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this is a true story about the affair i had with my ex fiances mom.

let me start with some back story. ashley and i had been dating for about a year and a half when she was diagnosed with a kidney disease. long story short, she was on multiple preions that totally depleted her libido which before this was pretty high because she was only 20 at the time. myself, i was 21. ashley and her mom, lindsey, had a great relationship. lindsey was 17 when she had ashley so the age gap wasnt too drastic. they talked about everything from fashion to sex. in fact lindsey once told me "dont buy the cow without first drinking the milk." i took this as permission to fuck her daughter and that i did!

ashley was about 5'10", probably around 150lbs with big c's and a decent butt. her body was tone and tight. she was a FREAK! she was down for anything; facials, ass to mouth, 69, you name it she'd try it. lindsey was about 5'8" around 155 or 160 if i had to guess. she was a little bigger than her daughter. her tits were definitely bigger!

my attraction to lindsey was very early on and i was open about it. in fact, i used to joke with her all the time. even her husband, james, would laugh at me blatantly hitting on her. any whom i was so attracted to her that i often would do anything i could to get my nose in the crotch of her dirty panties. id sneak into her room, id rummage through the hamper, find the dirtiest, wettest pair, and smell them as i rubbed my cock. often times id explode my cum all over them. i absolutely loved the way that pussy smelled. i would do this every chance i got!

one day, i went over to lindseys house to use the printer. ashley was at school and james was at work.

the house was unlocked because she was expecting me. i walked into the house and heard the shower running. i knew right away that lindsey was showering therefore there'd be fresh panties for me to smell. i went into her bedroom and found a pile of dirty clothes laying on the floor making a trail to the bathroom. it took everything i had not to try and sneak a look at her naked body in the shower. instead i pulled my pants down and began to rub my cock while inhaling the sweet smell of her pussy.

after i finished, i went to use the printer as i had planned. a few minutes later, lindsey came into the room in nothing but a towel. apparently she caught me looking her up and down because she called me out for it. i tried to play it off but she knew as well as i did that i wanted to see what that towel was hiding from me...

a few days past and nothing was mentioned about that day. i was at work when i got a text from lindsey. it said "i noticed my panties were moved the other day. hope you enjoyed them. ;-)" me, being the uber flirtatious type replied "absolutely i did." lindsey replied "i know any kind of sex with ashley has been lacking lately but i appreciate you being so understanding. my panties are yours anytime you want if it helps you relieve some sexual frustration." i was pretty blown away when i got that but decided to see how far i could take it. i said "id love to get my nose in a pair that are super wet..." to my surprise, lindsey replied "anything you want, come by the house tomorrow morning around 9 and ill leave you a pair thatll make you cum instantly."

the next morning i did exactly as i was instructed. on her bed i found a hot pink thong and a vibrator. i immediately went to town on the thong after figuring out lindsey had worn the panties while masturbating. after i finished, i text lindsey a simple "thank you."

that entire day, all i could think about was lindsey and how bad i wanted her. i decided to be bold and tell her. at that point i figured it was worth a shot. "i cant get you or those panties out of my head." what shocked me the most was her reply. "come over tonight while ashley is at work."

when i walked in her house that night i found lindsey in a tank top and some incredibly short shorts. i looked her up and down and swallowed hard before mustering up a "hello." lindsey welcomed me on and offered me a glass of wine which i could tell she had already been enjoying. i took the glass from her soft and warm hands as she looked me in the eye and said "you've got two hours before james gets home. you can look, but dont touch. dont touch me, you can touch yourself all you want."

at that moment lindsey pulled the tank top off revealing her big tits and dark brown nipples. she groped herself as i stood there trying to process what was happening. next, she slipped her shorts off to reveal her hairless cunt and round ass. as i reached out to feel her skin, i was quickly reminded of the rules. i could not help myself. i spent what felt like an eternity examining every inch if her body. naturally, my cock started to swell and lindsey was starting to notice. "pull it out" she said. i freed my cock from my shorts and held it in my hand as she sized it up. she seemed impressed. i had to release a load. i asked her to sit on the couch and sprwad her legs so i could see her pussy as i rubbed myself. within minutes i had cum all over the floor and couch. lindsey seemed to enjoy her show and i enjoyed every second too.

i began to pull up my boxers and pants as lindsey began to get dressed.i hated watching her cover up her body but she insisted that there'd definitely be more for me later.

a few days later i began getting anxious for more. i didn't just want to jack off to her naked body, i wanted to feel her body with my hands and my tongue. i wanted to feel her and taste her but most of all i wanted to fuck her and pump her pussy full of my cum. i couldn't help myself any longer so i shot a text to lindsey telling her how bad i wanted to be inside of her.

the very next day i went over to her house to see just how much i could get away with. being that i'm not an idiot, i know women like being dominated so i decided this would be my approach this time with lindsey. i walked into the house and pushed her up against a wall and began kissing her. she made no attempt to stop me so it was game on. as i was kissing her i let my hands explore her body. i pulled her hair and felt her tits. after a brief minute, i had to get her clothes off. i pulled my head away and pulled off her shirt and bra. as soon as i saw her nipples i began to suck on them. she started moaning so i knew i was doing something right. i undid her pants and let her pants and panties fall to the floor.

that's when i started to really get brave. as i was still sucking on her tits, i slipped a finger inside of her and started to feel around. by now she was shaking and i thought she was going to collapse so i grabbed her by the hand and took her to the room. i laid her on her bed, with her legs still on the floor, and began eating her pussy. never in my life have a tasted anything as good as that pussy. i licked it until she was begging me to stop. even with her asking for me to stop, i kept going because i loved the feeling of her thighs squeezing my head every time she came.

finally after enough begging me to stop and fuck her, i took full advantage of her wishes. i stood at the end of the bed and pulled her to me. her legs were now on my shoulders as i slid my rock hard cock deep inside of her dripping wet pussy. it was a moment that i'll never forget. it was hands down the best pussy i've ever been inside. it was tighter than i'd imagined and it just swallowed me up. i began to slide in and out of her and listen to the moans she was making to know i was doing it right.

after a minute or two, i flipped her on her knees so i could stare at her ass as i fucked her. her ass was simply amazing. round and soft and her asshole looked just as good as id imagined. as bad as i wanted to slide my cock deep inside of her ass, i decided that was best left for another time.

after a few more hard pumps, i couldnt hold back and blew my load deep inside her cunt. my legs went numb and i collapsed on the bed and pulled her onto me.

we both laid there for what felt like an eternity and caught our breath and bring ourselves back to reality. after it sank in what i'd just done i couldn't help but smile ear to ear. i gave her a kiss and proceeded to put my clothes on and get out of the house before we managed to get ourselves caught.

we had many more sexcapades after that one. that was two years ago. about a year and half ago ashley and i broke up but lindsey and i kept enjoying each others talents for months to come.

it's been almost six months since the last time i filled lindsys pussy with my cum, but i still think about it everyday. every now and then we will send some sexts back and forth and remember the fun.

i miss that pussy...

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