Sorry to all my faithful readers, but I have been out of the loop for a while. I am working other parts to my other stories as well, but here is a story that I hope will tide you over until I get them completed. If you are new to my stories, you may find this story to long with not enough sex for you, but I am a story teller, and like to add a lot of detail my stories, if you like this story let me know and I will continue it. This story is pure fiction and if I offend anyone I'm sorry. Neighbor Frank is asked to watch the neighbor kids for a week, but what happens during this time isn't what he had planned or expected. He witnesses the young girl exploring her body, and then she joins him in the front room. There is sex in this part, as far as penetration, but it still should get you hot. Read on and find out what happens. Please constructive criticism only. Also I am always open for new story ideas, if you pm me your ideas, I will write the story for you and let you read it before I post it.
Frank Wengler is a 45 year old bachelor. He has never been married, not because he didn't have the chance, but just didn't want to be tied down with the same woman. He stands 6'1", with greying brown hair and blue eyes. He has a fairly athletic build still, weighing about 195 lbs.

Frank has lived in the same house for about 20 years now, watching many of his neighbors come and go. Earlier this spring a new family moved into the house next to him. They had two teenage kids, that he later found out were twins, Kaitlyn and Jordan. They are 15 years old. Kaitlyn stands about 5'8" with long red hair, blue eyes, and a slender, but athletic build, weighing about 120 lbs., and an a small, but forming B-cup chest. Jordan stand 5'10" with bright red hair, blue eyes, and an athletic build, weighing about 160 lbs.

It was late Monday evening when there was a knock on Frank's door. He got up to answer it, wondering who it could be this late. He opened the door and saw Tabitha, Kaitlyn's and Jordan's mom, and Kaitlyn and Jordan standing there. It appeared that Tabitha had been crying.

Frank pushed the screen door open, looking at them with concern. "Is everything alright?" He slowly asked.

Tabitha looked at him sincerely. "We... well yeah, my dad just passed away," she slowly said, tears starting to form in her eyes again.

"I'm sorry to hear that," Frank said sincerely.

"Thank you," Tabitha responded. "But he had been battling cancer, so it was kind of expected. The reason we are here, is because I was wondering if there was any way Kaitlyn and Jordan could stay with you, while John and I went there for the funeral?"

Frank looked at her, a little in shock. "I... I don't know, I don't know anything about taking care of kids," he said.

Tabitha looked at him sternly. "There isn't any thing to watching them, they just mainly need a place to sleep," she finally said.

Frank looked at her questionably. He did have a spare bed they could sleep in, but it was only one bed. "I do, bu... but it's only one bed," he stammered out.

Tabitha studied Frank's face. "That's fine, they can share the bed," she said with a smile, just needing a place for them to stay for a week.

Frank's face contorted a bit. "Are you sure that'll be ok?" He asked questionably, not sure about this whole thing.

"That'll be just fine, right kids?" Tabitha asked looking back at her kids.

They both slowly shook their heads, not really wanting to stay with Frank for a week. They wanted to go with their parents, even though they really didn't know their grandpa. They knew Frank, but weren't really sure about staying with him.

Tabitha turned back to Frank. "See told you, it should only be about 4 or 5 days is all," she said.

Frank nodded his head once in acknowledgment. "Ok I guess I can watch them for that long," he said, still a little uneasy about this situation. He stepped back from the door, allowing Kaitlyn and Jordan inside, smiling at them slightly, hoping it would relax them.

Tabitha stopped her kids at the entry way. "Now remember, I want you on your best behavior here, and don't give Frank any problems," she said, giving them both a hug.

"We won't mommy," Kaitlyn said, returning the hug.

After the hugs were over, Tabitha slowly exited the house and headed towards her house. Frank looked at the children and smiled. "Well I bet you two are ready for bed already," he said with slight smile.

Kaitlyn looked at him questionably. "No, not really, we usually watch TV for a while yet," she said nonchalantly.

