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Dad takes his realtionship with daughter to next level
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Prior: Kelsey – “No Dad Stop.”
Prior: Kelsey - “Dad that cannot happen Again”
Prior: Kelsey - “Paying The Rent”
Prior: Kelsey – “Dad, how could you let that man do THAT to me.”
Prior: Kelsey – “Dad – this is like really SICK.”
Prior: Kelsey – “This Crazy. We can’t do it here.”
Prior: Kelsey – “Dad. Please, NOT the Belt.”
Prior: Kelsey - “DAD, Don’t make me go inside that creepy Video store.”
Prior: Kelsey – “Dad, what’s a GLORY HOLE?”
Prior:Kelsey – “No Dad, I don’t want that Black Cock.”

(Dad has fallen in love with teen store clerk Ali, even while his treatment of daughter
Kelsey reaches new lows. Dad has taken Kelsey to a porno store. She is in the glory hole booth paying for the sex toys her Dad has bought for her.)

Kelsey’s dad pulled her away from the glory hole so he could take a photo of the cum running
down her leg and the cum coated cock. He pulled her around so she lick the cock.
“Look up at me.” “Lick underneath.” “Let me see the cum on your tongue.”

More money and another black dick pushed through the hole. Her dad slapped
her ass. “Ready for another.” Kelsey started to crumble.
“I can’t take more of this. Please NO MORE.”
“Stay up or I’ll let them in this room for some real fucking.” Terrified, Kelsey pushed her ass against the wall and braced for more.

As the hour ended Kelsey dropped to her knees. She didn’t think she could take another round.
“Wait, what is that.” She cried.
The store attendant had entered. He dropped a dog lash around her neck. There was no collar,
the leash was strung through the collar clasp forming a choke loop.

“Get up. Lets go.” YElled the attendant.
“No. I have to clean up. I have to put on my shorts. “
“No just the way you are. That is part of the deal.”
“NO DAD, don’t make go out there like this.”
“Get the fuck up.” The attendant barked.
“NO NO Please.”
Kelsey knelt on the floor, dressed only in a t-shirt top wet with cum.
Her face and hair were coated with jizz. He ass and pussy red from her
hour long ordeal dripped with even more.

Kelsey grabbed the leash, pulling back sitting on the ground.
I knelt next to her and gave her an offer she couldn’t refuse.
“Get you fucking slut ass up or I’ll tie you to the fucking chair and
let those black guys fuck that slut ass of yours”

Kelsey looked at me and knew I meant business.
She got up and followed on the leash into the hallway.
The booths along the hall were full of men, the same men that
had used her mouth and pussy. Naked from the waist down she
only wore a cum soaked shirt.

The yelled every insult at her. SMAACK, a belt whipped out of a booth as
she passed. The cum spattered off her ass as the belt hit.
“Fucking Tramp.”
As Kelsey lunged forward a foot tripped her up and she sprawled on the floor.

She tried to get up but a foot pushed her down.
“Walk on all fours.” “Like a Dog.” “Crawl Bitch.”
The hallway seamed to swirl around. Kelsey felt sick, unable to move.
Everywhere she looked she saw men looking down, leering, laughing.
“SMAAACK.” The belt hit her again. A foot pushed her forward.

“Stop. No More. I am going to pass out.”
The leash pulled her forward. She struggled walking on floors.
Kelsey looked up pleadingly only to get spit in face.
A boot pushed her. “Keep that cunt moving.”

Finally Kelley reached the cashiers desk and was allowed to stand up. The cashier gave me an envelope stuffed with money plus a bag with her bondage toys. The clerk looked at Kelsey.
Poor girl, lets take you in the back and get you cleaned up.
“NO NO, I am OK, Dad lets go now. Please take me home.”

I looked at her. “You look like a fucking cum whore. Get your ass in the back,
I am not taking you home looking like that.”
“Dad, I am not a CUM WHORE.”
The clerk pulled on her leash and I pushed her into the back room.

At the back of the room there were some tubs and a floor drain.
“Kneel Bitch. “ The clerk barked at Kelsey.
Kneeling the clerk gave her a bucket. “Hold this under your chin.”
“Wait, what are you going to do now.”
My patience with all these questions was finished.
I slapped her hard across her face. “Listen to him, grab that piss bucket.”

“Piss bucket? What.” Just as she asked the clerk started out with a hot stream
of well aimed piss. “AGGHH NO OOO.” Kelsey turned away.
“Look at ME. Look up now.” I yelled. Kelsey looked up at the piss raining down on her.
“Keep your slut head up.” “Open your mouth.” There were about a dozen men waiting their turn,
they had paid to come into the backroom.

