A second offering from "Finally Nailed" series... This time its how a committed cheerful housewife takes the plunge into the sinister side and how all boundaries of marriage are crossed, violated and broken
Hello XNXX readers. I am Kritagya, 27 years living in Kolkata. I am tall and slim having a fair complexion and look cute. This is my second narration and would really thank all the readers who appreciated my first experience I am really overwhelmed by the response I got for my first creation. If you like the following events that I am sharing then please do write in your responses, experiences and views to

Before I start with the story let me introduce the main character of my story. Her Name is Shalini and she is my neighbor. I call her bhabhi as she is just 34. Her figure is carved to perfection for horniness as she has weights at just the right places. Her boob’s measure 33C and her ass measures 35. She is average height and lives along with her husband and her mother in law. She has two kids and that has not disfigured her. She dresses smartly and most of the times wear jeans or skirts. The way her dresses stick to her figure does create a tingling sensation down my pants.

Sex with Shalini Bhabhi was something I never fantasized of. I was happy fucking my aunt and my girl friend and unlike others I was content with two. I didn’t think of adding more, but as they say when fate serves it to you, you take it. My family shifted to a new building. My uncle was supposed to shift to some other complex. I started missing my aunt however my prospects of meeting new people for fucking increased as the complex I shifted to house more than 80 flats. On my floor itself there were six flats. Just adjacent to mine was Shalini Bhabhi, a Nice family with an educated husband. I was never really the cheerful always chirpy kind of guy.

I maintain a mystery about myself and I just choose to pass a casual smile when I pass by any of the person in my complex. Shalini Bhabhi on the other hand was always smiling and interacting with everyone around her. She was full of life and I guess my mystery kind of perplexed her. Whenever she was at home she used to try and pick conversation with me but I always used to avoid it.

I kept on playing my act, she kept trying and eventually one day I ended up having a proper conversation with her. That day I realized what a wonderful person she is. We shared our interests and likes, dislikes and talked for around two hours. She then had to leave as her kids were about to arrive from their school. For the first time I started thinking about her. Gradually thoughts transformed to fantasies and I got desperate to fuck her. The more desperate I was the more distance it created. Now she used to talk less to me and it seemed as if she only had the goal of breaking my personal boundary.
The only time I could have a casual rendezvous with her was the time she used to browse through my book collection. She liked to read in free time and I had a decent collection of books. So in every four to five days she used to enter my room, discuss a few titles and then she would take one and leave. I figured it was not possible to convince her to fuck me the way I convinced my aunt. I had to come up with some other plans. After loads of thinking and evaluating every possible outcome I decided on a plan which required a lot of creativity.
I got myself a diary. I titled it “Beauty Personified by SHALINI”. The next step was to fill the pages of diary. I know it sounds impossible but I did use my writing skills to its best. Writing about her was not much of a task. I borrowed some character sketch from the net. I wrote about some fantasized sex between me and her. I portrayed my jealousy when she sleeps with her husband or when she talks with any male. I explained a couple of encounters between us. It was both erotic and exciting. The journals also had entries on how I knowingly avoided her. It had captured all the observations I made about her and her body. I used to describe her dressing, her smile, and her playfulness.

The writing stuff took almost 14 days for me to complete around 35 pages. My diary could now be used against her. Next step was to coincide her visit to my room and my bathing time. This was not much of a task. I put my diary in the book rack amongst other books and marked it “Personal & Confidential”. She entered my room and we exchanged our formal pleasantries. I took the book from her and deliberately placed it near my diary. I then excused myself to have a bath and left everything on fate.

I came out of my bath after around 30 min anticipating she might have left and given her curious nature I thought she must have read my personal diary as well. To my surprise I found the diary gone with her. Now this was risky as she could definitely use this against me and defame me. I was kind of nervous and tensed. I waited for her next move. I thought I should have stayed and make her read in front of me only rather than taking such big a risk. The next day I was alone at home. She rang my bell and asked if she can talk to me. I knew what she was thinking and before she could say anything I let her in and accused her of breaking moral boundaries by taking away my diary.

