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The days drifted past as Jason and Audrey continued to enjoy each other at every opportunity.

No longer did she come rushing through the bedroom door to jump into his arms every morning as she was now sleeping beside him in his bed, so instead she would kiss him tenderly when she woke. She would shower first and get ready for school, before preparing breakfast as he showered and dressed. The morning ritual had undergone another change in that she would bend over the table when breakfast was done, flip up her short skirt to display her perfect pussy and plugged ass, and breathlessly beg him to fuck her. This was a request he was more than happy to satisfy, fucking her steadily until his warm jizz filled her cunt to capacity, before she slipped her panties on to hold his cum inside her for the day.

Every afternoon he would be waiting outside her school in his pick-up, and she would happily tell him about her day as they drove home. Sometimes they would swim and laze around the pool, enjoying the warm afternoon breezes with a glass of wine or champagne, other days they would clean up a little or watch another of Audrey’s adult movies before fucking each other to standstill. The only consistent interruption to their growing lust was the need for food, and sometimes they cooked while others saw them waiting for home delivery if they felt tired or lazy. They were just finishing some Chinese take-out on Thursday night when Jason’s cell started playing Amanda’s call theme and he picked up his phone.

“Hey babe!” He greeted her with heartfelt enthusiasm. “So good to hear from you, we thought you’d forgotten about us.”

“I miss you guys too.” She agreed, but the tone in her voice suggested there was bad news coming. “Ummm....look....I may have to stay a little longer than I thought. Things are such a mess here that I don’t think we can get it done by tomorrow.”

Audrey saw an angry black look come over Jason’s face and knew this wasn’t going well. “You’re kidding.” He snapped. “You’re fucking kidding. Jesus Amanda, this is out of control!”

“Look Jason, I’m not happy about this either, ok?” She snapped in reply, her attempt to gently break the news clearly less than successful.

“So what are you saying here?” He fired back. “All you’re giving me is maybe and kind of and possibly. I want you home and so does Audrey. Does anyone there know what they’re doing, and more importantly, how long it will take?”

Jason had no way of knowing that Amanda had been working until at least midnight every night, and every aspect of this restructure was riddled with complex unforseen problems. Without the chance for decent rest her fuse was extremely short, and he had struck the match that lit it. “Fuck you Jason!” She spat into her cell. “I’m working my ass off here! Who do you think earns the money to support us?” That was brutal assault on his manhood, and the moment the words left her lips she knew she’d made a terrible mistake. “Oh God Jason, I’m just so tired, and I’m...”

“Now you listen to me.” He interrupted. “I’ve told you countless times I couldn’t give a flying fuck about the money! Sure, we needed it when Audrey was a baby and I got laid off, but we sure don’t need it now. We don’t want to live in a mansion, we don’t feel the need to drive expensive luxury cars, and we’ve got more than enough money to send Audrey right through college now. This is about you and your ego, and how you’ve become so fucking corporate you’ve lost sight of what’s really important. You have a family Amanda, a family that loves you very much. But you spend so much time away or working late, and when you’re not doing that you’re bringing work home. You’ve lost the plot, pure and simple!”

“That’s not fair!” She almost screamed into the phone.

He rode over the top of her again, in no mood to hear her out. “What’s not fair is the way you’re neglecting us. Cut the crap! When are you coming home?”

“We’re thinking Tuesday, maybe late Monday if we catch a break.”

“Yeah, right!” He sneered. “Message me when you finally work it out.” With that he ended the call and slammed the phone down in disgust.

Audrey was sitting quietly on a chair, holding her breath as things deteriorated from bad to worse. She watched him stride over to the bar and pour a shot of Bourbon that went straight down his throat. He was about to fill the glass for a second round when a tiny hand slid over the top. He glanced around, his face still dark and angry. “Daddy....please.” Audrey said softly. “I know you’re angry....but please just stop for a minute. You told me about what would happen if I got drunk, and I don’t want you to feel that bad. Maybe....we could find another help you feel better.”

He was on the verge of slapping her hand away when the voice of reason finally intervened. “Don’t even think about it dickhead! She’s making good sense so maybe you should listen. Don’t take out your anger on the one person who’s trying to help you!”

He put the bottle back on the bar, rested his hands on the tiled surface, and took a couple of deep, steadying breaths. “You’re right baby. You’re absolutely right. Just give me a get myself back together.”

“You got it Daddy.” She said quietly, the temporary silence interrupted as her cell started playing music. “That’s Mom. Do you want me to answer it, or let it go?”

He shrugged his shoulders so she hurried over, hesitating for a second before she answered the call and put in on speaker. She had no wish to get in the middle of a shit-storm between her parents, but there was no question where her loyalties lay. “Honey? Are you there?” Amanda asked.

“Yes Mom, I’m here.”

“Where are you Audrey? The phone sounds funny.” She asked.

“I’m in the laundry right now Mom.” She lied easily.

“Umm...ok. Look, I just had a big fight with your Dad.” Amanda admitted.

“I know Mom, I was in the den with him.”

“Ok, so you slipped into the laundry for some privacy? Good girl.”

“What’s going on Mom?” Audrey asked, wanting her to get to the point before Jason decided to have another drink. “I gather you’re going to be staying longer.....again.”

“Don’t tell me you’re going to give me a hard time about that too Audrey.” She said in a stern tone.

“Mom, this happens almost every time now. I don’t want to finish up in the middle of some kind of fight between you and Dad and I only heard half the conversation, but from what I heard maybe he’s got a point.”

She sighed softly. “Oh shit, is it so wrong to want a career that I enjoy?”

“I guess that depends on what’s important to you Mom.” She said simply.

“OK!” Amanda came back. “Obviously you’re pissed at me as well. Look, I should be home on Tuesday, maybe even Monday, and we can talk about it then. In the meantime, can you please tell him I’m really tired, and I’m very sorry for what I said? It was wrong and I really regret it, so just tell him I apologised.”

“If that’s what you want then sure, I’ll tell him.” Audrey replied, looking straight into Jason’s eyes. “But I think it would be better if you told him yourself.”

“Something tells me he wouldn’t take my call right now.” Amanda acknowledged.

“Then call him tomorrow Mom, but I’ll give him your message. Look, I probably should go, I think I can hear Dad calling me.”

“Ok Honey. Remember I love you!”

“I love you too Mom, but it’d be really nice to tell you in person.” Audrey said, ending the call before Amanda could add anything more.

Jason realized his daughter had drawn her own line in the sand, and he smiled a silent acknowledgement. She gave him a tentative smile in return. “Are you ok Dad?” She asked.

“I guess so.” He replied, though she felt there was something else he wanted to say. She was tempted to ask but remained silent, figuring he would tell her what was on his mind when he was ready.

She didn’t have to wait long. He coughed to clear his throat and looked across at her. “Last weekend you were talking about having your friends over for a special sleepover.” He said quietly. “Is that still.....a possibility?”

“I’m sure it is Dad.” She replied breathlessly. “I could check with Tracey and Amy tomorrow....if you want me to. What did you have in mind?”

“Maybe they’d like to come over around lunchtime Saturday, and we can have a barbecue and spend the afternoon round the pool or whatever else you girls would like to do. Sleepover Saturday night, and their parents could pick them up late Sunday morning, or we could drop them home. Do you think that would be ok, or is it too short notice?”

“Daddy, I think they’ll cancel whatever plans they’ve got to be here.” She grinned.

“There’s just one thing that still makes uncomfortable, and that’s the chance they might let something slip. I mean, the girl you spoke about showed you the video on her cell, and she really should have kept that private. Can you think of any way we can really lock this down tight?”

“Not right now Daddy.” She answered honestly, before her face grew a wide smile. “But, I’m pretty sure I can come up with something.”

“That’d be great if you could.” He replied, feeling somewhat reassured.

“Leave it to me Daddy. I’ll tell you if everything’s ok when you pick me up after school tomorrow. I might send them a text now.” She picked up her cell and her fingers flew across the screen before she simply said. “Done.”

That night was the first time they didn’t fuck their way around the house as neither was really in the mood. So they went to bed early and held each other, before Audrey convinced Jason to make love to her. He took a while to get started, seemingly distracted by the earlier fight with Amanda, but she finally convinced him and he slid inside her and made gentle love until a satisfied tiredness overcame them.

The next morning his spirits seemed to have lifted, and he indulged her wish for a cunt-full of cum before she slid her panties up her legs and he drove her to school. As he kissed her goodbye she assured him she’d let him know if Tracey and Amy were coming over tomorrow.

At work he found it difficult to concentrate even on mundane tasks, as his mind kept drifting to what could potentially happen the next day. Images of firm young bodies kept flitting across his mind as he’d seen both girls in tiny bikinis, tight midriff tops and cut-off shorts, and occasionally some skimpy sleepwear, but this was altogether different now. He shook his head as he wondered how girls of such a tender age could be prepared to indulge in sex with the father of a friend, and whether this would really happen. He wondered if, when push came to shove, they would actually go through with it, though Audrey seemed to have no doubts. When he thought back he remembered how each had teased him on occasion, sometimes a seemingly accidental brush against him, other times something more deliberate, as though they were testing the waters to see how he reacted. The last time they had stayed over he was sure Tracey was wearing a bra under her little tank top when she arrived, but after taking her bag to Audrey’s room her straining nipples and bouncing breasts had convinced him he was mistaken, and had him wondering how her parents had allowed her to leave home dressed that way. He made a mental note to pay closer attention if she came over tomorrow.

The day dragged by painfully, minutes seeming like hours until quitting time finally came round, and he breathed a huge sigh of relief as he washed up and got in his pick up. As usual he had just found a parking spot when the school bell rang, and a torrent of happy children poured out of the buildings to start their weekend.

Audrey waved happily when she saw him and ran over, climbing up into the passenger seat as he started the engine. As he pulled out from the kerb he glanced across and saw her eyes were gleaming. “How was your day Daddy?” She asked happily.

“LONG baby!” He laughed. “For some reason I just couldn’t focus on work today. Guess I had other things on my mind.”

“Really?” She giggled. “I can’t understand what that would be.”

“So are you going to tell me, or make me beg?”

“Begging sounds cool Dad.” She smiled across the cabin. “I’ve never seen you do that.” Jason tried a stern parental frown, which tanked badly but she nodded that she would tell him anyway. “Amy is definitely in, and she’s so excited about it! Tracey got a yes from her Mom, but just has to run it past her Dad when he gets home as she was supposed to be going to some boring family thing, but she swears she’ll talk him round.”

“Did you give any thought to how we can make sure this stays private?” He asked breathlessly, as this was the only negative factor weighing on his mind.

She gave him a beaming smile. “Yeah, and I think you’ll really like it. I was honest with them and told them about your concerns, and I said the only way you’d go for it is if they give you solid proof they’d never tell. I came up with an idea this morning, so I told them they had to send you a selfie of themselves naked, doing something naughty, and it has to show their faces. I promised them you’d store it on a computer and not leave it on your cell in case it gets lost or stolen, and you’d post it on the net if they every talk about what we get up to.”

This sounded ok apart from one detail. “A selfie?” What the heck is that baby?”

She groaned. “God Daddy, how can someone so cool be so old sometimes? I swear! A selfie is a picture of yourself that you take with your cell. I can’t believe you’ve never heard of it.”

“Ok, I get it.” He acknowledged. “So, are they really going to do it?” Jason was incredulous, unable to believe either girl would go for it.

“We’ll soon see Daddy.” She assured him. “I told them no selfie, no sleepover. They’ve got your number and promised they’d send something to your cell tonight.”

Now he was really having trouble believing his ears. “They’re...going to send them to me....not to you? Wow!”

She lounged back against the door. “I told them it’s up to you to say yes or no, so I’d have to show them to you anyway.”

He shook his head in disbelief. “Fuck, I am getting old. I’m really struggling to believe your sweet little friends are into stuff like this.”

“I wouldn’t say they’re into it Daddy, at least one of them hasn’t been until now.” She replied simply. “But I did tell you they both think you’re hot, so go figure.”

“You’re not going to tell me which one has been having sex with her father are you?” He enquired somewhat hopefully.

“Nope.” She replied simply. “But I’m sure you’ll work it out tomorrow.”

He left it that, knowing it really didn’t make a difference to their indulgent plans. “Are you planning on having some fun with your girlfriends?”

