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So yesterday night, my parents decided to go out to the pub for the night, they told me as I am 16, that I was in charge of the house. Of course, with my 12 year old sister being home too, I had to look after her. So when our parents left, I went downstairs and picked out an awesome DvD we could watch, I called Ellie my sister down to watch it. When she had settled i thought I would go make her some popcorn, I was feeling nice. So I did, I went into the kitchen and made some. When I walked back in she was sat down looking really quite good looking, which she really was for her age. I sat down beside her and gave her the pop corn, she asked me how long mum and dad would be, I just told her early in the morning. I told her not to worry as I was there for her. So as we where enjoying the movie, I decided to cuddle up to her, to comfort her, plus it was a cold night. As the film went on, I started drifting off, imagining very sexual thoughts about my sister, I kept reminding myself that it was very wrong for me tobe doing that. I couldn't help it. My penis started getting hard. Ellie was very much into the film so I didn't care too much. Suddenly she turned to me and asked if she could sit on my knee, I didn't know what to say. As I felt bad saying no, I allowed her to do so. She sat right on my boner which made me even more Horny. She started wriggling about trying to get comfy but that didnt help me. She asked what was sticking into her i just shrugged and enjoyed it. After the movie, as it went really fast, it was 10'oclock. I thought it was about time we got to bed as I didn't wanted her to be awake the next day. As I was about to say so, I noticed she was sleeping on my lap, so I gently got hold of her and picked her up. As I was carrying her i saw down her top revealing her bra she was in c-cup which is pretty good for 12 year old girl. This turned me on so much, I took her up to her room and lay her on the bed, kissed her on her cheek. I tried to hold myself back as I knew it was wrong for me to be thinking about my sister in that way. As I turned to walk away, I turned and saw her knickers under her skirt, wow I was mega horny. I went back to my room, and started jacking off to what I saw and thoughts of my sister,before I knew it, Ellie had walked in and was just staring at me, I quickly stopped and asked what was wrong, she said she was scared because she herd a noise outside. She asked if I would sleep with her just for tonight, I couldn't bare my thoughts, it was clearly a yes. So I got into bed with her and cuddled up to her, she took off her top and skirt so she just had underwear on, I instantly got hard again. As I really wanted to see her naked, I told her that it would be more comfy for her if she took off her bra, as she is my sister, she did so. I really wanted to feel them so bad. I slowely moved my hand down from her shoulder to her boob, I started gently rubbing them, she asked what I was doing, I told her that I could give her the most amazing feeling in the world, she turned around to face me, and her looks struck me, she was completely hot. I asked her for a hug, she lent in and I squeezed. I could feel her young boobs on my chest it felt so good. I asked her if she wanted to do something special, she said yes. I told her to turn around, she did. I told her to get as close to me as she could, her bum was squashed up on my penis and her back to me, I pushed both my arms through at each side of her and felt her breasts, I heard a moan and it turned me on so hard I needed to release what I had. She asked again what was poking her in her bum, I decided to explain it to her, she was quite interested and wanted to know more, I told her if she rubs her bum against my penis, it makes me feel amazing, so she did, I wanted more. I got out of bed and told her to get naked, she did, I wanted that pussy. I got naked too, I told her to get down on her knees, I slowely showed her what to do, jacking me off, she soon got the hang of it, I told her to put it in her mouth, she did so and was amazing, before I cummed, I stopped her. I told her how I could give her the great feeling in return. I lifted her up put her on the bed, kissed her on the lips. I then moved down to her boobs and licked them, she made a sexy moan. I asked her if she liked that she said she did,I moved down to her pussy and started to lick it, she let out a really loud moan and I kept going, I slowely inserted my finger into her vagina and she sounded so horny, I asked her if she wanted more, she pleaded for it. I inserted two fingers, I could feel the tightness for that 12 year old Virginia pussy, it didnt hurt her. Before I was going to she insisted that she wanted my penis inside her, without any time more, I got straight to it, I bent her over and inserted my dick in her Pussy it felt amazing and I was going to explode straight away. She was loving it and the noise she made was amazingly hot, I could feel cum seeping p through my dick, I asked her if she wanted to eat it, she said she would love to. So I cummed into her mouth so hard and filled it up, she swallowed it and said it tasted amazing. This was when I truly loved my sister. I slept with her that night. Not sure about tonight!:)

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2014-09-02 01:03:15
Yes, sentence structure needs help. But please continue your story, it sounds promising and intrigunig.:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

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2013-09-27 15:32:18
Learn to use tags moron.

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2013-08-30 06:53:07
Really dude with ur sis man. Cm on

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2013-08-26 22:22:09
Holy shit that sucked, learn English and how to format...stupid fartknocker!!


2013-08-14 17:20:58
I wish i could say this was a Good story... but your run-on sentences and improper punctuation did me in! I'm sure you can re-read this, correct your mistakes and re-post it.... if you can't fix your own mistakes, try using a grammar checker, PLEASE!

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