some time with mother and magic lessons
Authors note: just to inform the people who decide to blast stories with negative comments before actually reading them, the mother in this story is 24 years old her body is however 8 years old so don't get all preachy to me. This story contains themes some may not like such as young, incest, mind control, and possibly bestiality. Thank you and enjoy. P.S. Sorry about the wait I have to go to work which can set me back on writing for a bit but there should be one chapter a week at least.
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“s-sure honey what do you wanna talk about?” she said trying to keep the innocent facade.

“mom I know you saw what happened, I know it was you.”

“I-I don’t know what your talking about sweety saw what?”

“mom you left theses at my door” I said while holding up the tiny pair of panties. She made an audible gasp and then looked down not knowing what to say.

“ I was going to ask you if you wanted to watch a movie together but when I went to your room I heard moaning throughout the hall and when I looked in I saw you doing that with Anna.” she said burying her face in her hands.

“doing what mom? Say it.” I said with a harsh tone. “I know I may sound mean but this is my one chance and I have a plan for this” I thought to myself trying to feel less guilty.

“s-sex you were having sex with your own sister Alex do you know how bad that is? You cant be doing something like this!” she said obviously trying to turn the situation around.

“mom your not one to talk you know Anna told me that she saw you last week in the laundry room masturbating while sniffing my boxers, and doesn’t it seem a bit odd that your panties just fell off right in front of my door while me and Anna were doing it?” I said making her shift where she was sitting.

“mom just tell me what you want, tell me your true feelings are I’m not gonna judge you”

“oh god” she said burying her hands into her face more.

“No matter how I deny it I want my own son I’m a horrible mother!”

I walked up to her and wrapped my arms tightly around my mother while saying. “ mom your not horrible at all your the best mom ever. You've been raising me and Anna for six years now and me and her don’t have a single complaint against you beside your weird tastes.” I said trying to cheer her up. She cracked a smile at my joke and uncovered her face.

“really? Do you mean that?”

“of course mom I love you and I mean every word and to be honest I've been attracted to you for a long time now so there’s no need for you to feel bad ok?”

“what how could you be attracted to me? Nobody has ever been attracted to this child body.”

“but they don’t have any idea how great your brains and personality are.”

“now your just flattering me”

“no mom I really mean it I’ve wanted you for so long now you may think I’m just some perv but its true I’m attracted to you, your body, your brains, everything! and if I have to show it to you then I will.”

“ok” she said meekly.

“ok what?”

“show it to me show me that your really attracted to me”. I actually stepped back at this. “is my mom really asking me to have sex with her? I mean I’m not complaining just unexpected” I thought to myself.

“are you sure you want this mom cause I'll really do this” she shyly nodded her head.

I sat down next to her and looked into her eyes “ I love you so much and not just as my mother I love you as a woman” I said as I leaned down and kissed her tiny lips. Her lips were small and soft as they pressed against mine I sighed at the feeling of accomplishment I'm finally getting to be with my mother its like the greatest feeling ever like every nerve is going off at once. I felt my moms tongue press against the entrance to my mouth. I opened my mouth to allow her small tongue to enter my mouth and I reciprocate the action by push my tongue into her mouth as well. You could tell she was inexperienced but that just made it all the more better as our tongues swirled around each others mouths she sucked on my tongue and playfully bit on it as well. Her lack of experience was well made up for with enthusiasm.

We kissed for what seemed like forever but eventually we separated. When we pulled apart mom was breathing heavily and had her mouth hung open, her cheeks were flushed and her eyes were heavy.

“th- that was amazing I didn’t know kissing felt that good”

“there's stuff that feels even better than just kissing you know”

“please can we continue Alex I want to go further so bad”

I kissed her again but this time pulled her down on the bed with me and rolled so that I was on top of her and I slowly started pulling her shirt off. Her chest didn't really have anything there just a flat surface with two tiny nipples but it was this that made it even better, it showed her innocence. I kissed along her neck looking for her sweet spot that makes any girl moan, while I moved my hand down and played with her tiny nipples rubbing them twisting them and lightly pinching them all while she moaned below me. I found her sweet spot and I swear it seemed like she almost came as I started sucking and kissing on it.