“Hell yes!” She replied emphatically as she started stroking his thigh. “There’s three of us and one of you, so unless you want be worn out by dinner time I’ll need to keep at least one of them busy. Besides, I’m sure you wouldn’t mind seeing some girl on girl fun....would you?”

“No question about that honey.” He replied with noticeable enthusiasm. “No fucking question at all!”

“That’s what I thought.” She agreed. “Do you think we’d have time to go shopping tomorrow? I could really use a nice nightie, and maybe a new bikini?”

He glanced at his watch. “Plenty of time now Audrey. Do you want to swing by the mall on the way home?”

“If we’ve got time, that’d be great Daddy.”

They detoured to the mall and Audrey seemed to know exactly what she wanted, and while she was getting her wardrobe sorted Jason picked up some wine, champagne and meat for the barbecue. When they arrived home she grudgingly suggested it would be best if she took care of her homework so she could relax knowing it was done, and Jason headed outside and gave the pool area a quick straighten up before the fading light drove him inside. He didn’t want to spend Saturday morning doing last minute chores, so he put on a load of washing and tidied the den before giving the bathroom a thorough clean until it gleamed in the light.

He was just stretching out some stiff muscles when he sensed a presence behind him, and turned to see Audrey wearing her heels and stay-up stockings, a tiny white wraparound mini-skirt, and a happy smile. She was holding two wine glasses and handed one to him. “Bathroom looks great Dad.” She complimented.

“Thanks baby. Get your homework done?”

“Sure did.” She nodded. “I really didn’t want to be worrying about getting it finished and having to rush it Sunday night.”

“Can’t argue with that. I think it’s really sensible to get it done now so you can relax. Any thoughts on what you’d like for dinner?”

She gave him a beaming grin. “Maybe some red meat Dad. You’ll need to keep your strength up.”

He laughed loudly. “That’s what I call good advice. Grab some steaks and I’ll cook them on the barbecue.”

They had just walked into the kitchen when his cell chimed, and he scrambled eagerly to pull it out of his pocket. Sure enough it was a message from Amy and he swiped the screen to open it. “hey mr weston, or should I call u “daddy” this weekend? Lol! hope these pics covers cost of admission to your party. SOOO looking forward to seeing u 2morrow, al, xox.” He opened the attachment and dropped the cell in surprise, just managing to break its fall with his foot before it clattered on the floor.

“Lemme see!” Audrey squealed, moving in close to see the image. Amy was standing naked in front of a full length mirror, her legs bent as she straddled a wine bottle sitting on a pile of books. The neck of the bottle was firmly wedged between her labia, and her face smiled at the camera. There was a second picture and this was a similar shot, except this time the base of bottle was two inches above the books. “Oh Fuck.” Audrey hissed. “That’s what I call muscle control!!!”

Jason nodded dumbly and looked at the images again in disbelief, his cock stretching to full hardness in world record time. “My God, she’s so sexy baby.” He whispered hoarsely, and she smiled happily in agreement. A burning smell tore his attention away as he realized the steaks were moving past medium and heading toward well-done, so he turned the burners down and flipped them carefully.

Audrey had bought plates and cutlery so he finished cooking, gave the steaks a few minutes to settle, and then served the food. “The meat is probably is little overdone Audrey.” He smiled ruefully.

“Just don’t do that at lunch tomorrow Daddy.” She teased. “You’ll need to be on top of your game then.”

“I sure will!” He laughed, and they sat down and enjoyed their dinner.

A second chime vibrated in his pocket just as he was wiping his lips with a napkin. Again he reached for his cell, though this time with a little more care as he didn’t want to tempt fate twice in the one night. As he hoped this one was from Tracey. “hallo handsome! im so looking forward to playing with my bff and her dad, specially her dad! cant wait till 2morrow. tracey xxx.” Once again Audrey was desperate to see the picture, and waited anxiously for him to open it. This showed Tracey lounging back on her bed leaning against a pile of pillows, and she was also naked as Audrey had instructed. Her fingers were holding her labia apart, and a banana was protruding from her gleaming pussy.

Jason nearly came on the spot as her surveyed her perfect young body and tight B-cup breasts, noting her nipples were pointing proudly away from her chest. He grinned at Audrey before he leaned across the table to kiss her firmly on the lips. “I’m the luckiest man alive baby. I’ll never be able to thank you enough for doing this.”

“This is going to be epic Daddy.” She smiled back at him.

With dinner taken care of they cleared the table and went back inside, and Audrey moved behind him as he stacked the plates in the dishwasher. He felt her firm nipples pressing against his back as her hands slid around his waist, and then inside his shorts until her fingers wrapped around his cock. “Am I a good little slut Daddy? Are you happy that I’ve arranged for some of my foxy friends to come over?”

He leaned back against her, increasing the two pressure points against his skin. “You are the most wonderful slut a father could ask for honey.” He replied earnestly. “I’m so excited about tomorrow that I can’t believe it, and I really appreciate you doing this.”

“Does it make you hot thinking about the fresh cunt you’ll have to play with? Amy and Tracey were so excited when I told them you wanted them to come over; I’ll bet they’ll do anything you want.”

He groaned softly, feeling his shaft reach full firmness as her fingers slid across his oozing glans. “I don’t think I can put into words how excited I am baby, it’s going to be amazing!” He whispered softly.

She paused to slide his shorts down until he could step free, loving the feeling of having his hard cock free to stretch as her willing hands went back to work. “I’m so hot too Daddy.” She whispered. “My cunt is so wet right now; I don’t know how I can wait until tomorrow.”

He turned to face her and smiled down as she looked up at him with the fires of lust burning brightly in her eyes. “You really want to be my little slut, don’t you Audrey? It’s really important to you isn’t it?”

“Oh yes Daddy! I can’t explain why, but I want you to do everything to us tomorrow. Anything you want, anything at all. Whatever you want, we’ll do it. We could make this a regular thing if you like. We could have sex parties every time Mom goes away.”

He grinned at her infectious enthusiasm. “I think you’re getting a little ahead of yourself. We don’t know if they’d want to make this a regular thing.”

“Come on Daddy.” She giggled as she continued stroking his cock. “Do you honestly think they won’t be begging for more once they had a taste of this, or felt your lips on their pussies? Seriously?”

He laughed loudly, realizing it was a somewhat ludicrous comment. “Let’s just play it by ear. If they want to have regular fuck parties then I’m all for it.”

She started jacking him a little harder, her tiny hand squeezing beads of precum from his slit every time she stroked up to the tip. “I want another cum-bath Daddy. I want the biggest load you’ve ever given me all over my body. I’m going to play with your wonderful cock until you’re spraying cum everywhere.”

She leaned forward to flick her tongue over his glistening glans, dragging a long groan from his mouth. “Fuck Audrey, you do me so well baby girl. I love the way you can’t get enough of my cock. Are you sure you want to share me with your friends? I may not have enough to go round!”

She giggled at that suggestion. “I’m sure we’ll manage Daddy. Are you going to get nasty and dirty with us tomorrow, because I know I want you to.”

His balls were growing tighter by the second, his impending explosion building steadily. “What dirty things do you want me to do? If you tell me now I’ll see what I can do to make it happen.”

“Everything Daddy.” She laughed. “I’d love you to suck our tight little cunts, and I think the girls will go wild when you do them the way you do me. And Tracey has such awesome boobs, so it’d be really cool to see you tit-fuck her, and I’ve gotta tell you she can cum just from having her nipples played with, they’re just sooo sensitive! Maybe you could even fuck my ass while they watch us? I think that’d blow their minds watching your big, hard cock sliding in and out of my tight little ass.”

“Oh Jesus, you’re doing my fucking head in you little slut!” He groaned. “Do you really think they’d want to see that? I think they’d run screaming for the cops.”

“A good slut would do whatever her Daddy wanted, and give him any hole he wanted to slide his big, thick cock inside.” She breathed heavily.

“Oh FUCK! OH BABY! I’m getting real close. HERE....IT.....COMES!” He resisted the temptation to clench his eyes shut, instead looking down at the tiny figure who furiously jacked his cock, squeezing with all her strength. His first burst flew from his slit and sprayed all over her face, and again, and again. Rivers of cum streamed down her forehead, nose and cheeks but she was undeterred, actually leaning closer to ensure every drop made it to her skin. She raised her aim until her brown hair was soaked with thick trails of white jizz, before brushing his twitching glans with her lips as she opened her mouth and took his slowly diminishing stream into her throat. “AHHH.....FUUCCKKK!!” He groaned again, firing one final spurt past her lips before they closed around him.

She held him quietly in her mouth for a moment, and then bathed him ever so softly with her tongue before she slid back and sat quietly on the floor. He smiled down at her in quiet satisfaction. “You should give your Mom lessons in how to suck cock honey, because you are fucking amazing. I love your hot little mouth.”

He picked her up and walked unsteadily around the room, flicking off the lights before he carried her to his room. He lay her on the mattress and slid her legs apart, proceeding to spend an hour kissing, licking and sucking her pussy until she pleaded for him to stop. Satisfied he had returned her love with interest he turned off the light, held her in his arms, and drifted off to sleep.

When they woke on Saturday morning they were delighted to see it was a perfect spring day, with the occasional fluffy cloud the only thing visible in a brilliant blue sky. Jason had a long luxurious shower and shaved carefully; satisfied he had removed every trace of stubble before massaging after shave balm into his skin. Audrey slipped into the shower as he shaved, humming happily to herself as she stood under the streaming water. Jason headed for the kitchen and started cooking a hearty breakfast, knowing he would need plenty of energy for what was bound to be a strength-sapping day.

They had just finished doing the dishes when the doorbell rang and Audrey ran to greet her guest, returning with Amy and her mother Jenny. “Good morning ladies.” Jason greeted them happily. “Time for a coffee Jenny?” He enquired.

She smiled gratefully. “I’d love a coffee if you have time Jason. I have no idea why, but Amy has been bouncing off the walls since she woke up this morning. I swear we would have been here hours ago if she had her way.”

Jason poured two coffees as the girls disappeared and slid one across the table. “You know what teenage girls are like.” He laughed, and she nodded in knowing agreement.

“So, it’s just you? Amanda’s away again? You’re a brave man agreeing to have a sleepover on your own Jason.” Jenny acknowledged.

He smiled easily. “No big deal Jenny. It’s only Amy and Tracey so it’s not like I’ll have a houseful of rampaging teenagers. And they’re both great girls so I’m sure they’ll be no trouble.”

“Just the same, I don’t know of too many fathers that would even consider this without their wife around.” She assured him.

He shrugged his shoulders easily. “Well, Amanda’s away a lot these days, and I don’t think it’s right to put Audrey’s life on hold for that.”

“Good for you Jason. There are plenty of men who could take a leaf out of your book.” Jenny finished her coffee and stood up. “Well, I’m meeting some girlfriends for lunch, so don’t take any nonsense from her. Pick her up around this time tomorrow?”

He nodded in agreement. “That’ll be fine. Enjoy your lunch.”

She said goodbye to Amy with a semi-stern warning to behave herself. “Don’t worry Mom.” Amy assured her. “I’ll do WHATEVER Mister Weston tells me.”

The emphasis on “whatever” was something Jenny completely overlooked, but it caused Jason a moment’s discomfort at her thinly veiled double meaning.

No sooner had Jenny left than Tracey and her Dad pulled in the drive, and when Jeff got out of the car Jason had no concerns that he would want to hang around, and his outlandish clothing screamed that he was on his way for a round of golf. “Got an appointment with a little white ball Jeff?” Jason grinned as they shook hands.

“You bet.” He laughed. “Bag’s in trunk and my buddies have already called asking me how long I’m gonna be. I swear that girl has repacked her bag half a dozen times today. You should see the panic when we go on holidays.”

“I hear that.” Jason smiled. “I have no idea what women think of when they’re packing, but they seem to take forever and still forget something.”

“Damn straight.” Jeff replied. “Melanie or I’ll be round tomorrow to pick Tracey up. You try and have fun and I hope you get a few minutes peace.”

“We’ll be fine.” Jason assured him. “Have a good game.”

“Will do, see ya honey!” He called to Tracey who waved happily as he slid back behind the wheel.

Jason walked inside and closed the door, thankful that everyone had arrived and they had the house to themselves. Audrey had whisked the girls away to her room so peace reigned, at least for the moment. Jason wondered what would happen next and how and when things would get started, but figured they had plenty of time so there was no need to rush anything. It was probably best to let the girls get settled and just go with the flow.

