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2 Bisexual girls have a memorable night
I was working security at a mall when I met Kathy. She worked in a small clothing store and was alone most shifts because it wasn't usually busy enough to justify paying another employee . We met one night just after I started working there when I found the door to her store insecure. She was the emergency contact for things like that because she literally lived about. 50 steps away from the mall. I had to call her to come and secure the door. Much like myself, she was a night owl. Her son's dad still lived with her at that point. She was such a sweetie. She brought 2 teas in travel mugs and hung out for about an hour with me. She had to be up for work soon anyways she said.

As I got to know her better I realized her life was in turmoil. Not only was the father of her son an abusive dick head, she was preparing for another brain surgery to remove a re-growing tumor she'd already had operated on a half dozen times over her life. But she was still a happy girl, funny as shit and loved to have fun. I liked her a lot. And she was kinda hot so that was just an added bonus.

One night before the mall closed she got into an argument over child support with her bf and I had to throw him out of the mall. He was an extremely volatile guy so instead of issuing him a formal trespass notice I did it verbally for that night and was going to wait until my supervisor was in to serve him a formal one banning him forever next time we had a chance. He was at the mall pretty much every day to pester poor Kathy. I told her I'd take care of him and that she just needed to focus on herself and her son, who thankfully was staying with her parents until a custody order was issued.

She didn't want me to take any action that might have him focus his anger on me, worrying about my safety instead of her own. I told her that I wasn't afraid of because men like him only go after the people they can intimidate and who won't fight back. When I said that she burst into tears. She couldn't believe I would risk my own safety to help her.

That was a Friday and neither of us had to work in the morning so we hit the bar in the mall for a few drinks. I always had spare clothes and necessities in my locker so I was going to stay at her place after getting my buzz on.

At the time neither of us had a high tolerance for alcohol and about 6 beers later we were feeling pretty good. The bartender was a friend of hers and knew what was going on in her life so when Kathy wanted to dance she cleared away some tables and cranked the stereo. We spent a few hours dancing like drunk girls tend to do, all sexy on each other and leaving the male patrons to wonder "Is this free?" (Lol)

We stayed til close then danced our way across the parking lot to her basement apartment. She still wanted to dance and apparently missed her calling as a stripper. I sat and watched her. At first it was silly but then she asked me if I wanted to see her tits. I almost fell off my chair.

She said if I kissed her she would show them to me. I guess she noticed somewhere along the way after we met that I would catch myself stealing glances at them under her thin work t-shirts. She always wore a push up bra so it was hard to tell what they really looked like..

She said she hadn't been kissed by anyone for a long time. I said well that ends tonight. You know me and smoke breath so we both brushed our teeth first (girls, we're even practical when we plan to screw around... sigh). She had to pee so I waited on the couch for her to come back. I stood up and walked to me. It was awkward at first but nerves soon gave way to what she called the best french kiss ever (lol wow, yay me!).

True to her word, she took her shirt off. Her tits weren't huge by any means but they were fabulous. Her nipples were large and light pink against her smooth white skin. She asked me if I wanted to touch them. She said she wasn't sure if I was into girls or not.

Neither was I but I was definitely turned on. But my usual conflicts with possibly being gay worked their magic. I was so confused in those days and my mind would always wander back to you, and how I had thought we would end up together but how could that be if I was gay?

She suggested I was bisexual. She thought she might be but had never "been with" another woman. Back then being bi was looked down on even by gays and lesbians. Bi sexual people were considered "confused".

She asked me if I was turned on and I said yes. She asked if I wanted to fuck her. I did. She said well you're not confused about that are you?

She had a point there....

She stripped off the rest of her clothes and my mind shut off all rational thought. She had a very nice body and a little shaved pussy.

She straddled my lap and kissed me. When she arched her back as I kissed her neck, her tits were up in front of my face. I licked her nipples. They were already hard. She said she wanted to reciprocate and led me to her bedroom. Soon I was naked too and I couldn't keep my hands off of her.

During my first "experience" with Vanessa from college, we just kissed and rubbed each other. I wanted more with Kathy. When she spread her legs I almost came just looking at her pussy and thinking of what I was about to do.

She was already wet just from the few licks I'd given her nipples and she was moaning, begging me to suck them. She said she'd always wanted someone to suck them. Her bf said her tits were too small and didn't do anything for him so he never bothered to do it for her. He also never granted her fantasy of being tied up and helpless as someone did whatever they wanted to her. He'd told her it would take too long when he was horny. He'd fuck her til he came then leave her high and dry so to speak. I was tempted to run back to the security office and get my cuffs. I told her next time, I would make that happen.

In my head I was so shocked. How could he not want to do things for his partner's pleasure? Especially one as awesome and hot as Kathy?

I told her to tell me all of her fantasies and I'd make them happen. She talked as I played with her nipples. The things she wanted were so basic.... She wanted to feel a tongue in her pussy, have sex outside, have a three some....

The fantasy that she mentioned last blew me away.

She wanted to have an orgasm.


She didn't think she'd ever actually cum. Her bf said she had one every time he fucked her. She wasn't so sure. She'd never been with anyone other than him and masturbation was a sin according to her parents so she had always wondered....

Knowing that he'd treated her like a worthless whore made me determined to give her mind blowing pleasure. So I got back to business....

Down between her legs, I slowly ran my tongue up her slit from her ass to her clit, around it a few times, then back down again. I did that a few times, screaming in my own head that I was actually licking another woman's pussy.

She came suddenly, fast and hard. With a scream all of her pent up sexual frustration surfaced at once. And I had barely touched her. She rode the orgasmic wave, still at it's peak of pleasure, clenched and straining to hold it there. As she lost the control it broke through and she began to convulse, unable to control her body, her pleasure amplified by the fact that THIS was a real orgasm and the fact that I'd done what I promised...for that fantasy anyways. She grabbed 2 handfuls of my hair and ground her wet pussy into my mouth. With her holding the weight of my head I was able to use my right hand to rub my clit and finger my own wet hole. As she came again I did too. It was such an overwhelming orgasm I forgot to breathe and almost passed out.
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