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Sorry for the ever-so-long wait everyone. I've been dealing with some shit that makes it hard to get inspiration for writing. However, I'm making it up to you guys by making this part longer than usual, with more Erotic content, so Enjoy!

Chapter 4: I'm the Master Now.

I looked over Hildegard's naked and unconscious body. Looking at her breasts, waist, hips, and crotch. She probably had about an E-cup or thereabouts, I've never seen anything past DD. I skimmed my finger from her crotch, up her stomach, moved it up her breast and swirled it around the nipple. I then flicked the nipple a couple of times, and reached my other hand down to her vagina and began stroking it slowly. Within time, Hildegard woke up, startled by the events currently taking place.

"W-What are you doing?!" She tried to struggle a bit, but my strength was too much for her and held her down.

"Don't you remember? You're mine now." I grinned. At this time, her mind must've been cycling through what happened before she passed out, and within several seconds, she realized her place. "Your mind, body, and soul are mine now. Your eternal loyalty is pledged to me." I leaned over and took a quick nibble on her ear. She let off a cute moan and tensed up, grabbing some of the sheets on the bed. I smiled and got off the bed. I went over to my desk and had a seat on my chair. "Lilith, get her ready," I ordered.

"Yes, Master." She went over to the bed, already looking aroused and got on top of Hildegard. She smiled and unbuttoned her blouse exposing her perfect DD breasts and slim midriff. She laid down on Hildegard, their boobs squishing each other, and interlocked in a deep kiss with her. Lilith rubbed up and down on Hildegard's body, rubbing their nipples together, and stroked Hildegard's long, blonde hair, sending both into ecstasy. Their lips locked, the quickly parted, revealing their tongues, swirling around each other, lines of saliva connecting the two's lips, then quickly locking lips again and aggressively pressing into each other.

Wow, they're really getting into it… I thought to myself. My boner at this point, was in full action, ready for whatever may come.

Lilith reached one of her hands down and began stroking Hildegard's pussy, running up and down, and occasionally giving a quick few flicks of her clitoris. These actions send Hildegard into a new world, causing her to moan through the kissing.

Huh… I guess girls do know what girls want. My thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door.

"Master Overlord, there is a guest here for you." It sounded like Rika.

"Who is it?" I asked.

"She says its 'Kaede.'" She responded.

Kaede? Why is she here? I took a deep breath and responded, "Alright, I'll be right down." I got up from my chair and began walking to the door. As I was doing so, Lilith stopped what she was doing and looked at me.

"Where are you going Master?" She took deep breaths, obviously tired from pleasuring Hildegard.

"A guest is downstairs that I have to meet with, continue what you're doing, I won't be long." I continued out the door. Rika was waiting for me outside.

"Shall I take you to her?" She asked.

"Please do." I smiled and she led the way. We went down the hallway, then down the stairs, and then into the living room. There on the couch, was Kaede looking tense. "Kaede, what's up?" I asked her.

"Whoa, Javin, this place is fancy…" She was definitely amazing by my new house.

"Huh? Oh, yeah, things happened and this is my place…" I gave a awkward smile and scratched the back of my head. I walked over to the couch and had a seat. "So, what brings you here, this late?" I asked.

"Oh, well, today at school, you seemed different, so I was concerned…" She had a worried look on her face.

"Well, you could've called, but I appreciate you coming all the way over here." I smiled. "Would you like some tea or something to drink?"

"Sure," She smiled back.

"Hey Rika, can you make us some tea? You pick." I looked over, behind the couch to where Rika was standing and asked her.

"As you wish, Master." She bowed and exited the room towards the kitchen.

"Wow, you have maids too?" She was surprised.

"Yeah, like I said stuff happened." If I told her I became Overlord of the Demon realm, there's no way she'd believe me… "No need to worry, I'm alright."

"Who's that girl?! Really, who is she?" She quickly jumped to the next question.

I took a sigh. I knew this question was coming… "Will you believe what I say? Completely?"

"Of course!" She had a serious look on her face. Just then, Rika came back in, with the tray of tea and some other stuff.

"Rika, Fetch Lilith and Hildegard… Make sure they are adequately dressed." I ordered her.

"Yes Master." She bowed and left the room again.

I reached to the table and grabbed the cup of tea. I put a bit of sugar in it and stirred. I took it from the table and held it close to my face. The warmth and smell enlightened me. "Ah, the smell of Irish Cream is simply elegant." I smiled and looked at Kaede. "What's the matter? Relax." I smiled took a sip of the tea.

"What's with you? You changed…" She looked a bit distressed.