He hadn’t planned too much, but did have a few things in mind so he took one of the champagne bottles from the refrigerator, poured some ice into a bucket, and took that outside before returning for some crystal flutes. He was just wondering if he should open the bottle when the girls came out, and the reason for their disappearance became totally obvious. They had changed out of the outfits they wore over, and they looked stunning. Amy had brushed out her long black hair and was wearing a tiny blue bikini top that just covered her nipples, a white wraparound skirt, and a pair of matching heels. When his gaze shifted to Tracey he knew he wasn’t mistaken about the last time she had come over, as once again he could clearly see her nipples straining against the fabric of her tiny midriff top, in face he could even see the swell of her pink breasts poking out from the bottom of the fabric. Her pussy was barely covered by a pair of low-waisted cut-off denim shorts that exposed more of her butt than they concealed and like her friend she was wearing heels. Audrey had a sheer white shirt knotted just below her breasts, and a tiny zip up skirt that provided a tantalizing glimpse of her tight butt and firm thighs.

The stood before him smiling, enjoying his burning gaze as he took in every tiny detail before finally looking up at their faces. “Man, you ladies are smoking hot!” He managed to say without tripping over his tongue as he picked up the bottle and started unwrapping the foil. “So welcome, can I interest anyone in a glass of champagne?”

They all grinned and nodded before Tracey spoke. “Champagne? Oh wow, this is gonna be one awesome weekend!”

“Fuck yeah!” Amy agreed, before she giggled and the covered her mouth. “Sorry Mister Weston. Potty-mouth problem.”

He smiled easily. “Relax girls. No parents here apart from me, so you can say anything you fucking like!”

Tracey walked over and took her glass, resting her hand flat on his chest before closing her eyes as she took a slow sip. “You are so cool Mister Weston, or should we call you Daddy this weekend?”

“Well I don’t think we need to worry about the Mister Weston stuff, so you can call me Jason or Daddy, whatever you prefer.” He assured her.

“Then I think I’ll call you Daddy if that’s ok. So tell me, Daddy, did you like the picture I sent you last night?”

“And mine too Daddy?” Amy added.

He grinned broadly. “Girls, those pictures were very, very hot. And you have my word they’re safely hidden away where nobody will find them unless they know exactly where to look.”

To his surprise neither appeared the least little bit concerned, so he took that as a show of trust, and they all picked a lounge and lay back as they sipped their drinks. The air was so thick with sexual tension Jason felt he could cut it with a knife, until Audrey broke the spell by standing and stretching. “It’s kinda hot today; I think I might go for a swim.” She unzipped her skit and slid it down her long legs before bending at the waist to take off her sexy heels which exposed the silicone plug resting firmly in her ass with the tiny string of her bikini bottoms sitting on top of it.

“Holy shit!” Amy whispered. “What have you got in your ass Audrey?”

Audrey grinned at her friend as she slid her shirt from her shoulders, revealing a top didn’t hide much either. “That’s my butt-plug. Daddy makes me wear it to stretch my little ass for when he fucks me. Do you like it?”

Amy was understandably surprised by her friend’s revelation, glancing at Jason in shock before she looked back at Audrey. “He fucks you.....back there? Are you serious? How can you take a cock in your ass?”

Audrey was enjoying being the centre of such hedonistic attention. “Daddy knows he can fuck me any way he wants, whenever he wants.” She answered matter-of-factly, as though she was discussing something completely mundane. “If you ask him nicely he might do me there later, and let you watch.”

“Oh fuck, that would be amazing!” Amy shook her head as though struggling to clear some cobwebs, before she stood and stripped off to reveal a tiny black bikini that was a little more modest than Audrey’s, but only just.

Tracey watched her friends with a wicked gleam in her eye and then feigned surprise. “Oh shit. I remembered my bottoms, but forgot my top. Silly me! I guess I’ll just have to swim topless.” With that she slipped her tiny top over her head and exposed her magnificent breasts to Jason for the first time. “See something you like Daddy?” She teased as her eyes held his and she slid her skimpy shorts down her long slender legs.

Jason had never seen such a perfect pair of breasts in his entire life, and could do little more than nod. But then something snapped inside him, so he grinned at her as he remembered Audrey’s earlier advice about how sensitive her nipples were. “Why don’t bring those incredible tits over here Tracey, now!” He instructed as he pointed down at his lap. She hurried over and straddled him as he reached into the ice bucket. She sat down on his painfully rigid cock, squirming to either make him harder still, or find a comfortable position for her butt.

He held a melting ice cube in his hand, and started rubbing it slowly over her firm nipple. “Ahhhhh!” She moaned softly, arching her back and pushing her breasts closer. His free hand slipped into the bucket and found another cube, so that both hands could work on her rapidly hardening nipples. “ My....FUCKING....GOD! That...feels so cold Daddy, so cold...but so fucking good!”

Her heat was intense, radiating from her skin like a sun lamp as the ice rapidly melted until his wet fingers brushed against her rigid buttons. His cock was painfully hard, twisted as it was under her weight, but he ignored the discomfort as he squeezed and stretched her pink flesh. He dipped his head and took a nipple between his lips, flicking his tongue over the tip and amazed to feel that she came immediately, her cascading juices flooding his lap with sweet-scented teenage cum. Overcome with lust he bit her nipple gently, and she squealed in his ear as she pulled his body against hers and came again. Tiny gasping sounds trickling from her lips as he made love to her breasts with his mouth, his shorts dripping wet until she moved her body away. “Oh stop Daddy, please stop. I.... can’t take....any more!”

Amy and Audrey were watching intently, struggling to believe their friend had come so hard and so often from nipple-play alone despite having witnessed it before. Both girls were flushed and breathing heavily, and while Jason wanted nothing more than to bury his cock in a steaming cunt he took a couple of deep breaths, slid Tracey’s her heels from her slim feet, picked her up easily and walked down the steps into the pool with her cradled in his arms. The cool water brought her quickly back to life, and she grinned up at him before kissing him softly on the lips. “Thank you Daddy. That was so good.....just intense. I’ve never cum like that playing with myself.”

“You’re very welcome.” He assured her. “And that may have been your first cum for the weekend, but there’s no way it’ll be your last.”

She giggled and released her hold on his neck, slowly swimming away before she turned and trod water. “I’ll hold you to that!”

In the meantime Audrey and Amy had slid into the cool water, and swam up to him together. Audrey took Tracey’s place in his arms, wrapping her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist as Amy disappeared behind him. Her eyes glistened as she kissed him. “That was really something wasn’t it? Can you believe how much she cums when you play with her tits?”

He laughed loudly. “That was pretty amazing.” He agreed. “I’ve never seen anything like that before, but I know I’m going to have some serious fun with her tonight.”

He was pleasantly distracted as he felt a hand slide around his waist and wet body brush against him from behind. A pair of lips kissed his back as a hand slid down his shorts and fondled his cock, not gripping it just yet but carefully exploring, identifying the size and girth as it trailed downward. “My God.” Amy whispered from behind him. “Your cock is so much bigger than my Dad’s!”

That somewhat innocuous comment grabbed Jason’s attention with both hands and he was thankful she couldn’t see his reaction, as he was sure it was Tracey that had been fucking her father, not this tiny girl behind him. Tommy and Jenny had been over several times and he never had the slightest inkling he was deeply involved in an incestuous relationship, which then had him wondering if Jenny knew, or had ever joined them.

“Your Dad honey?” He said softly as Audrey grinned at him. “Do you mean to tell me you’ve been fucking your Daddy?”

A soft giggle provided any additional confirmation required. “You’re not the only one messing with someone you shouldn’t be.” She laughed quietly.

“Can I ask....if your Mom knows about this?” He whispered breathlessly.

“Knows about it? Hell, as soon as she knows we’re going to get dirty she’s right in the middle of it. We’ve had some really wild private parties at our place....Daddy. And I hope this one will be right up there!”

“So you like getting down and dirty?” He asked directly.

“Every chance I get.” She replied directly, to the point he wondered if that was a subtle challenge.

“Take off your bikini and sit on pool edge.” He responded, and he heard slight splashing behind him until two tiny pieces of clothing were draped over his shoulder.

She swam smoothly past him and used her strength to hop out the pool, before she spun round and sat with her legs dangling in the cool water. Audrey released her grip and swam away a few feet, watching as Jason eased between Amy’s thighs. The first thing he noticed was a small but surprisingly dense patch of jet black pubic hair, though it was trimmed on the sides to avoid embarrassment when she wore a bikini. “Have you ever shaved there Amy?” He asked in genuine interest.

She shook her head. “I keep it trimmed...for obvious reasons as it’s really dark, but I’ve never shaved it all off if that’s what you’re asking.”

He nodded and spoke softly. “I’d like to shave it later....all of it....if that’s ok.”

A tiny tremor rippled through her, and her legs eased further apart as if beyond her conscious control. “If that’s what you want....that’s fine with me. It’ll probably turn my Daddy on as well.”

“I can assure will.” He replied simply, crouching down before gripping her labia, easing them to the sides, and feasting on her slick pussy as his deviant mouth went to work. His tongue played her like a musical instrument, flicking over her firm little clit before sliding deep inside her tiny cunt and bringing her to a dizzying cum in what seemed like moments. Her hands found a resting place on his head, applying increasing pressure as she struggled to contain her breathless screams before he took her to the indulgent heights of ecstasy again.

Just as he decided to allow her to rest another pair of slender legs slid into the water, and he looked up to see a fresh cunt with tiny trails of blonde hair. Tracey spread her legs wide apart and she looked down him flushed with excitement. “You can shave my cunt too...if you like.”

He smiled up at her and nodded just as another splash on the other side alerted him to Audrey’s arrival, and he glanced up to see her grinning down at him. “I shaved my pussy this morning Daddy, but I’d love to watch you shaving these slutty cunts.”

His cock twitched painfully and he reached down and tugged his shorts off, before he went down on Tracey’s perfect little pussy. Her clit was almost as responsive as her nipples, and it only took a minute or two to bring her to gasping, flooding climax, so he moved quickly past a recovering Amy and attacked his daughter’s pussy like a voracious animal. When she came he moved back to Amy and took her through another trembling, pulsating cum, before taking Tracey and Audrey back to lustful satisfaction. He finally called a halt, primarily because one more teenage cum would have seen his own juices spurting into the pool, so he dipped his head back to wash their sweet juices from his saturated face and give him a chance to catch his breath.

“Oh fuck Daddy.” Tracey said hoarsely. “I’ve never cum like that before. I was just cumming and cumming and cumming. This is going to be the hottest day of my fucking life!”

“So good Daddy.” Amy giggled. “I just have to find a way for you to give my real Dad pussy-licking lessons. He doesn’t do that half as good as you, and I thought he was really good!”

He blushed as he climbed from the water, not the least concerned his rigid cock was on prominent display, but colouring even more as both girls gasped when they saw it for the first time. A couple of short weeks ago Jason would have cut off his arm rather than walk around naked in front of Audrey and her friends, particularly with a highly prominent hard-on. But now it was something he was comfortable with to the extent he enjoyed knowing they were looking at him, taking in every tiny detail as though it was their first look at an adult cock, which in Tracey's case could well have been the truth. Even the way they looked at him was a turn-on, as there was complete lack of childish giggling behind concealing hands or pointing with a corresponding blush, instead they looked at him with lust and anticipation graphically displayed on their faces. It was almost as though they were sizing him up, and trying to decide if they could take his impressive manhood inside their petite bodies.

It was Amy who broke the temporary impasse, walking over to Jason with a look somewhere between curiosity and quiet determination. "Daddy, do you think....we could watch you....fuck Audrey in the ass....please?"

He looked over her shoulder and saw Audrey watching him and Tracey standing there as though she'd forgotten to breathe, one hand resting on her slick pussy as she waited for his reply. "Would it mean that much to you to see that?"

"Hell yes." She answered with firm conviction. "I've heard about it and I've watched it in porn, but I've never seen it or experienced it for real. So yeah, it would be something very special for me, and for Tracey too I think."

