

She put her hands at the bottom of her knitted sweater dress and pulled up until it was above her panties. They were low cut bikini panties. I stripped down to my skin as she shucked her sweater dress into the corner. She still had her panties on. I walked up to her and put my thumbs in the waistband of her panties and pulled them down. When I stood up she stepped out of them and pressing her body to mine she kissed me with tongue. She felt my organ rise and press against her labia. Then she started to back away while still holding me to her. When she was against the wall she grabbed my organ and inserted it deeply into her vagina. She said,"Now make love to me Charlie." I rocked my pelvis and alternatingly pushed into her and pulled out of her until only the head of my cock was inside her wet labia. I kept a steady rhythum with this just fucking her standing with her ass against the wall.

As she got closer to cumming she said,"You fuck as well as Steve does!" I tell her "Thank you." and keep on thrusting. Finally she cums with a "I'm cumming Boss." I reply,"I'll make you cum anytime you want me to." She says,"I may hold you to that. Then my penis released it's first squirt of my semen. I was glad she was not fertile. I did not need to knock up my security man's wife. I continued to stroke in and out of her until my organ shrunk and fell out of her. She went into the bathroom and I heard the douche as she washed the semen out of her pussy. Then she came out and recovered her panties and put them on. She came to me still on the bed. She took my cock and put it in her mouth up to the balls and closed her lips around it to clean me off. As she pulled away I pulled her in and kissed her with tongue. She returned it immediately and when I broke it she said,"You need to get dressed. We have work to do as she pulled the sweater dress back on. I told her,"You go ahead. I'll be in my office directly."

I got dressed and exited to my office. I called her on the phone and said,"Thank you for the love and sex this morning." She said,"I get the feeling I needed it a lot more than you needed it." I told her,"Still it was very nice and you were very good." We said goodbye and hung up.

I wrote three new scripts for taking virgins. They weren't exactly the same but very close. I also wrote a cherry popping scene for Charlene where she would wander away from a picnic and into the arms of the park's residet child molester. I would be playing the role for her.

I also wrote a script based on Sabrina's grooming for Charlene to act in. I e-mailed Charlene and Sabrina and ask them to have Rita get a camera crew together and we would use the studio built for that purpose. I received an E-mail from Rita that the pool would be complete and filled by the next weekend and I should invite all employees to a pool party on Saturday. She had made arrangements for a bar and other entertainment. Dome construction would begin next weekend.

So I sent an E-mail to all employees of the company that there would be a pool party on Saturday starting at 9AM and expressed a wish that all would stop by at least for a while.

I had been in the office for a while and completed the scripts I had to write for the change in plans when Margaret buzzed me and told me Sara Woods was in the outer office. I told Margaret to send her in. She was a lovely young chocolate colored girl of about 17. Nice figure though not large breasted. She sat down and crossed her legs with her left calf lying across her right thigh. I asked her,"Do you know what we do here?" She said,"You make pornography of all kinds." I asked her,"Do you have problems with children involving themselves in sexual activity?" She replied,"No, I let Josh rub my pussy and told him not to stop when he asked me if he should. I had sucked his cock and would have let him fuck me if we could have gotten alone because he wanted to make me cum as badly as I wanted him to cum." "Are you willing to have sex with other men than Josh. Some old like me." She pulled up her skirt a bit which exposed her genitals and then said,"Would I be sitting her shooting you a beaver if I was not willing to have sex with you?" I asked her,"Can I see everything you are offering to show on camera?" She stood up and took off her skirt. She unbottoned her blouse and took it off. She reached behind her to release the bra that had restrained her B+ sized breasts. Now naked before me I realized how sexy this young woman was.

I asked her,"Do you suck cock?" She answered,"Compulsively." I pulled out my flaccid organ and walked around the desk. She grabbed it and stroked it and then put it in her mouth. She licked it up its full length, kissed the head of it and put it back in her mouth. She went up and down my cock with her tongue working up and down it even inside her mouth. She kept it up and I felt the jism rising in my balls again. I gave her warning. "I'm gonna cum." She simply looked up into my eyes and gently nodded and continued to work my cock with her mouth. When I release my first jet of cum into her mouth she kept her eyes locked to mine and swallowed it as another jet squirted out. She swallowed againa and again every time I sot another jet she swallowed. When my wad was shot she cleaned off my cock and sat back down in the chair.