“oh yes! Oh god! That feels so good, I didn't know it could even be so sensitive there ooohhhhh” she moan breathlessly.

“then your gonna love this next part” I said as I started kissing down her chest sucking on each of her nipples for a second, then I continued kissing down her small stomach until I reached her waistline and started unbuttoning her pants, kissing along her slowly revealing lower half until I reach her panties and I pull them down as well revealing her small hairless mound her body much to young to grow hair there yet and I plant a gentle kiss off to the side of it as I pull off the rest of her clothing completely off.

Now I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve never eaten a girl out before so I definitely don’t have any experience but hell if I wasn't gonna try. I placed another soft kiss at her lower lips eliciting a soft moan from her at the new feeling I stuck my tongue out moving closer to her small entrance until I gently poked at her lips. I pushed my tongue a little further into her tunnel and to the best of my ability started licking around running my tongue all along her inner walls, while she above was moaning and gasping.
I was truly glad she's never had anybody ever do this to her before because if she did she'd know I was absolutely terrible at it, but thanks to her inexperience this is just another new sensation to her. Fluids started rushing down her small tunnel onto my tongue and I gotta say it's a lot better than some of the guys I know have said it tastes like in fact it tasted a little sweet to me. Soon enough she was writhing on top of me gasping “oh.. Alex … I'm gonna...”. I moved my head up this instance and licked at her sucked on her clit causing her to scream “CUM!!!!!!!!!”. As her fluids rushed onto me causing me to drink down her gushing torrent.

When here breathing finally calmed down enough I moved up and kissed her deeply plunging my tongue into her mouth to which she reciprocated. As I pulled away I heard her say.

“hmm so that’s what I taste like.” she said with a slight chuckle and I couldn't help but chuckle with her.

“now I think it's time for me to reciprocate the favor” this statement quickly shook me from my chuckling mood, as I stood up extremely fast perhaps to fast as I got a little light headed. While I was trying to regain my thoughts I was already being pushed right back down. When I looked down I saw my mother pulling my pants off my ankles which she must have taken off while I was in my daze, then she pulled off my boxers and all I heard was a large audible gasp as she looked upon my manhood before her. Standing at full mast she slowly wrapped her hands around my large pole, and yes I say hands as in plural because her tiny hands are so small they cant even grasp around my full shaft.

Her tiny hands send shivers through my body as they slowly move up and down along my pole causing me to moan. “oh god mom!” she smiles at this and starts speeding up hers strokes. She then stopped rubbing my shaft, and sits up to straddle my legs but she then presses my full member along her body giving me a full body hand job. Not to brag or anything but with her tiny frame and my member beginning at her groin and ending just a but over halfway up her stomach made my member feel even larger than it already was. She slowly started moving her body up and down my member almost like she was riding on one inside of her as well. Her body felt amazing and even at certain points if she got down low enough the tip of my dick would rub up against her nipples and she would let out a small moan every time, “apparently her nipples are extremely sensitive” I thought to my self.

She got off of me again causing me to groan louder than I expected but she just gave me a smirk that looked to say “you wont be complaining for much longer”. Then she brought her head down to crotch level and wrapped her hands around it once more. I thought she was gonna finish me off with a hand job but then I felt her tongue gently lick the tip and causing me to moan in unexpected pleasure. She started licking all over my member the head, the shaft, she even sucked on each of my balls for a second. She pulled back for a second a mouthed a few words that I couldn't hear and then took a deep breath and moved her lips over my member slowly taking about only about two inches at most due to her small mouth, but what she got in there felt amazing as I felt her tongue flick along the bottom side of my member her small mouth was amazing it was tight and wet almost like a much smaller pussy. She started bobbing her head up and down my member or what she could take of it at least, until she reached up and grabbed my hands placing them on the back of her head she pulled off for a second a said.