"OK well I will show you to the room and you guys can drop off your bags there, then come back to the front room to watch TV I guess. I only have the one TV so we'll have to pick something we all agree on," Frank said, leading them towards the back bedroom.

Once they entered the room Jordan dropped his bag by the side of the bed, looking down at the full size bed. "Wow not a real big bed," he said bluntly.

Frank looked at him. "Yeah well I normally don't have guests over, so just be glad there is a bed here," he said.

Kaitlyn dropped her bag down on the floor and looked at her neighbor. "It'll work just fine, but where is the bathroom at?" She asked, smiling at Frank innocently.

"Just down the hallway, second door on the right," Frank said, returning the smile.

Kaitlyn picked up her bag and set it on the bed. She opened it and retrieved an oversized T-shirt from it. "Ok well I'm going to go change into my nighttime clothes to watch TV then," she said with a smile, exiting the room.

Frank looked at Jordan after she left. Jordan looked at him and said, "I think I'm just going to go to bed now," he said.

Frank nodded at him. "Ok that's fine, I'll be in the front room if you need anything," he responded, leaving the room, and heading towards the front room. As he walked past the bathroom, the door was slightly ajar, and out the corner of his eye he caught a glimpse of Kaitlyn half naked. He stopped there for a moment, watching as Kaitlyn studied herself in the mirror.

Kaitlyn cupped her tiny tits, looking at herself in the mirror. She noticed her tiny nipples were erect and sticking out from her quarter sized areolas. She knew her body was going through changes, especially since she started her period a few months ago. Her chest was beginning to grow, and now her nipples were starting to be sensitive and sending funny feelings down to her pussy whenever she pinched them when they were erect like this.

Frank was frozen in place, watching the young girl in his bathroom cup her tits and begin to pinch her nipples. His dick was beginning to rise in his pants, looking down her body and at her firm ass pushing against her panties. He looked back up at her face again, noticing she had her eyes closed, and was pinching her nipples harder. 'Oh my god, this young girl is going to masturbate in my bathroom,' he thought to himself, his erection straining against his pants now.

A soft moan escaped Kaitlyn as her body temperature began to rise and her pussy began to tingle even more. 'Wow this feels good,' she thought to herself, pinching her nipples even harder.

Frank's hand moved down to his crotch, lightly rubbing his 7" dick through his pants. He knew this was wrong, looking at a young girl like this, but his dick was begging for attention now. He knew he couldn't do anything with this girl, but he was so tempted to just push the door open further, and beg her to hurry up and go further.

The crotch of Kaitlyn's panties began to moisten as her excitement grew. She could feel a strange pressure building up inside of her, that was hard to explain. Just as the pressure built up close to overtaking her body, she abruptly stopped pinching her nipples, and looked at herself in the mirror. 'What is happening to me, why is that making me feel so good inside,' she thought to herself, realizing she should hurry up and get out to the front room before Frank wondered what she was doing.

Frank was rubbing his cock hard when he watched her stop pinching her nipples. 'Oh shit I better go before she sees me,' he said to himself, knowing he should leave now before Kaitlyn saw him looking at her, but he was still mesmerized by the sight of her half naked body.

Kaitlyn looked over at the bathroom door, thinking she heard something. "Is anybody there?" She asked aloud, wondering if someone was watching her.

Frank quickly moved away from the door when she looked his way, hoping she didn't see him. When he heard her ask that question, he remained perfectly silent, and quietly made his way to the front room.

Kaitlyn continued to stare at the doorway but didn't see anything. She shrugged her shoulders, thinking she just must be hearing things or her nerves were getting to her from being in someone else's house. She grabbed her oversized t-shirt and quickly pulled it over her head. She could feel the dampness in her panties still, pressing against her swollen labia wondering if should go change her panties first. 'I'll just do it before I go to bed,' she said to herself, shutting the bathroom light off and heading towards the front room.