He looked at Tracey again and she nodded slowly in agreement, so he glanced at Audrey, knowing she would do whatever he wanted but wanting to enhance the sense of expectation for her friends. She seemed to sense this and walked over purposefully, one hand wrapping around his incredibly hard cock as the other reached behind his neck and pulled him down for a passionate kiss. "You know my holes are yours Daddy." She whispered demurely. "Any of them, or all of them. Is this something you want from me now, to slide that beautiful cock deep into my tight little ass, and fuck me hard and deep until your cum is dribbling out of my dirty hole? You know all of my holes are sluts for your cock Daddy."

"I know baby girl, and it's something I'm very grateful for." He agreed. "You know how I like you in heels, so why don't you slip them on and bend over the table?"

"Sure thing Daddy." She smiled.

He turned to Amy. "If you really want this, are you prepared to help me?" She looked curious, as though she didn't understand what he was asking for. "Ok, let me put this another way. Are you prepared to get down and dirty to see me do this, or do you just want to stand back and watch? Either way I'll do it for you because fucking my little girl's ass is something so good I can't begin to describe it. I just want to know if you'll help...or not?"

She held out her hand and smiled. "Try me. If it gets to the point I don't want to go any further...can I call time out?"

"You bet." He grinned. "Audrey will tell you I've never asked her to do something she isn't comfortable with, so I'm not about to do that to her friends."

"You are seriously cool....Daddy. Now why don't we go and fuck your baby's butt?"

Audrey was bent over the table waiting patiently, the butt plug still firmly inserted in her ass. "Girl, you are into some seriously kinky shit!" Amy laughed.

She grinned back. "Betcha didn't know I had this baby in my ass every day this week."

"Sick bitch." Amy laughed. "And I thought I was the queen of kink."

"See how you feel about that once you've seen Daddy fuck my butt, girlfriend."

"So what do you want me to do Daddy?" Amy asked.

"Ease that plug out her ass, but take it nice and slow because it's been in there all morning." Jason instructed. "I'm going to get some lube, so provided you feel comfortable you can get that tongue of yours in there as deep as you can, and start filling her up with saliva. The wetter she is, the easier it'll be to get my cock up there, so you'll be doing her a big favour."

She gave him a sexy-slut smile. "I can do that. Tracey, come over her and hold this little bitch's butt cheeks open for me."

As Jason walked inside he glanced back to see Tracey take two hands full of butt, and spread Audrey's cheeks as Amy took a firm hold on the plug and started twisting and pulling.

He came back with a fresh bottle of lube and saw the plug resting on the table with Amy crouched behind Audrey and chewing on her tight ass with genuine enthusiasm. He put the bottle down and crouched down beside her. "A good girl and dirty bitch in one hot package! You are such a little fuck-slut aren't you Amy? Look at you; here for five minutes and you've got your tongue deep in my daughter's ass. Does her ass taste good Amy? Does it make you feel filthy to tongue her back there? I get the feeling you're going to go nuts when you see my cock drive in there. I'll just bet you have no idea how far it will stretch."

Amy was really getting into it, with plenty of assistance from Jason's erotic monologue. She groaned into Audrey's butt, which had her shivering in delight. Jason glanced up at Tracey who seemed to be almost in a trance. "Do you want a piece of Audrey's ass honey, or would you rather help me instead?"

She blinked and looked at him. "What....what do you want me to do?" She whispered.

He stood and smiled easily. "I'd love you to suck my cock the way I sucked your cunt earlier, but not enough to blow me. I need you to get me hard and wet, and then we'll lube up and get some serious anal underway."

She smiled and dropped to her knees, looking at his massive cock for a second before she wrapped her hand around the base and kissed the head. His precum started oozing instantly, and she pulled back and squeezed a bead from his slit before swiping it with her tongue and rolling it around her mouth. Seemingly satisfied with the taste she slid forward, and took more than half his thick cock into her mouth as her head started bobbing up and down. He savoured the feel of a fresh pair of lips around his shaft, and looked over at Amy. "How are you going honey? Have you got that little hole nice and wet for me now?" She nodded emphatically but didn't move her mouth away. "Can you start greasing her up with that lube now? I just know this is going to be one amazing fuck!"

Amy poured several beads of lube into Audrey's butt crack and watched them ooze into her now gaping sphincter, before handing the bottle to Tracey who poured a string along the length of Jason’s shaft and coated his cock thoroughly. "Great job girls." Jason complimented them. "Now Amy, hold Audrey's butt open for me and Tracey, keep that hand on my cock and guide it inside my favourite little slut. You ready to put on a show for your friends honey?" He asked Audrey who was ready, willing, and without any doubt, more than able.

"I just want you to fuck me Daddy...NOW...PLEASE!!!" Audrey begged.

He moved behind her with Tracey's hand guiding his movements, until his slick glans brushed over her equally well-greased sphincter. It seemed nobody in this hedonistic tableau was breathing, though Audrey allowed a moan to escape when she felt his initial contact. Tracey was a picture of intense concentration, as though her very existence depended on ensuring Jason’s cock found the correct resting place. Amy was stretching Audrey's butt wide open, her face so close Jason could feel her breath on his shaft, erotic expectation written across her face. A sudden movement broke the fragile silence as Jason lunged forward in a short but forceful push that separated her tight muscle until his glans was comfortably lodged inside his daughter's perfect ass. Her breath expelled like a leaking balloon, in one long steady exhalation. "Ahhhhhhh. That's what Daddy's little slut needs. good!"

"Fucking amazing." Amy whispered. “Look at her stretch!”

"Understatement of the century." Tracey agreed. "Are you...really gonna fuck her Daddy?" She asked, still apparently not convinced.

"You bet I am. We'll start off slow and easy, like this." He told her as he started rocking slowly, using gentle pressure to ease her open. "But then we'll increase the speed as I feel her muscles stretch for me. You ok sweetheat?" He asked Audrey.

"Feeling great thanks Daddy, and feeling better and better every time your cock pushes a little deeper." She replied happily. "This is so good Daddy. I can't believe how good it is having your cock deep inside my dirty little ass."

Soon he had a steady rhythmic motion going, sliding in easily before pulling back a few inches, both girls captivated by the sight of their friend’s tight ring gripping her Daddy’s proud shaft. Audrey had been diligent with her anal training, wearing her butt plug every day and keeping her tight ass clean and lubricated. Every time Jason went there she enjoyed it more, and eagerly looked forward to the next time he felt like a filthy anal fuck session. “OMFG.” Tracey gasped to Amy. “I’m standing here watching this, and I still can’t believe it.”

Amy nodded in agreement. “What I can’t believe is that she can take is so easy. I thought it would tear her ass apart!”

“My Daddy’s a great teacher girls.” Audrey advised. “I won’t lie to you; the first time was kinda painful, though that was probably because Daddy was pretty hot that day.” She giggled at the memory of her first anal fuck. “But you get used to it pretty fast and I gotta tell you, I’m loving this more and more.”

“I don’t know if I’d be game to try.” Amy admitted. “But it’s fucking hot watching it happen!”

Audrey started groaning as she felt the temperature inside her stretched little ass increase, and her eyes drifted closed as she focused on the exquisite feeling of indulgent primal fucking. Jason looked at Tracey who was as still as a statue. “Tracey.” He spoke, breaking her intense concentration. “Why don’t you lie down and Audrey can give your hot cunt a seriously good licking?”

“Umm....I don’t know.” She replied. “That’d be real nice, but....I really want to watch this....all of it!”

“No problem.” He replied easily. “We’ve got all night to fool around.”

He focused on the firm young body impaled on his cock and progressively increased speed until he was driving deep inside her, his movement pushing her across the table and bringing her back with every stroke. Her head rested on the table and tiny trickle of drool ran from her parted lips. “So good Daddy. So fucking good! Fuck my slutty ass, fuck my hot dirty hole real good. I want a big load please; I want my ass so full of cum it runs out everywhere. Oh God! OH FUCK! I’m such a slut for your cock Daddy. I just can’t get enough cock!”

He was slamming into her now, his own building lust and the occasional gasp or sexual expletive from her friends only making him hotter and hotter. “Getting close honey.” He growled. “Getting....real .....close!”

“I know. I can feel it!” She wailed. “”

His pounding, driving cock took her rushing into blissful climax, spurts of cum spraying past her slippery labia and drenching his rocking thighs. Tracey gasped as she saw Audrey cum, and again as Jason drove into her for one final time before his twitching balls pumped his cum deep inside her. “OHHH.....YEAAHHH!!!” He shouted as his seed sprayed into her, coating her flesh with streams of thick fuck-juice and continuing to fill her until tiny trails oozed back and dripped down on his balls.

“Fuuccckkkk.” Audrey whispered softly. “So good, Daddy, you are one amazing fuck. Thank you so much!”

He bent forward and kissed the back of her neck. “Thank you princess. I will never get tired of fucking you.”

His cock was losing its rigidity and he slid backward slowly, easing free as three pairs of eyes drank in the sight of her gaping ass with trails of cum oozing freely. “Someone put the plug back in...please.” Audrey gasped. “Daddy went to a lot of trouble to fill me up; I don’t want it to leak back out.”

With his spent cock slapping against his thigh he sat down, and took a long sip of champagne as he lay back and rested. Tracey had picked up the plug and carefully twisted it back into place, holding it there until Audrey’s ring of muscle gradually locked around the stem. Satisfied his load was safely contained she stood and stretched, arching her back and pushing her chest forward as the circulation was restored to her flattened breasts. “Fuck that was good!” She giggled, before walking over to her glass, draining it, and smiling at Jason as she held it up for a refill. “A girl’s gotta love a champagne fuck to start her weekend!”

Tracey and Amy laughed heartily at that comment as Jason walked around topping up their glasses, taking his seat as Tracey came over and sat on the end of his lounge. “Can I ask you something Daddy?” She asked sweetly.

After a massive cum and a glass of champagne he was feeling warm and thoroughly relaxed, and smiled at his guest. “You can ask me anything you like Tracey.”

“Ok then.” Tracey continued. “Maybe I should ask Audrey this but, I was wondering how long you’ve been....having fun together....and how you got started?”

He could see Audrey smiling as she leant forward to see what his answer would be. “Umm....ok, didn’t see that one coming.” He started. “We’ve been fucking for the grand total of....eight days now; that about right honey?” They both looked across at Audrey who grinned as she nodded. “As to how we got started? I guess I’m glad Audrey hadn’t told you about that, at least I know she can keep a secret because it was....a little embarrassing.”

“How’s that?” Tracey asked, wondering if she was pushing her luck.

“Little bitch set me up big time, that’s how!” Jason smiled and shook his head as he remembered his dismay at being discovered outside her room with pools of fresh cum everywhere. “You see, Amanda has been working really long hours and going away on business a lot lately, so we haven’t had much.... quality time together. That little minx...” He nodded over at his still-grinning daughter “...figured I could use some stimulation, so last Saturday she waited in her room, playing with herself and watching porn, and had a mirror on her dresser so she could see me in the hall. When she saw me there she put on one hell of a show, which had me spraying cum all over the place. Then she came out and busted me with my cock in my hand, and the rest as they say is history.”

Audrey laughed at his frank admission, nodding her head in confirmation as both girls glanced at her. Tracey looked back at him. “It’s hard to believe you guys have only been fucking for a week. Seeing you together, and the way you’re so comfortable with each other, I would have thought you’d been doing it ages.”

He smiled at her remark as he felt exactly the same way. “I can’t really explain that, but that’s how I feel too. It’s....natural and it works for us, and the fact we love each other doesn’t hurt either. So what about you? We all know Amy has some serious fun at home, is that something you do as well?”

Surprisingly she laughed, before shaking her head vigorously. “You’ve seen my Dad, and while I love him it’s kinda hard to imagine him on top of me pumping away isn’t it? And I don’t think you’ve met my brother, but he’s king of the computer nerds so I’m really out of luck at home.”

Jason had to laugh as well, though he tried hard not to. “I guess I can see your point.”

“I’m jealous of you two.” She said wistfully, glancing at Audrey and Amy. “But for me it’s fingers, toys, and the occasional piece of fruit.” She giggled at the final comment, blushing slightly as she remembered the selfie she’d sent him.

He chuckled as well. “I’ll never look at a banana the same way again.” He agreed. “So, you’ve never had a cock in your pussy, not even once?”

She blushed again. “Never, but after watching you and Audrey...well....I’d be crazy not to try it.”

His voice took a deeper husky tone. “How about now honey?”