“ I want you to take control do whatever you want take it slow or fuck my face do what ever you want” she almost growled as she shoved her head back down onto my member waiting for me to start moving. I knew exactly what I wanted to do but I wasn't exactly sure I looked down into her eyes and received a small nod as if she knew what I was thinking about which gave me all I needed to know as I stood up causing her to have to stand up as well to stay level with my crotch. I started slowly at first just to test how it would go rocking my hips back and forth while moving her head along with my thrusts until I started moving faster and faster thrusting into her mouth and to my surprise mom was a natural cock sucker as she was now at least taking four inches down her throat as I fucked her face drool and mucus slowly pouring out from the sides while tears were streaming down her face not from pain but from the sudden intruder and her eyes rolling back into her head, I don’t know what it is but I find this look to be incredibly sexy and the fact that I’m seeing it on an 8 year old's face made it even better I know its sick but at this point I don’t give a damn. I felt myself slowly rising to my peak while I fucked her small mouth pussy and throat and groaned “here it comes” as the first shot hit her throat it caused her to gag from the unexpected force and pulled off of my rod as a few shots hit her in the face until she put her mouth back over the head and took every last gob into her mouth and swallowed it all.
She opened her mouth to show me that it was all gone and I had to resist patting her head and calling her a good girl.

“god son your cum is so delicious I think I’m gonna put it into all my sandwiches and eat it for lunch every day” we both laughed after saying this and she continued “ but I know what you wanna do next and I'm sorry we just cant have sex” my face sunk at this and she noticed “now hold on a minute I just don’t think we should a mother and son should cross that line, but that doesn’t mean we cant do other things does it? Anytime you want to you can fuck my mouth and have me give you hand jobs anywhere and anytime you want. Don’t forget you have Anna too you know so I think you'll be fine with out having me and besides I’d think you'd split me in half anyways” she chuckled

“but mom I want you I’ve wanted you for years! Yes Anna is important but I've wanted you for so long I can do both you and her and we already did all this other stuff too why cant we?” I know I sound like a little kid but I cant help it I feel like I was offered a delicious lollipop (or should I say loli- pop and but only give the stick.

“are you really gonna complain cause I can take it all away if you want. I just don’t think a mother and son should cross that line and that that ok?”

“ok” I huff then I realize I really do sound like a kid right now and start laugh which cause mom to give me a weird look.

“what? Whats so funny?” she asked

“us” I simply stated “we really do sound like a mother and son at this moment when did you become so mature” then she actually started laughing here too once we calm down from another laughter fit I lean up and kiss her not a passionate kiss more of a slow I love you kiss.

When we pulled away in unison we both said “ I love you” we looked into each others eyes for a second and smiled at each other pulling ourselves into another kiss.

The next morning I woke up to my mothers' naked form cuddling mine with only a blanket draped over us. I also realize that the beast has awoken to I silently curse all morning wood in existence. I feel my mother slowly stir awake as well.

As she stretches her arms out I hear a small “good morning darling” and a giggle as I realized she saw my morning wood.

“want me to take care of that” she says with a smile and a glimmer in her eye.

As I walked into the kitchen dressed in what I was wearing last night which was just a pair of jeans as I didn’t put on a t-shirt. I silently thanked morning woods for existing.

I saw all the girls beside my mom standing around the kitchen giggling.

“what?” I ask wanting to know whats with the giggles.

“you, man you sure do make em moan don't ya” said melody with a huge grin on her face. It took me a second to get what she was talking about but when I did I turned a dark shade of crimson. I looked over at Anna who was also turning red at this too. Melody and Willow were both just sitting there giggling,

“you wont be laughing about it once I do the same to you” I said as a tease with a grin and a wink. Anna laughed when I said that because the look on Melodys' face was priceless, this time it was her turn to be the one blushing. At this point my mom came into the room wiping off her mouth causing another fit of giggles this time from all the girls while mom just stood there wondering what was so funny.

“well come on then” melody said to me waving her arm signaling to follow her into the backyard.

“what for?”