Frank was sitting on the couch, watching TV, when he heard her enter the room. He had repositioned his erection, hoping she wouldn't see his excitement, and question him about it. He looked over his shoulder at her and gave her a wide smile. "I thought maybe you fell asleep," he said with a light chuckle, not wanting her to know that he had watched her.

Kaitlyn returned the smile, not sure how to respond to him. She walked in front of the couch and sat down on the other side of it, her t-shirt pulling up a bit to reveal her upper thighs.

Frank looked over at her, letting out a soft groan when he saw her nipples poking at her t-shirt. His dick was still raging hard, begging for attention, but knew he couldn't do anything about it right now. He looked down her body and at her exposed legs, his mind racing with many different thoughts. He knew he shouldn't be fantasizing about a girl this young, but after what he had just witnessed, he was finding it hard not too. His mind raced over thoughts of what her tight, young pussy would look like, and how it would feel to have his dick buried inside of it.

Kaitlyn looked over at Frank and noticed him staring at her legs. "Are you ok Frank?" She asked, wondering why he was looking at her legs.

Kaitlyn's question snapped him out of his stare, and he quickly looked back up at her. "Wha... what? Oh yeah, yeah, I'm fine," he said, stumbling for words. He knew he should probably just tell Kaitlyn to go to bed, so he could take care of his problem, but he didn't say anything about it.

Kaitlyn giggled innocently, thinking her neighbor was acting a little weird, but didn't know why. She opened her legs slightly, causing her shirt to pull up even more, the dampness in her crotch beginning to bother her a bit now. She turned her attention to the TV. "So what are we watching?" She asked, not even looking at Frank.

"Ju... just some old movie I f... found on," Frank stammered out, looking down her spread legs and getting a shot of the damp spot in her panties. 'Ok that's enough, I need to get away from this situation right now,' he thought to himself. "K... Kaitlyn, I... I think it's time for bed though," he spat out nervously.

Kaitlyn looked Frank, wondering why he was talking like that, and noticed him looking down again. "Ok, but I'm not tired yet," she said, wondering why he was staring down again.

"I know, but I am, s... so let's just go to b... bed ok?" He responded with a slight smile.

"Why do you keep staring at my legs," Kaitlyn asked bluntly, wanting to know.

Frank was taken by surprise by her question. He quickly looked up at her, not sure how to answer her without telling her why he really was. He didn't want to come right out tell her it was because he had watched her in the bathroom, and wanted to fuck her brains out, even though that's what he was thinking about right now. "Because..." he paused for a moment, "I was just looking at how muscular they are, I bet you're a good basketball player," he said, hoping she would by it, and his face turning red with embarrassment.

Kaitlyn looked at him with interest, and slowly nodded. "Yes I think I'm pretty good," she responded, looking at him intently.

Frank shifted uneasily on the couch, his erection throbbing in his pants now and beginning to leak precum into his boxers. He didn't realize it, but his dick had moved a bit and was forming a noticeable bulge against his pants now. "Do you do..." he started to say before she cut him off.

"What is that?" She exclaimed, noticing the bulge in his pants, and seeing it throb against them, causing his pants to move with it, and pointing at his crotch.

Frank quickly looked down at his crotch and saw the bulge his dick was forming. 'Oh shit,' he thought to himself, his face turning brighter red. "Um..." he paused, not sure how to explain it to her, or how to get out of this.

"It's your penis isn't it," Kaitlyn chimed in excitedly. She knew a little bit about it from sex education, but had never seen one, and just assumed that's what it was.

Frank looked at the young girl in shock, slowly nodding his head. 'What have I gotten myself into here,' he thought to himself, having second thoughts about agreeing to babysit these kids now.

Kaitlyn shifted herself on the couch until she was facing him. "Can I see it?" She asked excitedly.

