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I haven't written anything for a couple of years. No particular reason, just haven't had the desire or ambition. Actually, much about my life is the same. Still single, a couple of escapades on both sides of the fence, but nothing that stuck.
The following story is not mine. It is a story as told to me by a close friend. I'm naming her Donna which is obviously a fictitious name. In fact any name in the story is fictional.
One night Donna and I were about half wasted on some very special brownies. We got to talking about our first time. Donna's story was so hot that I asked her if I could write about it. She eagerly gave her permission. BTW, I asked the next day when we both had landed. I will tell her story as though I am her.
I knew about sex when I was probably 10. I knew it was how babies were made, about a boy's penis, and about orgasms. Mind you, I didn't know everything, but enough.
My story starts when I was 12. I was kind of gangly. Probably 5'1" and maybe 90 pounds. I wore a bra, but I don't know why! Experience I guess and because my mother made me. I had no hair, but a little fuzz. I had started masturbating after learning how from friends. I liked it, it felt good!
My next door neighbor was a boy named Mike. Mike was a great friend until he was about 10 and somebody told him I had Cooties. Remember those days when people had cooties? After that, he wouldn't even look at me. What the fuck is a cooty anyway?
When Mike was 15, he was hot. I mean holy fucking hot. He worked out regularly and it showed. All the girls at school wanted him and he probably had many of them. I knew that being a gangly 12 year old, I had no chance.
It was summer, school was out, and we had a pool. I spent most of my afternoons in the pool or laying by the pool. I was an only child and my folks both worked so I was alone all day.
One hot summer afternoon, I was sunning by the pool. I had untied the top to my swim suit and was nearly asleep. This husky voice said, "May I join you?" I was so startled that I jumped up bare breasted! It was Mike! Oh God, I can't tell you how embarrassed I was!!! Of course I folded my arms over my little buds, but it was too late. Mike had seen it all.
"What the fuck are you doing here?" I screamed. "Hey, it's a hot day and I figured you would be by the pool. I sure the hell didn't know you were a nudist or I'd come over sooner!" Mike responded. "By the way, looking good too."
"Turn around please." As Mike turned around, I grabbed my bra and replaced it. Then I told Mike it's ok to turn back around. When he was facing me I told him I was sorry for yelling at him and that he had just startled me.
We got to talking about the old days when we had so much fun together. We were laughing about times we had fooled our parents or played harmless tricks on Mrs. Davis, the widow that lived next door. It was fun having Mike back as a friend!
I asked, "Are you thirsty? We got soda, lemonade, or iced tea." "Got anything harder?" Mike asked. "Sure, there's cold beer in the fridge and dad would never miss a couple." So I went in and grabbed a Bud for each of us.
I had never even tasted beer until now, but I wanted Mike to think I'm as grown up as he so I drank it without showing how much I hated the taste. As we drank our beers, we continued to talk. The conversation had shifted to school. We talked about who was popular, our teachers, and the football team.
"Do you think we could have one more?" Mike asked. "Sure, dad had filled the fridge in the basement so he won't miss a few. Let's go in, it's getting too frigging hot out here."
Mike followed me through the patio doors and down the steps to the basement. Even though I didn't like beer, I did like the feeling it gave me. Our basement was nice and fully finished. I nodded toward the couch and told Mike to have a seat as I got us each another beer. Mike sat on the couch and I sat on a chair that faced him. The more beer I swallowed, the higher I got! I had probably drank about half of the second beer and I was a little dizzy and totally feeling hot and turned on.
I looked at Mike and said, "kiss me." "What!" He answered. "I said, I want you to kiss me." as I moved from the chair to sit beside him. Mike put his arm around me in a tentative way and asked if I was sure.
Looking back, I know I wouldn't have been this bold without the beer. I closed my eyes and felt Mike's lips touch mine. It was a small kiss, but enough to turn me on and make me want more. I could even feel some dampness in my crotch, but since we were still in bathing suits, it wouldn't be noticed.
Mike broke the kiss and moved his head back. I looked at him with the saddest eyes and asked, "Is that the most I get for two beers?" Mike didn't say a word and moved his face closer. This time the kiss was less like two kids and had more passion.
We continued making out. Our hands were roaming over each other. Mike slid his hand under my swim top and began fondling my little a cup boob. I could feel the hardness in my nipples. I was so damned hot! By now we were laying on the couch with Mike on top. I could feel his hardness pressing against my leg. Without really knowing what I was doing, I took a hold of his dick and it felt huge and rock solid. Without hesitation, I moved my hand inside his trunks and held a dick with my bare hand for the first time in my life.
We rolled over to where I was now on top. I pulled Mike's trunks off and his dick sprang free like it was on a spring. I took it in my hand and began to jack him off. I had heard other girls talk about blow jobs and thought it sounded disgusting, but that was what I was about to do and I wanted to do it. At first, I just put my lips around his throbbing head. Gradually, I took more of him. I could taste the precum seeping from him. The more I took of him, the more his hips raised up and down from the couch. The speed of his humping increased and Mike was softly moaning. Then he said, "I'm going to cum!" I took him all the way. Cum was flowing into my mouth and I was barely able to swallow fast enough. Soon, the humping stopped and so did the flow. As I removed my mouth, I licked the remaining cum, looked into Mike's eyes and heard him say,"That was awesome, fucking awesome!"