I told her, not in the chair, sit on the desk. She sat on the front of the desk and knelt before her. I grabbed her ass and pulled her into me and started at her vagina I licked up her slit to her clit which I circled before returning to her fuck hole to tongue fuck her. She said,"That feels real good." Then I licked up her slit to her clit and circled that before going back down her slit to her vagina where i pushed my tongue inside her. I continued this oral genital play continuously until she stiffened and quaked and screamed,"I'm cumming now! Damn you eat pussy real good" I stopped long enough to say,"I love eating chocolate pussy best of all." She laughed like rain drops falling in a spring rain. She shivered and stiffened and quaked and rolled right and left. and when her feet it the floor she raised herself up with her hands holding my head to her pussy.

When she came down she said,"Josh did not eat me that well even when I was seven. " I told her. I like to do it so I can see how you cum. She slid off the desk and picked up her clothes and put them back on. Her hair had been straightened and fell in curls down past her shoulders. Very pretty. I asked her where she was going to stay and was told that Josh's apartment was full but Trish Bennet had met her and said she had a spare bedroom. So she would stay there. I sent an E-mail to Josh, Rita and added Sara to the employee list. I told her about the pool party and she said she had brought a bathing suit. She hoped it was appropriate to the place. Then she was gone.

I liked Sara and wanted to act with her but Josh would probably be first. Rita E-mailed me to check the news so I logged into the some of my common news web sites and found a story that all the "Ages of consent" laws were thrown out as being arbitrary and girls and boys could decide for themselves when to have sex and with whom. Also in the same ruling the use of children for pornography was legal if the child and their parents gave consent. Wow. That legalized our business nation wide.

I was not really shocked by this ruling. It was prophecised long ago in the Bible when things that were wrong would be taught as being right and I this was one more example of it.

There was rioting in the streets over this ruling and the Supreme Court building had been burned and looted. People were jamming the Capital Switchboard and demanding that Congress pass new laws. When I looked at our subscriber list to our child porn site I knew it was bound to fail since over half the politians in Congress subscribed to both sites and according to our logs spent over half their time on the child side.

I went back to the apartment for lunch. Sabrina said she would be handling a camera for the "Daddy grooms his daughter" video we were doing this evening. She also said we could do all the abuse steps as I introduced them up until he taught her to masturbate me. She did not want me to cum tonight except at the prompting of her or her daughters in private.

Then I saw a live report that the president had asked the Supreme Court to hold enforcement of their order for a few weeks after which the administration would like to appeal the first decision again. To calm the people the Supreme Justice of the Supreme Court agreed to an unprecedented procedure.

So our child business would have to stay off shore for now. Then I opened an E-mail from Rita. It was a warning that Lisa wanted to remove her birth control rods and have a baby with her step father! The very next E-mail in the box was from Lisa requesting a seduction ending in vaginal sex with me to cum inside her as if to make her conceive on film, of course.

I immediately sent an e-mail asking the doctor if Lisa was still under birth control or not. He immediately answered me "Not." This was not good news but it the young girl wanted to try to make a baby I might have to let her do it.

Sara sent me an E-mail to find someone like her to re-enact her own abuse with Josh. I forwarded that one to Rita since I did not know how we would be able to open ourselves up to discovery. She sent back a message saying she would take care of it.

What I did not know at the time but learned later was that some of our customers had submitted videos of themselves with their children and at least one from the St. Louis area had the same coloring and was at the same age Sara was when Josh abused her. Rita sent the man a letter saying she had liked the last movie and wanted them to move into the mansion and become part of the family.

It was close to five o'clock so I went to my bedroom behind my office and took a shower and put on fresh clothing for my taping of the video tonight. I sent Margaret home with a kiss and a hug and went to the basement studio that had been remodeled to appear like the mobile home where I had abused my own daughter so many years ago.

When I got there I found the suit I had worn to church back in 89 when the abuse began. A make up artist applied a black rinse to my hair so I look as I did those many years ago. It had a white shirt with it so I put these on along with the tie that Sabrina had thought to bring along. Charlene came dressed in normal little girl breifs and a pair of jeans, white socks and tennis shoes. There behind the sliding doors were dress slacks and dress shirts like I wore around the house on Sundays.

A March 1989 calender was on the wall in the bedroom to set the date of the abuse in the minds of the viewers. It had not been there when the abuse began.