Frank knew he should tell her no, but his dick was saying yes. He continued to look at her in shock, unsure of what to do. "I... I don't think that's a very good idea," he said slowly, wanting to just whip it out and release it from its restraint.

"Please Frank, I won't tell anyone, I promise," Kaitlyn said, sticking out her lower lip in a pouty look.

Frank knew he needed to restrain himself, but was finding it harder and harder to do so. He looked at her eyes, going against his better judgement. "Ok I will let you see it, but you can't tell anyone about it," he said, slowly beginning to unbutton his pants.

"Ok I promise," Kaitlyn said, watching him fumbling with the button on his pants. She couldn't explain why, but her excitement was beginning to grow inside of her of seeing her first penis ever, watching her neighbor finally get his pants unbuttoned. She gasped aloud when she watched him open his pants up, and his dick push his boxers up.

Frank opened his pants, his dick springing up and straining against his boxers. He looked over at Kaitlyn, smiling to himself at the look on her face. She seemed to be mesmerized by the the sight of his dick throbbing against his boxers, watching her eyes cross as she stared at it.

Kaitlyn was speechless by the sight of Frank's dick pushing against his boxers. She didn't know what to expect when he pulled his boxers down and reveal his dick to her, but she felt a tingle run straight to her pussy as she watched it bounce and jump in his boxers.

Frank lifted his ass slightly, slowly pushing his pants and boxers down together. He pushed them down his legs, slowly revealing his erection to the young girl. He continued to push them down until they were at his knees and stopped there, sitting back down on the couch.

Kaitlyn's eyes widened as she watched his dick being revealed to her, marveling at the sight of her first dick. "Oh my god its so big," she exclaimed in shock.

Frank looked down at his dick, making it bounce up and down for her. "Oh its not that big," he said. His dick was 7" long, and fairly thick, almost 2" across. He looked back up at her and smiled. "So what do you think?" He asked, making his dick jump again.

Kaitlyn looked up at him. "Th... that is supposed to f... fit inside of me?" She asked nervously.

Frank chuckled lightly at her comment, knowing that she was a virgin and knew nothing about sex, so her question made him laugh. "Yes it is supposed to fit," he responded calmly, knowing that couldn't happen though.

Kaitlyn sucked in her lower lip, staring at Frank's dick still. "Well can I touch it?" She asked quickly, moving closer to him.

Frank looked at her in shock, a little surprised by her request. "I... I don't think that's a very good idea," he said, knowing that couldn't happen. He had to find a way to put an end to this before it went to far, but Kaitlyn had other ideas.

"Please Frank, I wanna know what a penis feels like to touch," Kaitlyn pleaded with him, continuing to stare at his dick, and pussy beginning to tingle even more.

Frank knew he had to put an end to this before it got any further, but his dick was begging for attention now, and even more precum was beginning to leak out. "Ok I guess you can touch it, but that is all, you're much to young for all of this," he said, a little hesitantly.

Kaitlyn finally looked back up at him, a slight look of disgust on her face. "How am I too young for this when all of my friends have already been having sex and stuff," she said bluntly.

Frank knew she had a point, but it was the fact that he was so much older than her, and that she was so young, if her mom was ever to find out this had happened, she would likely have him thrown in jail, even if it was Kaitlyn's idea for all of this. "I... I know, but it's just that I'm so much older than, they are having sex with kids their own age," he said, noticing she wasn't paying him any attention now.

Kaitlyn was nervously reaching her hand out, ignoring anything her neighbor was saying, her eyes locked on her target. Her hand started to shake more the closer it got to his dick, her eyes crossing again as she lowered her hand towards it.

Frank looked down at her hand get closer to his dick, his anticipation growing inside of him of her hand touching his dick. He made his dick throb up, cause the head of his dick to make contact with her hand. He let out a soft groan of pleasure, feeling her warm hand touch the bottom side of his dick.

Kaitlyn quickly looked up at him, thinking something was wrong with him when she heard him groan. "Ar... are you ok?" She asked, her nervousness showing in her voice.