"Hmm? Oh, this is a side effect of what happened. Split personalities." I charmingly smiled. The door to the living room opened and Rika, along with Lilith, in her casual clothes, and Hildegard, who was in a blouse came in the room. "Come here, Lilith, Hildegard." I motioned them to sit on each side of me. They came over and sat on each side of me, and I put my arms around them. I looked at Kaede, who was on the couch across the table from me. "I am the Overlord of the Demon Realm. These are my two Slaves, Lilith, and Hildegard." I pulled Lilith and Hildegard in closer to me, embracing them tightly. "My true name is Lucifer Klyne Asmoedeus. My ancestors were servants to the Overlord in the past, however just recently, the past Overlord's term ended, so my Family was selected as the new ruling Family, with me, the oldest son the Overlord." Kaede's face was mostly frozen, probably processing all of what I said.

"T-There's no way I can believe that. It sounds like a fictional story."

"I didn't expect you to." I smiled. "Now look, I was kind of in the middle of something, so unless you have something to say, may I kindly ask that you leave?"

"What the Hell's your problem?" She was looked at the ground, and her fists were clenched on her knees. "You tell me some third-rate excuse then ask me to leave?" She looked at me, angrily. "How can I believe you?!" She shouted.

I took a deep breath. "Calm down Kaede. I'm speaking the truth. I didn't want to, but I guess I'll have to prove it to you." I unwrapped my arm from around Hildegard and held it out in front of me, palm up. I focused my energy into my hand and an ball of fire formed. "See?"

She looked shocked at the sight. She laughed a bit. "That's it? a cheap magic trick?!"

I looked disappointed, at her failure to understand the situation. I stood up and walked over to her. I stood in front of her and leaned over her, pushing her down on the couch. Her body was in shock so all she could do is go along with what I was doing. Soon, I was fully on top of her and I whispered into her ear. "What reason would I have to lie to you?" I went in for a quick nibble of her ear, and she gave off a quiet moan. I Backed my head up and looked into her eyes. They looked dull, almost lifeless. "There's always room for another." I gave a devilish grin. I got back up, and Kaede was still laying on the couch. "Rika, prepare a guest bedroom for Kaede. Call her parents and let them know she's staying here for the night. Be sure to clear up any misunderstandings though. The directory should be in drawer, and their number should be in there."

"Yes, Master."

"Now then, I apologize for the wait, let us continue." I looked at Lilith and Hildegard who were obviously still in heat from the previous session. They stood up and followed me back to my room. Once we were there, we all stripped and went on the bed. Hildegard was still wet from Lilith's handiwork, ripe and ready for my cock. She was laying down and I was on my knees in front of her vagina. I Positioned my cock at the entrance to her hole and held it there. I looked at Hildegard, expecting something from her, she instantly knew what I meant.

"Please… Fuck me Master, and make me yours…" She smiled and spread open her vagina.

I gave a evil grin and thrusted my hips as hard as I could into her vagina. Her eyes widened, and she clenched the sheets on the bed and arched her back. I made sure to thrust in as far as I could, fitting my whole length into her. I looked up at her face and she was smiling and had her arms extended out to me as if she wanted to hug me. I leaned forward, resting my chest on hers, and she wrapped her arms around me. I began moving my hips, slowly at first, then gaining speed. With every other thrust or so, she would let out a soft moan of pleasure. I moved my lips to hers and we locked in a passionate kiss, exploring every spot of each other's mouth. I broke off from our kiss and leaned back, upright and grabbed her thighs, moving my hips faster, and trying to go deeper.

"Yes..! Master! Please… harder!" Hildegard managed to speak between breaths.

"Hey Lilith, how about helping out?" I asked, continuing my thrusting.

"What shall I do Master?" she asked.

"Hmm… Like, grope her breasts or rub her clit or something… Make her feel better."

"Yes Master." She came over to us and began licking Hildegard's erect nipples, swirling her tongue around them, and flicking them. She soon came to sucking and biting them, causing Hildegard to moan out more. She broke off from her nipples and licked her body from breast, and traced her tongue down her stomach, around her belly button, and back up.

"Hildegard, Once I cum inside of you, you will be cleared of anything 'holy' left inside you will be purged and you'll be fully corrupted into a Demon…" I told her.

"Yes, Master. I want to be yours." she responded.

"Good… Now then, get ready to accept it!" I moved my hips faster and harder, on the verge of orgasm. Hildegard grabbed the sheets tightly and started tensing up. I held onto her thighs tightly and got ready to finish off. "Here it comes…!" I finished with one Final thrust, pushing in as deep as possible. Cum began gushing out my cock and began pouring into Hildegard. We both twitched, and I fell on top of her. Despite my increased stamina from becoming a Demon, I still fell exhausted. It must've been because I had to purge the remaining holy elements from her. I rolled of Hildegard and laid on the bed.