She attacked me by saying how can I ever think of her in that manner. I was short of words but had to maintain my dignity. I told her these are my thoughts and I cannot control them but I can control my actions and not once have I tried to infiltrate her privacy. She was angry but out of words. She knew I didn’t ogle at her nor molested or touched her. She knew that the diary is the only expression of my interest in her and being the reserved guy that I am it will be hard convincing everyone. I realized I have to start entrapping her. I asked her to return my diary immediately. She came back with my diary and was about to leave when I asked her to sit for a few minutes.

She didn’t know how to respond. She sat on the sofa. I came in front of her and went on my knees. She was angry and had tears as she didn’t expected me to be a nymphomaniac. I apologized to her and told her how I feel about her. I told her what she means to me and how she is affecting my life. I told her how I keep fantasizing about her even when I am with my girl friend. I tried to express myself as much as possible and tried to persuade her how having sex once won’t harm her. She shouted on me and said it is all wrong. I kept on putting my energy on how to manipulate her mind for sex. I then asked her if she felt like this for anyone or not. Given the books she read and the freedom she enjoyed during collage days it was a confirmed that she did have a couple of flings before her marriage. Though after her marriage she has been loyal but yes she does fantasize about having sex with perfect guys who are all muscular and handsome and know how to make love discreetly as well as passionately.

I knew that I have broken her initial boundaries and now it was time for action. I sat beside her and tried to coax her. I hold her hands and told her how I cheated on my girl friend and how my aunt was doing sex with me. I convinced her how in the end we regret things we haven’t done. I told her that it will not amount to cheating as it will just be her chance to explore and that too with a person whom she trusts. I could sense her absorbing my words. I had to work around my words and efforts a lot so that even if we don’t have sex at least she doesn’t share this with anyone. She was reluctant but I didn’t give up. I then planted a kiss on her cheeks just where her lips end. She was taken by surprise and she retorted immediately. I told her to relax and enjoy as this is not wrong.

She didn’t say anything and I took it as a sign to proceed. She was wearing a pink and white salwar that day. I gradually cupped her face and kissed her hard on her lips. She started responding to my kiss. I chewed her lips, had a tongue fight with her. She was an awesome kisser as well and was reciprocating every such move. Her hands gradually proceeded towards back and my ass. She was feeling me all over. I bit her ear and then moved my hands from her ear to neck to her boobs to her waist to her hips to her thighs. I was feeling and outlining her whole body. The exotic feeling of exploring a new taboo body still sends shivers down my spine.

She stopped kissing me and said “Don’t show any mercy while fucking me. It has been one of my fantasies to be banged as hard as possible and in a way like a molester would do to her victim”.
She meant pure pleasure of hard core fucking. She immediately ripped off my T-shit and started biting my neck and chest wildly. Her hands were caressing my ass and in between she was scratching my back with her nails. The feeling of being explored by a horny hottie and in such a rough manner was exhilarating. For the first time I felt like I would cum even before she touches my penis. She was very well experienced in driving any man wild.

I did ask her how come she never cheated her husband when she does have a boiling hormone to which she said: “I have fantasies which an Indian wife can never think of fulfilling. However, I am doing this with you because the way you expressed your desires of fucking me and the way you described my entire body makes me go wet. I have never experienced such a thrill only by reading some descriptions.”
I felt as if I was in seventh heaven. The way she was working on my body by mixing her pleasant kisses, rubbing her hands on my pants and grabbing my dick, digging her nails into my back and her violent bites still gives me goose bumps. Trust me people the pleasure I was getting cannot be explained in words.
Well, it was now my time to start acting on her words. She wanted it wild. I caught hold of her hairs pulled it back and buried my face into her breasts. She was breathing heavily. I took her hand and guided it inside my pants. She started feeling and playing with my cock. I then started rubbing her crotch over her salwar. I could sense she was getting extremely horny as not only did she wet her panties but also she wet her salwar. I kept rubbing her crotch and also my thighs with hers. I then grabbed her boobs and squeezed them real hard. She moaned “AAAAHHHHHHH”.