Sabrina, Amy and Lisa, clothed this time, were the three camera people. Lisa was in my closet in the mobile home bedroom set and shooting out of a narrow opening in the sliding bypass doors. I took off my suit and put on another pair of dress slacks just as I had those many years ago. Charlene knocked on the door and since I was dressed except for my shoes and socks I said "Who's there?" Charlene answered,"It's me Daddy." and I said,"Come in." She entered, closing the door behind her. "Daddy I have a burning itch down there." I respond, "Where" and she points at her pussy. I tell her to bare it for me. She takes down her jeans and drops her briefs to her ankles. I open the sliding door in the headboard and pull out a large jar of Vaseline. I take a golf ball sized glob of the stuff and start to spread it over her labia. There is too much left over so I slip my finger into her slit and coat her there too. I keep this up until she stagger steps. When she does I say,"That's enough, go out again." I put the Vaseline away in the headboard and overhear her telling someone that "Daddy rubbed me down there and it felt real good." Then I heard an adult female say,"You little slut you sound just like a whore." Then she tromped down the hallway to the bedroom to confront her husband. Irene Barnes playing the role of my ever jealous and asexual wife comes in and accuses me of sexually abusing our daughter. I tell her it was not sexual but medical because of the burning itch I had tried to treat. After bitching at me for a bit she accepts my explanation she leaves saying,"It had better not happen again."

We cut at this point and move along to another set which is at the other end of the hall. Charlene is clothed differently in a different pair of jeans and a different T-shirt. I stood in the kitchen as Irene who is playing my wife leaves without kissing me saying she is going shopping. Charlene playing Sabrina at 3 years and 5 months comes out and says,"Daddy I want to talk to you in your bedroom." She leads as I follow to the bedroom set after I enter she turns to me and say's "Rub me down there." I tell her,"I can't do that, it is wrong so I won't do it." She says,"I want you to do it." I say,"Why do you want me to do such a wicked thing?" She says,"Because it will feel good." I tell her but it is a crime for me to do that and if anybody ever finds out I'll have to go away for a long time." She says,"I'll never tell anyone." I answer that with,"That does not matter. God will know because God knows everything and it is a sin and God hates sin." She replied with the understanding of a child, "God forgives sin" I told her,"Bare it for me." She pulled down her pants and panties. I rubbed her as I did before except for the fact that I had no Vaseline on my hand. I did it until Charlene stagger stepped again and then she pulled up her panties and jeans and left. Cut.

We repeat this same act again except this time she asks me to "Make me feel good." I do not argue against it this time and simply rub her up and down her slit until she stagger steps. As she is putting her clothes back into their conventional positions I tell her,"Next time we do this I would like to lick you down there because you will feel better more quickly than with just my finger. I don't want you to answer right now. You can tell me next time we do this kind of thing.

Then we cut and took a short break. When I was abusing my own daughter this way I never had an erection. But since I had done sexual things with Charlene I was having erections for each scene. So during the break I was talking to Sabrina about how she had learned movie kisses. She agreed maybe it ought to be the first scene in the DVD we were trying to make. So we put Irene playing Kathi in the living room. We put the HDTV into a web browser and search for "General Hospital"" and "All My Children." We found one of the two and Charlene playing Sabrina and Irene playing Kathi they watched a scene of two people making out. Then I come out of the hall way and Charlene comes to me and says "Daddy I want to do movie kisses with you." I kneel down in front of her she gives me a very passionate kiss but with no tongue. I tell her,"You are missing part of the kiss that you can't see on TV" She asks me "What?" I tell her,"You have to put your tongue in the other person's mouth." She says, "Let's try that." And we make out for a few minutes in the kitchen. When she returns to her mother's side on the sofa we cut.

The director makes a note to the editor to put this scene first. The grooming came about a month later with the first "Rub me down there the following Wednesday when Kathi and my son had gone to church programs. Then the next "Make me feel good was a week after that. The proposal to have me eat her pussy was three weeks after the first rubbing session. I wanted the post production people to integrate the timeline into the video.

Then Sabrina comes up to me and says,"Dad, are you having a case of blue balls?" I gave her an honest answer,"Yes." She says, then after you do the video of eating her we can go ahead and do the one where I start to masturbate you and switch hands before declaring she was getting tired and I would rub it on her breast bone until I cum all over her body. I ask her if Charlene would know what to do. She said,"She memorized all your scripts as soon as they showed up on the server."

So once again Charlene playing her mother at age 3 years and 5 months leads me into my bedroom and I ask her, "Sabrina, what did you decide about me licking you down there?" She answered,"I will try it once and if I like it we can do it more." I tell her,"Get naked." She immediately stripped as if it were just normal to take your clothes off for your father. When she was finished I told her,"Sit on the bed with your but on the edge of the mattress. She immediately sat as instructed/

I knelt in front of her and put her legs over my shoulders. I opened her labia with my fingers and lapped up her slit. She said,"That feels real good Daddy" So I kept on doing it. As she grew hotter she stiffened and shook but I was so concentrated on what I was doing I did not notice. Then She said,"That's enough Daddy."

