Dakota was a young neighbour girl who lived just a block over from my house. She she was a foster child and I had no idea where her parents were or even if she had any...She used to walk or bike by my house almost daily. That summer I used to go for bike rides quite often and would run into her at the local park, or somewhere along the road. I was in pretty good shape and always used to wear my muscle shirt and shorts.
She would always come up to me and talk..or tag along on a bike ride with me. She was very friendly and very cute. She was at that age when she was starting to notice boys, and sometimes I would catch her looking at my crotch, and she would smile and come up to me...grab my muscles and giggle and say “they are so big and hard” was times like that when I began to get hard ..looking down into her pretty little eyes, and down even lower to her perky little breasts...her breasts were small and perfect and her nipples were usually poking through her little tank top. I knew it was wrong to even think those type of thoughts... but like I said, I would find my cock getting hard....harder than it had been in years.
One day I was biking along the railway tracks when Dakota and one of her friends caught up with me.
She was just a wisp of a thing, with large brown eyes, dark hair,cute little titties..wearing cotton short shorts so tight that I could see the outline of her little cunt. Dakota had on a pink halter top and white shorts...nice and tight. She was in front of me times she would stand up to pedal and I could see the crack of her tight little ass....the sweat leaking down to her tiny little cunt......”what the fuck am I doing” I thought...undressing these young girls with my eyes....but I found my cock getting uncomfortably hard again.
We cut into the local school grounds and down a path to a clearing with large trees and a picnic table...Dakota in front, me in the middle and the cute little friend just behind. We just got into the clearing when she crashed...we both off our bikes...and hurried over to her. She was not hurt very bad, a scrape on her upper thigh, and another on her shoulder...but her cute brown eyes were swelled up with tears. Dakota smiled at her and said she was alright and don't be a whiner..She looked right past her and into my eyes and said mister...”can you kiss my bruises better ? “.. I told her not to worry and she would be fine....but Dakota insisted I do it or else we would be here all day..Oh well I thought..I picked her up off the tiny...and gave her a quick kiss on her shoulder...she dug her little hands into my biceps and giggled....I put her on the ground...she was only up to my belly button..she smiled up at me and said the other one..pointing at her thigh...just inches from her little cunnie....oh my God I thought...I cock was hard and straining at my shorts. Oh what the fuck....real quick...I thought and went down on my knees and gave her a kiss on her thigh...she giggled again, and I could smell the musky smell of her little cunt, as it was just inches from my nose....then Dakota grabbed me and started wrestling with me...I fell to the ground...the other girl joined in..this was insane...oh well...I was enjoying it..I started tickling them and I pinned Dakota to the ground an tickled her firm little tummy....she reached under my shirt and pinched my nipples...hard..I looked down at her and could see the mischief in her eyes....I cupped her little titties in my hands and pinched her nipples ...gently...she giggled. Two young girls...all over me.. giggling...two sets of tiny little hands wondering all over my body..Dakota's fingers slipped down and grasped my cock...she smiled and asked why is this so big ? The other little girl reached and grabbed it too and squealed.I could feel the pre cum leaking from my cock, as they probed and stroke my throbbing cock. Dakota looked up at me and pushed her hand down my shorts and stroked my naked cock...What was I doing ? I brushed away their hands ..and stood up...the little one giggled loudly and punched me hard with her tiny little hand..right in the balls...I fell to the ground in pain...I had never been punched in the balls while having a raging hard on and it hurt like hell....the girls saw my pain and settled down and stared as I moaned and groaned...Dakota came up and stroked my chest and arms and asked if I was ok...I got up slowly and said was time to go home.
We pedalled down to the end of the block...and I turned to go to my house....I said bye and the girls just continued on down the block.