She said: “Is this all you got just a mere Squeeze”. I got more excited as she was challenging my sex skills. I slapped her ass cheeks real hard. She shouted “ooouucchhhhhhhhh.” I now grabbed her ass and started massaging and squeezing her ass. She kept on whispering “Get Wild, Get Hard, Get more Violent.” I was now getting out of control. She kept questioning my skills. Out of anger I put my hand on her cleavage got hold of her kameez and with one pull tore her entire kameez. She got frightened as how she will go back home. I didn’t listen to her. Next up was snatching her bra away and unveiling the two most beautiful pairs of breasts. Her areola was pink and her tits were perky. They were erect and inviting me to bite them. I pinched her nipples. She was now getting lost in my act. I bit her right tits and pinched her left tits. Then again switched position and was making her cry to ease off. She said “Bite slowly it hurts” I didn’t obey her this time. She only wanted to be hardcore. I gave her a lot of bites on her boobs and she was feeling both pleasure and tension at the same time. Pleasure from hard sex and tension coz she would have to fuck her husband at night and what will she explain to him about the marks. She said: “Be hard but don’t give me marks. How will I explain my husband when he sees it?”

I was in no mood of listening. I moved towards her salwar untied her strings and made her stand. Her salwar fell on the grounds and now she was standing only in her red colored panties. What an awesome combination!! Her fair skin, perfect smile, decent boobs with perky pink nipples surrounded by deep red marks due to my bites and then her red color panties which were totally wet and had taken the form of her vagina and her long thin legs. It was exquisite picture and had I not been a sex addict I would have painted her in that pose. Anyways I went down to my knees. Placed my face in front of her crotch, gripped her ass and pushed them towards me. I could smell her opening. It was bliss. I licked her wet panties and slapped her ass. She was lost and running her hand wildly through my hairs pushing my face into her crotch.
I guided her to my room. She asked if I had any protection. As a matter of fact I do keep condoms handy now days so assured her not to worry about it. She entered my room took a deep breath and pulled her panties down bending in such a way that her ass was pointing towards me. I was real hard. I immediately pulled my pants and underwear down and rubbed my dick on her crack. The warmth that exuded was beyond explanation. The touch of my penis took her by surprise and she did jerked a bit. I immediately hugged her from behind guiding my dick in between her ass cheeks and cupping her boobs with one hand and inserting my finger in her vagina. She was lost and rested her head on my chest and said “Go on fuck me; I want you to ram me hard.”

My penis was getting hard beyond control her way of whispering in between and synchronizing her body movements with every movement of mine was just like taking a Viagra to keep my adrenaline pumping. I immediately pushed her towards my bed and she fall on her boobs. I jumped on her pulled her hairs to lift her face and kissed her wildly. She was grasping for breath and I was not letting her go. I then moved towards her ass and started widening her ass cheeks. I found her ass hole to be tight and she said “I am a virgin down there.” I was beyond happy. Getting to fuck a second married woman and that too one of her opening is still a virgin place made me ecstatic. I said thanks to her and just then moved towards my wardrobe took out some moisturizing lotion rubbed on my dick and little on her ass opening.

She questioned “There is no way you are going to fuck me there? I have kept it for my Husband and only he can fuck me in my ass.” I gave her an evil smile. She turned around pointing me to fuck her vagina which was fully wet. I pulled her legs and sandwiched it between mine. I tickled her little so as to loosen her and with a swift move turned her around. She pleaded “Please don’t fuck me in my ass, it’s for my husband.”
I positioned my dick towards her ass. I said “Had it been a normal encounter I would have let go of her ass. But she questioned my skills and has asked me to show no mercy so I really can’t help you in any way.” She again pleaded and with one motion I pushed my penis in her ass. Obviously it didn’t penetrate entirely, but yes I was successful in taking her virginity and pushing the head of my dick in her ass. She shrieked “Ouuuuccchhhhhh, You bastard you spoiled my ass. It’s hurting now take it out.” I pushed harder.