“I'm gonna train you obviously”

“train me? What about Anna and mom?they're not supposed to know about it right?”

“ don’t worry about it a cast a spell on both of them so that they would ignore anything from out here unless told other wise”

“wait you cast magic on my mom and sister? That’s not cool”

“well lets see it was either that or watch them have a panic attack while your throwing spells off in the yard”

“fine” I said with a sigh.

“see that’s what I like to hear” she said while giving me a hard punch to the shoulder.

“OW! What the hell!” I yelled but she just ignored it

“ok now I’m gonna give you the steps on how to make a fire ball the longer it takes to make one the better understanding I have of how long it'll take to train you”

I was honestly shaking I wasn't scared or anything I was just extremely excited to be learning magic.

“I'm going to be giving you all the directions so I want you to follow what ever I say to a T got it?”

I just nodded at her.

“ok first things first stick out your arms holding them out straight and close your eyes, then next clear out your mind and imagine a fire it can be anything from a ball of fire itself to a fire place, next imagine your hand grasping the flame making it yours taking control of it like a puppet on a string you could say.”

I followed every step she gave I held my arms out,closed my eyes, imagined a fire, grasped it with my hands taking control.

“very good very good I've never seen this kinda speed before just what you'd expect of a creator huh?”

as she said this I started hearing this whooshing noise like air being sucked up, I opened my eyes and felt the heat on my hands as I looked down to see a huge ball of fire slowly shrinking on its own the sound of air still being sucked in going on all around me.

“HAHA LOOK AT THIS, THIS IS AMAZING! I DID IT! I'VE USED MAGIC!!!!” I shouted at the top of my lungs.

“Melody look at this this is amazing huh? Melody?” as I looked at her she was slowly backing away.

“Alex I need you to cancel that spell right now just listen to what I tell you”

“Melody whats wrong why do I need to shut it of-”

“Alex shut up and just listen to me. Now I want you to slowly bring your hands together tightly and say the words “Elibera” so do it now!”

I slowly brought my hands together the air getting louder all around me clasping them tightly I said

“Elibera” and suddenly it was all gone the fire ball the air as if all the magic just vanished from the world.

“now whats going on? Why did I have to stop?”

“Because you idiot you didn't clear your mind when you started the spell”

“what does that have to do with stopping it?”

“it has everything to do with it! You don’t get it when you don’t clear your mind all your violent emotions seep in, even if you don’t feel violent but they do, that plus your magical powers already if I didn’t stop you there well.”

“well what? What would've happened?”

“you would have exploded. All your power would've been sucked in there and been pushed right back out, the force of the explosion would've rivaled that of a nuclear bomb”

I fell on my ass when she told me that I would’ve just leveled the city because of one small mistake.

“I- I didn't realize I could've-”

“well its all good now ok but promise me you will listen and do exactly as I say while I’m teaching you promise me”

“ I promise I will listen to you”

“ok good now get up we have a lot more training to do”

we trained for six hours in the back yard, after about the first hour or so we realized the fireball spell would be to dangerous to teach so we focused on other spells and the history of magic. There was one thing that did pique my interest though.

“... Alex this is a warning if you ever find a book called the Octulus stay away from it! The book has been missing for thousands of years but if anyone were to ever find it they would have the power to destroy the entire universe.”

“what does the book say?”

“nobody remembers what the book said the last person to read it died five thousand years ago so nobody knows what it actually says but its said the book has the power to control darkness itself.”

I was leaving the backyard into the house when willow stopped me.

“hey can we stalk for a minute?”

“yeah sure whats wrong?”

“well I've been here for 3 days now and I feel that its about time that I should go home”

“are you sure I mean you could be in danger too”

“ its fine I'm positive they have no idea it was me ok”

“alright but still I'll take you home to make sure its all safe alright?”

“that’s fine by me but I promise its fine”

“I'm still going no if ands or buts about it ok”

“fine what time can you be ready to go?”

“just give me about 10 minutes ok and I'll be ready”

“okay see you then”

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