About that time, we heard the automatic garage door open and I said, "Shit, mom's home. We can't be caught here!" We quickly ran up the stairs and were in the pool by the time mom came through the door. We swam for awhile just to make things look normal before Mike got out of the pool and went to his home.
Later that evening, mom asked about Mike being here and if we were friends again. I told her we were not really friends, but we talked some. As I was getting ready for bed, I received a text from Mike and it said, "You are better than any girl I've been with, can I see you again?" I texted back, "Yes, but not until after the weekend unless its just to swim."
"Good" he answered "Next time it will be your turn!" My face felt hot and again a wet spot formed on my panties.
Mike did come over on Saturday to swim. He even stayed and had lunch with us. Every now and then, he would look at me and smile. Once he even winked. I flushed, and again I felt wetness.
Around noon on Monday, I got a text and it simply said, "Coast clear?" "Yea, get your butt over here." Was my answer. In minutes, Mike came through the gate wearing the same sexy swim shorts as last week. He immediately did a cannon ball into the pool and came up laughing. We swam and played for a while. I was sitting with my legs dangling in The water. Mike was between my legs, his hands on my waist. In a low voice he said,"Are you ready?" "Ready for what?" I smirked. "Ready for the best time of your life!"
We left the pool and headed to the basement. No need anymore to suppress our inhibitions with beer. Mike so gently lowered me on to the couch, kissing me as we went down. I felt a tingling all over my body. My face felt flushed and I hoped Mike wouldn't notice. Then again, caring was not high on my list or priorities. Mike had my top off and was sucking my tiny tits. My nipples felt like rocks! He slipped his thumbs under my waist band and pushed my swim bottoms to my knees. He was kissing his way down my tummy as his hand gently rubbed my pussy. By now my bottoms were totally off, I was naked, and Mike was kissing my thighs. I have never been so frigging hot as I was at that moment!
His tongue reached my opening and I felt shock waves flash through my body. Deeper and deeper, his tongue explored my cunt. I didn't have a clue what was next, but I wouldn't have been surprised if my whole body were to explode. I had Mike by the hair shoving his face into my crotch. My butt was heaving up and down. Then the explosion! I was screaming dont stop don't stop!
As I came down from that mountain, I knew I had just had my very first orgasm. What I had heard the older girls say wasn't even close to reality. Mike was gently making out when I first noticed his hardness. Reaching I took him in my hand and slowly pumped his dick through his trunks. I said. "Take these off, I want you in me." "Are you sure? Have you ever done it?" Mike asked. "I want to know you were my first." was all I said.
Mike removed his trunks and his dick sprang out like before. He lowered himself on me and the head of his dick barely penetrated my opening. "If this hurts, tell me to stop." I raised my hips receiving about half of his cock. The head was pressing against my unbroken hymen. "Are you ready?" Again, I raised my hips hard and fast. He was through and buried to the end of his shaft. Mike wasn't gigantic, but plenty big enough especially for my first.
We got into a rhythm, both grunting and panting. He thrust deep in to me and stopped. "I'm cumming, god, I'm cumming.!" I just kept humping and I could feel the hot cum inside me. It made me even hotter. Then it happened. This time I knew what was taking place. I was oragasming together with Mike. It was awesome!
That's how it happened. That was my first. Mike continued coming over the rest of the summer. The only change was I started getting my period so we had to use rubbers. I liked the natural feel better, but it was still good. Toward the end of the summer, mom had the doctor put me on birth control to help with the pain. What she didn't know was, no more rubbers!
School started and Mike stopped coming over. We remained friends, but we never had sex again. I did start filling out and wasn't so gangly any more. In fact, I was now 5'9", 110 pounds, and best of all, a 34 C. Not to brag, but I was fucking hot and fucking was my favorite past time. Now it was my turn and I had my eye on this 12 year old boy two doors down. I got wet every time I thought about introducing him to my world. That, however, is another story!

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SuzieQ; When you write your stories, in Word or whatever, double space the paragraphs and they will show up as a single space when you paste them here.
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Waiting for the "another story"/ Next time use space between paragraphs. It makes the reading much easier.


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To the above comment, thanks for the suggestion. If/when I write another story, I will follow your advice. FYI, I did properly indent, but when I cut and pasted, the indentation was lost. Maybe a tech geek can tell me what happened. Once again, I appreciate your advice and thanks for reading my story! Suzieq

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Waiting for the "another story"/ Next time use space between paragraphs. It makes the reading much easier.

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