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A man gets a sex slave
Hi! I'm a girl, but I'm going to write the point of view of the story from a mans point of view. This is my first story so it might not be that good. Sorry about grammer mistakes! Anyways, I will start!!!

I lay back on the couch. I couldn't believe my luck! A 24 year old girl had signed a sex slave contract. Her parents were poor, and so she had to move. She didn't have money, so she was staying with my for 3 years!

She was moving in in tomorrow. Purposely, I hadn't told her all the things about me being her master and what I got to do with her. Anyways… she was really hot and had been fucked with a codon.


She knocked on my door at 4:00 am. I had told her to come early.

"Strip." I told her. She looked at me.

"There could be people getting up master!" She complained. "I don't care strip!" I said. Recutantly she took off everything except for her bra and thong.

"Everything!" I told her. She took everything off. "Come in!" I yelled at her. She came in and I threw her thong in the trash. She looked at me. I shrugged. She heaved her suitcase to me. I took it and put it in my closet. "Come on. Lets go to a room. You've never seen it, and it's gonna bring some pleasure to me when we use it, which probably won't be soon.

"Okay" she said. I looked at her. "You forgot to say master or sir. OK we're gonna do more than look at the room!!!" She looked at me in terror and I opened a door at the end of the hall. I pulled her in and down a flight of stairs.

"You see the walls? They are made so no one can hear thru them."

I walked her to the end of the stairs. The room was filled with sex torture toys, you name it. I went to the bed in the corner that had a thick mattress. She looked at me, begging.

I walked to a corner and grabbed hand cuffs. I handcuffed one of her hands to the right bed rail and then handcuffed her left wrist to the left bed rail. I grabbed her ankles and carefully tied them next to the handcuffed hands. Perfect! Now I had a perfect view of her! I left her hanging there while I grabbed a sex toy vibrartor. I went back the bed. Her perfect ass was hovering above the mattress. I stuck the vibrator right up her pussy and turned it on. After like a minute her body shook violently. Suddenly she started cuming all over the bed. Her body shook and finally hung limply as the vibrator ran out of battery. My cock was super hard in my pants. I pulled my 8 inch long cock out and, not knowing what else to do with it, rammed it all the way up her pussy.

She screamed like hell and I slapped her. I began fucking her really fast she groaned with another orgasm. She cummed.

"Has anyone ever cummed in your pussy without a condom?" I asked her. "No master I don't want to get pregannat." She said. I pushed harder. As my cock was just about to cum, I pulled it out and rammed it up her perfect asshole instead. She groaned as I cummed in her, making her wet. Her pussy was really quite wet.

Day two with my slut.

"Hey do you wanna go out for breaakfast!" I asked my slave. "Yes please master!" She said happily. "OK put on a dress from ur suitcase!" I replied.

We came back from franks diner with filled bellies. My slave ran in the door and waited for me. I came in and she skipped to the living room.

"Hey slave!" I yelled," you forgot to take off ur clothes you little slut!!! You will get a bad punishment for that"

She went to the door and took off her clothes, looking sort of frightened. "Comon!" I yelled to her," get in the damn car... No clothes!"

She gulped at ran into the car. I went after her, looking at her tight pussy jiggling. I slammed on the gas and after like 2 hours of driving, I said: "I have to go pee. Lets to into this empty looking park! "'

We pulled over there and went into the bathroom. "Unzip my pants and squeeze my cock for me." She did so and I took a nice long pee. She zipped my pants back up. Footsteps entered and a man of like in his thirties entered. He stared at my nude blonde.

"Slave! This man didnt enter the bathroom for nothing! Unzip his pants and squeeze it for him!!!" I smiled at the man. He smiled back and let out an 'ah' as he peed. " Okay sir." I said to the man" now. Do wanna to fuck this lovely young lady?" I reached down and rubbed my slaves clit. She was red in the cuz of what she had just done. She was extremely wet. "Feel her!" I laughed.

He felt her. "Yes I wuld love to fuck this little girl. Can I cum in her?" "I'm sorry no, but you can cum in her mouth!" "Okay"

My slave came up to my ear and said:" I thot the contract said you culd share me with friends, not strangers" I shrugged and whispered back:" we'll this is ur punishment!" . The man said:" okay. How shuld I fuck her?"

I carried her to the sink and spread her legs apart so her culd see her nice pussy. Also anyone coming in culd see her. I smiled at her. The man went up to her and began to fuck her. She shook with a huge orgasm. The man pulled out and pulled her head forward and cummed into her mouth. She gasped for breath and he licked up her cum, washing the rest of it down the sink. He zipped his pants up.

"Thanks dude. That was even better than fucking my wife! She has a really nice tight ass!" With that he left, leaving me and my slave alone. I picked up and kissed, then carried her to the car. 2 1/2 hours later we sat on my couch, eating our dinner and watching a movie. My little slut fell asleep and I waited till the movie ended, then when to bed, with her in my king bed.

I woke up to a hold on my cock. My slave had waken me up by sucking my cock. How nice of her, even after what had happened yesterday. "What do want for breakfast?" I asked my slave. " hmmm I want.... Ur cum please! Master!" She said.
"Okay I said. "I don't want you to have it that often thou." "OK sir"

After 2 minutes I cummed down her throat. She sucked every last drop up. " okay master what are we gonna do next?" She smiled.

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2013-08-22 13:02:08
where can i get one lol

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2013-08-13 05:05:55
Ok for a first go, need to proof read it first before posting, I think you switched alot of he & she at the end. Plus your punishments were way weak, if written from a mans point of view. A man would have beaten her or had her on a fucking machine for a day the first time and as far as her not getting pregnant from cumming inside her, she been put on birthcontrol first time, there's no saying no master you can cum in me I don't want to get pregnant. Write more I want be as picky next time.

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