Frank slowly nodded his head, not able to speak at the moment. He wanted to reach down to make her grab his dick, and urge her on, but held himself back. He felt her lay her hand on his dick, listening to her coo a little.

"Wow it looks so hard, but it's soft to the touch," she said, just a little louder than a whisper.

Frank laid his head back on the couch, closing his eyes, enjoying the feeling of having someone else touch his dick for a change. It had been months since he had sex, so now with this young girl touching it, it was really exciting him.

Kaitlyn ran her hand down the length of his shaft like she was petting an animal, amazed at how soft it was. She looked up at Frank, seeing him with his head laid back and eyes closed, thinking he had fallen asleep. "Um Frank, are you ok?" She asked.

Frank opened his eyes and looked down at her. "Oh yes, I'm fine honey," he said in a whisper.

Kaitlyn giggled when he called her honey, knowing that's what her dad always said to her mom. She looked back down at his dick, slowly wrapping her fingers around the shaft of his dick.

"Oh yes," Frank groaned in pleasure. He started to lift his hips up from the couch, wanting her to stroke his dick with her hand now.

Kaitlyn stared at the head of his dick, noticing his precum leaking out of the tip. She slowly moved her other hand towards it, thinking it was pee. She touched it with the tip of her finger, feeling his body shiver against the couch. She slowly moved her hand away watching his precum string out from the tip of his dick, still attached to her finger. She moved her hand back until the string broke, amazed at how sticky it was.

Frank felt the tip of her finger against his sensitive head, causing him to involuntarily shudder and shiver. He wanted to put a hand on the back of her head and make her suck on his dick, but didn't want to push her to fast. His to cum finally overtook him now. "Why don't you slowly move your hand up and down on it baby," he said opening his eyes to look at her.

Kaitlyn kept her eyes transfixed on his dick as she slowly moved her hand up his dick and over the head, feeling the precum stick to her fingers. Then she slowly slid her hand back the length of his dick, feeling it throb in her grip. "Like this Frank?" She asked excitedly.

Frank slowly nodded his head. "Oh yes, just like that," he groaned, feeling his balls already beginning to churn and prepare for release. He wanted to hold back, but knew that since it had so long it would be hard to do.

Kaitlyn started moving her hand a little faster, noticing his precum leaking out more and more. "Um Frank, what is that leaking out from it?" She asked, wanting to know what the clear substance was.

Frank was broken from his trance of euphoria, and looked down at the young girl. "That is called precum," he said bluntly.

She gave him a confused look. "What is that supposed to do?" She asked, her hand freezing on his dick.

Frank lifted his head from the couch. "It helps for lubrication when a guy is having sex," he said, wanting her to keep going.

"B... but you're not having sex, are you?" Kaitlyn asked, still confused.

"Well no I'm not, but it leaks out when I'm really turned on, and I'm getting ready to cum," he said, putting a hand on her wrist to get her to continue stroking his dick.

"So you're really turned on?" She asked, stroking his dick again.

"Uh huh, and I can feel myself getting ready to cum soon too," he groaned, moving his hips into her hand.

"Is me doing this turning you on and going to make you cum," Kaitlyn said, showing her innocence.

"Uh huh," was all Frank could mutter out, feeling his ball sack beginning to pull up against his body.

Kaitlyn looked back down at his dick, feeling it beginning to throb more frequently and seem to grow in her hand. She started moving her hand even faster on his dick, her eyes going from his dick up to his face, and back down.

Frank had thrown his head back again, concentrating on his impending orgasm now. "Oh yes, don't stop, don't stop, you're going to make me cum, oh fuck you're going to make me cum," he groaned softly, feeling his cum beginning to rush up his dick. "Here it comes baby," he groaned, lifting his ass high off of the couch.