She looked almost confused, half wanting it to happen and the other uncertain. “Umm....ok....I think so.” She said softly.

“Audrey.” He called across. “Why don’t you help Tracey get ready, and I’ll slip in the pool and rinse off.”

“Love to Daddy.” Audrey replied as she hurried over, and Jason stepped into the water to give his soiled cock a quick clean up.

When he stepped back out Amy was waiting for him. “Let me help you get ready for her.” She said softly before dropping to her knees and taking his cock between her cherry red lips. He was amazed at what a hot little bitch she was, so quiet and demure on the outside but seemingly willing to do anything sexual without the slightest hint of inhibition. Her mouth was aggressive, sucking firmly as her tongue slid all over his rapidly growing flesh, until she was satisfied he was as hard as he could be. She took him by the hand and led him over to where Audrey was diligently lubing Tracey’s pussy.

He helped Tracey to her feet, before he picked her up and lay her back on the table. Audrey moved to one side and Amy the other, and both started massaging her amazingly firm breasts. “You’re a cunt Tracey.” Audrey said directly. “I’d kill to have tits half the size of yours. It’s so unfair. I feel like a fucking ironing board when I’m this close to you.”

“Sucks to be you girlfriend!” Tracey teased back, giggling happily until Jason picked up her legs and draped them over his broad shoulders. She propped herself up to watch, biting her lower lip gently as he took his glistening cock in his hand and stepped forward. As his glans brushed against her labia he could feel the heat coming from inside her, and somehow knew she was going to be a sensational fuck. He pushed forward gently, watching her labia part like the petals of an opening flower until his head was safely inside. If she was hot outside she was furnace within, her muscles gripping him firmly just as Audrey had a week ago.

He started rocking gently, allowing her to get used to being fucked for the very first time, and feeling her gradually open to accept more of his insistent shaft. Her eyes were like a pair of saucers, watching intently as his cock disappeared. “Oh fuck. Oh wow! Oh, this is good Daddy. I can’t believe I’m finally getting fucked. Oh Jesus, feeling real good now!”

Audrey gave Tracey’s nipple a sharp squeeze which had her gasp in reaction. “If you think this feels good now, give it a minute or two Trace; it’s gonna blow your fucking mind.”

“That the truth.” Amy agreed, before she took Tracey’s other nipple in her mouth and bit it gently.

“Come on Daddy, fuck that bitch.” Audrey encouraged. “I put half a bottle of lube in there so her cunt has to be as greasy as anything. Get into her Daddy. Ram that cock into her tight little cunt and fuck her brains out!”

Jason resisted that suggestion, at least for the moment as he gradually increased speed and pressure to make sure he wasn’t inflicting any pain. He watched her face intently, but she didn’t make eye contact as she continued to watch his cock doing its decadent work. Her body followed nature’s intention by gradually accepting him, but it took five minutes or so of steady movement until he finally felt his ball sac brush against her skin. “That’s nearly all of it honey.” He said softly. “Are you doing ok?”

She finally looked up at him. “I’ve never felt so stuffed in my life. But I’ve never felt anything even close to this good either. Fuck my cunt Daddy. Fuck me and fuck me and fuck me for hours. I’m so ready for you now!”

Jason was thankful to hear her lustful words as he was struggling to keep his urges in check. “If the lady wants a good fucking, then that’s what she’ll get.” He grunted as he drove into her firmly, and he watched in delight as her impressive tits jiggled just as his balls flattened against her slick labia. Again and again he thrust in hard, feeling her growing wetter by the second. As though they could sense her getting ever closer, Audrey and Amy each took a rigid pink nipple between their lips and started teasing her mercilessly.

“Ahhhh....FUCK!” She stammered. “Oh...OH.....YEESSS!!!”

Suddenly his cock was immersed in a steaming pool of liquid as her muscles contracted and squeezed his thrusting flesh tightly. “Uh....UH....AHHHHH!!” She shrieked as she came again, bathing him with her seemingly endless flow. “Cu...CUM.....CUMMING...DADDEEEEE!!”

One second he thought he was still in control, the next he knew he had lost it, his own cum pumping hard and deep as she joined him and came yet again. He continued to drive his spraying cock as deep as he possibly could, until his flow trickled to a stop indicating he was a spent force, at least for now. Beads of perspiration glistened on his skin and dropped onto her stomach from his forehead, and he somehow expected them to sizzle and evaporate, such was the intensity of their amazing first fuck.

His legs started to shake until he had no choice but to slide free and stumble for his lounge, still able to see their flowing juices leaking from her gaping pussy. He remembered Audrey’s words from a few minutes earlier and hoped he’d blown Tracey’s mind, and she had done exactly that for him. He took a sip of champagne to ease the parched sensation in his mouth and throat, relaxing as his racing pulse started the return journey to normality.

Amy and Audrey left Tracey in peace so that she could recover, though he enjoyed the image of her firm body lying back on the table, flushed and perspiring with her legs spread as the evidence of his actions oozed freely from her gaping slit. Audrey walked over and sat beside him, smiling widely. “That was so hot Daddy. I was so wishing it was me up there! You gave her such a great fucking I’ll bet she walks funny for the next few days.”

He reached over and kissed her passionately. “This whole thing is so fucking great baby, and I can’t thank you enough for setting it up. This is something that will give me happy memories until the day I die. Now, are you hungry? Because I am seriously starving!”

“Sounds good Daddy. Hey girls, barbecue time. Who’s hungry?”

Amy clapped her hands and grinned. “I’m absolutely starving too, count me in.”

Tracey half propped herself up and still looked a little stunned. “Umm...can’t walk....but I sure could eat thanks.” She managed to stammer before slumping back onto the table.

Jason took Audrey’s hand and they went inside, piling meat, onions, and bottles of soda onto trays and carrying them outside. He fired up the barbecue and got things organised as the hotplates warmed up, and Audrey handed him a tall glass of soda that he drained in one gulp, before she topped him up again. Amy helped her set the table and Jason wound up the big outdoor umbrella to provide some shade. “I think we need some sunscreen honey.” He mentioned to Audrey. “It’d be a shame if everyone was nursing sunburn later.”

“Great idea Dad.” She agreed. “I’ll go get it.”

Tracey finally found her feet and wobbled unsteadily over, putting both arms around Jason before she kissed his cheek. “That was just....the best thing I’ve ever felt Daddy.” She said softly. “Thank you. Thank you so much! Can we do this every weekend from now on?”

He slid his arm around her waist and drew her body against his as he kissed her forehead. “I can’t think of anything I’d rather do Tracey. But I think my wife and your parents could have something to say about that.”

“I don’t care.” She replied honestly. “Next time your wife goes away, please call me? That is, if you want to? I’ll be straight over, even if I have to walk.”

He reached down and took her face in his hands, seeing the sparkle in her eyes before he kissed her lips. “That’s a date, and a promise. And if you can’t get a ride, I’ll come and get you.”

Audrey came back with a large bottle of sunscreen and proceeded to apply it to Amy’s body, making sure she didn’t miss an inch and taking a great deal of care working the thick cream into her tight butt and all over her pussy. When she had finished Amy returned the favour with similar diligence, before she took care of Tracey. Jason was wishing he could just sit and watch the girls touching each other, but by now he had meat and onions sizzling away and didn’t want a repeat of last night’s poor outcome.

He was flipping the onions when he felt a cool hand on his back, and glanced round to see Tracey rubbing sunscreen into his broad shoulders. “I love your muscles Daddy. Man, you’re in good shape.”

“I guess that’s what happens when you work construction Trace.” He acknowledged. “Look, I hate to sound like a nagging parent, but make sure you take one of Audrey’s morning-after pills tomorrow please? The last thing either of us wants is a baby-bump to spoil things.”

“Nothing to worry about.” She replied flippantly, and when he looked at her she felt she should explain. “When I first got my period my skin went nuts, and I had really bad acne. We tried all sorts of things before Mom took me to the doctor, and she put me on the pill straight away. So like I said; absolutely no problems.”

Despite the difficulty of not interfering with his cooking, she worked progressively round his body, making sure he wouldn’t have a burnt patch when the sun went down later. He really enjoyed her thorough attention to his cock and ball sac, surprised when it showed signs of interest to her soft massaging. “You keep that up and we’ll be eating charcoal honey.”

“I think that’d be a fair trade.” She came straight back.

The other girls came over, drawn by the tantalizing smells like moths to lamp. “Boy, either that smells really good or I’m really hungry.” Amy laughed.

“Definitely a bit of both.” Audrey replied. “Nearly ready Dad?”

He answered by turning off the burners. “If you’ve got a plate we’re all set.”

He let them serve themselves and they sat under the umbrella and ate hungrily. Between mouthfuls the girls complimented his cooking, helping themselves to seconds as the remaining food vanished before his eyes. He had started out thinking he was probably cooking too much, only to realize he could have prepared more. “Any thoughts about dinner ladies?” He enquired. “I was thinking Pizza or Chinese so we can skip the washing up.”

“Either’s fine with me.” Audrey chimed in, and the others agreed.

“Can I ask you a question Daddy?” Amy enquired, and when he nodded she took a breath. “I’m definitely not complaining, but how come you’re interested in girls like us? I mean, you’re really attractive and when Audrey suggested you might want to play with us I was like, are you kidding? That was because you’re a good looking guy and you could pick up women real easy, so, how come you want to be with kids like us?”

All three girls leaned forward, more than interested in his answer. “Ok, the first thing is I definitely don’t consider you as kids, though we all know you’re not adults just yet. I don’t like the idea of picking up girls in a bar or something, because it just not something I’m comfortable with. I guess the main thing is, even since Audrey and I made love for the first time I can’t stop thinking about her, and now you two are here as well. All three of you are so beautiful it takes my breath away, and I understand you’ve got some growing to do, but you’re already drop-dead gorgeous girls who’ll be beating the boys off with baseball bats soon.” He could almost see their chests puff with pride at his honest opinion. “The thing I really like is that I can just be myself, and I don’t have put on some kind of act or be all cool or mature, or not say this and remember to say that, I can just be take-it-or-leave-it Jason and you seem cool with that. The last thing is very special, and that is I get to share a brand new experience with you, and maybe teach you a few things too. There’s something amazing about sharing something intimate for the very first time, and that’s what really does it for me.”

They all nodded, absorbing and considering his words carefully. “You don’t have to act cool with us Daddy.” Amy went on. “You really are cool.”

He laughed loudly. “Well I’m glad you think so.”

“I caught the tail end of what Tracey said earlier.” She continued. “How would you feel....about making this a regular thing? When your wife is away of course.”

“I’m sitting here on a perfect day with three stunning, amazing, sexy ladies, who also happen to be stark naked.” He grinned around the table. “Do you honestly think now that I’ve had a taste, I wouldn’t walk barefoot over broken glass for the chance to do it again?”

Everyone shrieked at his emphatic agreement, before Tracey chimed in. “This had been such a cool experience. I don’t know why, but somehow I thought we’d have a normal day, and then get things started after dinner or something. But we’re having lunch and I’ve already had an amazing fuck, and I did it on an outdoor table. This is just so hot! What gets you hot Daddy? What really turns you on?”

“You three do, pure and simple!” He responded.

“No really.” She pushed. “Is there anything special you’d like us to do, or say, or do you want us to dress a certain way or something?”

This was going from great to sensational in no time. “In terms of what I’d like you do, I just want you to be yourselves and enjoy, and not be frightened to tell me if something doesn’t work for you or turns you off. And I’m one hundred percent serious about that, it has to work for everyone or it doesn’t work at all. What to say? Well I love dirty talk when I fuck, and as Audrey will tell you, the dirtier it is the better I like it. How you dress? Well I like girls in heels as it makes their legs so damn sexy, and a little bit of teasing clothing can be really hot too. Sometimes it what you can’t see that’s really sexy if you get a peek here or a glimpse there. But in your case I really love your tits, they are so sexy they should be illegal!”

“Bitch.” Audrey and Amy said at exactly the same time, before Audrey laughingly finished the comment. “We are so jealous of your tits!”

Tracey held them up and gave them a little jiggle. “Read ‘em and weep bitches!” She laughed. “Daddy, were you serious when you said you were going to shave our pussies? Is that something else that turns you on? Do you get hard seeing your girls with bald little cunts?”