I pulled her bitch head back and pried open her mouth with my fingers at the corners.
“Drink it and swallow.” “Look at them.” “Hold up that bucket.”
Two or three streams of piss were hitting her head at one time. The piss ran into the bucket and
down her body. One after another the men relieved themselves over her.

I sent Ali photos of Kelsey and we laughed and made jokes about the little piss whore.
When we were done she knelt in the mess looking so pathetic, piss dripping from
her hair. The clerk gave me another small envelope o f money from the piss bang.
“Look up and open your piss loving mouth.” The clerk yelled. He took the bucket and
slowly drained the piss runoff over her face.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHH” Kelsey shrieked as the clerk took a hose and began washing her down
with cold water. Shivering she stood for the cold water, happy to clean off the piss.

“What am I going to wear, my clothes are ruined.” Cried Kelsey.
The clerk brought her a micro leather skirt and pushup leather bra.
“Here are some Hoe clothes for you.” Sullenly Kelsey put them on.
“Dad, can we go now, Please can we go.”


Kelsey and I walked through the store and the parking lot to the car.
“See you next week Slut.” “Bend over, let us see your cunt.” “whore”
The insults continued until we were on our way. Kelsey sat quiet in the car.
Finally she began to cry and blurted out.
“Dad, why are you doing this to me.”

“I love you.” “Dad, I want us to be lovers.”

“Get rid of Ali, be my love.”

I looked over my poor daughter and felt waves of remorse. Maybe this was all wrong?
“Kelsey snuggled up to me. “Dad, make love to me tonite.”
After everything I did, she still loves me?
I kissed her gently, Of course honey, I feel so bad.

We made sweet love that night. I was so taken by her passion.
We kissed, held each other, had wonderful sex.
Kelsey had the most wonderful week of her life. She put all the bad shit
behind her. She was in love!!!!! Life was sweet.

*** One Week Later ***

“Bastard. How can you do this. “
Kelsey hung by her wrists from the basement ceiling. Leather cuffs and a steel cable held her
feet inches off the ground.

Ali and I stood in front of her admiring her sweet teen body.
“How can you do this?” “You told me you loved me.”
“I laughed in her face.” “Stupid cunt, you really thought I would give up Ali for you?”
Ali had the black strap-on in her hand. “After your appointments are done today,
I am going to really enjoy fucking your ass. Teach you to try to steal my man.”

Nearby was a table with all Kelsey’s bondage gifts.
The room was full of benches, tables and stands, all equipped with cuffs.
In the center was a wonderful wooden cross with straps and attachments.

Kelsey looked around the room. “What is all that.??”
“You are going to find out real soon, you first appointment is due.” Laughed Ali.
Ali tied a ball gag on Kelsey. "That looks better!"

Ali ran her fingers between Kelsey’s legs. “We do this right, this pussy can bring in some
awesome cash.” Ali ran her hands over Kelsey’s breasts. “You are mine Bitch.”

While Ali was busy I grabbed a small wrapped box. “Whats this?” Ali exclaimed.
She Opened it. “OMG” She hugged me hard.
“Ali, will you marry me?” I asked on one knee.

“Yes Yes Yes.” We hugged and kissed.
Ali, put on the ring and held it in front of Kelsey’s face.

The door bell rang. “I’ll get it, must be Kelsey morning clients.”
That ring and our honeymoon will be paid for in no time, I thought as I ran up the stairs.

The End

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2015-04-28 13:44:24
Here u go, sorry so short:
Not sure how it came about and still incoherent from the chloroform, the hog-tied dad who thought himself a Master started shrieking as the huge angry cock ripped his dry asshole with vehemence. Next to him, Kelsey was teaching his screaming wanna-be Dominatrix what emulation means, pumping that strap-on like a pro.
"Got all the original video-stuff he took of you? Sure you don't mind your face being known?" This came from a deep male voice.
"If you've got nothing to loose, you've got everything to win," Kelsey gasped, exhausted.
"Good. Now you only have to choose where we drop them and the tapes: my gang or the pig-station."

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2014-05-10 18:33:05
I agree, her dad and Ali have to pay

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2013-10-03 01:17:11
please keep writing this series

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2013-09-05 10:41:39
Shit ending the daughter needs to get some sort of revenge on her father and ali

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2013-08-15 19:36:45
This story sucked ass. And badly at that.... Two thumbs down. 1 out of 10.

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