Kaitlyn felt his dick almost double in size in her hand as he lifted his hips up. She watched his dick as the first shot of his cum rocketed out, flying almost a foot in the air, and landing on his shirt covering his stomach. She squealed in surprise when the first shot left his dick, but continued to stroke his dick as it throbbed again and shot more cum out. She listened to Frank grunt and groan as his dick continued to throb and fire out more cum. She giggled to herself, listening to him making animalistic sounds as he came. She watched as his dick shot out 5 or 6 healthy loads of cum, covering her hand and his shirt.

Frank was in complete euphoria now, lost in his own world, as a month's worth of cum was released from his balls. His body finally collapsed back on to the couch, as it continued to tremble in aftershocks of his orgasm. He looked down at Kaitlyn in awe, amazed at how explosive his orgasm was. "Wow that was amazing," he groaned at her.

Kaitlyn smiled at him, then looked back at her hand that was covered by his cum. "That was incredible to watch too," she said excitedly, letting go of his softening dick and watching it fall onto the pool of his cum on his shirt. She studied the cum that covered her hand, then looked back at Frank. "So this is what makes a baby inside of me?" She asked innocently.

Frank smiled wide and slowly nodded. "Well yes, and an egg from you," he said, still trying to recover, knowing now that he had to return the favor to the young girl.

Kaitlyn slowly nodded at his response, and sniffed her cum covered hand. "There's no real smell to it," she exclaimed.

Frank chuckled at her, finally gaining his strength back. "You can taste it you want," he said with a wide smile.

Kaitlyn gave him a disgusted look, and shook her head. "I heard it tastes bad," she said.

"How do know until you try it," Frank said, looking down at the large pool of cum on his shirt. 'Damn I did cum a lot,' he said to himself, sitting up to take off his shirt.

Kaitlyn shrugged her shoulders and slowly stuck her tongue out, bringing her hand closer to it. She dipped the tip of her tongue into the cum and drew it back in, smacking her lips as she tried to taste Frank's cum. She shrugged her shoulders again when she didn't taste anything and brought her hand back to her mouth, licking and sucking the cum off of it. "I guess you're right, there isn't much of a taste either," she said, swallowing it all.

Frank tossed his shirt aside, and smiled at the youngster. "See I told you. Now do you want me to make you feel as good as you did me?" He asked, standing up from the couch, and letting his pants slide down to his ankles.

Kaitlyn was eye level with his dick, noticing there was still cum leaking out of the tip. She looked up at him in confusion. "W... what do you mean, have sex with me?" She asked nervously.

Frank shook his head. "No not sex, but make you orgasm like you just did for me," he said, watching her look turn to fear, and kicking his pants aside.

"W... what do you mean?" She asked, getting a little scared now.

Frank smiled at her, moving to his knees in front of the couch. "Just lay back and relax, and I will may you feel really good," he said, grabbing her legs and turning her to face him.

Kaitlyn still had a fearful look on her face as she looked at him. Her breathing was hastening when he reached up her sides and started tugging at her panties.

"Just relax honey," Frank whispered, pulling her panties down her legs and off. He looked her young pussy, exposed to him for the first time. He noticed a hint of pubic hair growing around, and her inflamed labia. "Mmm someone's already turned on huh?" He whispered, slowly spreading her legs open.

Kaitlyn tried to resist him, trying to hold her legs together, but he kept pushing and she finally gave in. She watched as he slowly moved his head between her legs, not sure what he was about to do. Before his face was close to her pussy, she put her hand on his forehead, pushing him. "Wait, what are you doing?" She asked nervously, her body beginning to tremble.

Frank looked up at her and smiled. "I told you, I'm going to make you feel as good as you did me," he said.

"I... I don't think we should be doing this," she said, beginning to worry now.

He looked back at pussy, glistening with moisture in the light, then back up at her. "We're not going to have sex, I'm just going to give you an orgasm, like you did for me," he said, pushing his head against her hand.

"B... but..." Kaitlyn started to say until she felt his warm breath against her pussy, sending a shiver up her body.