He gulped and nodded. “You wanna check out how hard that idea gets me?” He glanced down as he felt something stirring and knew they had all the evidence they needed, pointing skyward from his groin.

She pushed her chair back and started picking up the dishes. “Then why don’t we clean up here while you get whatever you need, and then you can shave us. Are you in Amy? Do you want Daddy to shave you too?”

“Oh yes, hell yes!” She enthused. “I have no idea how I’ll explain that to my real Dad, but right now I couldn’t care less.”

Tracey flashed a sexy smile at her friend. “Tell him you did it for him. That’ll get his attention.”

Amy laughed happily. “You know, I think that’ll do it you sneaky cunt.”

“Now I’m wondering why I did mine this morning.” Audrey giggled. “If I held off my hot Daddy would have done it for me.”

Jason took his stiff cock inside, collecting the cordless clippers, his razor and the other items he needed. When he walked back outside the table had been cleared and Amy and Tracey were waiting expectantly. “Audrey said she’d do the dishes.” Tracey confirmed. “Seeing as she’s already shaved.”

“Now that’s considerate.” He agreed, laying out the items before taking his shaving mug back inside for some hot water. When he came back both girls were sitting on the table with their legs spread lewdly. “Ok, who’s first?”

“You go first Tracey.” Amy suggested. “I’d really like to watch.”

With that settled Jason picked up the clippers and ran them steadily across her mons, quickly trimming her thin patch down to a short stubble. He shook the can of foam vigorously for a minute or so, pumped a thick blob into his hand, and started massaging it into her tender skin. She groaned the moment he touched her and it wasn’t long before tiny trails of pussy-lube appeared on her labia. He picked up his razor and drew it across her body, using long, firm strokes to slice through her tiny hairs and leave perfectly smooth skin behind. “Oh Daddy, I can’t believe how wet this is making me.” Tracey hissed. “I never get this hot when I trim it myself.”

Jason smiled at her. “Sometimes it’s a lot more fun having someone else do it, rather than do it yourself.”

Amy was stroking her own pussy without a trace of inhibition. “It’s getting me all wet and horny just watching. I can’t wait for my turn.”

He continued shaving her carefully, stretching her firm skin to ensure he found every tiny hair as he worked, until he was satisfied she was as bald as a baby. He slipped back inside and held a wash cloth under the hot water tap, wringing the excess water out before going back and clearing every trace of shaving foam. Her eyes were glistening as he rubbed some soothing balm into her freshly shaved skin. “Oh fuck. I think I’m going to need you to shave my cunt every couple of days Daddy.”

“And I’d be happy to oblige honey.” He assured her before transferring his attention to Amy sitting patiently beside her friend. “I think it’s your turn now Amy.”

“Good thing too.” She exclaimed. “Watching you shave Tracey was such a fucking turn-on!”

She spread her legs wide apart, showing her eagerness for him to start. Once again the clippers buzzed and this took a little more time as her patch of black hair was far thicker than Tracey’s blonde area. However it wasn’t long before he had her trimmed back to a modest length, and soon she was covered in creamy foam and he was scraping the razor across her skin. “Oh Daddy, this is making me SO WET!”

“I can see that Amy, and it’s having the same effect on me.” He assured her as he continued to remove the final patches of hair.

“You’ve fucked Audrey and Tracey, so I really hope you’re going to do me next.”

“As you can probably see, I’d really like that.” He replied, nodding down at his rigid cock as a bead of precum oozed from his slit.

Audrey walked out, her feet back in sexy heels as she clicked her way over. “Dishes are all done Daddy. Wow! Looking good Amy.”

Amy grinned up at Audrey. “Feeling real good too girlfriend. Daddy’s gonna fuck me as soon as he finishes my baby cunt.”

“You’re gonna love that.” She giggled.

A couple of final strokes of the razor took care of the last stubborn traces, and he repeated his earlier treatment with a wash cloth and gentle balm massage. She leaned back on the table, her arms supporting her at a forty-five degree angle as he continued rubbing her mons, gradually working further down until he was stroking her glistening slit. He was coming to appreciate the differences between a young girl’s body and a more mature woman, and loving the fact that all three girls started oozing precum virtually from the moment he touched them. In no time she was so wet that he could slide a pointed finger deep inside, and then add a second as he probed her slippery flesh with slow deliberate strokes. As his fingers continued exploring he kissed her slit, sliding his tongue around until it burrowed beneath her hood and found her firm clit, drawing a series of gasps as he sucked it gently. He treated it like it was a tiny little cock, bobbing up and down as he held her gently between his lips. She must have sat upright as he felt her hands on his head, tentatively at first before becoming bolder in her control of his movements. “Ahhhhh.” She hissed. “Oh.....yes. Getting.... real hot now!”

A shadow moved past and he looked up to see Audrey standing there, stroking Amy’s face before she kissed her on the lips, a kiss that grew increasingly passionate as the seconds drifted past. Her first cum shouldn’t have surprised him but it did, a tiny explosion of fluids bathing him in a sweet-smelling orgasm as she and Audrey continued their indulgent kiss. She gasped when their lips parted. “My cunt wants a cock. You need to fuck me now Daddy.”

She lay back on the table as Jason stood and rubbed his slick glans up and down her streaming pussy, pushing firmly forward as he slid inside her. Despite the fact that she was smaller than Audrey she took him easily, and he was amazed to find his balls resting against her. Her eyes rolled back as she felt the depth of his penetration and she smiled dreamily. “Oh yeah. You have no idea how much I’ve looked forward to this. So tight, so....fucking....tight. You’re so much bigger than my real Daddy!”

That was a comment sure to please any red-blooded male and Jason grinned in lustful appreciation. “I’m loving your tight little cunt Amy. I hope you can take me for a while, because I’m aiming to make this last.”

“That works for me.” She hissed. “My God. I’ve never had a cock this deep in my cunt. This is gonna be one awesome fuck. Audrey, how about getting up here and grinding that pussy into my face. I can suck your cunt while our Daddy fucks mine!”

Audrey had climbed up almost before Amy had finished speaking; facing her dad as she squatted over her friend’s smiling face, before she lowered gently down. “Mmmmmm.” Amy mumbled through a mouthful of flesh. “MMFFFFF!!!”

Jason continued fucking her steadily, watching his daughter slide her pussy around as she smeared her juices all over Amy’s face. Jason could see Amy’s jaw working as pink flushes appeared on his daughter’s face and breasts. “Gonna...give you....a hot drink....Amy.” She stammered, before lifting up slightly and driving her body down as she came. “Oh....oh shit. good!” She squealed.

If Amy was having any difficulty breathing she didn’t show it, her mouth working on Audrey as her legs wrapped around Jason’s waist and tried to draw him deeper still. Audrey achieved a level of control and grinned at her father. “That’s it slut, suck my cunt. Get that tongue deep in my dirty little pussy and drink my cum you bitch-whore! I can see Daddy’s face and he’s so loving jamming his monster cock in your tight little fuck-hole. Are you loving this slut? How good is it having that thick cock busting your little cunt open?”

Amy was writhing and moaning, the vibrations from her throat bringing Audrey to another indulgent cum. “Yeah slut. Good little cunt-whore! Suck my pussy and I’ll make sure Daddy gives you a five-star fucking.”

This seemed to spur Amy on even further, her mouth working furiously as Audrey came again, until finally she couldn’t take any more and collapsed on the table beside her friend. Amy looked across at Audrey’s spent, heaving body and grinned at Jason. “Now that I’ve taken care of that little cunt you need to take care of mine. Come on Daddy...FUCK MEEE!”

He drove into her firmly, his balls spreading her labia every time he thrust into her. It seemed that the harder he fucked her, the better she liked it, and he finally pounded her into a shattering climax as she bathed his cock in thick feminine cum. “Oh yeah....FUCK...YEAH!” She groaned. “Now you’re doing me the way I like it!” He jammed his cock deep into her again, thrusting as hard and as fast as he could. His cock twitched and his cum bubbled in his tight balls, just giving him enough time to gasp a warning a before his seed flooded her brutally stretched cunt. She squealed and babbled incoherently as she felt his spraying fluids cascading into her, before she went silent and lay back with a satisfied smile on her face.

This time his legs collapsed without warning, freeing his cock as he slumped to the ground and felt his heart beating like a drum under his skin. After three amazing fucks with three wonderful young girls he knew he would need some time to recover before he was ready to go again, which caused him a measure of concern as the day was still young. Tracey appeared with a glass of soda that he drank thirstily as she watched him breathe. “I don’t know where you get your energy Daddy. You’ve fucked each of us until we couldn’t take any more. I gotta tell you, that’s pretty impressive.”

“I think I’m done for a while now Tracey.” He acknowledged. “I’m not sure I could even stand up right now, so you’re gonna have to give me some time to recharge the batteries.”

“To tell you the truth we could probably all use some of that.” She giggled as she nodded up at the prone bodies on the table.

“Which is a good thing for me.” He acknowledged honestly, managing to get to his feet and move unsteadily over to the table. He stroked Amy’s hair back from her face and her eyes opened, her lips parting in a happy smile when she realized who had touched her. “Are you ok Amy?”

She stretched out like a satisfied cat. “Oh no, I’m so much better than just ok. Can someone give me a drink please? Soooo thirsty.” Tracey poured a soda and watched it disappear in seconds. “That’s better.” Amy said, holding out her glass for a refill. “Wow Daddy. Just.....WOW!”

While no one said as much, they all sensed the need for rest and lay back on the lounges relaxing in the sun. Audrey brought her iPod out and soon Rihanna was providing some pleasant background music. “Hey Amy, you know how you asked me earlier why I wanted to be with you girls?” She looked over and nodded. “I’m curious why you girls are so happy to be with an old guy like me, like this, you know?”

“Not having second thoughts are you Daddy?” Amy asked.

“Hell no!” He laughed. “That’s the last thing on my mind. It’s just....I can’t get over why you’d be so keen to come over and show someone my age such a good time. I mean, you must have the boys at school sniffing around you every day.”

He was surprised when all three girls burst out laughing, and Audrey offered to field that one until Amy said she wanted to. “Ok, let’s see.” She held up her fingers and started ticking off her points as she went. “We’ve known Audrey most of our lives, and we know that you were pretty much Mister Mom and raised her, so you understand girls a hell of a lot better than most fathers. We’ve being coming over here for years and always felt safe around you, but you never got in the way. If we were swimming you’d be around the pool to make sure we didn’t hit our head and drown or something, but you always gave us space for girl-talk and stuff. Most of all you’re not a sleaze! You’d be horrified how many Dads want a creepy cuddle, or try to cop an “accidental” feel or something.”

Tracey interjected at that point. “Seriously Daddy, you have no idea. Ever since my tits started to grow, father’s that never even looked at me before want to give me a hug now, or always seem to be in the way when I turn round, or somehow brush against me every time I walk past. It makes my skin crawl. Every time I go over to Janet’s place her slob of a father is sitting in the den drinking beer and watching sport, and he always wants me to go sit in his lap. He’s just so gross. Fucking dreamer; that’s never gonna happen!”

Her adamant expression was making him feel uncomfortable, given he hadn’t stopped ogling or fondling her breasts since she arrived. “Shit Tracey, then I’m just as bad as they are.”

She grinned back at him. “No you’re not, because you’re not a creep. This is different Daddy, we all know why we’re here and I love you way you keep looking at my tits, not to mention what you did to them earlier.”

“While we’re talking about your tits, which are simply awesome by the way....”

Audrey snorted and laughed. “Jesus Dad, if you keep going on about Tracey’s tits you’re gonna have to buy me implants for my birthday!”

“Listen honey.” He laughed back. “I can’t help it if your friend has the most perfect pair I’ve ever seen in my life. You invited her over! Anyway, getting back to the subject, the last time you came over I’m sure you were wearing a bra when you got here, but then you went to Audrey’s room and I’m sure you’d lost that when you came back. Am I right or was I dreaming?”

She blushed bright pink and giggled. “So you did notice! And there I was thinking it was a wasted effort.”

He shook his head but was still grinning. “You’re a fucking tease Tracey.”

She laughed right back. “Yes, but I’m a very selective tease.”

He glanced back at Amy who was waiting patiently. “Sorry Amy, I think we got a little off-track there.”