"Lilith, come here." I gestured to my left side. She came over and laid down next to me. Hildegard was on my right and I had my arms around them both. I pulled them in tight and cuddled with them until I fell asleep.

I awoke to the feel of something with considerable weight on top of me. I opened my eyes, what appeared before me was the body of a familiar female. Upon closer inspection, I saw that it was Kaede. Wait… What's going on..

"Hahaha, your Harem is developing boy." It was that voice again.

"Oi, Old man, what's this development?"

"You don't remember? Last night you attracted her through your powers."

The events of last night suddenly replayed themselves from start to finish, from getting home to going to sleep. "Oh man… I'm a dick." I felt disappointment in myself. "But, what's up with the other personality? You never mentioned that."

"Hoh? Must've slipped my mind. You're royalty now, obviously you need to have an arrogant tone."

"Fair enough… I guess." I yawned and stretched my arms above me, and sat up, Kaede still having all her weight on me.

"Nnnnh…" I heard Kaede moan as I raised by back, and clenched one of her fists as if grabbing something. I got up and laid Kaede back down on the bed, in between Hildegard and Lilith, all three of them sleeping soundly. I walk over to my desk by the wall and look at the calendar.

"Saturday huh? No school." I rubbed my eyes, trying to remove the sleep in them.

"Nnn… Master, are you awake?" Lilith tiredly spoke and she slowly got up from the bed.

"Hoh? Sleeping in later than the Master? You have some nerve for a slave." I looked back at her. That statement must've shocked her because she was immediately wide-awake.

"I-I'm very sorry Master!" Her face became red, more than likely embarrassed at her lack of discipline. "I-If it'll make you feel better, I'll make it up for you with my body." She shyly spoke this last line.

"Hmm? Ah, later. Get dressed for now." I waved it off and walked over to the bed. "Hildegard! Wake up!" I order her as I lightly slapped her cheeks, trying to wake her up.

"Mmmm? Master?" She slowly got up and rubbed her eyes.

"The lot of you, your lack of discipline irritates me." I pinched Hildegard's nipple and began tugging on it.
"Ahhn.. Master… If you keep doing that…" Hildegard began blushing intensely, pleasured by my violent treatment. I let go and turned around. Hildegard was panting behind me, obviously not satisfied by only what I just did.

"Lilith, prepare a bath." I ordered her.

"Yes Master." Lilith bowed and exited the room, heading towards the shower.

"Now then… What to do about this one?" I looked at Kaede. "Should I just fuck her in her sleep and convert her into a demon?" Now noticing I was still naked, I look down and see a solid hard-on, ready for action. I looked at both Hildegard and Kaede, and suddenly, my sadistic side kicked in. "Hildegard, On your hands and knees above Kaede." I ordered her.

"Ah, Yes Master!" Obviously figuring out what comes next, she excitedly crawled over to Kaede and positioned herself above her.

"Stick your ass out." I stood on the bed, behind Hildegard's ass. She stuck her ass out, exposing it to me. "Perfect." I grinned and rubbed my cock at the entrance to her vagina. Hildegard gave off a tiny moan.

"Stick your cock inside me Master… Violate my insides with your cock…" Hildegard begged for my cock.

"Very well." I grabbed her hips and thrusted my cock inside her pussy. I moved in quick, shallow thrusts, not even getting my 10 inch dick halfway in.

"Uhhn… Master… Deeper…" Hildegard's moans came out quiet at first, but then got louder and louder. Juices from Hildegard's vagina leaked out with each thrust of mine, dripping her juices on the bed and Kaede's lower half. I moved slower, but made deeper thrusts, getting maybe 8 or so inches in. "Ahhn…. Master… it feels so good…" Hildegard let off more moans.

"Heh? you like you pussy being deeply penetrated?" I ask her sadistically.

"Yes… I love it when you thrust your cock deep inside me…" She replied in ecstasy.

"Good. Then how do you like this…!" I pulled out almost all the way, and in one powerful thrust, I slam my cock in as deep as possible inside her, getting right to the base. Hildegard let off a moan louder than all the rest, and arched her back, her tongue hung out of her mouth in pleasure.

"My… My Womb… I can feel you touching my womb…" Her voice was slurred, no doubt from the last thrust I gave her.

"Hildegard, start groping Kaede." I ordered her.