The friction creating between her ass tightness and penis force was just making my penis harder.
I pulled out a little and then pushed again, she was screaming in pain and I was just trying to ram her deep. After a few push tries I finally did widen her ass and penetrated her fully. I stopped to feel her ass. The lucky thing about this was I didn’t even require using condoms. I started stroking her ass. She was initially feeling the pain but as the strokes continued her pain turned into pleasure. She now started cooperating. She was pushing her ass back and aligning her movement with mine. She now got on her knees and we were fucking in doggy style. I caught her boobs now and was milking both her breasts. I was pushing in harder and harder. With each stroke I was increasing my tempo.

After a few thrusts I felt like I would cum. She was shouting to keep pumping her as she was feeling really different for the first time. I kept pushing her harder and soon enough let my sperms flow deep inside her ass. As soon as the first stream of sperms hit her she felt juices flowing out of her pussy. It was like a two way flow my sperms entering her ass and her orgasm leaving her cunt. She fell on the bed with both things happening at the same time. I pulled out. I could see my sperms overflowing her ass. She looked at me and said “Not only did u rip off my husband’s right you also convinced me to cheat him. You are one manipulative nymphomaniac and I will make sure some day you will beg me to stop fucking you.”
Her words confused me. More than the confusion it brought life to my penis. I moved my hand towards her boobs biting and squeezing her breasts I whispered in her ears: “It’s time for some real fuck babes, and this time with no rubber either.”

Her eyes were wide open, but she knew she had no other option. I moved my fingers into her pussy. I could feel how wet she was. I then went to lick it, my first taste of her cunt. At first she acted cold. I kept licking her and pushing my tongue deep inside her. She was now feeling the heat. I was doing my tricks of pinching her vaginal lips and biting them in a subtle way so as to ensure that she reaches her climax. She was going crazy. She was rising and falling on bed due to the continuous sucking. She was pulling my hairs out of pleasure she was experiencing and with my final kiss on her cunt I immediately guided my hard dick towards her pussy and in a single thrust pushed it deep inside her.

She felt some hot rod hitting her. She went numb and couldn’t say anything for a couple of minutes. I preferred laying still buried in her vagina while her pussy walls were contracting on my hard on. I could feel her hotness radiating. She asked me once again to put on rubber. I didn’t listen to her and started on with my slow strokes. She could feel the friction of my penis skin rubbing her insides. I could feel my balls making a slurping sound hitting my own overflowing sperms. It was a mix of all juices. I hugged her in this state and kissed her. I kissed her near her eyes, her nose; I licked her ears and then went full on French on her. The kiss was like our souls melting into each other. Her pussy holding my penis intact, our mouth buried deep into each other, each and every part of our body creating heat due to the friction of our skin and our hands intertwined with each other.

I let go of our unison and started sucking on her boobs. I also started moving my penis in and out of her. I alternated with slow gentle stroke to slow hard strokes. I also kept increasing my speed of fucking her. The moment I used to feel I am getting close to ejaculate I used to slow down. She was all sweaty and out of her senses. She eventually asked me to fuck her hard and cum inside her. This time I did obey her. I started fucking her real hard and fast. She already reached her climax once and was now riding me really hard. She matched my every move and I told her I want to cum along with her. I could obviously make out with her shrieks on whether she was approaching her climax or not and I kept control of my penis not to ejaculate before her. Finally Shalini cried out loud “AAAAHHHHHH” and I immediately increased my speed to spill my sperms again inside her. After a few hard fast strokes I eventually ended emptying myself up inside her.

She said to me: “This has been the best sex I ever had. It’s because of your horny description about me, your age and the feeling of cheating and fulfilling my fantasy. In a way you are special since you took my virginity as well. Thank You.”

Just as we lay exhausted beside each other grasping breath and thinking about how we ripped each other off and how her ass was penetrated; the bell rang.
We both were shocked and worried. Who was at the door? What will happen if anyone discovered what we just did? How can we portray innocence as we have both ripped our dresses? My heart sank? She started crying inconsolably? I managed to convince her to calm herself and locked her in the bathroom changed into a proper dress and moved towards opening the gate!!

Who do you think was at the door? Was it a false ring or is it the beginning of a new story? Keep guessing the climax with your replies on my mail id. Any woman married, divorced or single or any girl interested in sex or cyber sex can also contact me through . Awaiting your views, replies and opinions on my sex-escapades
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