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Love, Kitty

My best night of TV ever

The loosening of moral laws by the new government had freed the people from the increasingly close-minded politics of the last century. Victimless crimes were no longer prosecuted and the privacy of the home was respected once more. The land of the free was at last free again, and both the people and business relished in the new liberties and opportunities.

This night, my wife was away for the evening and the kids were already in bed, so I had the house all to myself. I was drinking a few beers and watching sports on TV. When the game had ended, my wife still hadn’t gotten back home. Feeling a nice beer-buzz, I started flipping the channels for some adult entertainment. I quickly found some good lesbian porn and hauled out my cock. The two beautiful 18-year olds, stark naked, licking and fingering their delicious pussies had me hard in seconds. But, as I started stroking my cock, I knew I needed something more depraved to get me off tonight.

I was glad I had opted for the deviant porn package, as I resumed scrolling through the channels. It gave me sixteen extra channels, featuring nothing but the best fetishes, incest, bestiality and CGI kiddy porn. I grabbed another beer and tuned in on the animal channel for an episode of “Dog Trainer”.

I had been trying to get my wife to let our dog lick her and maybe do a little more, but so far she had refused to include Rusty in our lovemaking. I had gotten as far as to get her to watch the animal channel with me and she admitted the doggy porn did turn her on. Maybe I should “volunteer" her for an episode of Dog Trainer.

On the TV there was a good-looking couple, bored with their sex life and in search of something new. He was an archetypal accountant and she was a buxom woman in her late thirties, a mother of three and full-time housewife. The third member of the family introduced was Max, a big and strong looking Rottweiler.

I leisurely stroked my cock while the dog trainer talked with them about their sexual exploits so far. They admitted having a few threesomes, both with men and women and going to parties where they swapped partners They even had sex with another couple and their teenage kids, but it was the hunger for something even more perverted that drove them to wanting to have sex with their pet. So far they had gotten the dog to lick the woman’s pussy and have him try to mount her, but they had no success in having her penetrated.

That was why they enlisted the help of the dog trainer. The sexily uniformed woman told the couple to get their dog and show her how they tried to have sex with him. The woman quickly shed her clothes while the man led the dog into the room. She spread her plump legs, revealing a puffy and very wet pussy. She was obviously very aroused and the dog reacted immediately by sniffing and licking her hairless cunt.

The trainer nodded approvingly and spoke encouraging words to both the dog and the woman. Next it was time for the dog to fuck the woman. She got on all fours and stuck her round ass in the air. The dog immediately put his front paws on her back and started humping her. His red doggy cock kept poking at her pussy and even entered her a few times, but slipped out again before he could thrust it completely inside her.

The trainer recognized the problem and she decided that first the woman needed to get familiar to doggy sex before they could begin to train Max. In order to get the woman some experience, she brought in a big German Shepherd. The dog was very excited and he started licking the woman’s pussy straightaway. The dog’s big tongue lapped up the woman’s juices and wriggled between her fleshy lips and over her clit. She started moaning and came really hard in seconds. As her juices started flowing faster, the shepherd licked her more intensely. After a few minutes the woman could take no more and pushed the dog’s muzzle from between her quivering legs.

The trainer gave her some time to get her breath back and ready her for the next phase. In the meantime she demonstrated how they could jack off the dog to get him ready for penetration. By then the woman was on all fours again and the dog was more than eager to mount her. He jumped on her back and thrust his big red penis at her. Like the Rottweiler before him, he only got the tip in before it slipped out again.
“Try pushing your butt back and up a little more” the trainer suggested.
The woman complied and presented her dripping cunt to the dog again. This time the dog’s cock pushed in deeper and started actually fucking her. The woman started groaning and came in seconds, but as passion heightened, the woman slouched forward again and the doggy cock popped out again.
“That was much better already, but you have to keep pushing back, at least until he’s knotted”
The woman nodded, panting and gasping.
“Wanna try it again?”
“God, yes!”

“Here boy, come! Up!” she called the dog.
The animal came running back, he too was eager for more fucking. Again he mounted her and started humping at her. His cock easily found her aroused entrance and he started fucking her with new vigor. This time, the trainer held her hand under her belly, just below the woman’s huge swinging breasts, preventing her from slumping forward again. That way, the dog was able to fuck her for a few minutes and let his huge knot slip in her vagina and tie the two together. That’s when he unleashed his potent doggy cum into the woman's thirsty cunt. Woman and dog remained locked like that together for almost five minutes, both cumming the whole time.
Only when the shepherd’s knot started to deflate a bit and popped out, did the woman slump forward, exhausted, but completely satisfied. A huge flood of white, watery dog sperm gushed from her swollen pussy all over her legs and the wooden floor as she lied there, panting and shivering, but happier than ever before.

“So, did you enjoy your first time?” the trainer asked when the woman started to move again.
“Wow, that was amazing, his cock was so big and he fucked me so fast” the woman panted. “And when his knot slid inside, it filled me up so good”
“And did you like it when he knotted and pumped his cum inside you?”
“God yes, it was so much, and it felt so hot!”
“So, are you ready to try it again with Max?”
“Oh yes! I want him too!”