"Yes… Master…" She moved her right hand onto Kaede's left breast and began fondling it. First squeezing the breast as a whole, she slowly made her way to pleasuring the nipple, flicking it and rubbing her fingers over it. Kaede's nipples quickly became erect, and I noticed that they were nice and perky. Her breasts was around a modest C-cup, but comparing to Hildegard's E-Cup, they were simply dwarfed. I started thrusting my hips faster, making sure each thrust made it to the base of my cock. I repeatedly hit the entrance of Hildegard's womb, causing her to give off moans each time. I leaned by body forward, and started groping Hildegard's breasts with my hands. I squeezed them tight, digging my fingers into them. They were soft, and easy to squeeze, but not too squishy.

"Ahhn~… Master, it feels so good! My mind is going blank…" Her body was acting on its own, reacting to the stimulation I was giving it, by synchronizing her hips with mine, and mindlessly caressed Kaede's body. Kaede let out soft moans, but were easily diminished by Hildegard's loud moaning.

"Hildegard! Kiss her!" I ordered her excitedly.

"Yes… Master…" Hildegard put her hands on Kaede's cheeks and aggressively began kissing her. I could see Hildegard's tongue plunging deep inside Kaede's mouth, most likely exploring every inch of her mouth. "Master… I want to cum… please let me cum…" Hildegard broke off from the kiss and asked me, her words broken up by moans of pleasure.

"Hmm? Very well then!" I laughed and moved my hips faster than before. "I feel like I'm about ready to cum as well!" I continued thrusting, and Hildegard went back to kissing Kaede. "Here it comes…!" I reach the start of the climax, and release my cum, welled up inside me. I give a loud grunt and explode my load inside Hildegard. Hildegard responded with a loud moan, muffled by Kaede's mouth, but Hildegard's body began twitching and convulsing, reaching the peak of her orgasm. Once she stopped, I pulled my cock out of her pussy and she rolled over to the side and collapsed in exhaustion. "Now then…" I look down at my cock, which is covered in cum. "Someone's going to have to clean this up…" I look at Kaede who awoke from Hildegard's moan. She was wide-eyed, and frozen in shock at the sight before her. "What? Never seen a cock before?" I asked her, jokingly. She had no response. "Oh well, looks like you're on clean-up duty." I walk over to her and place my cum-drenched cock infront of her face. "C'mon, lick it clean." I smiled evilly. She didn't respond. "Hmm?" I tilted my head to the side pondering why she isn't responding. "Oh well, whatever." I grab Kaede's jaw and force it open. "Here you go, enjoy the meal." I thrust my still-erect cock inside her mouth and begin moving it back and forth. upon entry, she quickly came back to her senses and screamed at what was happening, but it was muffled because of my cock. "Oh, you're back." I pulled my cock out of her mouth, allowing her to speak.

"W-What are you doing?!" She angrily spoke to me

"Hmm? I'm using your mouth to clean off my cock." I notion to my cock, now covered in saliva along with the cum.

"What the hell's your problem?! You Nymphomaniac!" She shouted at me.

"Oh, my feelings are hurt. but no matter, even if you resist now, you won't be able to in a bit."

"W-What do you mean?!" She questioned me.

"My Bodily fluids act as a aphrodisiac. You'll be in heat shortly, then you won't be able to resist." I give an ear-to-ear grin.

"D-Don't be rediculous!" She barked back at me. "Who do you think you-" She stopped mid-sentence, and her expression relaxed. "Ahhn…" She gave off a slight moan, Her mouth was open, and she was panting heavily.

"Hmm… Looks like it's in effect." I put my hand to my chin in a thinking pose. "No matter." I grabbed Kaede's hair and moved it to my cock and thrusted my hips forward, penetrating her mouth. Kaede gave off a quick expression of shock, but quickly transformed into a expression of pleasure. "C'mon, use your tongue." I gave instructions and she followed them well. She rubbed her tongue on the bottom of my cock, massaging the Urethra, which felt extraordinarily pleasurable. "Heh… you're not bad…"

Kaede pulled off my cock and looked up at me. "Thank… you… Javin…" She spoke in ecstasy, heavily in heat from my aphrodisiac. The more cum she consumes, the greater then effect. She stroked my cock with her right hand and began fondling my ball sack with her left hand. She started off with licking the tip, but began licking down my cock to the base, and then back up. "Mmmm... Your cock is so tasty…" She smiled and put my shaft into her mouth. She started with just the head, circling her tongue around it, then proceeded to go deeper and deeper, until eventually reaching the base. She made a lot of slurping noises, but I could feel my cock inside her throat. She seems to have a natural talent for this.

