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If you've read the whole series skip this. *SPOILER ALERT* The world is in an apocalypse, consumed by The Flare, a disease that makes people go insane. WICKED, an organization bent on finding a cure, puts immune teenagers through a series of deadly trials to find out why they are immune, including living in an unsolvable maze, and crossing a wasteland filled with the insane Flare-infested Cranks. Thomas and his friends, including Teresa, his "lover", escape WICKED eventually and start a new civilization with the Immunes. Teresa dies while escaping, so obviously I have added stuff in that doesn't actually happen, including the existence of Edge and Jayne.


Her long black locks flow over her shoulders as she walks toward me. She permeates anger and confusion.
"Who are you? Where's Tom?!"

"Calm down Teresa! What are you talking about? I've known you for weeks! Who's Tom?"

Teresa sits down, obviously frustrated.

"Teresa. What's happening?" I ask quietly.

"It's WICKED." I can see the tears forming in her eyes. "I thought I got my memory back, but...."

"But what, Teresa?"

"They added fake ones in instead. This whole time I thought Thomas actually existed... but it was all a trick! I loved him! But it was all a sick joke from WICKED." Tears stream down her cheeks now.

"I was in the Trials with you for weeks! You don't remember any of that?"

"I thought... I thought that was Tom."

"Does the name Edge ring a bell?"

"Oh my god." She sits down, her face in her hands. "I remember everything now. Edge. How could I forget?!"

She whispers, seemingly to herself. "It was you all along. You were the one I kissed. The one I always loved.... But who's Tom?"

I lean in to her warm body, and wipe the tears off her face, then pull her into a tight hug, my chin on top of her head. We sit that way for a few minutes, with a feeling of safety from our closeness. "Do you need anything?" I ask.

"Just you." She whispers back, closing her eyes and falling into my arms.

As the minutes drag on, I start to notice things like her soft breasts against my body, and her firm butt resting in my lap. "Shit." I say to myself. My penis is hard already. She stirs, and opens her eyes. "Sorry, I—" I try to say.

She cuts me off, "It's fine. I need it right now." She presses harder into my body, rubbing into my hard-on.

"What? I thought...." She always refuses sex.

"I know. But I really need it, need to get away from the world for a while." She hugs me even tighter, if that's even possible.

I gaze silently at her pale face, she's my image of a goddess. Her bright red lips are curved into a frown. "You're so beautiful." I think out loud, and her crazily blue eyes light up, her mouth curling into the prettiest smile I've ever seen.

She gets up and walks closer to me. "I love you." she says as she puts her lips on mine, falling into my embrace. I can feel her tongue at the entrance to my mouth. I open my lips slightly, letting her tongue mingle with mine, sending shudders of pleasure through both of our bodies. I reach towards her, still locked in a kiss, and feel her amazing set of breasts through her shirt. She lets out a quiet moan, and grabs my hands, pushing them harder into her chest. She guides them to the bottom of her shirt, and I help lift it off. I gasp, eyes wide. She isn't wearing a bra, and her small but perky nipples stick out towards me. She smiles, and a start feeling her breasts again, but without anything blocking me from her soft globes this time.

I don't know what any bra sizes mean at all (I had my memory wiped like all the Gladers, and I probably didn't know in the first place anyway), but her tits are HUGE. Probably had a circumference of about 6 inches each. I haven't seen any tits before, so I probably wouldn't know, but these are perky as FUCK. There is literally no sagging at all. My 14 year old virgin mind is completely blown away: I actually get to TOUCH these things!

Teresa moans once more, and pulls my hands away. I give her a confused look.

"If you liked that, watch THIS." She turns around and bends over, giving me a nice, but covered, view of her ass. My eyes grow wide as she pulls her jeans down. I guess WICKED didn't supply her with any panties while she was staying there, either.

"That's the hottest thing I've ever seen." I say, rubbing my dick through my shorts. See a bald pussy between two hotter than hot ass cheeks– I can check that of my bucket list.

"I know." She turns her head and winks at me.


I laugh and lean forward, close enough to smell her pussy juices that are now running down her legs. "Now it's time to kiss a different set of lips!" I whisper, and lean in even farther, my nose in her beautiful, beautiful asscrack. I hesitantly stick my tongue out, nervous about what it might feel like to eat a pussy, but all doubts wash away when the tip of it touches her pussy lips. I lick up and down her slit, receiving a moan each time a touch her clit. "I've never felt this good before, Edge! And I actually have an intact memory— OHHHHH FUCK!!!" She's cut off when my tongue enters here hole. I start pumping my face in and out, "tongue-fucking," I think I remember it being called. She screams: in pleasure this time, not in agony like I heard so many times during the Trials. A liquid shoots out of her vagina, covering my face in her juices. "Sorry- I'm a squirter."

"I love it. It felt so good."

"And you weren't even the one receiving! I'm glad. Maybe we can do this again." She turns to look at me and smiles that beautiful smile of hers. I smile back.

She moves toward the tent in my shorts, never taking her bright blue eyes off my face. Its hot. That's all I can say. She pulls down both layers of clothing while a rip off my shirt, and gasps. My 7-inch cock swings up towards her face, almost touching her nose.
"It's so big!" She stares at it for what seems like hours.

"It's only 7 inches."

"Don't even try to be humble, you have a fucking big cock." She starts to move her lips toward it, but I stop her.

"This is about pleasuring you, not me." I place the head of my dick on top of her clit. "We don't have condoms. Shit." Somehow a memory of those comes back, making me think twice about going in unprotected.

"Just fuck me already, Edge." she says sexily. So I do.

I put the head of my dick into her pussy, and she moans. "This gonna hurt a little at first. Sorry in advance." I press through her barrier, and she whimpers. Tears form in her eyes. "It will feel better in a second. Remember- just forget the outside world and focus on the pleasure." I start pumping in and out, and her look of pain turns into a moan of pleasure. I start humping her faster, and grab one of her tits to get a handhold- and a sexy handhold at that. I put my other hand on her ass as I fuck her harder and harder, and she starts moaning every few seconds, sending shudders through me. It feels like her sounds of pleasure just enhance mine. After a few minutes, Teresa screams. Her juices splatter all over by balls, and this sets me off. My cum spurts out and fills her pussy. I look at her face, and am surprised to see a look of horror. I look where her eyes are pointing, and see a boy, probably 16.

"Teresa?!" he yells.


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