I was Ok now, and my cock began to stir as I thought over the afternoon...I was definitely going to have to relieve myself...I rode my bike into the yard and put it in the garage...and just stepped into the backyard...when Dakota appeared..
She was so Hot...and so tiny..her nipples seemed almost poking out trough her pink top....she closed the gate (she knew I lived alone) and walked up to me..her piercing green eyes on mine..She said that she was really really sorry...she had driven Katy home and had come back to apologize .. She said that Katy didn't know much about boys and how sensitive their balls were. I said that's ok Dakota....thinking of my now hard cock...its all better now. I can see its Big again...she said, looking at my crotch.....can I kiss it better ?...she walked up to me, rested her little head on my tummy...and said can I ? she unbuttoned and unzipped my straining cock popped out and my shorts fell to the cock was harder than I had ever seen it...the blood vessels bulging ...her wide eyes looked at it in awe... she said Its Sooo big as she wrapped her tiny hand around it...and it was looked enormous in her tiny hands....I was done...there was no turning back...this was so wrong...and it just exited me all the more. She bent her tiny little head, and kissed it on the head..she smiled up wickedly at me and asked...all better ?..I groaned....she said I used to have to do this with my Dad...but I really want to do it with you....really really want to. She smiled and licked the head of my cock with her tiny tongue...I watched her lick the pre cum off as she popped it into her warm little mouth..I had never been so turned on in all my life....I reached down and pushed her pink top over her shoulders and grasped her small breasts in my hands...she stopped sucking long enough to say I liked it when you touched me in the park....She started to suck me was sooo sexy..her tiny little hands wrapped around my throbbing shaft,her mouth was so small she could only get a little more than the head felt soo good....I could feel a massive orgasm building in my groin...I knew I was going to cum all over her pretty face...I pulled her mouth off my pole and lifted her up so I could lick her nipples....she coooed and said ..that feels so nice....I laid her down on the grass...still suckling her boobies an reached my hand down thru her shorts to her little pussy... I was surprised to find she was wet....I fingered her cunny for a bit , then I undid her shorts and slid them down over her tanned well muscled legs, and slipped her halter top over her head....she was perfect....for a minute I just stared at this beautiful little goddess below me...perfect little buds for breasts, with nipples as hard as rocks... rippled little tummy,her beautiful little pussy, her gorgeous little legs...
I picked her up and carried her over to the tanning blanket I had in the yard, and laid her down..I pulled off my shirt, and looked down at her...she smiled and reached for my cock, and played with my balls.....I lowered my head between her tongue found her moist little cunt and I swirled my tongue up her little slit up to the tiny little bud at the top, while I reached up and kneaded her little breasts and nipples....She was squirming and moaning...I kept licking her button faster an faster...she wrapped her little legs around my head and pulled me into her....what are you doooing..????she started shaking and thrashing....I kept licking as fast as I could.....she stiffened...her legs locking on my head, and cried out, she was trembling....she released her legs from my head....what did you do that felt sooo good ...I looked up at her...she was sweating and smiling...what did you do ? I have never ever had a feeling that good!...I just smiled...I slid up her little body and put the head of my throbbing cock between her little legs and rubbed her pussy with its glistening head. I pushed slowly into her little opening, and she spread her legs wide to accept me...she was so tight the head slipped over her lips and into her little cunt...she trembled....I might hurt her I thought...I dont want to her her....I pulled my cock out of her opening, and kissed her, sliding my tongue into her mouth..I felt her little tongue find mine and she gently nibbled on me.
Dakota I you want to make me feel as good as I just made you feel ? She Said yes, yes

Dakota, I said...I want you to suck and stroke my cock...just like you were before...but this time I wont pull you away...I will start moaning and shaking...and then...see this little slit in my cock ? White cream will shoot out of can eat it...but you don't have to....She looked up at me and giggled...I know ..silly..I've done this before...
I slid up level with her face, my cock still engorged with blood....I took one of her little hands and placed it on my balls...she smiled and took my cock back into her mouth...her tiny little felt soo good..this time I felt her tongue swirl over the head, as she bobbed up and down, now both her hands closed over my shaft, as she stroked and sucked my cock...I could barely believe what was happening...this beautiful young thing.....I started building to the most powerful orgasm of my life... she must have sensed it...her little tongue started swirling faster and faster...her little mouth bobbing harder and harder...I spasmed.....she squeezed om my balls with her tiny fingers and jerked on the shaft of my aching cock.. my muscles became ridged this little girl was in complete control of me...then I exploded...I came so hard in her tiny mouth that my sperm drooled out of her mouth, and onto her tiny titties.....she kept sucking and sucking...swallowing everything she could....sperm dripping out of her mouth, she ran her little hands all over my sweaty body....she looked up at me...cupped my balls in her hand and said...all better?......I nodded and smiled
She said next time I want you inside me Don....or maybe up my ass.
Next Time?....I held her little body cock began to stir

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