Max was led into the room again and he ran immediately towards his mistress and started licking the shepherd’s cum from her pussy. Next, the woman got on her hands and knees again and offered her pussy to the dog for some good fucking. Applying the lessons she had learned with the shepherd, she pushed her big ass up and let the Rottweiler hump at her pussy. After a few unsuccessful stabs, his doggy cock found her entrance and he slid inside her. His cock did not slip out again and he started fucking with great speed.

The woman started groaning and came within seconds, but managed to stay upright enough for the dog to keep fucking. Max frantically clutched her waist with his paws and pulled himself into her, curving his back and pushing in with all his might, fucking like lightning until his knot got stuck inside the female.

“Oh god! He’s even bigger than the other dog! Oh Max, I love your big cock!” she yelled as she came violently.

The dog's humping slowed down as his knot locked them together and he remained inside her for almost ten minutes, pumping almost a cup of hot doggy cum inside his owner. Only then had his cock shrunk enough to pop out of her and they were free to move again. The satisfied canine crawled in his dog basket where he proceeded to clean his cock of their juices.

The content woman got up too and sat down on the couch, leaving behind another puddle of doggy cum on the floor. This ended today's show and the dog trainer concluded this episode with a short summary and shared with the audience her tip of the day, before the end credits rolled off the screen.

All this time, I had been slowly wanking my cock. I was not ready to cum yet, so I waited for the next show which was about to be announced. Next up would be a show called “Nightmares”, a show about hillbillies who went about fucking horses at night. Although I loved shows which featured women getting fucked by dogs or, in lesser extent, other animals, men raping horses had never aroused me. I grabbed the remote and changed the channel.

On the screen now appeared a cute little girl of about nine years old, playing nude twister with her equally naked eleven year old brother. The girl spun the dial and had to place her right foot on blue. As she spread her legs, the camera zoomed in, so her little bald nookie completely filled the screen. She had a beautiful little pussy, with puffy outer lips and minuscule inner lips, which surrounded a tight little opening. On top, I could see her little clit, covered in its fleshy hood. Her cunny had a beautiful shade of pink and a gloss of moisture, indicating she already was a little aroused.

It always amazed me how realistic they could make this CGI kiddy porn look. The kids’ hair and skin looked alive, the movements and facial expressions were natural. I could hardly believe it was all made by computers, but I knew the industry was closely scrutinized and not a single kid was ever involved in the making of it. Assured by that fact, I had no objections stroking my cock to this graphic imagery.

The boy’s turn was next and he had to place his right hand on green. When he did so, he moved closer to the girl’s body and with her next turn, her little cunny was only inches from his face. The boy used this opportunity to lick the preteen’s tiny vagina. Startled, the girl collapsed on the floor and the boy declared himself the winner of the game.

“I won! I won! Now you have to suck my cock!” he sang as he crawled to her face. Dutifully the girl took his 4” stiffy in her mouth and started sucking it.
“Oh sis, you are the best! You suck it even better than mom” the boy groaned.
“I like sucking your dicky too. Will you lick my cunny while I suck you?” his sister asked with a sweet voice.
“Sure sis, climb on top”

The pretty girl climbed on her brother, with her cute little bubble butt towards his face and pushed her delicious cunny on his mouth. She took her brothers hairless cock back in her mouth and started sucking again, as the boy started licking her little treasure. Soon both kids were moaning with pleasure. As he sucked on the girl’s tiny clit, his fingers massaged her little pussy and slipped inside her to his first knuckle. She moaned louder as her brother fingered her deeper and deeper.

A minute later, she was moaning so much, she was unable to keep sucking his cock. She looked back at her brother below her and whispered “Make me cum now and I’ll let you put it in me”.

He did not have to think twice about that offer.

“O Goody, I’d like that. Turn around, Sis” he said from between her legs and she complied eagerly. She put her knees beside his head, straddling his mouth so he could lick her to orgasm. Within minutes he had her squealing with joy as an orgasm wracked her petite body. She rode his tongue for another few minutes as she came again and again, until his face was wet and sticky with her juices. Exhausted, she fell off his face and onto the colorfully dotted sheet, still shivering with little post-orgasmic spasms.

I was still stroking my cock and hoped my wife would be home soon, or else she would be too late and I would cum all over myself. The action on the screen resumed with the little girl lying on her back now.

“Ok, brother, now fuck me” she said and spread her legs invitingly. The boy crawled between her legs and pointed his prepubescent penis at her equally undeveloped pussy. The tip found her entrance and slid inside her. He pushed gently and his cock disappeared completely in his sister until their hairless crotches met and his pubic bone pressed against hers. He bent over and kissed the girl who needed some time to get adjusted to having her cunny stuffed. Then she nodded and her brother gently started fucking her.

This is where one of the added benefits of the CGI showed, as the camera moved between the legs of the young couple and showed the little penis and tiny round balls as he pumped in and out of his baby sister’s delicious cunny.

At that moment I heard my wife enter the room and walk up behind me, watching the preteen action on the TV screen.
“Hmm, that looks nice” I heard my wife’s voice and felt her grab my cock. “I hope you haven’t cum yet”
“No babe, I was waiting for you” I answered
“Could you switch it to the animal channel? I’m in the mood for some doggy fucking” she said. I could practically taste her arousal already
“Too bad, honey, it’s Nightmares now.” I said, a little disappointed.
She bent over and brought her mouth to my ear.
“Well, then maybe we’ll have to ask Rusty inside” she whispered.
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