“Like, so far off track we can’t see where it was.” She agreed. “ANYWAY, the other things are you never carried on if we dropped an f-bomb or something, and that really pisses us off because today’s parents were yesterday’s kids and we know they behaved just like us whey they were our age. The last thing’re really easy on the eyes.... which doesn’t hurt at all. Guys all like a hot-looking girl....”

“Especially a girl with great tits!” Tracey interjected, before collapsing into howling laughter as her friends attempted to glare at her and keep a straight face at the same time.

Amy shook her head and ignored the interruption. “....and girls like a good looking guy. So many men seem to let themselves go so bad. They dress like shit, and most of have beer-guts hanging over their trousers, and it’s! You on the other hand, don’t have an ounce of fat on you anywhere, at least, not that we’ve seen so far.”

He realized he was blushing as he considered himself an average guy. “So, no interest in boys your own age?”

Amy leaned forward and gave him a wonderfully seductive smile. “Daddy, they’re boys. Clumsy, silly, immature boys. I can’t think of anything worse than having some stupid boy fumbling around when I can have man who knows what he’s doing, and is just as interested in showing me a good time as he is about getting his rocks off.”

“Hard to argue with that.” He agreed. “Can I ask how things got started with you and your Dad, or is that crossing a line?’

“It’s out in the open now, so what do you want to know?” She asked.

“I’d like to know if it was similar to how it happened for Audrey and me, and when you got started?”

He couldn’t help but notice Tracey and Audrey paying close attention, and wondered if this would be a revelation for them as well. Amy sat back and shrugged her shoulders. “No, it’s totally different to what happened with you. In fact it’s hard to remember exactly how it got started. I know Dad would bathe me sometimes if Mom was busy, and I think he was washing my pussy when I was around ten or eleven and I had my first orgasm. I remember it kind of freaked me out at the time, as I thought I’d pissed myself even though it was different. Daddy explained what had happened, and of course I pestered him into explaining all about orgasms, which let to masturbation, and that led to sex. Before long he was stroking my cunt every chance we got, and then I wanted to do something nice for him because he was making me feel good. So he’d finger me and I’d play with his cock until he came. We went on like that for quite a while, and one day I found his porn DVDs and started watching them.”

She took a sip from her glass and Jason wondered if she was cleverly increasing the sense of anticipation as they waited for her to continue. “That really opened my eyes. Now I actually knew what sex was about, so I pestered him for months to fuck me but he kept saying no, it was wrong, it was incest etcetera. I started getting him to watch porn with me and one day he let me suck his cock. Dad’s pretty conservative so normally he would let me suck him for a while and then finish him off by hand, but one day I managed to get him to cum in my mouth and that’s when things really changed. The next day he fucked me for the first time in the bathroom, and even though he told me what would happen when he broke my hymen, and that it would hurt, it was so bad I said I never wanted to do it again. But after a while I got curious, so I started sticking all sorts of things in there, and it felt really good. So I got him to fuck me again and this time it was better, and the more we did the better it felt. He’d pull out just before he came or wore a condom, and soon we were fucking like rabbits. That went on for a long time and then we got busted when Mom came home early from some work meeting or something. I’ll never forget that night. Dad was banging away and I was soooo close to cumming, and then the door swings open and there’s Mom standing there watching us. Daddy’s cock just shrivelled up and we both looked at her, wondering what was gonna happen next, and then she tore her clothes off, and I mean actually ripped the buttons off, and she jumped into bed with us!”

She paused and took another long drink, convincing Jason she was dragging this out to increase the tension. “Come on you little tease, finish the story.” Jason encouraged.

“Ok Daddy. We must have fucked for ages and I lost track of all the things we did, but there were cunts and cocks and hands and mouths going at it like it was the end of the world. When we finally finished Mom turned around and told us if we ever fucked again without inviting her we were in big trouble!”

“How long ago was that?” Jason asked, more than curious.

“About year I guess?” Amy answered.

“So it was your Mom holding your cell when you showed me the video?” Audrey asked.

“Sure was.” Amy admitted. “Dad was going away for a week or so and I insisted I wanted something to.....remind me how to stay wet and warm at night. Not that it was a problem because Mom seems to enjoy sex with me as much as she does with Dad. Nobody sucks pussy like my Mom does, no offence Daddy.” She laughed at the end, Jason’s cock stirring at the thought of Amy and Jenny in a hot sixty-nine. “I will say this though, your cock is so much bigger than my Dad’s that now I’m wondering how it will feel to fuck him again. I’d heard that Asian guys have small cocks, and it looks like that’s true, poor Daddy! Oh and by the way, I’m on the pill so no worries about that.”

“How did you organise that?” Tracey asked. “I mean, you remember what my skin was like when I got my period? I didn’t see you having problems like that.”

Amy shook her head. “I was lucky with that I guess. As soon as Mom found out Dad I were fucking it was off to the doctor, and Mom told him that I was getting massive cramp attacks every time I got my period. He just nodded and said I needed to go on the pill and away we went.”

Jason looked across at Audrey who seemed to be sharing his thoughts. “Maybe we should try that on Mom when you get your next period baby. If she ever finds that pack of morning-after pills I’ll probably be behind bars.”

Audrey grinned before a look of shock came over her face and she doubled over clutching her stomach. “Oh Mom.” She gasped. “I...feel so bad! It’s like.....someone stabbed me and now they’re twisting the knife around. Help me hurts so much!”

Tracey and Amy applauded and laughed. “Pretty convincing for a first try. I reckon with a little work that’ll do it.” Jason added.

“Done deal Daddy, you’ll see.” She giggled as she straightened up. “Amy you’re so lucky that you Mom’s not only cool with it, but she wants to play as well.”

Amy nodded before Tracey joined in. “I get the feelings things aren’t great between you and wife Daddy? I’m not prying or anything, just some of you things you and Audrey have said gave me that idea.”

Jason nodded. “Ok, bearing in mind my daughter is sitting here listening to everything we’re saying and the last thing I want is for her to go to bed tonight wondering if her parents are getting divorced, it would be fair to say things are not that great but they’re not that bad either.” Jason went on to explain how he’d lost his job just after Audrey was born and he’d taken on the role of primary parent while Amanda’s career had blossomed. As he related those events he saw Audrey sitting on the edge of her lounge listening intently, as she had never heard the complete story either. He went on to explain how Amanda’s responsibilities had increased with every step up the ladder, to the point that he felt she had lost sight of what was really important. “There’s no doubt that we would have been in big trouble back when I wasn’t working if she didn’t have such a well paid job.” He said truthfully as he headed toward the story’s end. “But we have such a beautiful daughter that it’s hard for me to understand how work can be more important than family. I used to be a good corporate employee just as Amanda is so it’s unfair to criticise, and maybe it’s because I got to spend so much time with her that my perspective is different. I have no regrets about the way things worked out, but it’d be perfect if she felt the same way.”

“Daddy?” Audrey said softly. “What about if Mom came home and caught us making love? Do you think it could work out the same as what happened with Amy?”

He noticed that she had referred to making love rather than fucking, but still shook his head emphatically. “Don’t even go there baby. I am one hundred percent certain I would be in handcuffs before I could blink. Just because it worked for Amy doesn’t mean it would work for us, and there’s no way back if she reacted the way I know she would. It would be great if it was that simple, but trust me, it would be a fucking catastrophe pure and simple.”

“That’s a shame.” Audrey sighed. “It would be so great if we were a happy family like Amy and her parents, and that’d mean we could play whenever we wanted to.”

“I couldn’t agree more.” Jason assured her. “But I don’t see that happening, ever.”

As if by unspoken agreement they all sensed the need to rest and recharge for the coming evening, so they spent a relaxing afternoon lazing around the pool. The girls would swim for a while and then allow the warm sun to dry their firm bodies, talking about anything that took their fancy or just resting quietly. Jason actually dozed off a couple of times before a splash or peal of laughter woke him, until he was surprised to see the sun heading down toward the horizon as a cool breeze brought patches of goose-bumps to his skin. “Anybody know what time it is?” He called out to no one in particular.

Audrey picked up her cell and swiped the screen. “Wow, it’s nearly five thirty Daddy. Talk about a chill-out day, I feel so relaxed.”

He stood and stretched lazily. “That makes two of us, at least.” He laughed. “I might go and have a shower, and then we might think about dinner if it’s not too early.”

The cool evening breeze was starting to blow steadily across the yard and the girls got to their feet, agreeing it was time to go inside as the temperature fell. Jason enjoyed a long shower and washed his hair, before drying off and slipping on a pair of shorts and short-sleeved shirt that he didn’t bother buttoning up. He headed for the den and wasn’t surprised to find he was alone, so he made a pot of coffee and sat back and caught up with a news bulletin on the TV. For some obscure reason he wondered how Amanda was going so he checked his cell, a little sad to find there was no message or missed call. The news led into a football game and he was just getting into it when the girls trooped in.

The game was immediately forgotten as he looked at the stunning visions that stood before him. Each of them was simply perfect, hair brushed and shining, just enough makeup to highlight their beautiful faces, and graphic evidence they had paid careful attention to his previous explanation as to what constituted sexiness in his mind. All were wearing heels and thigh-high tights, tiny short skirts, and sheer tops that provided a teasing glimpse of firm teenage breasts. He whistled softly and grinned around the room. Tracey took a step toward to him and did a slow turn. “See anything you like Daddy?” She enquired in a surprisingly sexy adult voice.

“Fuck yeah.” He whispered. “In fact, there’s so much to see I don’t know where to look first!”

Amy walked over and took his hand in hers, sliding it up under her skirt until it brushed against her bare pussy. “We’ve giving you some time to recover Daddy, so we’re hoping you’re ready to play with us some more now.”

He glanced down at the growing bulge in his shorts before he smiled up at her. “I’m gonna love playing with all of you tonight.” He assured her, before Tracey took a step forward and placed his free hand in a similar position. His fingers started sliding up and down a pair of smooth fresh pussies, until he saw Audrey standing to one side as she watched her father playing with her friends. “Are you girls hungry?” He enquired. “”Do you want to order dinner before we get sidetracked completely?”

They all agreed so Audrey ordered home delivery Pizza while Jason continued massaging her friends, both starting to confirm their enjoyment of his steady stroking with increasing flows of lubricant. Amy groaned softly as Jason slid a probing finger inside her. “Jesus Daddy. You are so fucking good at pushing my buttons. Getting real wet now.”

“Me too.” Tracey agreed. “Every time you touch me you make me wet Daddy.”

Amy was groaning softly, her body moving in slow grinding movements that would have put an erotic dancer to shame as she encouraged Jason to probe deeper. The increasingly familiar flush of arousal spread across her body, before the first tremors of climax had her shaking as a gentle orgasm bathed his hand in slick fluids. No sooner had she finished than Tracey took her place, her breaths shortening as she rushed to a satisfying cum of her own.

“Ahhhh.” She gasped. “”

Both girls stumbled back to the couch, lying back with dreamy satisfied smiles as Audrey stepped forward and lifted the front of her tiny skirt. Jason grinned at her as his slippery fingers went to work, probing her pussy and ass at the same time until she gasped and shuddered through an indulgent cum, resting her hands on his shoulders to ensure she stayed on her feet. “Fuck....yeah. You always give me such good cums Daddy!”

“I aim to please honey.” He laughingly assured her. “So how long before the Pizzas arrive? I’d hate to be in the middle of something when the doorbell rings.”

The girls laughed at the problems that could create, before Tracey looked across at Audrey. “Have you shown Daddy the new Fucker Family movie Audrey?”

Audrey giggled loudly, trying to conceal her amusement behind her hand. “Umm...Not yet.” She replied. “I’m not he’d cope with that one.”

Of course that piqued Jason’s interest immediately. “What do you I’d cope? Are you holding out on me sweetheart?”

“Kind of Daddy.” She admitted easily. “You know that movie I showed you with the young girls holding their birth certificates?” Jason nodded, unlikely to ever forget that one. “Well, they’ve made a whole series, and their new one is....really intense!”

“The one you showed me was pretty full-on.” He acknowledged. “Surely it can’t be much hotter than that.”

To his surprise Amy and Tracey burst into peals of laughter. “Oh....Daddy.” Amy struggled to speak. “It’s so much hotter than any of the others. You have no fucking idea!”

He looked nonplussed but figured there was only one way to find out. “Then let’s roll it girls. If it’s that good I want to see it.”

“It’s pretty kinky Daddy.” Audrey cautioned. “I’m not sure if you’ll like it.”