"You’re not half bad…" I grunted. "But, I'm in charge here!" I grab the back of her head and moved her head vigorously up and down my cock, penetrating deep inside her throat, then back out to her mouth. I continued this motion until on the brink of orgasm. "Here I go…!" I thrusted my hips as hard as possible, ramming my cock as deep as possible inside her throat, ending in blasting my load of hot cum down her throat. Kaede's eyes widened at the sudden gush of cum, and screamed a bit in shock, but she quickly got used to it and began gulping down my cum. Once I finished my orgasm, I pulled my cock back out, with a 'pop' sound, exited her mouth.

"More…" Kaede's eyes looked blank, as if she was acting on instinct. She laid back and lifted her legs up and exposed her vagina which was drenched in her fluids. "I'm so… wet… Javin… fuck me…" She gave these words and smiled perversely, letting me know what to do.

"Well, I wasn’t expecting this much, but whatever, it's all good." I positioned myself as to where my cock was at the entrance of her vagina and rubbed it there, making sure the entry was okay.

"Javin… I love you… so be my first…" She moaned these words, and my body suddenly felt no fatigue. This was too damn cute.

Like a beast, I excitedly grabbed Kaede's thighs and moved my cock inside her vagina. I didn't spare the formalities and violently thrusted my cock inside her.

"Ahhn…! Fuck me Javin!" She moaned in delight. I thrusted my hips as hard and as fast as I could into her, ramming my cock at the entrance of her womb. "Yes…! Yes…! Keep thrusting at my womb! You'll break it!" I mixed up my strategy, thrusting in deep, and then once all the way in, circled my hips, exploring every corner of her vagina. "Javin…! Keep fucking me! Carve the shape of your cock into my vagina…! I only belong to you!" She continued with these Masochistic requests. I never knew she was such a hardcore one. I smiled and pulled out, and rolled her over, and made her assume doggy-position. I rammed my cock inside her vagina and continued thrusting. while doing so, I began slapping her ass cheeks, and each time I did, she gave off a loud moan. "Yes…! Spank me! Spank me for being a naughty girl!" I started slapping harder, and her ass got redder. The pleasure finally built up to its limits and I was ready to cum

"I'm going to cum!" I exclaimed to her.

"Cum Javin…! Cum inside me!" She replied, giving her consent. I continued thrusting, on the verge of cumming.

"Accept it!" I thrusted faster and faster, ramming more and more against her womb. The pleasure was finally too much and I came. This orgasm was like no other. Cum came gushing forth through my cock and overflowed her womb, causing it to pour out of her vagina. Kaede moaned out in pleasure as my hot cum filled up her stomach. Even though I came, I didn’t stop. A Carnal desire inside me demanded I continue on, the desire was simply too strong and I continued thrusting.

"Ahhn… Ahhn… I-I'm cumming…!" She exclaimed as I continued thrusting. She threw her head back and arched her back and her body began convulsing at the sheer pleasure of me fucking her. Even though She came, I still didn't stop. My desire was too strong and I came about my second orgasm.

"Kaede… I'm going to cum again!"

"Me too…! Cum with me Javin…!" She reached her arms out to me, inviting me in. I leaned my body into her and she embraced me. It didn’t take long, but a second flood came pouring out of my cock into her vagina. Her body tensed up, and her vagina clamped down on my cock, squeezing every last drop out of it. Kaede's body convulsed again, but more violently this time, and for a longer period of time. Once she finished climaxing, her body fell limp as she passed out. I stood up, but had minor trouble getting to my feet, as my legs were weak from exhaustion. I sat down on the bed and gazed downward. After several minutes of gazing off into nothing, Lilith came back in, notifying me that the bath was ready.

"Alright, thanks Lilith." I stood up slowly and walked out the door, having trouble walking. "Lilith, help me."

"Yes Master." She smiled and helped me to the bath.


2017-09-13 13:05:26
The same sex position makes it boring every time. Switch it up. Good potential for a series just sounds like a 15 year old wrote it


2017-09-13 13:05:20
The same sex position makes it boring every time. Switch it up. Good potential for a series just sounds like a 15 year old wrote it

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2014-03-12 05:19:12
It's really good, I'm upset that the author stopped posting.

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2013-12-24 06:11:02
I really enjoy this series

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2013-08-21 19:49:25
I actually really like this series as the whole demon plot reminds me of Highschool DxD also the characters are decent enough could maybe use a bit more development and try to remember to keep to a plot and not just only sex (It's good but there still needs to be some story for it to work) Anyway looking forwards to the next one.

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