She got dressed and left the bedroom. I followed a few minutes later trying to compose myself with the raging hard on in my pants. After a while the three camera people came to me and said,"Ready for the next one?"

Once again Charlene walked me to the master bedroom set. We had started a sequence by this time where we would kiss and when she wanted me to advance to the next step she would give me tongue. She did this on the second kiss. So I started to lightly rub her nipples. When she slipped me tongue again my mouth went to work on her nipples. When she would push my chin up for another kiss and included tongue it was a signal to rub her down there. So I did that. When I got tongue the next time I was to eat her pussy and this I did as I had in the previous take. When she was done and told me to stop I did. Then I asked her if she would rub my thing until it squirted so I could feel as good as she did. She started to rub me right handed. Then switched to the left hand. She naturally knew how much pressure to apply just as her mother had 30 years ago. Then she said,"Daddy my hands are getting tired. Isn't there some other way to make you cum?" If you want me to I could rub myself on your body until I cum!"
She said,"Okay, What do I have to do?" I said, "Just lie on your back."

I laid my penis on her breast bone with it pointed at her face. I started to pump as if I had been in her pussy. After a few minutes I told her,"Honey, I'm gonna cum." And immediately my balls started to unload their semen onto her chest and neck. Finally I got relief for my blue balls. After this they called it a day and said that we would wait for Sabrina's first attempt to give me a blow job when she bailed out on when she tasted my drop of precum. This was wise since I had just ejaculated.

We all got dressed and returned to Sabrina's apartment. We had a frozen Pizza after which Charlene announced that she was bushed and wanted to go to bed. So with a kiss I sent her on her way.

Beatrice asked me are you going to sleep with mommy tonight? I tell her I do plan to do that. I also tell her we may have to wait a week before I take her cherry so that she will still be a virgin when we re-enact the first attempt to make love that I had with my daughter. She says, "That's okay as long as you eat me every few days."

Beatrice asked me why did I not have Charlene declare she was cummimg like Karl always had girls do? Sabrina answered her,"I knew something was happening that felt really good. It did not have a word for it until he told me it was an orgasm or a climax. I did not declare it to him until later when I was shivering regularly when he would eat me."

Then Beatrice mentioned what was really giving her a bee in her bonnet."You've been playing with my sister's pussy and eating it all day on the set but all I've had is a kiss. I like to cum too you know?"

I took her by the hand and led her to her bedroom. Her sister had taken the single upper bunk so I put Beatrice on the lower one and told her."Show me what you want me to play with and eat." She took off all her clothes and laid down as naked as the day she was born. She laid down on the lower bunk crosswise with her head propped up on the wall behind the bed. I knelt before her and bent over to put my tongue in her pussy. I separated the labia with my tongue and ran up around her clitoris and down to her vagina. Then I ran it up the slit to her clitoris and back down to vagina. Again I ran it up the slit to her clitoris and back down to vagina. Once more I ran it up the slit to her clitoris and back down to vagina. And now she was breathing hard and starting to pant for her breath. As I I ran it up the slit to her clitoris and back down to vagina she started to buck like a bronco writhing in pleasure as she climaxed. *Grandpa you are making me cummmmmm" she screamed as her back arched up and lifted her ass off the bed. When she came down she asked me,"Do you want me to suck you?" I said,"No. I'm fine right now." She got up to put on her nighty and I got up to return to the living room.

Sabrina had turned on the television to news. There repeated the story of the stay of the Supreme Courts order to nullify all age of consent laws and all bans on child porn. But now the stay was only for one week to allow the attorney general time to set his arguments for a reversal. This was important as our expenses in transmitting the video to Japan was not cheap.

The web site had been devised to allow anyone to view the videos up to five times before they had to order a DVD to continue watching that particular video. I told Sabrina I was considering starting an advisory committee to advise me on such topics as the danger of too early sexual penetration. I also sent the post production people a request that all the girls who had been modified by vaginal expanders must have a disclaimer on the screen stating the girls had been medically modified to perform these acts and no one should attempt them at home. They replied that they had already started to produce the slide for the disclaimer.

After the news Sabrina checked the porn channel and saw Amy tying me up spread eagled on my bed at my house. She left it there and watched as she started to give me a hand job then a blow job before calling out "Sabrina he's ready for you." Then she watched as she came in and mounted my cock and rode me until we had three climaxes between all of us.

Then we went to bed. I laid down with her and we went to sleep holding each other. I slept well exhausted again by the day's activities.


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These stories are therapeutic to me and demonstrate how we can be corrupted by the flesh.

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In your first story you pound into our heads how wrong everything you did was and now you help others do these things my question is why

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