Frank blew against her pussy as his face neared it, smelling her sweet pussy for the first time. He used his hands to pull her ass to edge of the couch, and spread her legs further apart, watching her swollen pussy lips open up slightly. He pushed against her hand more, sticking his tongue out and running the tip of it up her slit, feeling her body shiver more.

Kaitlyn felt Frank's tongue make contact with her slit, sending all kinds of new sensations through her body. "Oh my god," she whispered under her breath, having the same feeling shoot through her body as when she had played with her nipples earlier. She moved her hand away from his forehead, giving into him and letting him do what he wanted now.

Frank pushed his tongue into her pussy, tasting her sweet nectar that was leaking from it. He pushed his tongue in as far as he could, twisting it around inside, feeling her body jump and twitch against him.

Kaitlyn laid her head back, feeling that pressure building up inside of her again. She could feel his tongue twisting around inside of her pussy, getting all kinds of new and different sensations throughout her body. Her hands involuntarily went on top of his head, running them through his hair.

Frank started to move his tongue in and out of her pussy, while lifting her legs up and over his shoulders, burying his face into her pussy. He could feel the tiny nub of her clit against the tip of his nose, and vigorously rubbed it against it, feeling her body jump and move even more. He could tell she was getting close to cumming already, feeling her pussy squeeze and suck at his tongue.

"Oh my god, oh my god," Kaitlyn moaned over and over, feeling the pressure inside of her building more.

Frank pulled his tongue out of her pussy and looked up at her with a smile. He then stuck his tongue back out, while holding her slit open with his fingers, and started flicking it against her clit. With his other hand he slowly slid a finger into her opening, and started moving it in and out.

Kaitlyn was a world all of her own now, her orgasm growing inside her, while she gripped his hair hard. Her hips started to involuntarily move into Frank, her whole body trembling. As her orgasm neared, she felt the sudden urge to pee. "Ohh, you'd better stop, I gotta pee," she announced, afraid that she wouldn't be able to hold it back.

Frank didn't relent on her clit, feeling her tight pussy get even tighter around his finger as he moved it. He pulled away from her clit for a second. "That's it cum for me, oh yes cum for me baby," he groaned, urging her on.

"I can't, I gotta pee," she announced, but almost a moan.

Frank pushed the tip of finger against the top of her pussy, feeling her g-spot, as it started to fill with blood. He listened to her as he sucked her tiny clit into his mouth and nibbled at it.

"Ohhh," she moaned, her body being rocked with her first orgasm. Her hips bucked hard against him, her juices flowing out of her pussy, and running down her ass and onto the couch below.

Frank continued to suck hard on her clit, and push his finger against her g-spot, helping her orgasm to go on. He rubbed her g-spot, feeling it trying to push his finger out of her tight hole, and feeling her juices flow out her.

Kaitlyn's orgasm had completely consumed her now, almost making her pass out, not believing what she was experiencing. Finally her orgasm began to wane. Frank still sucking on her clit was make her jump from the sensitivity. Her ass fell onto the wet spot on the couch, her breathing ragged. "Wow," was all she could say.

Frank moved away from her clit, smiling at her. He slowly pulled his finger out of her pussy, hearing a light audible pop escape from it. "So how was that?" He asked, looking at her limp body.

Kaitlyn slowly nodded, not sure how to explain it. "It was, it was a... amazing," she whispered, still out of breath.

Frank lightly chuckled at her. "Well I bet you're ready for bed now huh?" He asked, lowering her legs to the floor.

Kaitlyn nodded at him again, still trying to regain her strength. "Frank, c... can I sleep with you tonight?" She asked slowly.

Frank looked at her in shock, knowing that could not and would not happen. "What if Jordan wakes up and catches us together like that?" He asked, noticing her looking behind him.

"It's to late for that," she said plainly.

To be continued? Let me know. Constructive criticism please.

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