“Only one way we’ll find out baby.” He said emphatically, so she went to fetch her tablet.

Amy and Tracey sat back expectantly as Audrey connected her tablet to the TV and selected the movie. It started off the same way as the one he’d already seen, with the three young girls showing their birth certificates as proof of age, and with all the characters concealing their faces with party masks. Jason sat on the couch with the girls as the now familiar figure of “Daddy” came into view, leading his wife who had a ball-gag stretching her lips and her hands secured behind her back. A lead was attached to a studded dog collar around her neck and he tugged on the other end, directing her to a padded saw-horse sitting in the yard. He roughly shoved her forward until she was lying face down and turned to grin at the girls. “Come here my little cunts.” He called out loudly. “This bitch is complaining she isn’t getting enough action standing behind the camera, so who’s gonna help me show her a fucking good time!”

The girls ran over happily, gathering around the helpless woman as they waited for instructions. He handed a bottle of lube to little Chloe who giggled happily. “Grease up sweetheart, we’re gonna stretch this bitch’s tight little fuck-holes.”

Chloe proceeded to pour lube over her hand and spread the thick liquid up as far as her wrist, flexing her fingers to make sure she had a thorough coating. Daddy proceeded to take a firm grip of his wife’s butt cheeks and pull them apart, dipping his head to spit on her clenching sphincter. “Time to get down and dirty cunt.” He growled at Chloe. “Let’s see how far you get your hand inside this cock-whore’s tight little ass!”

Jason’s eyes bugged out of his head just as the helpless woman adopted a similar expression, unable to believe he was about to witness an anal-fisting. He glanced at Audrey who merely smiled and shrugged her shoulders, and they both looked back at the screen to watch Chloe’s fingers start stretching their way inside. The room went totally silent as Chloe continued to penetrate the woman’s ass, the only sounds being the stifled moans from the gagged woman as she felt her body being violated in a totally depraved manner. There was no doubt she was accomplished at anal sex, as the young girl’s fingers slid inside easily at first, disappearing to the second row of knuckles before the increasing size slowed her progress. Daddy grabbed a handful of his wife’s hair and yanked her head up, his face mere inches from hers. “Betcha feeling pretty good now darlin’. How’s that going for you? You got Chloe’s hand sliding into your hot little ass now, and it looks really evil. Feeling stretched bitch? Because it’s gotta open a lot further yet!”

Chloe’s face was a picture of intent concentration, pushing in firmly before pulling back an inch or so, only to repeat the process again and again as her hand forced its way deeper. Daddy went back to pulling her ass cheeks apart, the camera positioned so that it had a perfect angle to view the taboo penetration. “Mommy’s so tight Daddy.” Chloe giggled. “Her little ass is making it real hard for me.”

Daddy smiled down at the tiny girl. “Just keep going sweetheart; she’ll take it no problem. Sandy, Tammy, grab those nipple clamps and give this cock-hungry cunt something else to think about.”

The woman’s breasts were hanging heavily on each side of the saw horse, and the two young girls fetched a pair of wicked looking nipple clamps with lead weights handing from them. They approached her from each side, roughly grabbing her breasts before they pinched and stretched her pointed nipples. Jason was wondering how much time they spent rehearsing a scene as each crouched down at the same time and took a pointed nipple in their mouths before their lips and teeth attacked her. Tammy sat back on her heels, satisfied the woman’s nipple was ready, before she opened the serrated teeth and allowed them to spring closed over her rigid nipple. A stifled cry of pain could be clearly heard through the ball gag as the woman threw her head back, a pleading look on her face before Sandy’s clamp bit painfully into her flesh and caused her back to arch violently again. Both girls were holding the lead weights in the hands until they looked at each other, nodded, and let them drop. The woman shrieked as her nipples were dragged toward the ground, the weights swinging back and forth in response to her desperate attempts to somehow reduce the level of pain she was struggling to contend with.

Daddy reached up her body and undid the ball gag from behind her head, a long sob slipping from her mouth as she sucked a lungful of oxygen in relief. He walked purposefully around until he was in front of her, and once again used a handful of hair to lift her head before he thrust his oozing cock deep into her mouth. He started fucking her face forcefully, driving his cock deep into her throat before pulling back to provide a second for a breath, before repeating the process again. Someone picked up the camera and focused on Chloe’s increasingly vigorous attempts to fist her ass, her sphincter stretching further as the young girl’s hand was now almost up her wrist.

Jason was overcome with lust from the stimulation on the screen, and half stood to relieve his painfully bent cock by sliding his shorts down until he was free. He glanced either side to see the girls all busy stroking their pussies, flushed with excitement just as he was. He realized they were absolutely right, as this was so much hotter than the other movies he had so vicariously enjoyed. His hand was drawn to his cock and he started stroking the rigid shaft slowly, knowing their dinner would be delivered at any time but unable to stop himself. “This is so fucking hot. Just....amazing!” He whispered to quiet murmurs of agreement.

They were distracted by a muffled scream and Chloe’s delighted shriek as she finally succeeded in sliding her wrist inside the woman’s ravaged ass. “See Daddy?” She said happily. “You were right. I’ve got my whole hand in Mom’s filthy ass!”

“Good girl!” He complimented happily as he continued driving his substantial cock passed her drooling lips, and then the doorbell rang.

“Fuck it!” Jason snapped. “Talk about bad fucking timing.”

Tracey jumped to her feet and smoothed down her tiny skirt as Audrey paused the movie. “Don’t sweat it Daddy, I’ll get it.”

He shook his head slowly. “But Tracey, you’re not exactly dressed. I can see right through that blouse you’re wearing.”

She shook her ample tits as she grinned. “Well, I’m wearing more than you right now, and we don’t want it to get cold.” And with that she happily skipped to the door, coming back a minute later with an ear-to-ear grin.

Amy laughed. “Give the delivery boy a thrill did you?”

Tracey laughed. “When I opened the door the poor boy nearly dropped the boxes. You should have seen the look on this face when he saw my tits, he’s probably parked down the street jerking off right now!”

They all laughed at the mental image of the unsuspecting driver, and his surprise when Tracey opened the door. “His name was Andrew, and if you let me order next time we come over I’m betting I can get dinner for free.”

Jason shook his head and laughed as well. “I wouldn’t bet against that honey.” He poured them glasses of wine and handed around napkins as they all ate hungrily, anxious to eat but even more interested in resuming the movie. When they finished eating Jason moved quickly around the room, clearing the empty pizza boxes and glasses with a sense of urgent purpose. Then he proceeded to slide the empty coffee table around until it was parallel to the TV, the girls watching expectantly. Throughout dinner his cock had remained firm and rigid, and he was finding it increasingly difficult to maintain a semblance of control. “I don’t think I can sit here and watch porn with three hot ladies keeping me company, so will you please bend over this table and give me some sexy pussies to play with before my cock turns purple?”

Audrey hit play and they scurried over until he was looking at three firm perfect butts. He glanced at the screen briefly to see they had seamlessly picked up where they had left off, with Chloe seemingly achieving the impossible by sliding her entire hand into the woman’s gaping ass while Daddy fucked her face with driving thrusts.

Amy was the closest one to him and he glanced down to see her pussy was dripping wet, clearly she was enjoying this graphic display of indulgent lust as much as he was. He gripped his shaft firmly and drove his cock deep into her cunt, both exhaling in gasping satisfaction as they felt their bodies connect. A moment’s pause and he started thrusting, using every ounce of self control to overcome his undeniable urge to fuck her with the same ferocity as he was witnessing on the screen. He glanced up to watch the woman writhe as she was penetrated and stretched from both ends, her heavy breasts still dealing with the bite of the nipple clamps and pressure from the swinging weights. He felt his balls suck upward and reluctantly slid back, freeing his cock from slippery captivity as he took a couple of steadying breaths before sliding sideways and taking a position behind Tracey.

Another drive forward and another welcoming gasp titillated his sense of hearing, and again he started fucking her tight cunt steadily. “Fuck that cunt Daddy.” Tracey whispered passionately. “I love how you fuck me, and I want you to know you can fuck my cunt whenever you want.”

He continued to slide deep inside her slippery pussy, loving the soft liquid embrace that enveloped his cock. “There’s nothing I’d like more Tracey, but I’m getting real close and I need to slip into my daughter’s cunt before I cum.”

She moaned softly as he slid back, but he hoped she understood that he was only one man with three hot cunts to take care of. As she moved behind Audrey a series of grunts and moans had all of them looking back at the screen, just in time to catch Daddy wrap his hand around his cock and start jacking it furiously into his wife’s mouth. “Take it cunt.” He cried out. “You’re always bitching you don’t get enough loving, so this should satisfy you for a while!”

His cock twitched as he started to unload, firing three or four strong ropes deep into her throat before taking a half-step back and jacking the remainder all over her face. In the meantime little Chloe’s hand was a blur of movement as she fist-fucked her ass until the woman dissolved into a screaming orgasm that saw her cum pumping in gushing jets all over the young girl crouched behind her.

Jason knew he was close to going the same way, and marvelled that he’d been able to hold out for as long as he had. One firm thrust had him deep inside Audrey’s welcoming cunt, and he was just wondering if that was where he was going to finish when she solved that problem for him. “Oh yes Daddy...YES! Fuck my cunt....but....please don’t cum. Girls? Girls! Do you....want Daddy to give us a cum-bath? I don’t think we can get him to cum another three times tonight.”

“YES!” Tracey and Amy cried out as one. “Give us a cum-bath Daddy.” Amy pleaded.

With his balls feeling as though they were on fire he slid back and squeezed the base of his cock firmly, trying desperately to hold back as they hurried to group together on their knees, their faces side by side as they looked up expectantly. “Oh...FUCK!!!” He shouted, jacking his cock as he felt his seed pumping up the length of his shaft. “ARRHHH! CUMMIINNGG!!!”

His final words were superfluous as his thick jizz was already spraying freely, covering the girls’ faces and running down their bodies as they huddled close to ensure not one drop went to waste. His hand pumped mindlessly as rope after rope sprayed into hair, across foreheads and faces, and coated eyes and lips with viscous rivers of hot greasy fluid. They lovingly accepted everything he had to give, allowing him to bathe them as his legs started to tremble until he collapsed back on the couch, his hand still clenching his shaft as it started to soften.

While he may have reached his conclusion the girls were far from done, as Amy pushed Audrey back and they started passionately kissing and licking his seed from each other’s face. Tracey was not going to be left out and burrowed between Amy’s thighs, her pointed tongue sliding easily into her girlfriend’s saturated cunt as she started sucking her juices down her throat. Before long they were arranged in a triangular tangle of bodies on the floor, each with their mouth on a streaming cunt as their tongues busily probed and explored. Gasps and stifled moans assaulted Jason’s ears as he watched their uninhibited quest for satisfaction, until one after the other they came, painting the face below them with gushes of pungent cum.

The room drifted into a state of tranquil silence, the only sound being rhythmic breathing as spent bodies drifted though a satisfying afterglow. Tracey untangled herself from the sweating cluster of bodies and crawled over, climbing up onto the couch and snuggling into Jason’s strong arms. “You are amazing Daddy, simply amazing.” She whispered. “This has been such an incredible day that I don’t want to go home tomorrow.”

He smiled down at her. “There’s no reason why we can’t do this again....if you want.”

She laughed softly as she hugged him tightly. “If I want? Oh yeah...I want! If we get up early....and help clean up before our parents get you think you could fuck my tits tomorrow?”

“Would you like that?” He asked, somewhat unnecessarily.

“Yes please.” She replied honestly. “My tits are so sensitive....I think I’d pass out from pure pleasure.”

“You have to give me one for the road too Daddy.” Amy said quietly from her resting place on the floor.

“Jesus girls.” He protested, but not with too much conviction. “I don’t know how many times you think an old guy can get it up.”

“It’s ok Daddy, I’ll cut you some slack.” Audrey laughed. “You don’t have to fuck me tomorrow.... at least not until after the girls have gone home.”

Jason groaned and helped them to their feet. “Thanks...for nothing! Now I’m done so let’s go to bed, unless you three want to stay up for a while?”

They all agreed they were tired, and together they all trooped off to bed, somehow managing to find a comfortable position in his bed before they fell into a restful sleep.

********************************* TO BE CONTINUED **********************************
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